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About Guards assault unit of engineering troops


December 1 The 2014 of the year in the city of Murom (Vladimir region) started the formation of an engineering brigade of central subordination. The brigade was formed in order to increase the capabilities of the engineering troops and the efficiency of their use, create a reserve for solving suddenly arising tasks and strengthening the groupings of troops in strategic areas. The brigade is in reserve of the Supreme Commander.

The brigade, for the first time since the Great Patriotic War, revived the assault and raiding battalion, designed to ensure the unimpeded movement of general-purpose forces in urbanized areas, which can significantly increase the effectiveness of actions during the storming of buildings, while avoiding losses as much as possible.

This time it was possible to observe the work of the storm troopers with a "watering can" and a notepad. From personal impressions: one of the most interesting of my army races.

Guards Senior Lieutenant Dmitry Anatolyevich F., the commander of the assault and raking-off company of the 1 Guards engineering and sapper Brest-Berlin Red Banner Order of the Suvorov and Kutuzov Brigades, answers our and your questions.
There was no chance to squeeze all the questions into one interview, but there is an opportunity to leave questions in the comments and get an answer to them!

1. Very briefly about yourself
I always wanted to serve in the army, in the military service I have been from 2005 onwards. He graduated from the military school in St. Petersburg and by the will of his own fate and turned out to be in the ranks of the 1 Guards engineering and sapper Brestko-Berlin Red Banner Order of the Suvorov and Kutuzov Brigade. Our team of central subordination was formed on December 1 on 2014 in the city of Murom (Vladimir region). I am satisfied with the service in the brigade, this is exactly what I like to do.

2. Since time immemorial, rumors have been circulating that engineering troops are only needed for building bridges and installing / removing mines. They also say that they can be attracted to everything. What else is included in the range of real problems of modern engineers?
Engineering troops, of course, not only build bridges, set and remove mines. We are engaged in fortification, engineering reconnaissance, we can equip approaches and lines for the convenience of our troops or make them unsuitable for advancing enemy troops, make a passage in minefields or secure a whole direction for the maneuver of our troops. Building bridges and crossings through water barriers is also our area of ​​responsibility. In addition, military engineers provide troops in the field with electricity and water, including drinking. We can greatly complicate enemy reconnaissance actions: where necessary, military engineers apply camouflage and concealment of important objects or, on the contrary, imitation and arrangement of false objects, for example, using inflatable models of military equipment. We operate on land and at sea, except for army engineering and sapper units as part of the engineering troops there are naval or naval engineering units.

3. What exactly is the task of the assault division of military engineers?
The immediate tasks of my unit are: stripping and storming. Defragmentation, in simple terms, is the elimination of enemy barriers (including mined) by various methods, and storming is the destruction of the enemy in fortified points and entire areas. Plus, ensuring smooth progress on the territory of the enemy infantry, artillery, tankers and other forces following us.

Units like ours were widely used in the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War, there is enough information on them. Modern military conflicts, of course, differ markedly from the situation on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, but there are quite a few common features. Creating assault units - imperative and adequate response to modern military realities.

4. What is the specificity of "stormtroopers"? Are there any units with similar specifics in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation?
It turns out that the specifics of the assault engineers also include part of the work done by the SPN units, some of the tasks are consonant with those that are set before the assault landing units, and in part of the work in urban conditions, the rubble and buildings, we in a certain sense overlap with the specifics of the police special forces (SWAT) and special forces of the FSB. In modern Russian Armed Forces, there is nothing like us (and with similar tasks).

5. What heavy equipment are equipped with “storm troopers”?
In the battalion there are commanding and assault companies (from heavy vehicles - armored personnel carriers BTR-82А and armored vehicles "Typhoon-K") and companies of special heavy engineering equipment (engineering detainees - IMR-3, mine clearance installations - UR-77 "Meteorit"). In service, we have robotic equipment (demining and fire fighting robots), specially trained service personnel of a company of robotic equipment are working with robotics.

6. What a rifle weapon have assault units?
From the small arms, AK-74 with grenade launchers and AKS-74, PC, PKT (well, plus 30-mm gun on the armored personnel carrier) are currently available to us. From the desired - very necessary sniper weapons. But here the question is not so much in weapons, it is necessary to introduce snipers into our staff list. A group that approaches the building or the ruins, and especially during operations in urban areas, sniper support is needed. This and losses in the group can prevent the very progress to the point of “work” to ease.

From small arms I would like to replenish our arsenal with AK “100th” series automatic weapons. And, of course, we need a replacement for the legendary PM. I put on the state it was he. And I would like to replace him with the APS (Stechkin automatic pistol).

7. If there was a choice not only from domestic pistols, but in general from any - what would you like to have with you in combat as a short-barreled personal weapon?

8. And from heavier weapons?
Perhaps flamethrowers. There are certain plans for them, because we are an experienced unit, perhaps they will be implemented.

9. How are you doing with the connection?

All new items that appear in the sun, we have. I don’t see any problems with communications, including with communications between assault group fighters.

10. What is equipped with "stormtroopers"?
I'll start with the OVR-3Sh. The suit of clearance (assault variant) is comfortable and thoughtful. It needs, of course, an individual fit, but this is normal. About weight and convenience I will say this: the whole light day today was actively moving around the building in the IAD-3Sh. I am tired, of course, but, without exaggeration, I am ready to pass the standards for physical training right now. Feelings of convenience come with time, the suit should “get used” to the person, then it works fine in it. In total, the suit has three sizes, but this is not the most popular option. There is a natural limitation - the “attack aircraft” should be of medium build. A big soldier is a big target and will not be able to crawl everywhere; a little soldier may not have enough physical strength in a battle to do hard physical work.

The level of protection of a suit is determined by armor panels placed in special “pockets” on the chest, sides, groin, etc. What is their class of protection - this and the suit. We have the 6 panel protection class, shot in a suit with such a panel of SVD armor-piercing incendiary bullet from ten meters. No breaks were recorded. The visor on the helmet holds a pistol bullet. And, of course, fragments.

Molle slings on a suit are comfortable. Allow you to place the necessary equipment exactly where you personally prefer.

We have a connection with the developers, we can share our opinion on the convenience and features of operation.

"Warrior". I approve. Except, perhaps, the location of the "discharge" on the chest. It must be moved to the hips, otherwise it is impossible to minimize your own silhouette in the “lying” position in the fire contact, because you have to lie on the “armor” and the compartments with the stores placed on top of the “armor”. In addition, if the unit is on a dive or overnight stay, observation and security is provided, the soldier can remove his "armor" for the rest time, without parting from the ammunition. In the "Warrior" does not work. First you need to remove the unloading with ammunition and then "armor". And one more detail: the “unloading”, which is well loaded with equipment and ammunition in its present form, with prolonged wear, leads to excessive back fatigue.

Multitools. There are regular and personal. Have personally acquired is not forbidden. I personally just like this, bought before the receipt of staff. In general, I would say that a regular multitool is normal, it allows you to solve the whole range of tasks, but there are better tools. From such an element of equipment as a multitool, life can depend on our work, so I personally consider it wrong to save on a compact tool for myself.

Probably, not everyone knows that once the sapper from such tools had only a knife. During the war years in the Red Army it was a universal knife of the Finnish type, and they did everything to them. In the postwar Soviet Army, it was already a folding knife "Demoman" with several blades. The “demolition man” allowed something to be unscrewed, cut off (for example, an igniter cord), something to pierce, strip and strip the wire. With a modern multitool, there is more room for maneuver. Generally speaking - today without a multitool anywhere, it's like a third hand.

Machete. Or assault knife "Minesweeper". Domestic. Cuts, cuts, sharpen easily. I won't say anything bad about him.

On the supply in general. I note that we have no shortage of something. Among the regular content there are a lot of new products. Somehow "upgrade" personally your property is not forbidden. This, by the way, allows again to sum up the personal practical experience and broadcast it to the whole department. One bought something, brought, showed, checked in - oh, you can take! Reliable and functional thing never hurts. Again, electrical tape, space for improvements and personal improvements have not been canceled. From the obvious things already now - we need hooks on machine gun shops. For the “Warrior”, this is especially important: we have three stores in each cell - without a hook, it is not very convenient to get it, and in a hurry it can fall out.

On the IAD there are special fixing gum for stores, allowing you not to lose the store in motion. Trifle, but important. There is no such trifle on other pouches, we are refining them for ourselves, because it is checked and convenient. There is a third-party experience. In the SOBR we looked at: a pistol was tied up with a bandage or tape at the “shieldman” on his left hand. Prispichilo recharge - do it without removing hands from the shield. We also have two types of shields in service - light and heavy. You can make three shields in one. Heavy shield is equipped with wheels, in the building it can be very convenient.

11. Who are completed assault units of engineering troops?
And the "contract" and "conscripts." When recruiting our battalion, it is customary to pay close attention to servicemen of contractual service who have served urgent or previously served as "contract servicemen" in reconnaissance units and special forces in BB. We really appreciate their previously acquired skills.

For me, as for the company commander, the desired candidate for the unit looks like this: “contract soldier”, age - 20-25 years, an athlete, physically developed, strong build. Pay attention to height and weight. A plus for the candidate will be the previously acquired skills of a sapper profile and a driver's license. Well, if earlier the candidate had already received a military specialty, for example, a machine gunner, a radio operator. And a very important aspect for me personally, as for the commander, is the candidate’s desire to serve in our battalion. There, such “selected contract servicemen”, more than 30 people came to us in six months. It could have been much more, but nobody has canceled the selection and screening.

Anyone who wants to serve in the assault unit himself is easier to learn. Each of us has a “contract soldier”, at a minimum, is able to shoot, drive an armored personnel carrier, handle explosives and provide first aid. And, of course, comply with safety regulations.

12. What is the situation with shooting training?
We pay special attention to the rifle training, our practice is constant and systematic. An assault unit that is not capable of excellent shooting, I think, cannot be called “assault”. Possess regular weapons "attack aircraft" must be perfectly. The same goes for mine specific explosives. In addition, you must, at a minimum, be able to handle foreign samples of small arms. While we are forming, not all samples have the opportunity to meet "live", we manage electronic documents and outline notes, but the work towards expanding and replenishing the material base specifically for us is under command.

13. Is there a shortage of personnel or certain specialists?
At the moment, I cannot say that we have a shortage of personnel. Our own "frames" work, there are a lot of people who want to get to our service. The same applies to soldiers "conscripts", immediately after the KMB (course of the young fighter), the majority seeks to serve in our battalion. The motivation of the "conscripts" is different: someone is "rumored", someone sees how and what we are doing in the course of daily combat training. She's a lot. Some are surprised that we have a drill. And how without it? This is the foundation of group combat. Who is good in the ranks is good in battle, a well-known fact from the Suvorov times. To increase the level of coherence unit combatant indispensable. Fire, sapper, special, physical training - we have something to do in the service. I personally observe how a complex of measures makes today's boys out of yesterday's boys. Including with the help of morning physical exercises.

14. Is physical training just a struggle for “good fitness” or are there any other super-useful aspects?
Our military personnel, in principle, increased physical activity. However, over time, this “elevated” level is leveled at the expense of personal growth, people are constantly evolving and at some point in time you begin to regard high loads as normal. Just getting stronger and stronger. This, including from personal experience observation.

15. How much does an “average contractor” receive in an assault unit?
On average, a “contract soldier” receives about 30 thousand rubles, and if he is successful and stubborn in terms of individual physical fitness, has (and can confirm) sports “classiness”, he is entitled to a cash premium of 10-15 thousand rubles. Maintaining an excellent personal fitness, as you can see, is well paid. In this case, as a work on myself personally, financial stimulus is very useful.

16. Is there anything from the technology, which is not yet available, but I would like to have it for the commander of the assault company?
UAV. We do not yet have such, but personally, my work on making decisions on the basis of operational intelligence makes it much easier. I had experience with UAVs.

If the technology does not touch, I think that it would be very useful for us, as a young unit with unique characteristics, to be able to attract outside experts and instructors. For training. We are now actively forming the base of combat experience, and here the instructor experience of “narrow” specialists from other divisions is invaluable to us. For example, I would like to learn the nuances of actions in the mountains, in practice, to study the experience of the same police SOBRs for work in the building, instructors from among the special forces intelligence would acquaint themselves with their experience in actions in the forest. All of this is necessary to summarize, accumulate and adapt. Now we are videotaping our classes, followed by “debriefing” and analysis. We learn continuously. Again, let me remind you, our “contract soldiers” who came from special units also become sources of new knowledge and, to some extent, play the role of instructors. This is just a part of my work as a commander: to single out the main thing, to summarize, adapt, accumulate and transfer to my subordinates.

In this vein, in the near future we have planned cooperation with the SSO (Special Operations Forces). From what I can say about this, this will be a practical course of versatile training conducted by the MTR instructors at the MTR base for all our officers and “contract soldiers”. This training course also expects me. It's great that we have such an opportunity and it is very correct that cooperation with the SSO is planned as permanent. We, too, were created as a subdivision to perform special tasks within the framework of engineering and sapper subjects.

17. If your unit would be given the task “Take Koenigsberg!” - how would they act?
So immediately, “on the knee”, in a couple of minutes, the storming of Königsberg to plan is not right. But if we put a similar task, we will do it. Reasoning in general: the fighter’s personal bodyguard has advanced greatly since then, modern small arms, armored vehicles, and mine-clearance installations — in general, the Koninsberg sample from the last years of the war from today does not look completely impregnable. Moreover, our grandfathers took it without all of the above.

By the way, we studied the experience of both Chechen companies when we had to fight in low-rise urban buildings. UR-77 was successfully used there. Why do we need human sacrifices, when a fortified building with militants inside can be remotely cast from Ur-77 and only after that can it be cleaned up by forces of the personnel. Although there is often and there was nothing to clean after the UR.

Sometimes it happens that you have to break into a building through a gap in the wall. Which has yet to be done. Here it is important to have maximum information about the building and the enemy: what kind of building, what approaches, who is inside, how many of them, than armed. Based on this data, we determine the tactics for a particular case: which of the groups in which the composition works on the first floor, and which on the second floor, which covers the central and emergency entrances-exits. For example, once it is more convenient to just enter the door, and once from above, breaking through the ceiling or roof. If the situation and the door allow - you can do without an explosion, hydraulic scissors or a circular saw. In a nutshell and without specifics here really can not tell. In the general case, one person under the guise of a group approaches the building, sets a charge (there are many of them very different) and makes explosive explosions in one of the ways. Further assault through the breach or simultaneously through the breach and other entry points.

18. Suppose we are talking about a large one-story brick house, inside there are people up to 30, supposedly these are militants banned in the Russian Federation by ISIL and, probably, they are all armed. How to be?
Fit UR-77. If there is no such equipment, then we will have specialists capable of carefully “folding” the building. This is not the pinnacle of qualification demolition, there are tasks and more difficult.

19. Is it true that mine clearance is a thing of the past, and now everything that was mined is simply destroyed?
Yes, that's right, if we are talking about "neutralizing" on the spot or evacuating an explosive device for subsequent destruction. The sapper is a high-class specialist, a vain risk to the specialist is contraindicated, he can still save someone's life. Why bother doing it once again, when, without danger to others, you can destroy an explosive device with a water cannon, an overhead charge, destroy it on site with a directional explosion without subsequent detonation, and at least primitively and reliably pull it off with a "cat" or just shoot it? It is only in the movie that the wiring is cut when the ingenious “good guy” should replay the ingenious “bad guy.”

But there are cases in which it is necessary to neutralize on the spot or take out an explosive device for subsequent destruction. This is exactly the job for a high-class sapper associated with the risk to life. In this part of the experience accumulated a huge amount, including since the Great Patriotic War. And in modern engineering troops there are enough real geniuses of mine explosive.

20. What can you do useful in peacetime? Are engineering troops involved, say, in the tasks of civil defense?
Attracted by necessity. We can conduct reconnaissance in the zone of natural disaster, accident or catastrophe. We can work as rescuers. We can work as firefighters. We can provide first aid and evacuate. We can build a bridge and build a crossing. We can work under water, we have our own divers. In general - we can save the lives of people in distress or in the emergency zone.

21. What do you consider to be a sign of professional skill? Pilots, for example, perform complex aerobatics at low altitudes, snipers get into wristwatches from 300-meters, and what about “attack aircraft”?
A good attack aircraft engineer returns alive after successfully completing a combat mission.

Part Two, Photographic

The part arrived still dark, before the ascent.

I had breakfast in the soldiers' canteen.

For breakfast, they gave millet porridge with gravy, chicken, lard, butter, bread, chicken egg, sweet tea, caramel, gingerbread, biscuits, milk.

Salo and chicken in my plate in double size, finally found the first vegetarian in the army! The whole lieutenant colonel turned out to be.

Cabbage, carrot, beans, peas for breakfast to choose from. I could not eat everything, even though I was hungry. Breakfast, by the way, was enough for a whole day of running around the Muromsky outskirts, the food is good, nourishing, though not the most delicious.

After breakfast, we went to get acquainted with military engineers from the company of barrage and assault. By prior arrangement, they had to demonstrate the process of putting on new protective equipment.

At OVR-3Sh three sizes are provided.

Suits are transported and stored in such bags. The round compartment is designed for a helmet.

The main components of the OBR-3Sh are laid out on the table: fragments of the cooling system, a lightweight jacket, pants, a “sleeveless jacket” and a protective helmet are visible on the left.

The cooling system consists of two parts - sweatshirts and "underpants".

Lightweight flexible plastic hoses sewn around the entire inner surface of the sweatshirt and pants.

Hoses drive water from such a tank with the help of an electric motor. The battery lasts about a day of work. The coolant is designed to act ordinary water with ice (with ice!?).

Generally speaking, I didn’t quite understand the ice: in winter it was in bulk, but the cooling system is not needed, and in the summer where to get it? It is not possible to find out how effectively the user will be cooled by ordinary water (without ice).

In any case, a system filled with drinking water can serve as a portable water supply.

The cooling system is put on pipes to the body directly on thermal underwear. The connectors for connecting to the water tank are visible.

About Guards assault unit of engineering troops

In winter, the cooling system is not required, was worn only for demonstration.

Over the thermal underwear and the cooling system (or without the last) such a lightweight jacket is worn, in fact it is only the sleeves, the jacket serves as a necessary supporting element.

Lightweight jacket easier to wear and fit together, but alone the task is completely feasible for everyone. Lacing on the back does not allow the suit to crawl through the body, it regulates the "stroke" of the arms and shoulders and overall comfort.

Following the jacket put on pants.

Pants are connected to the jacket with special slings on the latches, they are visible on the left in the picture.

It remains to hoist a "sleeveless" with shoulder pads.

On the sides, on the chest and in the groin of the suit, special “pockets” are provided to accommodate the armored panels.
The panels can be different, in this case they have the 6 protection class, holding a shot at close range from the SVD armor-piercing incendiary bullet.

The shoulder protection works according to the same principle, only it is flexible and not so high protection class. But from shards, cuts and burns protects reliably.

Broneshlom "Warrior Shako RSP" with visor. The visor holds a pistol 9-mm bullet.

Visor on a removable helmet. In the picture it is just from the cold, so that the room is sweating. On the street, it was fogging up much weaker, especially paid attention.

The shield of three-layer plastic is heavy, perfectly transparent, but it changes the center of gravity of the helmet nicely.
Mounts on the helmet allow you to place a variety of items on the helmet, for example, a flashlight.

Communication, hearing protection and connection for the mine detector.

Engineer- "attack aircraft" in the OVR-3Sh. The visor is removed from the helmet.

To demonstrate the progress in the business of individual armor "attack aircraft" brought a pair of modern replicas of steel cuirass-bibs CH-42.
The cuirasses were specially made for demonstration purposes at one of the enterprises according to drawings and photographs, and the fastening elements and the “damper” were sewed together by one of the officers.

The steel helmet, as you can see, is not the most authentic, but this is a gainable thing. But the infantry shovel with the stamp "1917".

Layout PPP. It is strange to see such “new model” inscriptions on weapons made in the USSR. Our, domestic, "mockups" this also applies.
Or is there any special valor in baling (sometimes simply barbaric), albeit old, but military weapons? Or is it some legal requirements?

According to numerous requests from interested parties, some photo details from the life of the HC-2 multitool and the Minesweeper assault knife.
A cover with a regular multitool is visible in the left fighter on the left thigh.

The use of multitool for its intended purpose.

Multitul in the case. Table knife from the soldier's canteen for scale.

The cover can be mounted on the waist belt or equipment in several ways.

Knife assault "Sapper".

The sheath with the assault knife is visible on the right thigh of the “attack plane”.

The assault knife “Minesweeper” immediately attracted my attention with quite common grammatical errors.
In any case, I inform you that in the phrase "Armed Forces of Russia" all words should be written with a capital letter.
But in the phrase "Engineering troops" the word "troops" would be competently written with a small letter.

I talked with the users of “Saper”, they expressed in the spirit that such a knife is useful and necessary, specifically, there are no complaints about this product yet.
But my secret doubt crept in: I had an amazing experience of owning and using a miracle survival knife, proudly bearing the similar “moose” stigma.

A complete mystery for me was the image of the anchor on the plastic of the handle. Does anyone know what the anchor is on the Saper?

I tried to chop up the ancient log with a bit of “Saperom”. With my bare hand, it seemed not very convenient, the handle was rather narrow, where the fingers were.
Gloves act much more convenient.

On this with equipment it is proposed to calm down and go to the inspection of photos from training "stormtroopers" on the ground.

Briefing, building. Two "attack aircraft" in OVR-3Sh, two in historical costumes of the Great Patriotic War (replicas of the Amoeba camouflage and SN-42 bibs), four in the Ratnik.

BTR-82A placed at all inputs-outputs in the brigade. In case of prevention of a possible terrorist threat.

We plunged into the army "Ural" and arrived on the territory of the former weaving factory "Krasny Luch".
The engineers received weapons, blank cartridges and screwed bushings on the machine guns for idling.

The weaving mill, apparently, has long been forgotten by people and now serves as a training ground for “stormtroopers”.
It is convenient to work out the tactics of an assault group in the ruins of the city.

The foreman counts the cartridges, pouring them from the packs into his cap. A very common picture in the army.

Buildings of the former LLC “UK“ Muromskiy KBC ”, or the“ Krasny Luch ”industrial complex, which was part of the“ Russian Textile ”concern.
In 1900, paperworking machines were first made here, and these days the plant was unprofitable and is now experiencing a surprising transformation from the classic “casting” into ruins.

Judging by the abundance of all graffiti, Murom teenagers have already gone through a harsh school of life here.

While the sappers were discussing a plan for their actions, they walked a bit around the building. Around the traces of active, in the past, life.

Dividing into combat "two", began training on the assault on the building. The first are the fighters in the OVR-3Sh, followed by the core of the assault group.

A couple of times the guys kindly walked with a weapon without “idle” sleeves, especially for photos. Then just pictures of the workflow for the assault on urban ruins.
All the money, as they say, on the screen!

For those who have inspected everything up to the very end, an incentive prize is provided. This is an individual army diet, menu 2.
The box is signed by the commander of the assault company and will get to the author of the most interesting question about the service of the assault unit of the engineering troops.
Expert assessments, comments and recommendations are, as always, welcome.

A reference to establish the winner and receive explanatory answers will send to fellow guard senior lieutenant. Winner we will define 1 of March of this year.

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  1. russki1972
    russki1972 28 February 2016 06: 14
    It is high time. Despite all the innovations, the main principle of any war is "Where our soldier's foot is today, there is our territory." And the territory, which is ours, that the enemy does not appear without means of defenses, URs and a host of various obstacles. After all, NOW, though only by the middle of the Second World War, they thought of specialized combat engineer-assault units because it became clear that it was wrong to blame everything on the infantry. Near Sevastopol, the Germans already used something similar in 1942, but these were just sapper units with the task of suppressing the resistance of our URs, but they did not develop all this into specialized units. After all, if you remember that breastplates-cuirasses were introduced just for "attack aircraft". In theory, such units are needed precisely in the army, as a structural unit at the division level. Narrowly specialized units like in the movies like -Here control from space or which wire to bite red or blue is needed, but it's more likely for the FSB, FSK or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Specialized army units are needed precisely FOR HACKING DEFENSE STRENGTHENED IN THE ENGINEERING PLAN.
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 28 February 2016 14: 07
      To the author "+" It is clear, the specialist wrote, but very interesting and detailed. good

      Only now, judging by the name "1st Guards Engineering and Sapper Brest-Berlin Red Banner Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Brigade", it means its participation in the Second World War, and why is the date of formation listed on December 1, 2014?
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 28 February 2016 19: 48
        In 2014, it was restored after the disbandment in 2010 (citizen Serdyukov did not see it in the modern appearance of the Russian army ...). With the transfer of all the honored regalia. Hence the honorary name and military orders.
  2. PKK
    PKK 28 February 2016 06: 53
    I wish the attack aircraft a strong appetite, increased carrying capacity and endurance.
    I’m glad for the guys, for the good equipment. I would add some green stuff to the cooling water. If I break through a fragment, I get disinfection right away. It’s useful to drink water with some green stuff, all the guts are treated, and the flu goes away in two nights. And in summer, ice can be obtained from the Peltier element but water is cheaper, more affordable, and Peltier is for the future.
  3. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 28 February 2016 07: 14
    Thank you for the article ! I really wanted to read about the newly created unit in the army. Amazing photo ! I especially liked the Zhiguli washer tank laughing and it’s not clear where to get ice in the summer, although this is probably a thermo bag. And it's strange why there is no drinking system
    1. Siberia 9444
      Siberia 9444 28 February 2016 07: 43
      Yes, I forgot about weapons - modestly for these guys, 74 is a bit long for buildings, and even cartridges are not enough for them like that.
      1. free
        free 28 February 2016 09: 22
        For mine there is a drum magazine for 70 rounds
      2. Vadim237
        Vadim237 28 February 2016 11: 02
        Yes, and such a helmet - Lynx T would not hurt.
      3. avt
        avt 28 February 2016 11: 56
        Quote: Siberia 9444
        - modestly for these guys, 74 is a bit long for buildings, and even ammo is not enough for them like that.

        Yes, we should have something with smaller dimensions. Here's to my taste and color - Gruzhevsky A-91M rolls with a grenade launcher and other gadgets, a silencer and optics, again VAL, Vintorez, GSh-18 - it's easier, "Pecheneg" bun, well, what the specialists did in Podolsk. Baryshevsky border, although the Tula manual will come off the serial one. Well, the BTR-82 is a natural mockery for them! You need at least a machine of flamethrowers from a T-72 and a troika on the same base, well, until the T-15 is brought to the series, again, , Vienna "and MRAPs.
  4. bionik
    bionik 28 February 2016 07: 28
    Fighters of the assault engineering and combat brigade (SISBr).
  5. bionik
    bionik 28 February 2016 07: 33
    Soviet assault squad in steel bibs CH-42 and with machine guns DP-27. Guards-attack aircraft after the combat mission. 1-th SHIBBR. 1 Belorussian Front, Summer 1944
  6. bionik
    bionik 28 February 2016 07: 48
    In all photographs, the fighters of the AK-74M. For combat in the city and in buildings, for assault squads, the AK hundredth series AK-102, AK-104, AK-105 are right for the best.
    1. Valera999
      Valera999 28 February 2016 14: 32
      Ak104 and Ak103 7.62 cartridge can you mean this ??
      In the course of the experience of the United States adopted. And the experience is that Engineers-engineers often work at the forefront with special forces in urban areas, and therefore Engineers should not be inferior to them in preparation. In despair vepianalogy, you can see such an elite unit in the USA that has long been functioning and is considered Elite.
      1. bionik
        bionik 28 February 2016 14: 55
        Quote: Valera999
        Ak104 and Ak103 7.62 cartridge can you mean this ??

        I mean the length of the machine itself. Shorter than the AK-74m.
      2. 29 February 2016 10: 11
        Quote: Valera999
        In the course of the experience of the United States adopted.

        But they didn’t say from the discovery when this unit appeared in the pind-si? Who took over whose experience?
  7. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 28 February 2016 08: 55
    Great report! With pleasure, plus!
    Personal weapons, it is highly desirable for the cartridge 9 * 19, since 9 * 18 is rather weak. especially considering that now every fighter is in armor. For fire support, you need to have a small machine gun of the Minimi type. For vending machines, it is possible that stores of increased capacity are four-row or drum, at the same time they would check their reliability.
  8. moskowit
    moskowit 28 February 2016 08: 55
    Eh! I would have dropped 50 years ... Without the "bazaar" I would have signed a contract. The photo is just that they call, - "Join the ranks of the Russian Army!" ... soldier good
  9. Lopatov
    Lopatov 28 February 2016 09: 18
    Oil painting: sailed.

    The leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation recognizes that the Russian infantry is not able to operate effectively in settlements.
    The leadership of the RF Armed Forces is not going to do anything with these problems with the infantry. Otherwise, why create units like this as part of the engineering forces?
    1. tchoni
      tchoni 28 February 2016 11: 58
      And thank God! -) I thought I could not wait for such recognition from my father-commanders.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 28 February 2016 12: 56
        This is not "thank God", this is a complete ass.
    2. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 28 February 2016 12: 04
      City battle is the hardest. Only a specialized unit can act effectively in such conditions.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 28 February 2016 13: 00
        The most difficult is the oncoming battle in a closed and half-closed area.

        Well, about the "specialized unit" ... let's create specialized divisions for urban combat, desert, forest, near water bodies, on watermelon melons ... All this hobby for "lits" simply destroys the armed forces.
        1. Razvedka_Boem
          Razvedka_Boem 28 February 2016 15: 16
          Yeah, tell that to those who stormed Grozny.
          Ordinary infantry will be able to somehow fight in the city, all the same they will create assault groups, take more grenades and go. But such sapper-assault companies will operate more efficiently.
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov 28 February 2016 17: 45
            I had to work in settlements with infantry.

            As for "more effective" - ​​I'm not at all sure, to put it mildly. Having near-zero skills in working with their tanks, having near-zero skills in working with their own artillery, having weak purely infantry training ...
            During a hard sweep in Komsomolsky, tankers of the 693th regiment worked with VVshniki. And constantly there were conflicts because of the inability of the latter to work with tanks.

            All wars, starting with the first Chechen one and ending with the ongoing Syrian one, clearly demonstrate the urgent need for the infantry to fully and effectively fight in settlements. All of this is realized and closely involved in this problem, both NATO countries, and all kinds of Israelis and others. And it was only here that we started crap instead of creating another Ylita.
            1. Razvedka_Boem
              Razvedka_Boem 28 February 2016 20: 16
              Time will tell .. It’s almost impossible to prepare a universal soldier, the time and money spent on his training in any way will make him, as you say Ylita .. but the irony is inappropriate here. Any specialist is an elite, be it a sniper, a miner, a mechanic driver or a cook.
              In the US Army, for example, after they faced a mine war in Iraq and Afghanistan, they created groups dealing precisely with the elimination of IEDs, and the groups include not only engineering, but also military reconnaissance, dog handlers, etc. Companies for the disposal of ammunition - EOD companies. At the same time, there are companies of "cleaning" - the search and limited destruction of IEDs, eg along the routes of movement of troops.
              After the adoption of the Convention on the Ban of Anti-Personnel Mines in 1997, a dozen years later, the United States Army simply did not have any specialists left on this issue. They had to re-create almost everything.
              The topic raised is serious and beyond the scope of the comment, maybe smart people will write a separate article ..)
    3. russki1972
      russki1972 28 February 2016 19: 10
      You, my friend, don’t know history, but, as you know, it goes in a spiral. The experience of the Second World War showed that infantry copes with specific tasks worse as an assault on fortifications and fortified areas than specialized units. That is why, at the end of the Second World War, they preferred to go around fortified cities, blocking them, and allowing them to be stormed by the units assigned for this, which performed the task on the basis of thorough preparation and turn-based operations.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 28 February 2016 19: 50
        Quote: russki1972
        You, my friend, don’t know history, but, as you know, it goes in a spiral.

        That's exactly what I know. When the infantry cannot effectively fight in settlements, you have to jump above your head, trying to prepare a super infantryman for about 600 training hours (of which only 300 are infantry).

        Quote: russki1972
        That is why at the end of the Second World War they preferred to go around fortified cities,

        And they pretended to know the story ...
        The assault on Koenigsberg. At 130 with a penny of thousands of assaults only three SHISBr. They, like flamethrowers, were simply torn apart by assault troops. So that they performed exclusively sapper functions there. Assault, as expected, infantry reinforced by artillery and tanks.
        1. russki1972
          russki1972 28 February 2016 20: 58
          Firstly, the battle for the village, for all its complexity, is not always a battle for SD. Secondly, I repeat again that I do not consider the quality of training of infantry, as well as infantry commanders, because we are discussing the correctness or incorrectness of the introduction of sap-assault units as such. Thirdly, the conduct of the battle in urban conditions is included in the training of motorized riflemen and if the unit commander DOES NOT LOVE his profession and no one asks him, then give him three times more hours there will be no sense. Fourthly, Koenigsberg was ALREADY surrounded, they could simply have imposed it from land and from the sea and hollowed out with artillery of the RGK until they were rolled out into a sand dune. Fifthly, 130 thousand assaulting is the total number of troops, take away headquarters, supply, tech. collateral, etc. and it will turn out in the front units of about 60000 people, stretch them along the front, in the main directions of the strike are three SHISBR-AND ALREADY PICTURE OTHER. SIX-according to your logic, let’s train infantry at the same time as tankers, because we’ll ride nearby or make mortars — you know what’s kind of complicated, at the same time the mortar is always there, and the sappers are not needed at all, because there are shovels. You confuse the CRAZY TRAINING OF COMMANDERS, the lack of interaction skills and the READY to get these skills, as a result of the LACK of RESPONSIBILITY for incorrect or illiterate decisions, with the principles of fighting various units. This of course does not apply to this topic, but I will give an example from history: After the end of the French campaign, in 1940, a group of German tank officers wrote a letter to Hitler, which spoke about the incompatibility of German tanks, their technical backwardness, and they explained the success of the tanks with the correctness of their use . Note- RIGHT. And then the Germans, during the assault on the URs, already in 1942 began to focus on engineer units.
    4. atalef
      atalef 28 February 2016 20: 39
      Quote: Spade
      The leadership of the RF Armed Forces recognizes that the Russian infantry is not able to operate effectively in human settlements.
      The leadership of the RF Armed Forces is not going to do anything with these problems with the infantry. Otherwise, why create units like this as part of the engineering forces?

      As far as I know, in all modern armies there are special forces in the engineering forces
      Yaalom (Hebrew. Diamond) - special forces of the engineering forces of the Israel Defense Forces. The name is the abbreviation "Engineering Group for Special Operations." The unit, considered one of the elite units in the IDF, usually operates in conjunction with special forces. It is intended for the engineering support of special operations, which includes the disposal of bombs, mines and unexploded ordnance, as well as the destruction of barricades, obstacles in the form of ditches, individual buildings, the construction of new roads, and the search for underground tunnels.

      Composition [edit | edit wiki text]
      Yael ("Capricorn") is a special unit for the destruction of structures, sabotage, sabotage, anti-terror and marine equipment.
      Yachsap (“PS Group”) - the removal of mines, missile warheads, countering nuclear, biological and chemical threats, the disposal of explosive devices, as well as escorting operational units in operations where mines and explosives clearance situations are possible.
      Samoor ("Ferret") - a unit for the search and destruction of illegal tunnels and weapons caches.
      Midron mushlag ("Snow Slope") - a unit for penetrating buildings using explosives or other methods.
      Hevzek is a unit that controls military robots.
      Links [edit | edit wiki text]
  10. Blondy
    Blondy 28 February 2016 09: 50
    Put a plus. And the journalist and commander with a soul and interos are relevant to their business, and this is perhaps the main thing. The equipment, of course, is impressive. Then, of course, a toad cry: my dear mother, how much does it all cost! And what kind of specialist you need to be in order to be able to use all this at a level. Well and of course, additional motivation for fathers-commanders: to comply, dryuch and protect.
    1. Megatron
      Megatron 28 February 2016 12: 58
      I've been thinking about something else, how much does it WEIGHT !!
      1. Xpyct89
        Xpyct89 1 March 2016 10: 27
        watch the program military reception on the star channel, there is a series about these costumes
  11. flSergius
    flSergius 28 February 2016 10: 34
    + wow not having read it - just for a gorgeous photo material good
  12. k_ply
    k_ply 28 February 2016 10: 40
    3. What exactly is the task of the assault division of military engineers?
    The immediate tasks of my unit are: stripping and storming. Defragmentation, in simple terms, is the elimination of enemy barriers (including mined) by various methods, and storming is the destruction of the enemy in fortified points and entire areas. Plus, ensuring smooth progress on the territory of the enemy infantry, artillery, tankers and other forces following us.

    The photoshoot created a deceptive impression. Assault, because for making passages in the enemy’s engineering barriers and for overcoming destruction, i.e. for barrage, both on the ground and in the conditions of settlements (n / a), and not for the assault and stripping of these same n / a, these are the tasks of rifle units (including motorized rifle, airborne forces, naval MP), sometimes special forces, the following behind them and covering them.
    Reinforced individual armor protection systems (NIB), this is due to the fact that sappers are dealing with explosive charges and mines, and not, again, for the assault and stripping of buildings and structures. In short, in d.s. sappers were the first to pave the way, and therefore the assault units. For example, heavy engineering demolition vehicles (previously there were also so-called sapper tanks) and infantry fighting vehicle BMPs are also the norm in engineering battles of heavy US brigades.

    By the way, in the West, according to the experience of the Gulf War (1990-91), engineering brigades (3 baht) were introduced into light and heavy divisions engineering bat-on to the brigade. In the Russian Federation, according to the state, there are only 1 engineer-combatant bat-n in the division, and companies in regiments and individual brigades.
    1. russki1972
      russki1972 28 February 2016 19: 51
      All is correct. Everything new is well forgotten old. You can’t blame everything on the infantry. After all, it was not in vain that in due time, ours introduced assault in-sap. brigades.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 28 February 2016 19: 58
        Quote: russki1972
        Everything new is well forgotten old.

        Right Including the stupidity of commanders / commanders. For more than a century, Russian / Soviet / Russian fathers-commanders have not been able to understand the simplest thing in any way: infantry must be fully prepared for battles in settlements.
        1. tchoni
          tchoni 29 February 2016 10: 12
          And we have cooked, but not those. On the example of the same Ichkeria. Did the general see the abbreviation DShB - attack aircraft? - attack aircraft! - forward the city to storm. And, that the equipment does not meet the requirements of urban combat - trifles. Then, in fact, the Marines and Airborne Forces of the Army began to rearm the army equipment.
          The presence of special brigades (divisions) does not at all cancel the usual motorized riflemen and does not abolish their combat training, does not limit it to the framework of combined arms combat. It just gives the command a tool for more efficiently solving certain tasks. Indeed, you must admit that a multitool is good somewhere in nature or on a trip, but at home, in the workshop you use specially trained screwdrivers and hammers ...
  13. Vadim237
    Vadim237 28 February 2016 11: 08
    I wonder why our armed forces do not accept the AEK 999 machine gun
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 28 February 2016 12: 15
      Because he lost the army competition "Pecheneg". A small batch of AEK-999 got into the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this machine gun was no longer produced, since the military line at the Kovrov plant was closed back in 1996.
  14. erased
    erased 28 February 2016 11: 34
    The company commander mentioned the AK-74 and the AKS-74, although in the photo everyone had the AK-74M. Which of the hundredth series did he want? ..
    For assault units, the AK-103 or AK-104 is much more effective under the 7,62x39 cartridge. It is strange that Starley wants an APS, and not CP-1 Vector, or PY there. And the Pecheneg machine gun is not visible. Judging by the photos and videos, they do not have RGSh-2, RPO Bumblebee-2 and even RPG-27/29, as well as quite effective GM-94. That is, with weapons, there is a clear lag in the configuration, although the latest ammunition.
    It is still strange that the comrades have been in service for more than 10 years, and with the rank of senior lieutenant. Taking into account 4 years at the school, well, and another year, urgency (suddenly) still did not go far up the career ladder.
    In general, the decision to recreate SHISBR is correct. It is clear that now only experience has been gained in the use of such units and units, taking into account all the innovations and trends, however, one such battalion is not enough for the brigades.
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 28 February 2016 12: 09
      Over time, everyone will fix it. Consider the collapse of the dashing 90s, the difficult situation in the economy and many other factors. The army is expensive, and here the creation of a new unit, from scratch, the lieutenant himself says that it is necessary to generalize the experience of other special forces and customize it for yourself. I think in a year, they will have a normal shooting and normal means of support and amplification.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Xpyct89
      Xpyct89 29 February 2016 10: 44
      and the ASH-12, a Russian large-caliber assault machine, would be very useful during an assault
  15. serverny
    serverny 28 February 2016 12: 02
    Quote: k_ply
    not for assault and stripping

    For some reason, the officer of this unit has a different idea, and just storming and cleaning buildings is a standard combat task for his unit. If you were at least a little in the subject (and the same videos about the preparation of this unit are enough) - this would be obvious at least from what exercises the employees perform during training.
    1. k_ply
      k_ply 28 February 2016 13: 02
      They don't use halyards and slings, do they? Elementary combined arms training for actions in the city is not supposed to be? For the dense, only specialists should undergo such training? "The Hurt Locker" is about sappers, not a masterpiece, but look at your leisure, you might get an idea of ​​what it is about.
      Training tasks are one, combat tasks are another. The officer rejoices for his work and for his branch of the armed forces, whose units are present, by the way, in the units of the airborne forces and the marine corps, as well as individual military-technical forces in special forces.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  16. tchoni
    tchoni 28 February 2016 12: 02
    It seems to me that in such a brigade instead of the BTR82 the BMP T-15 would have been more appropriate. And it would also be nice to introduce a tank component. (personally, IMHO - at the platoon level. Let's say a platoon is a tank + a couple of BMPs). Well, it would be nice to robotize the unit a bit (in terms of all kinds of robotic sappers and drones)
  17. SokolfromRussia
    SokolfromRussia 28 February 2016 15: 58
    Looks cheerfully. When we were children, we ran into this part of the technique to watch. In 90 and the beginning of 2000, it was completely collapsed ...
  18. russki1972
    russki1972 28 February 2016 19: 39
    I agree to the comments about the need to train infantry in urban combat BUT ... At one time, the same Germans realized that the infantry was suffering unnecessarily large losses during the assault on the URs, then it came to ours. The issue of poor interaction between infantry, tanks, and artillery is a question of GENERAL CLEAR TRAINING OF COMMANDERS and does not concern the question of sapper-assault units, people who think the other way round are SIMPLY UNDER THE SPECIFICITY of training, equipment and use of sapper units.
  19. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 29 February 2016 03: 56
    Nice photo reportage with interesting details. Plus for the article :) I remember that a month ago there was an article about the new equipment of the engineering troops, and the "experts" were arguing about the visor laughing and about glasses, now fully clearly shown, is everything clear to everyone? For each task, its own "bells and whistles"laughing
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. k_ply
    k_ply 29 February 2016 14: 52
    As part of the brigade, for the first time since World War II, the battalion of assault and barrage was revived ...

    Soviet separate engineering brigade of army or corps subordination, battles:
    - 2 engineering
    - 1 road and bridge
    - 1 barriers
    - 1-2 pontoon bridges
    - 1 barrage (engineering assault), in its three companies, 2 platoons, barrages and mine clearance.
    For clarity, so as not to even want to compare with the weapons and capabilities of the MSB, the main weapons and engine machines of bat-a (excluding trucks and trailers):
    - BTR-80 - 3
    - BREM - 3 (rem.vzvod)
    - RPG-22 / -26 - 12 (calculations)
    - track-laying machine BAT-2 - 3
    - engineering machine of a barrage IMR-2 - 3
    - mine trawl KMT - 9
    - mine detector - 9
    And so that your eyes do not "get up" at the word assaultI will give an example from the same engineering troops. Separate ferry regiments of the hull subordination of the SA, except for 2-3 pontoon-bridge battles, included 1 ferryassault bat., the main armament of which is 72 pontoon-bridge vehicles (PMM) and 36 medium-sized floating transporters (PTS), I doubt that without infantry / motorized infantry the battalion is really assault, rather transport, the main l / s are the PMM and PTS crews. It’s like with amphibianassault battleships of the US MP (BTR LVTP-7), without the actual infantry battleships of the Marine Corps, to which the BTRs are attached, they are far from assault.

    Finally (looking at some comments), there is NO and probably will not be MBT, SAO Nona and Vienna, mortars, AGS, man-portable ATGMs, sniper rifles, 12,7-mm machine guns only turrets on engines. The rest of the sapper platoons are armed similarly to motorized rifle (7,62-mm single machine gun, RPK, RPG, GP), exactly for this to overcome, fight back and cover working comrades, new infantry fighting vehicles instead of armored personnel carriers are also not regularly prohibited. IMR-3M, BMR-3M / MA (somewhere bogged down). Yes, the standard army cartridge is 5,45x39, so 7,62x39 does not shine.
    1. tchoni
      tchoni 29 February 2016 15: 09
      Quote: k_ply
      Finally (looking at some comments), NO and probably there will be no MBT,

      This is a pity. The big cannon under the thick boone has never bothered anyone
      1. k_ply
        k_ply 29 February 2016 15: 49
        Are tanks forbidden in the database by any international conventions? or when we see the armored bulldozers of the engineering corps of the AOI and Merkava and Namera nearby, does it work purely by sappers and all this is their economy?
    2. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 29 February 2016 19: 24
      We’ll see in a couple of years. The conditions have changed, no need to pour in inserts from Wikis, etc. What shines there or does not shine .. not for you to decide.
      1. k_ply
        k_ply 29 February 2016 20: 48
        Quote: Razvedka_Boem
        ... no need to sprinkle wiki inserts ...

        And detail? I didn’t come up with a typical OShs and armament standards for the general army and for the formation of the branches of the armed forces and services, and thank God! not you dreamers. Some of the nomenclature did not match the article? Everyone's personal business is to listen or ignore (yesterday I was already trying to explain).
        - And for sure! will see.

        It is worthwhile to perceive this essay more simply, without youthful impressionability, as advertising service in the army, for which both combat officers and the Defense Ministry proper advocate (special forces are usually classified, if that).
        1. Razvedka_Boem
          Razvedka_Boem 1 March 2016 13: 39
          The time of youthful sensibility passed long enough.
  22. Victor Wolz
    Victor Wolz 29 February 2016 22: 31
    Well, finally, it happened, we had attack aircraft! Of course the technique is rather weak, we need T-15 and T-14. And really, they need a sniper and not only with SVD but also large-caliber rifles such as exhaust or ov-96. Of course, drones are also needed.
  23. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 29 February 2016 22: 40
    Some time ago, on "Zvezda", there was a program about this. "Military acceptance" or what ... Just about the costumes he told how it is not hot in the bath, that you can fall into the fire ...

    Only jambs at the host, as usual ... At first he says that in a suit you can go through a metal detector, since there is not a single gram of metal. A few minutes later there was shelling at the shooting range and he pulled out and showed that "this metal plate" ... and other jambs ...
  24. storm
    storm 7 December 2020 02: 11
    Analyzing the experience of military conflicts over the past thirty years, we can conclude that most of the hostilities are conducted in populated areas.
    Consequently, similar engineering assault subunits should be formed in all motorized rifle units of the ground forces, an engineering assault battalion as part of each motorized rifle brigade, and an engineer assault regiment as part of each motorized rifle division.

    To increase the individual physical capabilities of each fighter, the elements of the exoskeleton must be integrated into the body armor set.

    Armored vehicles of engineering and assault units must provide protection at the level of main tanks,
    and the combat module can conduct all-round fire even on narrow streets with elevation angles close to vertical.
    The landing and disembarkation of the assault force should be carried out from the stern.

    Ideally, a heavy infantry fighting vehicle based on the T-15 with a combat module is seen:
    - 120 mm gun - mortar;
    - paired 30 mm automatic cannon;
    - remote machine gun installation 7,62.

    - wedge shovel for clearing barricades and rubble
    - anti-cumulative screens for additional protection against anti-tank systems and grenade launchers.

    If a mass vehicle based on the T-15 is a distant future, it is high time for the motorized rifle units armed with the T-72 / T-90 to create heavy infantry fighting vehicles on this platform.