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War games and toys of Soviet children (the end). Children's technical creativity of the Soviet Union.

Memories of games in the war caused a keen interest among the visitors of the military academy and ... why not continue this topic? This time, the story will be devoted to the topic of children's technical creativity, which I was close to as a child, and then quite seriously in adulthood.

War games and toys of Soviet children (the end). Children's technical creativity of the Soviet Union.

My most favorite homemade product, which came from my childhood: vibrohod from soap dish.

Immediately I want to say that I did not come up with the principle of vibro-feed. I read about him first in the magazine Model Designer. And the models of vibro-feeds also made to me. I just thought of making a case of ... soap box, and putting it not on a piece of fur collar and not on bristle clothes brushes, but on four toothbrushes. And it turned out to be the right thing! The children in circles began to do this home-made artwork in 30 minutes and ... immediately go to the competitions - “race of vibro-feeds”!

As I already wrote, my grandfather Peter Konstantinovich Taratynov during the war years was in charge of the Penza gorono, was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Badge of Honor, and until 70 years he worked in a school in the city as a teacher of labor and geography. At home, therefore, I had a complete set of all kinds of tools, and he started teaching me to work with them very early.

The cover of the book, which greatly influenced my fate.

Well, and here the school and there all these skills were useful to me. Although ... and not everything was there the way I would like. For example, in elementary school, my “first teacher” (about the dead, either nothing or good) taught us to sew buttons and cardboard wraps with threads (this was such a creative work!), And sew boxes from cards and ... everything! Nothing more was enough for her! But even then, and, in particular, I personally had books on children's technical creativity with the most simple but interesting homemade products. But ... you FIG! And more often, instead of work, we had math!

The camera from the book “One Hundred Tasks of Two Friends” was made from a matchbox and the most interesting thing they could shoot!

From the fifth grade, the boys worked separately, and the girls separately. They learned to cook (I would not have refused, although I learned it myself, so it was necessary!), And at first we had a joinery business, then plumbing, then turning, and that was all! What did you do? Again the most primitive. Birdhouses, stools, handles for brooms, and teeth for rakes were made. Oh, how many of these teeth I sharpened with a file, and then I riveted it myself in a rake. And again, that's all! Although there was such a time when our spaceships plowed the expanses of the universe.

My article from Young Technician Magazine (1984)

However, I made models of rockets, but for some reason in a chemical circle, but I don’t remember how it worked in school to do something “technical”. However, the DC was next to them. Kirov and there were such circles. Model aircraft, model shipboard and even theatrical ... and in all I was recorded, but for a long time did not stay anywhere. Why? But judge for yourself ... He came to an aircraft model and gave me a glider model from the DOSAAF set right away. Plywood - fragile, “second-hand” wood, I have no skills. Well ... I immediately screwed up the whole set! And there is no new limit is reached! Wait a month! So I went for a month, looked at the more successful comrades, and then successfully ruined the second set - I hurried to catch up with them! Well, and left, of course.

All the same happened in shipbuilding. They gave me a model of a "big hunter". A set of pine wood! Somehow I ground them, stuffed nails into the deck - handrails! In general, the “model” came out - “paint it and throw it away”! Firewood, in one word!

It was the turn of the theater group. I came, I checked - “there is data!” And gave me a role in the children's play. At first just read. And then ... rewrite. Rewrite 35 pages! Well, I immediately gave them everything and quickly got out of there. It’s not enough for me at the Russian language school ...

I made this machine, tried it in my work and wrote an article about it in the magazine “Model-Designer”, where it was appreciated. Make it easy, but with such a machine, you can already organize a circle in school!

That is, the method of work there was the most primitive, sort of like learning to swim in the XIX century, when it was thought that the best thing was to throw the child into the water and if it floated, it would float. But no, no! So I did not “float” in any of these circles, and since then I myself led many children's circles, I can responsibly say that there were bad leaders there. Teachers on the letter "G". Children are even lazier than adults, it must be constantly remembered. They must do the work at the very beginning in 40 minutes, and so that there will be a result for themselves and ... for their parents! Longer attention and interest will not be any.

Model of a submarine made of foam on a lathe.

But it was and always will be that what was bad in one place was compensated for by good in another! In those years, the 30-minute television program “One Hundred Fictions of Two Friends” was broadcast on Moscow television, in which the uncle host and the “two friends” of the boys made various home-made works on the air. Then a book appeared on it, and when I bought it, fortunately there was no limit! As I liked her, I seemed to be doing all this with them myself! Another TV program was on Leningrad television and also once a month, and it was called “Operation Sirius-2”. It seems that two robots Trix and Mecha (one of them had previously acted in the movie “Planet of Storms”) flew to Earth from the star Sirius to get acquainted with our life. And so they got acquainted, and at the same time with science, technology, production.

He won the robot from the movie “Planet of Storms” and the TV show “Operation Sirius-2”. Inside was a gym, that's it!

In short, these two programs had a great impact on me. At that time I made a model of a battleship and “Tom Sawyer’s steamer” out of matchboxes, according to the magazine “Young Technician” Ilya Muromets airplane, and from plasticine a diorama with two dinosaurs and primitive people hunting them. This is after reading the book "The Lost World" Conan Doyle. Then there were fairly cheap prefabricated models of plastic aircraft made in the GDR. Of course, mostly passenger liners, but among them were the Tu-95 and MiG-21 and, for some reason, the Swedish SAAB-35 "Draken". The whole holidays were glued together by the Potemkin and Aurora, but did not know that they should be painted. Although on the other hand, how would I paint them at the time? Glued the models T-34, KV-85, EC-3, ISU-122 and ISU-152 of Ogonek Company and always wondered where BT, T-26, T-35 ... As a result, already in adulthood in 1982, he did all of them themselves and in the competition of toys of the Central Committee of the Komsomol and the Ministry of Industry and Industry received second place, a diploma and ... 250 p. awards. “But we will not make your toys,” they then told me at the factory. “Why produce new toys when new children grow up every year!” Such was their marketing policy and, judging by their current range, it has not changed much over the years.

Manufacturing installation "pneumostart" (beginning in the previous material).

So with regard to the “tree”, I limited myself to “modeling” rifles with a latch bolt, and other “homemade” stuff like that I looked at the pictures in the Modelist Designer magazine with a sigh - oh, so to me. But, on the other hand, he glued together the GDR models and the Ognack ones - and that is good. And then it turned out that after the "free training" at the institute, I was sent to "work out" in the village for three years. And there had to be carried out except stories, social studies, geography and English are also ... work, and ... school technical circle. By the way, there was an office with an ax, saws and planers and ... everything! Enough, dear, rural children do not need anything more to learn working skills! “Proceed from local conditions!” The director told me, and I had to “proceed.”

What did I do with the guys? Oh, the throwing machines of the ancients for the study of history. A model of a yacht that sailed in local water bodies, a model of a rocket boat (desktop), all-terrain vehicles-vibro-passage on brushes with a body made of soap. And much more. And he did not just do it, but wrote everything down: how, from what, how time-consuming it was.

But these are models for launching with the help of the “pneumostart” installation.

When I returned home four years later, I found that all the places in local universities were occupied, but I didn’t want to go to school after the village school, and I went to work at the Oblast-Sakhalin Oblast Regional Station for Young Technicians. And at the same time he came to the local television with a proposal to conduct TV programs for children on technical creativity. “Have you ever conducted them?” They asked me on TV. No, never, I answered, but said that I was sure of success. After a rural school ... In the very first year, my children received the first gold-throwing works of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements in the history of the Penza OblSyuT in the history of the Penza Oblast, and their works went to the Young Technician Pavilion. They were marked at the All-Union competition "Cosmos", which was then held by the magazine "Model-Designer". And, by the way, how it was all well organized. Children were brought to Moscow, settled in pleasant places, well fed, taken to the "Star City". The jury sat "real astronauts" and all this, of course, the guys acted very strongly. On SYUT, however, I was given 15 micro-motors DP-10 for a month, and I had to ONE SESSION! But ... limit! And the accountant just fiddled when I brought him checks for soap dishes and toothbrushes. “Do you need shaving cream ?!” It was impossible to work this way, of course. Then I arranged, probably, the first parent meeting in the history of this organization and said: if you want profanation, everything will remain as it is. If you want things to do - pay for everything yourself, and the children will bring you your money in the form of homemade products! And to the honor of the parents, everyone understood, because they saw the result. Since then, I have not had any problems with motors or soap boxes, but ... if I found out about this in OBLON, I would have a lot of trouble. After all, we had free circles!

Highlight design: clutch booster.

I was constantly “dragging” my TV guys on TV, and there were a series of programs one after the other: “Let's make toys”, “UT Studio”, “Stars are calling!”, “Guys-inventors”. Even when I was in graduate school from 1985 to 1988 a year, programs continued on Kuybyshev TV (Samara) called “School Country Workshop”. All the scenarios were “stored”, after which books began to be published one after another: “From everything that is at hand” (Minsk, “Polymya”, 1987), “When the lessons are done” (Minsk, “Polymya”, 1990 g.), "For those who love to make” (Moscow, "Enlightenment", 1991). Was written and the fourth: "Models for every taste." But her set in the publishing house was scattered in 1993 year due to economic difficulties in the country.

Some say that "there used to be, but now." As it was before, I wrote. And I also know how now, because now I am helping to do everything the same thing already at school, where my granddaughter is studying. And ... everything is there, in principle. The same circles, including free ones, meetings, “days of technical creativity of schoolchildren”. What well? There was no frank "firewood", like those that were called creativity in my childhood. But now, from a set of finished parts, they are assembled in a circle of robots and they say: “creativity”! No, this is not creativity. Creativity - when you need more and drank a bit, do something with your own hands. It became ... more showing off and thanks to "our dear sponsors." But children have nothing to compare, they don’t give them a sawing and riveting at home, so they are happy for that too!

And another thing that I absolutely do not like. When my daughter went to first grade in 1982, I went to lead a circle at her school. And they, according to my methodology and my books, did everything regarding 80 to 20. That is, 80 did it all, but 20 had it all. Now, when the same thing happened in the class of the granddaughter, the proportion turned upside down. What the children did in the first grade then, now they are mastered only in the second. 20 is doing it all right, 80 doesn't do anything at all, even though they try. I have not changed (in terms of skills), the methodology has not changed. So, the children have changed, and not for the better. With the study they still somehow cope. But working with hands and head at the same time is very hard for most!

Incidentally, there are quite a few retired officers, engineers, and designers on board. What is the use of complaining that “we were different, but they are now ...” Why don’t they take and go to schools to lead the same technical circles, to learn how to work with paper, cardboard, self-hardening plastics from the first to second grade? After all, now everything is there, and parents with money will not refuse - they find it on 1500 p. for dance costumes? But how many of their children will become professional dancers? And so they would inspire them and their children, too, that skillful hands also develop brains, and if your hands are friends with your head, this is always and everywhere sure and good money!

But such an improvement "pneumostart" is offered on the Internet. Here the main thing is to “exhale sharply a lot of air”, which is achieved not by a pump, but by the weight of the child himself!

Color drawings A. Shepsa.
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  1. kind
    kind 2 March 2016 06: 34
    With children you need to be constantly engaged, they are interested in everything that seems ordinary to adults. Teaching offspring should be all that we ourselves know. Remember yourself as a child fellow !!!
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 March 2016 08: 18
      Quote: Good
      Offspring must be taught everything that we ourselves know. Remember yourself in childhood fellow !!!

      Thank you very much for the continuation. We did it ourselves at labor lessons, in mugs and models and tools, and repaired furniture and appliances at school. In grades 9-10 there was already vocational training, but in the 90s they destroyed it. I do not know by hearsay The late brother worked for 15 years as a Trudovik and a draftsman at school. I myself helped him get the equipment out of the workshops. A commission from education arrived and said that it was not relevant. It was somewhere in the early 90's. computers are everywhere. And I don’t understand? Where are those smart officials who ruined our education system? Why do we look with nostalgia for those toys that we made with our own hands and which were more expensive to us than factory ones? Author! Thanks again for the memory of our childhood that helped to fantasize, construct, invent, think and do.
      1. kalibr
        2 March 2016 08: 52
        Thank you too! It will be necessary to see what else was interesting "there". Maybe there is another interesting and relevant topic.
        1. Raven1972
          Raven1972 2 March 2016 20: 23
          Vyacheslav hi Thank you very much for the article - we can say that in childhood I visited, it inspired good
    2. afrikanez
      afrikanez 2 March 2016 08: 30
      It remains only to interest children and we will teach them everything at once. I have already tried to teach a neighbor boy how to change tires on a bicycle, how to pump wheels with a pump, is useless. He simply does not need and is not interested. It is much more interesting to sit and play in a computer, and even beg the parents for money.
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 2 March 2016 08: 42
        Quote: afrikanez
        It remains only to interest children and we will teach them everything at once. I have already tried to teach a neighbor boy how to change tires on a bicycle, how to pump wheels with a pump, is useless. He simply does not need and is not interested. It is much more interesting to sit and play in a computer, and even beg the parents for money.

        Here I completely agree with you.
      2. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 14: 21
        The boy or girl should be their own, not neighbors.
        To let them into the computer on a schedule.
        They will be happy for any fun.
    3. Vend
      Vend 2 March 2016 09: 42
      Quote: Good
      With children you need to be constantly engaged, they are interested in everything that seems ordinary to adults. Teaching offspring should be all that we ourselves know. Remember yourself as a child fellow !!!

      You know, as a child, I didn’t approach my parents and didn’t say “I’m bored, what to do”. I always found something to do, came up with games, either alone or with my older brother. And I had much less toys and they were much less diverse than those of my daughters.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 14: 28
        Mine is always busy: either in the classroom at an art school (at least 2 kinds) or doing lessons or walking or watching cartoons or playing / sculpting / carving / sewing / painting / crafts or quarreling / fighting or preparing their own food / eating.
      2. Camel
        Camel 2 March 2016 20: 26
        wink I completely agree with you - the biggest stupidity was to admit that you had nothing to do or that it was boring! My dad approached this issue as in the army - "A soldier is idle - half a soldier", well, in accordance with this statement, parents immediately invented what to do with a bored child laughing , for example, to wash the dishes, clean the floor, the apartment ... but you can find a few things, in the end you can sweep the parade ground with a crowbar! Therefore, even at an early age, I had to learn to imitate violent activity and employment, regardless of the real situation.
  2. igordok
    igordok 2 March 2016 07: 27
    My favorite magazines are Young Technician and Technique-Youth. The designer didn’t write out somehow, there were some problems.
    At school he was fond of chemistry. What delight I was when the Young Chemist set appeared in the "Young Technician" store. The experiments there were simple, but real test tubes and a burner !!! And then as a chemical dish, which just did not use. recourse Then, already older, they "unearthed" an abandoned warehouse of chemical reagents and chemical dishes, and there was expanse. Using "reagents" bought in a pharmacy (except for nitric acid), they managed to make RDX in small quantities. For a big one, there was not enough money, and they did not want to. And they tested it by blowing up the padlock.
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 2 March 2016 08: 15
      And my favorite magazines in childhood, in addition to the typical set of the Soviet pioneer: "Pionerskaya Pravda", the magazines "Pioneer" and "Koster" (which I liked more because it had headings devoted to military affairs and naval affairs), I was consistently subscribed to "Young technician "," Modelist-Constructor "and an appendix to it, the name of which I do not remember - but was printed on thin paper and contained many drawings, of which my attention was most drawn to aviation. The family began to write "technology for youth" when I was already 15 years old, but even before that it often fell into my hands.
      As a result, my room for two with my younger brother was simply littered with all kinds of paper, cardboard and wooden models and models of airplanes and ships (with the latter my brother and I would play Sea Battle on a homemade sea map). Well, experiments with chemistry (especially with everything that has the property to explode) - without this, in my childhood there was nothing! Despite the fact that, as a result, the hands were constantly in ulcers, scratches and wounds. A man is a randomly surviving boy! - It is said, among other things, about our Soviet childhood (BUT ONLY IN GOOD MEANING!).
      I have the honor.
      1. Raven1972
        Raven1972 2 March 2016 19: 31
        Quote: Aleksandr72
        I was consistently prescribed "Young Technician", "Modelist-Constructor" and an appendix to it

        It was called in my opinion UT-skilled hands good I was also discharged, I remember there was a circuit of a homemade UT-88 computer, and since I was friends with electronics, I assembled it and even adjusted it with help from my father. Yes, without UT there were a lot of interesting things in the application good
        P.S. And besides the above, we also wrote out TM (Technique-Youth) - also a cool magazine hi
  3. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 2 March 2016 07: 34
    Thanks for the second part !!!! Sincere article! I read the first with pleasure because I myself grew up on UT MK I TM. until now, I keep the binder of magazines .......... the eldest son is digging into them ....... so enthusiastically - well, I'm helping .... unnoticed so ........
  4. Pitot
    Pitot 2 March 2016 07: 44
    And I downloaded all the numbers UT, TM (generally from the pre-war time), MK. I look, read, nostalgic. Whatever and as if they were talking about the USSR, but there was a concern for the brain, that is, concern for the future. We still remember with good fondness those days (it is clear who lived then and remembers).
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 2 March 2016 08: 57
      That is yes. What did not make
    2. Amurets
      Amurets 2 March 2016 11: 25
      Quote: Pitot
      but there was concern for the brain, that is, concern for the future. We still remember those days with good

      Quote: abrakadabre
      That is yes. What did not make

      You know, in the mid-70s, I attended advanced training courses in the repair and maintenance of imported equipment. At that time, a lot of Japanese equipment came for foresters. So the Japanese: teachers and instructors asked us to bring local technical publications, I'm not talking about central ones. , they wrote them out. But reports on motorcycle races, photographs of motorcycles, publications such as "Do it yourself", "Know and be able" they took with a bang. Then over the bottle, the Japanese let slip that in this way they were trying to find directions for the development of promising technology and technology and sometimes children's ideas and projects formed the basis of serious developments. Japanese even tried to pay copyright, but in Soviet times, all payments from abroad were sent back, in the absence of a recipient. At least that's what the Japanese said.
      1. kalibr
        2 March 2016 12: 58
        In Soviet times, I published an article in Bulgaria. They sent in a $ 25 fee! Of which I personally had to hand over ... 5! The rest is tax! And these 5 are not money, but checks to the Berezka store in Moscow. I don't even remember what I bought there with them, because you can't buy much, but my eyes run wild. It seems the perfume to my wife is "Silver Lily of the Valley" (but French).
        And when he worked in the Kuibyshev archive of failed inventions, the local experts said that for all this ... the Japanese offered 7 million dollars, but we did not sell them!
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 2 March 2016 14: 25
          Quote: kalibr
          And when he worked in the Kuibyshev archive of failed inventions, the local experts said that for all this ... the Japanese offered 7 million dollars, but we did not sell them!

          I willingly believe, because the Japanese, who were at our enterprises, tried to get documentation on our repair technologies, samples of repair materials and tools.
  5. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 2 March 2016 07: 49
    Thank you Vyacheslav for the article and the work! I wrote out UT at that time, an appendix to it, UT for skillful hands. Then came the time of TM, MK, and science and life. Shredded all kinds of crafts from wood and tins, from paper and plastic! He also made rockets with a pneumatic start, and a vibrochrome from a soap dish, and rubber motors flying and floating ... Creative time was ...
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 March 2016 08: 39
      Quote: AlNikolaich
      Creative time was ...

      Do you know? Until now, this ability to work with my head and hands helps me in life. Without bragging, I can say that almost all the equipment that I had reached my base under my own power, whatever kind of malfunctions were there. And the teachers taught me this: Borodin.V.G and Kulikov V.T. The first led us to work with wood, and the second locksmith and work on metal-cutting machines: turning, drilling, milling. And most importantly they taught us to find a way out.
      1. Raven1972
        Raven1972 2 March 2016 19: 43
        Quote: Amurets
        And the labor teacher taught me this: Borodin.V.G and Kulikov V.T. The first led us to work with wood, and the second locksmith and work on metal cutting machines: turning, drilling, milling. And most importantly, they taught us to find a way out provisions.

        And we had one trudovik, but taught everything, up to welding, the second was taken when I went to the CPC (grades 8-9-10), they also taught a lot there, especially in practice at the Selkhoztekhnika repair plant. Later in life, all this helped out more than once, especially in the 90s ... And most importantly, they taught us to work with our hands and head to think, and not be afraid of work, that's what special thanks to them soldier
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 2 March 2016 07: 54
    Young technician, Model-Designer, Technique-Youth .. Eh ... We were with a school friend ... all the gliders .. Then, we waved ... at Ilya Muromets ... the model of course ... but they didn’t calculate something with weight, or with the material did not take off ..
  7. Blondy
    Blondy 2 March 2016 08: 46
    Short summary: creators were educated in the USSR, career-consumers in Russia.
    1. RomanS
      RomanS 2 March 2016 10: 44
      The key here is TEACHED!
  8. kugelblitz
    kugelblitz 2 March 2016 08: 50
    The topic of mopeds is not disclosed! It is enough to recall the D-4 and its subsequent modifications of the D-5 and D-6, the wheels from the children's great Mishutka, plus a frame from any one. It was on this that I got the first experience of fussing with ICE, layout of parts and other things. Of course there was no welding machine and was bent with fastening as best he could. I got bumps and abrasions, respectively.
    I also fiddled with electric models made of cardboard and plywood, they were ugly, but most importantly they were moving! All this could be found in "Modelist-Constructor", as well as in "UT for Skillful Hands". It is a pity then the skills were not enough to assemble the UT-88 computer and the Specialist, too complicated for a 12-year-old boy. However, the Tekhnika Molodezhi magazine allowed even playing games with the MK-61 calculator, which increased interest in electronics.
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 14: 36
      And then with these makeshift mopeds to hide from the cops in the alleys and yards. It was.
  9. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 2 March 2016 08: 56
    In the last photo in the article - it is better to attach the bottle to the pipe not directly, but through a hose. Because when you jump on it, because of the stiffness, the whole structure will shift. And the hose will allow the launch pad itself to remain stationary.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 March 2016 09: 10
      Quote: abrakadabre
      And the hose will allow the launch pad itself to remain stationary.

      The look of an experienced person. +
  10. aniza
    aniza 2 March 2016 09: 13
    Many thanks to the author for the articles.
    I myself 1989g. born and raised in the village of Belovodye, Karsunsky district, Ulyanovsk region.
    While reading, the thought constantly arose - "why didn't we have such a person at school?" To be honest, I hated labor lessons, since we constantly knitted, sewed, embroidered ... (and this was when there were 3 girls and 15 guys in the class). All the guys gladly ran to the place of work to remove snow, dig a flower garden, and repair a fence. Thank God that there was a lot of equipment in the house and my father and brother always took me and my brother to fix it. Because of this, in the 6th grade, it was not difficult for me with my brother to sort out the engine from the motor scooter to ant.
    And by the way, the skills acquired in childhood help me a lot in my work now. Since I know not only the technique from the book, but I can also imagine how this or that gear (electronic circuit) will behave during prolonged use.

    Thank you so much for the article. It is a pity that there are few such people - PATRIOTS in their own country. Today everyone is obsessed with money
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 14: 41
      And we, on our labors and socially useful work (it was like that), for 4 years bent the reinforcement for the concrete goods plant in the vice, we grind some obscure blanks or sanded the cuttings. It was somehow not fun. Once they just did a gymnast on two sticks with ropes.
  11. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 2 March 2016 09: 46
    Great stuff!
    I immediately remembered the favorite book of school childhood - "From Idea to Model"
    Here, in the network you can download:
    1. Ka-52
      Ka-52 2 March 2016 18: 31
      Your link downloads an .exe file infected with "Ransom: Win32 / Criakl.B"

      It is better to choose "Read online", and only then download PDF
    2. kalibr
      2 March 2016 18: 43
      Oh, my competitor was! Until my book came out in Minsk, Moscow refused to publish mine, referring precisely to his book as a model. And the reviewer asked me questions: "Now you recommend making models from ice cream sticks. But Chukchi children do not have such sticks, and we must recommend materials available to all children of the USSR!" I remember writing in response: "Your reviewer -!" And ... I wrote the book in 1982, and it came out in 1987 ... So even then there were difficulties! And even very large ones! For example: submit a photo of all the models you described !!! Cool, yeah?
  12. Sirocco
    Sirocco 2 March 2016 10: 32
    What can I say, I don’t know, the article is relevant, positive, made me remember something, and nostalgic, but with a negative, like this
    Some say that "it used to be, but now." As it was before, I wrote. And now I also know it because now I am helping to do the same thing already at the school where my granddaughter is studying.
    . If you want things, pay for everything yourself, and the children will bring you your money in the form of homemade goods!

    Since 1980, he attended Skilful Hands, becoming older, spent more than a year in the SUT, then enrolled in college, and began to attend the Model airplane club there. So, either the author or I lived in different countries, or something else, but, apart from the SUT, my parents didn’t pay a dime for me (in the SUT they paid 3 or 5 rubles). So not in plywood, not in ICE, nor electric motors with batteries, we did not experience difficulties. I did not even care where it came from. At the competitions they didn’t spend a dime on accommodation and food.
    1. kalibr
      2 March 2016 13: 04
      But we just didn't pay anything for the SUT, and also accommodation and meals were all free. The point is that the calculation was 1 micromotor per month! And I have 1 for one lesson. That is, for a month 4 and this did not fit into Oblono's estimate, as well as soap dishes and toothbrushes. DOSAAF "Sea Hunter" set - 1 for a month, or even for 3.
  13. Military Builder
    Military Builder 2 March 2016 12: 05
    and me komenty about labor lessons, prompted the idea that now is the beginning of spring, it's time to go to the garage with my son (he is 10 years old) and make a birdhouse - there is material, and install it in the country
    1. kalibr
      2 March 2016 13: 08
      V-o-from! And make not one, but several, different types! Go to a linoleum store and ask for the PIPES that it winds on! All that remains is to cut the house, make a roof of plywood obliquely, bottom, hole, perch. And paint the whole thing properly. Ideal for gluing with super glue. It turns out quickly, very nicely and "firmly"! Sawing is a minimum, knocking down (with a hammer on your fingers!), No need at all, glueing with superglue on the street and that's it!
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 15: 09
        Better with an adhesive gun - 50 p in fixed price. Superglue is not beneficial and harmful fumes from it.
        1. kalibr
          2 March 2016 18: 35
          It’s also true, but he wrote that he tried. I tried it in the air and in the wind.
      2. Evgeniy-111
        Evgeniy-111 21 December 2016 12: 55
        Birdhouses DO NOT Dye! Birds do not like the look and smell of paint. In our city, several dozen painted were hanged; no birds settled in any of them.
  14. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 2 March 2016 12: 40
    And in my time there was no such literature, and there were no circles because the son of an officer and darted around the garrisons of Transcaucasia. And the main games were war games and needed weapons, so the most valuable thing was a good penknife. The arsenal was complete: from swords to Kalashnikov assault rifles. And pistols from the bark can not be distinguished from real ones.
    And my son was lucky - he got into good hands in a rocket-building circle. His model "Buran" was on display at VDNKh. And they still keep in touch with their mentor and visit him, and congratulate him on his birthday.
    1. kalibr
      2 March 2016 13: 09
      Was it not Rozhkov who was his leader?
  15. Taoist
    Taoist 2 March 2016 12: 41
    And at one time I made a vibrohod not from a soap dish, but from a vibration compressor for an aquarium ... ;-) But there were no batteries ...

    In general, it’s a familiar thing - he himself was “begging” in the shipbuilding factory and in dumps ... But usually they did not refuse -
    it was especially "tasty" to get into the dump of some kind of "instrument-defense" ... so you didn't use store motors and batteries. Almost everything was soldered, wound, glued from "substandard" ...
    All the same, I think that from the point of view of training real techies, it is much more useful than "buying a set" ...
  16. tolancop
    tolancop 2 March 2016 13: 57
    I glued models of tanks and planes, it was ... And I also paid tribute to the vibratory passages, though I did without toothbrushes, bristles, etc. - only metal !! And the crash was surprisingly at my vibration passages, I didn’t even expect it ...
    There were 2 Trudoviks in our school: one piece of wood for middle school students and one piece of piece of iron for older students. I have the warmest memories of the "wooden" Trudovik, he nevertheless taught me something, but there are no memories of the "metal" one. He was "no" and really could not teach anything or simply did not want to. I learned some kind of minuscule in the locksmith, but I realized that it was really minuscule a little later, when I started my career as a locksmith at a factory ... (I still remember some surprise of senior factory comrades at the ability of a locksmith who had just come to use a caliper and who explained how he does it, and the word "nonius" - those in the know will understand - generally plunged into a stupor and an unambiguous verdict was made - "our man!" Thanks to the "wooden" Trudovik.)
    And now IMHO, and this minuscule is not. It's sad. And school and near-school circles at one time, in addition to fostering a taste for technical and other creativity, played another role: at least part of the youngsters were pulled out of the gateways, preventing them from finding adventures to the "fifth point". And what role is more important - I will not undertake to judge.
    1. kalibr
      2 March 2016 14: 07
      There is work at school and children even cut it out with a jigsaw! There are many circles, starting from the journalism that I conducted at Penza’s 47 school last year and ending with robotics circles at the SUT and the centers for children's technical creation. And the struggle, songs and dances, clay modeling, beadwork - whatever you want. With sudo and air - worse. I don’t know where to eat. Unless only on OBL SUIT. I know a boy that learns to play the trumpet, many go to the art school. This is just what I personally know. So there is a lot of everything! Too lazy! And in order not to walk, they say no!
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 March 2016 14: 59
        In the 80s, there was no Internet and computers. Photography is a whole science. There are 2 programs on TV. Even sawing with a jigsaw was more interesting than watching them, not to mention the photo circles or "ship models" on the rubber motor from the wall from the parcel box, cork, matchbox and elastic bands from panties. Nowadays, many are drawn into the Internet and games. Even though my eldest took 1st place in the region in terms of art, and the middle daughter was a grand prix among kids in vocals, even they have to be pulled out of gadgets. The Internet is not giving up! hi
        1. kalibr
          2 March 2016 18: 28
          My granddaughter took 7th place in the Russian language competition in the Russian Federation, when she was in grade 4, and now she also ... loves "a mobile for a moron." The internet doesn't give up, yes, but neither do we!
      2. Evgeniy-111
        Evgeniy-111 21 December 2016 12: 57
        There are 4 technical circles in Stavropol, for 450 thousand of the population! New ones are not opened because "they are not in demand" - parents do not ask!
  17. Sunseich
    Sunseich 2 March 2016 14: 49
    yes, that’s why we railed with the right approach: a man can do everything, and if he can’t, he learns from others
    Yesterday, I still gathered my first group of circle members :)
    Now there are two groups, in total - 22 people. Pre-selected children attentive and neat.
    A study group on the basics of electronics, programming and robotics.
    So far, everything is at my expense. I bought radio components, soldering irons, solder in coils, several robot designers from different platforms.

    Help from the city: given a room for 2 hours (physics room at school). I had to register as a pedagogue at the central heating center. ZP is ridiculous, because I don’t have pedagogical education, and 10 hours a week.
    I asked the forums to send details and materials, who can what.
    here are my most passionate :) I’ll give a link where I posted the ads, there are all the photos there :)
    wish us good luck!
    1. kalibr
      2 March 2016 18: 31
      Well, you done! Unfortunately in the radio, I am ZERO absolute. But I just don’t like robots ... Now, if something else, I would have helped right away!
      1. Sunseich
        Sunseich 2 March 2016 19: 12
        I don't have a radio, I have an electrician. and our "robots" are like these:
  18. tracer
    tracer 2 March 2016 16: 05
    It just so happened that I have been living overseas for the second decade. The result of the "dashing" nineties. I can only say one thing about the education of our children. It is necessary to leave the Soviet educational standards, as they were the highest in the world. They corresponded to the most elite educational institutions of North America's highly conservative establishment.
    1. Ka-52
      Ka-52 2 March 2016 18: 36
      Unfortunately, in the Union they taught the creators, and in the West they taught the "tool", that is, a person sharpened for 1 function of performing work, the less he thinks, the better he will work. hi
      1. The comment was deleted.
  19. jakub
    jakub 2 March 2016 19: 02
    last year, the Minister of Education said that Russia switched to Western standards and the Finnish minister replied that they switched to Soviet methods of education for 2 years and that it is better
    1. Sunseich
      Sunseich 2 March 2016 19: 15
      Can I link to this answer of the Finnish minister?
  20. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 2 March 2016 19: 40
    Recall - pugach. A copper tube, a nail, a bicycle camera and sulfur from matches. hi
    1. MASK
      MASK 2 March 2016 19: 55
      Quote: Siberia 9444
      Recall - pugach. A copper tube, a nail, a bicycle camera and sulfur from matches. hi

      THING! The crash was, and most importantly reusable! Cheap and easy ...
  21. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 2 March 2016 20: 06
    Spring came! Streams are running! Children let the boats out!
    Moscow. 1950 years.
    1. igordok
      igordok 2 March 2016 23: 01
      Quote: Mangel Olys
      Spring came! Streams are running! Children let the boats out!

      The simplest is the matches in the creek. Whose swim faster.
  22. tolancop
    tolancop 2 March 2016 21: 10
    Quote: MASK
    Quote: Siberia 9444
    Recall - pugach. A copper tube, a nail, a bicycle camera and sulfur from matches. hi

    THING! The crash was, and most importantly reusable! Cheap and easy ...

    1. The tube was suitable and steel. Caught and such ...
    2. They forgot to mention lead filling. Without pouring, to make a fuss, I had to charge a lot of matches. A lot of matches - there was more crashing, but the nail sometimes flew away.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 2 March 2016 23: 18
      Quote: tolancop
      the cabin was also steel. Caught and such ...

      We tried not to use steel. There were few new ones, and the old ones, mostly they were suture, cases were torn apart. Otherwise, everything is correct, pouring is mandatory, but they were filled not only with lead, but also with solder or tin.
  23. Nitarius
    Nitarius 3 March 2016 05: 37
    Administrators .. make a special theme .. For youth))) I will be very happy if I hear!
  24. Fire Engineering
    Fire Engineering 24 March 2016 20: 15
    Hello to everyone reading.
    Many thanks to the author for mentioning in the article the TV show "Operation Sirius 2." So far, this publication is the only one I have found mentioning on the network. There is also a photo of the robot and their names. Maybe there is some more material about this program. from childhood memories. Thank you.
  25. Damir
    Damir 1 November 2016 20: 16
    Low bow !!! he himself at one time went to the Pioneer House in a ship-making ... it was a cool time !!!!
  26. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 21 December 2016 12: 49
    In order to conduct a technical circle at ANY institution of the Ministry of Education, higher pedagogical education is required. Otherwise, the tax inspectorate, sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, firefighters, guardianship authorities and others are tormented ... Or you can become a teacher of additional education, but this is not allowed everywhere. Salary at the same time 6000 p.
    I tried to organize such a circle officially. It does not work through the Ministry of Education and Science, only through the Ministry of Culture - they have it as "master classes" and no commissions find fault with them.