How I was held in this election

This is an article in which I tried to display the elections and preparations for them in a small provincial town. Especially attentive will understand in what. There is a lot of material, but there will be no sensations and revelations in comparison with what is littered with YouTube.

I have nothing to boast here. The otkatannaya machine electoral committee drove through me like a skating rink. I couldn’t even say meow.
This is what I have been living for the last weeks. Communists, do not scold me. So, as I scold myself, no one can.

United Russia, if you read this article and if you have at least a drop of conscience and common sense in you, think about what you are doing with the people, sooner or later, you will return to you with retribution.

In the city

The city was subjected to a mental art-attack Edrosov. Everywhere repair or at least shields with information that he is going, and under the control of the party edra. True, many people raised the question: “Where have they been before and why haven’t they done it for a long time?” There was a program on local TV in which A.S. Puchnin (Chairman of the Tambov Oblast Election Commission) said that they are illegal, that they were hunted all over the region (whose, I wonder) and were being dismantled, because This is bribing the voters. But here they both hung and hung so far. We are obviously in the zone of lawlessness, and with us everything is possible. I also want to post some recently found material, official and therefore even more absurd:
“On November 1, the Tambov branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation sent a statement to the regional election commission with a request to verify the legality of the placement of billboards with the United Russia logo and statements about control over any projects. The election commission reviewed the application and came to several interesting conclusions.

The first. These shields “contribute to the formation of a positive attitude of voters towards the All-Russian political party“ UNITED RUSSIA ”.

Second. Due to the lack of output data and payment from the electoral account, these campaign materials are illegal.

And the third, the most interesting one: “At the same time, it should be noted that, according to the explanations of the authorized representative of the All-Russian political party“ UNITED RUSSIA ”O.O. Ivanova, this political party is not involved in the installation of the above-mentioned stands ”and further“ ... The All-Russian political party “UNITED RUSSIA” cannot be held responsible for the distribution of the above-mentioned illegal campaign materials ”.

It turns out that someone illegally does PR to edrosam, but those innocent lambs have nothing to do with this! Loud ovations!

“But everything is not so simple, after a few days, official ER newspapers appear in Tambov, in which this party talks about its“ party projects ”and (bad luck) publishes photos of exactly those shields about which the CPRF filed a complaint. .

Well done, well, who then accused them of predictability? As I wrote earlier, they, these shields of unknown status, recognized as illegal, still hang around the city and district.

Of course, it is possible to photograph them more. I think these three will be enough. One such directly above the school football field. In the courtyard of the school, in combination - the temporary location of the PEC.

Even in the city were involved social city billboards. As far as I know, there are no enterprises in our city that engage in commercial advertising on these billboards, so again the money is not from the fund?

From every shield looked the face of United Russia. Some especially atrocious species (maybe that's why some grandmothers voted for EdRo with the words: “What if I don’t vote that way, and they will kill me at night ...”). One “face” of edrosan nationality was put on paint at the entrance to the city. This is the same photo from the booklet, the banner did not have time to click, removed after someone's decorations.

How I was held in this election

I do not know how they did it, but the black blot in the mouth was eloquent (not in the eyebrow, not in the eye) .... It’s a pity, I only caught a glimpse of it in the morning, in the evening I was driving from work - there was an empty shield, then something about the city. It was rumored that other "friends of the bear" had undergone a similar execution. I was pleased that after several incidents with paint, they were taken off and replaced with neutral ones, about love for the city, etc. But for the elections, police were ambushed and these people hung out again. Still there.

In addition, in all buildings, both administrative and commercial, in the windows, as a thorn, hung one local edros. They say that somewhere on such a poster-leaflet pasted: "Rats must go." After which it retired. And continued to be placed behind the windows of various institutions.

Everyone probably remembers the video posted by a schoolboy, whom the school administration pressed for property damage - an edrosovskoy leaflet. In our schools, the same situation - the terms of vigorous persons. When they asked about this violation, they replied to the city administration that according to the new law (recently sculpted) it was possible to post campaigns in schools and, of course, everyone could. In private schools will have to negotiate with the director, and here it is up to him. Of course, the schools adopted an agitation by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (after pointing out this law), BUT it did not appear there. When they were handing out campaigns on the square, a woman who worked at the school approached, complained about the arbitrariness of EDRA — brought their own leaflets and said who would not hang — would look for a new place of work.

Periodically tents appeared to receive complaints from the public. Match, the tent is, but empty. We are waiting for a minute, another, third ... silence. Two vigorous grandmothers came up. Take out the camera to do an interview. The problem is perennial - in the courtyard the garage was illegally stuck, as a result - in the case of an emergency, neither an ambulance nor a fire house will come to the house. Already gone, perehozheno, but there is no result. The owner of the garage has a good "roof." When they find out who we are, they ask to turn off the camera, they are afraid, and the conversation is going on quite differently. Grandmothers scold the local authorities, they admit that just from a rally organized by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the occasion of 7 November (we ourselves were also just from there), they show a newspaper that was spread there, complain that arbitrariness is going on and that it is terrible to protest - they fear for their a life…

Minutes through 20 the little man comes up to us and calls us inside the cinema. It turns out that United Russia, which is not resistant to cold, hid there from the cold and, concurrently, from the people. Enter Despite the heat in the room, a respectable man is sitting in a coat and scarf (in a tent, as I saw, before only some frozen girls were on duty, and here the authorities ...), it seems, has just arrived, perhaps someone gave a signal that the shooting is underway ... We are immediately expelled, the questions are not answered. “We are not giving interviews here, we are helping people here ...”

She took the absentee ballot, went into the administration of his district. I decided to ask where, in the absence of information boards, the Communist Party campaign can be placed in the village. On the election issues sent to the office on the floor below. Agitation hung on the door of the room: Putin, Medvedev and the United Russia logo. On one of the tables - a stack of the same material. The dark-haired, nimble little man, smiling ingratiatingly, glanced at the CPRF badge on my chest and said that one can stick up agiats everywhere where there is a massive gathering of people, incl. at stops. I regretted not having a camera with me, and left.
Even earlier, we placed leaflets, stickers with the Communist Party’s agitation, and only once did they hang up to dinner. Usually by 10 in the morning there were only scraps left.


A crime occurred in our city that made us forget about the elections and talk about something else. A young 18-year-old girl did not reach home. A few days later she was found. More precisely, what is left of it. I do not want to dwell on this. I want to comment on the actions of the police. While the whole city was waiting for some news from the Central Internal Affairs Directorate, city sites were seething with this topic. Of course, there were many people who were outraged by the helplessness of the police, especially the girl’s excised heart was not found, and the theory went around that it was an organized crime committed to sell organs to transplantologists. Especially since at first acquaintances from the police gave out unofficial information such as that a professional was working, the dismemberment was so cleanly done that this happened under conditions of laboratory sterility ... Now it is claimed that it was on a waste ground with a knife and a hacksaw ...

There were allegations that this was done by three persons of Caucasian nationality, as a result, people who were soon to die were brought to one logical conclusion - to go and kill all the “black” people who met them.
I am not one of those who relish the details of such crimes. But it was not easy to leave this information. How many suspects were beaten and how many agreed that they did it, I do not know. They say they caught the killer. This is officially known. But before that they officially announced that they had caught four criminals and they had confessed. After that, they were taken to the hospital (and how else after such testimony) and apologized (!). And for the election - a new killer caught. According to the official version, the man followed the girl out of the cafe, walked behind her, then attacked, began to choke, then with a tucked up piece of glass cut her neck. He took him out of the city and dismembered him there with the help of a knife and hacksaw in order to conceal the crime. Confuses one thing: according to the police, he was sane. I just do not understand how a sane person can do this. For what it was like to hack a girl, and then quit where it was easy to find her (found by chance). Why was it to attack a stranger and so kill him? And if it is he (and he made a confession), then is there one? Nobody believes that a real criminal is caught. Parents meet and see off their children, husbands of wives, in general in the city is not easy.

Now I came to the main point: on the site where there was official information about it, as I already reported, there were calls to kill blacks, there were versions that this was a serial maniac and there were already many similar crimes, but the policemen hide it. So, there was one very sensible comment, a person asked why comments were censored where there were “assaults” on policemen, but those that contained explicit calls for the killing of innocent people based on nationality based on rumors were not removed. And if, according to the information of the authorities themselves, 600 was removed from 300 (due to inadequacy), then, having all the possibilities, they had no desire to prevent a conflict that could flare up, so little would not have seemed. After that, comments may have been cleared. Did not go there anymore. But disturbing thoughts remained.

Another moment: at a time when the city was boiling with passions, and the criminal had not yet been taken, the vigilant police repeatedly detained the Communist Party agitators, who were busy putting up posters and stickers. Having made sure that everything is legal, they were released. As it came to light, stickers like “rats must go” walked around the city, appeared in the most unexpected places, caused Edrosov's hysteria and were destroyed. And instead of searching for the criminal, the police were engaged in calming the soul of the ruling party. The main thing - for the election found the culprit. The rest is trivia.

Now closer to the election

EP were purchased by agitators. Of course, unofficially. Those. the money they received went outside the party’s election fund, which is already a violation. By signing contracts, recruits pledged on a voluntary basis (for the idea, for the bright future of Edros) to go around 150 apartments (houses). My source of information took a double rate. Those. Xnumx apartments. Earnings amounted to about 300 rubles. With such “disinterested” assistance to the unemployed (mostly) by the people with a bunch of oligarchs, the local administrative resources promised to issue money, who promised to give their money in case of fraud. Most of the agitators did not really support this party, the agitator with whom I spoke, with the family voted for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. True, there were those who “dug the ground with their hoof”. They themselves went to vote for the EP, and those who could not come for some reason (stupidly drunk or “slippery on the street, I don’t want”) were organized to leave the house with an urn. I will tell about it later.

Initially, EP agitators assumed the 3 circumvention.
1) Introductory (Do you know about the elections? Will you go to them?).
When they came to me, I replied that the Communists live here. House began to get round. Even the campaign did not slip into the door. Had an agit. material edrosov extract on the side. That, however, was not work.
2) Those who agreed to go to the polls for the first time are visited for the second time. This time they give information (agitation) - a little book with a “medvedist” on the cover, a calendar, slowly begin to agitate for EdRo.
3) They are asked to determine the candidate, and if the client is mature, then they are asked to take a picture, as confirmation of their consent. These photos were posted on the website If you follow the link, you can look at those who actually vote for the EP. There are such people. Basically, these are old women. What catches the eye (to me, at least), many have their eyes extinguished and frightened. I'll post a series of photos from this site. I will not comment. They speak for themselves.

This is not some special selection, something that rushed into my eyes.

In addition, there were acquaintances who were posted on this site as United Russia blogs, although they had nothing to do with EP and were skeptical about it, to put it mildly. But such little things seem to be in the order of things.

Some even “wrote” articles about events where they were not. What is remarkable is that you can’t register there or at least just leave a comment that you don’t have anything to do with this outrage: only the initiates know the secret access code. Here is a screenshot of the registration.

So, you can only laugh, participate - in any way. They know, apparently, how the people love them, that they are afraid to give them the right to speak.

Alas, it seems that they have already deleted (have not found) the funny commentary of United Russia that it’s necessary to come across more often, “otherwise people will forget about us.” And this despite the fact that in the city every two meters agitation EP.
If not even more often ... This can be done only by hacking apartments and skidding 2x2 meter posters with pictures of United Russian faces in them.

And again about agitation

It was originally intended 3 output. In the following list of exits, they called it "wave", increased to four. Although our agitators complained about the edrosov who walked six times on the house. One day, and I came under the distribution — I made a mistake at home when I went to my aunt, and listened to an abusive tirade through the door. As the aunt herself later explained to me, sitting under the calendar of Edrosov, they got everyone there. People just stopped opening the doors.

Almost got our agitator. At the collection point of taxi drivers offered a newspaper with an information sheet to the peasant. Almost immediately a group of twelve people formed around. Something like this happened (my censorship, add the color of male speech)):
- Agitator?
- Agitator ...
- So .. we have explained to one here already .. so that your people would not go here ... now we’ll break your bones ...
- Maybe first look at the campaign?
- United Russia?
- No.
- And whose?
- Communist Party.
- And why did not you say before? !!!
It all ended in a stormy handshake and distribution of agitation. Something like this.

Itself so nearly ran into it. I go ... I scatter newspapers, and there are no mailboxes at the entrance, and in the first apartment the door handle is also broken. I'm trying to stick a newspaper somehow. The door opens opposite, two healthy Russian men come out.
Severely so approaching: "United Russia"?
I: "Communist Party"!
They: !!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! Edrossy got ... six times already ... and we are waiting for you!
I justify myself: "You see, there is no money for agitators, with agitator materials - interruptions ... we go on our own ...".
One: "Give me a newspaper with me!"
Second: “We have the whole house voting for you! So tell me yours! We are all for the Communist Party! ”
I: “Thank you, I will say so ...”

As a result, they took the newspapers and smashed them on their own floor. They called the door and congratulated them like a holiday: “The Communist Party of the Russian Federation brought agitation !!!”

Twice scolded in other entrances. But how?! In one - “where did you go, why don't you go? These, from the United, already six ... six times were ... from the Liberal Democratic Party were ... and you are not! "

Again, I justify myself: “You understand, there is not enough money for the party ... I myself go after work ... for the idea ... we do not need money ... etc.”
In another, they mutter: “Do not go, you do not suffer, we will only go for you all the same!”

It was, of course, and otherwise, not claiming that everything is only for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. There were grannies who like Zhirinovsky: “Oh! Shouts something like ... look at him fun ... "

There were two grandmothers who breathed their last, getting a newspaper with the Federal list, looked at the photos and grumbled: “Well, why do they need us so old ... we need the young ...” I still think: “Why are they young? "

Being engaged in agitation, I understood how the village died out. In early autumn it was not so noticeable, even where there were two or three residential buildings on the whole street. Remains of foliage somehow all masked. But now ... The first one fell out, then it seemed for the whole winter, the snow ... The courtyards were swept up ... dilapidated houses, black, crooked ... paths in weeds ...

Strongly hit one house. Little so cozy. You look at him and directly see the neat good old men - grandparents. I went to the house with a newspaper and was happy. I do not know why, but I felt that good people live there. She came closer ... The undisturbed path, and summer wind swaying in the wind with curtains of warm yellow color, lightly dusted with snow. Not yet faded. The ones who are hanging from the spring on the doors in rural houses, so that the air gets into the house to cool, and the midges do not sneak in. It seems that death has come to the house this summer. He was hastily closed, not taking care to remove the curtains, and most likely did not return there.

I don’t know why it was like a minor episode. This is a small lyrical digression. Next will be the dirt of the election.

Dirt election.

On my station, good-natured complete aunts sat on the commission, who, being like the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, were representatives of different parties, however, who they were from which list, although for many years they worked together in the near kindergarten.

Of course, even before the first meeting, it was decided who was the chairman, who was the deputy, who was the secretary, but for the sake of us, profanations and signatures were collected in the number of 5 people from 9, thus creating "most". While waiting for the rest to vote and nominate candidates, the chairman made a reservation several times: “Now my deputy will arrive. and the secretary ... and we will start the meeting and select them ... ”Okay, these are trifles, being little acquainted with the documentation and having consulted the secretary of the district committee, decided that, free from paperwork, I would be better able to watch what was happening.
Gathered, signed the paper and went their separate ways.

Observers. I had two people in mind, whom I trusted unconditionally. But it turned out that, closer to the elections, one spinal injury that was postponed six months before had manifested itself. He was not allowed by the doctors to hold a vertical position for more than 2 hours. And with all his desire, he could not work all day on the site.

A friend, a second observer, daughter was hospitalized as a result of an incident at school with damage to the stomach tissue from an accidental impact. By the elections, another inquisitive child decided to check what would happen if he hit a sore spot, and the girl again went to the hospital. At the same time, a grandmother who had raised a girlfriend (already paralyzed) underwent an operation on amputation of the toes.

Of course, in this situation, I was left without observers. In the district committee, although initially asked to bring their observers, they nevertheless reassured that they would give theirs. Both observers were local, i.e. if anything, they could recognize the agitators walking in that area and drive them away from the polling station. In addition, one was related to the work in the prosecutor's office and was (sort of) at the same time an honest person who, however, was rather for the Liberal Democratic Party than for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. On this I calmed down, and this was my main mistake.

For two days, all the aunts were collected. We sat and pasted stamps on newsletters. Despite the fact that 972 was registered on the site, a total of 900 were issued. Absentee for the plot - total 10. Which also embarrassed.

But the main question of the day is what will we cook? Those. This is not an expression of the people's choice, but another corporate party at public expense for nursery school nurses ?!

Since I had to take time off from work, during the working day they called me for work, I briefly answered and continued to work. There were only two or three calls ... One of the calls was from my husband, asked how much I should pick up (as you remember, for us mere mortals, the question of killing the girl remained open), I promised to call, how I would be released. The policeman was on duty in the room. After each call, these words were said: “Your husband is probably jealous ... Look how often he calls ... You call us, if that, on election day in our next building (district police with cameras for diaries) sit down.” And so with all calls, regardless of who they were from. And the key words: “will sit on election day”. Of course, you can just say that it was just a stupid tackle ... or the same joke ... But ...

The day before. I was taken by car and we went shopping for food. I could not resist and asked about the appointment of such a quantity of food and preparation similar to corporate, whereas, in my opinion, two or three sandwiches per person would be enough (no, really, well, we didn’t eat there ...). Received a very vague answer that from the nerves on them zhor attacks ... All morning they were dragged around the shops. When this exhausting food disgrace ended with a careful selection of products (by God, the chefs of elite restaurants, probably, they buy products like this ...), I referred to poor health and asked for help home. At home, she re-read a book about the elections, which she took in the PEC the day before. It turns out that the “control of the EP” boards, which are near the school (also the PEC), stand in full compliance with the law, at a distance of more than 50 meters from the school. Well, except that it was announced that they are outlaws.


Meet the observers. A young man, Kolya (I’ll change my names just in case) and a woman with magnificent forms under 40 years is Svetlana, who was recommended as responsible. She handed me a blank form of the protocol (just in case, it happens that the commissions refuse to issue copies of the protocol, citing the absence of a copy machine and blank forms of the protocol). In the envelope she had a sign on which she had to mark the number of people who came and received the newsletter. When, after the 2 vote, I drew her attention to this, she lazily said that I should fill it all up and told her that in the district committee. I insisted that it was her job, and she reluctantly began to put crosses. Both (Kolya and Sveta) knew everyone there (local after all), greeted each other.

They planted me with 1-oh of four books. Two people per book. The place, as I understand it, was specially chosen. So she could not see the deputy. chairperson who sat from the opposite side. And she couldn’t, if anything, come up quickly, had to ask everyone every time to get up, push the chairs in and move over and then squeeze through. This became important later on. Please remember. People in the morning was not enough. Then he went slowly.
Amused, but also upset - the grandmother came to vote for "Putin, who promised that the ambulances would not be four hours, like now, go, but for 15 minutes to come," there was a voter who came to vote with annoyance when she compared the score from the housing and communal services of his house with the neighboring one, the same, but with elite tenants ...

For half an hour, as it should be, I, as a member of the commission, were told with a decisive vote that there would be a departure from the ballot box for voters who had applied for voting at home. At my request, the observer from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Kolya, was supposed to go to the next exit, and with me there should be observers from the LDPR. Moreover, the chairperson agreed to such a division, and Kohl, as a person of slightly pofigistic views, didn’t particularly think about it and didn’t seem to understand why I’m fighting so hard to be separated. When the lists of those who should go were announced, I was a little overwhelmed, despite my requests, we were still sent together. Reassuring myself that our observer (person) remains in place, I went to collect votes. Two members of the commission with decisive votes and an observer from the LDPR (young girl) and Kohl from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Somewhere they didn’t open, somewhere they didn’t wait for us and were surprised that we arrived, but they voted, somewhere not quite sober citizens voted with the whole family. Most of the EP. Of course, we offered to fill out the ballot in another room, but these citizens publicly stated who they were voting for, as if they were giving a report. There was a blind grandmother in the room 2x2 meters, the beggar is insane, she was served by a drunken neighbor. The smell in the room was such that the clothes were soaked with it for two days. She asked us for the assistance from the village council promised by the EP agitator, she cried and voted “For Russia, I don’t know which, but they said, to vote for“ Russia ”.
And in the next house an elderly paralyzed, dying man cast his last vote for the CPRF. My wife cried, she was not in the mood for an election, but that was his will. He wanted to do everything he could, finally, to free the country from the bandits (these are her words, not my communist agitation). I hope that the only newsletter that was later taken from me by the decision of the entire commission (on the grounds that signature and date) was not his. This voice is personally the most valuable to me.

There were two grandmothers who could not move from senile infirmity, but by sentencing "we are for Putin, for Putin ...", they voted for EdRo.

I was struck by the number of people who voted for Edrosov. But soon the mystery was clarified when, following another call, the grannies asked the grandmother who had been proclaiming “for Putin,” asked: “did they go to ……. And went to …… .., did I add them to the lists?” . United Russia began to use the network marketing policy. Neighbors went to the neighbors, hung noodles for help from the village council, and particularly lazy, drinkers, the infirm and the sick were included in the lists, which we used to wind. Another aspect. The lists were confused addresses are shamelessly. The names of streets, apartments, houses ... Fortunately, Kohl knew many people personally, and we managed faster than we could. We almost finished when we received a call and were sent to a deaf street to a cheerful grandfather, who was very surprised that we had arrived, he was cleaning the yard with a shovel, "he voted, since he came, for Zhirik, maybe he will."

Then we went to the detention center. They took their phones from us and took them to the chamber where the local bully voted. The policemen almost laughed, explaining his behavior by civic responsibility. He could not write a statement, the right hand was, as it seemed (not just me), twice as large as the left. This one also voiced that he was voting for the United Russia, but they did not give him a vote right away, at first they brought us out (so that everything was according to the law), then they passed the ballot. So everything is according to the law ... ... ....

When they finally returned to the polling station, there was only an observer from the UR and a couple of commission members in the polling station. The rest are gone. Who for potatoes, who where. My observer Svetlana noted in the next room, along with other observers. When I asked why she was here and for how long, she replied that “everything is fine there, an observer is sitting there (this is EP-sky !!), and she has been here recently. But judging by the pace of speech and the relaxed posture on the couch, she left her post for at least an hour.

I refused tea and flew into the polling station. There were almost no people. And soon I noticed that the deputy. The chairman of the knee writes numbers to the book, judging by the first numbers of the 68 - a series of passports from our region - these were passport details. Records were on the back of a typical invitation to the polls.

Raking off the chairs, I rushed to her. She immediately folded and hid the piece of paper in her pocket. I demanded to show that in the pockets. To this she objected that these were her personal notes and she owed me nothing. Then, blushing and giggling, in spite of her voluminous build, she flew to the locker room, which the same aforementioned police officer had opened, and closed there. I called the district committee to ask what to do. The secretary said to warn her that it is forbidden, and if she does not calm down, then call him and a car will leave for me. At that time, it seems, the car was on the road.

When I finally got there, she whispered something to the chair and, seeing me, giggling, began to make excuses that she came for candy, and together they began to offer me to eat candy, as if they met a hungry child from an orphanage ... I refused, together with the vice-president I returned to the hall and on the way made a note about recordings from my knees. From that moment I didn’t take my eyes off her, even when I took notes in a book or I was distracted by talking. Not really hiding, I told my observers about everything, no reaction. Svetlana was not even trying to portray surprise. And Kohl was already well “drunk”, like all other observers ...

Another mistake - it was necessary to still react not to comment (judging by everything that followed, the stuffing itself was made in the morning, and this was already a correction in the lists, apparently, the latter was recorded), and to complain. Although who was there to declare ...
From the time of deputy. the chairperson walked away from the sweet shyness, began to glance at me with anger and slander about my close attention to her.
A little time later, I tried to stick empty protocol forms in four copies. All signatures were already there, except for my and the ER observers. I, of course, refused, which caused the indignation of aunts, who, you see, I don’t want to sit until five in the morning, because they have children.

Then the deputy chairman started screaming that the secretary would break the protocols, because I wanted it so much and that I only interfered with work, and that they didn’t have such an election ... I was previously hissed with welcoming aunts, only the secretary and the chairman were deliberately friendly. They explained to me that one protocol would be immediately filled in and I would see what and how, and another one just in case ... what if it was a mistake. I have to go back because of me, to lift everyone up for the sake of my signature alone. To which I suggested that I will sign the completed protocol, of course, but as for the empty one, I agree to go with them and wait as long as necessary, and if the error is really not serious (it’s not like they’ve set the time), then I'll sign it as well. I do not want to detain anyone. And so - no one will have to sit because of me until the morning. I informed my observers that I might be pressed and that they should be there and support me. Svetlana left immediately, but Kolya did not understand at all why I didn’t want to do this, "what a difference ... well, they will give you spoiled then ...". So I realized that I was left alone. Turned on the voice recorder on the phone, put it in my pocket.

For some reason, the secretary sat down and, in a low voice, for some reason, said incomprehensible words for me that she would be “scaled out” in parts ... The chairman came up, what she said was so much within the law that, as it turned out, it was me misunderstood everything. I was not offered anything. And in general, of course, I can go with them to sign. But once her gaze slid over his jacket and stopped at the microphone from his pocket. Apparently, the deputy. The chairperson understood what I was doing (I had to turn on with her - she, too, began to "hypnotize me"), and the chairman was notified that I had to be careful. I will not describe the boring monotonous otmazy to my words that I will need a certified copy of the protocol. They do not have a photocopier, they don’t know, they don’t know, they don’t know what to write there, they don’t have blank forms, but my protocol is different, I carried the brain to them and the district committee, they asked not to call the raion committee, they promised learn, as it should, in the tick, then forgot ... This is how a chair with many years of experience in the PEC can not know how to make a copy of the protocol. It didn’t help even that I showed her the observer’s memo on their table, where the form of this copy was ...
I made it clear that I would not sign the protocol for the TEC, until a copy was certified to me. In the end, they gave me a clean, two blank forms, they told me to fill it out myself and promised to sign the secretary and seal.
And 20.00. Shut the doors. I counted the ballots that had to be redeemed. Then they cut the corner, as expected. Not removing the lists to the safe (time a la ... they saved for drunkenness), opened the portable urns, and then the stationary ones.
Part of the ballots lay flat pile. Next is another one the same. I tried to announce a throw. Especially for me it was obvious - everything was for EDRO, all with one hand, alternating a cross with a tick, identical, hurried crosses, the same ticks, either in a hurry or left-handed person (tilting to the left and hooks at the end) .... But MY SURVEYOR Svetlana screamed that she did not go out and no one could make a throw. This was also confirmed by observers from other parties, who safely drunk all day in another room. After a minute stupor, the whole crowd told me that Roma had come, put down everything for everyone and shoved it in a pile. Oh well…

I decided at least not to steal the votes of those who really voted.

Under the indignant hiss, twice counted a pack of edros - 376 bulletins. She counted and threw out votes for Fair Russia, for the LDPR, one empty form, one with all the crosses in all the squares, for the Patriots, for Yabloko, even for the right thing, there was little stolen from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

When they figured the percentage of EDRA - 60, together the entire commission breathed a sigh of relief.

One of the newsletters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation had to be given - a man from zeal except for a tick put his signature and date. They voted, the commission smiled maliciously and decided that it was not the case, he went to spoiled ones. At the same time, Edru’s newsletter with a half-page in a dummy is the “majority” I have defended.

All this time, an observer from EDRA was literally hanging over me. Slippery, sugary brunette with a sleek muzzle, arguing that he has no party bias, that he is for himself. And since there is no opportunity to become a deputy now, then he is not particularly worried about the elections. If I didn’t know what kind of person this might be, they would have believed ... He was described as the nearest lackey of Edros, who fiercely looked at the city from election leaflets from each free area. It is a pity, with the observer, I did not have mutual friends who would know her better. Most of all, it wasn’t that she, a woman who was unfamiliar to her, killed me, but that the person who recommended her truly believed her, and this mistake would cost him quite a few regrets, but a lot of votes.

The votes were counted and announced that complaints are no longer accepted. If thoughts could materialize, the PEC would burn with a blue flame along with everyone inside ...

Filled with the protocols, my assured. Found an error at the top of the table - incorrectly indicated the total number of ballots. Lost in the confusion add extras ... Pantyhose with correspondence. Then the chairman with the secretary left for the TEC. I stayed to wait.

Immediately after falsification.

I felt deceived and humiliated. But it was worse for me that if the whole country also “voted”, then such results would be its death.

Drunken observers and relaxed members of the commission called me to the table, and I was almost sick of them. I was looking for a place where I could be alone. But they got me there too. Already the “good” MCHSnik decided to try to find out why I left everyone and was so sad, than dissatisfied.

It broke out: “Voting results!” “So what ...?” “Khan ... Khan's country.” After that, he ran into a “commies” and, as a spell, repeated: “sugar for coupons ... sugar for coupons ..”. Then he began to complain that from the spring the epaulets would be removed from him, the Ministry of Emergency Situations is being transferred to a citizen.
-What, I say, the apartment was clamped? ...
- Yes, and even the length of service ... Previously, it was possible to retire early ... now everything ... I rent accommodation ... three children.
“Nothing, United Russia won,” I say with irony, “now it will be good for everyone ... They will help everyone, they will provide everyone ...”
- Pee-pee-pee .. This United Russia did not do anything good for the city ... Then the transfer of the enterprises that fed the city and were plundered after the departure of the communists, and again about sugar, coupons, that there is nothing worse than this. And as I understand it, if one mother of seven children could grow up and give an opportunity to get an education, then sugar, probably, is not so important ... And it is important that everyone got it, even if using coupons ...

There were dialogues with an observer guy from the LDPR. He brought me tea with lemon, because I did not want, just could not bring myself to go to the celebrating commission. He could not forgive Zyuganov boot for 74 thousand rubles. I saw a transfer somewhere, apparently ... The observer for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not understand my anguish either ... Echidnyi nagging the deputy head who avenged his daily fright ...

I hardly waited for the news from the TEC, that everything was taken and it was not necessary to redo it, and went home without waiting for my husband. I did not care for all maniacs combined. More terrible than full aunts, indifferent to their work, making it a choice for themselves to excuse themselves and cut down money, in this country there is no one.
One thing pleases - not a single vote left the party Edrossiya. What I could, I did. Apparently, after all, there is one soldier in the field, but one in the PEC commission is not.

PS. On my site, nothing bright happened. I just spent. And this is a chronicle, not documents to the court. And it’s a pity and for a long time it will be a pity that, as I wanted it, I didn’t succeed. But could I? My acquaintance, as well as a member of the commission with the decisive vote from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, was dragged by six policemen from the polling station in front of voters. And now it remains for me to turn this day in my head and think that I have not done it yet.
In the Tambov region, the EdRo gained 66,66%, of course, this case was rounded to decent 66,7. But the info slipped, and I came across such a note. It is brief, I will bring it in full.

"The formula for the success of sixes:

1 + 5, as you know, gives a total of 6.
On the ballot this party is under the number 6.
The party "United Russia": six letters in each word, i.e. three whole six.
Group number 69: six letters in the word “group”, and the number itself 69 (with a coup gives 69 again).
Six images.
Two emblems of the party - each with two words of six letters. It is known that a bear is a beast, and the number of a beast is 666.
There is something to think about ... "

I am an atheist, but ... How is this symbolic ...
Julia Solodova
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