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In Afghanistan, the first 10 "igilovtsev" voluntarily refused to continue the fight

Ten fighters DAISH (IG) voluntarily laid down weapon in Afghanistan (Nangarhar Province), “by joining the peace process”, reports RIA News A message from Afghanistan News.

In Afghanistan, the first 10 "igilovtsev" voluntarily refused to continue the fight

“For the first time, ten fighters of the so-called DAISH, including two commanders, with all their weapons joined the process of peaceful settlement of the situation conducted by the government of Afghanistan,” a representative of the provincial administration told the publication.

The publication also notes that "Islamists of the radical Taliban movement, dissatisfied with their commanders, often join the ranks of the IS militants, despite the rivalry between the two groups."

Earlier it was reported that the leadership of the Taliban sent the Islamic State a letter demanding "not to interfere in the affairs of the Taliban in Afghanistan." Local media also reported clashes between rival factions.
Photos used:
AFP 2016 / Noorullah Shirzada
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  1. avvg
    avvg 26 February 2016 15: 55 New
    In my opinion, the Taliban really rules in Afghanistan. The Taliban are the real power in Afghanistan.
    1. cniza
      cniza 26 February 2016 16: 03 New
      This is so and with them the traffic was an order of magnitude less.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 26 February 2016 16: 04 New
      Not all Muslims like ISIS, that's why people leave its ranks, excessive cruelty even in Afghanistan is not an honor.
      1. MASK
        MASK 26 February 2016 16: 36 New
        "Brilliant US operation" ...! (How much wonder they paid them, for this heroic act ..?))) Shah Putin! bully
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 26 February 2016 15: 56 New
    "ten fighters of the so-called Daesh, including two commanders"

    Probably field generals with teams of five people each. smile
  3. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 26 February 2016 15: 57 New
    Some kind of funny news, such as that. in which the USA spent a lot of money and received 5 trained ISIS fighters at the exit.
  4. friend of animals
    friend of animals 26 February 2016 16: 00 New
    "For the first time, ten fighters of the so-called Daesh, including two commanders, with all their weapons, have joined the Afghan government's peace process."

    An interesting formulation, not "surrendered", but joined the world with all their weapons. wink And then such adherents solder their colleagues and kill them asleep. Afghanistan is a delicate matter.
  5. Signaller
    Signaller 26 February 2016 16: 04 New

    We are all so happy, so happy.
  6. EFA
    EFA 26 February 2016 16: 08 New
    Well, 10 out of how many thousands?
    This is straightforward Afghan peremoga!
  7. SklochPensioner
    SklochPensioner 26 February 2016 16: 13 New
    Ahh ... That's the same ... begins !!!
    Daesh is an artificial formation created by morons from the USA.
    In Afghanistan - it doesn’t work!
    Let's start to squeeze, along with normal Muslims, this Wahhabi (Salafi) bastard, warmed up from the SA and Qatar!
    And, since I am not a Muslim, I can joke: "ALLA, I AM IN THE BAR !!!"
    With an initiative! smile
  8. SklochPensioner
    SklochPensioner 26 February 2016 16: 31 New
    Cool down.
    "friend of animals" is right. East is a delicate matter... drinks
  9. Katman
    Katman 26 February 2016 16: 36 New
    Nonsense! A good igilovets is dead. I am not forgotten / I have a good memory.
  10. Valevampo
    Valevampo 26 February 2016 16: 50 New
    on YouTube barmalei shoot a tank, presumably the T-90, presumably from the TOU, has anyone seen? are there any opinions?
  11. OlegV
    OlegV 26 February 2016 16: 52 New
    so it’s kind of like they said that ISIS only has an entrance like on a tank, and an exit through the ax is head?
    1. chelovektapok
      chelovektapok 26 February 2016 17: 14 New
      What is the "ax" in the East? Today for those, tomorrow for others who win and give more baksheesh ... Most FOR! For not ironing them with aviation and art. So as not to be cleaned after artillery preparation. Peacefully quietly take bribes from caravans for transportation along controlled paths. So that each bay is equal to Allah in its territory. That's their whole "religion". Similar to Bandera.
      "- Caravan, pay me a bribe!
      - Come on, go to ... (rhyme is prohibited here) "(c).
      This is where they start to fight! Just because! There are no other motives!
      1. Katman
        Katman 26 February 2016 19: 08 New
        Nevertheless, there is some kind of troubles with religion.
  12. atamankko
    atamankko 26 February 2016 17: 49 New
    Pointless cruelty, robbery and violence, of course all this bothers.
  13. hobot
    hobot 26 February 2016 18: 48 New
    By definition, you cannot talk to terrorists, they must be destroyed.
    Today 10 joined, a year will work and 1000 will go back to daish.
  14. KOMA
    KOMA 26 February 2016 19: 07 New
    Salaries in ISIL have fallen and Dehane went back to grow poppy seeds, and it is more profitable and safer!
  15. Grabberxnumx
    Grabberxnumx 26 February 2016 22: 20 New
    Such people need to be checked for a long time, tedious, but persistently, up to the point of "bend over, pull apart" by contacts, that they know where they were, what they saw. Relatives "to raise" in general the whole cycle. Even a very ordinary person knows a lot, but to discourage him - talent and methods are needed.