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  1. yuriy55
    yuriy55 27 February 2016 07: 07
    I don’t know if something can change color? Black and white paint is the most suitable for conveying the tragedy of war ...
    1. igordok
      igordok 27 February 2016 07: 26
      I don’t like it when black-and-white photos and films, documentaries and films, bloom.
      1. aba
        aba 27 February 2016 07: 43
        Most likely not colorized, given that in the pictures the Americans
        Agfa introduced in 1932 a color film called Agfacolor. Following her example, the American company Kodak released a three-layer color film in 1935 and named it Kodachrome.

        That is, at that time color photography abroad was more or less common.
        1. bandabas
          bandabas 27 February 2016 08: 28
          By itself. But not so, and I think not in that capacity.
      2. ICT
        ICT 28 February 2016 08: 47
        Quote: igordok
        I don’t like when b / w photos and films bloom

        Quote: yuriy55
        to convey the tragedy of war ...

        Well, for me, for example, the connection of time is simply lost. (Shtirlitsa didn’t understand whether it was distracting in color)

        although in some cases ............
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. RUSS
      RUSS 27 February 2016 11: 04
      Quote: yuriy55
      Black and white paint is the most suitable for conveying the tragedy of war ...

      This is also because the human eye perceives all shades of gray.
  2. bionik
    bionik 27 February 2016 07: 56
    On the 15th photo of Marilyn Monroe.
    1. moskowit
      moskowit 27 February 2016 09: 20
      Oh really?
      1. bionik
        bionik 27 February 2016 09: 45
        Quote: moskowit
        Oh really?

        Was there in 1954. Ref:
        1. moskowit
          moskowit 27 February 2016 09: 53
          Well, I never would have guessed ... Indeed, the possibilities of the Internet are endless !!!
  3. Koshak
    Koshak 27 February 2016 08: 09
    Ballad of a Korean soldier
    Music: V. Muradeli Lyrics: G. Rublev

    The general told the Korean soldier:
    "I'm giving you a day off,
    You haven’t rested for more than a year,
    Go - see the family.

    Not to recognize you - in the hair of gray hair
    Tired, prickly look.
    But the wife will understand - war is war,
    And you are a soldier in war. "

    Gifts of friends took a fighter with him,
    Canned food and rice bagged,
    And the little daughter from the sleeve is empty
    A soldier made a whistle.

    He walked and sang about his native village.
    Three times he could die in battle
    But the soldier is alive and now over the hill
    He will meet his daughter and wife.

    With a song he ascended a steep hill,
    He looked around and saw - there is no village:
    Dead pipes stick out above the ground
    Black ash lies everywhere ...

    He called his wife, called his daughter,
    But suddenly he noticed a doll in the bushes.
    It seemed to him, froze froze
    In her glass eyes.

    He wiped a tear and squeezed the gun,
    Frost ran across his back.
    Armless doll Korean soldier
    He brought to his battalion.

    Said, "This doll doesn't belong here,
    But otherwise I can’t:
    She saw death - let her see revenge! "
    And he went to avenge the enemy.

      JACTUS RECTUS 28 February 2016 01: 50
      Yes, Iosif Visarionovich made a "small victorious war" to the west. All the vassals were shoveled away anyway.
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 27 February 2016 08: 12
    Damn, as always. Can you make signatures? Well, or at least the numbering of the photo to ask, if something is not clear? request
    1. moskowit
      moskowit 27 February 2016 09: 32
      Yes Yes. In the photo, where the lads in wrapped panamas on armored personnel carriers, armed with Anfield and STAN, look like Australians. And on the car the flag of Britain ...
      Yes, with "DShK" and "RPD" it looks like guys of Turkish appearance ... And the "staff" on the sleeve says about it ...
      1. bionik
        bionik 27 February 2016 09: 56
        Quote: moskowit

        Yes, with "DShK" and "RPD" it looks like the guys of Turkish appearance ...
        Not with DShK, but SG-43.
        1. moskowit
          moskowit 27 February 2016 10: 20
          You are right, thanks ...
        2. lysyj bob
          lysyj bob 27 February 2016 10: 22
          Quote: bionik

          Not RPD and DP
          1. moskowit
            moskowit 27 February 2016 10: 29
            Then it’s not DP, but DP-27 ...
            And about the SG-43, thanks to you, I found an article on VO ... "Easel machine gun SG-43 (Machine gun Goryunov)
            May 19, 2012 "...
            And I felt ashamed ... I didn’t recognize ... In our school, the SSBMs were like decorative weapons. They did not use it, but carried it out on alarm. It is not clear why they were stored ...
  5. dsu05
    dsu05 27 February 2016 09: 17
    There is the funniest-funny military comedy-series "MES Hospital"
    (about the American military surgeons in the war in Korea;
    the colors of the terrain and the relief in the film in places coincide with several photos
    it immediately arouses associations with the film).
  6. RUSS
    RUSS 27 February 2016 09: 39
    judging by the photo in Korea and the Turks fought.
    1. moskowit
      moskowit 27 February 2016 11: 23
      Photos required additional knowledge. It's good.
      We quickly open the most accessible, "Wikipedia", and read ...

      "UN troops:
      Flag of South Korea.svg Republic of Korea - 590 911
      US flag 48 stars.svg USA - from 302 483 to 480 000
      Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom - 63 000 [29]
      Flag of the Philippines (navy blue) .svg Philippines - 7430 [30]
      Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957.svg Canada - 6146 to 26 791 [31]
      Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey - 5190 [32]
      Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands - 3972
      Flag of France.svg France - 3421 [33]
      Flag of Australia.svg Australia - 2282
      Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935.svg Greece - 2163 [34]
      Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand - 1389
      Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand - 1294
      Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) .svg Ethiopia - 1271 [28]
      Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia - 1068
      Flag of Belgium (civil) .svg Belgium - 900
      Flag of South Africa (1928-1994) .svg South Africa - 826
      Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg - 44 "
  7. Lekov L
    Lekov L 27 February 2016 09: 42
    Especially touched photo:
    in the afternoon
    with night sight,
    on a lightweight carbine
    standing on the parapet,
    "sniper" is a suicide.

    It is clear that most of the photos are staged.
    A sort of analogue of the Red Star in color.
    And still thank you very much!
    Sincerely ...
  8. sevtrash
    sevtrash 27 February 2016 11: 07
    It seems that Merlin Monroe did not do fitness. What is the size of a fried bird or were there broilers then? Maybe ostriches chewed? From a photo of Koreans, you might think that down jackets went from them.
    In general, color, of course, adds information. Or enlivens perception.
    1. jjj
      jjj 27 February 2016 15: 23
      Quote: sevtrash
      What size fried bird

      These are the forerunners of Bush's Legs
    2. ICT
      ICT 28 February 2016 09: 00
      possible replacement for bald eagle wink ,

  9. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 27 February 2016 14: 26
    Stage shots, although it’s still informative! Thank!
  10. Balagan
    Balagan 27 February 2016 15: 56
    Some of the five thousand Turks lit up ...
  11. partizan86
    partizan86 27 February 2016 17: 41
    When I reached the flamethrower tank, I smelled gasoline, and this is my lighter on the table left open)
    I don’t understand what kind of boxes on some tanks? It does not look like dynamic protection. In the thirty photo, the one in the cowboy hat, what kind of futuristic weapon does he have? And a medical carriage, in what ways did they overtake him there?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 28 February 2016 16: 36
      "the one in the cowboy hat, what is his futuristic weapon?" ///

      Garand M1, but with a cheat.

      "I don’t understand what kind of boxes on some tanks?" ///

      Boxes with machine gun belts.
      The top row on the right is 0.3-inch ammo. The remaining 0.5.
  12. rubidiy
    rubidiy 27 February 2016 19: 29
    I don’t see any reason to show in good light the American troops who continued to cut people out for the sake of spreading their own power in Korea.
    1. veteran66
      veteran66 29 February 2016 19: 32
      Quote: rubidiy
      troops who continued to slaughter people to spread their own power in Korea.

      Well, actually, to be honest, the communist north started a war against the south, the UN then entered
  13. infantryman2020
    infantryman2020 2 March 2016 08: 04
    Quote: rubidiy
    I don’t see any reason to show in good light the American troops who continued to cut people out for the sake of spreading their own power in Korea.

    Fludist? Provocateur (paid)? or just foolish?

    Military history is not interesting - do not look.