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Georgia recalls that there is a “day of Soviet occupation” on its calendar

Today (25 February) Georgia marks the “mournful date” - “Day of the Soviet occupation”. Opening the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country, the newly-minted (from 30 December 2015) Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili issued a pompous speech in connection with the “mournful date”, in which he condemned the “invaders and aggressors” and called the Georgian army “a worthy force on guard sovereignty. The head of the Georgian government, Kvirikashkli, did not intend to stop there, and said that Georgia, it turns out, “won the battle for sovereignty.”

Georgia recalls that there is a “day of Soviet occupation” on its calendar

Newspaper "Sight" quotes the Georgian prime minister:
Today is the day of the Soviet occupation. Our army, people's guards and volunteers showed heroism in a predetermined battle. That battle was lost, but the merit of those people and many other heroes is that the flag of Georgia flies over this building, we make sovereign decisions on our pro-Western course. For centuries, future generations will light the way an example of the heroes of those days. Georgia won the war for the preservation of sovereignty.

It should be recalled that on February 25, 1921, Red Army units entered Tbilisi. This very day was chosen as a "mournful date" in 2010 at the initiative of the then leader of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili. At the same time, Mr. Saakashvili, having initiated the inclusion of a new memorable date in the Georgian calendar, for some reason did not include the day of the Turkish occupation in it. But in vain ... After all, if it were not for the Red Army units, then today the "state" Georgia, at best for him, would exist within the framework historical regions of Turkey ... And where would the Georgian flag now fly and Kvirikashvili delivered his speeches, we can only guess.
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  1. Aleksander
    Aleksander 25 February 2016 12: 27
    It was necessary to leave them to the Turks and Persians, to whom they had not so long ago dutifully paid tribute to live goods-girls ...
    What Russia did not liberate (defend) was CUT TO in 1903-1922.
    1. alex-s
      alex-s 25 February 2016 12: 33
      Something Borjomi begins to go out!
      1. Pravdarm
        Pravdarm 25 February 2016 12: 36
        And wherever the Georgian flag flies now and makes his speeches Kvirikashvili
        first I fluently read Krikashvili! laughing Here the screamers-gorlopanov divorced. Shut up all of them throats!
        Oh! It used to be! in 2008!
        This is a famous photo. Georgia, 08.08.08. After the defeat of the Georgian army, its retreating units regrouped and decided to return to Gori, but stumbled upon a Russian checkpoint.

        The photo shows how a soldier of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with a machine gun at the ready opposes the motorized infantry of the Georgian armed forces. The officers of the column threatened the machine-gunner so that he would leave the road and let them through, to which they heard in reply “Go ...” Then the media, who moved with the column, tried to talk to the machine-gunner. They received the same answer. As a result, the column turned around and moved back to where it came from. Foreign journalists later published an article entitled “Three hundred is not necessary, one is enough.”
        VO, article "Why not defeat the Russians", April 8, 2015,1,2,72551-pochemu-ne-pobedit-russkih.html
        1. _Vladislav_
          _Vladislav_ 25 February 2016 12: 42
          Georgia, it turns out, "won the battle for sovereignty."

          We left Tskhinvali without panic,
          I say, Saakashvili.
          Like passengers on the Titanic,
          When they drowned in the sea.

          No comment .... and indeed they are warriors even where.
          1. 2С5
            2С5 25 February 2016 13: 37
            ... well, it means to introduce one more holiday in the george calendar - 08.08. "Day of the Brave Georgian" ... wink good
        2. Simon
          Simon 25 February 2016 12: 56
          For each of our Russian soldiers, Georgian warriors are not enough, however! recourse Against a platoon of Georgians - one of our hero! THINK! Neither Europe nor America will help you. You are just cannon fodder! fool
          1. Mahmut
            Mahmut 25 February 2016 13: 43
            Georgia in the USSR is a privileged republic, practically unburdened by the State Planning Commission. The owners of all markets, with the connivance of the Ministry of Trade, are monopolists selling citrus fruits. The test question for a true Georgian is Green, paper, crunches, not money. The correct answer is 50 rubles. Against the background of material superiority over other peoples of the USSR, such national qualities as arrogance and arrogance developed in themselves. By the mid-80s, they had decided that they fed the entire union. It was precisely such sentiments that led to Georgian separatism.
            1. Tusv
              Tusv 25 February 2016 14: 17
              Quote: Mahmut
              By the mid-80s, they had decided that they fed the entire union. It was precisely such sentiments that led to Georgian separatism.

              Well, what about the food - this is Ukrainian separatism, and there is a pashif casing, well, why not Chinese junk, moreover, the Chinese sew much better
            2. 4ekist
              4ekist 26 February 2016 00: 37
              I was in Georgia in the early 90s, it’s disgusting to remember. Numerous thieves in law, the capital city of Zugdidi, card bombs and herds of cows on tea plantations near Batumi.
        3. bort4145
          bort4145 25 February 2016 13: 15
          Students, like their overseas teachers, have very little knowledge of history and the construction of logical parallels.
          And I would like to remind Georgy Kvirikashvili that Miho Saakashvili also made facesbefore and after he chewed his tie.
          1. square
            square 25 February 2016 13: 20
            The name of the main Russian occupier is not Dzhugashvili incident?
            1. 2С5
              2С5 25 February 2016 13: 38
              ... Do you think they know this name? Judging by the delirium that they bear in relation to their own story, I doubt something ... request
        4. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak 25 February 2016 13: 26
          Quote: Pravdarm
          Shut up all of them throats!

          Ah, pug, to know she barks strong once on an elephant.
          Unfortunately, Georgia is not a public holiday at all, when the rulers of Georgia asked for a protectorate of the Russian Empire. They do not remember this. As the Balts do not remember the fact that they were bought from ...
        5. Razvedka_Boem
          Razvedka_Boem 25 February 2016 13: 50
          Russian is a state of mind.
          Our fighter in the photo from the more eastern side)
          I call everyone from the territory of the former Union ours.
        6. heccrbq8
          heccrbq8 25 February 2016 15: 34
          Hold the fart with your hands, otherwise now it will burst. So .... Not a Russian with a machine gun, drill or someone the same, with the same squint.
          1. Razvedka_Boem
            Razvedka_Boem 25 February 2016 18: 20
            I don’t understand what your comment is about .. However, it clearly shows your level of development.
      2. Rostov Papa
        Rostov Papa 25 February 2016 12: 44
        They can now create a consolidated choir with the Balts and Ukrainians, will howl compassionate songs about how Russia offended them.
      3. Simon
        Simon 25 February 2016 12: 46
        Do you want to say that rotten eggs smelled like, that is, hydrogen sulfide ?! laughing
      4. Blondy
        Blondy 25 February 2016 13: 30
        Oh, the inadequasino reacted on 08.08.08, Tbilisi had to be taken and not given back - and there were no problems with the day of occupation.
        1. 2С5
          2С5 25 February 2016 13: 40
          ... do we need it? I would also have to feed these ghouls and listen to everyone (although they certainly say what they say) that we annexed George ...
        2. Kondor13
          Kondor13 25 February 2016 20: 21
          In N.V. Starikov, in one of his speeches, it is laid out in detail why they did not take Tbilisi
      5. Corporal Valera
        Corporal Valera 25 February 2016 14: 38
        Quote: alex-s
        Something Borjomi begins to go out!

        Yes, and some not quality wines went. Onishchenko's "ceremonial uniform is dusty on the shelf ...". It's time to shake off the dust
    2. Boos
      Boos 25 February 2016 12: 34
      Georgians were the fourth in the list of nationalities of the USSR, awarded the Star of Hero, and it was not the fault of the Georgian people that Western hangersmen were sitting on their neck. And the wines of the reptiles Khrushchev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and the scum Shevarnadze, it is worth mentioning separately!
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 26 February 2016 20: 54
        "Yes, there were people these days,
        A powerful, dashing tribe:
        The heroes are not you. "
        Lermontov, "Borodino"
    3. cniza
      cniza 25 February 2016 12: 35
      Proud heroes until they get a boot on the ass, it would be better to get down to business, rather than howling to please the United States.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Pereira
      Pereira 25 February 2016 12: 37
      If we consider only Georgia, then yes. Georgians would be extinct by now.
      But without it, we would not have had the Krasnodar Territory and the Stavropol Territory.
    6. GSH-18
      GSH-18 25 February 2016 12: 37
      Georgia recalls that there is a “day of Soviet occupation” on its calendar

      And is anyone even interested in this?
    7. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad 25 February 2016 12: 47
      In general, I am wildly amazed by the "occupation" of Georgia, Ukraine and other "oppressed" by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. So, under the rule of the prisons of peoples, the population and the well-being of these regions grew, and after gaining independence, the standard of living immediately collapsed and a sharp decline in the population began.
      1. Igor V
        Igor V 25 February 2016 13: 32
        "... the standard of living immediately collapsed ..."
        Not everyone. Some have already been appointed governors in the colonies.
        In general, the Western worldview does not have the concept of "people", there is the concept of "population", in the sense of "livestock", in the sense of "rams". Examples of nano-independent confirms, in general, this fact.
      2. 2С5
        2С5 25 February 2016 13: 43
        ... it’s just that they began to regulate the standard of living with the help of the blood of the population, and not with the progress of the economy ...
    8. Finches
      Finches 25 February 2016 13: 26
      If the "proud" genatsvale does not lick at the American State Department at least once a day, he will not fall asleep ... laughing
    9. amirbek
      amirbek 25 February 2016 13: 37
      Quote: Aleksander
      Our army, people's guard and volunteers showed heroism in ...

      beautiful tie stared
    10. gergi
      gergi 25 February 2016 19: 57
      They do not want to live with a great history, let them live with an insignificant. Let them complain about an evil fate, about cruel Russians. Terpily. Patience is not a pity.
  2. Abbra
    Abbra 25 February 2016 12: 28
    Well what can I say? Let Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov better say ...

    A few years ago,
    There, where, merging, noisy,
    Embraced, as if two sisters,
    Jets of Aragva and Kura,
    There was a monastery. Because of the mountain
    And now the pedestrian sees
    The pillars of the collapsed gate,
    And the tower, and church vault;
    But do not smoke too under it
    Incense burners,
    Can't hear the late hour singing
    Praying monks for us.
    Now one old man is gray,
    Ruins half-dead guard,
    People and death are forgotten,
    Sweeps dust from gravestones,
    Which the inscription says
    About the glory of the past - and that
    How depressed his crown,
    Such a king, in a certain year,
    I handed Russia my people.

    And God's grace descended on Georgia ...
  3. genisis
    genisis 25 February 2016 12: 29
    we make sovereign decisions at our pro-Western rate

    That is, the choice of course is not the prerogative of Georgia.
    It's like choosing nothing to bathe in: sewage or clean water, and the faeces will be liquid, or maybe we’ll prefer laughing
  4. Smoked
    Smoked 25 February 2016 12: 31
    Well, this, with a holiday dear Georgians!
  5. pavelty
    pavelty 25 February 2016 12: 34
    Everything is upside down, also in the Baltic states ... Even worse among Ukrainians, the whole story was turned upside down and perverted
    1. Kondor13
      Kondor13 25 February 2016 20: 26
      Well, you don’t take the palm of the championship from the great, such horses as from the great Criminal Code ..... in my opinion there is no where
  6. Tusv
    Tusv 25 February 2016 12: 35
    Today (February 25), Georgia celebrates a "mournful date" - "Day of Soviet occupation."

    I also grieve at the base in Gumista, which the Georgians monstrously destroyed. What for? It would be something Georgians are proud of, except for singing and competitions who more than kiss the ass of the first American hit
  7. carabiner sks
    carabiner sks 25 February 2016 12: 35
    In certain circles, these statements and speeches are favorably received, set off, and their pushers are noted.
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 25 February 2016 12: 36
    Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili,

    Another Georgian strategist! laughing You are a hamburger rooster! wassat
  9. forest park 86
    forest park 86 25 February 2016 12: 36
    I wish we also had football .......
    1. Abbra
      Abbra 25 February 2016 12: 54
      C'mon ... Enough hockey. And boxing. There is another sport. It is called the GRU.
      1. square
        square 25 February 2016 13: 44
        Freestyle wrestling, sambo ...
  10. Masya masya
    Masya masya 25 February 2016 12: 37
    "we make sovereign decisions on our pro-Western course", oh? Didn't you fall under NATO?
    "and called the Georgian army" a worthy force guarding sovereignty "", ha, ha, ha ...
  11. Victor-M
    Victor-M 25 February 2016 12: 38
    Today (February 25) Georgia celebrates a “mournful date” - “Day of Soviet occupation”

    Georgia celebrates the Day of Soviet Occupation on a grand scale under the leadership of a Georgian. Yeah what , there were times! laughing
    Reminds the words of one fan of the movie "Cruel Romance": "What kind of bastard is this your Paratov, if you could spend a day with him?" laughing
  12. Volganin
    Volganin 25 February 2016 12: 40
    Ungrateful. How many times have their wives saved !? Yes, there would be no Georgia, if not our country!
  13. BOB044
    BOB044 25 February 2016 12: 41
    And when Georgia came under the protection of the Russian Empire. It turns out to be a mournful day for Russia, they took the defective under protection. So it goes.
    1. kapitan92
      kapitan92 25 February 2016 13: 35
      Quote: BOB044
      And when Georgia came under the protection of the Russian Empire.

      In 1783, a St. George Treaty was concluded between Russia and Georgia, according to which Russia pledged to defend Georgia in case of war, during negotiations, insist on the return of the possessions of Kartli and Kakheti conquered by Turkey. However, only three years later, in 1786, Heraclius II made a separate peace with the ruler of Turkey, Selim III. In 1794, the power in Iran was seized by the Aga-Mohammed Khan, the son of the leader of the Turkic Khajar tribe. In 1795, he attacked Georgia and ravaged Tiflis. For five days, the Persians outraged the city. Of the 60 thousand inhabitants, only 5,5 thousand remained; most of the population was driven into captivity. Then Tsar Irakli II again turned to the Russian Empire for help. In 1796, Catherine II sent an expeditionary force to Persia under the leadership of General-General Chef Valerian Zubov .... George XII again turned to Russia for help. He asked Emperor Paul I to accept Kartli and Kakheti into Russian citizenship and give protection from Turks and Persians. On November 18, 1800, Paul I signed a manifesto on Georgia’s annexation to Russia. On September 12, 1801, Emperor Alexander I published a manifesto on the entry of Georgia into Russia without the right of state autonomy and the Kartli-Kakheti kingdom was transformed into the province of Tiflis. In Transcaucasia, a sharp political struggle broke out between Muslim khans and Georgian rulers, who had to choose between Russia and Persia. Georgia’s annexation also aggravated relations between Russia and Persia, which claimed these territories, which resulted in the war of 1804-1813. During this war, the Russian Empire annexed the principalities of Western Georgia.

      Quote: BOB044
      It turns out to be a mournful day for Russia, they took the defective under protection. So it goes.

      It turns out somehow!
  14. Primus pilus
    Primus pilus 25 February 2016 12: 41
    Comrade Stalin laughs out loud in the afterlife.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. killganoff
    killganoff 25 February 2016 12: 47
    If these "Acupants" came there in the 20th century and centuries earlier, then this country would not be on the map. And instead of churches there were mosques with minarets.
    Is that what they are taught in schools? ... Why is there !? We also have "Associate Professors" at MGIMO.
  17. AlexTires
    AlexTires 25 February 2016 12: 48
    Other writers of the "great history" of the 20th century.
    Why should a country with a real millennial history, the heiress of Colchis, come up with some dubious historical events about the "occupation"?
    In this case, Abkhazia and South Ossetia also have the right to celebrate their sovereignty. Again, let the Georgians say thanks to Russia for the formation of their Georgian Democratic Republic (if it were not for the same revolution, there would have been nothing of this).
  18. Taygerus
    Taygerus 25 February 2016 13: 07
    "Georgia won the war to preserve its sovereignty"

    And wherever is your Khruzin sovereignty, oh yes, sovereign in Odessa laughing
  19. mivmim
    mivmim 25 February 2016 13: 07
    Yes, and the flag in their fist.
  20. emercom1979
    emercom1979 25 February 2016 13: 11
    Or maybe they can show them for the occupation of Russia by one Georgian? And make a claim for repression and executions? Let them squirm. (do not kick, I respect Joseph Vissarionovich and know history. You just have to beat the enemy with their own weapons. This idea is for "assistant professors" and other vermin)
  21. Corvetkapitan
    Corvetkapitan 25 February 2016 13: 11
    There should be a day in Georgia when the Georgian tsarina-Tomara, in Turkish sweat and with her back torn by the Turks, rushed to Russia in short, asking to save her people from the Turkish genocide and the day when the Georgians who drank their honor violated the oath given to Russia.
  22. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 25 February 2016 13: 13
    Today (February 25), Georgia celebrates a "mournful date" - "Day of Soviet occupation." Opening the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country, the newly-made (since December 30, 2015) Georgian Prime Minister Georgy Kvirikashvili, in connection with the “mournful date”, issued a pathos speech in which he branded the “invaders and aggressors” and called the Georgian army “a worthy force on guard sovereignty. "
    After such high-profile speeches, the main thing now is not to give them a reason for re-occupation, even if they are on their knees and ask for it. laughing
  23. xBoris
    xBoris 25 February 2016 13: 14
    .. let Stalin recalls more often ..!
  24. Dimented
    Dimented 25 February 2016 13: 22
    I propose to enter into our calendar your mournful date: "Day of the betrayal of Russia."
    On this day, to remember and name all those whom Russia-Russian Empire-Soviet Union-Russian Federation saved from destruction, protected from invaders at the cost of life, first of all, Russian people, created industry from scratch to the detriment of themselves, to whom they built factories and power plants, searched and developed useful resources, fed, trained specialists, invested innumerable money, helped preserve their own culture, built entire cities and laid rail and highway roads between them.
    And now these "sovereign states", having betrayed Russia and forgetting about everything that was done for them, and where they would be without such help, at the command of their masters, are splashing saliva, shouting how they were "occupied" and "oppressed."
    I have never been a nationalist, but looking at what is happening around me, I think it is time to remind these mankurt that Russia also has an account for these peoples and "states". And at the same time to show that Russia may still run out of patience.
  25. Isk1984
    Isk1984 25 February 2016 13: 47
    Yes, the Great Bagration would not expect this from his fellow countrymen ... But such as Shevarnadze and would spin on a sword ...
    Still, do not confuse the Georgian people and individual representatives, here in our country there are enough Gozmans, Yeltsins ... traitors to history and truth ...
  26. xam0
    xam0 25 February 2016 13: 56
    As they say, the states have fucked Georgians so deeply that they can easily move their lips. This is such a "sovereignty".
  27. shura7782
    shura7782 25 February 2016 14: 09
    When reading such news, you ask yourself a question. Are all the sacrifices given to the lives of Russian soldiers for the existence of Georgia given in vain. And if you look again: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, which are often discussed and so on. etc., etc.
    The soul becomes nasty. Something at the top, in our kingdom, everything is not as it should.
  28. triglav
    triglav 25 February 2016 14: 21
    All of them are American feeding. But people boob as they want ...
  29. Strashila
    Strashila 25 February 2016 15: 05
    They prefer not to remember this ...
    Georgia voluntarily became part of the Russian Empire on January 18, 1801.
    Then, it did not include Abkhazia or South Ossetia. And it could not be, because Ossetia became part of the Russian Empire earlier than Georgia in 1774. Abkhazia, from 1864 to 1918, was directly controlled by the Russian administration and was also not part of Georgia.
    In accordance with international law, Georgia could create an independent state only with the territory with which it once belonged to Tsarist Russia.
    The Russian Empire, by its grace, accepted Georgia into its composition. Known that when the Georgian king Alexander in 1586 year asked the Russian Tsar Fedor to accept Georgia under Russian citizenship, then there were no more than 40 thousand Georgians. Orthodox churches and shrines of Georgia were destroyed and desecrated, the country was completely ruined.
    After Georgia vowed allegiance to the Russian Empire, Russia made a commitment to defend Georgia and immediately confirmed this by threatening Persia with war.
    In addition, assistance was also provided in the restoration of Georgian churches and Orthodox shrines. That is, having accepted Georgia into its membership in 1801, Russia assumed a huge burden and additional responsibility. Therefore, the Russian emperors, including Paul I, despite numerous requests and literally pleas of Georgia, did not dare to meet them. In 1798, George XII, who ascended the Georgian throne, begging Paul I for the annexation of Georgia, received his last refusal. The son of Paul, Emperor Alexander I, nevertheless made a positive decision.
    November 17, 1800 - Tsar George XII addressed the emperor of Russia with a “petition on his knees” in which he asked to accept his people into “eternal citizenship”.
  30. Ros 56
    Ros 56 25 February 2016 15: 27
    Pig ungrateful, this moron. So I look at these microbes imagining themselves as elephants and I think it is not in vain that God created them with such dwarfs so that the stench from them would not spread around the world. They were hucksters, so they remained them.
  31. PValery53
    PValery53 25 February 2016 15: 33
    Georgia finally has a valiant army. Just, shh, don't tell anyone about it.
  32. atamankko
    atamankko 25 February 2016 15: 46
    I can't understand how many "friends" Russia has and where
    this scum comes out, probably from all rubbish bins of the EU and the USA.
  33. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 25 February 2016 16: 26
    All these conversations about the occupation speak only about one thing: the people or countries that conduct such conversations simply cheated specifically that the treatment is only one - cutting off the head.
  34. afrikanez
    afrikanez 25 February 2016 16: 30
    The "snub-nosed" is clearly beguiled something. If only they knew the history of their country for a start, and only then such dates were set in the calendar. fool
  35. Balagan
    Balagan 25 February 2016 16: 42
    These monkeys are all funny - European crying and black in America. Like, everyone once offended us. Once offended - it means they themselves allowed you to offend someone. He who does not allow himself to be offended is not offended!
  36. 23424636
    23424636 25 February 2016 17: 19
    question to the Armenian radio: which city is the most beautiful, and how many bombs do you need to destroy it? Answer - Yerevan is a very beautiful city, but Tbilisi is better. Georgians, as little playful brothers, we love them very much and often forgive all their pranks, even the Armenian president.
  37. Lelek
    Lelek 25 February 2016 17: 43
    (Georgia won the war to maintain sovereignty.)

    A couple more such "victories" and the name "Georgia" will disappear on the world map. bully
  38. sanicha
    sanicha 25 February 2016 18: 00
    Georgians need another most important holiday - Zhovannoy Tie Day
  39. mr.grin19z
    mr.grin19z 25 February 2016 19: 30
    here is another country no no yes it will flash with its blunt mind probably spring exacerbation
  40. timurpl
    timurpl 25 February 2016 21: 27
    Quote: Pravdarm
    The photo shows how a soldier of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with a machine gun at the ready

    This photo of a brave "Buryat" is one of the most pretentious fakes from the divanpatriot's store!
    -I am sure that others saw the same thing not in cropped form, where the equipment and the rest of the "Buryats" will be on the left
  41. Siberia M 54
    Siberia M 54 26 February 2016 06: 46
    Woe to the people whose rulers are I.D.O.T.T.
  42. Chulman
    Chulman 26 February 2016 19: 13
    Quote: Pereira
    If we consider only Georgia, then yes. Georgians would be extinct by now.
    But without it, we would not have had the Krasnodar Territory and the Stavropol Territory.

    This is what a fright ??????