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When will Ukraine receive the strength of special operations according to NATO standards? Never!

When will Ukraine receive the strength of special operations according to NATO standards? Never!

In January of this year, Ukraine developed its own special operations forces. In connection with this event, the delegation of NATO frequent in Kiev, which declare their intention to provide full support in the training of highly qualified specialists for the newly formed structure.

Especially in wanting to help are the United States. The commander of US special operations in Europe, Major General Gregory Lengeyl, at a meeting with Army General Viktor Muzhenko stated that “Ukraine will soon have its own training system for special forces, relying on its own combat experience and peculiarities of its own country, and the United States will in every way help exercises and training of special operations specialists. ”

Well, good intentions, but where can they lead the Ukrainian army?

As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine received a powerful military grouping, which became the basis of its armed forces. But over the years of independence, this potential has been ineptly squandered by Kiev. Allocated security was enough only to maintain pants. There was no talk of intensive combat training at all. The exercises in military units have not been conducted for years. As a result, the Soviet experience in training troops was completely lost. This fully applies to special forces.

The civil war in the south-east of Ukraine forced the country's authorities to pay attention to the army and its training. A radical reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began, the goal of which is to shift the army to NATO standards. Naturally, such a goal implies a transition to the training system adopted in the block.

Already, American military instructors are training Ukrainian servicemen, including MTR specialists, who in the future should create their own system for training the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And, it would seem, it is the Americans who have everything necessary in order to best cope with this task. They were the first to create special operations forces and have the most extensive experience in their combat use. In addition, US instructors took and participate in the training of the armed forces of many states. However, it is difficult to recall which of the armies they had trained became truly combat-ready.

Just look at the examples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia.

A group of Afghan special forces, trained by American instructors, numbering thirty people, fought the night before with the terrorists who seized the hotel in the center of Kabul. Then it turned out that there were only four terrorists. The withdrawal of NATO troops from the territory of Afghanistan is also constantly being postponed due to poor training of the Afghan army.

The Iraqi army, which has been trained by the US military for more than ten years, has a numerical advantage over the enemy and is defeated after defeat by the armed forces of the Islamic state, led mainly by former officers of Saddam Hussein.

For about four years the armed forces of Georgia, prepared by the same instructors, lose the war to the troops of the North Caucasus Military District of Russia in August 2008 in a couple of days.

Why is it that the Americans, possessing the strongest armed forces in the world, cannot properly prepare the troops of their "allies"? The conclusion is one: they are not interested in this. Moreover, they are interested in having a weak army in these states. Such countries and their elites are easier to control and use for their own purposes. That is what they need from Ukraine.

Under the guidance of instructors, armies of many Latin American countries were trained (Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile, etc.). They do well in suppressing protests, food riots and punitive operations. Not bad they succeed and military coups. However, with their main function - protection from external aggression - things are not very good for them. It seems that, according to the Latin American scheme, American “friends” will prepare both the army of Ukraine and its MTR.

Therefore, the important statements of the Ukrainian leadership on the imminent transition to NATO standards are just another noodle on the ears of their own population, the same as tales about the abolition of visas with the EU and European integration.
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  1. TVM - 75
    TVM - 75 27 February 2016 06: 53
    From a Makhnovist or a Bandera member, a spetsnaz soldier will not work, by definition. Bandit, marauder, yes. But they already exist and there is no need to cook. Let the mattress "teachers" train on Estonians!
    1. Sensatus
      Sensatus 27 February 2016 07: 04
      Everything falls into place if you correctly indicate the place of Ukraine in the interests of the United States. And this is another banana republic inhabited by the Papuans. Why would the Papuans state implement their standards?
    2. Finches
      Finches 27 February 2016 07: 51
      And what are the war mattresses? They are fighting against the Zulus from a karamultuk, and how? All living and nonliving from the air will be upheld and only then, possibly, ground forces come!
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 27 February 2016 11: 25
      Do they need it? At least one, at least another. I watched the Friday shows of E. Kiselev and Savely Shuster. Complete nonsense. Everyone insists that Crimea is Ukraine, but no one knows how to return it, it is necessary, time is running out. On the LDNR in general, a complete ATAS with Ukrainian zombies. A certain American historian on Ukrainian "independent ufology" in what newspaper said that the reunification of Donbass is like death for Ukraine. 85% of the respondents immediately said that then they do not need the fuck. In defense came our present wanted by the investigation Ilya Ponomarev and some Russian actor who went there for permanent residence, that Ukraine cannot live without Donbass. Voted. The brains of the re-interrogated part of the suspension immediately turned 180 degrees. What is it like? belay They generally do not have their own opinions, but at the same time consider themselves great, and in fact zobmi. laughing
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 27 February 2016 12: 18
        The details of the capture of the middle landing ship of the 773 U401 project "Kirovograd" by the special forces of the Russian Armed Forces GRU became known. For more than 20 hours, the successive Russian special forces shouted to the Ukrainian sailors the command “Whoever leaps, he will” to the loudspeaker. After 20 hours, the exhausted sailors and officers were loaded onto trucks and sent to the hospital.
      2. lel
        lel 27 February 2016 16: 33
        when the dill are together and in a crowd, they immediately start a psychosis that is difficult to explain, someone offers something, absolutely impossible, they shout "yes" ... "come on" ... "we will do it" .... shouted dispersed and then difficulties begin in the implementation of the plan and when talking with a separate individual, he has glimpses of thought that something is wrong in the planned plan and it is not feasible ...
  2. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 27 February 2016 07: 15
    training system for special forces, based on their own combat experience and the characteristics of their own country, and the United States will help in every way in the exercises and training of special operations specialists. ”

    Even I don’t remember a single successful operation, which was conducted in a bit more or less, by the chief officers. It is interesting and what they can teach, only how to fill it up? Haha
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 27 February 2016 14: 40
      As an indicator of the "special operation" to free Amer. Embassy in 1979 in Tehran. It is impossible to read without tears - a blooper!
      1. to persuade
        to persuade 28 February 2016 03: 48
        Is this about which "Argo" was shot? Well, they showed themselves there, Affleck would first rummage in the archives before putting out the nonsense, there it was not without the paw of our specialists))
  3. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 27 February 2016 07: 17
    When will Ukraine receive the strength of special operations according to NATO standards? Never!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 February 2016 07: 24
    Therefore, the important statements of the Ukrainian leadership about the imminent transition to NATO standards are just another noodle on the ears of their own population,

    Campaign, this is now the main dish ukrokakl. And if they like it, let them slurp it from morning to night. It’s possible at night to not want to sleep! laughing
  5. Aleksandr21
    Aleksandr21 27 February 2016 07: 44
    For article + patriotism, and as for the rest, I will dwell in more detail. Well, firstly, I would like to read about the training system of Western special forces and the MTR forces in particular in the article, unfortunately I did not find it. Also in the article there is a lot of discussion on the topic of poor training of special forces (Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan) by American instructors. I’ll probably agree here, but there are also Western special forces (Great Britain, Australia, Israel, France, Germany ...) which were trained by the Americans, and the result was different. There are different points of view on the topic of the effectiveness of MTRs in the USA and Great Britain, someone does not consider them effective and someone argues quite the opposite. But at the same time, one must not forget that both countries put the fulfillment of military tasks by special forces as the basis for external expansion (aggression). we can talk about a high level of training for solving problems abroad. With regards to the main question, will they raise or not the effectiveness of the MTR of Ukraine? Then only time will tell if they will succeed or not. In principle, it’s possible to prepare (roughly) 40-50 people to equip them with good gear / equipment and teach the wisdom of Western special forces, but we will see how it will be in practice .....
    1. olegkrava
      olegkrava 27 February 2016 08: 48
      After being hit by a spring from the Belarus tractor, the English intelligence officer forgot the ai-ki-do techniques and the fight of the Nanai boys. After being hit with a crowbar to tighten the tracks on the GTT, the like-lovers will lose the desire to drink chemerges and eat fat, and the spine will be worn only in shorts.
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 27 February 2016 11: 30
        Quote: olegkrava

        Cool. But the desire to drink and eat at Kakmena will not disappear even after pile driving. bully
  6. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 27 February 2016 08: 39
    A good fighter, smart and loyal to the oath can be brought up on patriotic feelings, examples. And what kind of patriotism do today's Ukrainians have "warriors"? What examples can you give them?
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 27 February 2016 11: 27
      Quote: Serge Boss
      A good fighter, smart and loyal to the oath can be brought up on patriotic feelings, examples. And what kind of patriotism do today's Ukrainians have "warriors"? What examples can you give them?

      They do not learn from other people's examples)))
      Ukrainians for the Americans are the same Indians. Bribing the leaders and setting the tribes against each other, the mattresses were waiting for the outcome of the battle and destroyed, or driven into the reservation of the weakened winners, taking their land.
  7. bad
    bad 27 February 2016 08: 54
    No comments laughing
    1. lukke
      lukke 27 February 2016 18: 57
      If the security of your state is threatened by the names of streets, cities, monuments, heraldry, the people living there and the language they speak, then you are probably building your state on foreign territory.
  8. Mercenary
    Mercenary 27 February 2016 09: 13
    Americans do not need good fighters, they need one-time sabotage groups that are fluent in Russian. am
  9. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 27 February 2016 09: 19
    And even the electrical tape in stores is terrible. Yes, too much lol
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 27 February 2016 11: 26
      Quote: Siberia 9444

      Dear, well, you can’t do that. Two errors in one word. Learn Russian.
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 27 February 2016 13: 32
        . Two errors in one word. Learn Russian.,,
        Yes, comrade just joked, well, what are you so?
      2. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 27 February 2016 13: 32
        Tearfully ask for an apology. It’s not me. This tablet is printing rubbish. repeat
    2. PSih2097
      PSih2097 27 February 2016 11: 46
      Quote: Siberia 9444
      And even the electrical tape in stores is terrible. Yes, too much lol

      but the fighters are dressed in a deserted version of the British DPM, they were interestingly purchased by themselves or humanitarian aid from the British community ... laughing
  10. PKK
    PKK 27 February 2016 11: 06
    Quote: TVM - 75
    there is no need to eat or cook. Let the mattress "teachers" train on Estonians!

    It’s not easy to be an instructor, every cadet strives for something to slam or bargain with. You’ll leave naked and barefoot.
  11. black
    black 27 February 2016 11: 13
    Near Debaltseve, fighters of the 8 Armed Forces Regiment of the Armed Forces, served in checkpoints. For the formation of a normal special subdivision, it takes about five years. Training and combat, training and exercises, and practice and exercises. And competent teachers with experience and combat experience. And equipment and financing and fans of their craft and competent work of psychologists and psychiatrists and ..., and ..., etc.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 27 February 2016 11: 37
      5 years is needed to become a personnel. A specialist - all ten. Everything is correct.
  12. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 27 February 2016 12: 23
    No weapons will help Ukraine against Russia. The main part of the population of this country, with the exception of Zapadentsev, will not fight against Russia, and Zapadentsy will scatter after the first military clash with the regular army of the Russian Federation, as the Georgians did in their time.
  13. mayhem
    mayhem 27 February 2016 12: 29
    there is money for a salary, there isn’t enough food, but they also create special forces, hungry, cold, impoverished special forces won’t fight a lot, at home the wife and children, as the last horseradish says, eats up without salt, and they won’t fight for a ribbon!
  14. wow
    wow 27 February 2016 12: 52
    These macaques have learned to paint only fences and lampposts in the "zhovto-blakytny" ...
    1. olegkrava
      olegkrava 27 February 2016 13: 03
      Nope, still the wheels of the weights are decorated, from below, on the wheel there are signatures - not so long. Well, it's like KUKRINIKSY.
    2. _my opinion
      _my opinion 27 February 2016 16: 20
      Quote: yo-mine
      These macaques have learned to paint only fences and lampposts in the "zhovto-blakytny" ...

      yes color tape AK stores fasten ...
  15. olegyurjewitch
    olegyurjewitch 27 February 2016 18: 07
    What special forces can we talk about? In order to ensure the safe evacuation of those currently in power? With the capitals stolen from the people received during the war, against their own people?
    Are Americans an instructor? Yes, this is nonsense. They are liquid, however, a freebie and a show off are present.
    The author of the article __ correctly noted, / However, it is difficult to recall which of the armies they prepared became truly combat-ready. /
    We are not going to attack Ukraine, the time will come and we will suddenly become brothers from the invaders, sorry for straightforwardness, when there is nothing to eat, then again kisses on the gums.
  16. misterwulf
    misterwulf 27 February 2016 18: 51
    But in general, why MTR Uii? Do they have special tasks? In addition, how to exterminate more of its population? Neither the US nor NATO is needed for this.
    SHOULD! Release all recidivist maniacs from the zones. Give them booze and drugs and HERE they are, "the strength of the MTR". Here it is-ATO. And here it is - "special operation".
    They are already doing this. Americans are not needed ... although ... there are enough of their pederasts-perverts-sadists (judging by what they did with civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan).

    Simple, unclear. Who should teach whom?
  17. Cap.nemo58rus
    Cap.nemo58rus 27 February 2016 18: 55
    And even insulating tape in stores

    It would be better if they smeared their forehead with greens. There are more benefits.
  18. isker
    isker 27 February 2016 20: 59
    show-offs, show-offs, show-offs ...
    for 6 ships "Dill Navy" - 5 admirals! and in the special forces - in a couple of months there will be 10-20 lieutenants of the Airborne Forces - a new item of income for an exotic line of the budget!
  19. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 28 February 2016 03: 01
    Shops in blue and yellow duct tape! "And why is this, grandmother? - This is to better see you, granddaughter!" I am sorry, the photo inspired.
    Why not on the forehead, crosswise?