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Arab exodus to Europe

Arab exodus to Europe The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, even used the famous biblical term Exodus to denote the drama of the situation. Meaning the flight of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery: “The current influx of refugees is not an isolated incident. He testifies to the beginning of the outcome. "

“What is going on,” the Komsomolskaya Pravda asked a well-known historian Andrei FURSOV. - Why is it so suddenly, like snow on the head, the flow of refugees from Africa, the Middle East swept Europe?

- Why suddenly? Back in 2000, Chalmers Johnson, an informed and insightful specialist in anti-guerilla tactics in Japan, also published a book called Blowback. In it, he predicted that in the coming 50 years, the West would receive a return primarily in Asia and Africa for what he had done there in the second half of the twentieth century. Since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The book initially went unnoticed. But after 11 September 2001, the second edition came out, “Recoil” became popular.

- Yeah, the attack on the twin towers, a symbol of America, has really become a harsh "recoil." Guessing the gut!

“However, the US authorities, leaders of the Western world, did not heed Johnson’s warning. First, Bush invaded Afghanistan, Iraq. Then Obama at the end of 2010, the Middle East was set on fire by his “Arab spring”. Here they are, the origins of the current rapid flow of migrants. Which will increase.

- But they are fleeing to Europe. Western!

- Of course! America is far beyond the ocean. Do not swim in the fragile little boats. And Europe is close. Enough to swim across the Mediterranean. In addition, in the 21 century, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom were very active in joining the Yankees in the Middle East. Germany did not stand aside. Here is Western Europe and now receives a return, prophesied by Johnson. Boomerang is back.

- Analysts are already comparing the situation with the Great Roman Empire, which the barbarians destroyed. Say, new barbarians – migrants will destroy now Western Europe.

- Late realized it! Back in the early days of 1990, French analyst Jean-Christophe Ryufeng published the prophetic book Empire and New Barbarians. He wrote that around 2020, Europe would face a very serious problem - an influx of migrants, “new barbarians”.

- No mistake!

- The strategy proposed by the author is much more important than the prophecy itself. In his opinion, Western Europe should cherish and nourish the countries of North Africa, pray for them! After all, these are “tampons”, “laying” between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. They save the old Europe from the influx of migrants from the black continent. "Tampons" he called Algeria and Tunisia, where it was restless. In Libya, then sat Gaddafi. Not a tampon, but a real iron barrier, the mouse will not slip, not that the hordes of refugees! And what happened? Obama's Arab Spring began precisely with a coup in Tunisia in December 2010. It is very restless now in Algeria. A stable Libya and completely crushed. In many ways, by the hands of France, Italy, with the leaders of which Gaddafi, as he believed, was "friends", at least partially sponsored.

“How can you not recall the curse-prophecy betrayed by Gaddafi’s“ western partners ”:“ You bombed the wall, which did not allow the flow of African migration to Europe, the wall that stopped the Al Qaeda terrorists. ” This wall was Libya. You destroyed it. You are idiots. For thousands of migrants from Africa, for the support of "Al-Qaeda" burn you in hell. And so it will be. "

- Western Europeans, led by the North Atlantic elites, stirred up a beehive. And destitute bees flew to them. From African Eritrea, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia, Cameroon, Gabon, from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, from the same Syria ... Refugees escape from the horrors of war, devastation, rampant gangs of terrorists, the same LIH (banned in Russia by terrorist movement). And all this was arranged in a relatively calm formerly collective West region.

- What for?

- The question is very interesting. Geopolitical. The same Chalmers Johnson in the "Return" warned that America in the 21 century will have to leave from Asia, Africa. And the US is really leaving. There is not enough gunpowder to hold Afghanistan, Iraq by force ... It was not by chance that Hollywood began making films about legions forgotten on the periphery of the Roman Empire. But the Yankees cannot just leave. Geopolitics and geo-economics, like nature, do not tolerate emptiness. In place of Americans can come competitors - the Chinese, for example. How to make the Middle East do not get sworn friends?

The logic of the Americans is simple: if you can’t directly hold certain zones and leave, then, first, you need to create chaos in them, breaking up large power structures as possible into smaller ones. Secondly, to destabilize the situation, creating a "controlled chaos" from the Maghreb to Kyrgyzstan, the underbelly of Russia and China!

- Far reaching designs!

- As part of this strategy, coup d'etat was organized in Tunisia, Yemen, mass unrest in Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Oman and other countries. Under the brand of the “Arab Spring”, even the rulers, more than loyal to the United States, underwent cleaning. For example, the regime Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. He, too, "merged." Stumbling blocks in the path of this arc were Libya and Syria. Libya defeated. Today, there is only one "stone" - Syria, an ally of Russia, Iran and China at the same time. Bashar Asad does not want to share the tragic fate of Gaddafi, he is desperately defending himself.

Who is best suited for organizing instability in the Middle East? Of course, the Islamists. They and transnational corporations (TNCs), whose cluster is the United States, objectively have a common enemy — the nation states. TNCs and Islamic terrorist (essentially political and economic) corporations are supranational in nature, working together for their "bright future."

Moreover, these terrorist corporations are created by the American special services. What devoted a lot of books. For example, the “Dollars of Terror: the USA and the Islamists” by R. Labevera, “Islamism and the USA: the Union against Europe”, etc.

- An interesting title for the second book! It turns out that the conspiracy thesis that one of the goals of “controlled chaos” in the Middle East is the flow of refugees to Western Europe to weaken it, has reason?

- This is not a conspiracy, but a political-economic version. Politically, the United States and Western Europe are partners. But economically - competitors. As the saying goes, friendship is friendship, and money - dollars and euros - are apart! The Yankees understood perfectly well where millions of migrants from the Middle East would rush during the Arab Spring. Any destabilization of a competitor in the hands of the United States. Yankee's cherished dream is to create controlled chaos around the world so that all capital flows into one calm zone - across the ocean. To blessed America.

- Andrei Ilyich, I will nevertheless return to my first question. Libya has long been crushed. In Syria, too, the war is not the first year. But why exactly now the topic of "new barbarians"?

- As the saying goes, quantity turned into quality. In addition, it is precisely in recent times that a new player in the Middle East, ISIS, has become so cruel. It became clear to the people: the bloody terrorist “Islamic State” - seriously and for a long time. That the Americans are verbally fighting with ISIS, and in fact help them to overthrow Assad. That is the exodus of the people.

- But experts from the American television channel Fox News believe that Russia is to blame for the flow of Middle Eastern refugees that made Europe tremble. Which supports Assad. British Premier Cameron hints at this.

- Westerners are ashamed to admit that the migration crisis was caused precisely by their actions in the Middle East, which Russia actively resisted. If the Kremlin did not support Assad and Damascus fell, a wave of migrants would sweep over Europe even earlier. Now they are felting from a sick head to a healthy one. I believe that soon the West will blame the Russians for all earthquakes, meteorite falls and other natural disasters.

- Another conspiracy version. This is Turkey who opened the gateways to migrants, a new route to Europe. Revenge for the fact that it is not accepted for many years in the European Union.

“I think it’s becoming more prosaic: more than two million Middle Eastern refugees have settled in Turkey itself.” And what to do with them? People rush to Europe. Go in peace! Again, these are the consequences of the “Arab spring” and not the cunning of Ankara ...

- Analysts are already counting the income of the mafia making money on the delivery of refugees to Europe. Almost 15 billions of dollars a year! Profitable business ...

- Of course, someone uses the situation to get profits. Business! But it was not this mafia of smuggling carriers that drove hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, but war, rampant terrorists.

- About smugglers mentioned not by chance. In February 2013, the United States and the EU decided to create the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the world's largest free trade zone. On the initiative of the Yankees, of course. The signing of the document was postponed for various reasons. But at the beginning of 2016, the TTIP is finally born. There is a version that Washington deliberately dumps refugees here in order to weaken the economy of the European Union, reduce the cost of labor, ruin the antitrust laws. And get great benefits from TTIP. It seems that other American companies and institutions spend large sums of money on organizing the flow of migrants to Europe. They pay both to refugees and carriers ...

- Fully admit. It is in the spirit of the Yankees. Although we need solid evidence. I am surprised by the position of the same Germany. The 800 of thousands of migrants here must take in this year, said Mrs Merkel. On the one hand, 800 thousand, like, a little. But, as Einstein said, the world is not a quantitative concept, but a qualitative one. And even Merkel admits that Germany will change as a result. And already changing. The German authorities do not see a contradiction in their actions. On the one hand, they increase the retirement age for the Germans. On the other hand, they receive hundreds of thousands of young men, Muslims and Africans. Everyone pays attention - mostly men are traveling now younger than 35.

- But this is a labor force!

- Sorry, the bulk of them, apparently, is not going to work. And she wants to get free comfortable housing and live on good benefits. That is why these people do not remain in Hungary, Romania, Greece, Serbia, but rush through police cordons to rich Germany, Austria, Sweden, England. A situation is created when a very large percentage of young, not very educated, frankly speaking illiterate people from the Arab world and Africa, who have nothing to do, accumulate in Western Europe. A sort of social dynamite that can explode at any time.

By the way, the interception of conversations by ISIS commanders revealed that several thousand militants were abandoned in Europe along with the refugees.

- They write about four thousand ...

- The exact number is unlikely to know, but they are many. And more will come. It means that an increase in crime, terrorist attacks and, possibly, something worse is expected.
- And what will Western Europe do?

- I believe, will try to throw out a part of migrants to Eastern Europe. In the same countries as Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic countries ... Just a few days ago, they received increased quotas for receiving migrants. And this is just the beginning. Ironically, in the Baltics, the term was once born - negros, i.e. not citizens, Russians. Now, the local arrogant nationalists will receive, according to the order of the EU leadership, real blacks, Arabs. Let's see how the hot Baltic guys sing.

- And how will this turbulent flow of refugees foul on Russia?

- In the near future in any way. You can see for yourself, they don’t even stay in Hungary; they go to where the nourishing, warm, big benefits are. To rich countries. While we are not threatened by a wave of migrants. They master Europe. Russia is not a promised country for them. It's cold, the migration laws are harsh, the police, and the people here are not tolerant, as in Europe. It is necessary to work.

But in the medium term there may be a big threat.

- What?

- And will not the collective West want to throw all this explosive mass on Russia? An attempt to solve the “Russian question” with the help of Ukraine failed. It is absolutely clear now that ukry cannot fight the Donbass militia even because Russia is behind them. Weak in the knees. Poles, Romanians, Hungarians, Czechs cannot fight with Russians ...

- Not to mention the Balts.

- Well, these “hot guys” are generally out of the game. Western Europeans will not go to war with us at all.

Now imagine: in Europe there are hundreds of thousands, millions of young men from the Middle East, Africa, who have nothing to do, how to take weapon. The most ideal option mercenaries. They show pictures of Russian cities. It is also clean and light. A lot of space, and, most importantly, beautiful white women. What is this, if not an invitation for expansion?

The problem - and the threat - is very serious. If this guess is correct, it becomes clear: the humanitarian crisis with refugees in Europe, in addition to intra-European goals and objectives (erasing the racial, ethnic and religious identity of Europeans, creating a platform for social, ethnic and political conflict between migrants and European nationalists) has others that go beyond Western European framework goals and objectives. Namely - the creation of a mass of "orcs", which can be thrown at Russia.

True as often happens in stories, the dog may go berserk and bite the owner himself. Recall the story of Bin Laden. Mercenaries can start cutting first of all the rich people of Western Europe. In any case, the North Atlantic tops started another dangerous hunt. In such cases, the urgent task is to turn the hunter himself into a game. As Hamlet used to say: “The Kulik got caught in his own network, Orik”

- Your prediction of the fate of the old woman of Europe, Andrei Ilyich.

- Philosopher Oswald Spengler in 1918 wrote the famous work “The Decline of Europe”. Fascism, post-war Americanization very much transformed it. But neither the Nazis nor the Yankees did not question a number of European values. And even more so there was no such racial and ethnic confusion. What is happening now, in my opinion, is the final decline of Europe in the hole of History. In the hole that the West Europeans themselves dug for themselves. A society that cannot protect its cultural, racial, ethnic, religious identity is doomed to death.
I am particularly amazed by the Germans. In just the 70 years, the proud warlike nation has become a weak-willed mass, ready to lay its head at home on the block under the stranger’s ax. A good example of skilled social engineering. I once hoped that a new generation of Germans, brought up on the music of the Ramstein group, would revive its former German prowess and spirit. Alas ... But Germany is the leader of today's Europe. What to say about the rest. Well, if the will to death seized the Europeans, you can't help it.

I think in half a century. After two generations, the final will come. The final rejection of work ethic, other values, Christianity, which is not already included in the European constitution, the grinding and extinction of the white race.

- What will happen to this place?

- Again, remember the lessons of history. The great migration of peoples to the continent in the 4-7 centuries. Tribes of barbarians mingled with the inhabitants of the enlightened Roman Empire. There were other ethnic groups, a different culture. For example, francs were less than galls. But the country is now called France, not Gaul. Then people of the same race mixed up. White. Now there is a mixture of different races, ethnic groups. And I would not be surprised if in the middle of the 21 century on the map of today's Europe there will be the Munich Caliphate, the Marseille Sultanate, the tribal structures of quasi-African type, but not with black, but with chocolate faces. Obama’s enigmatic phrase, uttered in London May 2012, is becoming clear now. Like, in this century will be formed new nations. They are already forming before our eyes. The main thing, Western Europe will not. If no miracle happens!
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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 26 February 2016 12: 29
    In general, it is already clear that Western Europe and the United States are currently ruled by the devil's servants.
    1. Sensatus
      Sensatus 26 February 2016 13: 12
      Does the devil need such servants?
      And the process that in Europe, that in America is the most ordinary: the old and the people who have spent their energy give way to new ones that are emerging. In the United States, so far everyone is turning a blind eye to this, but there 50% of the population are blacks and Latinos, who are not just alien to the white Anglo-Saxons, but more often than not hostile to them.
      Therefore, in the near future there will be more fun in North America and Europe. And in America, it seems to me, it will be even cooler. At least, because the population has no such quantity of weapons anywhere else.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 26 February 2016 14: 26
        Giant thought
        In general, it is already clear that Western Europe and the United States are currently ruled by the devil's servants.

        “Servants of the Devil” is from the realm of mysticism, but allegorically not far from the truth.
        In fact, this is just a manifestation of the very law of higher sociology (or the universal law of sociology), the empirical existence of which was already pointed out by Grigory Klimov in his book “Red Kabbalah” (1994 - S. 304-305, 275), on the existence of the constant struggle between healthy people and biological degenerates (including mental degenerates too), who have flooded the "top" of the United States and are dictating their will to nations around the world through their multinational companies. That at the same time, in this world war between “biological” degenerates and healthy people, ultimately, no one will stand aside. And that this war has long been known as the war between the "Devil" and "God."
        Historical practice shows that “biological” degenerates are valid, wherever they are, the main instigators of world wars and the main economic and war criminals against humanity and against the existence of all humanity on Earth as such. The degenerates measure the history of mankind solely by the size of their own lives, and they try to decompose society itself into their own minority, pulling everyone else into their own vices. No power over people can be trusted to degenerates - they will kill everyone and quickly die out themselves.
        This war hurts everyone. And there is a complete likelihood that humanity in general simply really will not live to see the end of this 21st century - it will die on Earth much earlier than it could still exist, live and develop.
    2. Tor5
      Tor5 26 February 2016 13: 30
      Very reasonable and much explanatory article in an accessible language.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. 222222
      222222 26 February 2016 13: 43
      .. "Let's remember the lessons of history. The Great Migration of Nations on the Continent in the 4th-7th centuries. ..2
      .. "" the horses follow the grass. "" .. and again ... green .. laughing

      ... Problems in EXODUS countries ..
  2. Lanista
    Lanista 26 February 2016 12: 30
    The author is largely right, but does not take into account the possible alternative (third) scenario.
    This scenario will consist in the revival, development, and even in the coming to power in most European countries of right and ultra-right forces.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. dr.star75
    dr.star75 26 February 2016 12: 34
    It’s time for us to build a wall from THEM.
    1. Bulrumeb
      Bulrumeb 26 February 2016 12: 54
      The wall is not a panacea, but to make sure that we were even afraid to think about to snoop is much more reliable.
      It’s cold, the migration laws are harsh, the police, and our people are not tolerant, as in Europe.

      And thank God that they are not tolerant.
  5. gergi
    gergi 26 February 2016 12: 39
    When the wonderful Jewish people begin to fly into all their shoulder blades, wait for trouble. Now they began to sneeze from Europe. The main thing is that they would not climb into Russia to us, otherwise they would already wish to settle the Crimea. And without them, the fifth column is not small. Jews are fleeing from the European ship, so it’s sure to drown. Well, to hell with them.
    1. vovan50
      vovan50 26 February 2016 14: 33
      The main thing is that they would not climb into Russia to us, otherwise they would already wish to settle the Crimea.

      Well, Crimea is not Crimea, but we have our own autonomous republic for them. There is a lot of space, and the air is clean, and there is no war, and there is work for everyone.
      1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 27 February 2016 00: 33
        And what kind of work is it? There are swamps and mosquitoes alone. nobody lived there ever. The hosiery factory was in the 90s and it closed.
  6. DMoroz
    DMoroz 26 February 2016 12: 39
    In principle, they move through Russia to the EU, but, as the author said, our country is unattractive for them ... "Russia is not a promised country for them. It's cold, immigration laws are harsh, the police, and our people are not tolerant, as in Europe...."
  7. Velizariy
    Velizariy 26 February 2016 12: 41
    Quote: Lanista
    The author is largely right, but does not take into account the possible alternative (third) scenario.
    This scenario will consist in the revival, development, and even in the coming to power in most European countries of right and ultra-right forces.

    It will not happen. The forces themselves will not come, in the case of today's Europe, everything is under total control there, and the same Le Pen will not have time to utter a peep if the ski is brought to power seriously.
    1. activator
      activator 26 February 2016 12: 46
      Quote: Velizariy
      chopping and extinction of the white race.

      This is a goal, and money and economics are just a means to an end.
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 February 2016 12: 43
    Like, in this century new nations will be formed. They are already being formed before our eyes. Most importantly, there will be no Western Europe. If a miracle does not happen!

    Well, right clairvoyant, horseradish. Yes, and a miracle, gentlemen of the geyropovtsy, do not wait - there will not be one! Kuput, once used to say nothing! Kaput to you all! wassat
  9. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 26 February 2016 12: 53
    The Yankees' cherished dream is to create controlled chaos around the world, so that all capital flows into one calm zone - across the ocean. To blessed America.

    And the numerous "partners" who are stuffing themselves into "friends" for the Americans do not understand the simple truth: they do not have and never have had friends: all the rest are slaves of the white man. And they see partnership only in one sense: we row everyone. Sorry for the hint.
  10. RomanS
    RomanS 26 February 2016 12: 54
    It is difficult to consider such a capacious problem in a limited space and time. Many global factors and trends that have led to the emergence of the current situation are not taken into account. A sharp, on a European scale, the influx of "refugees" sounded and formed a PROBLEM in the heads of Europeans. After all, no one was indignant at the time when France was inhabited by Algerians. And such a quiet expansion is much more dangerous, because social changes for the layman are imperceptible. Therefore, they do not cause rejection. Today's events have caused a surge in the popularity of nationalist parties in Europe, and in view of the preservation of the liberal course of the ruling parties, anti-migration ideas will only grow. Rather, one should expect tough clashes between the new "colonialists" and the aborigines.
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 February 2016 12: 57
    Well, he goes too far with the forecast, it’s obvious. Even 500 million Muslims are not enough for the 50 million inhabitants of geyropa. The capture of these territories in 4-7 centuries was a comparable number of barbarian hordes. The fact that Europe will not remain the same is a fact. But the fact that there will not appear new Treblinka, imprisoned for migrants - do not vouch.
  12. 0255
    0255 26 February 2016 12: 59
    The Germans amaze me especially. In just 70 years, a proud warlike nation has turned into a limp mass, ready at home dutifully to lay its head on the chopping block under an alien's ax. A good example of skillful social engineering.

    I read that the USA and the USSR Germans were specially weaned from fighting, creating the Germans a high standard of living in Germany and the GDR, respectively.
  13. square
    square 26 February 2016 13: 01
    - What for? (question from the article)
    Yes, because they do not care.
  14. pvmvmp
    pvmvmp 26 February 2016 13: 22
    Europe is gradually turning into a territory that was hit by leprosy and runs the risk of losing its chance to join Russia before Russia disowns it as a leper
  15. pts-m
    pts-m 26 February 2016 13: 25
    yeah, high niggas and the rest of the Schwartzen swarm this sweet word, FREEDOM, for each nation it is perceived differently. One has enough conditions in an empty cardboard box, and the other for the holiday to feel for the intimate places of fragrant Frolayn.
  16. sieras
    sieras 26 February 2016 13: 49
    a man wrote on a Lithuanian site. war by war, etc. a huge problem in the birth rate of that population. he said that if Europe in a year and 10 million will accept. that world will easily offer 100. so this problem cannot be solved by placing the number of people at the moment. they will go go. Yes, even the whole of Africa will break into here. politicians think that by placing 2-3 million the flow will calm down. yeah, another stream will flood with renewed vigor. no matter how much Europe places and shelters. Germans will plow paying frantic taxes. and contain Mrs. Merkel’s guests.
  17. ASK505
    ASK505 26 February 2016 13: 51
    The author is right. We see the beginning of historical and catastrophic changes on the continent. Europe - this is the main colony of America, which they are ready to bury just to throw these black hordes on Russian civilization. The plan for the future. Europeans will never be able to fight seriously for American interests, as in the I and II CFs. The sunset of Europe loomed on the horizon. Everything goes to the point that we again have to save Europe, but from another plague.