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Washington expressed concern over Russia's blocking of a “humanitarian corridor” from Turkey to Aleppo

The special envoy of the United States on the settlement of the Syrian crisis and the fight against ISIS announced that Russia was allegedly doing everything to block some humanitarian corridor from Turkey to Aleppo. The special envoy of the head of the American state, Brett McGurk, states that “humanitarian aid is coming first along the corridor.” Reports about it RIA News.

Washington expressed concern over Russia's blocking of a “humanitarian corridor” from Turkey to Aleppo

According to the American official, Russia is working “on closing the humanitarian corridor” along with the “Assad regime”. At the same time, McGurk does not clarify whether this is not, incidentally, the “humanitarian corridor” through which trucks with militants entered the Syrian territory, weapons and ammunition? ..

It should be recalled that last year in the Turkish newspaper is There was a report by Turkish journalists about how Turkish secret services transport weapons to militants of terrorist groups in heavy trucks under the guise of humanitarian aid in Syria. Now a criminal case has been opened against these journalists in Turkey, in which representatives of the press are called almost government traitors.

Apparently, the United States is also very concerned about the fact that, as a result of the coordinated actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the SAR army, the militants supply corridor turned out to be almost completely closed.
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  1. cniza
    cniza 24 February 2016 12: 37
    Apparently, the United States is also very concerned about the fact that, as a result of the coordinated actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the SAR army, the militants supply corridor turned out to be almost completely closed.

    The child will starve and they will kill him.
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 24 February 2016 12: 39
      They would go to the doctor with their concern. To the fact that haloperidol and others like them are prescribed.
      1. Pravdarm
        Pravdarm 24 February 2016 12: 44
        Black oxygen shut off preoccupied! So they cough, growl!
        Do not go to the doctor! laughing
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 24 February 2016 12: 51
      Well, what do you want from the exceptional ones? I wrote it already today, the truce has not yet begun, and the mattresses have already howled that Russia and Assad are violating it. The mean country of the USA, the mean and hypocritical.
      1. Vend
        Vend 24 February 2016 12: 53
        Well, that's right. Along this humanitarian corridor, new militants are sent from Turkey to Alepo. How can I not get worried laughing
      2. hobot
        hobot 24 February 2016 17: 06
        And what do you want - no truce confrontation and, accordingly, pro-Western meanness does not exclude. They have one goal - the destruction of Russia.
  2. demo
    demo 24 February 2016 12: 39
    List of humanitarian supplies going from Turkey to Syria, to the studio!
  3. beresa
    beresa 24 February 2016 12: 42
    How can the "peaceful oppositionists" receive support in the fight against the "bloody Assad regime" now?
    The striped people worry that their investments in the "democratic future of Syria" will be lost ...
  4. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 24 February 2016 12: 43
    Is this the way the humanitarian Kalash went in or the humanitarian oil from?
  5. 4ekist
    4ekist 24 February 2016 12: 44
    As long as the Syrian border guards do not control the border with Turkey, it is hard to call these cargoes "humanitarian". After all, there are other ways of delivering cargo - sea, through the Syrian border guards and customs. Who is stopping you from using them?
  6. askort154
    askort154 24 February 2016 12: 47
    ".. turned out to be almost completely covered ..."

    Two days left to delete the word "practically".
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 24 February 2016 13: 26
      There for a long time. Now all the cookies go through Idlib, there is a huge common border - the whole province. Just earlier, the journey from Turkey to the west-south Aleppo required less than 3 hours, but now it’s about 10-12, plus you have to share with Nusra for travel.
  7. engineer74
    engineer74 24 February 2016 12: 47
    We, too, must express our concern about the closure of the humanitarian corridor from Mexico to Texas! It provides "medicines" and "equipment" that improve the lives of thousands of African Americans and Latinos !!! negative
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 24 February 2016 13: 30
      Well why.

      Here's an example:
      Foix and Kefray - in complete blockade, there is only air delivery. Even Kerry mentioned that a humanitarian corridor should be opened there. However, after a couple of days, the UN and the State Department regretfully reported that all the approaches to Foix and Kefrai were behind Nusra, and it was also a terrorist organization, so there was nothing to be done ...

      The same with DeZ - around Blacks, but what are the agreements with them? Therefore, the Iranian Herkuls and the VKSovskih Il DeZ supply.

      But all the boilers in Hama, Homs, Damascus, Darai, as well as Aleppo should be open according to the agreement, because there are bearded kittens from the SSA, plus the agreement obliges the Syrian Republic to provide humanitarian access.
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 24 February 2016 12: 48
    The mattresses can’t decide who they are for. For the terrorists or for moderate terrorists. How they got their duplicity.
    1. 341712
      341712 24 February 2016 13: 48
      Quote: Alexander 3
      Mattresses can not decide who they are

      These are only for themselves ....
  9. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 24 February 2016 12: 49
    It was to cause Washington's concern that this was done by Moscow.
  10. biserino
    biserino 24 February 2016 12: 50
    He must quickly liberate the whole city, because without terrorists, atrocities for civilians and victims of hunger will increase.
    1. gergi
      gergi 24 February 2016 13: 10
      Are Putin and Assad always to blame? How caring and kind you are, and all at the expense of others. Your kindness has killed people more than your malice. Europe smelly!
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 February 2016 12: 50
    a humanitarian corridor from Turkey to Aleppo

    They say insolently that they are concerned about the difficulties encountered in transporting terrorists from Turkish territory to Syrian territory.
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 February 2016 12: 50
    Uti-uti-uti ... It has begun. Touch these, don't touch those, these are good, and these ... are also good. And the Turks carried exclusively humanitarian shells. Nothing more. And we so believe the Ottomans in word.
  13. guzik007
    guzik007 24 February 2016 12: 56
    Yeah ... cynicism just rolls over.
    1. Starik72
      Starik72 24 February 2016 13: 10
      guzik007. It is not cynicism that rolls over, but idiocy rolls over!
  14. alean245
    alean245 24 February 2016 13: 01
    Washington expressed concern over Russia's blocking of a “humanitarian corridor” from Turkey to Aleppo

    The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army are supplying militants with "humanitarian aid" much faster and more efficiently. "Humanitarian aid" arrives directly at the positions of the militants, and often at supersonic speeds wink .
  15. jaguarstas
    jaguarstas 24 February 2016 13: 01
    To Americans, everything "seems", "seen", they consider it "probable." Would they have gone to f ... with their assumptions? The Americans believe they are able to control the frostbitten terrorists in Syria! They think that by feeding the monster on the territory of other sovereign states they will benefit for themselves! Yes, they sentenced their country to total annihilation three times as retribution for the murders. But even they are suckers compared to the British. It's not a secret for anyone now that the first concentration camps appeared in them during the Boer War. I propose to keep all the Anglo-Saxons on reservations, and to settle the original inhabitants of America - Indians on their lawful lands, plus foggy Albion in addition. The most dangerous and hostile nation is the Anglo-Saxons.
  16. square
    square 24 February 2016 13: 03
    We ourselves deliver humanitarian aid to them, and the same as the Turks but in the already unpacked form. Missiles, bombs, etc. Why do they need a corridor? They do not need a corridor. laughing
  17. russmensch
    russmensch 24 February 2016 13: 06
    “corridors primarily receive humanitarian supplies”

    Excuse me gentlemen are good and caring ... and secondly, what comes in? Freudian reservation?
  18. Stinger
    Stinger 24 February 2016 13: 14
    “corridors primarily receive humanitarian supplies”

    Shells, cartridges and replenishment, then, only secondarily? Again, a famine staged. Do not give cookies to carry. Are we preoccupied with their concern?
  19. Achilles
    Achilles 24 February 2016 13: 33
    On what basis does Turkey send humanitarian convoys without the consent of the Syrian government, why does the world community not ask this question, there is nothing easier than letting it go at the Turkish checkpoint, Syrian representatives search all cargoes, this is done in cases when the state does not control the border, it was like when Russia sent their humanitarian convoys in the DPR and LPR. Now the Syrian government and the Russian Federation need to take a tough stance on this topic (about the search of the Gum. Convoys) and then it will immediately become clear who is who.
  20. Alexandr2637
    Alexandr2637 24 February 2016 13: 35
    The "eternally preoccupied" no longer know how else to protect their daesh geeks.
  21. Trigger-Happy
    Trigger-Happy 24 February 2016 14: 04
    All our so-called "partners" want one thing - to smash Syria to pieces, but Assad does not give it! Hence all these concerns and they will support anyone, even the devil, but not legitimate authority. And all this truce, about which all the media are talking with such hope, is some kind of fiction. It seems to me that ... the Saxons came up with their next plan how to make another from under the tishka podlyanka.
  22. red_october
    red_october 24 February 2016 14: 25
    According to an American official, Russia is working "to close the humanitarian corridor" along with the "Assad regime."

    Not so simple, oh not so simple)))

    And also ...
  23. Dimontius
    Dimontius 24 February 2016 14: 36
    another special Thy Mother is a representative of something there, something broadcasting there. And this, of course, is replicated all over the world. Are they trying so hard to push that it didn't work to knock Obama out on the phone with Putin? or immediately prepare the ground for further attacks? but rather both. but we discovered your tricks back in the 70s. And if you make a "kidok" to us now, when the President is already making an announcement on TV, then our revenge will be terrible if something happens. we will go to the end, to the end of the Anglo-Saxon world. It’s time to remember the behavior of Russians from the past centuries.
  24. afrikanez
    afrikanez 24 February 2016 15: 05
    You know your "humanitarian corridors" through which militants and weapons are being transferred. Two-faced and deceitful Americans, completely lost their honor and conscience in the "fight against IS" fool
  25. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 24 February 2016 15: 15
    Humanitarian goods delivered through these humanitarian corridors burn well smile
  26. Andrew81183
    Andrew81183 24 February 2016 16: 03
    Here are the horses humpbacked.
  27. cap
    cap 24 February 2016 16: 05
    This corridor caretaker is an interesting bird. He does not disdain dirty work.
    "McGurk, who has been promoting US interests in Iraq for many years, often at the risk of his own security, was disgraced after hackers posted his correspondence with Gina Chon to the network (on the Flickr site). The correspondence dates back to 2008, when McGurk served on the National Council security, and Chon worked as a correspondent for The Wall Street Journal on Iraqi soil. The exchange of messages between the diplomat and the reporter made it clear that Brett and Gina were having an affair. Moreover, the mistress allegedly gave McGurk access to the materials of the newspaper that had not yet It is also reported that McGurk allegedly consulted Chon by naming the people she should have interviewed.
    According to The Wall Street Journal, Gina violated the code of the Dow Jones Company, which runs the newspaper and prescribes the code of conduct for its employees. After the scandal, Jung quit her job, refusing to comment. McGurk was married at the time of the hot romance. The discovered correspondence shows that he began to cheat on his wife during the difficult negotiations of 2008 to conclude a security agreement between the United States and Iraq. The diplomat later divorced and married Chon.
    In 2012, when extramarital affairs were made public, lawmakers expressed their dissatisfaction with Barack Obama, who proposed McGurk's candidacy for the post of US ambassador to Iraq. They accused the diplomat of being shortsighted and also felt that McGurk was not qualified for the job ahead. "
  28. hobot
    hobot 24 February 2016 17: 13
    I think it’s necessary to peacefully resolve humanitarian corridors, just so that caravans in the sand get lost without a trace. Storms around are sandy ...
  29. Ros 56
    Ros 56 24 February 2016 17: 14
    Why are you so striped anxious, not every plane will fly from you to this corridor. What did you forget here, would sit quietly behind a puddle, and not blather.
  30. Vadimigsvg
    Vadimigsvg 24 February 2016 17: 59
    Our brainchild was greatly offended! And they run to complain: "Daddy Obama, we are at the bottom of the ass!"
  31. Dalmatia
    Dalmatia 24 February 2016 21: 22
    The question arises on which vehicles humanitarian aid is delivered from Turkey to Syria. If on white KAMAZ trucks, in the daytime and with the presentation of the contents to observers, this is one situation. But if it is different, then this is not a humanitarian convoy, but complicity in terrorism.
  32. sergant67
    sergant67 25 February 2016 00: 58
    Want a corridor? Organize under your control ..... and partners to the heap in the campaign .... so as not to twitch.