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Saudi Arabia has nuclear ambitions

Saudi Arabia has nuclear ambitions

The ruling royal dynasty of Saudi Arabia announced the imminent emergence of a nuclear weapons. According to Turki al-Faisal, a prince with great authority, who led the local special services in the past and was ambassador to the United States, these measures will be a response to the nuclear program implemented in Iran. Since, according to him, the international community did not take measures to prevent this, the kingdom is forced to prepare response measures in response to the threat.

Prince Mukrin bin Abd al-Aziz, the current head of the special services, in turn, advised Iran not to interfere in the policies of the Gulf countries, as this could lead to a war that no one needs.

However, not only the Iranian "threat" forces the Saudi kingdom to create its own nuclear weapons. According to the royal dynasty, there is another potential “enemy” who already possesses weapons of mass destruction, which in turn provokes other countries to prepare their response to a possible threat from his side.

In particular, according to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Turki bin Muhammad, his kingdom supports the idea of ​​free from this type of weapons of the Middle East. But Israel, which refuses to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, is hindering its implementation.

Saudi Arabia has already taken concrete steps to create and develop a local nuclear program. So far, according to assurances from Riyadh, it will be peaceful. Representatives of the ruling dynasty, in particular the already mentioned Prince Turki bin Muhammad, believe that the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is permissible for any state, and Saudi Arabia will not be an exception.

Already in 2012, a tender will be announced for the construction of the country's first nuclear reactor. This was reported by representatives of the Center for Renewable and Atomic Energy Research in Saudi Arabia. The center's ambitious program is considering the possibility of building nuclear reactors in the 16 kingdom by the year of 2030. According to the plans of Riyadh, this will allow Saudi Arabia to take a leading position among the world's nuclear powers. They do not exclude the creation of their own nuclear weapons, the starting point for which can be the current "peaceful" program.

This threat was far from being the first from this Middle Eastern country. NATO received statements about this back in June of this year.

According to information published by the British Guardian newspaper, Prince Turki al-Faisal said this at a meeting with representatives of the alliance. From his words, it follows that in a situation when Iran’s nuclear weapons threaten the security of Saudi Arabia, they cannot remain inactive. And their answer will be the creation of their own nuclear weapons.

However, at the moment in the kingdom there is simply no scientific and industrial base necessary for the realization of these threats. And while the possibility of the emergence of a nuclear program in a country focused mostly on oil production seems to be very vague and vague.

In the coming years, only with the use of its developments, Saudi Arabia will not be able to launch a nuclear program. However, there is information about the preliminary negotiations between representatives of the kingdom and Pakistan, who allegedly in exchange for the supply of cheap oil promised their assistance in obtaining the necessary nuclear technologies.

At the official level, for obvious reasons, this information was not confirmed. But many media outlets noted the fact that Riyadh’s reaction to this “newspaper” duck was rather nervous. The information was called the evil provocation. And the assurances of the authorities, the kingdom has never considered such a possibility of obtaining nuclear weapons.

Western countries, who have long been concerned about the possible threat of the proliferation of nuclear weapons, could not reassure and satisfy this explanation. In many British newspapers, citing numerous sources in Pakistan, information began to appear that Islamabad is ready to cooperate with Riyadh in nuclear matters. In addition, reports began to appear that the purchase of nuclear warheads had already taken place and all that was left was to transfer them to Saudi Arabia from warehouses at the Kamra military airbase in Pakistan.

Many experts do not exclude the possibility of such a development of the situation completely. They point out that the financial situation of Pakistan has been quite precarious lately. And therefore, in the light of the long-standing ties of Islamabad and Riyadh, a nuclear deal could well be concluded.

For now, it all remains only speculation and assumptions. It is quite possible that these are only political "tricks" of the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia, and apart from "loud" conversations and threats, no practical steps will be taken to obtain their own nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia has always been known for its high ambitions, so these statements may be another attempt to assert their importance in the Middle East region. And all the anti-Israel talk is an attempt to attract supporters from the Arab population of neighboring countries. The main point can be called the kingdom’s desire to solve the Iranian problem not with its own forces, but with the “hands” of the Western allies, on which all the statements made by the leadership of this country are aimed.

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  1. wk
    wk 9 December 2011 07: 14
    With their money it’s like 2 fingers to wrap around them, and the United States will look at it like that through their fingers. Noise of course for decency.
  2. mar.tira
    mar.tira 9 December 2011 07: 25
    I wish you a second Fukushima !!! And we will help with Hiroshima if you bring it. In general, our special services must work on the subject of random explosions of warheads from Pakistan, or steal them.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 9 December 2011 10: 43
      An infection, you have to erase this country, because these creatures are unpredictable ...
  3. Sergh
    Sergh 9 December 2011 07: 56
    A subtle hint of Pakistan's setup for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, followed by a charge.
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 9 December 2011 07: 57
      EEE, well, something like that!
  4. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 9 December 2011 08: 58
    what a nuclear weapon! ??? no one will allow them, the "world masters" have their own plans for the Arabs - the oil has run out - they will suck their paws (or something stronger) and live in the Stone Age, who needs oil with their deserts !? unless they change the profile to glassblowers wink in my opinion it's just disinfect
  5. Pacifist
    Pacifist 9 December 2011 10: 12
    I look forward to the screech of various human rights defenders on the issue of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. winked there must be justice! I propose starting a company to impose sanctions against Saudi Arabia, they themselves expressed their desire to have weapons of mass destruction, and also organize a couple - three preventive bombings .. well ... to comply with the pro forma.
  6. serge
    serge 9 December 2011 10: 43
    That's who it is necessary to bomb. And oil prices will rise.
  7. dimarm74
    dimarm74 9 December 2011 11: 11
    Exactly .... something there is no yelling and squealing about the threat to the "progressive world community" .... something is not going to be built by anyone in response to the threat of missiles from Saudi Arabia .... about the sanctions in silence ... .And with human rights like the Saudis? All is well or what?
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 9 December 2011 11: 18
      Oh, something tells me that not everything is in order. I propose to draw the attention of Ms. Clinton to the brutal violation of the rights of gays and lesbians in Saudi Arabia ... this mind is incomprehensible how they infringed .... they are not there !!!!
  8. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 9 December 2011 13: 01
    Something Americans muddied there just like in the 70s, muddied the water in front of Afghanistan, what do they want? That our Islamic underbelly would erupt.
  9. kPoJluK2008
    kPoJluK2008 9 December 2011 13: 32
    No one wants to attack Saudi Arabia! And Iraq was destroyed only because of a little suspicion! Now they want Iran.
    All the same, the United States is still those "devils" !!!
    1. kosmos84
      kosmos84 9 December 2011 19: 51
      not hell but COCKERS
  10. Max79
    Max79 9 December 2011 18: 50
    The Wahhabis are Saudi Arabia. This is their homeland. I think the United States will even help to build reactors secretly. The main bastard is in the USA, worse than the Wahhabis. They must be extinguished first of all !!!
  11. 1Vadim1
    1Vadim1 9 December 2011 19: 45
    Russia needs to propose to the UN a draft resolution on Saudi Arabia, demanding sanctions against them.
  12. cVM
    cVM 9 December 2011 20: 02
    Saudi Arabia is strong, it has bought and is buying new weapons, tanks, destroyers, submarines, frigates, destroyers, helicopters. Here and they wanted to have yao. If I were, I would start exploring yao
  13. Alexandr_K
    Alexandr_K 9 December 2011 21: 53
    Citizens-patriots do not want to see the main thing - the SA wants to become the owner of nuclear weapons in ОТВЕТ to the Iranian nuclear program.
    Read carefully at the beginning of the article:
    these measures will be a response to the ongoing nuclear program in Iran. Since, according to him, the world community did not take measures to prevent this, the kingdom is forced to prepare retaliatory measures in response to the threat that has arisen.

    Although in truth, one cannot allow the Saudis to have nuclear weapons.
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 9 December 2011 23: 05
    The likelihood that Saudi Arabia will develop its nuclear program is most likely a duck, it is easier, faster and more expedient to buy all this, and at least from the United States, than to push.
    1. Lech e-mine
      Lech e-mine 10 December 2011 08: 02
      It is urgent to VVODITSANKTSII AGAINST SAUDITOV.PROTALKIVAT The Security Council resolution about fly zone over Saudi ARAVII.V OTHERWISE bombs and a snack CONTACT SPECIAL FORCES .Before ALL THIS TO CREATE OPPOSITION overthrow of the dictatorship have the Saudis. (Using the whole set of Pindos) -HAHA.