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Russia plans to return the part of the Arctic, which at one time was given to humanity

Russia plans to return the part of the Arctic, which at one time was given to humanity

The newspaper RBC daily published information about one of the key issues scheduled for discussion at the upcoming meeting in the Security Council of the Russian Federation. They will be the decision of the fate of a vast shelf area in the Arctic, which was voluntarily transferred by Russia at the beginning of 2000, in accordance with the Convention on the Law of the Sea of ​​1982, for use by all mankind.

However, now the Council for the Study of Productive Forces has drawn the attention of government officials to the “forgotten” site. Council experts believe that Russia has sufficient grounds to consider the territory a total area of ​​more than 330 thousand square meters. km in one of the parts of the Arctic.

According to the convention, maritime countries received the right to control territorial waters up to 200 nautical miles from the coastline. In the remaining areas that have received the status of "the common heritage of mankind", mining is controlled by international law.
But as a result of the fact that the document did not fix the status of the Arctic, the Arctic states had the opportunity to take advantage of the early norms and divide the shelf among themselves.

According to Alexander Vylegzhanin, director of the SOPS Legal Problems Center, self-restriction of the Arctic territories is a “managerial” mistake. The result of the use of different norms of international law, in which one state declares its territory at one rate, and another state according to another, is confusion and unfair establishment of borders on the shelf.

Gleb Fetisov, chairman of the SOPS, expressed his views on this matter, from which it follows that Russia has rights to its part of the continental shelf, regardless of the specific convention, the fact of the sovereignty of these territories suffices.

A memorandum was prepared in which the leaders of the country are given advice to complete work on the self-limitation of the Arctic territories. In order to retain the site, it is proposed to organize a center for managing the development of the Russian Arctic and without fail to include the territory of the shelf in a government decree on reserves and specially protected areas.

Among the possible benefits from the recognition of the rights of the Russian Federation to the shelf area, it is worth noting that, according to experts, this area contains the richest deposits of minerals. Currently, about 30% of unexplored gas fields, about 13% of oil and huge reserves of non-ferrous metals are concentrated in the Arctic.

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 8 December 2011 14: 01
    Russia has been working in this direction for a long time, especially since we have a trump card up its sleeve: the nuclear icebreaker fleet, as well as other various projects. So we have every chance of winning.
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 8 December 2011 14: 10
      And there are still plans to build icebreakers! And this suggests that we will be there Forever wink
      1. porese
        porese 8 December 2011 14: 47
        Already 1 was laid at the Baltic plant in 2012, another 2 were laid.
        1. Sergh
          Sergh 8 December 2011 15: 06
          That's right, ours and the point, the rest of the fuck..y! A little, by turnips.
          We have icebreakers, we are building three more, the derricks for the North are already in operation. It remains to create a northern frontier detachment and equip it with envy!
          1. vadimus
            vadimus 8 December 2011 15: 12
            Yes, and Alaska is not bad to return fellow
            1. starred
              starred 9 December 2011 00: 27
              Late, my friend! We should hold on to what we have!
              In the world who has power, he is right! - this is according to Americanosovsky! Although, God is not in power, but in truth !!!
    2. GraFF
      GraFF 8 December 2011 14: 14
      Well, yes ... we have projects ... someone else would have put them into reality ... otherwise our state will always be able to chat, but with the implementation we have almost always had difficulties ... most often we start what to do when it is already pressed ...)
    3. dim
      dim 8 December 2011 19: 11
      with our government then :(
  2. redmont
    redmont 8 December 2011 14: 08
    The fact that ours must be taken away ... the Americans ... that they don’t even belong ... they still take it.
    ESCANDER 8 December 2011 14: 31
    "All humanity" in fact are Pindos.
    It's time to collect stones.
  4. porese
    porese 8 December 2011 14: 50
    But there are still deposits of the purest fresh water, even in the picture you can see, and already packed, only cut into slices for transportation.
  5. Roomata
    Roomata 8 December 2011 14: 52
    There is a desire that does not coincide with opportunities in the absence of political strength and perseverance
  6. escobar
    escobar 8 December 2011 14: 54
    It's time to dig out New Swabia))))
  7. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 8 December 2011 15: 02
    It's time to "collect stones". The main thing is not to itch for a long time ...
  8. badabum
    badabum 8 December 2011 15: 10
    It is necessary to master, populate and mine !!! Do not sit on the hay. The industry should be transferred to advanced equipment, while the trophy industry should be scrapped.
  9. sprut
    sprut 8 December 2011 18: 21
    The time has come a long time ago, we need to move. You can also remember about Alaska, and about Crimea, and about the bases in Cuba and Vietnam and show Japan that we are claiming for Northern Hokaido (the Russians appeared there before)!
  10. almost demobil
    almost demobil 8 December 2011 18: 25
    If we have an icebreaking fleet, if additional icebreakers are laid and we have great interest in the Arctic, then it is obvious that the icebreaker fleet must be aircraft-carrying and missile-carrying. fellow
    1. Love
      Love 8 December 2011 19: 41
      I completely agree with you.
    2. sergeant
      sergeant 9 December 2011 01: 00
      We have already lost the missile-carrying "Sharks"! :( ... again, for the sake of the Pindos ...

      In different materials, incl. and on this portal, I read that they say, "they are noisy, there are no missiles for them ... and so on."

      It was quite possible to rearm with other missiles! And about the "noise ..." Who will "listen" to them in the North Pole area under 3-meter ice ???

      The main problem for the Pindos was that the "Shark" could lie under the ice for half a year in high latitudes, where no "Seawulf" would stick! And the crew in this "underwater Hilton" (characteristic of submariners) felt quite comfortable! And there is NO means to detect and neutralize this boat under the ice! Not from space, not by aircraft, not by surface ships! ... well, there are no icebreaking aircraft carriers yet ... :)

      And if necessary, the "Shark" could break through the ice up to 3 meters and launch 18 Р39 in one volley! (see specifications)

      1-2 "Sharks" on alert would be enough for a guaranteed response Armageddon!
      P39 flight time from Pole to Wall Street, less than half an hour! It is IMPOSSIBLE to prevent a start !!!

      YARS from Teikovo (Ivanovo region, center of Russia) will fly at least 40 minutes! ... and all of them can be seen from the satellite, at a glance ... well, there are no "dense forests" there for a long time!
  11. patriot464
    patriot464 8 December 2011 20: 11
    Quote: Love
    icebreaker fleet must be aircraft carrier and missile

    underwater forgot!
  12. Pavel V
    Pavel V 8 December 2011 20: 30
    Neither territory nor minerals are superfluous. This finally reaches the top, which either out of their kindness of soul (friend Boris), or at someone's big request (friend Bill) transferred a decent piece of territory to be used by "all mankind". Since this issue was most likely resolved even before 2000. And "all progressive mankind" only dreams of how else to "confuse" or "grab" something in the "national interests" from these savages "who do not know how to properly dispose of their wealth."
  13. maximus
    maximus 8 December 2011 21: 08
    Yes, the right is enough to give away the land, Alaska remembered, ours means ours, otherwise nobody gave us anything!
  14. vovan100
    vovan100 8 December 2011 21: 32
    the time will come there will be big hype)))) while there is something to download and mine ....
  15. Legion 13
    Legion 13 8 December 2011 21: 39
    it so happened from the ancient ....)) well, we love the new territories)) sorry there’s nothing more ...
  16. koosss
    koosss 8 December 2011 22: 09
    still all the extraction of these minerals would benefit our people .. and then they will scout it out for exploration .. they’ll get it .. and the whole profit will go wherever, but not for the development of the standard of living of an ordinary Russian ..
  17. wk
    wk 9 December 2011 00: 18
    Shevarnadze who did this is hiding in the Russian Federation from Saakashvili, and they need to be planted like spiders in one jar.
  18. dobrik10
    dobrik10 9 December 2011 00: 32
    The decision on the Arctic has long had to be taken.
    And to consolidate territorial claims is not just ambitious plans and reasoning but a concrete matter, and this is not just to hoist our Russian flag and put up a cordon but to master it in the literal sense of the word.
    Not only as a source of resources but also geopolitically, only then other countries will understand that this is our territory.
  19. Alexei-
    Alexei- 9 December 2011 00: 47
    in principle, you can pass passports to the penguins under the guise ... but what? :))
    1. GRIGORIY1957
      GRIGORIY1957 9 December 2011 05: 53
      White bears, penguins in the Antarctic ...
  20. dobry-ork
    dobry-ork 9 December 2011 01: 14
    Give the Arctic! It is high time!