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War games and toys of Soviet children - continued

After the article about the "war", several VO readers at once asked me to continue this topic and it is clear why: every boy is an adult in his heart, and besides, he has often not played enough. I was lucky that I had a huge garden, an old house with mysterious dicks full of old books, magazines, rusty carbines (yes, and such!), Matador kerosene lamps in the style of Bernard Palissy and many more . Yes, and my relatives themselves seemed to me to come from "that era." Here in the closet of his grandfathers uniform, it turns out that he was an inspector of public schools as Lenin's father, and also ... the commander of the food squad. But his biography: he joined the party for the first time in 1918, the second in 1940 ... “Are you that they were kicked out of the party?” I ask. “No,” he says, “he left!” “Mother is dead, she has to be buried, and they send me with a food detachment. I can not them! And they told me - “The revolution is in danger! I them - wait for the revolution! And they are me - then the party card on the table! Well, I put it, sent it on ... slammed the door and left! And then? Then mother buried and came again. And no one even said a word to me. What could not be "party", it could be "non-partisan." Did you say that in 40? So told! AND? Nothing - time was that! Everyone understood. Mother in the middle of the house will not leave ... "

Not having played enough in childhood, when we become adults, we “get” something else. Or ... we use what we did in childhood already in a new capacity! Here is a knight's castle, which I once did in childhood. Tens of years have passed, and I did it again, only with the guys from one of the elementary schools of the 47 school in Penza. Moreover, for two lessons on such a castle, 80% of guys were made for themselves, and many asked themselves a sweep to make it to themselves at home. This is one of these works. Only materials and paints are now much better than they were then!

For many, this was not, and they got later, and in different ways. Well, after the street games “in war games”, I started a more serious period, when it was indecent to run down the street in shorts and screaming poop, and our war games were transferred to the courtyards, and then completely ended. But ... I remember well that in the "poo-poo" we continued to play almost until the sixth grade, only we tried not to show up to adults.

And here are before my eyes a few very memorable paintings, again inspired by letters and photographs of readers IN. For example, I really wanted to have a Maxim machine gun, but at that time they were not released yet. And somewhere in the fourth class I made it myself. Of round-trimmed birch roundwood and plywood, and then painted it with green paint for the fence. I put it on the roof of the barn and say to the boys - “I am waiting for you in my yard with rifles”. They come, and I just like him in Chapaev, firing from the roof - ta-ta-ta! They hid behind the water barrels (water the garden) and in response began to shoot at me! And we can not beat each other! And then it dawned on me! I otpolz from the machine gun so that they did not see me, ran across the roof to the fence in another courtyard, through it there, then along the street around the house, opened the gate and again to his yard! And they did not even turn around, my dears, they sit for themselves, "shoot." I run to them and from the "Browning" to the back of my head - bang-bang-bang - you are all killed! Oh, what then was! “They don’t play like that, it’s not fair!” And I’m telling them: “Lyusa-lyusa-lyusa, salty sausage, nose with a crust, eyes with a skull”. We didn’t play this machine gun anymore, and my grandfather let him go for firewood that winter. And he said to me: “People hate superiority of mind most of all!”

There was another funny case. In the same fourth grade, we were “honored” for the first time to go to the May Day demonstration. The design for some reason was chosen such - flags of the countries of the world. And our teacher (you wouldn’t call it a different name!) Told our parents to sew these flags, and for a sample, take the flags from TSB. Any, except American and West Germany! Well, I decided to take that simpler ... South Korean flag! This is in 1966 year! And no one corrected me! So I went with him in front of the podium of the Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Communist Party, and he noticed, well, he called the school. Like, who watched where ... "Do you know how we have relations with South Korea? This is a satellite country! ”And what am I? I wanted my grandmother to have less work!

But then ... how to play war, so I went out with this flag, and then in 9-10 I was the commander of the school "Zarnitsa". Red, of course, commanded our captain-military director, well, I ... doomed to defeat the "enemies" under the "neutral" South Korean flag.

Well, in the courtyard under this flag, we organized the “mental” “from Chapaev” and simply ran with it and tried to repel it at any cost! And then somehow we watched the film “We are from Kronstadt” and immediately ran to play it: the older guys are against the younger ones. And I was average, and I got “every kind of baby”, but then ... the South Korean flag fluttered proudly above our positions. According to the scenario of the movie of all the red, we had to captivate and drown in the sea with stones (bukharami of an exorbitant size!) On the neck, but they had to be saved, naturally, and win us! So it was planned ... But ... how it came to drowning, and we even found a suitable cliff, it turned out that we needed bricks and ropes to hang them. Ropes - to tie prisoners, we have found, but to entangle bricks with them - this is where so many ropes to collect? Of course, it was possible to say "make-believe", but we were already quite adults, and ... then it dawned on me again, like with a machine gun, and I told my kids: "Pin up the red-eyed bastard with bayonets!" And they are happy to try ... and they killed! Their hands were bound!

Photos of the Kon-Tiki raft were not found. But, on the other hand, there was a photograph of the raft of the jaggad, well, the very one about which is sung in the movie “Generals of the Sand Pits”. This was also done by children, but once, a long time ago, I made the same raft myself according to a drawing in a magazine ... “Niva”! And the funny thing is that in the maritime museum in Barcelona I was able to see it with my own eyes, so this design, which is called “no fools”!

Oh, that was then ... "The Reds won all the same!" Yes, I say, they won, but ... the Whites also put order on them. Chapaev was killed and Shchors, and Parkhomenko! And then, what are you dissatisfied with? You drowned anyway! Only one survived, so there is nothing here ... He came home, telling his grandfather about it, and his sister Olga sitting next to me on the next porch, whom I knew from family conversations that she was married to a colonel of the tsarist army, left before the war with him to Paris and there "profuril" a whole pot of gold! Me this история always very surprised. After all, I was told that my great-grandfather was a master in the locomotive workshops, that is, a worker, and the workers during the reign of the king were oppressed. And then she graduated from high school ... married a colonel, "profuril" pot of gold ...

In general, word for word, they started to remind each other of the old grievances, and it turned out that ... my grandfather's little sister was driving around Tavria on a cart and a machine gun at a red shot, and her husband threw it and sailed to Constantinople. And she grandfather: "Krasnopuzhy commissioner, you bastard!". And he said to her: “A whitewashed White Guard b ...!” - and for a rake, and with a rake on it. But only she didn’t hurt him, and the dressing gown on her chest opened - this is a gray-haired, wrinkled old woman - and shouts: “And I’m putting my chest up, kill me, cursed Bolshevik!” Grandfather with a rake on the stairs that led to the roof ... well, that was it. And my grandmother told me: “That's what your stupid games have brought!” Until now, I see this scene as if it were yesterday. And I did not tell more about my games at home.

War games and toys of Soviet children - continued

When I was in school (1962 - 1972), many interesting visual aids brought us to the lessons: a steam engine in the section, ICE in the section, a volcano in the section and many other things. Now, all this has replaced the computer screen, but ... and you probably shouldn’t even abandon the layouts. In any case, when, remembering the past, I made this section of the volcano for the school, it went there literally “with a bang!”

Studying at school in turn gave a lot of interesting topics for games. They studied the Middle Ages - I immediately made a knight's castle, and to him a catapult and began to bombard him right on the floor at home. There were no soldiers, especially knights, so he blinded them to himself from clay. In the Model Designer magazine, which I received from 1966 of the year, I read about the Kon-Tiki Thur raft, and immediately made it and let it sail, and then made another raft zhangada, based on the photo in Niva.

But this is the same rocket with the engine of blotters, only now they are replaced by toilet paper.

With the beginning of the study of chemistry, there was an interest in ... rockets, which we did in 12 on April at school in the Young Chemist group, and after the festive evening, we launched it in the schoolyard. But to mix coal, saltpeter and sulfur, and to press all this, seemed to me too troublesome. Therefore, I got into the habit of soaking a strong solution of bertolet salt “blotter” from notebooks and winding them in such a form on a knitting needle. When the cylinder dried, it turned out a ready rocket engine. He could only be inserted into the paper body of the rocket. From a young age, I had a truck in my barn, a big one, an iron one and ... it was half an hour to remove the body from it and install guides. Everything is just like in the magazine "Young Technician", which I also wrote out. Well, they have 8 rockets and ... "Fire missiles!" Again, in our large garden, no one saw it, but the game was just awesome!

Later in adulthood, when I was on television for children on TV in Kuybyshev (Samara), I also made a pneumatic installation for launching models of rockets and then wrote about it in my book For those who love to make. Moreover, with the help of this installation you can arrange an interesting game "Air combat".

But perhaps the most interesting "game" already in the 10 class was ... "the battle of ships." At the lesson of labor, we were doing a turning case, and the devil pulled me to carve the barrel of an old gun, and then drill out the barrel bore in it. Then I asked the labor teacher to help me drill the pilot hole, and he helped! The result was a great steel cannon that fired ball bearing cores! But what to shoot? In the 10 class, shooting soldiers is already frivolous, and I thought of making two battleships from ... plasticine! One is 50 long cm, and the other is whole 75! It took several plasticine boxes mixed in one color, but then I had two floating ships at once. Yes, yes, these ships could sail, although they had towers, logging, superstructures, and masts! And all of the clay in order to unity of the material. Barrels of guns and masts - matches rolled into plasticine. Inside the hull they were divided into compartments (otherwise the hull would not be tough!), Had a longitudinal bulkhead, and their buoyancy was so great that each had to fall asleep almost half a kilo of shot as ballast.

One of my friends got the ship “Queen Elizabeth”, and “King George V” for me, we went to the river, tied them by the strings to the pegs, and started firing balls from the bearings from the shore, as the peas left only scratches on them. It immediately became clear that it would be very difficult to sink our ships! It was necessary to get into them at the waterline level so that water would flow into the hole, and it was very difficult. It made no sense to get higher, as well as shoot at the towers and pipes. Below - our shells ricocheted about the water. But somehow, all the same we managed to pry our battleships. My ass nose, and my opponent got a roll on board and ... everything! They decidedly did not want to sink, but our shells were over. It was necessary to start up “torpedoes” - sharply pencils, with which we began to shoot from the same cannons set along the water's edge. But even the holes from the torpedoes did not become fatal, although the Queen Elizabeth sank into the water at the front of the tower. Then it was decided to fall asleep in one of the ships gunpowder and blow up, perpetuating it in the photo. It turned out very beautiful, and only after that the ship sank.

As a child, I didn’t have tin soldiers, which I terribly grieved for, only a dozen blue (horror!) And plastic ones. But then, “catching up”, I got their whole collection, and also exactly a hundred models tanks on a scale of 1:35. Here is one of the dioramas of that distant era of the 90s: "He should not have traveled alone!" The British SASovets (on a camel) and the reconnaissance group on the Bren-Carrier armored personnel carrier caught up with the German courier on the Kübelvagen in the Libyan desert, and they killed, of course.

Well, the remaining battleship was kept in my storage room until ... 1974, when I wrote my first article about these models in the magazine Model Designer. They found the material interesting, but because of the poor quality of the photos they did not publish. True, then I wrote about ships from plasticine in my first book in 1987, “Out of everything at hand”. Well, my very first printed material in this magazine came out only in 1980 year. And he also touched a homemade toy. But it was a completely different story.
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  1. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 25 February 2016 07: 00 New
    Great! If possible, please write about the plasticine battleship mentioned in the article.
    1. kalibr
      25 February 2016 07: 07 New
      Better find on the net my book FROM EVERYTHING WHICH IS AT HAND. There is no battleship, but the technology for manufacturing a tanker is described. They are identical in body. And the add-ons themselves ...
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 25 February 2016 11: 43 New
        Found, thanks) On the plane on the pump, I remembered your articles in magazines, the first time I read this in Young Technique.
        I also downloaded "For those who like to craft". Then I'll get to the rest)
        If anyone suddenly became interested, here are links to books
  2. free
    free 25 February 2016 07: 09 New
    it was a glorious time.
    1. Voice of the Mind
      Voice of the Mind 26 February 2016 01: 08 New
      Quote: free
      it was a glorious time.

      Thanks to comrade Stalin for our happy childhood wassat
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 25 February 2016 07: 56 New
    Yes, they played both "red" and "white" .. ours and "fascists" .. only nobody wanted to become a fascist ... But now .. other games ..
  4. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 25 February 2016 08: 13 New
    Bows made of soldier's skis, crossbows with aluminum bullets, foam ships with sails. Mine was called Santa Maria.
  5. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 25 February 2016 08: 19 New
    And "Zarnitsa", it was a whole event!
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 25 February 2016 09: 06 New
      Quote: Mangel Olys
      And "Zarnitsa", it was a whole event!

      Since our school is located almost at the border line, from 10 years on, UPD for the boys, it was a dream, not everyone took it, but on the UPD and the machine gun they were dismantled and shot from the little ones in the basement of the school. shooting range, for pneumatics and small-caliber weapons. True, from small things we started to shoot somewhere from the age of 14. From pneumatics before. Weapons and bullets for it was special, sports, not like in a city shooting gallery.
      1. Mangel olys
        Mangel olys 25 February 2016 09: 25 New
        Did you wear epaulettes on the YuDP
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 25 February 2016 11: 23 New
          Quote: Mangel Olys
          Did you wear epaulettes on the YuDP

          Yes! In the classroom, the mugs were necessarily green, borderline, and they also tried to get the gymnast.
      2. Uncle VasyaSayapin
        Uncle VasyaSayapin 25 February 2016 17: 13 New
        School 22nd? 21st?
  6. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 25 February 2016 08: 29 New
    A sincere article ......... nostalgic ..... but I cut wooden drafts to my Cossacks ..... how did my great-grandfather Laurus once ... put my hand ..... well, this retreat. but the ships from plasticine are interesting. Thank you - I’ll look at the article! There are more such kind articles on IN!
    1. igordok
      igordok 25 February 2016 08: 42 New
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      but ships from plasticine are interesting.

      Airplanes were made from plasticine. Of the red were ours, and of the dark German. It was depressing that leaving the plane the next day, we found a shapeless pile of plasticine. I had to re-build.
  7. igordok
    igordok 25 February 2016 08: 37 New
    In kindergarten we played "dances". Having procured a brick, we sculpted towers from sand and clay. The Germans naturally had a "square" tower, while ours naturally had a "round" one. The barrel was some kind of stick, it was considered chic if they found a straight nail, like a real one, with a muzzle brake. The destruction factor was considered to be the demolition of a sandy-clay tower in a collision or a pebble fired from your "weapon". It is a pity that the bricks "drove" well only in the sandbox, we lacked strength on the grass.

    When my father made a tank with a rotating turret out of several wooden blocks, my delight knew no bounds. The only pity is that the tower was made of a "square" bar, so the tank was German. I tried to "round up" the tower, resulting in the tower breaking apart.
  8. Amurets
    Amurets 25 February 2016 08: 42 New
    Thank you for reminding us of our distant childhood. We also made toys for ourselves. We had practically no problems with "Tin Soldiers". My neighbor's father worked as a carver and wood turner. He made molds for soldiers for us, and everything served as raw materials for the castings, that could be melted on a fire. No one looked at us very much, there was no time for adults, they worked. There was a furniture factory next to the house, so there were a lot of materials. They built fortresses, castles, and warships. But this is already at school. At our school we had a strong shipbuilding club and a handicraft circle, where complex toys were made. The most important thing is that we had wood turning and metal turning machines of the "School" series in our school. So once again, WELL VERY BIG THANKS for the fact that reminded of childhood, and most importantly how they treated children in those distant, difficult years. Adults always helped us make toys and help us with tools somewhere. Well, raw materials and materials are dumps where production wastes were thrown. Nobody was afraid that children get ka some injuries, the most difficult we received not when we did something, but then when we were playing.
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 25 February 2016 18: 05 New
      And yet, the 22nd school. Cool - right on the border. And a sport town on the waterfront.
      Toys in the city were not rich. Only military children who came from Hungary and Czechoslovakia could boast. In our 6th school there were quite a few of them.
      I made soldiers from paper or plasticine, and ships from wood. And then tanks from the model designer.
  9. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 25 February 2016 08: 46 New
    And can you find out in which city the author of the article lives? I'd love to meet and meet!
    1. kalibr
      25 February 2016 12: 09 New
      Can! This is in the profile, but if you are not logged into it, but here is Penza. Place of employment - State University on Krasnaya, 40.
  10. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 25 February 2016 09: 29 New
    I read the article and also remembered children's games and pranks. Thanks! "Voynushka", hide and seek, rounders, towns .... And the toys were mostly made by ourselves. From samopals and bows to plasticine soldiers. Now, I look, at the maximum, at what the kids are capable of, to drive the ball. Whole armies sculpted, and then they arranged battles. Tanks, planes made of cardboard, and plasticine outside. It looked like it worked. They fired not from a chiseled cannon, like the author's, but from a tube with a dart with a needle tip. But at home in the room it was possible to fight with armies. I put it in a box and for a "war" in a neighboring house .... wink
    1. Nagaibak
      Nagaibak 25 February 2016 18: 24 New
      There was a Mammoth "Now, I look, at the maximum, at what the kids are capable of, to drive the ball."
      I agree. But, there are exceptions.))) My parents have a boy next door, let's call him Vova. When he was 7-8 years old, Vovan built a rocket. The rocket turned out to be big and beautiful.)) Everything would be fine if this "Korolev"))) did not give her a start in his room on the 2nd floor.))) The fire was extinguished, and Vovka hid in the forest for a couple of days))) brought even more concern to his parents. In general, Vovka the rocketman was driving him.
  11. itr
    itr 25 February 2016 09: 42 New
    I had a rocket with a pump
  12. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 25 February 2016 10: 30 New
    The simplest "rocket" from the improvised means in my childhood:
    1. A match is taken.
    2. Thin gold from chewing gum or from the insert of a cigarette pack.
    3. A small ribbon of gold leaf comes off and is wound as tightly as possible onto the match head with the metal surface outward, so that the front of the head is reliably plugged.
    4. The "rocket" rolls onto any suitable flat guiding surface.
    5. To start, gently heat the wrapped head of the match with a lighter or other match. At the same time, make sure that the flame does not ignite the wooden body of this "rocket". Otherwise, the wooden part will quickly burn out and the gap between the tree and the golden grain (nozzle) will become too large - the gas pressure will not be enough for the start.

    Depending on the weight of the match, the size of the flow of flammable composition on it, the minimization of the mass of spent gold and the density of its winding on the head, the flight is from 2 to 8 meters. What for us, children 5-8 years old were enough for a competition who will fly further.
    The main advantage of this option for us in childhood was the almost free and absolute accessibility of all materials.

    I can still throw recipes.
  13. Riv
    Riv 25 February 2016 10: 41 New
    The rocket launch pump is better not to be actuated by hand, but to attach a rubber band through its handle. Pull back by hand, release, the tourniquet is reduced. Instead of a rocket, we put on a hose (we need an oxygen sleeve) a tube half a meter long. The tube is charged with a suitable shot, or ball from the bearing.

    If you are not too lazy and cut a suitable machine out of the board, then you get an analogue of a pneumatic tool, only more powerful and a bigger caliber.
  14. a housewife
    a housewife 25 February 2016 13: 02 New
    And I took part in Zarnitsa only once, still quite small, at the beginning of the 3rd grade. We have September 16 - the day of the liberation of the city, so on that day there was a big game - several schools. I saw a little, because I was sitting in a dugout under a tarp and bandaging the wounded. But the game was in the real, overgrown trenches of Malaya Zemlya. And so - every day in the summer they drove up the mountain with wooden PCA. Sometimes they were border guards - with a dog on a leash. The dog was happy most of all, especially when it was lowered off the leash and with us was running to catch up. They also hid from her among the stones, then she was a bloodhound, and sometimes just a "dog" - she caught a stick.
  15. Artyom
    Artyom 25 February 2016 13: 15 New
    I didn’t have access to bertoleta salt in my childhood, but it was possible to buy sodium nitrate, on the basis of it we made fuel for rockets in a way similar to that of the author, though another common ingredient was added as a catalyst. He made ship models from paper, and after playing enough he shot from an air rifle, after having placed there men from plasticine. In general, many things that modern children did not have. You can buy a lot in the store, but this does not allow you to develop creatively and technically, as it seems to me.
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 25 February 2016 18: 08 New
      ... And then there was smoke in the school ...
  16. Taoist
    Taoist 25 February 2016 14: 26 New
    And in my youth, I also realized my passion for shipbuilding and rocket modeling in sea battles and missile-plane flights ... And once I built a whole hand-held rocket launcher in a tube from under the drawings ... And he had 6 barrels and an electric launch and a combat missile based on a hunting cartridge case An 12 caliber at 50 steps broke a gypsum tongue-and-groove slab at a construction site ... And was termite putty stuffed into the garage lock of one harmful grandfather in the yard?
    Oh, I’d go now for an article on terrorism ... bully
    1. Lone wolf
      Lone wolf 25 February 2016 19: 06 New
      Quote: Taoist
      And in my youth, I also realized my passion for shipbuilding and rocket modeling in sea battles and missile-plane flights ... And once I built a whole hand-held rocket launcher in a tube from under the drawings ... And he had 6 barrels and an electric launch and a combat missile based on a hunting cartridge case An 12 caliber at 50 steps broke a gypsum tongue-and-groove slab at a construction site ... And was termite putty stuffed into the garage lock of one harmful grandfather in the yard?
      Oh, I’d go now for an article on terrorism ... bully

      Oh, I’d sit ... especially behind the flue .. from foil from a cigarette pack and a plastic ruler, in the school corridor. wink laughing
      1. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 26 February 2016 08: 53 New
        Oh, I’d sit ... especially behind the flue .. from foil from a cigarette pack and a plastic ruler, in the school corridor.

        Smoke ... Hehe ... In hardware stores, a ready-made garden smoke bomb was sold for fumigating gardens to protect them from frost. I saw in two packings: in the form of checkers like dynamite and in the form of a large tin can with the attached large termite match for ignition ... What a beautiful and suffocating smoke from it. In calm weather, he formed such a cheerful mushroom with a foot a meter and a half tall and a giant hat about meters ... a lot in general
    2. Lone wolf
      Lone wolf 25 February 2016 19: 10 New
      Quote: Taoist
      And in my youth, I also realized my passion for shipbuilding and rocket modeling in sea battles and missile-plane flights ... And once I built a whole hand-held rocket launcher in a tube from under the drawings ... And he had 6 barrels and an electric launch and a combat missile based on a hunting cartridge case An 12 caliber at 50 steps broke a gypsum tongue-and-groove slab at a construction site ... And was termite putty stuffed into the garage lock of one harmful grandfather in the yard?
      Oh, I’d go now for an article on terrorism ... bully

      Oh, I’d sit down ... especially behind the flue .. from foil from a cigarette pack and a plastic ruler wink laughing
  17. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 25 February 2016 18: 53 New
    The match heads, I remember, were stuffed and clamped into two copper tubes into a copper tube. Well, then they scattered on a tablet of dry alcohol.
    So one day they blew up a hornet's nest. Everything would be fine, but we decided to go and see the results of the "sabotage". They bit us so that the scars reminded of this episode for a dozen years. Yes, there was a time ...
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 26 February 2016 09: 58 New
      And in military camps, children will get cartridges, they will be wrapped in paper and in a fire, and themselves in a shelter. Then fire from a fire and a belt on * ope. I heard from various comrades - children of the military. I did not see it myself, tk. our "military town" was directly in the city. But the cartridges could sometimes be found, like a coin now. So the boys were not particularly deficient.
  18. lshka
    lshka 25 February 2016 20: 39 New
    and we had a childhood wink
  19. Rubon
    Rubon 25 February 2016 23: 08 New
    We had plasticine wars, sculpted soldiers, tanks, guns made of plasticine, fortresses and forts, the base was a dvp or chipboard meter per meter maybe a little more, which one could get although it’s very large too bad, weight and where to store then, on this site walls were built with towers and ditches, the ditches were filled with water, in many cases they were really works at a fairly high level, it was a pity I had no idea to take a picture for memory, at one time I had 1000 soldiers, the shelves were kept in shoe boxes, tanks and guns too. Yes, since plasticine cost money and I needed a lot of plasticine, I found blat, there was a kindergarten teacher in the street, there were modeling classes in the garden, as the group ends the modeling of all kinds of cat dogs, plasticine should have been thrown out, I came in the garden in the evening with a bag and took! hi
    The soldiers were sculpted 2–2,5 cm in height no more, matchboxes were the basis for BMP and armored personnel carriers.
    Often got from parents for stains from plasticine on the carpet! repeat
    The battles were not for life but for death, tin and plastic soldiers nervously smoking aside! laughing
    1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 26 February 2016 09: 42 New
      My plasticine soldiers were 2,5-3 cm. I made them bulletproof vests from tin cans, helmets from an aluminum tube of toothpaste, coated them with plasticine from above, glued machine guns from matches (like AK), painted with black nitro enamel to make it look like camouflage mixed several colors of plasticine, but so that several colors were visible. Oh, and he also made shoulder straps for them, and for them, or dots on them. More than two sticks / dots did not work, because the soldiers were already very small for such a thing. The pursuits were somewhere 2 X 3,5 mm. Latch 0,5 mm.
      And "medieval" made swords, spears from copper or aluminum wire. You flatten it where you need it with a hammer, and finish it with a needle file or a regular metal file. Instead of shields - army metal buttons with stars, although they were large.
  20. andryz72
    andryz72 2 February 2017 19: 58 New
    I was born in 72. To add Stirlitz to your games and Aivengo, this will be my childhood