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Results of the week. "Eh, short kolchuzhka ..."


The Council of Ministers of the countries of the European Union, almost in unison, approved the lifting of the majority of sanctions measures from Belarus and from a number of its citizens. The euroministers decided to remove the sanctions imposed earlier and in some cases for more than 10 years by 170 government officials (both acting and retired). The Belarusian president, who automatically lost his demonic “title” - “the last dictator of Europe”, also fell under the program of lifting sanctions.

Lifting sanctions - an option to lure the Belarusian brothers by associating with a permanent gay parade and lace panties? Or, the Western "friends" worked the dictatometer, and But father technically gives way to the "last dictator of Europe" to the "darkest and most bloodthirsty" - the one that got away, as "well known" in "BBC" and some “Ah Er-De”, which feeds Russian athletes with doping, replacing test tubes for WADA, wears a tracksuit for 3 bucks and in this suit personally distributes bribes to the entire FIFA staff - from Blatter to lawn trimmer, while managing to threaten the whole, you know, Europe through total zradu in Ukraine ...

Comments from our readers:

This is an invitation to MINSKU to step away from Moscow. Only Fears brains something more. He understands that a step from Moscow is a step towards Maidan. Well, he will not allow Maidan, they will not burn tires in Minsk - the Old Man creatively analyzed our experience of 91 and the Yukrain Maidan - will crush. But then again the dictators will fall ...

This is a curtsey of Europe and the United States in the direction of the Farther, a hint from them - "Maybe we can help? Maybe we’ll have freedom for one hundred and fifty or even fifty? At the same time Moscow and we are tearing our nerves?"

13 years of decline in international rights ... For what? For the fact that Belarus has not turned into the current Ukraine.

Old Man nothing to do with. It’s just that Europe needs at least somewhere to compensate for the loss of the market in Russia, and they hope to merge the goods to Russia through the clever labels, along with clever Lukashenka, to spoil our relations with Belarus.

Shawarma DANGER

Previous week in certain media circles was marked by “save the Moscow stalls!” Without living the “intelligentsia”, the marsh altruists and other liberal gurus of LJ posted so much that literally every second or third topic in these instills was “lawlessness”. Namely, the “Putin-Sobyanin regime” smashes, you understand, what “could and should” (was) become the basis of the “innovative Russian economy”. This foundation is small and microbusiness.

As soon as stalls, shops, kiosks in the center of Moscow were demolished, it turned out that the most willing to get a flashed mobile phone with lists of telephone contacts preserved from previous owners, and the greatest number of fans of shawarma from running around the station meat - among our non-living ultraliberal public. Sobyanin, they say, deprived of everyday pleasure to stand at a stall on Pushkinskaya and drink a cup of soluble dust from Brazilian roads ... Oh, you fucked what! .. Mr. Sobyanin, shawarma DANGER!

Comments from our readers:

Behind this whole trade of bacchanalia is crime, part of which has long been merged with the state apparatus! In addition to the demolition of illegally constructed stalls, landings are needed, as GDP has said! And you can safely start with Luzhkov and his dearest wife! And so, today they were demolished today - tomorrow they will build there! It reminds more that soon elections and a loud campaign for Sobyanin and the “ER” in the capital will not hurt ...

Constantly demolish and again build stalls in the same places. On the money laundering is similar.

I can not tolerate the "state" in the state, but here clearly a good deed is done, the garbage must be removed.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine leaves no chance for Leonardo DiCaprio

The closer the two-year anniversary of the “revolution of dignity” comes, the more actively Kiev generates political news. Two years after the Maidan, most Ukrainians only began to figure out who included in what political coalitions, how many stars and bands for radical Maidan events they received for epaulets, and how many times the country experienced 21 February 2014. Understand just started, and here - a new political tectonics. She is shaking Ukraine in such a way that each of those stuck in power tries to prepare an alternate airfield or at least inflate a life jacket in order to save his own seat from a powerful tsunami.

In the meantime, a coalition was pouring out of the week, from which the disreputable Yulia and then Sapomich fled first, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces filmed a monumental film about peremog of the valiant Ukrainian army on the Debaltsev bridgehead. In the release to the tape, they again made it known, no, of course, not the boiler, but a planned retreat for the positions prepared in advance, “confirming” these figures verified with the Meuzenko arithmometer with numbers: only 13 dead. The remaining losses, apparently, can be considered non-combat. Thus, ordinary Stetsko, Polugarenko and another 250 man of his staff died from a sharp exacerbation of swine flu, and the man 800 died as a result of an acute attack of patriotism and oversupply. They say that the creators of the film and its main characters will compete with DiCaprio for Oscar, and there is a feeling that DiCaprio has no chance again ...

Comments from our readers:

The first commanders fled, for which they received awards from the supreme thief of Ukraine Poroshenko Peter, and simple warriors died without an order to retreat.

An interesting movie though! The maps resemble the Soviet times of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet troops are marked in red, and the fascist ones in blue! Lord Ukrainian liars do not even bother with the symbols of flowers! It is also interesting that from Pechenga they could have been transferred under Debaltseve ???

And what else can they show, how their hungry and already written off soldiers themselves without intelligence and orders from headquarters how blind kittens tried to squeeze through all the holes, as the commanders threw them. It will never be shown with this authority. After all, Poroshenko at the signing of the Minsk agreements said that there is no Debaltz boiler and that's all. As they say, who did not wash away, I am not guilty.

Counter strike

Ukraine blocked the movement of Russian trucks. Russia blocked in response to the movement of Ukrainian trucks. In addition, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told the press that, due to the reluctance of official Kiev to conduct a dialogue with Moscow on payments to the 3 billionth debt "in good faith," the Russian side filed a lawsuit. According to the Russian minister, Russia expected Ukraine to take a decision in a spirit of responsibility, but so far this has not happened, and therefore, as a last resort, Moscow decided to submit to Kiev to a judicial authority.

Results of the week. "Eh, short kolchuzhka ..."

And immediately followed the Ukrainian "counter-strike". The government Yatsenyuk announced that they, too, go to London, and also will sue. The most creative representatives of the government kunstkamera announced that they intend to appeal to the London judges in order to recognize the Russian loan of the 2013 sample of the year not a credit at all, but (attention!) To Yanukovych as a bribe. Awesome argument. If so, then what are the current credit and “gift” tranches from the EU, the United States and even Turkey, which Ukraine receives occasionally? .. Bribes to whom and for what? - from this place, citizen Yatsenyuk would like more detail ...

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
Most recently, Yatsenyuk said, I quote: We have restructured 15 billion of debt on loans that we did not take. Before this, even Mavrodi did not think. Jews nervously smoking on the sidelines, looking at h..v (Ukrainians).

If we clean up the nationalist husks, we will see the usual criminal conspiracy of Polish carriers, who thus freeze their hands on the head of the Potsreots lobbying their interests in this area of ​​economic relations! Simply put - only the Poles want to carry goods! Business is nothing personal! The interests of Ukraine and Russia have nothing to do with it!

The black
Immediately after the release of the prime minister’s chair, Semena Pisya is awaited by the unenviable fate of a man who has taken the gold reserves of Ukraine to the United States and who is a very dangerous and unnecessary witness for Tan. Scarf or tea with radioactive polonium? That is the question. So you can bet ...

Paradox, but by suing, Russia saves Ukraine from more serious consequences. From the new tranche of the IMF, but there will be no it - perhaps there will not be a new round of war.

Schyrie Russians

Ukrainian people's deputies broke out another bill that allows you to doubt the mental health of the legislators I LIE. Rada deputies Oksana Korchinskaya and Andrei Lozovoy came up with a legislative initiative to rename the two states. According to Lozovoy and Korchinskaya, Ukraine needs to be renamed into Russia, and Russia itself into Muscovy. Attention is drawn to the fact that such an initiative was born in the parliamentary committee on culture and spirituality.

But this is just another level 80 zrada. After all, if Ukraine is renamed Russia, then Ukrainians will have to automatically become Russians. And what then, tell me, is it robs with such a combination as “schiry Russian”? .. And there is no need to speak about the combination of “Ridna Rossiyskaya Mova” and “United Russia” ... There is no word even for Sergey Viktorovich.

Comments from our readers:

Armored optimist
Yes, let them rename. Eternal sanctions from the EU and America in the kit. But Muscovy does not fall under sanctions.

Serg koma
They want to attach themselves to Russia, only Ukropov's “pride” does not openly declare this, so they invent it. Looks like the affairs of the country in / on are completely bad: collectors, thieves, fools and, in short, the whole set of troubles + a hole in the budget ...

And Europe in Prussia, on such terms of bargaining, you can agree, nothing less.

From streets to cities, from cities to countries, from countries ... to Earth. And then - to the universe.
Well, damn, renamers, their mother for the leg.

Steel cures for terrorist plague

Syria has become a kind of testing ground for Russian weapons and military equipment. Along with the newest aircraft, missile systems and armored vehicles, the “Patriot” cars of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant are being tested there.

Ulyanovsk cars are far from all that is delivered from Russia to support the Syrian people in their opposition to the terrorist plague. In Syria, in addition to SUVs, tanks and small weapons Russian-made surprises such as RSH-2, towed Msta-B howitzers, KamAZ-6560 artillery towers and KamAZ-43114 trucks, armored personnel carriers and many other anti-terrorism drugs were noticed. Bearded, moderately pregnant boys from the "opposition" may consider the actions of the Syrian army personnel on this technique as "gifts" for February 23 ...

Comments from our readers:

It seems that they only reach them - Russia does not play war, but does what it says.

In the Caucasus, during the CTO, these RSHG-2 have long been tested. Jackals fly away, be healthy.

Yugan Oleg
This information leakage is most likely a deliberate step - there is a hint of Turkey “You are thrashing around in full.”

War, brothers ...

From the statement of the representative of Ukraine in the "Minsk format" Roman Immortal:
Ukraine should officially recognize the existence of the Russian-Ukrainian war in order to get the support of the international community.

In general, the promise of the Ukrainian bureaucrat on the recognition of the existence of the Russian-Ukrainian war was a success. But it’s somehow strangely it turns out - “aHressia” is, there is an “occupation”, millions of dead FSB marshals also exist, and here everything is “ATO” and “ATO”. It is necessary to be more serious: if you declare the existence of a war a fact, then in fact it is easier to surrender.

Comments from our readers:

They would think what will happen to them if we get down to business ... Let the situation in Syria be good to study ...

What will be, what will be. They will declare war on Russia, in 2 hours they will surrender so that Russia will feed them as prisoners of war. Tricky plan ho..v.

Ami du peuple
So this ... The Verkhovna Rada, a year ago, recognized Russia as an "aggressor country." Plus, at the level of regional legislative assemblies, resolutions were issued with the same wording, with respect to the Russian Federation (in my opinion, only Zaporizhia is still resisting) - they duplicated, so to speak. In general, there is an interesting legal conflict - there is a state implementing armed aggression against Ukraine, but there is no war with it. But ho ... m norms of law and the laws of logic are not written.


Analysts in various media warned: a third world war is not far off. Even with a capital letter they write: Third World. They talk about opponents, about allies, about neutrals.

And why would such a large-scale collision happen? Those who want to write about the “Third World” in bulk, those who want to make belligerent speeches are also abundant, but those who want to fight are not yet visible.

American aircraft carriers for some reason do not want to be in the waters near Syria. And in general, the brave American warriors are becoming more and more accustomed to fighting at home, sitting at computers and operating with drones. Like playing toys. It seems that the victims are not victims, but a picture. Will the Americans benefit from Syria? Not. And even more so, Obama has been staying in the White House for the past year. He will not unleash any land war. Judging by what they say in the British Parliament, the Europeans, too, are not going to go to Syria.

Maybe the third world will be unleashed by militant Ankara, which has faced “Russian aggression” - after all, Moscow supports Assad, the one whom Erdogan recently called “a butcher” and a “murderer”? And Ankara will support Washington, and even NATO?

Would you like to support - would already support. But we hear only words. And we will hear further. Words and a small arms race, very much like a business, like good contracts for a stagnant defense industry. It's all. Let Erdogan himself "deal" with the Syrians, with different Kurds, and with the Iranians, and with the Russians, if he so wants. Of course, they will not subscribe to such a long list.

There will be no world war. Needless to panic. Or does someone believe that the "Sultan" is able to start a mess on half-planets?

Comments from our readers:

You can never be ready for war. Just as you can not be ready for the tsunami, which will smash a bunch of houses into pieces and kill a lot of people. And all these analyzes are complete nonsense. But you can be stronger than your opponents. And you can win too. And we are now in this state, I think.

In principle, for the third world are ready. There is a nuclear weapon! Therefore, I believe that the third world will not. There will be economic and regional wars.

As for the “reverse” of Washington, not everything is so rosy and beautiful. Still ahead, these jackals are just contemplating a new tactic. The Turks have already begun a gradual entry of troops into Syrian territory, the grouping will intensify, perhaps implicitly, gradually. Now we will have to fight not with the mohornyly Makhnovists, but with quite regular Turkish troops. Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to intensify the discord between the Turks and the Kurds in Turkey itself, so that they will have no time to deal with external problems for at least some time sufficient to clear the Syrian territory from gangs and to strengthen the borders.

Another stronghold of militants fell

A little more than a day it took the Syrian government army and the militia to take control of the last major stronghold of militants in the north of the province of Latakia. We are talking about the city of Kensaba (Kansabba), in the liberation of which the Kurdish self-defense units took an active part.

Control over the city of Kensab will allow the Syrian army to cut off the supply routes to terrorists in Latakia. In addition, it is a strategic settlement on the map of Syria, providing an opportunity to carry out a full-scale attack on the positions of terrorists in the province of Idlib.

Comments from our readers:

Ami du peuple
Erdogan, the son of a female dog, will remember Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov more than once when Syrian Kurds will help their Turkish brethren. Border control is just the beginning. Flowers, so to speak. Soon and bitter berries ripen.

Looks like they'll eat him.

Denis Obukhov
20 km to the Turkish border. Almost like from home to my summer cottage. Forward guys, beat the Perdoganians! Do not stop! You have something to lose!

Major Yurik
The strength of the army in its victories! Not in the money and fashionable weapons, but in the heavy, with dirt and death, the realization that it is the Army, with a capital letter, that it must protect its native land, and she does it! And enemies always flee from such an army!

Black Colonel
With each victory, morale rises. And it is worth a lot.

T-90 detected

In the Western press they write that Russia has long been fighting in Syria: Russian units allegedly destroy the "insurgents". In evidence of the reported appearance on the side of Assad Russian T-90A.

For the first time talked about T-90 in November last year. They talked about the training of crews for these machines at the Russian landfills. On the transfer of tanks directly to the army of Assad.

Yes, the T-90A are supplied by the Syrian army. Not new tanks were delivered, but troops that had already been in the army. Judging by the color in the Russian army. And why was Russia forced to go for it? The answer at the very beginning of the operation was given by our president. The goal - the destruction of terrorists.

Why T-90, explains military expert Alexander Staver.

The upgraded T-72 is inferior to the 90 in almost all parameters. Starting from booking and ending with security systems.

The “Blind-1” system of the T-90 allows neutralizing American TCP and is effective even against NATO cannon shells.

The “Ainet” system makes it possible to explode a projectile in the air, which is especially important when destroying strong points and fortified areas. One shell allows you to completely "demolish" the enemy machine-gun nest in the literal sense of the word.

The participation of T-90 in hostilities is also necessary for Russia. This is the first combat use of this tank, which made it possible to identify significant shortcomings in the defense system. Work to eliminate them has already begun.

Comments from our readers:

Turkish military journalist said that, according to the Turkish command, the order to attack Syria from Erdogan has already been. The military pull with execution: hoping for cancellation.

Exactly ... the Turkish General Staff against the invasion. because it understands the development of events further. VKS targets quickly change ... Anger for the downed plane did not pass.

The main question in this mess is the same: will there be an order for our troops to strike a blow? Something I do not have faith in our elites (although what are they ours?), They will not aggravate, because there is a risk of losing everything stolen and stored in Western banks. I somehow can not imagine Gref and Miller in the trench, rather, they will surrender everything. It was Stalin’s sons who served, and on the front line, and where are the offspring of these parents?

Word to Mr. Hammond

February 13 from the territory of Turkey on Syrian airfield Minneh and a number of settlements were subjected to artillery strikes. Ahmet Davutoglu said that the targets were the positions of the Kurds. Ankara demands that the Syrian Kurds leave the border areas. Syrian Kurds refused to comply with the requirements of the Turks. Then the word passed to Washington. If the Munich agreements are violated, the coalition led by Washington will introduce additional ground troops into Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry said. Who can stop the Third World War? This question was answered in Britain.

According to British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, the only person who can stop the war in Syria is President Vladimir Putin of Russia. About this, the politician said the TV channel "BBC".

“There is only one person on the planet who can stop the civil war in Syria by making a phone call, and that’s Putin,” Mr. Hammond TASS quoted.

Hammond is confident that "the situation with Assad is exactly the same as it was a year ago: whether Assad will leave or stay, will depend on whether the Russians are ready to use their influence to shift it."

Obviously, V. V. Putin must call not Hammond - the level is not the same. And not to Cameron. And certainly not the queen. No, Putin should call the boss of the entire planet - B.H. Obama. And agree on what Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, the Pentagon people, the CIA people, as well as those bearded “oppositionists” in Syria, whom Hammond mentioned above calls “moderate” for years, are waiting for, saying that has changed.

And after the "good" on the "departure" of Assad from Putin will wait for another "good" - on the "return" of the Crimea to Ukraine.

The chain of “departures” and “returns” could adequately be completed by another international act: the transfer by Russia of the “northern territories” to their “original” masters - the Japanese.

Kerry would not mind, but Hammond would have applauded while standing.

And Mr. Obama would say that he would think about lifting the sanctions.

Comments from our readers:

Everything according to Suvorov: “Englishwoman shits,” nothing changes from century to century.

And let's raise history. After all, England has always been the first in the world for provocations and wars. Recently, we have been throwing more and more of our problems at the USA. But (my opinion) England plays a big role here. Recall her behavior during World War 1. After all, she did not give Russia shells and weapons in the 1914 year, although she received the money and solemnly assured Nicholas that she would send. And read the work of her intelligence in the pre-war years. There is such a book: "Secrets of the English Secret Service." Where there is even Germany! But the CIA in the United States also organized England. So that…

How many are "friends" with the West, so much we hear that Russia must give up ...

The eyes are bigger than the stomach.

US senators were concerned about the infringement of democracy in fraternal Poland. The bipartisan senators group, John McCain from Arizona, Benjamin Cardin from Maryland and Richard Durbin from Illinois, last week sent a letter to Polish Prime Minister Beata Shydlo, expressing concern that new laws affecting the Constitutional Court and public media, can have a negative impact on democratic norms, including the legality and independence of the judiciary.

The senators called themselves "friends of Poland." These "friends" called on the government in Warsaw to "re" return to common Western democratic values.

Witold Vashchikovsky, Polish Foreign Minister, delivered an angry response to the Americans. According to him, the senators do not know anything about orders in Poland, and the letter itself is “the result of a lack of knowledge about what is happening in Poland.” Moreover, politicians were “inspired” by the letter by people who want to “harm Poland”.

Beata Szydlo herself gave the answer. She explained to the Americans that the changes her government was making were “adjustments” to the attempts of the previous government to gain control over the Constitutional Court. According to her, American politicians have nothing to "read lectures" and poke their nose "in the internal affairs" of Poland.

What will come with such an unusual policy of Poland, which has clearly lost its hand and does not want to listen to democratic advisers? The well-known theses of European (first of all German) politicians about the “Putinization” of Poland, who got into the press in January, may lead to the fact that soon Beat Szydlo will be compared with Medvedev, and Pan Dudu with Putin. First, as a joke, then seriously. And what should Poland do, which is now suffering from Russian counter-sanctions (remember the apples), and in the future risk getting sanctions from the EU and the US?

On the other hand, Poland is a loyal ally of the United States and an active conductor of Russophobia in its region. In addition, Poland is a kind of counterweight to Germany: Washington sees it as one of the future centers of a renewed Europe. Finally, Warsaw receives financial aid from the United States through military cooperation.

McCain’s letter to his companions has no political or legal force. McCain is not at all the figure that is responsible for carrying out US foreign policy, and not at all to that branch of government. It would be different if the letter were sent by Secretary of State John Kerry. But official Washington will not spoil relations with Poland, which he politically needs as a territory bordering Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region. With the help of Poland, the White House will continue to pursue Russophobic policies, as well as keep German politicians "in tune". And if the Polish public media doodu in the same way with Washington, the latter will be just happy.

Comments from our readers:

Poland, by virtue of its historical insolvency, always had eyes more than a stomach! Therefore. as soon as they have more or less settled down, the pans begin to climb the wall with boredom. We in Russia for many centuries have got used to this, and in the country of permanent ignorance this is surprising!

Exactly. Poland periodically begins to feel that she is a subject of international relations, although most of the time was the object of these relations. But after a good cleansing enema, usually everything falls into place.

I fully agree with McCain: it’s time to start introducing democracy in Poland, and then they started to blather a lot lately.

The more nibble among themselves, the better. Less time will remain dirty tricks against Russia. But Poland’s ambitions do grow by leaps and bounds. That's what it means to grab hold of an American trouser leg.

This is not a war, this is a revision.

The European Commission adopted a package of proposals on EU energy security, as well as a strategy to expand the use of LNG and the rules for EU cooperation on mutual gas supply. It is proposed to move from the system of the national approach to the regional approach. EU states are invited to conduct a joint gas policy and insure each other in crises. According to the new rules, Brussels intends to check draft energy agreements of the EU members with third countries, including with Russia. Existing company contracts with Russia will be audited.

Miguel Arias Cañete, the European Commissioner for Climate Change and Energy, told the press that the EC’s proposals on energy security are not a declaration of war to Gazprom: “This is not a declaration of war to Gazprom.” We want to create conditions for the support of commercial contracts for the supply of gas to the EU, beneficial to European consumers. We want to learn from the gas crises of 2006 and 2009 of the year. ”

“The new proposals of the European Commission on energy security are not aimed exclusively at Gazprom,” said the European Commissioner for Energy Union Affairs, Maroš Šefčović.

We think that the opinion expressed by EU officials about the EC’s reluctance to “fight” with Gazprom should be justly doubted. It is enough to glance in the European mass media and to look for the judgments mentioned by Shefchovic about the “Nord Stream - 2”.

It turns out that Shefchovich refuted the statements of the German government that in the case of “S. P. - 2 ”is about an exclusively commercial initiative:“ You have probably heard more than once that “Nord Stream - 2” is called a commercial project, but I want to emphasize that I did not see commercial projects that would so often be discussed at such a high political level. level. "

And the aforementioned Cañete said that it is not only a matter of legal intricacies, but also of “high political issues”. He explained that while the share of Gazprom in the German market does not exceed 40%, however, it may change after the construction of Nord Stream - 2. "In this case, 80% gas can be supplied from a single source," - said the European Commissioner.

It is clear that some of the proposals of the European Commission are addressed directly to Gazprom. This is a kind of raw material sanctions, which are likely to hit both the interests of Russia in Europe and the interests of those Europeans who would like to buy pipeline gas from the Russians.

Comments from our readers:

The EU in its current form is a decaying corpse. He would have been viable if he had not constantly swallowed various new members with his problems, tasks and wishes.

Mikhail m
The EC proposed to move from a national to a regional approach to energy security ... It does not seem to concern anyone that this proposal directly affects the sovereignty of countries. Governments are increasingly becoming puppets, driven by overseas partners. Hand twisting is becoming increasingly popular.

The truth is hard to say: "NOT ONLY declaration of war to Gazprom."

We need to gasify our country and create competitive advantages for our enterprises. And the export of raw materials to reduce. You do not need to trade your bowels at a disadvantageous speculative rate. And then very soon we will see a freezing compliant Europe, which will otmemeet its European Commission and will fight for the quotas of Gazprom's gas. It is necessary to show rigidity and, perhaps, bring the matter to a crisis. Let there be a difference between Germany, which will have gas, and the rest of the pack, which is now shrinking.

Yesterday, one governor offered to scrape up the money for a license and start producing the last iPhone with us. Money to find quite real. Save, for example, on marble and Italian plumbing for administrative institutions. And banquets for officials.

Classic rescued

At the conclusion of the Munich Security Conference, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to Euronews, as well as to the popular Time magazine. The conversation was about the Syrian crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, Russia's relations with the West, the Litvinenko case and, of course, sanctions. Relying on Comrade Bulgakov’s artistic theses, the Prime Minister declared that “we will never ask for the lifting of these sanctions.”

“We are discussing all this, but our position is simple, I have repeatedly formulated it: we will not ask for anything,” said the prime minister. - You know our literature well. Mikhail Bulgakov has a beautiful phrase in the book “The Master and Margarita”, when Woland says that you never ask anything, they will offer it themselves and they will give it all. So we will never ask for the lifting of these sanctions. Themselves will come and say: let's finally get rid of all this, because no one is better, everyone is only worse. "

The abolition of US sanctions and their "partners" and allies, including the EU states, which in their entirety dance under the tune of the hegemon, would greatly spoil the political face of both Washington and Brussels. After all, the sanctions were imposed not only because of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, but also because of the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. The leaders of the West noisily declared that they "never recognize" neither this accession, nor the outcome of the Crimean referendum held "at the point of the guns."

And if suddenly the West decides to “come by itself”, to act according to Medvedev, who referred to a literary classic, then the price on the world stage will be worthless to all the statements and promises of Washington and Brussels. In fact, thus the West recognizes the Russian Crimea. The White House cannot allow such an historical turn in any way, and therefore it is not necessary to wait for the lifting of sanctions in the coming years. You can wait for any talk about indulgences in connection with the next negotiations. But no more than that.

Comments from our readers:

Great-grandfather of Zeus
Medvedev obviously ate something wrong: everything says correctly! Except for one thing: the EU and the United States decided that the sanctions would be lifted only after the return of the peninsula to the jumpers, which means they would never cancel. And thank God!!! PS Oleg, thanks for the article.

With such friends (Medvedev, Kudrin, Gref, Nabiullina and other Miller-Sechin) and enemies (the United States, Turkey, etc.) is not necessary.
And why did he get Bulgakov? Or does he think that the readers of Time magazine are all studying Russian literature? Rather, this passage is designed for an internal public, such as: “What a miracle!”! ..

"Themselves will come ... A new iPhone will bring ..."

It is very sad that only the introduction of sanctions forced the government to look for ways to raise domestic industry and agriculture. I just want to ask what their bright minds thought about fifteen years ago, and now they realized it! Didn't the 80's oil crisis make you draw any conclusions ?! Our chief minister speaks very correctly and interestingly, but let's see what his government can really do in terms of bringing the country out of the crisis, which, roughly speaking, this government has driven her to. Zero, in general, will probably remain in the memory of the people as the time of missed opportunities, the time when huge money was so stupid and stupidly squandered. When the funds run out in a big “stash”, everything will immediately become clear ...

Snail N9
Oh, come on, "sanctions do not work"! Act, and how to act. And the fact that Medvedev is constantly talking about “lifting sanctions” just says that sanctions are effective. With his phrase that "we will never ask for the lifting of these sanctions," he is just asking them to cancel. Unfortunately, he does not understand this. It would be prudent not to remember the sanctions at all, since it is clear that the sanctions will be lifted only after the return of Crimea to Ukraine and payment of reparations and costs for destruction and losses to the EU and the “war” and during the “annexation”, as well as recognition downed "Boeing", and only after the "democratic" re-election of the president and the selection of a new president from the "glorious cohort" of liberals: Kasyanov, Navalny, Kasparov, Khodorkovsky, Yavlinsky, etc.

* "Oh, short kolchuzhka ..." - a phrase from the movie "Alexander Nevsky"
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 February 2016 07: 33 New
    According to Lozovoy and Korchinskaya, Ukraine needs to be renamed to Russia, and Russia itself - to Muscovy.

    And this is where you find such psychiatrists to cure the nonsense of ukrobolny?
    This, campaign, is the last stage. Only an aspen count will help!
    1. venaya
      venaya 21 February 2016 07: 41 New
      Rename do not rename, do not really change anything, although restore the original names such as Little Russia and New Russia perhaps useful, it will suddenly help to restore memory.
    2. The black
      The black 21 February 2016 07: 41 New
      Yeah, insanity goes wild. The whole country - aunts, provocateurs, agents of the Kremlin, laughing It’s interesting, is there still normal dill? laughing

      In order to justify his lawlessness over someone, just call him Separ, or Putin’s agent.
      1. saniajan
        saniajan 21 February 2016 08: 22 New
        There are normal, oo-oo, sy sy)))
      2. USSR 1971
        USSR 1971 21 February 2016 09: 25 New
        Looked at the same ukrofilm about "Debaltsevskiy cauldron". Tse peremoga, definitely. All were defeated and retreated, just in case. Now you can still rename yourself to Russia and consolidate the achieved success. When it becomes very difficult, it will be possible to rename the hryvnia to the ruble, or to the duma, and the frigate Getman Sagaidachny to the cruiser Varyag. And some believe that this is a reversal!
        Eid * oty.
    3. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 21 February 2016 07: 59 New
      And what should we do with these "Russians" now ?? Promedol is clearly not enough for all of them ..
      1. PKK
        PKK 21 February 2016 09: 12 New
        The brave dill laughed with their roller, as they scrambled from Debaly. And the losses of 110 soldiers, and the separatists "We gave them good on the back of the neck." on their minefield? And how on the first night they drowned out almost all of their art? They will not understand who they contacted.
      2. Delink
        Delink 21 February 2016 10: 00 New
        Zarin or Mustard will help!
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 21 February 2016 10: 09 New
          According to Lozovoy and Korchinskaya, Ukraine needs to be renamed to Russia, and Russia itself - to Muscovy.

          And why not rename Ukraine to Europe? - Immediately there will be no question of canceling visas! laughing
      3. the villain
        the villain 21 February 2016 13: 29 New
        Quote: dmi.pris
        Promedola for all of them is clearly not enough ..

        There is no promedol, here haloperidol is needed, well, or chlorpromazine. hi
        1. dmi.pris
          dmi.pris 21 February 2016 20: 37 New
          Well, not a psychiatrist, excuse me .. But I would have prescribed a good enema to them all ..
          Quote: Villain
          Quote: dmi.pris
          Promedola for all of them is clearly not enough ..

          There is no promedol, here haloperidol is needed, well, or chlorpromazine. hi
          1. the villain
            the villain 22 February 2016 18: 48 New
            Quote: dmi.pris
            . But a good enema they would all be prescribed ..

            And necessarily with gramophone needles fellow wassat laughing
        2. Alekseir162
          Alekseir162 21 February 2016 21: 29 New
          There is no promedol, here haloperidol is needed, well, or chlorpromazine.

          As one friend of mine, a pathologist, said: "Medicine is powerless here, take me to the morgue." bully
      4. Lelek
        Lelek 21 February 2016 14: 39 New
        Quote: dmi.pris
        And what should we do with these "Russians" now ?? Promedol is clearly not enough for all of them ..

        They say: "", "downs", "autistic" .... But these are names for completely different states. My post is a little off topic, but .... this is a state induced (by social conditions, education, media propaganda), and "downs" and "autists" are completely different - these are states from birth (the result of a failure of the genetic structure). I came across an interesting article about Sonya Shatalova (10,5 years old) - she is down, does not speak, she can hardly move. Explained only in writing, but how she interprets different concepts (click):
        1. bovig
          bovig 21 February 2016 22: 14 New
          Quote: Lelek
          Quote: dmi.pris
          And what should we do with these "Russians" now ?? Promedol is clearly not enough for all of them ..

          They say: "", "downs", "autistic" .... But these are names for completely different states. My post is a little off topic, but .... this is a state induced (by social conditions, education, media propaganda), and "downs" and "autists" are completely different - these are states from birth (the result of a failure of the genetic structure). I came across an interesting article about Sonya Shatalova (10,5 years old) - she is down, does not speak, she can hardly move. Explained only in writing, but how she interprets different concepts (click):

          Interesting interpretation! And this is a child !!! It seems that all adult humanity compared with this child are stupid people ...))) Even, like that, it’s embarrassing for yourself ...)))))
      5. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 21 February 2016 15: 46 New
        Quote: dmi.pris
        Promedola for all of them is clearly not enough.

        So there Haloperidol is needed, they are without Promedol
      6. bovig
        bovig 21 February 2016 21: 52 New
        Quote: dmi.pris
        And what should we do with these "Russians" now ?? Promedol is clearly not enough for all of them ..

        Why promedol? Urgently repurpose pharmaceuticals for the production of haloperidol ...)))) All Hollywood will move to the shooting "live" of the series "Zombies" ...)))))
    4. Dimy4
      Dimy4 21 February 2016 10: 11 New
      This, campaign, is the last stage. Only an aspen count will help!

      There is still a variant, they need to pass a law on renaming Poroshenko to Putin, and then he will live. And the brains will immediately appear.
      1. Yuri Y.
        Yuri Y. 21 February 2016 13: 46 New
        Quote: venaya
        Rename do not rename, do not really change anything

        I kind of heard about the name Ukraine-Rus. It seems historically corresponds to the outskirts of Russia.
  2. yuriy55
    yuriy55 21 February 2016 07: 34 New
    The main results of the week (for me) are such that the undoubted and definite successes in the anti-terrorist operation of the Aerospace Forces and the Syrian troops brought amazing metamorphoses in the way of thinking of Western politicians and more clearly manifested the "spring aggravation" of the anti-Russian schizophrenia of Ukrainian ...
    Thanks for the outcome ..
    1. cap
      cap 21 February 2016 12: 01 New
      Quote: yuriy55
      The main results of the week (for me) are such that the undoubted and definite successes in the anti-terrorist operation of the Aerospace Forces and the Syrian troops brought amazing metamorphoses in the way of thinking of Western politicians and more clearly manifested the "spring aggravation" of the anti-Russian schizophrenia of Ukrainian ...
      Thanks for the outcome ..

      Your conclusion is also 5 s +.
      Thanks to the authors.
  3. avvg
    avvg 21 February 2016 07: 39 New
    In Munich, Medvedev behaved exactly like a "Western Macho", with the naked eye it was clear that he was screaming from behind Putin.
  4. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 21 February 2016 08: 23 New
    I am very concerned about the protests of truckers. They are wound up there by mishandled Cossacks. No matter how it happened with the Czechoslovak corps of 1918, when at one moment, the entire railway of the country was captured.
    I absolutely support the fact that the kiosks were demolished in Moscow. We must part with the "damned past of the 90s", as I remember, I shudder so. We still have taxi drivers snarling like wolves when they try to introduce them into a civilized channel.
    And in Syria our handsome men. I did not expect such a consistent, tough foreign policy from our leadership. Well, at least something is encouraging.
    Upset the missed opportunities of the last 10 years to reorganize the economy and the state. The best achievement of these years was the accumulated funds in various funds. It seems that there wasn’t enough intelligence to invest in your country and the economy.
    But in general, we are going in the right direction. The goals are clear, the tasks are set, comrades!
  5. Stas157
    Stas157 21 February 2016 08: 26 New
    The European Union, almost in a single rush, approved the lifting of most of the sanctions measures from Belarus
    Many say that Lukashenko is not a suicide and will never quarrel with Russia over the West! I agree. But, Lukashenko, even before the sanctions, kept his distance with Russia on an outstretched arm! In the most acute moments of the confrontation between Russia and the West, Lukashenko was more likely to take a Western position. There was no unequivocal support for Belarus in any disputed issue between Russia and the West. Well, now I count on it, it will just be naive! He will not and will not go to the West, but will balance between the West and Russia, trying to get maximum dividends. What in general is what he did before the sanctions.
  6. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 21 February 2016 08: 33 New
    "... After all, if Ukraine is renamed into Russia, then the Ukrainians will automatically become Russians. And then, tell me, do you hate with such a combination as" broad Russian "? .. And about the combination of" Ridna Rossiyskaya Mova "and" United Russia "needless to say ..."
    Aha! And the jumpers will scream bouncing: "Glory to Russia! Glory to the Russians!"
  7. Papapg
    Papapg 21 February 2016 08: 50 New
    With Ukraine it is roughly clear, but what will happen to Butler, does he remember the Ceausescu couple? He, as if under the pitchfork, wants to eat the fish and sit somewhere. Yes, but how is his progress in the subject of "history"?
  8. Ramzes33
    Ramzes33 21 February 2016 08: 56 New
    The tough and consistent foreign policy of Russia is encouraging. It gives the impression of an agreed position of the Russian Federation and the USA on Syria, which reduces the risks of a big mess in the Middle East in the short term. What can not be said about domestic politics, the process of tightening belts will only increase.
    1. Mangel olys
      Mangel olys 21 February 2016 14: 18 New
      I agree, an impression is being created. wink
  9. EvgNik
    EvgNik 21 February 2016 09: 06 New
    I just can’t understand: who doesn’t like weekly reviews? Who is minus all the time? A weekly review is a debriefing, and the main news for the allotment (I suddenly missed something), but in the end - someone was in the hospital, someone was away, you never know the reasons.

    And what then, tell me, to be afraid with such a combination as "wide-eyed Russian"? .. And there is no need to talk about the combination of "Ridna Russian Mova" and "United Russia" ... "

    Having become the only Russian, Ukrainians will automatically be the successors of the Russian language. Even now they mostly speak Russian, and then wow! And we will be forced to speak Tatar or Mongolian.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 21 February 2016 09: 38 New
      EvgNik RU

      Having become the only Russian, Ukrainians will automatically be the successors of the Russian language.

      Well, they’ll rename them, they’ll speak Russian well, their flag will be turned upside down. And with Hymn, with Hymn what to do ??. Who else is not mayor ???
  10. Malachite
    Malachite 21 February 2016 09: 07 New
    I’ll describe the results of the week ...
    "We will live, we will not die!" The Turks are getting impudent, the Bandera people are jumping ... Kazakhstan is selling tanks .. fellow
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 21 February 2016 09: 08 New
    At the end of the week, I would like to celebrate another Maidan! Looking at our "activists" I recall the film "Circus" and the couplets of old actors ... Guys! Well, this is about us! Just a little redo ...

    "We often see eccentrics,
    For a century they are in tears,
    And sigh hourly:
    -Ah, ah, ah!
    We do not respect such
    All sorrows are nonsense!
    We have been singing for a century:
    Ha ha ha ha

    We’ve been having a maidan all century
    Again Maidan ?, Maidan again!
    In vain we do not burn tires!
    Chic, shine, beauty,
    Tra-ta-ta, tra-ta-ta!
    Ain, Zwei, Tru-La-La,
    ...... voila!
    And what a chic result!
    In Kiev, two days of demonstrations killed 67 people (!), The UNIAN agency reports with reference to the press service of the Kiev city state administration.
    During the period from February 18 to February 20, 551 participant in mass events taking place in the center of the capital turned to the hospital for help. Xnumx person hospitalized.
    In the center of the Ukrainian capital, the installation of a tent on the Maidan ended in clashes between the "Right Sector" and the National Guard, TASS reports citing News One.
    The commandos blocked the way for the activists; they began to push back law enforcement officers. The brawl lasted several minutes. Hundreds of people participated in it. According to the channel, after the collision, the tent still managed to establish.
    Earlier in the center of Kiev on the Maidan, activists lit the first bonfires. Protesters are dissatisfied with the policy of the government of Ukraine. At the same time, demonstrators listen to music and performances of activists.
    In addition, people dressed in camouflage closed in the auditorium of the Cossack Hotel and made it their headquarters. Before that, the branches of Sberbank and Alfa Bank, as well as the office of Rinat Akhmetov, were defeated in Kiev. Today is the second anniversary of Euromaidan. Pogroms, anti-government rallies and processions are taking place in Kiev. Source:

  12. Egoza
    Egoza 21 February 2016 09: 19 New
    Today at 17 o'clock the veche is called and they want to declare their "will" to the government. Oh, Petya didn't have to declare that "no devilish force can turn Kiev to Moscow." She's such a devilish force ... especially in the Goat Swamp, oh, Maidan Nezalezhnosti. He won't turn to Moscow, but he can overthrow him from the throne. Yes, many people believe that the third Maidan will not take place, because there is no sponsor. Are you sure about that? Our oligarchs may well support, here Rabbit is going (!) Akhmetov and Kolomoisky (!!!) to engage in work in the energy sector in the government. So why would they need the Rabbit himself there? But for Petya it will be convenient, "the people demanded." In short, if they are not dispersed by force until evening, then it may still be very much ... It is not for nothing that Yulia is hiding, and Yushchenko, on the contrary, is ready to head the National Bank. In any case, the "Heavenly Hundred" can turn into the "Heavenly Thousand"
    1. taram taramych
      taram taramych 21 February 2016 10: 21 New
      Fools, they will gallop until they are found, someone else is worse and will give a penny, al until they die.
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 21 February 2016 21: 21 New
      Quote: Egoza
      Today at 17 o'clock the veche is convened and they want to announce their "will" to the government.

      The country of endless Maidans, as some are not legitimate, can recognize others as not legitimate
  13. Malachite
    Malachite 21 February 2016 09: 22 New
    I’m glad for Syria, well done fellows crushing devils on all fronts (with our help of course))) Bravo Assad, thanks to the Kurds!
    Such successes were achieved after the Assad army and its allies established full control over the suburbs of Aleppo, in particular over the At-Tamura area. ..

    And guys today is a good date!
    Let's "bang" 100 grams of the frontline for Vitaly! Our person!

  14. Andkor1962
    Andkor1962 21 February 2016 09: 42 New
    Thanks for the Sunday results! Always looking forward to.
  15. revnagan
    revnagan 21 February 2016 11: 16 New
    Regarding the "Third World War" and the non-support of Ankara by the NATO bloc, what if this is a trap? What if they are waiting for Russia to get bogged down in the BV for the most "do not spoil" and there will be nowhere to retreat? it twists itself, as it wants, and when Russia believes in it and weighs the undersultan "splash", raise a howl and still fit in? I personally do not see any guarantees of non-interference. Words, words ...
    1. starper
      starper 21 February 2016 14: 23 New
      Damn well, at least one sensible comment
    2. kotvov
      kotvov 21 February 2016 19: 02 New
      I do not see any guarantees of non-interference personally. Words, words ... ,,
      read an interesting article here, http: //
      maybe the truth, maybe not, but I admit that this is exactly what is happening.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. denni
    denni 21 February 2016 11: 30 New
    Well, what can I say about skaklov.? This planet just can’t stand two Russia). And in general, what would be trifling would rename the Earth to Ukraine, and better the Universe.
  18. Michael
    Michael 21 February 2016 12: 05 New
    Che onet there in the West to smoke? Rather poop their poisonous sniff, perverts wassat .
  19. Achilles
    Achilles 21 February 2016 12: 08 New
    The time will come and the Ukrainians themselves (primarily the eastern part, i.e., New Russia) will ask for help, as has been done more than once in history.
    Now there is a lot of talk from Europeans about alleged threats from Russia and they believe in it, we need to remind all Europeans that Russia has never waged war on Europe, it was just the opposite, the crusaders went to seize, the Poles during the time of turmoil , Swedes (7-year war), Napoleon, Hitler. Russia in all history has only done what freed Europe from evil and now they still have the conscience to talk about the threat from Russia.
    Judging by the history, I think the truth of Russia is given by God to fight injustice and clean out all this scum that has accumulated from the West
    1. Angler
      Angler 21 February 2016 23: 39 New
      In fact, the 7-year war is a slightly different century, and the enemy was Prussia and Frederick II. And the war with the Swedes was called Northern, at least the one that 1700 - 1721.
  20. Venenedim
    Venenedim 21 February 2016 12: 36 New
    Guys, as Belarusians say, it does not matter whether Lukashenko exists or not, if Russia does not behave in two ways, then Belarusians will always be with her. But in fact, often, the Russian authorities say one thing and do another. They say a lot that one must not succumb to Western pressure, but if they keep all their money in Western banks, it is difficult to imagine that they will choose primarily the interests of Russia, and not their money. only recently there have been some progress, but it seems not for long and everything will be quickly forgotten and if the Russian authorities are profitable they will surrender Belarus very calmly
  21. Ros 56
    Ros 56 21 February 2016 13: 09 New
    Yes, let them hammer their tongues whatever they want, the dog barks, the wind wears. That striped, that Europeans, that hohloblakitnye. We have something from this, it will drop off or arrive, but absolutely on the drum. We must do what is beneficial to us, to all, and not just to those in power. They raise their salaries to heaven, and lament how hard it is for the people. Even the plan to lead the country out of the crisis, they can’t make up, miserable. They must be driven away by a filthy broom, of these ministerial economists, you don’t think of anything, you’ll do nothing in the government.
  22. sabakina
    sabakina 21 February 2016 13: 37 New
    As a professional driver, I would like to return to the topic of UAZ in Syria. I have worked a lot on the UAZ-452 "Loaf". Only positive reviews. BUT HOW can you find fault with the "Tiger", which is based on the APC?
    There is such a blogger, Eric Davydovich Kituashvili ... Who can, when meeting, correct his face-face on my behalf! And better am
    1. Egorl
      Egorl 25 February 2016 01: 24 New
      Quote: sabakina
      There is a blogger, Eric Davydovich Kituashvili

      To whom it is interesting, the opinion of a layman. When the goat Timur appears in friends (or at the wheel), the tiger ceases to be a tiger.
  23. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 21 February 2016 15: 07 New
    Thanks to Alexey Volodin, Oleg Chuvakin! Thanks to Elena Egoze, Thanks to our students who sent notebooks to the Donbass. Thanks to our Ministry of Emergencies, Thanks to the army for getting up, Thanks! Thanks to my grandfather for the victory! Thanks to my grandmother, from the crowns, whom she pulled out of the fire! Thanks to my dad for not accepting the Ukrainian oath! Thanks to my brother, (served at Kuz), Thanks to my mother and all the women from the headquarters of the Prikvo regiment, Thanks to my brother (second cousin) that he returned alive from Afghanistan! Thank you all! Happy children! drinks soldierDon’t believe it, I am writing and tears in my eyes!
  24. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 21 February 2016 15: 42 New
    Thanks to everyone who taught folding parachutes! Thanks to the Afghans, my instructors! Thanks to the mentors at DOSSAF! Thanks to everyone who was in Pridnestrovie! Thanks to the maroon friends "Rosich" (Special Thanks to Sport Olezhka and Takha from the 7th squadron)! Happy Holidays!
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 21 February 2016 16: 44 New
      drinks I apologize for the mistakes! Sasha Romanov, Banshee, professor, MIKHAN (sorry for caps), Egoze, Zoldat_A, Styx, Linkor9s21, Alexu28, bubaliku, perepilke,
      Ruslanу67, major071 ... Hello, I won’t remember everyone! Hang on guys! Good luck, health, love and take care!
  25. vostok sibiri
    vostok sibiri 21 February 2016 16: 10 New
    Thanks for the weekly reviews. All men with the upcoming holiday !!!
  26. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 21 February 2016 17: 20 New
    Here, mom posted in VK by February 23! I (cadet yet)), dad, brother and mother! There are still pictures of grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, all military! Something like this! I have a deep bow and honor to my parents! There’s nothing more to say!soldier
    1. Mangel olys
      Mangel olys 21 February 2016 18: 31 New
      Accept my respect for your family. In the family itself, all the military, I know what it is. With the upcoming holiday your family.
      1. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 21 February 2016 18: 50 New
        Quote: Mangel Alys
        Accept my respect for your family.

        Thank you! drinks We have a son (mother bought a wall horizontal bar yesterday by February 23 wink ) wants to special forces! Not at the computer, but what would you and I have slept exactly! Thank you! hi
  27. Balagan
    Balagan 21 February 2016 17: 30 New
    Seeing the heroic flight of the Bandera punitive from Debaltseve, of course, the test! smile
  28. Sedoy_greek
    Sedoy_greek 21 February 2016 17: 37 New
    Congratulations to "Svidomo" on the anniversary of the Maidan - we wish you continued success !!! Two years of work - minus Crimea and Donbas !!! If this continues, it seems that Yatsenyuk will have to issue government awards to Yatsenyuk !!! soldier
  29. galakt
    galakt 21 February 2016 18: 12 New
    They demand to give Crimea not to dill, but to Amers.
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 21 February 2016 18: 29 New
      Quote: galakt
      They demand to give Crimea not to dill, but to Amers.

      We will not give Crimea to anyone! Look how disfigured Ukraine! And do not lie! We were never respected, they were zigzagging and the hetmans were ass licked. I respect the Ukrainians, but if the authorities have curled up and the people are sitting stupidly, what else can I talk about. My grandfather was wounded near Kaliningrad, my grandmother pulled out the wounded on the 1st Ukrainian front, and maybe there were Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Bulbashs, Georgians, Tatars, Chuvashs! They fought against the Nazis, but what else needs to be proved? What Crimea in the ass (do not ban please), how are they not ashamed? Please forgive me! You are not ofigel Ukrainians ???
  30. red_october
    red_october 21 February 2016 22: 16 New
    Something from Erdogan is little news and threats that have become so familiar to turn around, you know, against Assad
  31. Gr. Engineer
    Gr. Engineer 21 February 2016 23: 03 New
    There is a way to quickly solve the Ukrainian issue: it is necessary to ban the transfer of money from Russia to Ukraine. This had to be done long ago, at the very beginning of the Ukrainian unrest. Close the border, and repatriate Ukrainians. And all at once would cease.
    Surely you can deal with the Turks like that, but only now is the 21st century - business is above all.
    I can’t imagine that in 1941–45 German fascist businessmen would work in the USSR and send money to their Vaterland.
  32. red_october
    red_october 22 February 2016 14: 50 New
    Quote: sabakina
    As a professional driver, I would like to return to the topic of UAZ in Syria. I have worked a lot on the UAZ-452 "Loaf". Only positive reviews. BUT HOW can you find fault with the "Tiger", which is based on the APC?
    There is such a blogger, Eric Davydovich Kituashvili ... Who can, when meeting, correct his face-face on my behalf! And better am

    You seem to have been heard

    The founder of "" was detained due to an attempt on the head of Ingushetia
  33. apostoll
    apostoll 24 February 2016 11: 34 New
    They would think what will happen to them if we get down to business ... Let the situation in Syria be good to study ...

    It’s interesting, but the one who wrote this, himself ever shot from a firearm, I’m not talking about shooting at the enemy, if only at the target?
    Will you "take on" them yourself, or will you command them from the bushes?