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23420 small anti-submarine ship

The domestic shipbuilding industry presented a new project of a promising warship. A few weeks ago on the official website of the Central Maritime Design Bureau (TsMKB) "Almaz" were published the first information about the new small anti-submarine ship project 23420. Published several images of such a ship, as well as basic information about its purpose, design, equipment, etc.

According to the developer, the new small anti-submarine ship is intended for combat operations against surface, underwater and air enemies, as well as for attacking coastal targets using artillery weapons. It is also possible to protect basing points fleet, protection of the state border and economic zone. Who ordered the development of the new project has not yet been specified. Thus, in the future such ships can be built for both Russian and foreign fleets.

The published images of the perspective ship of the 23420 project show that during its development all the main developments used in the creation of modern ships were used. Thus, the outer contours of the hull and superstructure are formed from a large number of large rectilinear panels mated at different angles. The number of elements protruding above such panels is minimized, which should lead to a decrease in ship visibility for enemy radar equipment.

The result of this design approach, as the images show, was the appearance of a smooth tank without any major details, behind which is an artillery installation. The casing of the latter is also made with regard to stealth and has a corresponding multifaceted shape. To further reduce the probability of detecting the hull bead, they are associated with the sides of the superstructure and are combined over the greater part of the length of the latter. Thus, the necessary characteristics are provided, and also the characteristic silhouette of the ship is formed. In the stern, as well as on many other domestic ships, a helipad is envisaged.

The small anti-submarine ship of the 23420 project should have a displacement of 1300 m and the corresponding dimensions: about 75 m and maximum width up to 13 m. According to the developer’s calculations, the main power plants proposed for use will allow the ship to reach speeds up to 25-30 nodes and provide a cruising range to 2500 nautical miles The ship will be operated by a crew of 60 people. Autonomy is set at 15 days.

The project 23420 offers two options for the main power plant, differing in the composition of the equipment and characteristics. In the first version, the ship should receive a diesel engine that will drive the two propellers of a fixed pitch. Also provides a power plant option with a diesel engine and electric propulsion. The screws remain the same. Apparently, a similar version of the power plant will allow the ship to reach speeds of no more than 25 nodes.

To increase the maximum speed to 30 nodes, a second type of power installation should be used. In this case, the ship will be mounted diesel and gas turbine engines connected gearboxes, etc. aggregates. As a propulsion such a ship will be able to use two screws with adjustable pitch. Obviously, the second version of the main power plant will surpass the first in maximum power, which will accordingly affect the characteristics of the ship.

Despite the relatively small size and displacement, a promising small anti-submarine ship should carry a relatively powerful complex of electronic, sonar and other means, as well as appropriate weaponry. In its current form, the 23420 project involves the use of a number of systems whose purpose is to study the environment, search for dangerous objects and ensure their destruction.

According to the Almaz Central Design Bureau, the new ship will be equipped with the Sigma-E combat information and control system, which will monitor the work of all other means. For the detection of targets and the issuance of target designation must be responsible for the radar "Positiv-МЭ1.2". It also provides for the use of the Horizon-25 inertial navigation system, the 67P “Password” type radar identification equipment (two sets) and the joint safe use system weapons "Lock". In addition to the “Horizon-25”, the naval integrated navigation system of the ship should have an integrated marine navigation and stabilization system (MIMSNIS) “Kama-NS-B”.

The small anti-submarine ship of the 23420 project should also receive a set of sonar equipment that will allow it to detect submarines or other vehicles, as well as enemy swimmers. To solve such problems, the ship will be able to carry the MGK-335EM-03 hydroacoustic complex, the Vignetka-EM hydroacoustic station, as well as the Anapa-ME combat swimmers detection station or the Lovat type GUS.

The 23420 project allows you to use various means of communication. The main element of this system is the Buran-E complex. In addition, it is possible to install other means of communication that meet the requirements of the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety Communication System) for the A1, A2 and A3 areas. At the request of the customer, the prospective small anti-submarine ship can receive other communication systems of various types.

The ship should receive various types of small arms, artillery, missile and anti-submarine weapons, with which it can fight surface, underwater, coastal and air targets. In addition, an unmanned aviation complex.

The artillery in the new project is represented by one AK-176MA installation with a 76 mm caliber gun and one AK-306 anti-aircraft gun of the 30 mm caliber. Ammunition 76-mm installation is 152 shot, in the stacks 30-mm system is stored up to 500 projectiles. A larger-caliber gun mount is mounted in front of the superstructure and has a characteristic faceted casing that reduces radar visibility. The location of the anti-aircraft AK-306 raises questions. Apparently, it is planned to mount it in the rear part of the superstructure.

Also, the barrel systems of the ship are represented by two large-caliber machine guns. This weapon with 2000 ammunition ammunition should be placed on the thumbnail installations on the sides of the superstructure.

The main anti-aircraft weapons of the 23420 spacecraft are one 3M-47 “Bending” and 20 portable SAM systems of the “Needle” or “Needle-S” type. Such weapons can attack air targets at ranges and altitudes of up to several kilometers. At smaller distances, the destruction of air targets should be made by artillery systems.

The main task of a promising ship, as can be seen from its classification, is the fight against enemy submarines. To destroy the detected submarines ship project 23420 must carry the appropriate weapons. In the aft part, at the sides below the level of the helipad, it is proposed to mount two launchers of the small-sized anti-submarine torpedo complex “Package-NK” or “Package-E”. Ammunition complex declared at the level of eight torpedoes. At the same time on the published images drawn twin-tube launchers.

An additional anti-submarine vehicle is the RPK-8E Zapad complex. It includes the 12-barreled rocket launcher RBU-6000, which is used to launch the RSL-60 depth bombs or 90P anti-submarine missiles. Total ammunition system - 48 missiles and bombs. Bomb launchers must be mounted in front of the superstructure, behind the artillery.

Behind the superstructure, installation of two launchers of the Smelyy PK-10 jamming complex is envisaged. With the help of shells with false heat targets, dipole reflectors or other special equipment, this system should make it difficult or impossible to detect the ship. Total ammunition complex PC-10 - 40 shots.

Radar detection aids are proposed to be supplemented by an unmanned aviation complex Horizon-AIR-S-100. The 23420 project ship must carry one such system, which consists of two UAVs and a set of equipment to work with them.

It is proposed to fight enemy combat swimmers using two DP-64 anti-sabotage grenade launchers. The total ammunition of this weapon is 240 shots. Grenade launchers should be stored in special layouts on the ship and do not need any installation systems, providing firing from the hands.

In fulfillment of the safety requirements, the small anti-submarine ship of the 23420 project must have the means of salvation. In addition to individual means, he must carry several life rafts inflatable (in the available images the ship carries four containers with rafts), as well as a motorboat. The latter is located on the stern area, at the side. For its launching and lifting back it is proposed to use a special cargo crane.

It should be noted that the ship project 23420, depicted in the published figures, differs from the description, and also has some interesting features. For example, in the figures it can be seen that on the aft part of the superstructure is the combat module of the 3М89 "Palash" anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex. At the same time, in the description of the ship, the system 3М-47 “Bending” is mentioned, which probably should be installed in the same place. You can also note the parameters of the drawn launchers of the “Package-NK / E” complex. The proposed ship has two such systems with a horizontal arrangement of two launch tubes. Any information about the possibility of such installation of pipes has not yet appeared: all known two-pipe installations of the “Package-NK / E” complex had a vertical layout.

The perspective project of a small anti-submarine ship may be of some interest from the point of view of the renewal of the navy. The Navy needs ships of various classes, which should replace outdated equipment. So, ships of the 23420 project will be able to take the place of ships of previous projects of a similar purpose. Currently, the Russian fleet has only a few dozen small anti-submarine ships of several projects. For comparison, only ships of the project 1124 / 1124М were built about 90 units. Thus, the new project may lead to a noticeable update of the relevant part of the fleet.

Considering the published data, it is easy to see that the 23420 project has some features hinting at the possible construction of ships for export deliveries. Thus, some systems offered for installation on ships have an additional letter “E”, which designates export modifications, and the composition of communication equipment can be determined in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Thus, small anti-submarine ships of the new type can begin service not only in the Russian Navy, but also in the naval forces of third countries.

It should be noted that it is too early to talk about the prospects of the 23420 project. The first information about the new development of the Almaz Central Securities and Design Bureau was published only a month and a half ago, which does not allow building full-fledged judgments about it. At the moment, this can only be a proposal worked out in general matters, which can become a full-fledged project only after the appearance of interested customers. Any data on the interest of potential customers to the new project are not yet available. Nevertheless, the proposed project is of some interest and has every chance of becoming the subject of a regular construction and supply contract.

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  1. VadimL
    VadimL 19 February 2016 06: 43 New
    Something is wrong with the fleet. Small anti-submarine ships, small missile ships, small patrol ships, 2 types of corvettes, 2 types of frigates. There was so much talk about "unification and standardization", and as a result, we again get a manning of the fleet on the principle of "each creature in a pair". Maybe it was easier to build a sufficient number of frigates plus a certain number of IRAs for coastal areas?
    1. KaPToC
      KaPToC 19 February 2016 13: 21 New
      The words "unified" and "universal" are not synonyms. A special ship will do the job better than a station wagon.
    2. Juborg
      Juborg 19 February 2016 13: 23 New
      Why do you need this comfortable luxury yacht, with very weak and dubious weapons at the patrol boat level? We have a lot of money or good projects have ended. Why squander the budget for this trash?
  2. Cympak
    Cympak 19 February 2016 06: 55 New
    Many places have already discussed this project. The general conclusion is that such a project is in the furnace.
    Key Cons:
    - RBU-6000 is an outdated type of weapons, unable to deal with modern submarines and torpedoes at the depths currently used
    - placement on the tank RBU-6000 eliminates all attempts to ensure the stealth of the ship
    - Package-NK provides only self-defense of the ship or the fight against submarines in the near zone, there is no long arm - PLUR
    - without PLUR, the possibility of combating modern submarines is unlikely
    - it is doubtful that the 2 drones provided for by the project will somehow help in the search for submarines, as will not be able to carry either anti-submarine weapons or submersible gas
    - there is no towed GAS
    - AK-603 - a weapon suitable only for chasing poachers (it can be seen on the optical sight), for the near-border air defense at least the AK-630 is needed, but better the Broadsword
    - the picture does not meet the declared characteristics
    - why another project and hull, when you can make a good anti-submarine ship from project 22160 or Cheetah
    1. Mera joota
      Mera joota 19 February 2016 07: 38 New
      Absolutely right. It is impossible to insert a normal HAS into such a displacement, and without a towed HAS to catch modern submarines (with a displacement of 1,5 thousand tons in the ocean, there is nothing to do) is simply unrealistic. The absence of anti-submarine helicopters (two at least!) Generally casts doubt on its ability to even target and destroy anyone.

      Quote: Cympak
      why another project and hull, when you can make a good anti-submarine ship from project 22160 or Cheetah

      This is a disease of our military-industrial complex ...
      1. umah
        umah 19 February 2016 12: 44 New
        It is impossible to insert a normal HAS into such a displacement, and without modern towed HAS to catch modern submarines (with a displacement of 1,5 thousand tons in the ocean, there is nothing to do)

        But what about the 1124M project? There is a retractable gas and towed. And the displacement is even smaller, full of the order of 1200 tons.
        - Package-NK provides only self-defense of the ship or the fight against submarines in the near zone, there is no long arm - PLUR
        - without PLUR, the possibility of combating modern submarines is unlikely

        As for launching the PLUR from surface torpedoes, I offer you to familiarize yourself with the article:
    2. Nishtiag
      Nishtiag 21 February 2016 22: 32 New
      I fully support it. The emergence of the project looks like an attempt to justify the money spent from the budget is not clear where. Or to grab another piece for "working out", but in fact it will go to pay off wages or debts. And the project is then declared insolvent and the development is canceled! Let them be responsible for the waste themselves! I can draw this in two days, even though I am not a shipbuilder.
  3. the47th
    the47th 19 February 2016 07: 36 New
    So this is what Putin’s yacht looks like!
  4. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 19 February 2016 07: 53 New
    I was very interested to read about the new project. I’m not a specialist and I can’t appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the project, but minus the article just because I didn’t like the project - this is not comme il faut! Article plus!
  5. Engineer
    Engineer 19 February 2016 08: 31 New
    Just discussed yesterday. The author is not for the carelessness and inability to use the search on the site.
  6. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 19 February 2016 09: 41 New
    1124M in a building a la "Guarding"? Why spawn entities? Absolutely unnecessary auxilarium.
  7. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 19 February 2016 10: 09 New
    So ... just another beautiful picture with a bunch of blunders.
  8. shurup
    shurup 19 February 2016 11: 48 New
    Student diploma, promptly issued by the management of TsMKB for their own.
    Small imitator of the activities of the bosses. The main feature is the letter "E".
  9. Jozhkin Cat
    Jozhkin Cat 19 February 2016 15: 29 New
    A beautiful yacht would turn out ...
  10. engineer
    engineer 19 February 2016 15: 53 New
    what for ? if only for export. and they won’t even buy it. project of the 20th century. and now 21.