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Polish answer to McCain

Senators John McCain, Richard Durbin and Benjamin Cardin were seriously concerned about the infringement of democracy in fraternal Poland. The prominent political figures of America are deeply agitated by the reforms affecting the activities of the Constitutional Court and the media in Poland. Senators note that new laws may hinder the legality and independence of the courts. The Polish government responded by saying that some Americans have no idea about what is happening in Poland.

Polish answer to McCain

Recall that in January 2016, the Polish methods of governing the country caused serious criticism from the democratic world community. Warsaw was criticized not in the USA, but in Europe.

For example, the speaker of the European Parliament and the representative of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Martin Schulz, said that the Polish government pursues a policy that is very reminiscent of the policy of ... Putin. The government in Poland mentioned Schultz called "Putin-style democracy."

Some German parliamentarians went further, proposing to punish Poland with economic sanctions. The head of the parliamentary faction of the Christian Democratic Union, Volker Cowder, said bluntly that in case of a violation of the "European principles" by Warsaw, the EU states should "go for sanctions." The Polish government should learn: the basic values ​​of Europe “cannot be violated”.

That is, it was proposed to deal with Poland approximately as with Russia.

In addition to Herr Cowder, the chairman of the CDU / CSU faction in the European Parliament, Herbert Reul, called for financial sanctions against Warsaw.

MEP Viviane Reding, formerly EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, said in January that “attacks on the rule of law” always start with an attack on the Constitutional Court, followed by the media (first public, then private) . “This is the logic of Putin, Orban, Kaczynski,” said Reading.

Criticism of the internal politics of Warsaw in Europe started last year - in the autumn, and especially in December.

As you know, in 2015, the “Law and Justice” party (otherwise “Law and Justice”) won the parliamentary majority. The leader of the party is Pan Jaroslav Kaczynski. President Andrzej Duda is also a member of this party. The "just" zealously took up the cause of "reform."

First of all, laws on the reform of the Constitutional Court and the reform of public radio and television were passed through the Sejm.

In late December, President Duda signed a law severely restricting the powers of the Constitutional Court. Constitutional Court decisions are now taken by a two-thirds majority of the judges, and not by a simple majority, as before. In addition, all cases are considered in the order of admission, and the criterion of importance is not taken into account. European observers say the decisions of the Constitutional Court will drag on for years.

In January, Duda signed a law on the media, initiated by the “fair” and allowing the government to appoint and dismiss the heads of Polish public television and Polish radio at its discretion.

The authorities of the European Union such an invasion of Poland on democracy and freedom of speech were outraged.

European Commissioner Günther Oettinger called for the use of the EU legal mechanism, providing for a corresponding harsh dialogue with the EU state suspected of violating legal norms.

The Polish people were also dissatisfied with the innovations of the “just”: mass protests took place in the country, covering two dozen cities.

However, members of the Polish government did not heed the voice of the people or warnings from the EU authorities.

Since the criticism of Brussels did not work, the hegemon had to intervene in the matter. However, unofficially.

Three US senators condemned the “reforms” that came to the throats of democracy in Poland.

As reported from Warsaw Agency Associated PressPolish leaders say that three US senators who expressed “concern” about the rule of law in Poland are “misinformed” about the situation in the country and have no right to “lecture” Warsaw about its “internal affairs.”

A bipartisan group of senators, AP reports, John McCain from Arizona, Benjamin Cardin from Maryland and Richard Durbin from Illinois, last week sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo. The document expresses concern that new laws affecting the Constitutional Court and public media may adversely affect democratic norms, including the legality and independence of the judiciary.

At the same time, the senators called themselves the "Friends of Poland". These "friends" called on the government in Warsaw to "re" return to common Western democratic values.

In response to the Americans, the Polish Foreign Minister, Witold Vashchikovsky, spoke. He literally "attacked" the senators.

According to him, the senators do not know anything about orders in Poland, and the letter itself is “the result of a lack of knowledge about what is happening in Poland.” Moreover, politicians were “inspired” by the letter by people who want to “harm Poland”.

Witold Vashchikovsky also said that he was going to officially resolve this issue in Washington, where he intended to go for negotiations.

However, the agency notes, this letter only underlines the "similar criticism" that came earlier from the leaders of Europe. The document further focuses on how badly Poland’s international position has deteriorated since the Law and Justice Party won the parliamentary elections.

“The erosion of democracy in Poland will undermine the liberal institutions that have so far successfully based on ideas of well-being, peace, stability and tolerance in Europe,” the senators wrote to B. Szydlow.

In response, Shidlo explained that the changes her government was making were just “adjustments” to the attempts of the previous government to gain control over the Constitutional Court. According to her, American politicians have nothing to "read lectures" and poke their nose "in the internal affairs" of Poland.

What will come with such an unusual policy of Poland, which has clearly lost its hand and does not want to listen to democratic advisers? Western theses on the “Putinization” of Poland may lead to the fact that soon Beate Szydlo will be compared with Medvedev, and Pan Dudu with Putin. First, as a joke, then seriously. And what should Poland do, which is now suffering from Russian counter-sanctions (remember the apples), and in the future risk getting sanctions from the EU and the US?

Experts do not think that any sanctions are shining on Poland. On the contrary, Warsaw claims to be one of the new centers of Europe. And its ties with the United States are not weakening, but growing stronger.

As explained Reedus Alexei Kochetkov, head of the People's Diplomacy Foundation, Poland is "the absolute guide of US geopolitical interests in the European theater."

The party “Law and Justice” and its founder and chairman Jaroslav Kaczynski, the expert said, is an old creature of Americans. The party takes an anti-European and anti-German position.

Poland receives from the States financial income through military cooperation. “If you look closely, Poland today is in a much more favorable economic position than its neighbors in the European Union,” said Kochetkov. According to the political scientist, Warsaw is given preferences from the IMF and the United States, which allows Poland to see itself as a new center of power in Europe, able to resist Germany and France.

As for the letter of McCain to his comrades, we add from himself that it does not and cannot have any political or legal force; McCain is not at all the figure that is responsible for carrying out US foreign policy, and not at all to that branch of government. It would be different if the letter were sent by Secretary of State John Kerry.

But official Washington will not spoil relations with Poland, which he politically needs as a territory bordering Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region. With the help of Poland, the White House will continue to pursue Russophobic policies, as well as keep German politicians "in tune". And if the Polish public media doodu in the same way with Washington, the latter will be just happy.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 19 February 2016 06: 10 New
    EUA hosts show slaves who is who - I won’t be surprised if they find oil or the terrorists headquarters in Poland
    1. Finches
      Finches 19 February 2016 06: 16 New
      Poland, by virtue of its historical failure, has always had eyes larger than the stomach! Therefore, as soon as they have more or less settled down, the pans begin to climb the wall from boredom - we in Russia have got used to it for many centuries, and in the country of permanent ignorance this is surprising! laughing
      1. yushch
        yushch 19 February 2016 08: 45 New
        Quote: Finches
        Poland, by virtue of its historical failure, has always had eyes larger than the stomach! Therefore, as soon as they have more or less settled down, the pans begin to climb the wall from boredom - we in Russia have got used to it for many centuries, and in the country of permanent ignorance this is surprising! laughing

        Exactly. Poland periodically begins to seem that it is a subject of international relations, although most of the time it has been the object of these relations. But after a good cleansing enema, usually everything falls into place.
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 19 February 2016 07: 22 New
      Oh, beautifully said!))
      As the Associated Press reported from Warsaw, Polish leaders say that three US senators who expressed “concern” regarding the rule of law in Poland are “misinformed” about the situation in the country and are not entitled to “give lectures” to Warsaw about it “ of internal affairs. "

      1. Max otto
        Max otto 19 February 2016 11: 41 New
        Yes, it’s soon time to check how it is with democracy ...
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 19 February 2016 06: 11 New
    “The erosion of democracy in Poland will undermine liberal institutions that have so far been successfully based on the ideas of well-being, peace, stability and tolerance in Europe”

    Corrosion of democracy in the USA, already pure fascism, for some reason does not bother the advocates of democracy.
  3. Sensatus
    Sensatus 19 February 2016 06: 12 New
    Escape from the chicken coop of another layer ...
  4. Gray 43
    Gray 43 19 February 2016 06: 41 New
    Well, like the Turks with Erdogan, in fact, Europe can’t do anything again.
  5. Evpatiy.
    Evpatiy. 19 February 2016 06: 42 New
    What did the noblemen of the noblemen please? It seems to bark at Russia among the first! So and up to three Baltic prostitutes will get!
  6. sgazeev
    sgazeev 19 February 2016 06: 56 New
    The legend of the heroes of Solidarity and the Round Table was the foundation of the legitimacy of the Third Republic and modern Polish politicians. This myth supported the country's reforms, including integration into NATO and the European Union. The only ones who have recently audited the basic foundations of the Polish state that has existed since 1991 were PiS. The problem is not Walesa’s hypocrisy, the problem is that thousands of people have supported him for many years, but they are institutionalized in lies, emphasizes Professor Andrzej Zibertowicz, Advisor to the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. In his opinion, today the truth is revealed about the weakness of the Third Republic, the truth about the mechanisms of its creation and management. It should be recognized that for a long time, especially in the 1090s, our politicians were hooked, the professor noted, since most of the secret documents were in the hands of foreign intelligence services, which posed and poses a threat to Poland’s national security. Lelik decided open the abscess.
  7. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 19 February 2016 07: 01 New
    I completely agree with McCain - it’s time in Poland to start introducing democracy, otherwise we have started a lot lately. laughing
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 19 February 2016 07: 05 New
    Warsaw has been given preferences by the IMF and the USA, which allows Poland to consider itself as a new center of power in Europe, able to confront Germany and France.

    So the pans are raising their heads, they want to rise higher in their geyropovsky union. They have the law of the chicken coop - poop on the bottom, have a neighbor and make their way higher! laughing
    1. starper
      starper 19 February 2016 11: 34 New
      Simply put, she was appointed "beloved" wife, well, the master has the right :-)
  9. cobalt
    cobalt 19 February 2016 07: 09 New
    In order to restore democracy, I suggest that the Americans begin to bombard Poland with carpet bombing until it is fully restored.
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 19 February 2016 07: 21 New
    And why the Americans, in connection with the fact that in Poland "democracy" is violated, the Maidan is not arranged .. McCain has experience ..
  11. oldzek
    oldzek 19 February 2016 08: 33 New
    for sure! Poland is strong in contention (according to the Poles themselves)
  12. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 19 February 2016 08: 43 New
    100% of zheks awaits the fate of the outskirts. To be friends with the Anglo-Saxons is to play with fire. Better shit stomp.
  13. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 19 February 2016 09: 11 New
    It was not for nothing that Churchill said, "Poland is the hyena of Europe."
  14. 56_br
    56_br 19 February 2016 09: 15 New
    the usa is the enemy of all progressive mankind, but what is being done to the enemies?
  15. fix
    fix 19 February 2016 09: 15 New
    Yeah, right now, the West will scold slightly the Poles, and then grow another Hitler closer to our borders. type of erdagan.
  16. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 February 2016 09: 30 New
    The more nibble among themselves, the better. Less time will remain dirty tricks against Russia. But Poland’s ambitions do grow by leaps and bounds. That's what it means to grab hold of an American trouser leg.
  17. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 19 February 2016 10: 42 New
    First of all, laws on the reform of the Constitutional Court and the reform of public radio and television were passed through the Sejm.

    Warsaw took the path of upholding national interests and did so radically, honestly and openly. I admire and respect this, given that Poland is a member of the EU. Even England does not allow herself such a thing.
    What is stopping non-EU Russia from doing the same?!?
    1. stas-xnumx
      stas-xnumx 19 February 2016 11: 18 New
      I agree, and have not looked at anyone lately ...
  18. Belousov
    Belousov 19 February 2016 12: 20 New
    Who told you that the Poles act independently? Nothing is done there without an order from Fashington. Only if in Rutina they want to fill their own pocket along the way, then the psheks also have a national idea and cultivate it in every possible way. Yes, the very idea of ​​another Rzecz Pospolita and other "nishtyaks" is certainly not new and so-so, but it is. And this is already a lot. Poland is being raised as a competitor to Germany and France on the European continent. This will be a leader who leads the rest of them, who will not initially have their own position. And the Germans are still fumbling about something, trying to remove the sanctions, for some reason they care about their own business, and not about American well-being and greatness.
  19. Ozhogin Dmitry
    Ozhogin Dmitry 19 February 2016 12: 26 New
    They started talking about Polish apples again ... Why splurge? Someone really thinks that Poland is getting fucked how it suffered from the fact that the apples were recorded in the embargo? What kind of nonsense? International trade is not apples at all.
    1. iouris
      iouris 19 February 2016 19: 30 New
      Yeah, apples (and sprats) were sore.
  20. Shepard
    Shepard 19 February 2016 12: 26 New
    Reflections ...
    Reproaching the foundations of democracy will cause reproaches from Europe, the United States and other vassals of the "hegemon"
    Reproaches will open the eyes of the "popular" masses in Poland
    Displeased "people" will go out to rally
    Rallies Outgrow in Collisions
    Gangs of dissenting bandits are formed and others will start to nightmare Poland and Ukraine to hook
    To the question of Ukraine "what kind of business" the Poles will say we are not in business, these are bandits, we are fighting them ourselves
    By that time, the power structures of Ukraine will finally collapse with insufficient funding
    Poles will volunteer to help deal with "their" bandits on the territory of Ukraine
    They will introduce their contingent to Ukraine
    As a result of a "hard" and long war, the territories will be freed from "gangs"
    Since the civilians escaped from the fighting, the Poles will continue to occupy the liberated territories and, in gratitude, the remnants of the Ukrainian government will legally transfer these territories to Poland legally
    And what kind of territory I think you can guess
    The main thing that we did not get
  21. Igor V
    Igor V 19 February 2016 14: 30 New
    That's right, Poland wagged, wagged, and to her from the other side.
  22. Waciak
    Waciak 19 February 2016 16: 58 New
    It is a fascinating article and it is clear that the author is well informed in Polish reality.

    The most interesting and very real summary:
    And if the Polish public media blows the tune in one tune with Washington, the latter will be simply happy.

    The nations of Europe are manipulated by the media today, and the governments of the states only control them. Actual power is in the hands of media owners.

    Ps: I offer some commentators more respect for other nations. I, as a Pole, are not forced to correspond for every stupidity of Polish politicians - but despite this I still feel like a Pole. I would like to be entitled to my own surrender about the Polish-Russian relations, but this is impossible if someone spits on me just because they have claims to the Polish government. Such a discussion leads exclusively to mutual spitting.

    Russians - let me fall in love with an ordinary Pole. wink
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Waciak
    Waciak 19 February 2016 19: 24 New
    Quote: Waciak

    Russians - let me love yourself ordinary Pole. wink

    Well, maybe enough "like" laughing
  25. engineer
    engineer 19 February 2016 20: 38 New
    Pshekov already four times occupied. and they are about to burn the Commonwealth from the Rhine to the Volga .. do not tell cats.
  26. iouris
    iouris 19 February 2016 22: 39 New
    If Britexit takes place, the EU and possibly NATO will be reformed. Everything is moving towards the creation of a conglomerate within NATO [Poland + Ukraine + Lithuania]. Perhaps all the Baltic countries will be included in it, but Poland will receive the status of a "superpower". Warsaw will receive targeted support from Washington, Bonn, Paris, London and ensure their effective targeted spending. This is a chance for Polish nationalists in power to "squeeze" the coveted "territories."
    1. shura7782
      shura7782 19 February 2016 22: 56 New
      Quote: iouris
      "squeeze out" the coveted "territories".

      I would like to know more precisely, that is, the geography of these "territories". How do you see it?
      1. iouris
        iouris 20 February 2016 01: 09 New
        This is not what I see, but certain circles in Poland: the northwestern part of Ukraine. Further on: Lithuania, Belarus.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. shura7782
          shura7782 20 February 2016 20: 23 New
          iouris: For example, in Germany, some desperate heads have the mood to regain lost eastern lands. Nowadays the lands of western Poland. It turns out that they want to regain their own, native. Humanly, this desire can be explained, but in practice, it is military operations with all the ensuing consequences. If Poland allows itself to do this, then why not return Germany then. In my opinion, this is all someone’s Wishlist sofa level ..
          What do you think?
  27. Waciak
    Waciak 20 February 2016 11: 29 New
    Quote: iouris
    This is not what I see, but certain circles in Poland: the northwestern part of Ukraine. Further on: Lithuania, Belarus.

    This is the most painful thought I can imagine, and I judge that 99% of Poles have a similar surrender. Poland (polaakm) lacks what we have because thanks to this our state is homogeneous and ethnic and we do not have significant problems of the peoples' voices (outside the noisy Ukrainian minority). The construction of some kind of creation about the name "Miedzymozha" does not lie in our business because, in truth, none of the states (Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus) will ever disperse, as long as the leadership in such a creation goes to Poland. The Miedzymozhe project carries out exclusively the affairs of the United States, which wants to separate Russia from Europe and thus dictate its own terms. Therefore, in truth, only a handful of notorious politicians support the pipe dream called "Miedzymozhe" and thanks to God, it will never come true.