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As part of the exercise, mass airborne personnel were parasitized in the Pskov Region

In several districts of the Pskov region, a large number of Airborne Forces troops were disembarked as part of a command and staff exercise. The total number of paratroopers involved in disembarking using D-10 parachutes and Arbalet parachute systems was about 1000 people. Landing was carried out on the snow-covered territory.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that the personnel were dropped from IL-76 aircraft.

As part of the exercise, mass airborne personnel were parasitized in the Pskov Region

Of messages MO RF:
In three areas, a parachute assault force with a total strength of more than 1000 troops was used. A simultaneous landing of an assault force was conducted near the settlements of Vishnyaki, Smuravievo and Kislovo (Pskov Region).

When dropping a paratroop parachute, it was also parachuted down to a company of upgraded second-generation airborne combat vehicles on parachute multi-dome systems (MKS-350-9). A massive parachute assault in the area of ​​the city of Ostrov (Vishnyaki landing site) was used for the first time.

In addition to the delivery of the landing force to the areas for the implementation of the immediate tasks by parachute method, landing was carried out on the Ostrov airfield by landing method to a battalion of military personnel with military equipment and armament.

In the course of the exercise, a reconnaissance group was disembarked, which was supposed to detect hidden positions of conditional illegal armed formations.

From the message of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:
After the landing, the airborne assault units organized the mooring of military equipment and the collection of personnel at the landing sites for a multi-kilometer march to the area of ​​the Strugi Krasny landfill.

Major-General Vladimir Kochetkov, Deputy Commander of the Airborne Forces for the Airborne Training, supervises the command and staff exercises.

The press service of the main defense department reports that the Airborne Force exercise in the Pskov region will last until February 20.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 17 February 2016 17: 21
    Seriously, and it pleases. Tremble adversaries.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 17 February 2016 17: 24
      England and other shushar about such a number of simultaneously desantiruemy only dream.

      + also combat vehicles.

      Who knows - does anyone have analogues in the world of our airborne forces? Well, the fact that they have analogues of our MTR with parachute training is yes.

      And so here is the amount mixed with conscripts?

      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 17 February 2016 17: 57
        Quote: s-t Petrov
        Does anyone have analogues in the world of our airborne forces?

        Airborne PLA.
        It consists of 3 divisions, consolidated in the corps with attached units.
        They have their own small aircraft.
        Structurally included in the Air Force.
        Composition - about 25-30.000.
        There is also an appropriate technique - ZLC-2000.
        Almost a copy of our BMD-2.

        But our landing is the coolest of all.
        This is AXIOM.
        The teachings are serious.
        The mass landing and seizure of the port also worked out ...
        Such a subtle hint of thick possibilities)))
        Respect Hope all the guys are okay.
      2. DMB_95
        DMB_95 17 February 2016 18: 05
        There are no analogues, because there are no such guys anywhere else. In 2000 6th company 104 pdp 76gv. Airborne divisions (now DSS) almost all fell down defending their position. 89 people (about half are conscripts) against 2000 spirits. And there was an opportunity to retreat. Spirits then they even finished off the dead. What other people can fight and die like this? There are no such anywhere.
        1. Artem shlykov
          Artem shlykov 17 February 2016 18: 41
          I am proud of the Russian people! I changed the 6th company in Engenoye (there the team of the PTGr of the 76th VDD was). In general, I personally knew the intelligence officers. Conscripts are ordinary children, of whom many walk along the streets, and only the army awakens patriotism, courage, strength in them!
    2. karpah
      karpah 17 February 2016 19: 25
      A shiver in front of me !!!!! We are shaking, where to go ... because from the taiga to the British seas, the Russian army is all the stronger
  2. Malachite
    Malachite 17 February 2016 17: 21
    In the Baltic states, howl will rise no joke ...
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 17 February 2016 18: 16
      Quote: Malachite
      In the Baltic states, howl will rise no joke ...

      Yes, now it stinks of the whole bastardium, sprat-eaters declared that Russia had declared them a hybrid war.
    2. iouris
      iouris 17 February 2016 23: 38
      In Latvia, the opening of a Russian information site in Latvian and Russian was called aggression. No need to pay attention.
  3. polite people
    polite people 17 February 2016 17: 24
    In Poland, psheks will even more howl
  4. 17 February 2016 17: 24
    cheers comrades! have not tried it for a long time (especially Pskov)
    1. chikenous59
      chikenous59 17 February 2016 17: 41
      cheers comrades! have not tried it for a long time (especially Pskov)

      They train around the clock))
  5. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 17 February 2016 17: 33
    In a banderop, there will be perplexity in the demolition of what they have instead of the brain. They destroyed the Pskov Marines 100 times. All of this. Now, according to their estimates, the platoon of the construction battalion in Sakhalin has calmed down. And here SUCH! Let them watch! These are not crying USA seals on an Iranian craft!
  6. parafoiler
    parafoiler 17 February 2016 17: 40
    Go ahead, Uncle Vasya’s troops !!! Nobody except us!!!
    PS And the "Crossbows" had to be tested in 2005 in Khabar ...
    1. Artem shlykov
      Artem shlykov 17 February 2016 18: 42
      Glory to the Airborne Forces !!!
  7. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 17 February 2016 17: 44
    There would be more such teachings - so that all sworn from under the table were afraid to get out.
  8. Bort radist
    Bort radist 17 February 2016 17: 51
    Oh, I envy white. I had an extreme drop in those places, in April 77th. May 7th demobilization.
  9. iouris
    iouris 17 February 2016 18: 24
    An interesting sport. What is its applied value?
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 17 February 2016 18: 37
      Applied value - unexpectedly get a butt in the jaw.
  10. Artem shlykov
    Artem shlykov 17 February 2016 18: 29
    Native 76th Guards !!! And they landed in Kislovo with AN-s and IL-s, there are 15 kilometers to the division. Parachutes to the Urals and a march to the location. They went to Strugi-Krasny for a field exit for a month, in full autonomy. But so that from jumping + march to car + to field ... Cool idea !!! Without hesitation, once again I would go to serve my four years.
  11. RED_ICE
    RED_ICE 17 February 2016 18: 44
    Defense from the south. How did the military exercises take place in the maykop brigade

    All units of the brigade were alerted and put on alert.

    Press Service of the Southern Military District

    By the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, a sudden check of combat readiness was held in the troops of the entire Southern Military District. 

    Its purpose is the destruction of illegal armed formations of a conditional enemy. Therefore, the main condition of the teachings is surprise.

    Willingness No. 1

    “In total, 1,5 servicemen and more than 300 units of modern equipment took part in the exercises,” said Semyon Zorin, an officer of the press service of the southern military district. 

    For the 33rd Maykop mountain motorized rifle brigade, the military check began with an alarm signal, which sounded on February XNUMX at five in the morning. The exercises lasted for six days. All divisions of the brigade were raised in a gun and put on alert. Within a few minutes, the personnel and equipment went to the area of ​​the forest, located next to the brigade. 

    The troops involved in the verification had to be deployed at a distance of up to 3 thousand km, withdrawn to training grounds, ready to repel a massive attack from a conditional enemy by forces from land and air.
  12. RED_ICE
    RED_ICE 17 February 2016 18: 48
    UAV in action
  13. RED_ICE
    RED_ICE 17 February 2016 18: 50
    The team is crammed with modern technology.
    1. Professor
      Professor 17 February 2016 20: 14
      Quote: RED_ICE
      The team is crammed with modern technology.

      PANASONIC? About import substitution is no longer heard.
  14. RED_ICE
    RED_ICE 17 February 2016 18: 53
    reconnaissance and surveillance equipment, somewhat reminiscent of military binoculars. 
  15. From Samara
    From Samara 17 February 2016 19: 33
    Our Airborne is no longer 100% Airborne. The classics in the USSR were
  16. From Samara
    From Samara 17 February 2016 19: 34
    Good Classic Airborne have the way, Israel, Britain, USA ...
    1. iouris
      iouris 17 February 2016 23: 35
      They have it, but when and where were the Airborne Forces used after parachuting?
      If I’m not mistaken even in Czechoslovakia, in fact, only special forces landed, which seized the airfield and government and military authorities.
      Airborne are very vulnerable when landing on airplanes, while following the route and when landing.
      The Germans were successful only the first case of an airborne landing, when the fortified area in Belgium was captured. In Holland, this number has not passed: the landing party suffered heavy losses, and after Crete, the airborne forces were practically disbanded. Our major landings during the war were also not particularly successful.
      But the results of the use of special forces, in general, can be called effective.
      1. From Samara
        From Samara 18 February 2016 00: 00
        In 1956, the 1st battalion of the 102nd Israeli Airborne Brigade was thrown over Mitla Pass, where it conducted an operation that ended in the complete defeat of the Egyptians.

        During the Six-Day War of 1967, paratroopers, breaking through the Syrian border, captured the Golan Heights, and the moment of their true triumph came on June 7, 1967, when they occupied East Jerusalem. During the fighting, the Arab Legion defending the city lost almost half of its personnel killed.

        From 1968 to 1973, the paratroopers raided many centers of Palestinian resistance, including striking at the PLO headquarters in Jordan (March 21, 1968, 250 killed Palestinians), destroyed 13 aircraft at Beirut Airport (December 12, 1968) and stole the latest Soviet-made radar station in Egypt (December 23, 1969).

        On the night of July 3, 1976, four S-130 Hercules transport aircraft, with red berets on board, detached from the runway and headed for faraway Uganda (approximately 5000 km) to free the hostages - passengers and crew of the French plane A-300s captured by Palestinian terrorists and held in Entebbe airport building under the guard of the "Marshal" Idi Amin. The operation, codenamed "Jonathan", was brilliantly performed and was only a little obscured by the death of one of the paratroopers and four hostages.
        1. Professor
          Professor 18 February 2016 09: 30
          Quote: From Samara
          During the Six Day War of 1967, paratroopers

          Quote: From Samara
          From 1968 to 1973, paratroopers made many raids

          On the night of July 3, 1976, four S-130 Hercules transport aircraft with red berets on board

          There was no parachuting. The last time they parachuted in the distant 1956 year.