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Hollywood is resting. Oscar - Ukraine! ..

The closer the two-year anniversary of the “revolution of dignity” comes, the more actively Kiev generates political news. Two years after the Maidan, most Ukrainians only began to figure out who included in what political coalitions, how many stars and bands for radical Maidan events they received for epaulets, and how many times the country experienced 21 February 2014. Understand just started, and here - a new political tectonics. She is shaking Ukraine in such a way that each of those stuck in power tries to prepare an alternate airfield or at least inflate a life jacket in order to save his own seat from a powerful tsunami.

First (this is what rich Maidan experience means) Yulia Tymoshenko decided to take care of the rescue boat, on the eve of which she called the ruling parliamentary coalition a pack that has no chance. According to Tymoshenko, the current government is not going to carry out cardinal reforms, is not ready to reformat the political system, and this is fraught, as she put it, with “uncontrolled unrest”, making it clear that unrest in Ukraine has so far been strictly controlled ... eyes image of the baker Nuland, to ask: “controlled by whom?” is naive.

Tymoshenko, who got rid of her usual scythe on her head, said that the “Batkivshchyna” headed by her is leaving the coalition. Right there in Ukraine such a demarche of Tymoshenko was called by certain citizens the flight of rats from a sinking ship. And once again, this ship is sinking, no one specifies how it doesn’t specify why instead of a bright “European” future vessel, led by two Ukrainian captains, they rushed to the same reefs, which they had repeatedly in their newest stories came across. And the outcome of such meetings with the reefs were different. The latter, as is well known, led to the fact that the "captain" had to be rescued, throwing him a life ring from another ship ...

At the time of preparing the material, one of the Maidan captains was still trying to grab the steering wheel, although it was clear: not a tenant ... The VRU deputies were offered to vote at the beginning of the week for Prime Minister Yatsenyuk’s resignation, but from the first time Arseny Petrovich didn’t perform an act of political euthanasia.

At the same time, President Poroshenko is trying to put out the flames of the political fire “with pies and pancakes”. To demonstrate that he, too, as if for “reformatting”, this week suggested that Prosecutor General Shokin and Yatsenyuk resign. First, the Ukrainian press reported that Viktor Shokin after the appeal of President Poroshenko actually wrote a letter of resignation, but then it turned out that Mr. Prosecutor General had gone on leave. It is understandable - in the political arena of Ukraine it's time to leave ...

In the Russian Federation Council decided to comment on the events that occur a few days before the "celebration" Maidan events. So in "Izvestia" Appeared material, which contains the opinion of the first deputy chairman of the committee of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on international affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov. He says that the Maidan-3 looms ever clearer for today's Ukraine, and that his (Maidan) is unable to postpone even the resignation of the current prime minister and ministers of the Cabinet.

If you believe the publications of sociological monitoring services in Ukraine, Yatsenyuk’s resignation is something for which the Ukrainian people (its overwhelming majority) have long expressed themselves with both hands. At the same time, most citizens of “Square” would like to see Mikheil Saakashvili as a Yatsenyuk changer.

In this regard, it is not without interest to refer to the current rhetoric of Saakashvili himself, who managed to gain considerable political weight, despite all the statements of the opponents that Misha is a “sent kazachok”.

According to the ex-president of Georgia and the current head of the Odessa Regional State Administration, an oligarchic coup has been accomplished in Ukraine, no less. From Saakashvili's publication in Facebook from February 17:

My appeal to the members of the BPP ("Petro Poroshenko Bloc") in connection with the oligarchic coup.

Yesterday something happened that always inevitably happens when after the revolution there are no revolutionary reforms - the restoration of the old regime. In my opinion, an oligarchic coup took place in the country yesterday. Just as after the failures of the Orange Revolution, Yanukovych came to power, yesterday Akhmetov and other oligarchs, leaving the government with their votes, again took control of the situation.

“Batkivshchyna” left the coalition, “Self-help” is going to do the same, in this situation it would be a serious mistake for the coalition to remain in the coalition (with the coalition, with whom, with itself, or what?) .

In any case, this would mean that even those members of the faction who voted for the resignation of the government, in the event of not leaving the coalition, take full formal responsibility for the yesterday's oligarchic coup.

After a whole series of mutual political accusations and urges to the next scuffle, the parliamentary hall of the VRU was empty. By the middle of the day (Wednesday), there were no more than a hundred people left in it - mainly the people's deputies from the Poroshenko block. Neither the Timoshenkov's “Batkivschyna” nor the “Self-help” at the meeting “from the buffet” have ever returned, and the speaker Groysman was forced to announce that “Rada’s work has been completed for today”. This is the first time in a long time when I never made a single legislative decision, although the people's deputies received wages for February 17 ...

The most interesting thing is that while Tymoshenko and representatives of “Self-help” talked about leaving the coalition, Poroshenko’s “falcons” suggested discussing the topic “Russia's aggression” in the 100500 time. However, even this joker in the BPP sleeve did not act on the “coalition”, although until now it has always played the only possible consolidating role in the Rada.

Hollywood is resting. Oscar - Ukraine! ..

At this time, government ministries were trying to prove to the people of Ukraine that it was the work of one or another ministry that deserved applause. In terms of focusing on the nationwide recognition of "success", the Ministry of Defense, led by Field Marshal Poltorak, succeeded more than others. The Ministry of Defense decided to rally the Motherland by demonstrating a whole film about how the Ukrainian army (without a doubt, valiant) achieved the greatest peremoga in Debaltseve. In the annotation to the film prepared by the General Staff, it is told that when leaving the Debaltsevskiy bridgehead they died (attention! - new data from Muzhenko) 13 Ukrainian military ... It was 13 ... And not 180, which Poroshenko spoke about earlier, and certainly not thousands of 1,5, as stated by the leaders of the radical groups in Ukraine, who themselves had fled from the militia in the area of ​​Debaltseve and Uglegorsk.
The heroic drama about how the Ukrainian army triumphantly retreated "to prepared positions in advance" clearly claims to be nominated for an Oscar in several nominations at once (the film is in Ukrainian, but the peremptory pathos is clear without translation):

The show goes on?..
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 18 February 2016 06: 31 New
    Yulia Vladimirovna Tymoshenko, who on the eve called the ruling parliamentary coalition a pack that has no chance.... I once wrote that this madame will still show herself .. At least she has already changed her hair .. under Nabiulin .. smile
    1. The black
      The black 18 February 2016 06: 37 New
      Yulia feels that the egg is already p.a.d.a.l., and she is still a hyena. laughing
      1. evgenii67
        evgenii67 18 February 2016 08: 51 New
        Horseradish ones writers kinolapov bunch fellow
        1. candy wrapper13
          candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 09: 09 New
          wassat (No comment)
      2. candy wrapper13
        candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 09: 08 New
        .....repeat (No comment)
        1. Dilshat
          Dilshat 18 February 2016 23: 21 New
          Gregory Bateson, founder of several methods and schools of psychotherapy, and one of the main researchers in schizophrenia, cited the so-called double bind phenomenon as the main cause of schizophrenia. The essence of this phenomenon lies in the fact that two (or more) opposite judgments are imposed on a person, which directly contradict each other, and then from above they are ultimately forbidden to talk about the presence of contradictions between them, from which it follows that at least one of the declared statements is false. As a result of the impossibility to build a relatively complete and consistent picture of the world, as a result of the inability to think logically due to knowingly false basic attitudes, schizophrenia arises. In the case of the propaganda of the Kiev regime, namely, I cite it as an example, the contradictions in the declarations can be expressed in the simultaneous assertion that "Russia is huge, dangerous and terrible" and "Russia is weak, poor and it is easy to defeat it." And attempts to point out this contradiction are declared "intrigues of Putin's agents" (or, as in Germany "PutinFersteher", "who understands Putin"). Although more often propaganda asserts something that obviously contradicts reality, and forbids doubting it. This is how "exploding air conditioners" appear, "they fire themselves", "invisible Russian troops", "legal coups", "zigging non-Nazis", "starve our fellow citizens suffering from the occupation" and similar schizophrenic constructions "burn themselves". "Life in Russia is worse," but why then do millions of Ukrainians go there to work? There is a war with Russia, but trade is still going on (although the Kiev regime is putting a spoke in its wheels, which only now leads to an embargo on the part of Russia), there is free movement of citizens across the border, supplies to Ukraine of gas, coal, electricity - which is this for "war"? And there are many such contradictions. But you cannot think, you cannot doubt, because they will be deprived of work, beaten, persecuted, kidnapped or even killed, or maybe even considered a "traitor", and one wants to be a "patriot" in the eyes of others.
        2. Dilshat
          Dilshat 18 February 2016 23: 22 New
          As a result, many people forbid themselves to think in a certain direction, they create classic Orwellian "thought crimes". This is how our psyche works, nothing personal as they say. You need to be "good", you need to get the praise of others, create an image of a "patriot" for yourself, and maybe even help in your career. Yes, and dissent is dangerous, being "like everyone else" is much easier and safer. In addition, dissent presupposes action, because the realization that your country is under external control encourages resistance. Closing your eyes, pretending that you don't understand anything, ignoring reality - you can do nothing. This schizophrenic situation forces even the highest representatives of the regime to carry more and more rabid nonsense. For example, when Yatsenyuk actually stated that the USSR attacked Hitler, who "was forced to defend civilized Europe from the communist invasion." Or when Poroshenko was forced to condemn Nazi collaborators in the Knesset, which undoubtedly include Bandera, Shukhevych and other representatives of the OUN-UPA, the Galicia division, the Nachtigall battalion and the 201st shotsmanschaft battalion, who are now exalted as "heroes" who took part in the massacres of Jews, Belarusians, Poles and Ukrainians during the Great Patriotic War (which they no longer call that because in it they associate themselves with the defeated Nazi side). At the same time, cognitive dissonance occurs only in those who look at the situation from the outside, not being an involved participant in this delusional system. Those who have been consumers of official propaganda for a long time are no longer able to realize the delusional situation and adequately assess what is happening. In addition, a serious blow has been dealt to the value system. The ideas about the value of independence, freedom, and sovereignty have practically been destroyed. Instead, it is widely declared that "it is better to be slaves of the Americans than free with the Russians," often publicly, without hiding and without even realizing the inferiority and shamefulness of such "logic."
          1. aba
            aba 19 February 2016 00: 07 New
            Fine! Plus! It's time to start your own page in LJ or muzzlebook.
      3. opus
        opus 18 February 2016 17: 57 New
        Quote: Black
        Yulia feels that the egg is already p.a.d.a.l., and she is still a hyena

        all of them / hyenas, but with money
        Julia disappeared for 9 months.


        she has money, and she has a lot of them ("not just a lot, but a LOT" (Chubais))
        HYENA THEY (kakly) ALL

        On the night of February 15, a Russian truck burned out at the Kiev-Chop highway, breaking through a Ukrainian nationalist checkpoint in Transcarpathia. After that, the drivers of the burnt wagon stopped communicating, and today it turned out that they, probably killed local Bandera - truckers were executed for their refusal to pay the bandits a tribute.

        As it turned out, the drivers driving on the Kiev-Chop highway that night saw not only a blazing wagon with Russian numbers, but also a pursuit of it - according to witnesses, about 4-5 cars participated in the pursuit. Then, at about two in the morning, an ambulance arrived at the scene of the fire. Before that, shooting was heard - allegedly, they fired from Kalashnikovs.
      4. Oleg Lavrov
        Oleg Lavrov 18 February 2016 19: 40 New
        sala to the bandera pigsty !! BanderAlogam sala !!
    2. IrOqUoIs
      IrOqUoIs 18 February 2016 07: 34 New
      German, Italian and other filmmakers still regret and lament. Ah, what an actress in Yulenka disappears.
      But what if?...
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 18 February 2016 08: 40 New
        Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada were offered to vote for the resignation of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk at the beginning of the week, but the first time to commit an act of political euthanasia over Arseny Petrovich.

        And how could this euthanasia come about if, as they said in the news, up to $ 1 million was given for a vote against Yatsenyuk’s resignation! And denyuzhki in Ukraine, including in the Verkhovna Rada, are very fond of.
        1. candy wrapper13
          candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 09: 11 New
          recourse(No comment)
    3. Lelek
      Lelek 18 February 2016 13: 17 New
      Quote: parusnik
      . I once wrote that this madame will still show herself.

      And they were right, this "neck" in a skirt has not yet sung its main part, but the chanting is already underway. I do not envy those who "enter" into an alliance with her - they will use and bite.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 18 February 2016 13: 44 New
      The ship Ukraine cannot walk independently by definition. I stood aground after the collapse and kept at the expense of the Russian freebie in tens and hundreds of green lards. The umbilical cord was then circumcised, but did not give birth. They shouted that they were feeding all of Russia. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. Let's see whether it feeds itself this year.
  2. ImPerts
    ImPerts 18 February 2016 06: 39 New
    And with a deft movement of the hand, the circus turns ... The circus turns ...
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 18 February 2016 06: 57 New
      This news was on the surface even at the beginning of the ATO: the fools were already told that such operations were conducted by the Interior Ministry troops, not the army, since there is no declared war and a state of emergency. But such tricks do not work with skipping, "Svidomo has its own pride", the logic is also nonlinear.
      1. Voha_krim
        Voha_krim 18 February 2016 07: 31 New
        What distinguishes modern Ukrainian political culture is its love of boasting. Poroshenko boasts almost continuously. Government ministers praise their successes and chart even more impressive ones. Journalists and local officials boast. And even a volunteer who brought a mug or socks to the rear unit is in a hurry to boast about his successes, despite the dangers of front-line life. As a rule, it does not take much time before the boast turns into shame or failure.
        1. gergi
          gergi 18 February 2016 10: 30 New
          Petit Parashi credo. You will not praise yourself, for a week you have been walking around!
        2. kotvov
          kotvov 18 February 2016 12: 35 New
          before boasting turns into shame or failure. ,,
          if you publish already written, indicate the source. to steal is not good.
    2. Hooks
      Hooks 18 February 2016 09: 04 New
      I’m afraid I won’t live up to the trial - in the SBU I will die from claustrophobia from a habit.
  3. tracker
    tracker 18 February 2016 06: 39 New
    The first commanders fled, for which they received awards from the supreme thief of Ukraine Poroshenko Peter, and simple warriors died without an order to retreat.
    1. AlexW
      AlexW 19 February 2016 14: 05 New
      The same simple ones ran ahead of the screeching screech ... Who had time and was relatively sober to assess the situation more or less adequately
  4. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 18 February 2016 06: 41 New

    In vain the process was stopped by the Minsk agreements!
  5. izya top
    izya top 18 February 2016 06: 46 New
    yes that's all right ... here after the plant’s non-resignation, the pedro called itself a july, and the rabbit a lyashka what intrigue...
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 18 February 2016 06: 59 New
      Quote: izya top

      What’s the intrigue, who will pull whom? Everything is clear in both physiological and political senses. laughing .
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 February 2016 07: 07 New
        that when leaving the Debaltsevsky bridgehead, 13 Ukrainian soldiers died (attention! - new data from Muzhenko)
        And what, good cost savings. Only 13 families of the dead will pay, and the rest .... And what about the rest?
        1. AdekvatNICK
          AdekvatNICK 18 February 2016 07: 12 New
          There was no boiler))
        2. kotvov
          kotvov 18 February 2016 12: 39 New
          And what about the rest? -Nothing !,
          oh well, nothing: legless balls, armless volleyballs, headless caps. Here are just brainless with nothing left.
        3. Serg81
          Serg81 18 February 2016 12: 58 New
          And the rest - went missing or switched to the other side))))
  6. Serg65
    Serg65 18 February 2016 06: 48 New
    what Interesting movie however! The maps are reminiscent of the Soviet era of the Second World War, the Soviet troops are marked in red, and the fascist ones in blue! laughing Lord Ukrainian nonsense do not even bother with the symbols of flowers! It is also interesting that from Pechenga they could be thrown under Debaltseve ???
    1. oldzek
      oldzek 18 February 2016 13: 05 New
      like that of angry and drunken reindeer herders on fighting and also drunken deer.
  7. Kubatai
    Kubatai 18 February 2016 06: 50 New
    Oscar, definitely an Oscar !!! In the category of unscientific fiction!
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 18 February 2016 11: 26 New
      Quote: Kubatai
      Oscar, definitely an Oscar !!! In the category of unscientific fiction!

      What is the Oscar? This film will undoubtedly be included in the annals of world military art. It is necessary to what Mockayk aggression forces opposed one of the three strongest armies in Europe. And retreated to pre-planned positions with minimal losses. And you Gavarity - Oscar ... Now wait. To Vladivastok ... All Buryat armored divisions destroyed.
  8. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 18 February 2016 06: 51 New
    The show goes on?

    It is interesting to observe the development of the situation in Hohland. What will all this lead to?
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 18 February 2016 07: 03 New
      Quote: Tatar 174
      It is interesting to observe the development of the situation in Hohland. What will all this lead to?

      That show is for sure, only some kind of gladiators show, where the Ukrainian population was brought to the arena for professionals. Bloody massacre in a word, but the hunger riots hope not far off.
      Now what surprised me was Maidan 3.0.
      . He says that Maidan-3 is looming more clearly for today's Ukraine,

      An interesting move, and who to pay for banquet 3.0. will be?
      So, there will be no Maidan until the show with the gladiators is completed. And the owner of this show is not absolutely necessary.
      And the denyuzhka will now go to our liberals and representatives from NGOs, elections in the Russian Federation are not far off, so we are waiting for interesting events within our country.
      1. tracker
        tracker 18 February 2016 07: 22 New
        and there will be no payment, the population has a bunch of trunks on their hands, they will simply smash everyone
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 18 February 2016 08: 16 New
          Quote: Pathfinder
          , the population has a bunch of trunks on their hands, they’ll just smash everyone

          Like in the Wedding in Robin? )))))))))) 0
          1. AlexW
            AlexW 19 February 2016 14: 08 New
            "Wedding in Malinovka" - a documentary about today's Ukraine
      2. tolian
        tolian 18 February 2016 08: 54 New
        And there will be no events. Well, perhaps the bulk-basements will be beaten here and there. After all, we have already been taught by bitter experience. And the Outskirts have shown an excellent example of "freedom and democracy" in the American way. Have ate. The first signals that I am writing are Misha "two percent". In the toilets a spat on hiding. Where will not come. And he's going. No shame. no conscience.
        1. kotvov
          kotvov 18 February 2016 12: 41 New
          And there will be no events. ,,
          Well, do not tell me, with this government, there will be many more interesting things.
    2. tolian
      tolian 18 February 2016 08: 48 New
      The outskirts are very useful to our public. Both people and oligarchs with officials who are stealing. They finally showed one of the road business. With bags of bills. And he considers himself innocent! The brain in f ... moved from him, or what? But in the summary of the state of corruption in the countries of the world, it was stated that this "stroydorrossiya" is in second place in Russia in terms of the amount of bribes. So why did you start wooling just now? My intuition tells me that they, the bribe-takers, are being held back until the worst times. That is, it’s like a state’s stash. Agree that there is no better business executive in your own bribery economy than a bribe-taker. Only one of them found about 200 million. And this is the regional level. Imagine how many lards are in the bags. But soon the money will change too !!! The rest is cuckoo. This is how Russia survives. Steal, do not steal - you will still get ... !!!
    3. ruAlex
      ruAlex 18 February 2016 09: 05 New
      The circus left, but the clowns stayed!
  9. Minstrel
    Minstrel 18 February 2016 06: 55 New
    Tymoshenko got rid of her usual braid on her head, said that she led the "Fatherland" leaves the coalition.

    That was the reason for her previous inappropriate behavior - a tight braid pressed on the brain. As soon as I got rid of it, my head began to work better. laughing
    1. Koshak
      Koshak 18 February 2016 20: 27 New
      - Doctor, our daughter smiles all the time and goggles! What to do?
      - And you will untie her pigtail ...
  10. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 18 February 2016 06: 55 New
    Now let Julia turn to Hollywood - they also have space blasters, maybe she will find an atomic pistol there?
  11. guznorodov
    guznorodov 18 February 2016 06: 57 New
    And what else should they show how their hungry and already decommissioned soldiers themselves without intelligence and orders from the headquarters like blind kittens tried to squeeze through all the holes, as commanders threw them. This will never be shown under this power. Indeed, Poroshenko, at the signing of the Minsk agreements, said that there was no Debaltsev boiler, and that’s all. As they say, who didn’t wash off, it’s not my fault.
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 February 2016 06: 58 New
    the Batkivshchyna headed by it leaves the coalition

    When the vessels are combined, then move, do not move, and the level will remain the same. Physics.
    1. Zeppelin ml.
      Zeppelin ml. 18 February 2016 08: 50 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      then drag, don’t drag, and the level will remain the same. Physics.

      "south-north" (c)
  13. Riv
    Riv 18 February 2016 07: 24 New
    For the clowning Oscars do not give.
    In general, these news from the insane asylum already fed up.
  14. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 18 February 2016 07: 36 New
    But could Tymoshenko be sent to Germany? Migrants do not care, they will use it laughing
  15. The black
    The black 18 February 2016 07: 38 New
    Quote: Darth Revan
    But could Tymoshenko be sent to Germany? Migrants do not care, they will use it

    Well, it’s still necessary to see who uses whom, they her or her them. I put on Julia .. laughing
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 18 February 2016 08: 08 New
      I have accepted and support the bid.
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 18 February 2016 12: 44 New
        I accepted and support the bid. ,,
        why on Moscow? and the idea of ​​atomic weapons.
  16. Ozhogin Dmitry
    Ozhogin Dmitry 18 February 2016 07: 57 New
    Yes nah..ra we read and watch about these idiots, these are clowns and sexual (many homo-) slaves of western masters. Already so tired that every news makes me sick.
  17. Zeppelin ml.
    Zeppelin ml. 18 February 2016 08: 08 New
    when after the revolution no revolutionary reforms take place - restoration of the old regime.

    Mishiko is right. The truth is old, but in this case it is very appropriate. Everything is depressingly familiar - the duped xoxly, of course, should ask the question: "Why did we eat borsch with amphetamines on the Maidan?"
    1. tolian
      tolian 18 February 2016 09: 08 New
      I remember the argument of one of the Ukrainians in the social network -.... and you know that America itself helps us !!! ..... The more I look at what is happening in the Outskirts, the more I am convinced of the main difference between the borderlands and the Russians. And the difference is a kind of illiteracy of the rural type. On your own mind. And what was introduced - by radio and television is determined from Kuev. And they can only be affected by the disappearance of fat, bread, gas, gasoline. Well, medication, maybe. I want to live. And the rest - Kuev knows best. Let them brechet. My hut is on the edge. But fat, bread, gas, gasoline - do not touch. Tear the next Maidan. Kuev will show the way there. So much for the vicious circle!
      1. AlexW
        AlexW 19 February 2016 14: 25 New
        To break through to the trough Kagal, now ruling in Kiev, released on the Maidan in the winter of 13-14g. the most insane part of ukrainstva- raguli, zapadensky selukov. Scientists a hundred years ago warned that the epidemic of syphilis then raging in Galicia would certainly affect the next generations. A whole generation of evil, aggressive, extremely limited, mutated people will grow up - who simply cannot find a place for themselves in a peaceful, creative life. French "and paved the way to power for the new Khazars. Now this is already waste material and must be disposed of .... ATO, drunkenness, gang violence, prisons, murder without trial, suicide with two shots to the head, and of course as a consumable in suppressing popular unrest. "The Moor has done his job"
  18. Scud
    Scud 18 February 2016 08: 25 New
    Cry, Ukraine cry! You are your own traitor and executioner. You, with your own hand, crushed your mind and peace ...
  19. brasist
    brasist 18 February 2016 08: 32 New

    Do not lie tossing bags ...
  20. Dim Bes
    Dim Bes 18 February 2016 08: 34 New
    Extravaganza of hallucinogenic drugs, mushrooms and poisons. What kind of vodka is there with bacon. Shit on the whole world and then declare a great "peremoge" .. just a clinic of a violent department. My compliments to S.V. Lavrov and his incorruptible: "Morons ...".
  21. The gentleman
    The gentleman 18 February 2016 08: 41 New
    I believe that it is time to finish discussing this country (if you can call it that). The situation in the country is once again tense, there will be war (again, again, for the 100500th time), Europe does not need it. let's discuss real issues better.
  22. evil partisan
    evil partisan 18 February 2016 08: 50 New
    Even if I do not understand who "their commanders simply drove away"? What staff detachments is he talking about? At 10:10, the snippet begins. Who fumbles in the mov - enlighten. hi
    1. Batia
      Batia 18 February 2016 09: 32 New
      Almost literally, "Many leaders were destroyed. They were herded into heaps, they were given a bag from a gas mask, they poured cartridges there and drove them in front of us."
  23. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 18 February 2016 09: 01 New
    There will be no Maidan-3, since Maidan is a show inspired from outside; and there are no inspirators left. But a rebellion, senseless and merciless, maybe. Not students with iPads, but men with fittings and drones. Not to seize administrative buildings, but to break into the Rada or on Bankovaya and with these fittings over the heads of the underdeveloped self-made people; some may be inserted in other places. Not banners "Yaytsenyaku on gilyaku", and a loop and on a lamppost.

    Type of this:

    "The coat was knocked down with a breeze, And in a pocket - not a penny. And in captivity - Involuntarily - You will dance the anthrax!"

    Peremoga in Debaltseve is a session of self-hypnosis. laughing
    1. iouris
      iouris 18 February 2016 14: 23 New
      Off topic photos, citizen.
      Ceausescu was shot after Romania became independent, completely paying off its external debts, and the victorious march of the counter-revolution began in the USSR.
      In general, such photographs cannot be demonstrated. This is wrong.
  24. sledge
    sledge 18 February 2016 10: 00 New
    Some kind of clowning. The camp is ridiculed!
  25. triglav
    triglav 18 February 2016 10: 12 New
    Soon the circus will leave, and the clowns will flee ...
  26. 2224460
    2224460 18 February 2016 10: 14 New
    Poroshenko suggested for the 100500th time to discuss the topic of "Russian aggression." However, even this joker in the sleeve of the BPP did not act on the “coalition”
    Yes, what a joker, it has long been six and not a trump card, as he pedrobros him in the ribs.
  27. Stinger
    Stinger 18 February 2016 10: 17 New
    From the very beginning, from the moment of gaining independence under the leadership of the faithful Leninist comrade Kravchuk L.M., Ukrainian democracy and especially the Rada, resembles a restless communal apartment Voronoi Slobodka. With his nobody's grandmother who does not believe in electricity, the drunkard of the aunts (in our case, uncle) Pasha, chamberlain Mitrich, a passionate lodger, the former prince, now working to the east, gr. Hygienoshvili, the liberal thinker Vasisual Lokhankin with Varvara and Ptiburdukov. With his revealing flogging, famine, arsonist, retired janitor Nikita Pryakhin and new tenant O. Beder (Baydon). Crow's Crow could not burn. And she burned out.
  28. Air Force Colonel
    Air Force Colonel 18 February 2016 10: 43 New
    Well, again DiCaprio pushed With an Oscar. All the fascists will be taken away.
  29. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 18 February 2016 11: 10 New
    I really "liked" the maneuver of the national guards - they rushed into battle and also abruptly retreated, but why die? caught up with cannon fodder, let them fight. From the whole film, it is only clear how they retreated and surrendered.
  30. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 18 February 2016 11: 19 New
    I propose to answer the exclamation "Glory to Ukraine" very simply. NOT AT ALL.
    Briefly and truthfully.
  31. Navy7981
    Navy7981 18 February 2016 11: 19 New
    It's a shame! sad ... To tell the truth, it turns out that the "coolest" army in the world lost the battle to former hairdressers, designers, tractor drivers, miners with an extremely small number of military specialists. But when you declare that we competently retreated with minimal losses in front of incredibly numerous opponents and you yourself start to believe in it, then, naturally, personal self-esteem rises incredibly, especially when such infa falls on a simple brain that is not capable of elementary analysis. And the fighter who miraculously escaped begins to tell how he and his comrades personally destroyed thousands of enemy tanks, hundreds of thousands of his soldiers and the president, again personally confirms this miracle. And in the soul pride for "the country and the people" rises, and the subconscious mind screams, you may not return from the next change. This is not for civilians to shoot, they may not be forgiven.
  32. satris
    satris 18 February 2016 11: 38 New
    when leaving the Debaltsevsky bridgehead, 13 Ukrainian soldiers died (attention! - new data from Muzhenko) ... Exactly 13 ... And not 180, which Poroshenko previously spoke about

    The next move will be when they say that more people left the Debaltsevsky cauldron than they entered.
  33. Lelek
    Lelek 18 February 2016 13: 30 New
    (If you believe the publications of sociological monitoring services in Ukraine, the resignation of Yatsenyuk is what the Ukrainian people (its overwhelming majority) have long spoken with both hands.)

    Kid: "Dad, mom, and here the rabbit-Yaytsenyukh ran to the buns."
    Dad: "Well, where is that buzzing rabbit?"
    Frou Bock: "He stole money, buzzed about some kind of breakthrough, promised to return and jumped out the window. Darling, darling ...."
  34. Olfred
    Olfred 18 February 2016 13: 31 New
    Petro laughed - the United Ukraine tablet holds at the level of khe ... khe ... belt. shows his real attitude towards the country hi
  35. Gunther
    Gunther 18 February 2016 15: 50 New
    The show goes on?..

    It's also fun here - on the RSN radio, the leading Daria Nadina, suffering, in my opinion, from a severe form of FGM, put up the topic "are you for Sakashvili or for an egghead?" listeners were asked to determine their sympathy for two scum)))
  36. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 18 February 2016 17: 42 New
    Pulls Debaltsev ...)))
  37. dvg1959
    dvg1959 18 February 2016 18: 56 New
    Amazing scope of adventure. What is even more striking is that this is possible in the modern world. In Ukraine, professionally trained adventurers came to power. They ruined thousands of their innocent citizens. They defeated a fertile, flourishing, rich region. The scale of this tragedy is astounding. What is even more striking is that the Ukrainian junta found many like-minded people who support this junta, finance it, render all kinds of assistance and patronage, and do it in a united manner.
  38. 1536
    1536 18 February 2016 19: 07 New
    Actually, all this falls under the line from Vysotsky's song "Why did the natives have a Cook?" They wanted to cook A.P. Yatsenyuk, but he showed some kind of amulet, several rusty nails, and he was mistaken for an idol-messiah from the distant planet Katruk and did not eat. The high priest generally hid somewhere, and only as the oracle gives a voice. But a sacrifice is clearly needed. Who will the savages choose for this role? As Zakharova from the Russian Foreign Ministry says, we are watching the series further.
  39. AlexSam
    AlexSam 18 February 2016 20: 49 New
    looked at the Bandera movie, neighing :) notably their diving general dropped his own army, one of the five greatest armies of geyropa :)
  40. polo
    polo 18 February 2016 22: 08 New
    Salo MIX Salt MIX Salt laughing
  41. Serg81
    Serg81 19 February 2016 10: 02 New
    In the annotation for the film, prepared by the General Staff, it is said that upon leaving the Debaltsevsky bridgehead 13 Ukrainian soldiers died (attention! - new data from Muzhenko) ... Exactly 13 ... And not 180, which Poroshenko spoke about earlier, The film shows a table comparing losses and 185 people who are killed are indicated there i.e. in Ukrainian, 185 times - 13 people, where the author of the article found 7 dead, I don’t know. It would be better to write about something else, which is shown in the same table, APU captured 13 people lost. It would be better if the author would have paid attention to this, and would not have misled the readers since there is not a word in the film about the loss of XNUMX people. And in the third place - these are losses, they died, they are killed, the Garmata gun
  42. Belousov
    Belousov 19 February 2016 10: 28 New
    Maidan-3? Sorry, who will pay for the banquet? The previous Maidans had a clear goal of overthrowing the pro-Russian government (although no one said what Yanyk was pro-Russian, he did not join the Customs Union) and therefore were financed because of a puddle. Now what order will be given from Fashington will be followed. They will say to love Russia so a rabbit with a braid on its knees will crawl towards Moscow. It is rather a loss of real interest in Ukraine. They did not receive the Crimea, the black soil is safely transported, the economy and its own production were killed so as not to interfere with European and American competitors, the people were turned against Russia for many decades, there was also a problem with shale gas. And what to do with all this "happiness" Biden and Co. do not understand or even do not want to bother.
  43. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 19 February 2016 11: 20 New
    The very same Rada is called in abbreviated form - VRU? Here they lie, lie and lie constantly - what Biryukov confessed about (in the translation of the surname into modern Russian "a lonely and withdrawn person, unsociable" or simply Boar - Pyatak). As for his patron - Patrashenko or Poprashenko (is it a matter of taste?), Then his "passages and pearls" in Munich and in "Bild" is just the crown of insanity! But if you look from the point of view of medicine, it turns out that, against the background of an exacerbation of diabetes mellitus from the sweets from Roshen announced in Ukraine and the growing abuse of alcohol, it caused irreversible processes of brain ischemia and degradation of mental functions in Don Pedro's head, expressed in an exacerbation of schizophrenia and a desire to fight with Russia! Don Pedro, the psychiatric hospital cries and misses you, not radiant Hollywood! "It is necessary to be treated!" - as one not unknown movie character from the famous Soviet comedy said by the remarkable film director Leonid Gaidai with Ukrainian roots. And who really earned more than one Oscar for his immortal cinema hits!