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Kurdish leader says PKK has compelling evidence of Turkey’s ties with Jebhat al-Nusra and ISIS in Syria

Murat Karailan, one of the leaders of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is considered a terrorist organization in Turkey, told the media that representatives of the party have irrefutable documentary evidence of official Ankara’s contacts with terrorists from Dzhebhat al-Nusra and ISIL. According to Murat Karailan, Turkey, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, provide support to terrorists operating in Syria.

RIA News cites the statement of the PKK representative:
Together with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey has supported jihadist organizations, detached from al-Qaida. The Justice and Development Party - the AKP (this is the ruling party of Turkey today) has ideological affinity with Salafi factions - the successors of Al-Qaida. These states supported and armed the radical Salafist groups in Syria, which build all their actions on Sharia.

Murat Karailan adds:
All of these terrorist, radical groups - Al-Qaeda, DAISH, "Front al-Nusra", "Ahrar ash-Sham" - feed the AKP. We have documentary evidence of this fact.

What kind of documentary evidence of relations between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with terrorist groups in Syria are talking about - the Kurdish leader has not yet explained.

It should be recalled that earlier, in the course of a special briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defense presented numerous photo and video testimonies of how tank trucks from territories controlled by fighters DAISH (IG) transport stolen oil to Turkey.
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  1. Dimontius
    Dimontius 17 February 2016 14: 15
    slowly take out Erdogan’s policy in clean water! ps I don’t even doubt who gave this evidence to them)))
    1. vitaz
      vitaz 17 February 2016 14: 17
      I remember he promised to leave his post. Flag in hand and mattress
      1. Vend
        Vend 17 February 2016 14: 28
        It would be very good to present this evidence. Although it is unlikely that the Turks will recognize the evidence as genuine
        1. Thrall
          Thrall 17 February 2016 14: 40
          What to do with Erdogan?
          (Names of actors to replace with current) smile
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 17 February 2016 14: 54
            "I remember he (Erdogan) promised to leave his post."

            Yes, you never know what the presidents of Erdogany promise! You can’t believe them in any way!

            Look, at the end of 1991, Russian President Boris Yeltsin also promised the Russians "to lie down on the rails" if Gaidar's liberal economic reforms of the Russian Federation initiated by him lead to an increase in prices by more than 3-4 times. am He is so on the rails and did not lie down! crying
            1. 34 region
              34 region 17 February 2016 15: 12
              Tatyana! 14.54. And he was not going to put his head on the rail? Big head will be in order to lay it on two rails! wassat Do you know the situation at that time. You could of course bring a piece of rails to the Kremlin. But to see the peasants surrounded by dystrophy were. wassat
            2. Very old
              Very old 17 February 2016 15: 18
              Refuses ... first of all, "Regional Committee" to recognize the evidence, if only because Moscow recognizes
              No matter what the docks are, they must be presented to independent forces - will there be Asanji?

              There are rumors that YueSay and Ankara have disagreements
              The guilty faithful Dog is not driven from the NATO court, they chided, so that from now on he would not dare to disobey
        2. 34 region
          34 region 17 February 2016 15: 06
          Wend! 14.28. What evidence? Bought stolen oil? Who stole from whom? Is there a victim? Bought it? Is buying and selling theft? It's all by agreement of the parties. Cheap? So the seller was happy with such a price. Are you generally for business or against business? What do you dislike about business? What competitors sell cheaper than you?
          1. Aleks76
            Aleks76 17 February 2016 19: 18
            Are you a lawyer for Erdogan or an accomplice?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Kent0001
      Kent0001 17 February 2016 14: 35
      Yes, the whole world knows about it. only the mattress does not want to recognize the obvious fact, which means that, in their opinion, this was not all.
      1. Executer
        Executer 17 February 2016 14: 46
        Exactly what to acknowledge! They themselves conceived the whole thing and directed it!
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 17 February 2016 14: 36
      Circus and only
    5. Finches
      Finches 17 February 2016 14: 37
      As they say - "In the studio!" We are not likened to the State Department, which has evidence for everything, only they can never produce it!
    6. Atrix
      Atrix 17 February 2016 14: 39
      Listen, yes, the whole Western world doesn’t give a damn what someone is saying there. Even if you remove Erdogan with the head of ISIS at the same table, everyone will not give a damn and will still support Turkey and say that Russia is not right to run into Turkey.
      1. chikenous59
        chikenous59 17 February 2016 14: 41
        Only zombies believe in the effectiveness of international law)) It has long died, the right of the strong remains.
        And we are hiding behind international law, to delay the war, to pick up the strength, to accumulate resources.
        Such a mass hysteria cannot do without a classic war, with active hostilities.
        1. Michael67
          Michael67 17 February 2016 14: 55
          What is there to discuss? It is necessary that the PKK replicate available materials as much as possible (incriminating evidence). Let our media connect. Well this is freedom of speech.
          1. Michael-rl
            Michael-rl 17 February 2016 15: 07
            What's the point? Will they show BBS in the USA? No, most people will not see this, but will see what they are shown. And politicians and heads of state ... They already know everything, but they are making fools of themselves.
  2. Giant thought
    Giant thought 17 February 2016 14: 15
    All this should be presented at the right time to the UN Security Council, I think that our Foreign Ministry in this matter will not miss this opportunity.
    1. Wiruz
      Wiruz 17 February 2016 14: 21
      The only bad thing is that a number of countries in the Western camp consider the PKK itself a terrorist organization. Well, or close to terrorist. And if Erdogan starts yelling about the evil deeds of "radical Kurds", it is not yet clear who will be who will be guilty request
      1. 34 region
        34 region 17 February 2016 15: 32
        Viruz! 14.21. Well, you surprised! Consider a terrorist organization! Those who do not obey the authorities are always violators! wassat Thank you laugh! No offense. Just common truths. hi
    2. 34 region
      34 region 17 February 2016 15: 28
      Giant thoughts! 14.15. Oh oh oh! At the right time at the UN! UN! Organization of Offended Chiefs? Do you think fools are sitting there and there? No, our Foreign Ministry officers are certainly well done! But there are no sheep sitting there. Do you think a fraudster painting in pink does not know reality? Rather, the victim has no clue than the scammer. Fraudsters need to be caught by the hand. Although even then they yell: Mowler, mowing! What a mow? They threw him to me!
  3. ohtsistem
    ohtsistem 17 February 2016 14: 15
    All this should be presented at the right time to the UN Security Council, I think that our Foreign Ministry in this matter will not miss this opportunity.

    Well, now it is necessary to raise the "wave" officially
  4. Oml
    Oml 17 February 2016 14: 17
    Otmazhutsya and still upside down, as with the Boeing Ukrainians.
  5. nemec55
    nemec55 17 February 2016 14: 18
    Kurdish leader says PKK has compelling evidence of Turkey’s ties with Jebhat al-Nusra and ISIS in Syria

    Those who need this evidence the whole dermocratic world and the whole UN except Russia put on this evidence. Only the continuation of the operation in Syria to the end can sober up the boshko for the future of the entire development of the Western and transatlantic establishment.
  6. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 17 February 2016 14: 20
    It would be interesting to look at the face of the Turkish leader when he is presented with all the evidence! And then say: Well, did Klava come?
  7. ARES623
    ARES623 17 February 2016 14: 22
    It would be nice so. But something tells me that with such statements, the trump cards are not hidden in the sleeve, but they are killed on the spot. "I am tormented by vague doubts ....". In terms of methods of political struggle, the PKK has hardly gone far from Erdogan.
  8. AlexTires
    AlexTires 17 February 2016 14: 30
    This is certainly good, but now nobody needs this evidence, and the Western world, not seeing the obvious, will not pay attention to the documents obtained by the Kurds, which they don’t even consider for people .. It remains to be hoped that these documents will wait in the wings and will represented at some kind of tribunal like the Nuremberg ... if he will ... if anyone on this planet survives before him ...
    1. 34 region
      34 region 17 February 2016 15: 43
      14.30. Which tribunal? We won. Americans cling to us. Defeat Hitler, they would judge Stalin. Although thanks to Hailo Sergeyich, Stalin was still convicted. Do the documents wait in the wings? Under total capitalism, I doubt it. Bargain. After all, the Americans and the Nazis bargained. They warmed many. Executed? Well so witnesses do not live long. A bright head is always in price. In general, chess.
  9. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 17 February 2016 14: 31
    Show at least 100 documents with seals to the Merkels, Obamas and other olands and Kemerans to confirm the connection between the igils and cardamom, Assad and Putin will be guilty of what is happening (before the "world luminaries of democracy").
  10. Primus pilus
    Primus pilus 17 February 2016 14: 32
    Golum is dissatisfied.
    1. Hooks
      Hooks 17 February 2016 14: 52
      No, the perch is jammed.)
  11. Nix1986
    Nix1986 17 February 2016 14: 33
    This evidence is unlikely to have any power, the evidence will be valid in a fair trial, and when the guilty party is already known and the punishment is imposed, all this is nothing more than a concussion.
  12. fa2998
    fa2998 17 February 2016 14: 37
    Quote: dchegrinec
    It would be interesting to look at the face of the Turkish leader when he is presented with all the evidence! And then say: Well, did Klava come?

    Yes, they’re even pissed in their eyes, they’re divine dew! They will say that the Kurds and Russia forged documents, and one poor and proud Turkey has been fighting terrorists for 10 years!
    In fact, not at this moment Russia does not have real allies. The president or prime minister of another (or several) countries would blame Turkey, the press and other mass media would not be washed away, and so the criticism comes only from Russia. hi
  13. sledge
    sledge 17 February 2016 14: 39
    It is not sad, but the whole world accepts only the evidence (and sometimes simply unproven accusations) that pleases Pendostan.
    1. Trigger-Happy
      Trigger-Happy 17 February 2016 15: 39
      Well, do not exaggerate to such an extent, not all! And those who take in mind, not the fact that they think so ....
  14. Belarus
    Belarus 17 February 2016 14: 41
    The question is who will see this evidence and take appropriate measures ?! They will merge Perdogan at the first opportunity as soon as a convenient moment presents itself. And a convenient moment is an invasion of Syria. And if this happens, we will hear from those who entered the coalition the following expressions: it turns out we didn’t tell everything and we were led by his lies, and we were not aware of his true intentions at all, we have nothing to do with anything like that.
    This evidence will be valid when not only one RF will be interested in it.
  15. Bulrumeb
    Bulrumeb 17 February 2016 14: 55
    All of these terrorist, radical groups - Al-Qaeda, DAISH, "Front al-Nusra", "Ahrar ash-Sham" - feed the AKP. We have documentary evidence of this fact.

    That’s why the Turks are doing their best to convince everyone that the Kurds themselves are terrorists
  16. valent45
    valent45 17 February 2016 15: 09
    Murder will out. Only all the various evidence West is turning
    180 degrees, i.e. against us.
  17. 31rus
    31rus 17 February 2016 15: 59
    Dear, already a fact of the UN in a closed meeting examined evidence of shelling by Turkey of Syria and adopted a document urging Turkey to stop shelling. This is the first step and a serious blow to Turkey, the ice broke
  18. Air Force Colonel
    Air Force Colonel 17 February 2016 17: 14
    There is evidence, present, as well as a type of psaki.
  19. dakty
    dakty 17 February 2016 17: 27
    Interestingly, I alone read the PKK as a Kalashnikov light machine gun?
    The correct name of the organization, long-lived, unpretentious and effective !!!