Military Review

Are patriots bred correctly in Russia?

To begin with, just a few words on an abstract topic. After reading a few opinions about the previous material, I want to say that I have been doing this very military-sporting and patriotic work since 2005. Good or bad - another question. But the fact that the inside of all this seems to be a good idea, in this there is no doubt. There is no doubt that this business is still necessary, and especially in recent times. Therefore, with my comrades I will continue to suffer this matter. Suddenly, something good will come out, or you'll have to sit less in a frying pan.

This is for foreplay. Just the topic studied, and pretty good. But - let's go on the topic.

At the end of last year, together with everyone in the subject, I joyfully welcomed the adoption of the patriotic education program for the 2016-2020 years. I was also happy about the appearance of Roskommolodezhi, which, in our general opinion, was supposed to become something like pioneers and a Komsomol together.

However, the farther, for some reason, it became sadder. I will leave local and parochial affairs for later, and I will begin with the document itself.

Tell me: how many people have read, and even thoughtfully, this program? I learned. And very, very carefully. And, since the document is huge, with a bunch of numbers, in order not to burden those who read with words, I did something like a sample. The squeeze of water, always present in such documents.

From the second part it can be understood that since 2001, thanks to state programs, a system of patriotic education has been created. And the main goal is to further improve the work in this direction. In short, water.

But the goals and objectives of the program let me give the whole. According to the text of the document.

Iii. The purpose and objectives of the program

The main goal of the Program is to further improve the system of patriotic education, bringing it in line with new historical the realities of the functioning of patriotism in Russian society.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

continue to improve the system of patriotic education, taking into account the scientific development of modern innovative technologies and mechanisms of education of patriotism in modern conditions;

to improve the regulatory, organizational, methodological and informational support of the functioning of the system of patriotic education;

more broadly involve scientific institutions, public organizations (associations), labor collectives, informal groups of young people and individuals to participate in patriotic education;

improve the quality of patriotic education in educational institutions, turn them into centers of patriotic education of the younger generation;

develop and improve the system of military-patriotic education of citizens, develop promising forms and methods to increase the prestige of the military and law enforcement services;

develop the material and technical base of patriotic education in educational, labor, creative, military and service collectives and public associations;

increase the contribution (role) of cultural and mass media in the patriotic education of citizens.

The solution of these tasks is supposed to be carried out through the implementation of program activities according to annex No. 1 (events are determined by the federal executive bodies, institutions, organizations and executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation).

Applaud? Definitely. Everything seems to be written clearly and without unnecessary letters. Correct and logical. The only exception is this application number 1, but about it a little later.

Further the interesting begins. The main directions of the program. I stress boldly that the Program takes into account the already established structure of patriotic education.

1 section. Scientific-theoretical and methodological base of patriotic education, taking into account innovative technologies and mechanisms of patriotism education in modern conditions.

This direction involves the continuation of research in the field of patriotic education and the use of their results in practical activities, the development of teaching aids, recommendations, training and special programs and methods of developing innovative forms and methods of patriotic work with young people.

Also, by the way, I was pleased with the need for a scientific substantiation for the education of patriotism.

If in general, the item 1 - empty talk, devoted to theoretical research, development and justification. But sorry, we already have a system! How so?

And so. In the end it will be clear when we turn to finance.

2. The interaction of public authorities and civil society in the interests of patriotic education.

Everything is clear here. Also not containing anything, even mineral salts, distilled water. Development, development, improvement of forms, the adoption of best practices and so on.

3 section. Formation of a patriotic worldview through the development of patriotic oriented historical knowledge of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Here, finally, the specifics have gone. Here there is an increase in interest in the military history of the Fatherland, and the formation of a sense of respect for the heroic past of our country, and the preservation of the memory of the great historical exploits of the defenders of the Fatherland.

And there were the first mentions that specific events will be held.

All-Russian competitions, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and expositions dedicated to historical events of Russia.

Not bad.

4 section. Enhancing the role of educational, cultural and media institutions in the patriotic education of citizens.

Here, I thought that there was not even a trench to be dug for formations such as the “Military Review”, but a whole trench. However, if we discard priorities such as the improvement of mechanisms and forms in the promotion of patriotism, updating databases, monitoring Internet sites and the blogosphere, then nothing like this could be detected.

And the subparagraph, which says about "Countering all attempts to discredit, devalue, patriotic values ​​in the media, literature and art," generally caused a grin. It is clear that we oppose only under the gun. And on their own - no way.

But then the most interesting thing went. This is a program execution mechanism. Here it is necessary to explain a little. All organizations involved are divided into several groups. And depending on the group, get what? That's right, funding targeted programs from the budget. This is a very important point.

The most important, that is, the project coordinator, is the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

It, the agency, monitors the quality and effectiveness of the Program, develops and implements a system for reporting on the implementation of activities, monitors, requests from the executors, co-performers and participants of the Program the information necessary to prepare a report on the implementation of the Program, prepares an annual report on Russia and provides it to the Government of the Russian Federation.

This is followed by the Principal Implementers of the Program.

The main implementers of the Program are:

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The main performers also develop departmental programs and plans, approve co-contractors, organize and carry out a competitive selection of performers of specific works, involve public organizations and non-profit organizations in the implementation of activities, prepare reports for the Project Coordinator.

If in a nutshell - paperwork. But nationwide. It’s hard to imagine how many people will be engaged in drawing up plans, approvals, reports and other things. But it is obvious that the construction of patriotic education is being put on an unprecedented scale. On paper.

Here the question arises, who are the co-authors of the Program? These are those who are in business. Who will participate in the Program, if not at the highest level, but will take part in the development and other matters. Here is a list in which I allowed myself to single out those departments that caused not that surprise, but rather admiration.

Program Co-Implementers:

Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.
Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.
Ministry of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus.
Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation.
Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.
Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.
Federal Forestry Agency.
Federal Archive Agency.
Federal Fishery Agency.
Federal Customs Service.
The Federal Service for Drug Control of the Russian Federation.
Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport.
Executive authorities of the Russian Federation.

I can understand everything, and the State Drug Control Service, and the FSB, but the Ministry of Agriculture has something to do with it? Together with the Ministries of Fisheries and Social Protection? And the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is somehow slightly surprising. At all, divide the cake?

And now let's get to the most important thing. To the money.

The total amount of funding for the Program in 2016 — 2020 will be 16 665 568 000 rubles, including from the federal budget 15 740 568 000 rubles, and 92 500 000 rubles from extrabudgetary sources.

The numbers, whatever you say, are impressive. 16 with a half billion is a lot. However, if you carefully and with the calculator examine the annexes to the Ordinances, in which it is written, where and for what money will be spent for these 5 years, then optimism is somewhat ... disappears.

48,3 million rubles will be spent on research, monitoring and analysis of efficiency, development of methodological manuals.

Seminars, meetings, conferences, training courses - 99 mln. Rub.

Creation of television and radio programs - 16 mln. Rub.

Videos - 61,4 mln. Rub.

Film festivals - 35,5 mln. Rub.

Exhibitions - 47 mln. Rub.

Festivals of various content - 77,3 mln. Rub.

Books, manuals, manuals - 19,45 mln. Rub.

Contests - 93,5 mln. Rub.

Patriotic youth actions - 154,5 mln. Rub.

Mobile multimedia exhibition complex - 7 mln. Rub.

Integrated system for the provision of data on military graves - 50 mln. Rub.

Motor races - 12,5 mln. Rub.

Holding balls - 7,8 mln. Rub.

(I do not mind holding cadet and other balls, do not think, but still ...)

Collections of the organizers of the military-sports, student and other groups - 4 million rubles.

Cyber ​​CompetitionTanks"- 2 million rubles.

Forgive me, but I consider all this (especially flagging) as a kind of ballast. Who and where will watch these films and read manuals and manuals is the second thing. As well as it is more than doubtful that crowds of young people will break into film festivals. Yes, and contests readers.

But there are things that are more weighty, from my point of view.

State order for exhibits for museums - 51,5 mln. Rub.

It’s hard to say why the state order was included here. But it certainly won't be worse.

Historical excursions - 250 mln. Rub.

Observing children brought under the presidential program with burning eyes near the IL-2 and other exhibits at the Moninsky Museum, I would say that this is a necessary thing.

Programs related to the Cossacks - 128 mln. Rub.

(Kazakov specially set it apart, because everything is in a heap - from songs and dances to chopping.)

And then, in fact, directly patriotic work "on the ground." Money for these articles will be allocated on a competitive basis. This is quite understandable.

Reconstructors - 100 mln. Rub.

Volunteer organizations - 88,5 mln. Rub.

Search teams - 40 mln. Rub.

Search engines of Soviet soldiers on Elbrus - 1,5 mln. Rub.

Tourism and local lore organizations - 45 mln. Rub.

Expeditions of ethnographic, geological and archaeological nature - 39 mln. Rub.

Sports and military applied competitions - 60,3 mln. Rub.

Educational swimming practice of young people and cadets of patriotic clubs of maritime orientation on training sailing ships - 18 mln. Rub.

Actually, everything. I didn’t find the articles to support the MIC themselves. Yes, the so-called "extrabudgetary sources" remain, local budgets (of which it is sometimes unrealistic to get something) and the most important source of funding is correct personal funds.

Of course, it would be foolish to expect more attention to the “lower ranks” from such a huge federal program. Below, exactly where our military industrial complex is located, local governments should work. Regional, district, city. With appropriate budgets.

But ... you won’t take money from the shelf if you don’t put it there. This is me about local budgets.

In general, the program is not bad. Especially if you close your eyes to the fact that most of the money just flies into the pipe. All these manuals and training manuals that no one will study, radio programs that no one will listen to, films that no one will see. I don’t even want to talk about seminars and symposiums that will be thoughtfully discussing the problems of reviving patriotism.

Someone lucky, some do not. Someone will visit the historical places of our heroic past, someone will give money for reconstruction. In general, for recons can be happy. One hundred million can be a lot of ideas to hold. And today, in my opinion, reenactors are a very important link in preserving memory.

Otherwise, everything is as usual. The top of the whole action is planned beautiful and significant. However, it will have absolutely no effect on the patriotic education itself. Upbringing and concrete work were done by people who are infinitely distant from all these seminars, contests and festivals, and will be engaged. Who can.

I specifically learned the plans at once in the three close to me MIC. One was created by former servants of the explosives, the second from the airborne forces, the third - the search engines. He asked how about participation in the program. Two did not hear about it at all, the third one heard it, but does not count on anything, since it does not fit the profile. As for participation in all events said to one: what Chichi? In the budgets of districts - zero. All at their own expense.

So it turns out that up there, they will be thinking for five years how to breed patriots in Russia. But patriots are not rabbits, unfortunately. So, we will have to educate those who can later become normal Russians. Parents and just caring. And at your own expense to shoe, dress, buy equipment, pay for trips, excursions and so on.

And we will still do it. Nowhere to go. We can still inculcate love for the Motherland better than the most qualified specialist in a school or specialized institution. Because we do it from the heart and without manuals.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 18 February 2016 06: 28
    patriotism ... how much of this ... at UVZ, they make tanks, good tanks, and even super-tanks. Patriot comrade Sienko? (General director) yes! undoubtedly ... we look from a different angle: "50 YEARS OF DOGS FOR AN ANNIVERSARY": THE HEAD OF URALVAGONZAVOD PLACED A BANQUET FOR 10 MILLION RUBLES

    The head of the state corporation did not refuse to celebrate the anniversary, despite the crisis and the reduction of its employees.

    The head of the Uralvagonzavod state corporation Oleg Sienko celebrated his 50th anniversary on a grand scale. A banquet for 400 people was held last Saturday in the large hall of the Evropeisky shopping center. Sienko and his guests did not stop cheerfully dancing to the songs of popular artists and enjoying the delicacies that the workers of the Uralvagonzavod, producing the famous “Almaty” and T-90 tanks, are opposed to mass cuts and salary delays, while banks and suppliers are trying to recover from the state-owned enterprise through the courts billions of debts. further who hooked: http: // -

    -Glava-Uralvagonzavoda-zakatil-banket-n again a patriot? even Rogozin did not stay for the banquet, he dropped in to congratulate, and hastily left, apparently from all this "action" he was not delighted ... a feast for 10 rubles !!! Feast in Time of Plague.
    1. Yak28
      Yak28 18 February 2016 06: 55
      I don’t even know who is planting a rich uncle in the factories, making tanks in 3 shifts, these people need to put up airplanes for the monument. Because of the huge difference in salaries between superiors and workers, I personally try to work at a minimum, 3-4 hours maximum day of 9 hours, the benefit is such an opportunity. And someone from bell to bell, and even for a penny figs, here they are the heroes of today
    2. Gomunkul
      Gomunkul 18 February 2016 09: 50
      The head of the state corporation did not refuse to celebrate the anniversary, despite the crisis and the reduction of its employees
      Can they thus compete in their patriotism? The more expensive a banquet from a government official, the more he is a patriot. laughing
      PS They all lost fear (I am silent about conscience, by definition not), because our "Tsar" is kind.
      When, finally, a patriotic law will be adopted that equates corruption with the state. treason?
      1. Temples
        Temples 18 February 2016 10: 16
        But patriots are not rabbits, Unfortunately. So, to educate those who can later become normal Russians, we will have to. Parents and just not indifferent. And at his own expense shoe, dress, buy equipment, pay for trips, excursions and so on.

        Do you want Roma to have your children raised by someone else? Not you?
        Sorry that your children are not rabbits ???
        Love is born in the family.
        And to the people and to the motherland.

        Here is a statement from His Holiness Patriarch Cyril and Pope Francis:

        19. The family is the natural focus of human life and society. We are concerned about the family crisis in many countries. The Orthodox and Catholics, sharing the same idea of ​​the family, are called to testify of the family as a way to holiness, which is the faithfulness of spouses to each other, their willingness to give birth and raising children, solidarity between generations and respect for the weak.

        We have different concepts about the main thing in questions of education and love for the motherland (patriotism)

        Now let's move on to the most important thing. To money.
        1. black
          black 18 February 2016 11: 30
          And who will bring up? Dads and moms who grew up in 90's? We have money in the regional budget, but you’ll get horseradish. Those guys who deal with them annually report on the savings of 1-3 million rubles. There, he spent two lessons of courage in a sponsored school. Both the teacher and the head teacher made a photo report. From read about the done patriotic work. And we went to the school principal, agree on a gym - pay the contract. All summer, on weekends, I gave lectures in the park to youth. Why in the park, but because there is no room, but promise, five to ten years. And all this work apart from the family.
    3. candy wrapper13
      candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 10: 51
      patriotism ... UVZ ... mayor of Eburg with a friend ..... (No comment)
      1. DenZ
        DenZ 18 February 2016 14: 42
        patriotism ... UVZ ... mayor of Eburg with a friend ..... (No comment)

        I remember how this so-called mayor in 2014 doubted whether it was possible to send children on a summer vacation to Crimea. Then one deputy directly told him, "Do you doubt that Crimea is the territory of the Russian Federation?" And in general, when he was chosen, as I remember, only the women all moaned "Oh Zhenechka!" In the case, only courts and showdowns for the entire time of his mayoralty. The people in Eburg do not like him, and I think that in the next. times they will not choose. And yet, it is to these, in fact, that the representatives of the State Department have become frequent visitors to the Ural capital, I have no doubt
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. castle
      castle 18 February 2016 12: 12
      Last night I watched the Vremya program on First, Russian TV. There was a story about the dismissal of the governor of the Pribaikalskiy (maybe Baikal or Zabaikalskiy krai or region, I don't remember exactly) and the reprimand to the governor of the Karelian region. The plot was accompanied by video footage and conversations with residents of these areas. What they have shown will make every normal citizen an oppositionist. And there is no need for external influence for a "color" revolution to take place. In short. Do not blame everything on the mirror, since the muzzle is crooked.
      "Than the gossips count to work,
      Isn't it better to turn on yourself, godfather? "
      Krylov's fable "The Mirror and the Monkey"
      And be sure to read Krylov's fable "Grandee"! Although, probably, soon in Russia and Krylov's fables will be banned.
      1. starper
        starper 18 February 2016 16: 22
        You would, a respected lover of Russian fables, haven’t climbed into someone’s monastery with your charter, we ourselves will be blindfolded, and the time will come for the mess to blame, but we don’t need calls to the Maidan, have seen enough of the results from our neighbors.
  2. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 18 February 2016 06: 30
    Roman - the main thing is that such programs are not allowed to drift! The development of sports as well as the development of patriotism in the country should have an exceptional priority for the authorities and be held under state control.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 18 February 2016 06: 47
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      and pass under state control.

      So this is what is supposed to be done; you look at how many controlling ministries are involved, not a dozen, especially the ministries of the rural economy, and the forestry and fishing agencies. laughing
      That’s what I look at, that in our country young people do in the forest at night in Buryatia, I think they saw the forest, and they sit on the rivers with electric rods, and they turn out to play lightning there, and are engaged in irrigation of fields on the river, fish farming. Around the forest, which is SAW. laughing
      That's what patriotism looks like in life.
      As always, on bare enthusiasm and win, at the expense of barefoot and beggars. And cats are fat as always with sour cream. angry
      I do not see, at least in schools, no circles, SUT, SUN, well, there is nothing, just idle talk, but it turns out that the whole thing is in the "controllers" and co-executors who saw the budget money.
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 18 February 2016 07: 54
        Quote: Sirocco
        As always on bare enthusiasm and win, at the expense of barefoot and beggars. And cats are fat as always with sour cream.
      2. Fox
        Fox 18 February 2016 07: 54
        Quote: Sirocco
        I do not see, at least in schools, no circles, SUT, SUN, well, there is nothing, just idle talk, but it turns out that the whole thing is in the "controllers" and co-executors who saw the budget money.

        and they aren’t there ... I foolishly officially got into school ... 2 months was enough, they pulled up paper garbage and stupid my impassable ... here I took a certificate from the PF about deductions, it turned out that I was 2 months in school protruded 1840 rubles dough! oh how! a little bit, stsukko, did not become a millionaire smile
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 18 February 2016 08: 05
          Quote: Fox
          The PF took about deductions, it turned out that for 2 months at school I kicked out 1840 rubles of dough! Oh how! A little bit, stsukko, did not become a millionaire

          Well, there are paper scrappers and in medical institutions, we have a therapist here, so he takes 40 minutes, the whole secret is that he wanted to spit on the line, he accepts and fills everything at once, and not after work)))))))
          Well, your 1840 is super, then a friend working in one of the outsourcing enterprises from Russian Railways, having checked his account with the Pension Fund, found that he does not have any long experience (transfers) Well, their OWNER carries some sort of snowstorm, that I’m not like a cow mine, or literally from his words. Today you are looking for the truth, tomorrow you will look for work.
          In principle, the private trader always has this, so for me this is not news. AND ........
      3. candy wrapper13
        candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 11: 11
        So this is what is supposed to be done, you look at how many controlling ministries are involved here, not one dozen,-Remind you-DAM was at the origins of * Echo ... * GAZPROM (state-owned company) sponsors it wassat
        Most Beloletochnikov (as Mashenka Gaidar) *exist* to the grandees GOVERNMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION crying The main forum of economists of the Russian Federation (where the Russian government likes to hang out) bears the name of the Gaidar (whose whole merit isDESTRUCTION и TRANSFER TO THE OLIGARCH economics RSFSR am - Remember what the RSFSR is?) -That's what patriotism looks like in life.
      4. candy wrapper13
        candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 11: 31
        So it’s supposed to be done, you look at how many controlling ministries are involved here, not one dozen-That's what patriotism looks like in life.
        moderators removed comments - look who created in the Russian government * Echo ... * Well, you can write a sponsor for his state-owned company Gazprom (they know who)
    2. Fat
      Fat 18 February 2016 09: 20
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      Roman - the main thing is that such programs are not allowed to drift! The development of sports as well as the development of patriotism in the country should have an exceptional priority for the authorities and be held under state control.

      The State Committee of the Russian Federation for Youth Affairs was called behind the eyes of the Committee on Combating Youth request People in the region, still former Komsomol members, tried in the 90s to do something even on the pennies that stood out after drinking from the capital ... There was a club for young sailors, even a training boat ... Now herehttp: //
    3. 222222
      222222 18 February 2016 09: 49
      Patriotism does not happen from above. This is a game for ratings ..
      PATRIOTISM is always from below. a difficult country, he himself appears as a Phoenix from the ashes .. He is inside everyone ..
      Programs are needed and government support is needed. But so as not to turn into a feeding trough for individual self-born leaders.
      1. Ded_Mazay
        Ded_Mazay 18 February 2016 11: 21
        Patriotism does not come from nowhere! A person will not fight for a country in which there is nothing to fight for, because the struggle is always hardship, you will have to pay for it and it is possible that health and life.
        Therefore, a person should know what he is fighting for, what he is happy for. Yes, it is impossible to make love and respect for the country, but it is possible and necessary to show what you should love and respect it for.
        And when you say that you are a patriot and they look at you as a Nazi, then what kind of patriotism can we talk about !? Didn’t they try to create such a picture from abroad? So the request for patriotism from the state is not a fight for ratings, it is a necessary measure for the survival of the country.
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 18 February 2016 22: 28
        Above or below, patriotism. Nonsense all this.

        It is not necessary to start with patriotism. This is a completely different problem. Patriotism will be after itself.

        The problem is that the education system needs to be revived. It is a unified standardized system. This is, first of all, to raise a common standard of values ​​among citizens. Only the educational system damages a single civic morality. That all as one would know what is good and what is bad. And then there will be patriotism.

        Again, the eyes are blotted out by stupid actions.
    4. candy wrapper13
      candy wrapper13 18 February 2016 10: 57
      in the country should have exclusive priority in the authorities and be held under state control-so in the ruin?
  3. venaya
    venaya 18 February 2016 06: 40
    "patriots are not rabbits, unfortunately"- Right remark!
    This question has complex significance until we defeat the destructive role, unfortunately of many mass media, as well as other means of influencing, mainly, youth, I believe that great successes in this matter should not be expected.
    1. Yak28
      Yak28 18 February 2016 07: 04
      In the first place, our government has been playing a destructive role for a long time, and only then the media controlled by it. I remember in the 90s there was an advertisement for alcohol and cigarettes on all TV channels, films that imposed an opinion on how cool it was to be a gangster in a raspberry jacket, how cool to go abroad, what a great, free way of life in the USA.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 18 February 2016 22: 33
        Until it is right to determine what is good and what is bad, there will be no single morality. So patriotism will be only for small groups of citizens.
  4. Yak28
    Yak28 18 February 2016 06: 48
    The system of patriotic education will not work, because the country has a very heterogeneous population, some people from unsecured families, labor is not appreciated and paid little. Tell us about patriotism for people who live from paycheck to paycheck, whom the state pleases with a constant rise in price for everything, poor education and good medicine only for the rich. Maybe patriots are wealthy characters who, if something happens, will be dumped abroad. There is no ideology in the country, youth organizations that will instill love for the homeland from the first grade, there are no heroes who can be aligned, for the majority of the population, the goal of life is to get rich By hook or by crook. Even half the population of Russia considers the flag of Russia a rag, they’re closer to the flag, what kind of patriotism can be discussed. 25 years on the orders of our authorities, from the television screens they poured slops throughout the entire Soviet period in the history of our country, denigrated worthy people, not a single one the country did not speak about its history as vile and deceitful as it was in Russia
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 18 February 2016 07: 58
      Quote: Yak28
      , some people from unsecured families, labor is not valued and paid little.

      Let me correct you, this is called a social gap between estates. We do not have a middle class in Russia, that is, not at all. Hence the problems you described. I do not see more than one "merchant" whose child serves in the army of the Russian Federation, and who sees himself and his future in Russia.
      While it turns out like in a joke, Oce so, if I were a king, I would reign a hundred rubles and wik.(((
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 18 February 2016 22: 39

        The presence of the middle class under capitalism is nonsense.

        In the USA, there was a period when there was a middle class or one conditionally similar. This period can be called an imitation of the social structure of the USSR. Exactly. In the 40s, the USSR was very popular and from there went the social prototypes of modern states.
    2. kirgudu
      kirgudu 18 February 2016 12: 32
      There will be no patriotism, the unity of the people in the society of the rich and the poor.
      They are trying to cover up class hostility with patriotism. Well, patriotism cannot be a state idea ...
  5. sa-ag
    sa-ag 18 February 2016 06: 49
    "... to develop promising forms and methods to enhance the prestige of military and law enforcement services;"
    In what way, to wrap everyone in an overcoat, but why so narrowly focused, or is it no longer an engineer’s cake?
    1. tankovod
      tankovod 18 February 2016 07: 52
      An engineer, he is very smart, questions will be inconvenient to ask, demand a better life, the intelligentsia panimash. But the soldiers and the police are good people for the Kremlin, they are not supposed to think.
      Anyway, the grandfathers-designers of the Soviet hardening are still pulling the defenses, the Soviet backlog is enough for a couple of decades, and we’ll buy computers, clothes and machine tools over the hill for petrodollars, what kind of science and economics do we need, it’s good that the ancestors of Siberia conquered and mastered
  6. samarin1969
    samarin1969 18 February 2016 07: 06
    An article on such a painful topic that all the remaining teeth fell ill .... wink
    I am engaged in incl. and the patriotic upbringing of children ... The state has not allocated not a penny for this very upbringing in 2 years ... They only interfere with gigabytes of delusional instructions (officials frantically prove their "usefulness") ...
    Please, this "above" ... cancel this b .. program ... and let a couple of extra "armatures" do the "auto race" better.
  7. Cobra77
    Cobra77 18 February 2016 07: 38
    Well, it is very similar to import substitution, as it is "implemented" now. wassat Well, or it looks like a government anti-crisis program .... Does it seem to exist? Or did I dream? Hmmmm ....

    But I don’t quite understand how they are going to bring up patriotism if our ideology is prohibited by the constitution? What foundation will they build on? Nationalism and religion? Well, this is an extremely poor foundation at the moment. He’s already been late for 100 years. What other options?

    This I understand, everything is in the implementation of the words of the Guarantor "We have no and cannot have any other unifying idea, except for patriotism ....". smile Only now he somehow forgets that patriotism cannot be built from scratch, by administrative means down to the bottom. And for a country like the Russian Federation, it is not enough as a unifying and driving force. Maybe it is worth remembering about the concept of "social equality"? About a fairer distribution of benefits? No? It is not profitable. Those. For the rich, money and property, including in the Caymans and Courchevels, but for the rest, patriotism? I remember this already in the history of Russia .... It ended in three revolutions.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 18 February 2016 08: 37
      Quote: cobra77
      Well, it is very similar to import substitution, as it is "implemented" now. Well, or similar to the government's anti-crisis program .... Does it seem to exist? Or did I dream? Hmmmm ....

      it is there, but it is using stealth technology ...
  8. Fox
    Fox 18 February 2016 07: 50
    when this (program) was "given birth", I already then told the deputy for the "fight against youth" in the region that nothing would shine for us ... again we will deal with our own money on our territory. so it turned out. but for some reason I not surprised. life taught?
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 February 2016 08: 16
    Therefore, with comrades, I will suffer this matter further. Suddenly something good will come out, or you’ll have to sit in the pan less.

    But it seems to me that Roman will have to sit in the pan just for those who want to ditch the completely patriotic education. And on the contrary, everything will be counted towards you.
  10. slaventi
    slaventi 18 February 2016 08: 28
    So it turns out that there, upstairs, they will think for five years how to breed patriots in Russia. But patriots are not rabbits, unfortunately. And that means that we will again have to educate those who can later become normal Russians. Parents and simply not indifferent

    There is nothing to be surprised at patriotism - this is an ideology .According to the constitution, it was written by the Americans and adopted in 93 after the bloody coup - ideology is prohibited.Therefore, this is the nature of patriotic education.
    1. BladeRunner
      BladeRunner 18 February 2016 08: 33
      The upbringing of patriots in this case is an attempt to contrast patriotism with a low standard of living and other economic problems.
  11. Old26
    Old26 18 February 2016 08: 42
    What, what, and gigabytes of pointers and tons of papers - it's all ours. He himself worked in printing for almost 20 years (in the system of the Ministry of Culture). In May, the event, and in February, preparations begin. The first thing that is done is a scheme for the Minister of Culture of the region. Nothing is known for sure, do it (performer in the ministry) by hand - no. The instruction comes down and it starts. I don’t remember in megabytes, but in one year the scheme was redone 68 times. The last - the day before the event. But when my friend, engaged in large-scale modeling, tried to break through the exhibition of models (individual and whole dioramas) - there is no money. When she found a way to the director of one of the museums, the director got a hat for what she decided without agreement ... Our work is in fact sometimes replaced by an imitation of violent activity. If you have a report on 10 pages and nothing more - you are not doing anything. But if kilograms of papers - well done
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 18 February 2016 11: 04
      Quote: Old26
      If you have a report on 10 pages and nothing more - you are not doing anything.

      It's a gold mine, to write a bot based on a neural network so that it generates reports according to the specified parameters and call it a pleasant name "Madame Belladonna" :-) Officials will communicate with the bot and will be happy, because they will receive their reports :-) And tear anyone away from activities will not
  12. Velizariy
    Velizariy 18 February 2016 08: 43
    To educate patriots you need to be patriots themselves.
    PS Namely, BROWSE patriots correctly ...
  13. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 18 February 2016 09: 05
    An official sits in charge of this area and tells everyone that there is no money, and there is no work. They gave me money. Sitting turnip cards. Where to put them. Smeared for those events about which I heard something, and most importantly, where you can pinch off, or where the rollback will be. All. Now, collect the checks on time and report back. Efficiency does not interest him. It can not be measured, so there is no demand from him.
  14. Villon
    Villon 18 February 2016 10: 00
    Patriotism consists, among other things, in a careful attitude to the bowels and natural wealth. And now we have a compromising bourgeoisie in power.
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 18 February 2016 11: 09
      Quote: Villon
      we now have a compromising bourgeoisie in power.

      ComprаDorian bourgeoisie, but essentially correct (+).
  15. fix
    fix 18 February 2016 10: 05
    Wait, I missed something. This is a program about "...further improvement of the system of patriotic education... "16 lards for" improvement. "And what, officials have already reported that it was created? To saddle enthusiasts - is such a" creation "worth it?
    In general, there is a feeling that "patriotism from above" was needed when they pressed him on. Who to rely on when life in the country is getting worse? When is the war ahead? When the five-pillars on common difficulties rise
    On business tucked up? Cosmopolitan marketers in government? On sneak-officials? On the creative office, tasted foreign ol inclusive?
    And rightly here people say - there is nothing to fill the vacuum of ideology. Our patriotism (like much good) is not thanks, but contrary to living.
    And feel better - and forget the patriotic wave. Who now recalls national projects?
    1. Kombrig
      Kombrig 18 February 2016 20: 58
      Quote: fix
      Riding enthusiasts - is it worth such a "creation"?

      There are many pluses for you, for this capacious phrase, because in reality, the state simply formalized the already existing associations in its organizations (many of which are more than 20 years old) and that’s all - patriotism has been created !!
  16. kirgudu
    kirgudu 18 February 2016 10: 22
    Bred correctly, like suckers. Patriotism for the sake of patriotism.

    While you were watching Kiselyov and listening to tales about patriotism from above, we bought US debt bills for 1'000'000'000'000 rubles in October-December. They just did not manage to privatize the remnants of the USSR, but this is ahead.
  17. Vladycat
    Vladycat 18 February 2016 10: 33
    At one time, someone planted a "bomb" in the management of our country. ITS essence lies in the fact that already from the bottom there is an installation that the effectiveness of your work is determined by a "beautiful report" and imitation of violent activity. The number of links from above is such that it takes all the time to unsubscribe. In addition, the modern method of selecting a manager has a distinctive feature of putting in place a completely incompetent person, the main thing is that he would be convenient for beautiful "paper" results.
    That's in the field of developing patriotism. Programs are written by people who have a modest understanding of both patriotism and those who and what really raises it. Everything is in place. We have in Vladivostok for 40 years the club "Young Patriot of the Motherland" with the permanent leader Galina Viktorovna Kiseleva. Who really does business. It's good that we have a military city, the Pacific Fleet is providing great assistance. These would be the experts.
    And so in the presence of a bunch of effective manners, which are more harmful by their work.
  18. Belousov
    Belousov 18 February 2016 10: 51
    Patriotism must be brought up by example. Here is one example of modern patriotism - the Governor of Samara, Merkushka, came to Gosuniver to "persuade" the unification of universities, it’s easier to knock out state funding, there will be something to cut, and so on. They did not agree with his arguments and he hastily compared the participants in the meeting with Alexander Matrosov, and then said that Matrosov was ... a suicide! That's how it turns out. This fact even appeared on federal channels, but was quickly removed. And what do you think, somehow it affected the further political fate of Merkushkin, not to mention the rest? No, everyone is still sitting with a contented grinning face. And that was a couple of months before the 70th anniversary of the Victory! And after that we are surprised that patriotism is bad in Russia. And why on earth should it be good with him if we see ongoing corruption, especially in law enforcement, when prices are rising everywhere, and officials can only guess about the price of oil, when jobs are being cut, but rent is rising? You can accuse me of five-colonialism, but with such "rulers" no enemies are needed.
  19. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 18 February 2016 10: 55
    I wonder how the government working for the United States will be involved in patriotic education. Miracles and more.
  20. Ded_Mazay
    Ded_Mazay 18 February 2016 11: 06
    Okay, 61 rubles for a patriotic movie, fine. And now for comparison: the low-budget (!!!) action movie Deadpool - $ 400 million, this is 000.00 p., How about you?
    I do not argue, the result does not have a strict connection with the size of the budget, a lot depends on the effectiveness of its use, the skill and talent of the film team and proper marketing. But the difference is state. expenses of the largest country in the world on patriotic cinema with some kind of deadpool, a film about a scumbag shooting people and letting jokes exclusively below the belt of 3.8 billion rubles, this is just epic comrades.

    And this is in a situation where children, adolescents, and young people are hammered from the TV screens and computer monitors that the coolest army is the United States. That the USA won the Second World War. That the story is only with the USA and so on. etc.
    Most films and computer games of the last 20 years about the Second World War are on behalf of an American or, at best, an Englishman. If an action movie, then Russia, Russian, Russian, is necessarily a villain.

    The most successful projects of fiction also exist within the framework of Western civilization. If we are talking about space, then in the prehistory either the "Apollo 11", "Hubble" or some kind of shuttle, which has imposed itself in the teeth, and not a word about Gagarin, Tereshkova, Sputnik-1, Soyuz station, Lunokhod-1. And it doesn't matter that NASA flies into space on Russian RD 180, because NASA flies, and the Curiosity rover takes soil samples with a Russian-developed module, because this is Curiosity, and not, say, Ermak or Mars 1.

    The achievements of Russia and Russians, our language, culture, social and even more political views in the framework of projects of Western cinema, TV, computer games, at least somehow related to the future, as their creators see it, there is no place in the bulk and vast majority!

    It is safe to say that such a representation by many Western figures of politics, economy and culture is close and seems, if not the only possible, then acceptable to the real world and not only the future but also the present.

    Vivid examples of this are the cases when Western television channels broadcast successful shots by the Russian air forces against militants in Syria for the work of the NATO air forces.

    So an unpleasant picture emerges of aggressive cultural and ideological expansion and the denial of the real role of the Russian Federation and its peoples in the world, in the fight against which the programs of patriotic education will be clearly not enough!

    It is required to conduct a reciprocal cultural and ideological expansion, breaking the ground from under the feet of those who base their activity and politics on lying about us, about lying on our supposedly hostility or aggressiveness, our fictitious backwardness and underdevelopment.
    Only then will we be able to live in peace when attempts to portray us as villains, thieves or barbarians in other countries will encounter a whistle and a barrage of rotten food addressed to the "people" who say this.
  21. Aksau
    Aksau 18 February 2016 11: 09
    A few days ago I watched the state. the program is the same thoughts. It was composed of people who were used to hanging out on the Seligers, and not running around with boys on the Zarnitsa forests and gully.
    Now there are a lot of discussions on the topic "How can we develop patriotism ??" But the education system completely drops out of all these discussions. And she should be the key link - the concrete executor of most events.
    He specifically studied the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020, the Strategy for the Development of Education in the Russian Federation for the period until 2025, the Law on Education in the Russian Federation. Nowhere is it said that a bunch: kindergarten - school - university (another institution of vocational education) should make a growing citizen of the Russian Federation a patriot.
    About the Law on Education - of course, it has been developed since 2010, while patriotism was not in trend. But how in 2015, when adopting two Strategies, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation was able to distance itself from mentioning its role in this matter - the mind is incomprehensible. Masters - Dodgers. You can’t say otherwise.
  22. AleBors
    AleBors 18 February 2016 11: 13
    "And we will do it anyway. There is nowhere to go. We can still instill love for the Motherland better than the most qualified specialist in a school or specialized institution. Because we do it from the heart and without training manuals."
    We will do. Because we cannot do otherwise. As I already wrote, I do not expect anything good from this law except for a stream of orders from above, reports from below, and later on, some kind of "certification of patriotism." By God, we will wait ... I really was more fortunate than others, our military-industrial complex at the arrival of the Temple, so while there is some money ... But others are hard.
  23. Villon
    Villon 18 February 2016 12: 03
    It is necessary to educate patriots not among the people, the people are already patriotic, but in power.
  24. Bayun
    Bayun 18 February 2016 12: 41
    Quote: Andrey Yurievich
    a feast for 10 million rubles. !!!

    Truth-shit? And now, in essence. The director today is between two fires, "above" they expect kickbacks from him and at the same time they are puffing up for the State Defense Order. The Big Boss "dropped in" because he does not go to banquets to "rogues". And "below" the eternally hungry workers. And to throw off 2 rubles to the director, thanks to which these hard workers still WORK, and not at home smoke bamboo - have not you tried? Wherever factory marketing is looking, idlers: they cannot show their own director to the workers. Interestingly, there is a marketer in the shops at all shown? The factory is like an army. What good is it if the soldier will bite him: "They say, tomorrow I will be hit by bullets, and the generals are drinking brandy." Here, I do not like "truth-tellers": "Shout from the branches" (C), you don't need a big mind. You SOLVE the task of interaction between the management and employees of the enterprise, and then let us know what a fine fellow you are. And so - kindling social strife turns out. By the way, for these 1000 million, "thrown out" for feeding the NECESSARY people, the plant will receive loans and orders for BILLIONS. For the director, "banquet fun" is, first of all, WORK. "Pravdorub" did not think about this? You cannot feed the workers with “screaming for the truth”.
    1. The point
      The point 18 February 2016 13: 13
      What kind of incitement to social discord? What do you smoke? Do you think that if I get my pennies, I see that I’m just dust under the feet of our director and that he absolutely doesn’t give a damn about how much I’ll earn, then I won’t even think about social discord in my head? Of course, the leader is inconsistent with the leader, however, I strongly doubt that Mr. Pekarsh A.I. (KnAAZ) does not sleep at night, worrying about my future. That is why our factory has a total lack of competent managers (craftsmen, shop managers). But there are a lot of effective managers who are not even effective at all.
    2. Massik
      Massik 18 February 2016 13: 52
      Yes, of course, WORK, in interesting conditions it takes place no ??? Who's guilty??? Diluted here, marketing-marketer, "feeding", "banquet merriment", but we do not have such concepts. Any person shows himself how much he is a PERSON. Why did he not spread at least one lam among the workers ??? As in the old days personally from hand to hand. There is no time, desire ???
      Yeah, the Army, only a person is judged by deeds, not by rank. The fighter will not jam when he sees a general who is staggering along the NP and is looking for positions for attack.
      You have completely lost your fear of the bourgeoisie, you need to read books about 1915-1917, they also thought in such categories there, but it turned out like that.
    3. Koshak
      Koshak 18 February 2016 17: 30
      Quote: Bayun
      for these 10 million, "thrown out" for feeding the NECESSARY people, the plant will receive loans and orders for BILLIONS.

      Is it necessary to feed the "nUzhniks" at UVZ? Those. Can't you make tanks without them? And where is it
  25. fa2998
    fa2998 18 February 2016 14: 34
    A good caricature at the beginning of the article is about those with a spoon who will teach patriotism to those who are gagged! laughing hi
  26. 31rus
    31rus 18 February 2016 14: 37
    Dear, what program, what development? What are you talking about? Once again, what is the basis, if there is no ideology, for example, on patriotism, but then there are just a lot of "guilty" Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev and how should all this relate if the presenter program "Russia1" Kiselev agreed to the point that there was no patriotism in the USSR, but there was a pure communist ideology, here it is a failure, you can not teach patriotism by pulling out the good and clothe only the bad, where there is succession, but how that in Western countries certain taxes , laws, once again we write one thing, we get something completely different, but the money is gone, and the souls are lost
  27. starper
    starper 18 February 2016 16: 39
    Lord, hasn't the fate of the Komsomol taught idiots anything in high offices ?! Well, there is no patriotism on orders or for money. Invest at least a little bit in the circles in the sports sections, make the magazines accessible to you not at 150 rubles, but at least 250 or even for nothing, you see, the guys will not go into the gateway but will go in for sports or equipment. Where is DOSAAF or what is now instead of it? A formal article without a soul is like an accounting report, sorry I can’t put a minus.
  28. grawizapa
    grawizapa 18 February 2016 19: 34
    you won’t be fed up with patriotism alone ...
  29. Egevich
    Egevich 18 February 2016 19: 45
    well so there was a whistle that patriotism was a national idea ... and now do not sleep, do not sleep, mow, mow ...
    how much really useful could be done with this money nationwide ... not one hundred military-patriotic clubs with their penny requests ...
    ... but when will it all end? !!
  30. Koshak
    Koshak 18 February 2016 20: 41
    Do you remember? ...

    Where does the homeland begin?
    From the picture in your letter,
    With good and faithful comrades,
    Living in a neighboring yard.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the song that our mother sang to us,
    Since in any tests
    We do not take anyone away.

    Where does the homeland begin?
    From the cherished bench at the gate,
    With the same birch tree in the field,
    Under the wind bending, growing.
    Or maybe it starts
    Since the spring funeral of the starling
    And from this road country,
    Which you can not see the end.

    Where does the homeland begin?
    From the burning windows in the distance,
    From the old paternal budenovki,
    That somewhere in the closet we found.
    Or maybe it starts
    From the clatter of car wheels
    And with an oath, which in his youth
    You brought it to your heart.

    What does the homeland begin with? ..
  31. Kombrig
    Kombrig 18 February 2016 21: 10
    Patriotism was, is and will ALWAYS !!! Remember the partisan detachments of serfs in 1812, and the Militias of the Time of Troubles ... Patriotism reaches its peak precisely in the face of general danger from the outside .. Patriotism is like love - it cannot be taught, you can only create fertile ground for its development .....
  32. jonht
    jonht 18 February 2016 23: 44
    Article plus. And at the expense of participation in grants, then we need to work, in Kamchatka, search engines prepared and knocked out a federal and local grant for a museum complex of restored and found fragments of WWII equipment from the Kuril Islands. They closely cooperate with the Council of Veterans and the security forces, and attract businessmen. As the head himself says, "The main job is to walk and knock out," first, papers for a grant, then a lot of waste paper for reports and unsubscriptions. There are a lot of school museums, the same is mainly due to grants and funding through competitions, but as they say, in order to be noticed you have to be everywhere. I myself work in the center of children's and youth technical creativity, so in order to get money from the local or federal budget, I need to present a program, describe what BASE is for its implementation and personnel. Correctly submitted materials almost always lead to the allocation of money, the last example was the allocation of money for the Pervorobot program, for teaching students the basics of programming and research. So you can get money, but you need more than one desire, but also perseverance and hard work .... Something like that, with respect.
    1. starper
      starper 19 February 2016 00: 27
      Thanks for your work. Only people like you need units, well, you yourself understand. Good luck to you.
  33. iouris
    iouris 20 February 2016 12: 07
    The word "bred" must be enclosed in quotation marks. "Bred" effectively.