Overseas ally? Donald Trump - US Presidential Candidate

In the United States of America, a politician is becoming increasingly active, ready to review the current relationship between the United States and the Russian Federation in the event of his victory in the presidential election. This is Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who is currently being “watered” by most of the American media. The main reason for Trump’s criticism is his readiness to normalize US-Russian relations and the call to reconsider US policy in Syria. Trump's position is outraged by the American authorities and pro-government media - and it’s quite clear why.

Back in September, Donald Trump 2015 assessed the leadership qualities of Vladimir Putin as a politician. Trump urged not to interfere with Putin’s fight against terrorists in the Middle East and spoke in support of Russia's position on Syrian President Bashar Assad. Not weak for an American politician, is it? The September words were not the only Donald Trump speech in support of Russia and Vladimir Putin. So, on November 11, he reiterated his support for Russia's active participation in the fight against terrorism in Syria. 20 December 2015 Mr. Donald Trump has promised that if elected to the presidency, the United States is ready to improve relations with Vladimir Putin. Finally, recently in a televised debate with another candidate for the presidency of the United States from the Republican Party, Jeb Bush, the former governor of the state of Florida, Donald Trump said he favors cooperation with Russia. He blamed Jeb Bush for being completely wrong when a competitor claimed that Putin could not become an ally of the United States and was in the wrong position in the Syrian conflict. According to Donald Trump, the United States of America in Syria is spending billions of dollars to support “it is not clear who”, and first of all, it is necessary to understand with whom, for whom and for what the United States is fighting in Syria.

Donald Trump - from businessman to politics

Who is this, this American politician, who was not afraid in the present difficult and difficult time to come out in support of the normalization of relations with Russia? Donald Trump is called the most eccentric on the list of potential US presidential candidates in the next election. He does not hesitate to call the current President Barack Obama the worst head of state in the US stories and emphasize their commitment to normalizing relations with Russia. Vladimir Putin did not stand aside either. He called Donald Trump a very bright and talented man. Donald Trump is a middle-aged man, but very energetic. Although this year Trump will be seventy years old, he is convinced that he still has everything ahead. Including - and the presidency of the United States. Donald Trump was born on 14 on June 1946 of the year. Like Obama, Trump is a descendant of immigrants. But not African, but European. The grandfather and grandmother of Donald Trump on his father's side came to the United States from Germany - from the territory of the modern federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Their names were Friedrich Trump (1869-1918) and Elizabate Christ (1880-1966). Maternal Donald Trump is of Scottish origin. Donald Trump's father Fred Krist Trump lived a long life - he was born in 1905 in New York, and died in 1999 in the year. Mother, Mary MacLeod, was born in 1912, Scotland, and came to America in 1930, at the age of 18. There remained. In 1936, she married 31-year-old Fred Trump. The Trump family had five children — Fred Jr. (already dead), Robert, Marianne, Elizabeth, and Donald himself.

Overseas ally? Donald Trump - US Presidential Candidate
- Donald Trump, Military Academy cadet

Donald Trump had a rather energetic disposition since childhood. Perhaps it was to rein in the youth that the parents identified Donald at the New York Military Academy. During his studies, cadet Trump was actively involved in sports, including playing in football and baseball teams (in the latter, in 1964, he was the team captain). In the fourth year of training at the Academy, Trump was promoted to a cadet captain (battalion foreman). However, Trump's military career did not work out, or rather, he simply did not continue it after graduating from the academy. Trump entered Fordham University, then dropped it and entered the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics. Becoming a specialist in finance, Trump went to work for his father’s company, which by that time had an important position in real estate transactions.

Trump began his career in real estate with house rental operations for the middle class. He worked in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. While still in college, Donald Trump undertook one of the first successful business projects. It consisted in the sale of the 1200-apartment complex "Swifton Village" in Cincinnati, Ohio. For this, the Trump Organization received about $ 6 million in net profit. Then, after moving to 1971 in Manhattan, Trump took up the construction business. During the 1970-x - 1980-x. He was lucky, but already in 1989, due to the financial crisis, Trump could not repay his debt obligations. Thus, about $ 1 billion was invested in the construction of the Trump-Taj-Mahal casino. Investments were mainly made by high-interest junk bonds, which enabled Trump to gain certain advantages over competitors who used their own financial resources in the construction. However, even though Trump took additional loans, his business went bankrupt as early as 1991. Moreover, the entrepreneur was on the verge of his own personal bankruptcy. And, nevertheless, banks went to Trump's debt restructuring, after which the Trump-Taj Mahal casino was 5 in October 1991, which was released from bankruptcy. This happened because Trump transferred 50% of casino property to bondholders. By 1994, Mr. Trump managed to eliminate most of his personal debt, which at that time amounted to about $ 900 million, after which the entrepreneur switched to paying debt in business, which amounted to more than three and a half billion dollars. Despite the fact that Trump had to give up his ownership of Trump Shuttle, he remained the manager of three Atlantic City casinos and the owner of the Trump Tower in New York. At 1995, Trump created the open joint-stock company Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, which ran its casino. But in 2004, Trump was forced to leave the post of general director, remaining chairman of the company's board of directors. In 2000, Trump declared his political ambitions. So, he participated in the reform party 2000 primaries. In 2008, another financial crisis has once again put Trump in a difficult position. In 2009, he resigned from the Board of Directors of Trump Entertainment Resorts. Nevertheless, Trump's active entrepreneurial and social activities continued. In November, 2013 Donald Trump visited Moscow, where he visited the Miss Universe 2013 competition. This trip was not an accident - it was Donald Trump with 1996 who owns the rights to hold the annual Miss Universe international beauty pageant.

- young businessman Donald Trump

In the Forbes magazine's ranking in 2015, Trump's fortune is estimated at $ 4,1 billion. He continues to do business and owns a large number of large real estate properties, including shopping areas in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Florida. Donald Trump is known for outstanding behavior. So, he played himself in the television series and feature films "Home alone 2: Lost in New York", "Nanny", "Prince of Beverly Hills", "Days of Our Lives", in 2003, he became executive producer and host reality show "The Apprentice" on the channel "NBC". One of Donald Trump's main hobbies is golfing. He owns golf clubs and builds a large golf club in the Grenadines. With 2005, the third marriage, Donald Trump is married to a model and designer of Slovenian origin Melanier Trump (Knaus), who is 24 years younger than Donald Trump (she was born in 1970). From different wives Donald Trump has five children - 39-year-old Donald Trump Jr., 35-year-old Ivanka Trump, 32-year-old Eric Trump, 23-year-old Tiffany Trump and 10-year-old Barron Trump. In addition, the politician and the entrepreneur have seven grandchildren.

- spouses Donald and Melanya Trump

25 January 2015 Mr. Donald Trump at a meeting of the US Republican Party in Iowa said he would probably be able to stand for candidacy in the presidential election 2016 of the year. 16 June 2015. He officially announced his desire to become a US presidential candidate. A businessman who is not without modesty has added that he will become "the greatest president ever created by God." The main election promise of Donald Trump is the normalization of relations with the Russian Federation. Trump believes that he is able to establish relationships and interaction with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thanks in part to his personal charisma, and partly to his nontrivial slogans, in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump became the leader of the presidential campaign among candidates from the US Republican Party. Political heavyweights like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are less popular than Donald Trump. At the same time, Trump criticized the previous Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Senator McCain, known for his pathological hatred of Russia, caused a tart comment from Trump: “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who did not get captured. ”

Trump leads among Republican candidates

Donald Trump's statements are causing an increasingly negative reaction from the American establishment. It is not excluded that the US Republican Party itself will sooner or later refuse to Donald Trump in its support. But in this case, the entrepreneur is ready to go to the presidential election as an independent candidate. Not only opponents from among the Democrats, but also many party members of the Republican Party, blame Trump for his pro-Russian positions, as well as harsh statements against American Muslims. In particular, Donald Trump made a proposal to introduce mandatory registration for American Muslims and a total ban on the entry of migrants - Muslims into the territory of the United States of America. This gave opponents a reason to accuse Trump of supporting xenophobic and racist views, which negatively affected the rating of the entrepreneur. The idea of ​​Trump as a candidate who was negatively disposed towards migration strengthened in American society even after he called for building a wall on the US-Mexico border and abolishing the rule of granting US citizenship by right of birth on American territory. On the other hand, a fairly significant part of American society, especially WASP, is in solidarity with Trump’s position regarding migration, the tightening of the rules for obtaining American citizenship, and even the modernization of American foreign policy and US relations with the Russian Federation. The fact that Trump's ideas are understood and supported by a significant part of Americans is evidenced by opinion polls. Thus, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times journalists from 21 to 25 in October 2015, Donald Trump ranked second among candidates from the US Republican Party, receiving support from 22% of respondents. In the first place was an African-American Ben Carson - a famous neurosurgeon, also advancing from the Republican Party. He agreed to support 26% of respondents. However, as early as December 2015, according to a poll of voters conducted by the Washington Post newspaper and the ABC channel, Donald Trump took the lead among the Republican candidates. He received support from 38% of respondents. The second place after Trump was taken by Ted Cruz, who was supported by 15% of voters. A survey by Monmouth University, conducted in mid-December 2015, also confirmed Trump's leadership among the candidates of the US Republican Party: he was supported by 41% of respondents, followed by Ted Cruz, who was supported by 27% of respondents, followed by 10%, Ben Carson with 9%, and Jeb Bush with 3% voters. Thus, Donald Trump was the leader of the election race among the Republican candidates.

Trump vs. Cruise and Bush

So far, the main intensity of criticism of Donald Trump is addressed to his rivals from among the representatives of the US Republican Party. So, his main rival Texas senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, promised to withdraw from the election race, as he doubts the legitimacy of Ted Cruz’s US citizenship (we recall that Senator Ted Cruz was born in 1970 in a family of Cuban immigrant who could not speak in English, and a citizen of the United States with Italian and Irish roots, but the main problem is not the nationality of the parents, but that Cruz was born in Canada, that is, another state, which is formally so it is not an American by birth). Trump has promised to remove Cruise from the election race, if Cruise does not stop attacking other candidates. The reason for this was the election clips of Ted Cruise, directed against Donald Trump. According to Trump, Cruz, quite possibly, has no right to apply for the presidency of the United States of America at all.

Another major GOP competitor, Jeb Bush, was also seriously attacked by Trump. Recall that 63-year-old John Ellis Bush, better known as Jeb Bush, is the younger brother of former US President George W. Bush and the son of another former US President George W. Bush. For a while he served as governor of Florida. Despite the fact that Jeb Bush also comes as a candidate from the US Republican Party, his political positions are fundamentally different from those of Trump. This includes relations with Russia, US foreign policy in the Middle East. So, during the debate with Trump, Jeb Bush said that Russian President Putin could not be an ally of the United States, since Russia is attacking those groups in Syria that are cooperating with the United States. In response, Donald Trump rather sharply replied: "Jeb is absolutely wrong." According to Trump, the United States of America, first of all, must fight against Daesh (a banned organization in Russia), and only then think about the further political development of Syria. As Trump noted, the conversations of Jeb Bush and people with a similar position led to the United States of America being bogged down in the Middle East for fifteen years. During this time, billions of dollars have been spent, which could be directed to the development of their own country. Donald Trump also called the American invasion of Iraq a big mistake by Jeb Bush's elder brother George W. Bush. Trump openly stated that it was the American army’s invasion of Iraq that led to the destabilization of the Middle East, and as for the charges against Saddam Hussein of possession weapons mass destruction, it was never found. Trump's harsh speeches led to the fact that he also had quite a few opponents among the Republicans. Many Republicans are frightened by the statements that Donald Trump makes regarding migration, American Muslims, the construction of a wall with Mexico or the normalization of relations with Russia. Against this background, Donald Trump's position looks very risky - he will not only have to win the race among Republican candidates, but also then fight with the likely favorite of the presidential election - US Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

It should be noted that in addition to Donald Trump, all the other leaders of the American presidential race demonstrate their anti-Russian sentiments. So, Hillary Clinton never hid her negative attitude to Russian foreign and domestic policy and personally to the figure of President Vladimir Putin. She considers his policy undemocratic, aimed at discrimination of national and sexual minorities, persecution of the opposition. Regarding the Syrian conflict, Hillary Clinton is in favor of more active intervention by the American armed forces in it, and not so much to confront terrorist organizations as to deter Russia. Do not depart from the anti-Russian line, and others, in addition to Trump, candidates from the US Republican Party. So, Jeb Bush proposes to introduce new economic sanctions against the Russian Federation - again, because Russia, in his opinion, is pursuing an anti-democratic policy. Trump's other opponent, Senator Ted Cruz, is in favor of expanding the missile defense system in Europe, which, in his opinion, should cool down the militant fervor of Russian politicians. Another candidate from the US Republican Party is Carly Fiorina. 61-year-old politician and businessman, on the one hand, speaks from religiously-conservative positions, criticizing same-sex marriages, but on the other hand - demonstrates a sharply anti-Russian orientation. From the point of view of Fiorina, even the position of Hillary Clinton, who served as US Secretary of State, was not sufficiently anti-Russian, since Clinton paid little attention to the fight against the enemies of America, primarily with the Russian Federation and personally President Vladimir Putin. According to Fiorina, the Ukrainian army should be armed to fight the Donbass rebels. Karli Fiorina is in favor of sending an additional military contingent of several thousand American soldiers and officers to Germany and for holding NATO's permanent aggressive military exercises in the Baltic countries. In addition, Fiorina emphasizes that he simply refuses to communicate with Vladimir Putin, since he does not recognize his legitimacy. Against this background, the political line of Donald Trump seems to be the most pro-Russian.

Pro-Russian sentiment grows in the USA

At the same time, it should not be forgotten that in American society there is a growing critical attitude towards the political course followed by the United States in recent decades. Moreover, part of American society adheres to poorly hidden pro-Russian sentiments. First of all, we are talking about conservative-minded Americans, dissatisfied with the general trends of development of Western civilization in the modern period - multiculturalism, tolerance towards sexual minorities and migrants. Conservative Americans are not particularly interested in the fact that Russia is fighting in Syria, and the reunification of the Crimea with Russia causes them even sympathy. But they consider Russia to be one of the last bastions of Christian civilization, preserving the remnants of patriarchal culture. The fact that Vladimir Putin’s American media serves as a dictator is also appealing to parts of Americans. After all, it is well known that Obama’s candidacy for the role of the President of the United States was very ambiguously received by American society. Although Obama won the election and became president, a rather impressive part of Americans are skeptical about him, and even with a badly disguised hostility. It must be remembered that in a country like the United States there is also racial overtones. A few decades ago, there was no question of the fact that a representative of the African American population would take the highest post in the country. Now times have changed, but there are quite a few Americans who adhere to right-wing radical views and continue to consider the United States of America, above all, a country of white Anglo-Saxon - Protestants. Accordingly, they also want to see the president of the country from this environment. From skepticism and even hatred towards Obama, this part of the American population easily proceeds to a negative perception of its foreign and domestic policy. And here Russia begins to be viewed as a true defender of the interests of the European and wider Christian world.

The irritation of a significant part of the American society is caused by the legalization of same-sex marriage, recognition of the right to abortion, and demonstrative propaganda of tolerant and even approving attitude towards sexual minorities. When the media begins to position Russia as a reactionary country in which the rights of sexual minorities are violated, among conservative Americans, not to mention the right-wing radicals, the opposite perception of Russia is formed as a very positive country with which the United States of America should cooperate. “He protects the borders of his country, he protects his citizens abroad, he banned gay propaganda in schools, he pursues financial criminals, he puts the interests of the country above his own ones,” veterans of the US military say about Putin’s policy.

The tightening of the US migration policy, which Donald Trump advocates, is viewed by the right-wing part of American society as a necessary measure in the face of a sharp exacerbation of the international political situation. Without its implementation, the United States could indeed be in danger of committing numerous terrorist acts by militants of radical organizations that enter the country under the guise of refugees. Donald Trump’s words about the need to tighten border controls with Mexico, including the construction of a wall, which should prevent a significant influx of migrants from both Mexico and other Central American countries, have provoked some support from the Americans. Donald Trump accused Latin American migrants of committing numerous crimes in the United States. Although the liberal media again accused Trump of xenophobia, it is difficult to deny the fact that his words have a rational meaning. The diasporas of immigrants from Latin American countries in total are the largest in the United States. The situation with Latin American migrants remains extremely tense, almost worse than with African Americans. Indeed, many immigrants from Latin American countries stubbornly refuse to integrate into American society not even at the level of language use - they basically do not learn English and speak Spanish, especially since many cities in the United States have already formed entire enclaves of immigrants from Latin American countries. The second problem is the increased criminalization of the Latin American diasporas, due to the fact that young men come to the United States who are not eager to work, but who dream of big and fast money. Many of them were still involved in criminal activities and connections with the drug business at home. By the way, migrants come from countries with very high levels of crime - from Mexico itself, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras. As you know, the listed countries are among the most dangerous countries in the world in terms of the number of crimes committed. For example, in Los Angeles, more than half of the largest street gangs are created by immigrants from Latin America. In the United States operates the largest gang of Mara Salvatrucha, created by immigrants from El Salvador. Its main competitor is also the Latin American grouping 18th Street Gang, created by people from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
At one time, Barack Obama left, including on the support of Hispanics. So, he proposed a general migration amnesty, which was aimed at the legalization of immigrants. Naturally, since it is Latin Americans who constitute the majority of foreign migrants in the United States, the migration amnesty was carried out, first of all, in their interests. The success of Barack Obama, achieved thanks to the support of the numerous Latin American diaspora of the United States, made even the Republican Party candidates reconsider their migration concept. If before the Republicans had a very tough anti-immigration program, in the struggle to attract the votes of Latin American voters, they had to go over to the strategy of liberalizing their migration program. Only presidential candidate Donald Trump remained loyal to tough anti-migrant principles.

The scandal around anti-migrant sayings

The attacks in Paris at the end of 2015, revived the memory of the September 11 attacks in the hearts of Americans. Of course, none of the adequate American citizens want a repetition of those events, people are afraid of the possible penetration of international terrorist organizations into the territory of the United States and the holding of new terrorist acts. Therefore, Trump's statements about the restriction of migration cause many Americans sincere support and only contribute to an increase in the rating of the presidential candidate. Another thing is the liberal-minded American intelligentsia. She sees in Trump's statements assassination attempts on the very paradigmatic foundations of American statehood - after all, the United States, according to the liberals, was built by immigrants and was always tolerant towards people, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation. It should be noted that Trump's statements worried many politicians outside the United States. Indeed, although the representative of Democrats Hillary Clinton is still the favorite of the election race, it is possible that Donald Trump will still be able to get ahead, so the world community continues to view him as one of the potential candidates for the presidency in the United States. British Prime Minister David Cameron called Trump's speech on migration wrong, aimed at inciting hatred. His speech and the press service of the London police honored the comment. British law enforcement officers have denied the words of Donald Trump that because of the wrong migration policy, the situation in some areas of London is so radical that even police officers are afraid to enter. A spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Melissa Fleming, said that Trump’s speech could question the process of accommodating refugees from the belligerent countries of the Middle East and Africa. French Prime Minister Manuel Waltz also accused Donald Trump of inciting hatred and enmity. Liberal media were not even too lazy to interview Syrian refugees in the camps of Lebanon - of course, the refugees are also very negative about Trump’s words, as they question the hopes of Syrians for asylum in the United States of America. Liberal media, not only in the United States, but also in European countries, pay great attention to criticizing the position of Donald Trump, not hesitating in expressions. In order to “lower” Trump in the eyes of the world community, the liberal media resorts to tried and tested methods - they turn to reminders of Nazi Nazism and the Holocaust, and bring in opinions of representatives of various African and Asian migrant diasporas.

In turn, the rally of Americans in South Carolina, at which Donald Trump spoke, met the words of the presidential candidate with a storm of applause. Donald Trump himself said that the Americans have no choice, and stressed that even if his statement is politically incorrect, he personally doesn’t care. In fact, Donald Trump understands perfectly well that his harsh remarks about migrants are supported by the majority of ordinary Americans. So, according to a sociological poll, Trump's idea of ​​banning the entry into the US of migrants from Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa supports 65% of respondents.
American anti-immigrant sentiment especially intensified after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. Recall that on December 2, 2015, a man and a woman entered the center building for people with disabilities who staged a real massacre there. The criminals shot dozens of people in the building. Police reported 16 dead, including 14 center visitors and the 2 criminals themselves. Another 22 civilian and a 2 police officer were injured. The cynicism of the attack was that it occurred on the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated every year on December 3. The perpetrators of the attack were a husband and wife - a married couple of Pakistani origin, Syed Rizvan Faruk and Tashfin Malik. 28-year-old Said Farouk was born in the United States of America to a Pakistani immigrant family and had dual citizenship - USA and Pakistan. He worked as an environmental specialist in the health care system. His wife, 27, a Pakistani-born citizen, Tashfin Malik, entered the United States from Saudi Arabia on a “bride visa” and received a green card for residency in the United States. The couple had a six-month-old daughter, which did not stop young people from committing a terrorist act. Responsibility for the attack took Daesh. The reaction of the American society to the tragedy in San Bernardino was, as expected, sharply negative. The Americans are thinking again whether the US forces support the Middle East? After all, it is not a secret that it is the closest allies of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who provide the main funding for radical religious organizations operating not only in South-West Asia, but throughout the world, including the countries of North America. It is almost impossible to trace the path of every Asian or African migrant entering the US, to find out his intentions and probable membership in radical organizations. Therefore, the words of Donald Trump about a total ban on the entry into the USA of migrants from certain countries were perceived by part of American society with understanding and support.


Russian politicians, although in every possible way demonstrate that the presidential elections in the United States are an internal affair of the Americans, in fact, they follow Donald Trump’s speeches with great sympathy. As we noted above, at one of the press conferences, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in support of Trump’s statement on the need to restore friendly relations between the United States and Russia. “He is a very bright person, talented without any doubt. It is not our business to determine his dignity, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race, ”the Russian president described Donald Trump. In turn, Donald Trump did not forget to respond to the warm words of the head of the Russian state. A US presidential candidate, speaking at a campaign rally in the city of Columbus in Ohio, stressed that he considered such an assessment by the Russian president a "great honor": "It is always a great honor to receive such a pleasant compliment from a person who is respected not only in his own country, but beyond. I have always felt that Russia and the United States must work together to fight terrorism and restore peace, not to mention trade and other benefits derived from mutual respect, ”the Hill newspaper reports the words of presidential candidate Donald Trump. According to Donald Trump, in comparison with the activities of Barack Obama as president of the United States, the activities of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia can be evaluated on a solid "top five".

After Donald Trump responded respectfully about Vladimir Putin, a flurry of indignant responses to his words came from the American establishment, both democratic and republican. But Trump, who has already entered modern US history as the most startling of all presidential candidates, continued his recognition in pro-Russian sentiments, knowing full well that this would not only alienate ordinary Americans, but also provide additional votes. “Putin treats me well. I honestly have a good attitude towards him. I think we can work together with Russia for our benefit. For the benefit of all. And they are damn jealous, because he does not mention these people and is not going to mention. Therefore, a couple of them made statements in the spirit: "Oh no, you do not want to be friends, oh no, we do not want to be friends." No, we want to spend another five trillion dollars, continuing to quarrel, "- these words of Donald Trump, replicated by world news agencies, brought the American establishment literally to an explosion of negative emotions.

Acting US President Barack Obama also decided to contribute to the criticism of Trump. In one of his speeches, Obama said that in the United States "a lot of potential anger accumulated, discontent, and fear." And it is on these negative sentiments of American society that such people as the presidential candidate Donald Trump are trying to leave. However, the head of state did not elaborate what caused the bitterness and discontent of American society during the years of Obama’s rule. True, he acknowledged the deterioration of the economic situation in the country and stressed that the workers are no longer able, as before, working at the plant to receive wages sufficient for the maintenance of the family. It turns out that here Obama just reveals all the negative consequences of his own policy - the US is worsening the economic situation, the people are rapidly impoverished, dissatisfaction with the government is growing, but the country's leadership prefers to engage in clarifying relations with Russia, diving deeper into the Syrian adventure, build up the military presence in Europe. All these tasks require money, and considerable ones. It turns out that Donald Trump is right, who calls to spend money on the development of the country and the solution of its internal problems, and not on the "muscle saber" in Syria, Afghanistan or Eastern Europe.
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