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Garbage "Mordor" against a military airfield in Borisoglebsk

The town of Borisoglebsk, Voronezh Region, is known for the richest traditions of training military pilots. In the 20-s of the last century, a flight school appeared in the city, which, changing its name and format, gave a ticket to the flight life of hundreds of professionals in their field, including a whole galaxy of famous pilots: Valery Chkalov, Vladimir Kokkinaki, Pavel Kamozin, Nikolai Kamanin, Peter Yakubovsky, Sergey Bogdan, Oleg Novitsky. A graduate of the Borisoglebsk Higher Military School of Pilots is the acting commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Force Viktor Bondarev (graduation 1981 of the year).

In the 90s, the Borisoglebsk military school, repeatedly changing the name and structure of subordination, experienced, like the whole country, difficult times. However, the 90s were left behind, and, fortunately, the rumble was heard again over Borisoglebsk aviation engines - practical exercises in the air on the new Yak-130 are practiced by cadets and servicemen of the Borisoglebsk air base, which is structurally part of the VUNC VVS VVA named after N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin.

It would seem fit to celebrate the resumption of full-fledged training of personnel in the city with glorious military traditions, but suddenly a completely new problem arose. Is it again underfunding? Not. Shortage of airplanes for training cadets? Also no. The answer may seem unexpected. The problem was ... the city dump. Yes Yes. It is a dump or, as its official name states, a solid waste landfill, which managed to seize vast territories on the outskirts of the city - practically in close proximity to a military airfield.

Background information: the distance from the northern point of the municipal waste landfill site of Borisoglebsky urban district to the nearest point of the airfield runway (airfield of Borisoglebsk aviation base) “Borisoglebsk” does not exceed 1200 meters. The distance from the northern point of the MSW landfill to the territory of the Borisoglebsk airfield is even less than a kilometer.

Garbage "Mordor" against a military airfield in Borisoglebsk

Based on these data, it can be stated that the landfill of municipal solid waste (landfill) of Borisoglebsky urban district is located in the approach line of aviation of Borisoglebsky air base. For a number of reasons, the fact that a landfill of a solid waste landfill gets into the belt of approaches of military, military transport, transport and other aircraft to the Borisoglebsk airfield leads to an increase in risks both during the approach of aircraft for landing and during their takeoff.

First, the landfill of solid waste is an object that attracts a huge number of birds. AT stories world aviation (and military including) birds often became the cause of air crashes. The fact is that the aircraft’s jet engine compressor experiences large radial loads when a foreign body (for example, a bird) hits it. In this case, the jet engine of a military aircraft during take-off (landing) operates at maximum load. These factors can lead to deformation and even destruction of at least one of the rotating blades, which in turn can cause the destruction of other elements and, as a result, disable the entire jet engine tract.

International statistics show that up to three-quarters of cases of collisions of birds with an airplane (birds get into aircraft engines) occur exactly at the moment when the planes take off or land. A large number of birds above the MSW landfill increases these risks many times.

Secondly, the Borisoglebsk landfill is often ignited (due to the work being done there or for other reasons). The smoke rising from the MSW landfill has already become the reason for the transfer of flights. Smoke curtain reduces visibility during flights, and landing in conditions of insufficient visibility leads to serious risks.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the landfill of the Borisoglebsky urban district, located not far from the South-Eastern microdistrict and the village of Vodostroy, continues to expand. In the last 2-3 of the year alone, the area of ​​the landfill has grown by no less than 10%. Since the geographical features of the area do not allow the landfill to grow in a southerly direction - the opposite direction of the Borisoglebsk airfield, the increase in the area of ​​the solid waste landfill goes in the northern and northeast directions. This brings the city dump to a strategically important military facility, increasing the risks for the crews of combat aircraft.

During that time, during which in the area of ​​the MSW landfill, photographing was carried out, the garbage truck trucks systematically delivered new and new waste virtually as a string. And if in September-October last year, the local authorities tried to bring the test site into a more or less “presentable” look, then by February the city dump had once again become a local garbage “Mordor” with numerous crows circling over it.

September 2015:

February 2016:

Moreover, in the zone, contact with the strip of approaches of military aviation, residential areas are located. This suggests that with these adverse factors significantly increases the risk on the ground. Weak visibility from approach strip smoke and the presence of a large number of foreign bodies (birds) in the air can lead to a situation of force majeure, when pilots have less opportunity to carry out an aircraft maneuver. Reducing the number of opportunities for maneuvering and can lead to a probable increase in risks for land facilities and residents of the city.

Scarecrows for birds installed near the runway of the Borisoglebsk airfield are one of the elements to increase safety. The alternative elements include the use of special sound signals that repel birds. But only these elements are able to play an important role in normal conditions - those when the number of interference in the air is not as great as when there is a “city side” at the airfield at the growing city dump.

The tower at a military facility is clearly visible from the "edge" of the landfill:

Reference Information:
From the Manual on aerodrome service in civil aviation (US GA - 86. Entered into force by the order of the USSR MGA from 26.03.1986 No. 23 / I)

P.1.5 "The order of consideration, coordination and control over the construction of buildings and structures on near-airdrome territories, airways and MBL"
1.5.2 On the land adjacent to the territory of airfields, at a distance of 15 km, it is prohibited to place areas of concentrated emissions of food waste, landfills, construction of animal farms, livestock farms, slaughterhouses that contribute to the mass accumulation of birds.

From the Manual of operation of civil airfields of the Russian Federation:

5.4.4. The development of cities and towns within a certain aerodrome territory is coordinated with the observance of safety requirements for aircraft operations and taking into account the impact zones of aircraft noise.
5.4.5. On the land adjacent to the territory of airfields at a distance of 15 km, it is prohibited to place places of concentrated emissions of food waste, landfills, animal husbandry, livestock farms, and slaughterhouses that contribute to the massive accumulation of birds.

The distance from the MSW landfill to the Borisoglebsk airfield in 10-15 is less than the minimum specified by the document!

According to the latest data, the city authorities are still going to carry out the transfer of the landfill to a new place (in accordance with the requirements of military manuals and manuals), but photos from the landfill site indicate that for the time being certain people from the municipal authorities are quite satisfied with the current situation - mountains of waste are growing higher and higher, and so that, if you do not take urgent and effective measures, the garbage must begin to dump directly onto the runway of a military airfield ...

The decision needs to be made without wasting time, since the number of flights at the Borisoglebsk air base will increase significantly already in 2017, since Borisoglebsk resumes training of senior students of the VUNC VVS VVA named after Y. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin.
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  1. The black
    The black 15 February 2016 07: 12
    Shovel in the hands of the governor and his apparatus and go! Fight for cleanliness! ..... the only way ...
    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 15 February 2016 07: 24
      photos from the landfill indicate that for now certain people from the municipal authorities are quite happy with the current situation - the waste mountains are growing higher and higher

      Naturally! Landfill transfer - a bunch of headaches! This is the choice of a place with access roads, and coordination regarding the occupied space, so that there are no arable or protected areas, etc., and that environmentalists give the go-ahead, and most importantly, that there should be transport costs near the city!
      "So things will continue there," until the question is raised by the MO or Shoigu himself!
      I think so !
      1. Temples
        Temples 15 February 2016 10: 50
        The problem was ... city dump.

        If this is a problem for the military and civilian authorities in the region, then at least it is not power.
    2. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 15 February 2016 09: 19
      Quote: Black
      Shovel in the hands of the governor and his apparatus and go! Fight for cleanliness! ..... the only way ...

      What does the governor have to do with it? This issue is easily resolved at the level of the leadership of the Borisoglebsk city administration - just one order from the prosecutor’s office to address the military and that’s all. Now, if city officials do not fulfill it on time, then you should already contact the region.
      And that’s how you hand the President of the Russian Federation a shovel in your hands for cleaning a landfill in a regional center, a legal nihilist laughing
      1. The black
        The black 15 February 2016 10: 19
        This issue can be easily resolved at the level of the leadership of the Borisoglebsk city administration - one order from the prosecutor’s office for the appeal of the military and all
        ...Yah? Is that really easy? ... something is not visible .. wink So you think that the military did not contact the prosecutor? Be sure to tell them smile ... Well, if you contacted, then
        legal nihilist
        - this is the prosecutor laughing
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 15 February 2016 20: 18
          As far as I know, this landfill has always existed (I think from a generation who lived before the landfill was formed, no one has been alive for a long time), and why the question arose now is even interesting for me ... In my opinion, the airdrome was built at the landfill the proximity of these objects must be sought in the design documentation ... request
          1. expander
            expander 15 February 2016 21: 00
            It's just that garbage does not disappear from the landfill and the landfill grows in size. Now there are a lot of abandoned farmland, but apparently the administration has no time to do this, as elsewhere. They wait until something happens, then the "switchman" will be found. When the Borisoglebsk pilot school appeared and, accordingly, the landfill airfield was not even there
      2. nimboris
        nimboris 15 February 2016 10: 37
        It’s like the prosecutor’s office like a magic wand. The prosecutor’s office will write down a warning, then a presentation in case of non-fulfillment, and the responsible person will get off with unsubscribes, in extreme cases, disciplinary action and the FSE.
        1. Ami du peuple
          Ami du peuple 15 February 2016 11: 13
          Quote: Black
          So you think that the military did not contact the prosecutor?

          There is not a word about this in the material.
          Quote: Black
          Be sure to tell them ..

          Consider prompted. Although it seems that they are not stupid people, they themselves must understand.
          Quote: nimboris
          ..and the person in charge gets off with unsubscribes, in extreme cases, disciplinary action and the FSE.

          Tired of getting off with unsubscribes. In this case, the case already smacks of dismissal. I don’t understand at all what the fuss is about - is the issue of transferring a solid waste landfill in a regional center with a population of 60 thousand people so complicated? This is not a millionaire city. In general, we are regurgitating the "glorious" 90s, when complete arbitrariness was happening in the localities and none of the municipal leaders gave a penny to the interests of defense. This dump is just evidence of that.
          I could also give an example with the Voronezh "Baltimore", when the owners of illegally built cottages demanded the relocation of the military airfield, because their houses were erected in close proximity to it. Also "hello from the 90s"
          1. Futnut
            Futnut 15 February 2016 14: 13
            There is no place to transfer the landfill, the city population is 86000, but the dump probably appeared along with a military school in one year. I live in the city of Borisoglebsk for over 40 years.
            1. Ami du peuple
              Ami du peuple 15 February 2016 17: 04
              Quote: Futnut
              city ​​population 86000

              You didn’t mislead tsiferki, dear? Six with an eight, in particular? 68 thousand of the population in B-bsk. I don’t know where the extra 20 thousand came from. For your information, I live in the regional center and have a lot of friends in your city, and I myself have been there many times.
              Quote: Futnut
              There is no place to transfer the landfill .. the dump probably appeared together with a military school in one year

              Maybe you are right. I’m hearing about the problems with your city dump for the first time. However, in Voronezh, the city landfill was once moved from s. Malyshevo, which is in close proximity to the airfield (and now generally in the city), in a. Damsel, 15 km from the city borders. I will never believe that in the Borisoglebsky district there is no place for the transfer of landfills. Are there any fields around? excuse me hi
    3. cap
      cap 15 February 2016 10: 35
      Quote: Black
      Shovel in the hands of the governor and his apparatus and go! Fight for cleanliness! ..... the only way ...

      The shovel will not help. The governor’s chair is on the tractor driver’s chair, until there are no traces of the landfill am .
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 15 February 2016 11: 33
      The whole trouble is that the garbage in this landfill cannot be burned, since it is near the airfield. The situation is not simple.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 February 2016 07: 19
    Very urgent problem. It is necessary to solve all interested parties, and not to shove each other. And it often happens with us that until the roasted rooster pecks - God forbid, they will not move.
  3. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 15 February 2016 07: 20
    owner of a landfill in an airplane and circling over it until he understands
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 15 February 2016 08: 40
      Over an airplane, on a rope. Together with the leadership of the municipality and regional authorities.
      1. cap
        cap 15 February 2016 10: 39
        Quote: ImPerts
        Over an airplane, on a rope. Together with the leadership of the municipality and regional authorities.

        I agree. The rope is thicker so as not to break, fasten as always.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Averias
    Averias 15 February 2016 07: 48
    A little not about planes, but about trash. In Kirov, built a cottage village, it seems like good, it seems beautiful and modern. They say (I’m not from Kirov myself, my acquaintances live there) that even some money from the Kirov budget was involved or some kind of bank loans or something, but the main thing is money. They built it means a village, it means it’s elegant, but there are no residents. I won’t come as a guest; on the way to my friends I see the roofs of this village. As a result, he asked, but why is it not so? Prices are huge or what? After all, being outside the city, ecology is there, birds, nature .... But with ecology, how the problem turned out, moreover, such a big problem in the form of a dump. And huge and most interesting - this dump exactly opposite the village, so to speak breathtaking (literally and figuratively) view from the window. In what, and when they built the landfill, they didn’t see me, I ask? They answer, it’s not seen laughing . In short, the dough was being massed, the developer is wanted, the cottages are standing and falling into disrepair. Here is such a story.

    PS If there are people here from Kirov, then let them correct if they made a mistake in something.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 February 2016 07: 53
    Of course, the first question to local authorities. Who made and agreed on this decision? Why were the school leaders silent when a dump was created under their nose and then expanded? There are always many questions, but as usual afterwards.
    1. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 15 February 2016 10: 46
      The devil knows how much time this landfill also has to the airfield. Years since the 60s. Why this question just arose is incomprehensible. It had to be posed forty years ago. By the way, finding a place for the landfill in Borisoglebsk is a problem, mainly from the east side (look at the city map) on ecology. I wonder why they were silent in the 70s and 80s, what, the party, or something that interfered, but in the 90,2000s?
      1. Gomel
        Gomel 15 February 2016 13: 28
        And here I am interested in the opinion of the management of the airfield of the Borisoglebsk air base, and not the opinion of at least a respected but a blogger.

        Z.Y. There is generally trouble with landfills in Borisoglebsk, an environmental forum took place in Belarus about 5-6 years ago (well, like conferences, institutes, universities, all kinds of graduate students came, I vaguely remember what and how not my profile, but hooked when I was looking for info on the consequences of the Chernobyl accident ) so one speaker on the Voronezh region caught me on it: with a very sharp division of areas (zones) where it is very good and very bad - I remembered about the Khopersky Reserve and Usmansky Bor on the one hand and about the Povorinsky and Borisoglebsky districts on the other (though there specifics and the consequences of the Chernobyl accident was).

        From a brief archived then: about the adverse factors of surface and groundwater pollution, it was said that the main factor is the technogenic activity and uncontrolled use of solid waste landfills ...
        Including such cities as: Liski, Voronezh, Rossosh, Borisoglebsk, Ostrogozhsk, Pavlovsk and some other ecologically unfavorable areas: Podgorensky, Semiluksky, sand (near Voronezh (Voronezh reservoir), Borisoglebsky and Kantemirovsky areas.

        Z. s. oh so. as it happens, yes. An article read in passing caused an awesome chain of associations with the past, and taking into account modern experience and accumulated knowledge, it remains only to ask: and before that, what did no one realize? The problem is at least 10 years old ... (The problem of solid waste landfills, of course, not the Borisoglebsk school ...) on the other hand, given the "lethargy" in solving this issue, I can assume that they are trying to push it "from the other side" through statements (quite correct and justified) about the unconditional danger of the country's defense. Oddly enough, both in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Belarus until the matter concerns the security officials (any), the problem will not begin to be solved, since the problem of polygons, its "low-media" promotion through its connection with the popular patriotic-military topic, is a very thoughtful step. Maybe in the Voronezh region thanks to the military the ecological situation will really improve.
        1. Gomel
          Gomel 15 February 2016 13: 38
          Hmm Wikipedia even has a separate article about the Ecology of the Voronezh region. it means really, it’s bad there with the implementation of environmental legislation


          ".... Another environmental problem in Voronezh is garbage collection and disposal. ...."
      2. Wheel
        Wheel 15 February 2016 14: 32
        Quote: Tambov Wolf
        . Why this question only arose, it is unclear. It had to be put forty years ago. By the way, finding a place for a dump in Borisoglebsk is a problem, only mainly from the east side (see the city map) on ecology. I wonder why they were silent in the 70s and 80s years, what, did the party interfere, but in the 90,2000s?

        Everything is explained simply.
        Under the Soviets, the composition of the garbage was radically different and it was much less.
        From the 92nd, a stream of plastic and foil packs, PET bottles, disposable tableware poured into us ...
        An interesting, hushed-up fact is that the amount of garbage from the 90th to the 94th year increased 20 (!) Times.
        Well, from the 96th to the 06th more 6 times ...
  7. Riv
    Riv 15 February 2016 07: 57
    A year ago, in the 35th Alksnis (commander of the Air Force at that time) would be very surprised if he learned from his flyers about such a problem. Most likely, the I-16 from the base after that would have made the city administration the target of training attacks, and Joseph Vissarionovich would only smile in mustache at the complaints of local officials.
  8. Rado
    Rado 15 February 2016 07: 58
    Quote: rotmistr60
    Of course, the first question to local authorities. Who made and agreed on this decision? Why were the school leaders silent when a dump was created under their nose and then expanded? There are always many questions, but as usual afterwards.

    Headache, as always!
  9. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 15 February 2016 07: 59
    is an object attracting a huge number of birds ..
    .. yes bomb everything there .. together with crows ..! soldier
    But seriously, the runway appeared in this place long before the landfill ..
    Those. and it is necessary to "wrap up in pig skins" those who, having prescribed "MSW, did not agree with the military.
  10. 73bor
    73bor 15 February 2016 08: 08
    In St. Petersburg, too, a dump is located near the airport, and in the north of the city behind the Ring Road there is a military airfield and also opposite the dump!
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 15 February 2016 10: 57
      Quote: 73bor
      In St. Petersburg, too, a dump is located near the airport

      Uh-huh ... from the runway of the Pulkovo airport to the PTO-1 Yuzhny only 4,5 km.
    2. 1rl141
      1rl141 15 February 2016 11: 09
      This is the Levashovo airfield. Almost the only active military airfield remains. And a dump near by. And what a foul thing, aunts faint when they pass by.
      How to drink to give, these are the machinations of our "best sworn friends."
      Could not liquidate the airfield? So we will organize a rubbish here for you!
      1. Manul
        Manul 15 February 2016 12: 09
        Quote: 1rl141
        And what a foul thing, aunts faint when they pass by.

        Previously, she even smelled less in winter. Now even in a 20-degree frost when driving by a minibus, you try not to breathe at all. Dumps are a big modern problem, and everywhere the authorities have completely connivance.
        That's what people write on forums about this dump
        And how many officials in St. Petersburg are fed at the expense of landfills:
        8 environmental organizations, 2 environmental committees (in the Government and Sachs), the Office of Rospotrebnadzor and the Department of Rosprirodnadzor. Collect all these loafers and take them to a landfill to breathe)))

        I forgot to add: we have another bunch of parasites, which is called the SRO "Union of Ecologists of the North-West", which accepts into the union those who massively pollute nature and issue them permits))

        Yesterday we passed by again. The pile is getting higher and it stinks like that. No interlayers between the garbage layers are made there (as needed by technology). We really thought it was a sinful thing that it would be closed, after all, the ring is near. Resort area. "Jubilee Quarter" creeps in all directions. Automobile factories (Nissan and Hyundai, I don’t know how they work there. For me, this is all sad, because I have been living in the area since 90. I have been riding bikes in these fields and forests since childhood. I know every path. Kamenka had a stable on horses from which I rode, and before that there were cowsheds (one barn still exists). Cabbage, potatoes, etc. were planted in the fields. We collected mushrooms in the forests. We rested on the banks of the Kamenka River. Now all this has been uprooted, cut down, built up I understand that the city is growing, houses need to be built. But everything is so shamelessly cut down. After all, the forest is already ready. Build among the trees, how beautiful it would be. But no. The main thing is to cut down the dough as soon as possible and dirtiest those remnants of nature that you tried And the garbage heap is just the apogee of all this disregarding attitude of our bureaucrats.

        The dump, of course, stinks, I generally grew up in Pesochny and Levashovo, and at the beginning of the 80s I went to this dump with the boys ... It didn't smell like that then, and even now it doesn't stink ... But the liquid waste storage itself stinks, read easier - shit with chemicals for its processing ... Waste from the water utility, from sewage treatment plants, as well as waste from dry closets that are in the city, which fly in airplanes and travel to Sapsan, that's why I think so much and started to stink in the last 5 years ... Here on the satellite image it is designated as "silt sites", so romantic, but in fact there are 6 or 7 lakes with sour crap. And the funny thing is that one person really made a profit on this money, I don't remember his last name, whether he was a deputy, or he wanted to be, but was not elected ... His wife on TV boasted about her palace in the suburbs and told what a cool husband she had , a successful businessman, in the same place they actually talked about his business ... And now we are paying for his business with health, if we remember that the smell is caused by the very smallest particles of the substance itself ... In Italy, the mafia also controls landfills ...
      2. Manul
        Manul 15 February 2016 12: 10
        Quote: 1rl141
        And what a foul thing, aunts faint when they pass by.

        That's what people write on forums about this landfill (part 2)
        Dear! You are right - it doesn’t stink, but silt maps are more correct than the NORTHERN POLYGON for burial of sediments (very toxic!) After wastewater treatment at Northern Aeration Station (SSA) in Olgino.
        You are only wrong about one thing - unfortunately, no chemicals are added to these cards! This "good" is not neutralized or disinfected and contains live pathogens (tuberculosis, etc.), as well as the "periodic table". All this dries up and is carried by the wind.
        As for the "green human rights organizations, they exist, but only formally and in order to give the" green light "to headless officials with their crazy projects.

        This landfill opened for 5 years for construction waste, as a swampy swamp in this place (there is no landfill for landfills according to SNIPs!) But if you really want to, then you can. And even animal bones, bags with some chemicals, etc. are already being taken there. (I know what I'm saying!).
        Despite the swamps, the wise guy Yuri Mikhailovich Likhachev (former director of MPBO-1) rolled his lip and wanted to make a high-load landfill up to 28 m high in this swamp (I saw the project).
        In Levashov, at a public hearing, his license was not renewed!
        And the landfill, PTO-3 was taken away altogether (I also want to earn extra money!)
        Why such a fight? But because the landfill is IN THE CITY DAMAGE, IN THE FORESTRY ZONE from which the huge INDUSTRIAL AREA has long been made (see the map!)
        There were no roads to the landfill. What for? the road is through
        (a village? a village? a street?) NEWSELKI. No wonder someone "MUTIT" -mol, the dump is popularly called "Severnaya", well, so that there is no word Novosyolki - there are also new Russians being built there and according to the new General Plan of the city a residential area is planned there, and in general Novosyolki - this is history - has been proven that they arose in 1500 (Vodskaya pyatina ...) there is a book about Novosyolki (see Wikipedia- "Novosyolki (Levashovo)".
        The dunno didn’t use the word “Severnaya” in this way: these are silt maps, they are officially called “Severny polygon” of the enterprise “GUP Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”. These sludge maps contain more than 2,5 million tons of non-disinfected sludge after cleaning the city's wastewater in Olgino!
        What smell? Very simple: more than 500 thousand land plots for cottages were distributed around St. Petersburg. Built a lot more, but SEWER SYSTEMS ARE NOT BUILT!
        Enterprising "vodokanals" have acquired sewage-pumping machines and pump out cottage toilets for decent money (from 3 to 5 thousand rubles). And where to take? It is supposed to pump this "good" into the underground filtration fields (so as not to smell), but there is no free land close to the city, and there will not be enough money for such facilities! And what about the silt cards? Why not? The sludge after sewage treatment began to be burned, they do not carry sludge to the cards ... So there is a stench in the days of removing feces from nearby villages, and people are deliberately powdered with their brains that it smelt like a landfill or the sludge itself smells like that! Yes, he never smelled - I've been with this training ground all my life!
  11. Alex_59
    Alex_59 15 February 2016 08: 12
    What's this. In Perm, construction of summer cottages has begun in 300 meters from the end of the runway of the Bolshoye Savino airfield. The fence is generally 200 meters. People are actively being built, cottages are growing. In this connection there are many questions. Firstly, who allowed people to be built so close to a dangerous facility? Secondly, do people like it so much when the earth is shaking and the exhaust from MiGs starting on the afterburner flies into the garden? Even I, an aviation enthusiast, would not want to live there. Standing behind the soaring MiG is very fun - there is not even a roar, there is some kind of low-frequency blow, it is not felt with your ears but with your body. And finally, the third - and these summer residents will not start demanding to clean the airfield or stop flights in a couple of years? Like, they spoil our health with exhausts and noise.
    1. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 15 February 2016 10: 53
      The same tramp in Voronezh on Baltimore. They sold the land, and now they are suing the airfield. But for the first time, the airfield (in the sense of base) won, because It was built fifty years earlier than summer cottages. The proceedings continue. The mess in the country, no one is responsible for anything. Who has been distributing the land for ten years now should be in prison. Yeah, now.
      1. glasha3032
        glasha3032 15 February 2016 14: 48
        Summer cottages in Voronezh - all right. There, a whole area is built parallel to the airfield and when the gas engine runs, the rumble is incredible! What did the city authorities think about? Is there enough land in the country?
      2. Alex_59
        Alex_59 15 February 2016 15: 18
        Quote: Tambov Wolf
        The same bodyaga in Voronezh in Baltimore

        I heard. They say Shoigu came to meet with the unfortunate tenants. Unfolded plans for 50 of some year, poked a finger into the exclusion zone, asked, see? You are not here and should not be. And left.
        Only Russia is big, and Shoigu will get tired of traveling to everyone.
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 15 February 2016 11: 01
      Well this is the classic - "Airport" Haley.
      - Talking with your representatives, I did not mention two circumstances, now I will do this. Mel's voice sounded tougher. “I'm afraid you might not like this.” Twelve years ago your town did not exist. At this place was a wasteland - a patch of worthless land, the value of which increased significantly after the airport was laid here. In this regard, your Meadowwood is no different from thousands of other towns, which, like mushrooms after the rain, grow around all the airports in the world.

      - When we settled here, no one knew that there would be such a hellish noise from your planes! A woman shouted from the crowd.

      “But we knew that!” - Mel turned to the woman. - The airport management knew that new heavy-duty airliners would be released, knew what noise they would make, and we warned individuals and the commissions operating in this area and persuaded them not to build houses here. I had not worked at the airport then, but photographs and protocols were preserved in our archive. The airport has set up stands around exactly where your town is now located:
      Other airports did the same. And all over the place, merchants and land sales agents plucked these ads. Then they sold land and houses to people like you, but they kept quiet about the noise and how the airport will grow, although they were usually well aware of it, so, as I understand it, these businessmen outwitted you and us.

      - Many enterprising people profit from people like you: they sold land and houses in areas where land should not be built up or built up only by industrial enterprises, which airport noise cannot interfere with. Having given your money, you did not end up with a broken trough: you have plots and houses, but, unfortunately, both of them have fallen significantly in price.

      “What is true is true, damn it,” someone said grimly.

      - And now there are people who are already developing a new plan on how to lure money from you. The hookers in all parts of the country sensed that on this notorious noise you can warm your hands, and rummage around all the living corners near the airports in search of profit!
      Residents of such towns, he continued, are trying to convince them that they can protect their rights through the courts and win the process. Owners of houses located near the airport are promised a bag of money, as if a treasure was buried at the end of each runway. I do not want to say that you can’t sue the airport or that there are no honest, sober lawyers in the world who are ready to compete with us. I just want to warn you: among lawyers there are a lot of people of a completely different sort.
  12. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 15 February 2016 08: 28
    The issues of relocation or closure of solid waste landfills are very difficult, even painful. Moreover, this is still a very profitable place !!! Therefore, they will fight for the range seriously, and the city authorities will certainly have a share. Therefore, the issue of closure must be pushed through "from above", otherwise many years of mouse fuss are guaranteed.
    And the issues of "reclamation" in our country are solved by simply leveling them with bulldozers, filling them with soil, leveling them again and rolling them, often without thinking about water erosion. Then there are attempts to plant unpretentious bushes and trees. But at least so!
  13. Quager
    Quager 15 February 2016 10: 08
    Problems with landfills, it seems to me relevant in every city! It’s time to defeat the garbage barons!
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev 15 February 2016 10: 48
      [quote = Kwager] Problems with landfills, it seems to me relevant in every city! It's time to defeat the garbage barons! [/ Quote

      Not a specialist in garbage dumps, but ... Is it possible to build a garbage recycling plant with a recycling capacity equal to the "productivity" of the city in garbage production? A mb. and not one?
  14. guzik007
    guzik007 15 February 2016 10: 28
    Sales somehow warmed up in my soul ... Eh, I recognize you, Mother Russ!
    Threat all childhood in the morning inhaled the smoldering aromas of a landfill, as it was suddenly born not far from his native village.
  15. Vega
    Vega 15 February 2016 10: 51
    Military facilities, state facilities are growing weak, and bureaucrats' pockets are becoming full, under the banner of caring for the people and country.
  16. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 15 February 2016 11: 07
    Oh, I read about Borisoglebsk and my soul ached! My grandmother lived there! Every year he went to the army for the summer!
    Town garden - apples, cherries, pears, plums ...
    I well remember the days of open doors at the flight school. It was possible to climb planes. We went with a friend to the fields crawled to the runway and took pictures of planes. Previously, they constantly flew.
    1. semirek
      semirek 15 February 2016 18: 59
      Quote: Retvizan 8
      Oh, I read about Borisoglebsk and my soul ached! My grandmother lived there! Every year he went to the army for the summer!
      Town garden - apples, cherries, pears, plums ...
      I well remember the days of open doors at the flight school. It was possible to climb planes. We went with a friend to the fields crawled to the runway and took pictures of planes. Previously, they constantly flew.

      Quote: Retvizan 8
      Oh, I read about Borisoglebsk and my soul ached! My grandmother lived there! Every year he went to the army for the summer!
      Town garden - apples, cherries, pears, plums ...
      I well remember the days of open doors at the flight school. It was possible to climb planes. We went with a friend to the fields crawled to the runway and took pictures of planes. Previously, they constantly flew.

      I often visit Borisoglebsk - I live 60 km. from it is an old provincial town, on the way from Saratov to Voronezh, drowning in gardens. By the way, the intensity of flights increased greatly after the restoration of the status of the school. I think that the problem of the landfill is greatly exaggerated, and there is no need to discuss WO, because we ourselves produce garbage, who should clean it up for us? I’ll say about the city: its budget has fallen sharply due to well-known events, there’s not enough money for even the city’s daily needs, but I agree, the mayor is weak.
  17. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 15 February 2016 12: 49
    Based on these data, it can be stated that the solid waste landfill (landfill) of the Borisoglebsky urban district is located in the approach zone of the Borisoglebsky air base aviation.

    Some nonsense. From the same diagram it can be seen that the landfill is located strictly in the center of the strip and strictly perpendicular. If someone dares to make a run over her on the strip, he will be kicked out of the school as a leaked idiot.
    1. glasha3032
      glasha3032 15 February 2016 14: 52
      As a rule, seagulls live in landfills, the birds are by no means small and there is a real risk of birds getting into the plane.
  18. ayuric
    ayuric 15 February 2016 13: 57
    the city was founded in 1698! year, and the school in 1922, the problem is therefore 94 years old, taking into account the excerpt from the instruction of 1986 for 30 years already ?, why these 30 years no one followed the situation, only now they have come to their senses, there is no need to rely on "dashing 90" and so on ...
  19. 4ekist
    4ekist 15 February 2016 14: 36
    And this is another problem for us, besides fools and roads. And these are not just garbage dumps. Look how shit @ us the city is. On the street, the boor spits, throws bulls into the flower beds and urinates at the entrances. And local authorities (legislative and executive) do not take any measures. It is necessary to toughen the punishment, to increase fines in order to maintain an army of janitors, to involve in correctional labor and report the caught boors to the place of work, to attract management companies and homeowners' associations, to impose on them responsibility for order, to oblige Vodokanal to fully restore the asphalt surface after their repair and so on. We need to work !!!!!
  20. mr.grin19z
    mr.grin19z 15 February 2016 14: 47
    like to smell this fragrance let them smell
  21. faridg7
    faridg7 15 February 2016 16: 32
    Yes, it looks like it's not only Borisoglebsk trouble - We have a city dump in Artyom, too, next to the air defense airfield "Dvoyka" is also no more than 1,5 km from the runway. above it there is a constant flock of crows or seagulls. The smoke and stench are almost constantly standing. Moreover, next to the landfill (across the road), a Primring complex was built - an auto racing track, a motorcycle racing track, a go-kart track. It seems that the idea was to create a sports and entertainment complex, but while winter is still tolerable, but as it gets warm, the stench is stunning. although the people are all the same going to the competition (there is no choice). By the way, it is not more than 4 km from this dump to the runway of the Zapadnye Knevichi airfield, and this is now an international airport.
  22. serg2108
    serg2108 15 February 2016 17: 06
    that the author has fully revealed the topic! 10-15 years ago, and even a larger airfield where was on the moon or what? in the beginning of 90 and the beginning of 2000, army structures from Voronezh and the region collapsed and disappeared at the direction of Moscow, there was no one to monitor the objects ... now the reverse process. but the fact that they arranged a landfill from scratch means someone has allowed
    if they started to show the problem, then tell the respected author what and when it appeared here .. when the flyers started actively plowing the airspace, and then at one time in Voronezh we discussed the complete closure of a number of military facilities in the region ..... and if I don’t remember cheating on this airdrome at one time they generally wanted to give up the result ... local authorities have nothing to do with questions for military commanders and their lawyers, they don’t agree on a damn price!
  23. Belousov
    Belousov 15 February 2016 17: 49
    If local kings do nothing to solve the problem, then it is time for the military to turn to higher-ranking authorities. Let at least some deputy. To start, Shoigu will hold an educational conversation with the governor.
  24. sa-ag
    sa-ag 15 February 2016 19: 00
    "... The Russian health resort will burn the garbage that has accumulated on the streets of Beirut for several months

    The Lebanese Cabinet of Ministers has decided to allocate $ 50 million to send 5 million tons of garbage to Russia. According to Lebanese media, the money will be transferred for the transportation and disposal of waste that accumulated in Beirut for 6 months.

    As LifeNews found out, garbage disposal will be carried out in the Krasnodar Territory. A source in the region’s customs service said the deal between the Lebanese and Russian sides was mediated by ex-senator Igor Kamensky, who works in the structures of businessman Mikhail Prokhorov.

    Radio "Voice of Lebanon" reports that $ 50 million is the first tranche for sending waste. The total transaction amount is $ 1 billion.

    The transaction does not apply to waste older than 45 days, which must be sorted in accordance with international waste trade rules.

    Ecologist, former head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol said that he knows about the deal and believes that it will cause significant harm to the region’s ecology.

    - I think this is a complete disgrace. The Krasnodar Territory cannot cope with its own garbage, but here they are bringing in someone else's from abroad. Taking waste to a Russian health resort is a crime, ”he said." Http://
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 16 February 2016 00: 34
      Yes, they all went crazy there. And these people will teach us patriotism. We don’t have much nuclear waste; So also from Lebanon. Forgot the saying about the fortress and the donkey with gold. Give Prokhorov the will, so he will turn all of Russia into the trash.
  25. qashqai.035
    qashqai.035 16 February 2016 09: 10
    According to official information, the military, for the entire period of operation of the landfill of municipal solid waste (landfill) of the city of Borisoglebsk, claims, complaints have not been put forward! Moreover, at the end of 2015. a meeting was held in the government of the Voronezh region on this issue, the military confirmed the absence of claims to the landfill.
    Moreover, the organization operating this facility, from its own (although the landfill is not the owner) funds the ornithological examination to prevent negative impact on the airfield.
    One gets the impression that this article is custom-made in connection with the latest events in the city of Borisoglebsk (who really is not indifferent to the city, I think I know what this is about).
    1. Volodin
      16 February 2016 13: 13
      Quote: qashqai.035
      According to official information, the military, for the entire life of the landfill site (landfill) of the city of Borisoglebsk, did not put forward any complaints or complaints! The military confirmed the absence of claims to the landfill

      It's for what, I wonder official information? .. As far as we know, the OBS news agency (One woman said) is not included in the official circle.

      And if some mysterious military confirmed to you the lack of claims to the landfill, then, it turns out, they are in vain wearing shoulder straps, because they are not familiar with the instructions about the rules of operation of military airfields.

      This article is of a customized nature, in connection with the latest events in the town of Borisoglebsk (who really is not indifferent to the city, I think he knows what is at stake).

      If you have seen a custom character in the article, which reflects problems with compliance with the most important (from the safety point of view) instructions on the operation of aviation objects, then it turns out that you are in favor of ignoring elementary compliance with the laws - and this is indifference to the city.