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Krasnodon and the Young Guard continue to fight


14 February 1943, the legendary city of Krasnodon, was liberated from the Nazi invaders. Only a little bit did the unbroken guys from the underground organization Young Guard live to the release.

Today Krasnodon, like the whole Donbass, is again in the realities of war. But now the city is free - it is located in the territory controlled by the Lugansk People’s Republic. Otherwise it can not be. It is impossible even for the shortest moment to imagine that the current Bandera could bring to their knees a city with such glorious traditions of struggle against fascism.

Krasnodon, like all the cities of the People's Republics, experienced the new war. But, fortunately - to a lesser extent than many other localities.

Previously, this relatively small city was visited from all over the immense Soviet Union - to visit places of military glory, first of all - the “Young Guard” museum. Even in the years of forced Ukrainization and total rewriting stories - the path to the museum was not overgrown. For people who have not brought down moral guidelines, respect for the feat, rather than political games of dubious figures, is in the first place.

Currently, of course, the flow of visitors has greatly decreased. Still - a “hot spot”. Yes, the war there is not felt as acutely as in the cities at the very line of separation, but shelling is heard now and then. However, the museum "Young Guard" continues to work.

The first museum of the Young Guard was founded shortly after the liberation of Krasnodon from the Nazis. In August, 1943, when the war was still raging in the USSR, the Soviet leadership considered it important to perpetuate the memory of the heroes, and a resolution was issued to establish the museum. 1 May 1944, it was opened in the house of the mother of Oleg Koshevoy. Its employees are surviving underground workers. The young guard Anatoly Lopukhov assumed the functions of director, and Olga Ivantsova became the guide.

The museum changed its address several times, and in May 1970 was located in a purpose-built new building. Money for its construction was collected by workers at volunteer work days. Shortly before the beginning of the new war, the building was reconstructed.

Near the building is a famous monument to the Young Guard. Under the Soviet power, many patriotic souvenirs were made — miniature images of this sculpture. I also had such a souvenir in my childhood.

Museum staff welcome to a few visitors. Supervisor Tatyana Pavlovna says:

“We have always worked, and even in the 90s, when there were attacks on the Young Guard and the museum. We worked at the time when we were not paid wages. Recently they gave them to us. People come to us, although less than before. I am glad that a lot of young people. I wish that the truth is not turned.

Pages from the diaries of the Young Guard, worn photographs from the archives, school certificates - all this is protected with love.

A separate stand is dedicated to the hobbies of young heroes. Simple Soviet boys and girls are not “victims of propaganda,” as some unconscious politicians are trying to tell us. Living people with their own interests, who wanted to live in peace, dreamed of working for the good of their country, but in whose life war broke out.

Burst on black German motorcycles.

Occupants sang sweetly, inviting people to work in Germany. Such is European integration. Sulili fabulous earnings and all sorts of benefits.

There were those that succumb to these calls. But instead of the sweet life in “civilized Europe”, they were waited by prisoner suits and excessive hard labor. Many have not returned ... Only decades later someone again believes in "European integration".

The Young Guardians chose a different path - the path of resistance. Printed leaflets. Posted red flags on the day of November 7 - the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. They burnt the labor exchange and thus saved thousands of people from being hijacked to Germany ... All these feats are familiar to us from childhood, from school. Their history is reflected in the exhibits, in samples of leaflets, in works of art stored in the museum.

For the conspiracy, the Young Guardians created a club in which they openly held cultural events, and secretly - meetings.

Krasnodon and the Young Guard continue to fight

Stage dress and personal belongings of Lyubov Shevtsova.

Stands dedicated to the last days of the life of the guys-heroes, it is impossible to watch without tears. The atmosphere of the prison cell is recreated. There are little notes that the underground members, arrested by the fascists, passed on to their relatives. Some of the notes say “Goodbye”, in others the hope of “Good bye” glimmers.

On the sculpture "After interrogation" - two exhausted girls, in the face of death, trying to support each other.

15, 16 and 31 in January 1943, the Nazis carried out mass executions of resistance heroes in the area of ​​the mine No. 5. Ulyana Gromova, Sergey Tyulenin, Maya Peglivanova, Yevgeny Moshkov, Ivan Zemnuhov, Anna Sopova, Sergey Levashov and many others died there.

February 9 - shot another group of Young Guard, including Oleg Koshevoi and Lyubov Shevtsova. Five days remained until the liberation of the city ...

The Soviet government posthumously awarded Golden Stars of the Heroes of the Soviet Union five leaders of the Young Guard - Uliana Gromova, Lyubov Shevtsova, Sergey Tyulenin, Oleg Koshevoy, Ivan Zemnuhov, with golden stars. Later, already in the 1990 year, Ivan Turkenich received the same high award. Three Young Guards were posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Star. 66 people - awarded the medal "Partisan of the Great Patriotic War."

Their feat is immortalized in books, films, sculptures, art canvases. In the museum visitors are shown the documentary "Memory".

The majestic monument stands in the place of massacre of the heroes - near the former mine No. XXUMX. The sculptural composition is made in such a way that from whatever side you look - the courageous faces of exhausted but unbroken boys and girls look at you.

This monument is one of the best symbols of the Donbass, which is also subjected to torture by ukrokraheley just daily, but not broken.
Photos used:
Elena Gromova
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 February 2016 06: 32
    Yes, these were not "integrated into Europe." You couldn't buy these for cookies and lace panties!
    1. hrych
      hrych 14 February 2016 07: 16
      Svidomites are genetically sick people, unfortunately the disease is still not amenable to treatment, in the future it will be necessary to limit itself to quarantine measures like the leper colony, although the Russian population of this territory, having suffered enough, will nullify the population of infectious individuals, so that only in Canada the infection will remain ... Let us return to the meeting of the two Popes (the Patriarch also translates as pope), in principle, if Francis is sincere, then it can help in the matter of Ukraine because the Jesuits actually brought this breed out, on the other hand, as if they were mad with the creatures did not attack their former owners ...
      1. hrych
        hrych 14 February 2016 09: 20
        And here are the dissatisfied ...
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 14 February 2016 21: 09
          Quote: hrych
          And here are the dissatisfied ...

          The declaration signed by Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill caused deep disappointment among many believers of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC).
          Who would doubt it ... If Francis and Cyril signed a paper full of nishtyaks for the country of 404, then they would be unhappy - if Moscow signed, it means something against Svidomo ... fool

          These are the ones in the photographs that we took at school, about which we watched movies, whose names were called streets - they would not have imagined SUCH an independent Ukraine .... If they could look through the years, they would have gathered on a business trip and strangled little Aleksey Ivanovich Poroshenko (born in 1936) ... Yes, and our liberals grunt that they were saboteurs, hooligans and nothing heroic ... Of course, saboteurs. In our army and in the army, entire subdivisions are sharpened for sabotage and covert conduct of hostilities - "appeared, made noise, disappeared." So in "communication" with the enemy, and such are needed too. And I, being a green platoon commander, knew that sometimes there was more benefit from my boys than from a tank division - with all due respect to the tankers.

          But the liberals will bend over and enjoy ... They have their own heroes - we have their own ...
      2. NIKNN
        NIKNN 14 February 2016 10: 04
        We always worked, and even in the 90s, when there were attacks on the Young Guard and the museum. They worked at a time when we were not paid salaries. Recently they were given to us. People come to us, although less than before. I am glad that a lot of young people. I wish that the truth was not turned upside down.
        I am proud! And to the author "+"
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 14 February 2016 15: 07
      "Mom, I received tobacco today and yesterday for which I thank you ..." wrote the Young Guard. It's so good that our deputy Gerasimenko did not get to this museum.
  2. EvgNik
    EvgNik 14 February 2016 06: 38
    We were brought up on the books "Young Guard", "The Story of a Real Man", "How the Steel Was Tempered". And the books of Gaidar (Arcadia) also contributed to our worldview. Liberals have tried to slander and vulgarize our past. Now they teach to live according to Solzhenitsyn - "Not in a lie" from a pupil of the most deceitful country in the world. I hope that in Russia the memory of the Komsomol heroes and pioneers will not be lost in the streams of lies coming from the West.
    1. thizik66
      thizik66 14 February 2016 09: 43
      Yes, I completely agree with you ...
      How this "country" (of the world's outcasts) was formed on the EARTH ...
      ... everyone knows. So she continues her policy of SCALPING everyone and everything.
      Nothing has changed since the capture of the continent. It got worse. I completely agree with Zadornov (and with you).
      From poverty and crises it entered the world arena as an "exceptional nation" ??????????
      Hitler also strongly promoted the "exclusivity" of his "nation" (Gebels)
      THE SOVIET UNION EXCLUDED this "nation" !!!!!!!!!
      However, a country that did not fight and received "preferences" (currency) for a limited period, when the UN was then created, secured this right for "life" ... ????
      It turns out the right without the right.
      Dolar has long turned (not provided by anything) into a candy wrapper that is not worth even a scrap of USED TOILET PAPER !!!
      However, the HABIT remains !!!! to this paper .... because all financial instruments are tied to this (symbolic) piece of paper ...
      This country (to call it a state, the language does not turn around) has only one possibility: to continuously print this bumazeya ...
      This country has long gone bankrupt !!!!
      For the external debt of this country, you can buy 3 EARTHBALLS !!!!
      The foreign policy of this country and the goal is to PARASIT and dominate the entire planet EARTH, as during the conquest of the continent.
      Insolence, cynicism, fagotism and racism they do not occupy and do not need to learn.
      On the Syrian issue again to sit "on the tail of victory", as in World War II ...
      WILL NOT WORK !!!!!!
      THE TRAIN LEFT. And the advice and suggestions of all political and not only, USHLEPKOV,
      for RUSSIA and K, INFA K VEDENIYU. !!!!
      Congratulations to all veterans of the ARMY of Russia and those passing the SERVICE at the present time, with the upcoming HOLIDAY - FEBRUARY 23 !!!!
      I have the honor! Major retired. Commander of a combat helicopter. Afghanistan.
    2. Zeppelin ml.
      Zeppelin ml. 14 February 2016 10: 19
      Quote: EvgNik
      We were brought up on the books "Young Guard", "The Story of a Real Man", "How the Steel Was Tempered"

      well, it’s clear with us. I only doubt that the image of a Komsomolets, who is building a narrow gauge fever in typhoid fever, will inspire someone today. Yes, it was you and I who profiled the country, and we finished the Third World Cold with a score of 0: 1.
      And the fact that the museum works and is visited is wonderful. To drive there forcibly maid oned children and flog.
    3. sibiryouk
      sibiryouk 14 February 2016 16: 43
      The surname - "Solzhenitsyn" speaks for itself !!! Not Pushkin, not Mayakovsky!
    4. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 14 February 2016 21: 36
      Quote: EvgNik
      We were brought up on the books "Young Guard", "The Story of a Real Man", "How the Steel Was Tempered".

      I went to school, had a row with my grandson's literary woman. She told him that "How the Steel Was Tempered" is a harmful book, she was forbidden to read it when he read at recess. Literary girl 25-27 years old. I asked the literary lady: "Could she, free of charge, waist-deep in icy water, under the bandit's bullets, build Boyarka to give people warmth in Kiev?" She asked me in all seriousness: "Who built Boyarka there and what is it. Power plant?" She didn’t read ... She was TOLD that the Komsomol is bad, that you need to work only for money, that man is a wolf to man, and in general everything Soviet is a bloody gebnya ...

      In short, I quarreled with her in the trash, called her a vegetable, said that if they were brainwashed by the provocateur Solzhenitsyn, my grandson teaches Mayakovsky by heart, reads Polevoy, Ostrovsky (both Ostrovsky), Fadeev and Gorky. And it's not her chicken business to tell the kid what to read. Her business is for him to write without errors - and she herself writes in his diary with errors ... At least, she didn’t hear that commas should be put in place, and not where they like it ...
  3. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 14 February 2016 06: 39
    I feel sorry for these young guys to tears ... They would have to live and live then, give birth and raise children, but the war intervened ... And how many of the same nameless people have accomplished the same feat in the name of making us live now. We must not forget this and it’s not propaganda, but our history and life. How do we live now? Again we are surrounded by enemies. This UPA again appeared in Ukraine ... Again the same forces that set fire to Europe in the thirty-ninth, they are preparing a new global fire and it has already begun. The right decision was made by Supreme Commander Putin V.V. having sent assistance to Syria, it is necessary to extinguish this fire there until the whole planet erupted, in Ukraine it is also necessary to extinguish.
    PySy. Do not resent some of my political response to the article, and it doesn’t matter to me what you say there. In what I wrote, I am right.
    1. Sergey S.
      Sergey S. 14 February 2016 07: 21
      Quote: Tatar 174
      I feel sorry for these young guys to tears ... They would have to live and live then, give birth and raise children, but the war intervened ... And how many of the same nameless people have accomplished the same feat in the name of making us live now. We must not forget this and it’s not propaganda, but our history and life. How do we live now?

      ... No words ... It's a shame that now ... in ideal conditions of average wealth and with high technical development ... Again, questions ... Disputes ... the search for meanings ... and negotiations with bandits (Bandera and their followers) ... thieves (privatizers) ... fools (democrats) ... cowards (Europeans) ...

      I am ashamed of the memory of such boys and girls, I am ashamed even before myself that they didn’t figure it out in time, and did not strangle those who went into power with vile intentions and vile promises in the bud ...
      Everything that was taught in the lessons of Marxism-Leninism was accomplished ... the theory was confirmed by a full-scale experiment ...
      The paradox is that for the country this is a disaster, and for individual bipedal humanlike - a condition of prosperity.

      It was the same in 1941 ...
      But the schoolchildren of that time did not become clever and analyze, did not succumb to the provocation of promises, did not betray their sincere faith in Man and in themselves.
      They died. They died after being tortured by a fierce death. Enemies supposed to intimidate their contemporaries with these deaths ... Then the enemies miscalculated.

      I can’t understand why the case of the Young Guard was not conducted so consistently ... Even in Roman Fadeev there are historical inaccuracies ... Now much is already known for certain, but only five are Heroes. And dozens did not even wear orders ...

      When state awards are being presented now, it is necessary to hand over the awarded to the Young Guard scale - a description of their feat on the way to death, and ... the award received ...
      Social justice is above all. Only in this way will we get out of today's swamp, where our personal vices and traitorous leaders have led us.

      These are the thoughts ...
      The report turned out to be excellent, to the author "+".
      1. sibiryouk
        sibiryouk 14 February 2016 16: 55
        If we talk about Justice, then we should remember other young heroes of the war! And then mostly the Young Guards and Z. Kosmodemyanskaya were still thousands and thousands, and they are not remembered even on this site. (Here, for example, an underground group of A. Shumavtsov, E. Kolesov, 15-year-old Tolya Komar, I .Gordienko, Kramatorsk Komsomol underground and many others).
  4. PEDRO
    PEDRO 14 February 2016 06: 47
    It just doesn't fit in my head ...
    Generations were brought up on their feat and what is happening in Ukraine now!
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 14 February 2016 07: 07
      They also tried to break us, talking about the hordes of the Red Army, ready to overthrow free Europe into Bolshevik hell. About us, who raised and nurtured Hitler, reducing everything to a simple formula to remember: the red plague gave rise to brown. Not everyone succumbed and woke up, not everyone paid off for cookies, but some gave up.
      And there everything is much more "fun". The followers of Bandera and Shukhevych, having worked for several years as woodcutters in the vastness of Siberia and the Far East, returned home, what did they begin to tell the growing Svidomo about? And after all, some of them have become at the helm in the territorial authorities, ideological centers.
      From such garbage, little ones ...
      1. Leprekon
        Leprekon 14 February 2016 07: 23
        Quote: ImPerts
        And there everything is much more "fun". Followers of Bandera and Shukhevych ...
        It should not be simplified. The Volga also begins with a brook, so in Russia it’s not sad either.
      2. Zeppelin ml.
        Zeppelin ml. 14 February 2016 09: 59
        Quote: ImPerts
        They also tried to break us, talking about the hordes of the Red Army, ready to overthrow free Europe into Bolshevik hell. About us, who raised and nurtured Hitler, reducing everything to a simple formula to remember: the red plague gave rise to brown. Not everyone succumbed

        yes, I remember this era of indiscriminate revision of landmarks. Subversives like Korotich then went out of their way, yes. However, at the same time I witnessed how the face of one comrade, who vyaknuvshis in a public place, the usual g ... about "would have drank German beer ..." was decorated with a black eye. In my opinion, "Shurik, this is our method!")
  5. Vadim12
    Vadim12 14 February 2016 07: 24
    It is necessary for Bandera to catch and study their brain, specifically to find out the type of infection and get a vaccine-medicine. Well, for the experiments and a million ukrofashikov not a pity. Yes, and science will be useful.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 14 February 2016 07: 24
    The Young Guard now, as a symbol of resistance to modern Nazism ..
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 14 February 2016 08: 04
      Quote: parusnik
      The Young Guard now, as a symbol of resistance to modern Nazism ..

      and that is why there is a frenzied propaganda of "research" that there was no Young Guard on ukroTV! There were young Ukrainian nationalists who fought against the fascists, they served as prototypes, and the scoundrel Fadeev made them Komsomol members ... There were no Komsomol members there!
      It is VERY IMPORTANT that in the future this lie be refuted. And did not go unpunished! After all, many people watch TV, and this lies in the subconscious mind, you need to make big programs about true Ukrainian heroes and turn them on TV around the clock!
  7. Pig
    Pig 14 February 2016 07: 47
    yes ...
    But it could have turned out that a crowd of Ragul-Euro-Bandera ("European integration" as we see the old theme) now would desecrate the museum and memory ...
    when you realize that all the victims of this war are not in vain!
    how many monuments and museums to other heroes are now being destroyed and desecrated in the territory occupied by Bandera ... and in Eastern Europe? (especially the Poles try)
    Euro-whores must answer for this with all their Sodomite Euro-camp for such
  8. midshipman
    midshipman 14 February 2016 08: 09
    Thank you, heroes, for defending the monuments in the Luhansk region and in the Donbass. I can't imagine how Ukrainians from Kiev would raise a hand to destroy the treasure-monuments dear to all our people. This is the summary of your life Kuchma, Kravchuk, Tymoshenko. You Kuchma wrote the book "Ukraine is not Russia", but I remember you as the secretary of the party committee of the CPSU, the association where you worked. When I asked my Minister: "Who plays the guitar and sings." He replied: "Another m ... k". Pyotr Stepanovich was right.
    Under my leadership, 12 enterprises and research institutes in different regions were created in Ukraine. 92 thousand specialists worked for them. These radio enterprises are no longer there. Here is the result of your life kuchama. In the other world you will be counted. I have the honor.
  9. hobot
    hobot 14 February 2016 08: 30
    The constitution must be changed - to legitimize the ideology of the spirit of the nation.,
    and so bring up at home - send the child to school, and what can modern imbeciles teach?
    At first, I looked through the new textbooks with a laugh, but now there is already fear for the future consumer society.
    1. Mantykora
      Mantykora 14 February 2016 09: 00
      And just imagine that the "products of the current education" will have a country and a nuclear button in their hands. And in America earlier than in Russia. If not already. How many programs, news with the message that "nuclear weapons are not so terrible." It is not said directly about this, but it is written in the subconscious ...
  10. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 February 2016 08: 49
    My mother told me about this museum. She lived before and during the war in Lugansk (Voroshilovgrad). Remained after the war.
  11. Scud
    Scud 14 February 2016 09: 32
    Ukrohunta concluded after the first maydaun. There is a total Bender-Fascist propaganda on all media (smithnyk). For many years there has been a radio broadcast for younger students about science, well, for children, those announcers who recently spoke about Russian scientists began to talk about Stepan Bandera and Shukhevych. Beginning in kindergartens, the education of fascists stubbornly wearing a helmet is underway.
  12. Zeppelin ml.
    Zeppelin ml. 14 February 2016 09: 47
    Burst on black German motorcycles.

    hardly black. Rather, panzergrau, in Wehrmacht Olive standard began to be painted only on February 18, 1943.
  13. Capricorn
    Capricorn 14 February 2016 09: 49
    In my opinion, 100% of the population can be divided in this way: 20% are scum who are ready to violate God's Commandments for their own selfish interests, 60% are ordinary people who just want to live, breathe, work, raise children and die in the end, fulfill their life task, 20% are sharply honest, sharply fair, ready to fight for their ideals. Let's call them heroes. Among those 60% in minutes of special moments requiring a person to take one side or another, victory or defeat in the struggle of either scum or heroes depends. I will not give assessments to peoples; History has already given them. The feat of the Molodogvardeytse shocks the soul, they forever remain alive among us, do not allow us to hide behind someone else’s conscience. Eternal Glory to the Heroes!
    1. Was mammoth
      Was mammoth 14 February 2016 16: 44
      I assume that you are young. Life is not divided into white, black and gray. She is colorful.
      Ah, here is age? Young people are almost always more radical about everything around them. The future is always theirs (yours?), But there is no life experience, like those whom you attributed to 60%.
      Why do most of us admire exploits? And, someone is trying to denigrate. Because those who have accomplished the feat have preferred the public to the personal, even at the cost of their lives, as the “Young Guard”. this is not everyone is capable of. For different reasons. Voluntarily or involuntarily anyone tries on himself: "A. Am I capable of this? ” And not everyone will answer himself: "Yes."
  14. sabakina
    sabakina 14 February 2016 11: 33
    "Young Guard" ... But I once learned from their example how to live and die!
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 14 February 2016 11: 53
      It is a pity that the exploits of Gastello Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Matrosov and many other heroes who gave their lives for us and our children are now forgotten, and the peak of "valor" was the number of dollars and euros that you earned at best and in most cases just stole. With the advent of capitalists and similar "liberals" to power, the cult of the "Golden Calf" reigned in the country, which these figures worship and teach us to worship, which is especially noticeable among the younger generation.
      Forgetting and harassing your story is a very sad tendency.
      Elena huge plus for the article.
      1. Zeppelin ml.
        Zeppelin ml. 14 February 2016 11: 57
        Quote: quilted jacket
        became the number of shekel dollars and euros that you earned at best

        rubles are not quoted?
  15. jurikberlin
    jurikberlin 14 February 2016 11: 56
    We had a neighbor, Uncle Mitya. or what we called his grandfather Mitya.head that white snow fought from Finnish and reached Prague. his wife, Oksana Baba told us (in secret) how Mitya turned gray.
    in Krasnodonsk after the Germans left, they gathered from local residents and fighters of the Red Army, a special team to clean the mines of the bodies of executed people.
    so Mitya turned gray after he got hundreds, if not thousands, of bodies of our people from the pit and faces. but before that, the grandfather of Mitya and tanks was not afraid, and under shelling he could quickly run to the headquarters with a report.
    and in Krasnodoska ,, blown away ,,.
    it’s good that the future wife (Oksana) was a medic. my grandfather poured alcohol over everything.
  16. Don Cesar
    Don Cesar 14 February 2016 14: 36
    I would have beaten off the hands of that infection who, in the article minus, had sucked ... like a crap ... you need to close the road here!
  17. Balagan
    Balagan 14 February 2016 16: 39
    There were good guys, what can I say! Bitter blood gives victory, but the more valuable it is!
  18. AleBors
    AleBors 14 February 2016 16: 51
    The guys were good. It’s good that the museum was preserved ... It was there in 2015 ... Only this is what the city turned into ... It's terrible. One solid buy-and-sell, descendants of Popandopolo ....
  19. iva12936
    iva12936 14 February 2016 18: 12
    In 1983, at grade 8 went with the class to the tour "To the places of military glory of the Young Guard". Seeing these places, the memory remained for life. Eternal glory to the heroes !!!
  20. 3vs
    3vs 14 February 2016 18: 16
    I am wondering what those boys and girls would say at today's events,
    who gave their lives for a common victory ...
    We would get up and see what is happening on the territory of Ukraine ...
  21. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 14 February 2016 18: 19
    Eternal Glory to the Heroes!
  22. Amper
    Amper 14 February 2016 22: 38
    The worst thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Timelessness, thoughtlessness, aimlessness, betrayal, spit-out - full-time House 2, gums, dumplings, government, thought !? ....
    For jeans and chewing gum!? ..
    It will be rewarded to everyone (even without ice axes) .............
    Damn you, and your seed, forever and ever !!!!!!!!
  23. 13strik
    13strik 15 February 2016 00: 25
    And remember them ... Seryozha Tyulenev, a barefoot, curly-haired guy (Lyubov Shevtsova, Lyubka is an artist)). Vasily Levashov, who played along with her on a guitar ... Ulyana Gromova, a girl with a dark braid, serious ... Oleg Kosheva. Kind sympathetic. guy. Remember how they played cards with the Ivantsov sisters ... I read the Young Guard for the first time in class 5, I remember crying ... Now I'm 35, but I remember. I remember everything. A low bow to the museum staff! Eternal memory to the fallen! ps forgive for the style because on emotions and after work. hello to the forum!