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Genocide in Poland: “No, no, you do not understand what kind of people”

Genocide in Poland: “No, no, you do not understand what kind of people”

9 February, Poland marks the tragic date - the beginning of the Volyn Massacre. It was on this day 73 a year ago that a bandit scum, calling itself the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army”, attacked the first Polish village of Parosl (this is today's Rivne region of Ukraine). 173 of the peaceful Poles, including the 43 child, were brutally murdered. With this massacre began Zbrodnia Wołyńska (Volyn crime), as Warsaw officially calls the genocide of its people.

Ukrainian militants led by Grigory Periginiyak, nicknamed Baska, came to Paroslu under the guise of Soviet partisans, asking the villagers for food. After eating and drinking, the Ukrainians began to rape Polish girls. And then kill. The evidence collected by Polish historians is terrifying. For example, Bandera chopped off two teenagers' legs and arms, cut their bellies and covered their wounds with salt, leaving the half-dead to die in the field. A one-year-old child was nailed to the boards of the table with a bayonet, sticking a pickle of salted cucumber into her mouth ... The girls were cut off their breasts and ears before death, the men were cut off their genitals.

Photos of the terrible murders of the UPA in Volyn can be found on the Internet only under the sign of "18 +" and the mark "Nervous not to watch!".

Bandera Perigiynyaka liquidated by the Germans themselves two weeks after the atrocities in Parosla, when a hundred UPA attempted to attack the German garrison in Vysotsk. Today, a memorial sign was set up in this village near Rivne Bashka as a “brave sotonyanny”, and in the small homeland - Old Ugrinov in the Ivano-Frankivsk region - the street is named after him. Monuments to the victims of Bandera in Ukraine you will not find. In the Soviet years, a monument to 5-year-old Roma Tarawski, killed by Bandera in 1951, stood in the village of Velikiy Lyuben near Lviv. Today this sculpture is not.

Not only young Ukrainians but also Ukrainians took part in the Volyn massacre. “Divchiny” waited, when the family will be exterminated, and then went into the yard for “expropriation”. They took away the clothes of the dead, food reserves, and led away livestock. And set fire to the manor. And so the house behind the house.

In the Volyn Massacre miraculously survived Miroslav Hermaszewski - the future first and only cosmonaut of Poland. The UPA thugs burned down the house where Miroslav, a family of 2-year-olds, was burned and his grandfather’s bayonets were killed. Mirek's mother with a newborn in her arms ran into the forest, they started shooting at her, she dropped her son, and then fell unconsciously herself. Only the next morning the boy was found in the snow in a field dotted with corpses. The bundle was brought to the village, believing that the baby was cold, but in warmth Miroslav suddenly opened his eyes. After 35 years, Germaszewski will fly for seven days into space. Currently, a retired brigadier general lives and lives in Warsaw.

The funeral of the victims of the attack of the OUN-UPA on the train in the vicinity of Ljubichi Krolevskaya. 16 June 1944 of the year

Many wonder why the Polish population did not flee to the territory of their metropolis? Indeed, from February to July, when the “Ukrainian-insurgent” beast was drowned in the blood of 150 Polish villages at the same time, enough time passed, even in the absence of a telephone connection. For a week, teenagers on horses could spread the news about the fanaticism of Ukrainians throughout Volyn.

And in this, apparently, there is an indirect fault of Polish politicians "in exile", which in Poland itself is not customary to talk about. The fact is that the Polish government from London ordered peaceful compatriots living on the Polish-Ukrainian border not to surrender "their territories", but to sit and wait for help from the Home Army (such a cynical attitude towards their people does not seem strange if you know that The London government sacrificed whole Warsaw, giving it up for complete destruction in August-September 1944 of the year. What about the farms in Volyn). And, of course, people kept the economy.

The exact number of victims of the Volyn Massacre today will not know anyone. Polish historians operate on the number of 36.750 people, which is documented that they died at the hands of Bandera. However, on the same land and in the same time period - 1943 – 1944 years - the death was confirmed, according to various sources, from 13.500 to 23.000 Poles with unexplained circumstances of the causes of death.

Monument to the victims of the Volyn Massacre in Krakow

Today Volyn is not as far as it seems. Tomasz Omanski, head of the Polish-Russian Cultural Center, lives in Kaliningrad, where his grandmother and grandfather were able to escape from Bandera in Volyn.

“Grandmother told me how at night they ran out into the field and hid from Bandera in rye. She was about twenty, her husband - my grandfather - a little older. He served in the self-defense detachment, but what was it - this self-defense? They even weapons there was no, they were on duty at the farms, and when danger approached, they simply woke the villagers to run into the fields. A Bandera originally armed by the Germans. Then, when the UPA got out of control and began attacking Volyn and its yesterday’s masters, the Germans themselves began to issue weapons to the self-defense detachments to fight off these animals, ”Omanski told the author of these lines.

The head of the Polish-Russian cultural center in Kaliningrad recalled one grandmother history:

“At the time of people's Poland, such a nationality as“ Ukrainian, ”no one knew. In general, none of the Poles did not distinguish between Ukraine, Belarus, even the RSFSR. There was the Soviet Union and the Soviet people. But I remember that when my grandmother went to Canada to her brother, who moved to London after the war, and then went to North America, when she returned with vexation, she told me that there are a lot of Ukrainians in Canada. I was about eight years old, and I asked: "So what, grandma, what a lot of Ukrainians." And she replied: "No, no, you do not understand what kind of people ..."

And the last story of the Omansky family:

“My grandfather's sister was married to a Ukrainian. And when the grandfather and his family, leaving their belongings, gathered in a larger village, which Bandera did not attack, then he called his sister. But she refused, they say, I'm married to a Ukrainian who touches me. Bandera killed both her and her husband, his own Ukrainian ... ”

Approximately the same theme is devoted to the Polish feature film “Volyn”, which is expected to be released on 7 screens in October 2016. Famous Polish director Wojciech Smazhovski talks about the tragedy of a Polish girl in love with Bandera. The director is not almond with the audience, calling the Volyn massacre - genocide (we recall, official Warsaw, flirting with Kiev, hides this concept behind the verbal husk of the type “ethnic cleansing with signs of genocide” adopted by the Sejm). In Ukraine itself, the pictures were perceived as expected aggressively. For example, the Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabuzhko, by the way, comes from Lutsk, Volyn Oblast, called the tape “a real school of hatred”.

Smazhovski himself does not hide that, since he is a Pole, the film will also be shot from a Polish perspective. And on the replicas of the Ukrainians that the tape was created “at the wrong moment,” responds with the “philosophical” irony inherent to the Poles: “There has never been a suitable time to shoot such a film. Neither the communists, nor after 1989 year. Now this Maidan, the war in the Donbas has happened. It is not known what the situation in Ukraine will be when we finish the work on the film. ”
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  1. Good cat
    Good cat 14 February 2016 06: 43
    Just not human ... the creatures of darkness.
  2. Kaiten
    Kaiten 14 February 2016 07: 07
    In fact, everything is logical. Three peoples lived in this territory for hundreds of years. Ukrainians (Orthodox), Poles (Catholics) and Jews. In 1941, both Ukrainians and Poles put an end to their neighbors Jews. Ukrainians shot them (near every town in Western Ukraine there is a moat or pit where Ukrainians put an end to their Jewish neighbors), and the Poles simply handed over the Jews to the commandant for a bag of potatoes (to the same Ukrainian policemen). After the extermination of the Jews, both sides safely settled Jewish homes and shared Jewish possessions. Units saved Jews (for which they bow low). By 1943, resources became scarce and the stronger side (since it had weapons received from the Germans) attacked the weaker side and the story repeated itself with the Poles.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 14 February 2016 07: 38
      Quote: Kaiten
      In fact, everything is logical.

      In your opinion, it may be logical, but I do not see the logic in what methods this was done. If the Germans were horrified by what Bandera did, and then they themselves were destroyed.
      But I liked the last phrase of the article:
      It is not known what the situation will be in Ukraine when we finish work on the film.

      That’s what it’s said for sure, no one can guess what the Ukrainians will come up with and create tomorrow.
      1. Kaiten
        Kaiten 14 February 2016 08: 10
        Quote: EvgNik
        about yours it may be logical, but I don’t see the logic in what methods this was done. If the Germans were horrified by what Bandera did, and then they themselves were destroyed.
        But I liked the last phrase of the article:

        The Germans were not horrified by what the police did. They simply noted their bestial cruelty. But the conflict between the Germans and SOME Ukrainian policemen began because the Ukrainians decided to build their own Svidomo education independent of the Germans.
        1. avt
          avt 14 February 2016 10: 49
          Quote: Kaiten
          But the conflict between the Germans and SOME Ukrainian policemen began because the Ukrainians decided to build their own Svidomo education independent of the Germans.

          “The conflict" generally did not begin with this. At first there was an order from the Germans and ALL police units joined the UPA at once, they think differently, but in practice there were 40 thousand active, then a certain number of Germans were added who remained in the rear of the Red Army after the liberation The Ukrainian SSR and the advancement to the west, but when the leadership of the Ukronatsiks warmed up the USA, an order was simply received by their own "wire" - all the Germans were at the expense, which they did in the shortest possible time with the remaining former owners, "comrades in arms." went "heroic struggle" with the Germans. And you really can't argue - they cut the Germans then. wassat
        2. APASUS
          APASUS 14 February 2016 14: 01
          Quote: Kaiten
          But the conflict between the Germans and SOME Ukrainian policemen began because the Ukrainians decided to build their own Svidomo education independent of the Germans.

          Are you also sure that there was this conflict, that the OUN-UPA fought with the Germans? I specially keep a copy of the letter to the Office of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel
      2. Shadowcat
        Shadowcat 14 February 2016 09: 15
        Quote: EvgNik
        but I don’t see the logic in what methods this was done

        Everything is logical, here, with a fellow Israeli (Comrade Kaiten, nothing to say Jew? No anti-Semitism, I respectfully) completely agree.
        Set animals on the third admiring the circus, then bleed among themselves, and then kill the last for cruelty. This circus was invented in ancient Rome.
        1. Kaiten
          Kaiten 14 February 2016 21: 07
          Quote: ShadowCat
          Comrade Kaiten Nothing Speaking Jew?

          No problem
      3. Captain nemo
        Captain nemo 14 February 2016 13: 17
        Quote: EvgNik
        If the Germans were horrified by what Bandera did, and then they themselves were destroyed.

        The article indicates another reason for their destruction by the Germans themselves.
        The Germans themselves eliminated Bandera’s Perigiynyak two weeks after the atrocities in Parosla, when a hundred UPA tried to attack the German garrison in Vysotsk.
    2. Walking
      Walking 14 February 2016 07: 42
      Well, where without the Jews. In your opinion, if it were not for the Jewish houses and belongings and the Jews themselves, then everything was different? Maybe enough to draw attention with or without to the "chosen people".
      1. Kaiten
        Kaiten 14 February 2016 08: 16
        Quote: Hiking
        In your opinion, if it were not for Jewish houses and belongings and the Jews themselves, then everything was different?

        Of course, if all the nations living in this territory would help each other resist the Nazis, then their own fate would be different. Actually, this happened on the rest of the USSR. Unfortunately in Poland, the Poles were brought up in the spirit of confrontation with other nations, the Ukrainians were also brought up and, to be honest, the Jews were also not very different from their neighbors.
      2. Shadowcat
        Shadowcat 14 February 2016 09: 19
        And I am with Comrade. Jews agree. We need to take an example from them and shout at every corner that "our, Soviet peoples, have borne the whole brunt of the war against the Nazis fed by the Anglo-Saxons, having suffered heavy losses", and not humbly and embarrassedly rub our little foot.
        Don’t scream and they won’t hear you, just a little hesitate and forget.
    3. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 14 February 2016 08: 45
      And have you heard anything about the policy of sanitation (health improvement) of the Polish nation, the forced polonization of Kresov Vskhodnykh, siegeism and, of course, about the Jewish tenants?
      So, let's start with Jewish tenants - these gentlemen in the Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian lands that were part of the Polish state rented land from local gentry and tycoons for a ringing coin. And then all the juices were squeezed out of the peasants living on this land, trying to recapture all their expenses and make a profit in a short rental period. Obviously, this did not add to the love of Jewish tenants. And the same Poles with Ukrainians transferred their hatred to those Jews whom they could get to with impunity, i.e. not to the rich, but simple toilers - shoemakers, tailors, etc. - their neighbors, who did nothing wrong with them - well, except that they had the misfortune to be born Jews.
      Osadnichestvo - noticeably intensified after 1926. Resettlement Poles directed to Ukraine and Belarus (i.e. the part that was annexed to Poland under the terms of the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921) were called Osadniks. Most of the besiegers were veterans of the Polish army. Despite the fact that Ukrainian and Belarusian lands were already densely populated, it was there that the Polish colonists received the best land allotments (naturally, at the expense of the local population) and rich cash subsidies. About 300 thousand settlers settled in Belarus, about 200 thousand in eastern Galicia and Volhynia.
      The Ukrainians responded with attacks on the homes of Polish landowners and besiegers - only in 1930 in East Galicia 2200 houses of Poles were burned (some along with their owners). The Poles expectedly responded with repressions - the introduced army units occupied and plundered about 800 Ukrainian villages, more than 2000 Ukrainians were arrested, a third of whom went to prison for a long time.
      You understand that such a "national" policy did not give a single chance for reconciliation between Poles, Ukrainians and Jews. And with the arrival of the Nazis, the Poles and the Ukrainians joined forces first with the communists and Soviet employees, then with the Jews (remember the Lvov massacre), then with each other.
      I have the honor.
      1. Aqela
        Aqela 14 February 2016 13: 42
        Well done! Thank! I always read your comments with interest!
        Of course, the Volyn massacre is an unsightly story. At the same time, a clear understanding is needed that this is all the fruit of the activity of the renegades. There are many such people in the history of the people of Poland. But in Germany, not all were Nazis and SS-sheep. Another thing is that as a result, innocents often suffer.
      2. Victor jnnjdfy
        Victor jnnjdfy 14 February 2016 21: 57
        I’ll add a little from myself to what Alexander 72 wrote about.

        About Jewish tenants. Jews did not live in the Commonwealth on their own, but in communities with kagalas led by them. Kagaly and rented everything they could get to. Here you can recall the propination with the Jewish Shinkars. Also an interesting topic ...

        About the besiegers. The siege troops on Kresy Vskhodna reached out actively around 1923. But in the West. Belarus and the West. From time immemorial Ukraine, local Poles have lived on their land (as a rule, the catholicized and polished local population). Kresovyans lived, more often, on farms, and local Poles lived, more often, in villages. They destroyed both those and other Ukrainians alike.

        By the way, in Poland, Jewish pogroms happened after WWII. The Poles, whenever possible, corrected the omissions of the Nazis, if the Jews returned home alive. Such was the mutual "love" between the peoples inhabiting those lands.
    4. -Barbarian-
      -Barbarian- 14 February 2016 09: 32
      1 of 2.
      Before talking about the pogroms, where almost “ALL” Jews were exterminated in every possible way, we must ask simple questions. What is the reason for such dislike, and often hatred for "God's chosen". And the answer is, as always, commonplace - greed, profit, money and "Plan". In the same Little Russia (RI), anti-Semitism is traditional, going back to the times of "living-rentals" and Khmelnitsky.
      Unfortunately, ordinary people had to "answer" for the excessive appetites of certain representatives (groups) of the Jewish people. But this misfortune has its own "scientific base" - a bomb planted hundreds of years ago. Belief in your own exclusivity.
      Fyodor Dostoevsky in his "Diary of a Writer" noted: “Jews always live in anticipation of a wonderful revolution, which will give them their own“ Jewish kingdom ”. Come out of the nations and ... know that from now on you are one with God, destroy the rest or find slaves, or exploit. Believe in victory over the whole world, believe that everything will submit to you. Abhor everyone strictly and do not communicate with anyone in your everyday life. And even when you lose your land, even when you are scattered across the face of the whole earth, among all nations - still believe everything that is promised to you once and for all, believe that everything will come true, but while you live, abhor, unite and exploit and - wait, wait ”.
      Hence the cause-and-effect relationship: first the "Jewish conspiracy" - then the destructive activity of the Jews to undermine the state and popular foundations - then, as a reaction to this, the Jewish pogroms.
      For example, the same "pogroms" of the beginning of the XX century. turned out to be a convenient reason for accusing the Russian Orthodox monarchy of anti-Semitism in order to mobilize against it Jewry and democrats around the world. At the same time, the "pogroms" served as an excuse for the massive assistance of international Jewry to all revolutionary parties, whose activities led to the overthrow of the monarchy. That is, the revolutionaries in the fight against the autocracy clearly tried to destabilize the situation in the country, using the existing social tension in individual places. This was not surprising, since in the eyes of the population of these places it was the Jewish moneylenders, merchants, and shinkari who seemed obvious exploiters. (Recall that even the Jew K. Marx saw a source of exploitation in Jewish capital.)
      1. -Barbarian-
        -Barbarian- 14 February 2016 09: 33
        2 of 2.
        In provoking the pogroms, the revolutionaries began to accuse the tsarist government of their organization, allegedly seeking to "transfer popular hatred from itself to the Jews." Here, for example, Burtsev says about the first pogrom of 15 on April 1881 in Yelisavetgrad: “The awakening political consciousness of the masses had to be diverted, and the idea of ​​reprisal against the Jewish exploiter, the culprit of all national disasters, was thrown into the masses ... For 3 of the month the pogrom movement swept the entire south of Russia and from the defeat of Jewish property, houses and shops, it began to clearly turn into indignation against the government (in Borispol, Nizhyn). ”
        Moreover, it should be noted the incomparably more peaceful, less bloody nature of the pogroms. Jews are robbed, little attempt on their personality. Do not exterminate, but ruin. They do not require immediate baptism, as the Germans did in the 13th century and the Cossacks in the 17th. The number of Jewish victims in those “pogroms” in the Republic of Ingushetia (several hundred people) is negligible compared to the number of victims of the Jewish “pogroms” in Western Europe. And, of course, these figures fade in comparison with the scale of the Jewish anti-Russian terror in Russia that followed the revolution.
        The seer monk Abel, back in 1796, spoke of three fierce yoke: Tatar, Polish and Jewish. "A Jew will scourge the Russian land with a scorpion, plunder its shrines, close the churches of God, execute the best Russian people. This is God's permission, God's wrath for Russia's renunciation of the holy tsar. ... But with the yoke of the Jews the same will be the same as with the first two. The murderers will bear theirs. "
        How the revolution ended - we all know: "The first Soviet government consisted of 80-85% Jews."
        Throughout history, it has been like this: at first the Jews gradually gain power, then they seize power, then they destroy the state that they did not create, in which they seized power, and then, as a natural result, the titular nations take revenge on the Jews by pogroms, thus trying to get rid of from alien parasites. How many such pogroms in world history - not even count! And how many will be there if the Jews do not stop climbing into the power of the states that sheltered them and using this power for the evil of the indigenous peoples.
        The historical testimony of Japanese Prime Minister Mobuchum Okuma Shigenobu (1838 - 1922) has come down to us, who said about the Jews: “This tribe has no homeland and wherever it comes, it tries to destroy the feeling of patriotism by corrupting human minds. Jews strive to create a world republic, then they will be the rulers of the world. We are more than anything in the world afraid of the Jews and do not let them in. We see how they took over America and Europe. We can say that all the riches of the world have accumulated in their hands. The war is largely dependent on the Jews, thanks to the accumulation of capital in their hands. They play with world markets like balls. We saw this during the war. Russia was strong and strong in spirit until it was shaken by the Jews. Jews are destroying Russia, they have shaken its foundations of patriotism. They destroyed both France and other European states ... "
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Mr. Pip
            Mr. Pip 14 February 2016 10: 56
            Quote: Cap.Morgan
            Henry Ford: "Isolate the 50 richest Jewish Americans and the wars will end."

            Yes, but in Japan, too, were Jews or in Turkey ?! Why did they fight with us! request
            Quote: Cap.Morgan
            Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor of France, 1769 - 1821): "The Jews should be regarded as a nation, but not as a religious group. ... Jews are a nation capable of the most terrible crimes."

            Oh, whoever would say - paraphrasing Ford, he probably was a Jew himself then laughing
            1. sibiryouk
              sibiryouk 14 February 2016 17: 31
              In 1904-1905, Japan fought not in Russia, but for the Chinese concessions! In 1945, the USSR itself declared war on Japan, although the Japanese would prefer another 2-3 years of respite.
            2. veteran66
              veteran66 14 February 2016 17: 57
              Quote: Mr. PIP
              were there Jews in Japan, or in Turkey ?! Why did they fight with us!

              In order to pit two countries it is not at all necessary to live in them, but in our time, even close by.
          2. sibiryouk
            sibiryouk 14 February 2016 17: 27
            If today we follow the advice of G. Ford- Peace will come in the whole world!
    5. whiteeagle
      whiteeagle 14 February 2016 13: 37
      You forgot to say that the Jews actively collaborated with the NKVD in the fight against the Polish population. They even participated in the arrests of Poles, spat and laughed when Polish families were expelled from their homes and sent to labor camps in Siberia. You must be a holy man, so that two years later, when the Soviets fled and the Wehrmacht came in their place to have the will to help those who recently took part in the murder of your loved ones. On the other hand, there was a death penalty for helping Jews. And not only to the one who helped. When the Germans found a Jew, they burned the whole village or arrested all the inhabitants of the building. I, if I had to choose between the life of my children and the life of a stranger, I would choose the life of my children.
      1. Waciak
        Waciak 14 February 2016 14: 28
        whiteeagle, you might decide what nationality you are.
        From the history of your statements it follows that each time you live in a different place - Germany, France, Italy, Poland.
        And so, in truth, it is most likely that you are just a Ukrainian living in Poland and you try not to give a damn about everything that is Polish.
        I don’t know if you noticed, but this is a topic about crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists, and not through Jews. Do not change the discussion topics
    6. Voice of the Mind
      Voice of the Mind 14 February 2016 16: 14
      Quote: Kaiten
      In 1941, both Ukrainians and Poles put an end to their neighbors Jews.

      tell for what?
      The Government of the Commonwealth introduced the practice of giving up the right to collect taxes to wealthy financiers (mainly Jews), including from Orthodox churches. The farmer owned the keys to the church and opened it for worship only for a fee. And since the church used to carry many civil functions, such as registering births, marriage, funerals, you had to pay for every action.
      The hatred of believers for farmers was carried over to the entire Jewish community.
    7. Pre-cat
      Pre-cat 14 February 2016 22: 29
      A small clarification - in Western Ukraine, not Orthodox Ukrainians lived, but Uniates, and the Uniate Church obeys the Pope. Uniatism in general was, as it were, the official faith of Bandera (although such scum and God are incompatible concepts).
    8. Mushroom
      Mushroom April 20 2016 11: 56
      Everything seems to be correct, only the Greek Catholic (Uniate) Orthodox Church is not, here it is not necessary to lie.
  3. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 14 February 2016 07: 39
    more often the geyropeytsy need to be reminded of this - maybe they will see a little - though ......... there they turn the whole story inside out.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 14 February 2016 07: 55
    "I need a Pole to kill a Ukrainian when he meets a Ukrainian, and vice versa, for a Ukrainian to kill a Pole. If they shoot a Jew on the way, this will be exactly what I need ... Some people are extremely naive about Germanization. They think that we need Russians, Ukrainians and Poles, whom we would force to speak German. But we do not need Russians, Ukrainians or Poles. We need fertile lands. "
    Erich Koch - German state party leader, Oberpresident of East Prussia in 1933-1945, Reich Commissioner of occupied Ukraine, war criminal.
  5. Pig
    Pig 14 February 2016 07: 56
    "" The "girls" waited for the family to be exterminated, and then went into the yard for "expropriation." They took the clothes of the dead, food supplies, took away the cattle ""
    an exhaustive description describing the worldview of the "Trypillian" ...
    Comrade Stalin forgave this m.r.a.s. ... but it would not be necessary ...
    my grandmother’s brother went through four years of war and was killed by Bandera in the back when the already demobilized was returning home through western Ukraine
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 14 February 2016 09: 43
      Well, what did Stalin do. Losses in the war were monstrous. Increase losses even more? Who would have worked on collective farms, because by logic it was necessary to destroy several million more zapadentsev. What is interesting is that many people who have proven themselves soaked in murders, after serving, however, for a relatively short time, then worked under the supervision of GB in the national economy.
      I personally know two Ukrainians who, fleeing to Russia and even having received Russian citizenship, now claim that Russia attacked Ukraine in the Donbas. Where are the authorities asking, giving passports to anyone?
      1. Pig
        Pig 14 February 2016 11: 55
        "" it was necessary to destroy several million more Westerners ""
        one could just evict them beyond the Arctic Circle ...
  6. Egoza
    Egoza 14 February 2016 08: 08
    Bandera will be the first to rush to Poland, "at Eropu". I hope the Poles. unlike their government, they will remember this tragedy.
  7. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 14 February 2016 10: 20
    Geeks of the human race without the right to life! All this Bandera bastard is subject to destruction!
    ALEA IACTA EST 14 February 2016 10: 20
    These animals again crawled to the surface ... It does not sink!
  9. Aleksander
    Aleksander 14 February 2016 11: 25
    Non-humans were UPA, non-humans and remained ...
  10. Old warrior
    Old warrior 14 February 2016 11: 45
    Fascists were then, fascists and now.
  11. Scud
    Scud 14 February 2016 12: 40
    And what about the forecast for the near future - what will be the weariness between the stubborn Bendera and Geyropeytsy-pshek?
    1. Kaiten
      Kaiten 15 February 2016 15: 34
      Quote: scud
      And what about the forecast for the near future - what will be the weariness between the stubborn Bendera and Geyropeytsy-pshek?

      So far, they are united by a common hatred of Russians. As soon as the situation in Ukraine stabilizes and the war in the east ends, Poland will remember its "rejected" territories and the conflict between them will flare up again.
  12. kotvov
    kotvov 14 February 2016 21: 01
    replicas of Ukrainians that the tape was created "at the wrong time" ,,
    striking the actions of Poland, the taming of banderlogov. recently, a Polish journalist, to the question: why the film of the French journalist is not shown in Poland, said: the climate is not suitable.
  13. Stoler
    Stoler 14 February 2016 22: 18
    What a strange and perverted memory for these ghouls. They remember that they were cut, that they weren’t released, who were cut by their allies, which of them killed the German X enemy. And when these creatures celebrate some kind of two-faced day of sorrow, I do not care! DOUBLE CREATURES !!!
  14. Pre-cat
    Pre-cat 14 February 2016 22: 56
    Already in democratic Poland there was a case when a Pole who survived the Volyn massacre (he was a teenager then) recognized at the gas station one of the Bandera people who was involved in the destruction of his relatives. leaving his sons to guard him, he set off for the villagers. Among those there were a couple of survivors. They also identified Bandera. After that, the humane, democratic Poles-Europeans simply scored a geek. And although the murder case was initiated, the perpetrators were practically not punished - something funny was awarded to them. And in Europe, not a single bastard squealed against. This is interesting, what would Europe have reacted to if ours had done this to the former policeman who killed their relatives?
    At the same time, the Polish government is turning a blind eye to what the heirs of Bandera in Ukraine are doing now. I think that ordinary Poles (not urban liberals) have a different opinion on this subject. All the same, politics is the most blatant business. And politicians - ....... s!
  15. Belousov
    Belousov 15 February 2016 09: 12
    The Polish people remember the UPA, and politicians just want to snatch their piece. The Kakly still believe that Europa supports everything, especially the "brotherly" Poland. But there are reasons there - restitution and bloody revenge, that's what awaits kaklov from Poland. And rightly so.