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The war took eight sons

In the small town of Zadonsk of the Lipetsk region there is one of the most piercing monuments to the war - a monument to the mother, Maria Matveyevna Frolova, who gave her eight sons for the sake of victory.

History This family takes it so much to the soul that it is treated indifferently and condescendingly (they say, war is war) can only be a callous person, like an empty vessel: it seems there is a capacity, but there is no maintenance. I write this with bitterness, because I met such people. And one even said that losing one child or eight is a mountain of equal proportions. I will not measure the scale of others and throw up my troubles not with my hands, but I will begin the story.

The husband of Mary, George Ignatievich, was much older than his wife. In his youth, he served as a clerk, he worked meticulously and tirelessly. Then he himself began to keep the shop. And he liked, already by the time almost forty years old man, a modest girl. I didn’t walk around the bush for a long time, I went before Easter and asked directly if I would agree to get married. I remember a scene from the film “White Dew”: “You: love, love, su-shu, la-la - and for divorce! And I didn’t explain to your mother, I didn’t say anything about love, but for almost fifty years I had a soul ... ”And this is how it turned out.

The family grew before our eyes, children were born. And love, about which no one spoke, was the most important thing in the Frolov family. Of course, spouses had quarrels, but until the very last day Georgy Ignatievich called the spouse for “you” and Masha. And they were able to treat other people like a human being. And they did not tremble at their good.

The neighbors remembered such a case: the family was already large, a new home was needed, more spaciously. But not enough money. We bought a little stone, laid in the yard. This hill grew, slowly losing the "k" suffix. But once a heavy downpour literally fell on Zadonsk, a wall fell on the main “avenue” - Kamenka. And Frolov gave all their reserves to restore the wall. Even not very long to consult with each other. It happened - they helped without understanding what was personal and what was public.

George Ignatievich did not recognize that the war had begun - he died a month before it began. Suddenly, in one day. One comforted widow: almost all of their children - ten sons and two daughters - were already on their feet, were adults. And they lived in another city - Leningrad.

The first to go there, long before the war, the eldest son Michael. Calm, prudent, he had an extraordinary thirst for knowledge. At school I practically did not receive fours, I read voraciously. That's the whole Mishin simple recipe for admission to the institute: to learn everything they ask, and read a lot. By the time his father died, Michael was already an accomplished man. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute, became a teacher of the Naval Academy and earned the rank of lieutenant colonel! On the very first day of the war, Mikhail spoke on the radio, urged not to lose heart and fight the enemy. He himself was engaged in the protection of ships from the enemy’s magnetic mines. Mikhail Georgievich invented a very effective non-winding method of protection and received a copyright certificate. Many believed that Frolov’s method even surpassed Kurchatov: it did not require a large amount of wire, it came out much cheaper. Not a single ship on which this method was used was blown up on a Nazi mine. For this achievement, Mikhail was awarded the Stalin Prize. But he did not have time to find out about it: during the tests of a warship he was bombed, was seriously wounded and died in one of the hospitals in Leningrad. And for the time being, the family did not know anything about the achievements of their first child, because the work was secret. It was believed that Mikhail was only giving lectures at the academy ...

The second son, Dmitry, from childhood "sick" by the sea. He dreamed of joining the fleet and realized his dream as best he could: he did not spend a single day without charging, he was seriously involved in sports, he studied well. The dream has come true. In the late thirties, Dmitry plowed the seas and oceans. He had seen a lot and could tell a lot to his family, but before the war he didn’t even have time to go home - on the Baltic navy began to defend Leningrad. At the end of autumn 1941, the ship Dmitry served on was blown up by a mine. Only three sailors survived, among them Frolov, heavily shell-shocked. Somehow collecting boards on the water, they built a kind of raft, so they stayed in icy water for several hours until help arrived. At that time, Dmitry survived, although doctors fought for his life for a long time. Again went to the fleet. He was not lucky: Dmitry was repeatedly injured. Doctors saved. But the last wound was especially severe: in the head. And although the young man was once again brought back to life, but not for long: he returned home and died of wounds.

The third brother's name was Constantine. He also grew up a brave boy, and this courage was sometimes some kind of desperate. So, Don is known for his treacherous fast current, although it is called Silent. So, once the girls were drowning. Kostya, then a schoolboy, noticed this, ran to the shore, rushed off a cliff into the water and pulled out both. I was not afraid of anything - and I won. And the gardener was what! He cultivated a special sort of roses - large flowers turned out to be of various shades, even black ones. When Kostya began to care for the girl, half of Zadonsk looked at his bouquets with a good envy.

After graduating from a vocational school in his hometown, he went to his elder brothers in Leningrad, entered the evening department of one of the institutes, and began working. Got married In the first days of the war he volunteered. Once I called my wife: “I came from the front - happy day! Meet me at the station, I will soon arrive by train! ”Not remembering herself for joy, she reached the station in half an hour. And I saw the cordon: the train was bombed, almost all the people in it died ...

The fourth brother Tikhon became a roller operator, and before the start of the war he enrolled in the flying club. At the front he served in artillery, and then in the flight troops: a youthful hobby came in handy. He flew the most dangerous mission, was wounded many times. Here are what lines were printed about Tikhon in the garrison newspaper:

"George Ulyanovsky, Tikhon Frolov,
They follow - Fedyakov and Tamarov,
We flew over the haze of distant fires,
Over the sea of ​​burning fires.
A lot of Nazi regiments
Large group of German
From the vastness of Russian drove Meretskov,
Frolov raised "IL" above Batetskaya.
Frolov invaders crushed down
Bombed And in the night flights.
He became a navigator assault regiment,
I drove planes to the west ... ”

In the spring of 1944, Tikhon became the squadron commander, and soon he was given the rank of captain.

He often sent home letters — perhaps more often than the other brothers. “Hello, dear mother and Anya! Yesterday I received a letter from Tony (this is the second sister) in which she writes that Michael and Nina died. It's too hard for me news. And in all of this blamed the damn Fritz. It was they who brought the premature death to a very valuable person of our country and my brother. They made two young children orphans. But let them remember: we, brothers, ten, died one- in his place becomes another. I also learned from this letter that Leonid was taken to the army. This is the way it should be, the country demands it, and each of us is obliged to avenge the death of the dead and for young orphans. So it will be.

In the spring of 1945, Tikhon led his regiment to bomb the Koenigsberg forts and died. Tikhon was buried in a mass grave.

Not much is known about Vasily. He, too, followed his brothers to Leningrad, worked as a turner at the plant. I volunteered. He wrote letters to his mother, and in the last one: “It is unlikely that I will return from here - this is going to be a bit of a crush here. But we are adding pepper to them, the Fritzes will find their grave here. I embrace everyone tightly and love very much ... ”Vasily died on Nevskaya Dubrovka.

Nikolai grew up as a boy who was not too glib, but he loved his mother very much. He was very afraid of dogs (there were many of them in Zadonsk at that time). One day, the mother went to the village to change some things for food. Late in the evening, Kolka, who was afraid that the mother would not be bitten by the dogs, went to the outskirts of the city to meet her. He leaned against the fence and stood behind the sighs hiding fear.

He was an excellent fisherman, he could lure a rich catch with a simple bait. At the Leningrad plant before the war he worked as a mechanic. And sensible mechanic - the engineers went to him for advice. Golden Hands - he himself collected several televisions. In the very first year of the war, Nikolai graduated from the junior commanders school. He was wounded many times. From the war back, but soon died.

Leonid had a reservation, they didn’t take him to the front. There were several reasons for this. The first - long before the war, while still a boy skiing, he fell severely and damaged his kidneys. And the second is different. In the summer of 1941, Leonid, a turner, worked at the Leningrad plant. This was a top-class master, the director of the plant firmly and firmly ordered the guy to forget about the front - such people were needed on the spot. But Lenka did not want this. He wrote a statement after a statement - everyone rejected. But once the employees of the military registration and enlistment office made a mistake: they were a little late with confirmation of the reservation. And Leonid, having improved the day, got on the train with other volunteers. Twice on the way, telegrams were sent to him from the factory director with a request-order to return, but the turner Frolov did not return. He served on the "fly" - a mobile repair station, avenged the dead brothers. A Tanks repaired right on the battlefield. Once a fascist shell hit the "fly" ...

Peter arrived in Leningrad, while still a schoolboy. True, the conscience did not allow hanging on the neck of the brothers, and slowly from them he got a job at the factory, after the lessons he rushed to change. Famously drove a motorcycle - and in the pre-war and wartime: delivered reports. I went and exploration. He was injured, but did not bury himself in the hospital, ran to the front. Killed in 1943 year.

Alexey, who worked at the evacuated plant, was never released to the front. He worked all the war, not sparing himself. After the war he lived in Kazan until his death.

Mitro, or Mitrofan, grew up among the brothers to the weakest, he had a severe illness in his early childhood, he almost died. But he managed to make war for a whole year and survived. He lived in Leningrad, but every summer came to his native Zadonsk, took care of the house and garden. And it all seemed to Mitro that the day would come - his entire big happy family would come together ... But this dream did not come true.

Sister Antonina also went to Leningrad before the war. There, at first in a foreign city for them, she replaced her brothers mother. Married, her son was born Valerik. She did not evacuate, remained in the besieged city. Here is what she wrote home, in Zadonsk, to her mother and sister in the autumn of 1943, “Hello, dear mother and Anyuta! I did not write to you for a long time, I could not. I was sick, and there wasn’t much good — I didn’t want to upset and worry you. I'm still alive, but I don’t know what will happen next. There was a lot of horror. And now they continue. I work from morning to night. Therefore, Valerik from kindergarten do not take. He is crying, but what to do? I caught a cold, coughing, but I have no way out of this impasse. Tearing him from his lunch and wear in kindergarten. How we sometimes dream of potatoes in the "uniform"! A year and a half, as we did not eat it ... "

Soon Tonya and a three-year-old son could not get out of bed. The boy has forgotten how to walk. They were found and rescued by colleagues of Antonina. Fed up, went out. And then the parcel arrived from far away Zadonsk. True, she spent a very long time on the way, the apples had time to rot, the rats gnawed the corner of the box, a part of the wheat spilled out of the hole. But still it was a huge help ...

Anna grew up a girl very responsible. Like almost all the children of Frolov, she studied very well. Throughout the war, Anna was with her mother, helping her with all her might. She arranged her life only after the war, but the marriage did not work out, the marriage quickly fell apart. Unfortunately, Anna lost her only child - a daughter. She worked as a teacher and since then all her unspent love has been given to other people's children.

And what about Maria Matveyevna? How did she manage to cope with her enormous grief? Somehow I could. Her heart didn’t become hardened, although someone would condemn for it ... Maria Matveyevna lived a long life, died in 96 years. She knew by heart the letters of all her dead children. Often sat on a stool near the house. Alien children passed by - bestowed on uncomplicated candy or gingerbread.

And the street where the once large Frolov family lived is now named after them. This is a great merit of Lipetsk journalist Alexander Kosyakin, who learned about this family and wrote first.

There is now a monument to the mother in Zadonsk - they installed it on the sixtieth anniversary of our Victory. The administration of the Lipetsk region allocated most of the money for the monument, but Lipchans and Leningraders also collected considerable amounts of money (excuse me for this inaccuracy, but I cannot say here "Petersburgers" ...). Modest monument. But to pass by without thinking about anything will not work ...
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  1. D-Master
    D-Master 12 February 2016 06: 40
    Thank you author! Thank you for writing articles that make your heart tighten in pain, reminding you that we are still alive and may be compassionate. I myself am Lipchanin, I’m very rarely in Zadonsk. But I did not know about this monument. Thank you and VO for telling me. In the summer I surely bring my children to show. Children should know what mother’s grief is and what people have lost for the sake of defending their homeland. Thanks again.
  2. Peaceful Basmach
    Peaceful Basmach 12 February 2016 06: 48
    Already tears were dripping, eternal memory to the heroes of the Second World War and the rear!
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 12 February 2016 07: 45
    A modest monument. It penetrates to the depths of the soul ... tears welling themselves ... Thank you for the article ..
  4. blizart
    blizart 12 February 2016 07: 57
    Nine brothers Stepanovs, they all fought. Of these, 6 died in the Great Patriotic War, one in the Civil War, one on Khalkhin Gol, and only one died of his wounds after the war. These are the very ones, those who lost four or five sons are less known, but no one counted those who were two or three. The Savichevs all died, and if not for Tanya's diary. Therefore, I am jarred by the exaggeration of the 28 Panfilovites. I would like to shake the breasts of the one who stinks and shout: "Can you even imagine the number of unknown heroes ?! Those who are not in a world where death is red, and sometimes all alone took the last battle! Without hope that who someday, someday not only will he know about his feat, but will simply indicate where his grave is. Shut up and do not rot with your looking mouths - our memory! "
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 12 February 2016 10: 22
      Epistinia Fedorovna Stepanova, Timashevsk, Krasnodar Territory. Sawed off to war 9's sons, only one returned, but died of wounds.
      THANKS to the author. To such mothers - a bow to the earth and Eternal Memory.
    2. All-seeing
      All-seeing 12 February 2016 21: 19
      People gave their lives for their homeland quietly, with dignity. this is their choice. A feat is not performed for the sake of a feat, but for the sake of a high goal, an idea. Live in peace, no need to "shake by the chest". Think about your life better.
  5. Belousov
    Belousov 12 February 2016 08: 21
    Oh, there were people ...
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 12 February 2016 08: 41
      There were, are and will be! Our country does not hold on dollars and oil, but on such people. And while they are there is a country.
  6. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 12 February 2016 08: 25
    Eternal memory and low bow.
  7. nimboris
    nimboris 12 February 2016 08: 34
    In Ossetia, they remember the seven Gazdanov brothers who gave their lives for their Motherland, but you never know more examples. And not a single good film was made about it. For that everyone knows about "Saving Private Ryan", where is our answer to Hollywood?
    1. shura7782
      shura7782 12 February 2016 09: 47
      Indeed, now there are a lot of films of empty type (sweet snot) that do not leave any trace in memory. Good films are necessary, especially for young people.
      The article really touched me. Thanks to the author!
    2. xan
      xan 12 February 2016 13: 17
      Quote: nimboris
      In Ossetia, remember the seven Gazdanov brothers who gave their lives for their homeland

      I saw a documentary about them. Their parents passed away before the end of the war, could not stand their hearts, and did not find out that all their sons had not returned from the war. The last son a tankman died in Berlin, although the command offered demobilization. Correctly say that a warrior is in the blood.
      In Ossetia there is the Gazdanov Brothers street.
    3. Serg koma
      Serg koma 13 February 2016 08: 46
      Quote: nimboris
      In Ossetia, they remember the seven Gazdanov brothers who gave their lives for their homeland, but there are still few examples.

      May 8, 2002 in Omsk and June 22, 2002 in the river. The monument to Anastasia Akatievna Larionova, a simple Siberian woman, a resident of the village of Mikhailovka in the Sargatsky district, her mother, who gave seven sons to the altar of the Fatherland, Grigory, Panteleya, Prokopy, Peter, Fedor, Mikhail, Nikolai, was solemnly unveiled in the village of Sargatskoye.

      Great is OUR Motherland, and not only the scale of the territory ...

      "Sometimes there are no names left from the heroes of the past.
      Those who embarked on a mortal battle simply became land and grass.
      Only the formidable valor of them settled in the hearts of the living.
      This eternal flame bequeathed to us alone, we keep in the chest.

      Look at my fighters, the whole world remembers them in the face.
      That battalion froze in the ranks, again I recognize old friends.
      Although they were not twenty-five, they had to go a difficult way.
      These are those who rose with hostility, as one, those who took Berlin.

      There is no family in Russia where no hero was remembered.
      And the eyes of young soldiers from the photos of wilted look.
      This look, like the highest court for the guys that are now growing.
      And the boys can neither lie, nor deceive, nor turn off the path. "
      Agranovich E.
      1. alexej123
        alexej123 13 February 2016 13: 27
        Think about it - only four families, those mentioned in the article and in the comments of the Frolovs, Stepanovs, Gazdanovs, Larionovs - gave their homeland dozens of the lives of their children. Goosebumps.
        1. Serg koma
          Serg koma 14 February 2016 05: 48
          How many not completely finished songs were interrupted by the war, how many fates crippled, how many children and grandchildren were not born .........
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. 2ez
      2ez 5 January 2017 00: 57
      Our answer to Hollywood ... in 98-99, my brother was part of the peacekeepers in Bosnia. Remember the rush of our paratroopers to Pristina? And he was one of the implementers of this march ... And so, it was then that Ryan appeared on the screens. And my brother just managed to save the ovs from the minefield. When it was all over, we told ours that only RUSSIANS could put several others to save one soldier. On a silent question: "But what about Ryan" was followed by a murderous answer: "This is ONLY MOVIE, in life it COULD NOT BE." Sacrificing an entire special unit for the sake of one soldier is not enough special forces ... By the way, ordinary s (officers and sergeants) strongly respect those who fought ... By that time, my brother already had Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh, and South Ossetia, and of course, the first Chechnya.
  8. Million
    Million 12 February 2016 08: 49
    This story should be brought to the UN and other organizations responsible for peace on Earth.
  9. Pal2004
    Pal2004 12 February 2016 09: 10
    Touched to tears ...
  10. miru mir
    miru mir 12 February 2016 09: 23
    Probably not in the union of families that have not lost loved ones in the damned war. All four sons of my great-grandfather died in battles with the Nazis ... Eternal glory to the soldiers ...
    1. 2ez
      2ez 5 January 2017 00: 59
      "There is no such family in Russia where your hero was not remembered" .... / to / f "Officers", I subscribe, both grandfathers fought /
  11. Stiletto
    Stiletto 12 February 2016 10: 16
    Any war is sorrow, death and destruction. That's why they say: a bad world is better than a good quarrel. And one more thing: any wars always end in peace, and it would be better if they didn’t exist at all.
  12. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 12 February 2016 10: 24
    Impossible to imagine.
    And terrible longing at once.
    Thanks, Sophia.
  13. Kolyma
    Kolyma 12 February 2016 11: 05
    The war, tv @ p, it still won’t get drunk ... how many fates have already grind. How many wonderful people she deprived us of. Thanks to the author for the article. I will not forget.
  14. igorra
    igorra 12 February 2016 11: 58
    Quote: Peace Basmach
    Already tears were dripping, eternal memory to the heroes of the Second World War and the rear!

    And I thought the only one. Tears welling themselves, you need to make a film, maybe our children will understand something in life ... Eternal memory to the fallen for our freedom!
  15. efimovaPE
    efimovaPE 12 February 2016 13: 28
    Sonia, thanks for the story. Such women !!! Such people!!! How much good.
  16. Skalpel
    Skalpel 12 February 2016 13: 53
    Thanks to the author!
    To the depths of his soul ....
    Similar articles and information - MANDATORY must be included in the school curriculum !! And schools - without fail to oblige to conduct excursions to such places!
    And most importantly - before EACH meeting of our snickering people's "chosen ones" - a short film on a similar topic. To remember,, who are once again going to "please" with their laws ..
  17. Balagan
    Balagan 12 February 2016 13: 53
    Amazing monument! Everything ingenious is simple!
    Thanks to the author. A lump in the throat really appears.
  18. Skalpel
    Skalpel 12 February 2016 14: 01
    Eternal memory to mothers and fathers who raised those who survived the fight against fascism!
    Eternal memory to all the fallen!
    A low bow to all returning !!
  19. Litsvin
    Litsvin 12 February 2016 14: 08

    Otherwise, we praise all the obscene nonsense filmed by Hollywood directors of Jewish nationality, which has nothing to do with a real story like "Save Private Rain", "Rage", etc., where valiant American soldiers save the world from Nazis. At the same time, either American actors of Jewish nationality are starring in the main role, or the plot will twist in such a way where "without the Jews" the war would definitely not have been won.
    The film "Rage" has recently been watched - such nonsense, completely divorced from the historical truth, can only be removed by our ENEMIES. Especially me, a Soviet officer, whose grandfather fought in the tank forces, touched a fragment of the fight between the Mighty "Tiger" and four four American "Shermans". In fact, in such a situation, as shown in the plot, they would not even have had time to leave the road - there would have been four "bonfires" and remained on fire. It would take "Tiger" no more than 4 minute to do this, it would not even have to drive from the spot. For some reason, this film did not show the order of D. Eisenhauea, prohibiting commanders from engaging in battle with the Panzerwaffen without having a FIVE-TIME superiority in tanks. Warriors, damn it ... If we had fought like this, then on our land for 1 years as "Hans" would have lived.

    OUR EXPLANATORY RUSSIAN DIRECTORS, WHERE ARE YOU? Here you have a specific historical story about the FAMILY OF RUSSIAN ORTHODOX FROLOVS - shoot on it a cool, spectacular, soul-taking, patriotic FILM with BIG LETTER. And show all over the world. If there is no money - let the "hat in a circle" - Russia is big and the CIS is near, any self-respecting person will contribute to SUCH FILM. DARE !!!
    1. goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 12 February 2016 17: 46
      OUR INTERPRETING RUSSIAN DIRECTORS "- glamor and oskotinilis! It is dumb to watch how the" directors "who have not played enough of soldiers in kindergarten, make films about the War. In the roles of Alexandrov and Co. ... Who went through the bed ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Serg koma
        Serg koma 14 February 2016 05: 56
        And "Citadel" with "Stalingrad (th)" ....
      3. Sapsan
        Sapsan 19 November 2016 15: 10
        The other day, rental begins. Pre-premiere shows - today, I highly recommend watching:
        After the rental, they will post it in the public domain.
    2. nimboris
      nimboris 15 February 2016 04: 01
      I completely agree with you, I am also talking about this, which means that society has a request. Just do not need any Mikhailovs and Bondarchuk, divorced from life.
    3. Sapsan
      Sapsan 19 November 2016 15: 09
      Well, not everything is lost. Now, the other day (November 24), rental starts, and today pre-premiere shows have begun, all over the country:
  20. Bredovich705
    Bredovich705 12 February 2016 14: 56
    Touched to the core! Thank you Sophia! Low bow to mothers! Eternal memory to those who died for their homeland!
  21. Roxa
    Roxa 12 February 2016 15: 32
    A deep bow to all of you who brought victory!
  22. Kuryanin
    Kuryanin 12 February 2016 16: 08
    Thank you very much.
  23. akm8226
    akm8226 12 February 2016 17: 16
    Eight children to give to the country ... I would be crazy.
  24. Yapet100
    Yapet100 12 February 2016 17: 42
    ... takes the soul ........
  25. Skobelev
    Skobelev 12 February 2016 18: 07
    Glory and eternal memory to such parents who raised the defenders of the motherland.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 12 February 2016 19: 00
      A very useful article thank you so much for it.
      And eternal memory to all who fell on the battlefields defending our Great country - the USSR and the whole world from the "brown plague". Low bow to all mothers and just women who sacrificed their sons, fathers, and husbands, so that we would now live in peace.
  26. Sotnik77s
    Sotnik77s 12 February 2016 19: 28
    Yes, for the soul takes the tears welling up, we recall our veterans grandfathers and grandmothers - veterans, and relatives who did not return from the war, who also died, we also almost also, only with a smaller number, almost all those who were at the front who were bombed in Stalingrad died and areas, the Kingdom of Heaven is for all who have built their heads !!!!!! so we already live so much without war ..............
  27. midshipman
    midshipman 12 February 2016 21: 19
    Thank you for the article. I published "VO" an article on the review of monuments to our mothers and their role in our lives. An article like this one found a wide response among all residents of the country. In St. Petersburg, after it, ordinary citizens created a committee and through the newspaper they will implement these ideas. Every family or individual can approach this monument, remember their mother and lay flowers. Indeed, during the Great Patriotic War and immediately after it, it was mothers who saved a whole generation of people (children) in our country. Blessed memory of them and a deep bow. I also remember my mother at this moment. I have the honor.
  28. Ima tsoh
    Ima tsoh 13 February 2016 07: 46
    This monument is a terrible warning to all the leaders of Russia. Make every effort and protect Russia as the apple of an eye. Do not let her suffer.
  29. Litsvin
    Litsvin 13 February 2016 14: 30
    Quote: goncharov.62
    OUR INTERPRETING RUSSIAN DIRECTORS "- glamor and oskotinilis! It is dumb to watch how the" directors "who have not played enough of soldiers in kindergarten, make films about the War. In the roles of Alexandrov and Co. ... Who went through the bed ...

    Unfortunately yes!!! Where are the new Russians "Papanovs, Nikulins, Leonovs and other Great Artists of the USSR". Unfortunately they are not. And the director's filming sites, and, accordingly, our TV screens are filled with all kinds of newly made, cheap, consumer goods nonsense, including those on the theme of the Great Patriotic War. And in these films, many such "artists" and "actresses" are filmed whose ceiling is a theater of a "district scale", or, as you wrote, - a bed.
    At the same time, for some reason, a good part of them are "newly made" Russian artists and directors for some reason of Jewish nationality. At the same time, absolute mediocrity, which can be judged either by the films they have shot, or by the manner in which they act in the "picture", conduct dialogues, express emotions, etc. Russia is great, but there’s no one to shoot films and films !!! Lived ...
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 17 February 2016 20: 27
      Yes, watching the episode with the song "Our Last Airborne" from "Belorusskiy Vokzal" is worth a lot. I would like to get up and salute, after bowing.
    2. alexej123
      alexej123 17 February 2016 20: 27
      Yes, watching the episode with the song "Our Last Airborne" from "Belorusskiy Vokzal" is worth a lot. I would like to get up and salute, after bowing.