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Funeral "Minsk-2"

The Minsk negotiation process is more dead than alive. They talk less about him at the “highest level”, somehow more by inertia and in justification of sanctions against Russia. This is the "funeral" ... Everything seemed to return to the starting point, about a year ago, however, the Kiev junta retains some kind of truce in the Donbas.

Funeral "Minsk-2"

Ukrainian political scientists, though from Moscow, still know a lot of things. Rostislav Ischenko believes that Kiev is not yet ripe for a solution: first, the offensive in the Donbass, and then a coup, or vice versa, first, the final Bandera-Nazi coup, and then the offensive.

Because, sooner or later, Kiev will have to launch an offensive on the Donbass in order to ward off a wave of popular anger for the economic catastrophe and, in general, a complete mess prevailing in the country. To write off everything on the war in the Donbass and Russia.

Alexander Rogers finds that the APU is no longer capable of a serious offensive due to moral and marauding corruption, and can only bombard Donbass with artillery, which it does.

And it will probably do next. The shelling of Kiev serves as an argument invented by him, allegedly before the complete cease-fire in the Donbass it is impossible to start the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and the fire still does not stop ...

In fact, Poroshenko managed to establish his little dictatorship. He still did not hand over Prosecutor General Shokin, and the Prosecutor General’s Office with its security officials, and took the Security Service of Ukraine, relegating Nalyvaychenko’s American creature, and putting at the helm of the extremely important power department of Gritsak. It is noteworthy that Shokin and Gritsak gave a joint interview about the situation in Ukraine, as if the oath of allegiance to Poroshenko.

The avant-garde of the Bandera revolution - the Right Sector split into supporters of its former head, Dmitro Yarosh, and his opponents, who have already declared Yarosh "an FSB agent." And lurking. No action is taken, limited to demonstration, like hanging in Lviv Chocolates.

In the government, Poroshenko is trying to exercise his dictatorship with the help of Kononenko-Martynenko’s “beloved friends,” and here he met more serious resistance. Demonstratively resigned Minister-Varyag Abromavicius, accusing the conductors of economic policy Poroshenko of corruption. And the demarche of the American bookmark Abromavicius was immediately supported by the entire diplomatic western army in Kiev.

Note that the corruption charge is a standard American lie, when Washington needs to cover up real political motives. An ordinary tsereushnaya attack under the "false flag", in such a simple way Washington discredits its enemies, starting with Yugoslav President Milosevic, and is already approaching Vladimir Putin.

Poroshenko's friends of corruption are also not at all fighting corruption, without which, by the way, in no market economy can we do anything. American corruption, lobbying here is a clear favorite, and certainly it is no better than local abuses. By the way, Abromavicius, when they demanded explanations from the government, tried to persuade him to remain in the ministerial chair, suddenly demanded in reply the resignation ... of the General Prosecutor Shokin. That is, the fulfillment of the long-standing requirement of US Ambassador Payette.

Economic experts say that Kiev’s western creditors came for the last: to take away the remnants of state property and assets of the Ukrainian oligarchs, accusing everyone of corruption and inefficiency. With the help of "fair weaning", which was supposed to carry out the "Western looking" Abromavicius, through privatization and reforms. Including Poroshenko and his oligarch friends ... That's where Abromavicius' dog is buried.

To do this, the Varyag Minister Abromavicius had to establish control over the entire Ukrainian economy, assert its leaders as a minister, and not carry out the orders of any Kononenko. But who is he, indignant at Poroshenko? Abromavicius - Looking West ...

Bandera Ukraine begins a new история: “The forces of evil want to rewind everything back,” Abromavicius rant, and this is clearly not only Kononenko and Poroshenko’s other “beloved friends.” The name of Poroshenko himself has not yet been named, however, it is already in the queue. Abromavicius has already appointed a term, according to him, everything should be decided by the end of February. Or Poroshenko and his friends will declare surrender, or ...

Much remains, of course, behind the scenes. It is difficult to explain, for example, the unsinkability of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, the motives of the psychic attacks on Yatsenyuk and Avakov, the tie governor Saakashvili, on what does Zits-President Poroshenko, after all, count?

If Poroshenko does not give up all property to the western colonialists-creditors, he himself will be accused of corruption. If he gives up, his oligarchic army will rebel, and the “reforms” will finally destabilize the economy, which, in fact, rests on the informal and “corruption” connections of the remaining oligarchs. Without so-called “corruption,” Ukraine’s economy will collapse, that’s the problem!

In general, the policy of Poroshenko "neither" Minsk ", nor war" put everyone in a dead end, and Europe, and the United States, and Russia. At the end of February, according to the ultimatum of Abromavicius, Poroshenko may lose legitimacy for the West, because of its uselessness.

Some observers believe: “the crisis of Abromavicius” suggests that the most intelligent rats ran away from the ukrokorablya. Maybe. Maybe after the Munich Security Conference 12-14 in February, Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande will again have to fly urgently to Moscow to see Vladimir Putin.
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  1. Sensatus
    Sensatus 12 February 2016 06: 36
    Initially, it was clear that Poroshenko signed the agreement on the principle: by that time, either the donkey would die, or the padish. No one from the Ukrainian side was going to implement this agreement.
    1. IrOqUoIs
      IrOqUoIs 12 February 2016 07: 17
      I doubt that Pedro Gunpowder knew this story with Hajj, however, as an experienced thief, he sensed this ridge. To break this ridge, yes from the heart.
    2. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 12 February 2016 18: 48
      Funeral "Minsk-2"

      Quote: Pereira
      Judging by the article

      It’s just not clear why to squeeze into a photo about an Ukrainian subject a photo with a calculation and a KS-19M2 gun (performing avalanche work) belonging to the North Caucasian Military Service? ..
  2. Pereira
    Pereira 12 February 2016 06: 37
    Judging by the article, two years of the funeral of the Poroshenko regime were unsuccessful. Not so simple it turned out. On the other side behind the media fools quietly stood stupid people who took control of the situation.
    When I wrote about this in posts, I was mercilessly mined for my defeatist moods and accused of banderophilia.
    I will read the comments on this article with interest.
  3. D-Master
    D-Master 12 February 2016 06: 47
    Most likely the denouement is very close. One thing is extremely sad, the denouement will again be flooded with blood to the eyebrows. The tension in a tightly twisted spring is sure to break out one instantly. There will be either a blow to Donetsk or a coup with a wave of violence throughout Ukraine ... Alas.
  4. engineer
    engineer 12 February 2016 07: 02
    Minsk was originally a stillborn child. execute it for don pedro is political suicide. but rather not just political. the resolution of problems is simply postponed and it will be forceful. and in what form is not yet clear.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 12 February 2016 07: 26
    The funeral of "Minsk-2" took place .. in fact, but there will be no third .. But Minsk-2 played a role, and would say positive ...
  6. Cobra77
    Cobra77 12 February 2016 07: 30
    Quote: Pereira
    Judging by the article, two years of the funeral of the Poroshenko regime were unsuccessful. Not so simple it turned out. On the other side behind the media fools quietly stood stupid people who took control of the situation.
    When I wrote about this in posts, I was mercilessly mined for my defeatist moods and accused of banderophilia.
    I will read the comments on this article with interest.

    You're right. But the problem is not that behind the clowns from the Maidan are not stupid people. The problem is that behind the LDNR there are cowardly, greedy and not far-sighted people. And therefore, Minsk-2 will be livelier than all the living ....
    1. co-creator
      co-creator 12 February 2016 09: 06
      Another adherent of the Strelka sect. How not tired of this mantra to sing for a year.
  7. Victor Kamenev
    12 February 2016 08: 09
    I dare to assure you that there are far fewer fools in the world than cobras think about it. There are many more cobras who consider others to be fools, and therefore they often remain fools themselves. Donbass is played, if you like, by Putin and Lavrov, and in general the Kremlin. And for Russia. And only fools think that it is easy and simple, they just need to throw all the missiles, tanks and soldiers: there will not be enough caps, but the cobras will remain in their holes with secret knowledge.
  8. Kum
    Kum 12 February 2016 08: 15
    I always thought that negotiating with Bandera was a waste of time. Leopard change his spots.
  9. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 12 February 2016 08: 17
    Isn’t it time for the people on the outskirts to wake up, unite with the army and throw all these Jews out into the world? Or is it too early? Weapons for a massive civilian there should already be enough. I think not long left.
  10. Valery 1966
    Valery 1966 12 February 2016 09: 12
    McCain John bought a shale field in eastern Ukraine in the Donbass. If you fulfill Minsk 2 by amending the constitution, giving Donbas self-government, even if it is part of Ukraine, they simply will not let them go. The United States has only one scenario left to pick up what they bought by military means and by the hands of the Ukrainians themselves. They themselves certainly will not go there, they are afraid of Russia.
  11. triglav
    triglav 12 February 2016 11: 24
    These negotiation agreements are fictitious. Khokhlovskie bosses are not going to do anything. And the integrity of Ukraine can be saved only by removing Petya and the government. And we only lose time there. Nobody is going to cancel sanctions against us.
  12. iouris
    iouris 12 February 2016 11: 48
    Who needs the "integrity" of this Ukraine? Why save her?
    In general, the redistribution of the political map of the world begins.
  13. sa-ag
    sa-ag 12 February 2016 11: 54
    Gas in the Donbass must be found, immediately amazing miracles will begin
  14. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 February 2016 12: 17
    Eternally drunk, little was left. Only have time to run to the ladder with suitcases!
  15. Nord2015
    Nord2015 12 February 2016 12: 41
    And in the photo, by accident, is the non-avalanche service working?
    1. surovts.valery
      surovts.valery 12 February 2016 15: 00
      Googled. Yes, it is 100 mm. 19 KS-1947 anti-aircraft gun, removed from armament.
      Here is from Wiki:
      Until now, the KS - 19 guns have been used by avalanche services to prevent the descent of snow avalanches, as well as to disperse hail clouds. To this end, a special shell was created for her containing chemicals that causes precipitation from the clouds

      And when I looked at the photo (it’s kind of like mountains there), at first I thought that the ukrovoens had already begun to use this relic, especially since the ammunition for this gun in the warehouses should be, as it were, because even for our anti-avalanche service, shells, according to a government decree, are supplied by the Moscow Region (900 pieces per year).
  16. lel
    lel 12 February 2016 13: 37
    at the end of February 2014 he was traveling to the Crimea from Dnepropetrovsk ... there were a few cars on the highway, such was the hope of seeing the Russian army on the road ... Ukraine was not ready for military operations, it could be captured in the light ... put (tie) Yanukovych on armored personnel carrier ... Russian troops in the form of a golden eagle and in Kiev ... and introduce martial law in the country to arrest these juntas ... how many lives could be saved ...
  17. Makarov
    Makarov 12 February 2016 13: 53
    Excellent article with very competent analytics. Thanks to the author!)
  18. Cobra77
    Cobra77 12 February 2016 14: 19
    Quotation: blooded man
    Another adherent of the Strelka sect. How not tired of this mantra to sing for a year.

    What is HPP? When Ukria fall apart, freezes and falls into the hands of the Russian Federation? Not tired?
    There is nothing for the shooters to do here, it’s enough to look at the dynamics in the past 2-3 years to understand that Minsk-2 is for a very long time and primarily because of ours.
  19. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 12 February 2016 16: 46
    You cannot bury what was not born. The undead are only a stake of aspen and without any funeral ... Ukronazis will not stop. They have a necromantic cult. Death cult. What are the main wishes from Bander in case of communication in social networks, for example? Does everyone remember? That's right: "To make everyone die!" (C). What is the meaning of the Donbass struggle? "For everyone to live!" (c) FACTS in any discussion!
    What they want for everyone is what they will get! LAW OF MIRROR OF WISHES IN THE UNIVERSE. Everything comes back, a hundred times reinforced. Maydanutye dream of coffins, there will be!
  20. Parmalan
    Parmalan 12 February 2016 21: 15
    News from the category ..... The moon is a satellite of the Earth.
  21. Fastenkov
    Fastenkov 12 February 2016 21: 17
    Another yellow-delirious nonsense, in order to be noted. They mixed the oligarchs' property with the oligarchs from the United States into a heap and weaned, and Minsk-2 was dragged and put a gun. This is not about you, Lavrov put it, covering his lips with his hand?
    Ignorant, what the hell are you yelling at a pro-Russian resource that Minsk-2 (peace in Ukraine and Donbas) so needed by the people of TAM and Russia is already buried? Would you rather go to the army or to the factory to work. Or at least do not publish from under the pen. Let relatives read .... at least.
  22. jakub
    jakub 12 February 2016 22: 58
    again, we lose poitsana and you need to beat the horseradish for those who finance a couple of boxes of Euro sweets with a banker and everything will fall into place
  23. saper2463
    saper2463 13 February 2016 03: 18
    Hello. And I will tell you that leaving populist comments without knowing the nature and mechanism of implementation of the Minsk agreements is not very necessary. So, the security subgroup, in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of the parties to the conflict, is conducting serious work and does not allow escalation. Therefore, Minsk lives, frail, painful, but alive.