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OSCE Deputy Head of OSCE SMM saw the MLRS Army of the LC, but didn’t see 130’s violations by Ukrainian security forces

Alexander Hug, Deputy Head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in the Donbass, said that the use of multiple launch rocket systems was observed in the area of ​​the contact line. At the same time, Hug does not say which of the parties to the MLRS in the conflict area he uses, but he said that with the help of personnel obtained from the drone, he saw the MLRS in the territory controlled by the LC.

OSCE Deputy Head of OSCE SMM saw the MLRS Army of the LC, but didn’t see 130’s violations by Ukrainian security forces

It should be recalled that the MLRS as part of other heavy weapons must be removed from the contact line on the basis of the Minsk agreements, which are exactly one year on these days.

Alexandra Huga quotes RIA News:
Yesterday we recorded the use of Grad multiple launch rocket systems. Last night I also received an image made by one of our UAVs. It recorded the presence of volley fire systems hidden under trees in an area controlled by the so-called LC.

It is strange that the drone personnel did not allow Mr. Hugu to see how the Ukrainian security forces are shelling the territory of the people's republics of Donbass every day. Thus, in the village of Svobodnoye (DPR), the Ukrainian security forces struck with D-30 guns. Several shells caliber 152 mm fell near the school building. One civilian was injured.

Donetsk News Agency reports that in the past 24 hours alone, the Ukrainian security forces 130 once violated the ceasefire by firing on the territory of the DPR using various types of weapons and military equipment.
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  1. newcomer
    newcomer 11 February 2016 16: 02 New
    yes my god you are! who would doubt that they see what tolerantly fits into the image of a poor and humiliated European dill.
    1. Vend
      Vend 11 February 2016 16: 05 New
      As they say, buy glasses laughing Looks like he needs to be wiped with dollar or euro papers.
      1. Major Yurik
        Major Yurik 11 February 2016 16: 09 New
        This hungover uncle with HUG eyesight and underpants with symbols obsessed with a helmet on, of course the ultimate truth for Eurohryuns, and HUG with them, let's break through! am
        1. cap
          cap 11 February 2016 16: 19 New
          Quote: Major Yurik
          This hungover uncle with HUG eyesight and underpants with symbols obsessed with a helmet on, of course the ultimate truth for Eurohryuns, and HUG with them, let's break through! am

          He reminds me of the plumbers foreman, on Monday morning. It was business. He looked, turned around and said, I’ll come tomorrow.
        2. boec
          boec 11 February 2016 19: 34 New
          The HUG face asks for a paintball ball in a helmet.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 11 February 2016 16: 05 New
      Here is this stupidity with abduction. Took tanks 15 km. Well, not in the Petrovsky district, but in Budenovsky, what do you think for how much in the city they will be in positions in the event of an APU? Or the same 82-mm and 120-mm mortars? Or art at 35km?
      Yes, and no one takes away anything that the APU, ours.
      Right click on the image and click "Open"
      1. Baikonur
        Baikonur 11 February 2016 16: 16 New
        All OSCEry lies! They are against us! They may not even look. They are told what to say ("see")!

        PS: Vladyka Sith (Sergei), Yesterday in your post there was infa "Sych" and about the situation (mood) in the ranks of the militia, the army of the LDNR. Tell me whether the attitude towards the concept of "NovoRussia" has changed!

        Duplicate in PM please, otherwise I can’t see it.
      2. Red_Hamer
        Red_Hamer 11 February 2016 17: 52 New
        Why are they smoking so heavy there? But in general, yes, all of our armata were burned, the mechanic-water specialists from Buryatia were killed, and how, with well-aimed shots from the SVD! Damage is what irreparable we suffered! And yes, they disappeared unnoticed, the meanness is what, now you can’t prove the presence. And after all, really, they themselves believe in this nonsense, first invent it, and then believe it! Clinic!
      3. KVS
        KVS 11 February 2016 23: 07 New
        so he --- Guy ... that says it all
  2. Const
    Const 11 February 2016 16: 03 New
    What does this mission-commission see there, besides LDNR. Representatives are entirely NATO troops. That’s the whole story. They would be put in the trenches on both sides without TV, Internet and a warm toilet. Then the eyes would be afraid to close.
  3. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer 11 February 2016 16: 04 New
    Enlightenment will begin only if the OSCE mission itself is destroyed by fire from the Ukrainian side. And dying civilians and fighters of the DNI and LC, it seems, they are not interested. For this interest is not paid.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 11 February 2016 16: 05 New
      Quote: Reserve officer
      The insight will begin only if the OSCE mission itself is destroyed by fire from the Ukrainian side.

      Will not start. They will write off the provocation of the DRR DPR, disguised as the Ukrainian military.
      Don't you remember the crown excuse - "they shell themselves"?
    2. 2С5
      2С5 12 February 2016 00: 17 New
      ... even if destroyed, as you say, all the same during the trial it will turn out that these "damned separatists" fired special shells that fly so cunningly ... th "o" b "t! ameroshiks, and then out of anger that they cannot get into themselves, the OSCE people start to burn cars and other "desperately engaged in the purpose of denigrating the non-happy APUs, who are so because of them in leaky tents and sleep in the snow, but are malnourished and sleep deprived ... barbarians in the DPR and LPR, they have nothing sacred crying
  4. crazyboiler
    crazyboiler 11 February 2016 16: 04 New
    And the photo and the expression on his friend's face seem to say: "I'm too old for all this shit!" :)
    1. Michael67
      Michael67 11 February 2016 16: 07 New
      On his face is written "Piss in my eyes - God's dew." By the way, the helmet is already wet along the way. Looks like someone has already put it.
  5. Michael67
    Michael67 11 February 2016 16: 04 New
    OSCE OSCE employees serve the interests of the customers of the war - sashashnikov. Who would doubt that they would not notice a log in their eye?
  6. Cympak
    Cympak 11 February 2016 16: 07 New
    - Have you had any accidents at the construction site?
    - Not
    - will be
  7. scrap123
    scrap123 11 February 2016 16: 07 New
    yes it’s time to drive them from there already, they are guzzling on a freebie and are engaged in chatter, it is not clear why they are there
    1. 2С5
      2С5 12 February 2016 00: 21 New
      ... and they are there in order to spoil the air at the right time ... something is not heard about their missions in Syria ... strange request Maybe because there really is RUSSIA at war? And there is nowhere to hide if you don’t sit in a tavern and in a hotel you don’t sleep, in the same place you REALLY need to work under fire and in trenches, danuna "x we better hang out in more comfortable conditions in XXLandiya and without losses and the same loot ... tongue
  8. Tusv
    Tusv 11 February 2016 16: 07 New
    I liked the folk fun "I do not believe". And play poorly in "edible not edible"?
  9. Redfox3k
    Redfox3k 11 February 2016 16: 08 New
    Duc Khug is there for this purpose and is located to see the artillery DNR_LNR and not to see the use of art-systems of Ukrainians on the territory of the DNR-LNR. This is the OSCE. The tool of the Anglo-Saxons.
  10. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 11 February 2016 16: 09 New
    This is OBSE, like in that anigdote, two go to the girls, one blind, one-eyed, one-eyed with one eye ran into a bitch. And he says, they’ve all come. The blind gives out, hello girls.
  11. LVMI1980
    LVMI1980 11 February 2016 16: 10 New
    Morons, the first kilotons they will receive am
  12. scrap123
    scrap123 11 February 2016 16: 10 New
    yes they are all homosexual there)))
  13. mintai_kot
    mintai_kot 11 February 2016 16: 12 New
    I resident Debaltseve, as no one knows what kind of CREATURE !!!
  14. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 11 February 2016 16: 12 New
    The OSCE has long been morally degraded, and it’s not an independent observer. So, yard-level fishing.
  15. afrikanez
    afrikanez 11 February 2016 16: 15 New
    Yes, to drive all theirs OSCE to hell with the dog! angry
    WHITE CAT 11 February 2016 16: 25 New
    No wonder. It would be strange if they said the opposite. The main thing is to keep everyone in good shape: Russia is the enemy. And then after all, monetary allowance will be cut off or deprived altogether.
  17. nrex
    nrex 11 February 2016 16: 27 New
    To take aside and in a rather restrained manner explain to a person how to behave. Around one homosexual in the literal and figurative sense.
  18. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 11 February 2016 16: 28 New
    As the saying goes, "piss in the eyes, and he is God's dew." They see what they want to see and what they don't want ...
  19. russmensch
    russmensch 11 February 2016 16: 28 New
    Strange, why is there no signature under the article? Well, at least NIK. After all, you read, mistakes pop into your eyes and involuntarily you think - if the article is not competent, is it a fake or something else? It is written here "So, in the village of Svobodnoye (DPR), Ukrainian security forces attacked from the D-30 guns. Several shells of 152 mm caliber fell near the school building.“But excuse me, the 122 mm D-30 howitzer has a caliber of 122 mm. What shells of a larger caliber do they write about? And now doubts creep in, whether there’s an article for the“ tonus ”of quilted jackets.
    1. vkfriendly
      vkfriendly 11 February 2016 16: 49 New
      easily, they are stupid fakes of the master, because they are mainly hawed by stupid Ukrainians. Therefore, they don’t bother too thinking up another fable. Once Sharia just looks and everything becomes clear.
  20. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 11 February 2016 16: 34 New
    It is disgusting to read and see such statements! In one world they’re oiled ... But it’s just interesting how much more patience the Russian side will have ?! We are blamed for everything! Then why be afraid? Anyway, whether we do something or don’t do it, Russia and Putin are to blame. Isn’t it time to put all this scum in its place ?!
    1. vkfriendly
      vkfriendly 11 February 2016 16: 46 New
      Yes, who else would listen to us? I fully support. Fell down reptiles to the fullest. We must start from the financial elite from them all the wars and troubles. And finish with ghouls and sixes such as Offal and egg-laying with all Bandera's wickedness, all Svidomo lustrairuyut by their example.
  21. wandlitz
    wandlitz 11 February 2016 16: 49 New
    OSCE mission is three monkeys "I don't see anything, I don't hear anything, I won't tell anyone".
  22. triglav
    triglav 11 February 2016 16: 50 New
    Blind Alexander is a good call for him.
  23. YGV-97219
    YGV-97219 11 February 2016 18: 52 New
    One must be very naive to believe in the objectivity of the OSCE!
  24. voronbel53
    voronbel53 11 February 2016 19: 05 New
    No one will ever see anything from this sharaga. Just as the oil tankers going to Turkey do not see the shelling of cities in Syria, they will demand an end to the bombing of the civilian population by our airborne forces and a lot of things to not see, what they should, and notice what is not there - everyone has one owner, the United States. And while they need it, everything will happen this way, contrary to all logic, until there is a force worthy to give an adequate answer to all old questions. I think Russia will answer all the questions so that later they do not arise, this is its mission in history ...
  25. Sibiryak13
    Sibiryak13 11 February 2016 19: 10 New
    These idiots there are not monitoring, but are engaged in espionage.
  26. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 11 February 2016 19: 34 New
    All these pro-Western missions do not see and do not want to see violations on the Ukrainian side. Their task is to discredit the "so-called" (their definition) republics of the DPR and LPR.
  27. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 11 February 2016 19: 51 New
    How strange they are to see something !!!!!
  28. rus-5819
    rus-5819 11 February 2016 19: 52 New
    Quote: afrikanez
    Yes, to drive all theirs OSCE to hell with the dog! angry

    ..... on the Ukrainian side in theirs "fortified areas" of boxes and cellophane ...
  29. Playerman
    Playerman 11 February 2016 20: 10 New
    Yes, kick them already in the ass. Absolutely worthless sharash-office of staring creatures am
  30. hartlend
    hartlend 11 February 2016 20: 10 New
    If you want to be the deputy head of the SMM Observe, be in the trend. And then you can lose your job.
  31. German Titov
    German Titov 11 February 2016 22: 20 New
    I somehow "sarcastically know" they have no flu epidemic? Or diarrhea? The fact that night blindness is present and "a no brainer" (not to the one that is eaten up in Russia). For two years I have been watching these faces, I don’t understand "on a hiba" are they in Donetsk? Somewhere in dreams "If only they had diarrhea, but for a week. We would put up border posts on the border of the Krasnoarmeisky and Volodarsky regions. Change the flag.
  32. Trophxnumx
    Trophxnumx 11 February 2016 23: 44 New
    This is not the OSCE, but the agents of the Junta or the CIA (at least some of them for sure) ... What do you think on whose "mill" they will pour water. It is high time to expel this rascal and close access to all military facilities. And especially to the "devotees" you can apply other tactics, which will not be voiced here.
  33. sgr291158
    sgr291158 12 February 2016 05: 53 New
    You see the gopher, no. But he is.
  34. shimus
    shimus 12 February 2016 06: 24 New
    Eyes to them .... acid! Then the information will be more accurate!