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Defense requires "smart weapons"

Defense requires "smart weapons""The key role is played by the creation of robotic complexes." With these words, the Ministry of Defense describes how the Russian military science will develop in the coming years. However, this is not the only element of today's understanding of what the war will look like in the near future.

The Minister of Defense approved the concept of improving the military-scientific complex for the period up to 2025.

Lieutenant-General Igor Makushev, Deputy Head of the General Staff, Chairman of the Military Scientific Committee, said that the document provides for a set of measures aimed at building up the personnel potential of institutes, expanding their capacity to conduct research and clarifying the topics of these studies. He noted that the implementation of the concept is divided into three main stages.
“In the first of these, in 2016, it is intended to form the basis for further development. During the year, it is planned to adjust the directions of the institutions and improve the existing training mechanisms, especially civilian specialists, in order to start their implementation at the second stage, ”the deputy head of the General Staff explained, RIA reports.News».

In the period from 2017 to 2020, the main activities of the concept are planned - building up the scientific potential, upgrading the experimental and testing base, and expanding the interaction of military institutions with scientific organizations of other ministries and departments, Makushev noted.

“Only in the third stage, in the period from 2021 to 2025, is the possibility of restructuring the military-scientific complex, aimed at creating new scientific organizations and structural units of existing ones,” the chairman of VNK said.

Science will answer the challenges

The main goal of the development of the military-scientific complex in the long term is the creation and implementation of an advanced scientific and technical reserve that ensures the military security and defense capability of the state, as well as the high combat readiness of the Armed Forces, ”he said.

“In other words, military science today should not only identify the main threats and challenges to the security of our country, but also provide answers to how to counter these threats,” said the deputy head of the General Staff.

He stressed that based on these tasks, the subjects of research conducted by military institutes are formed. “So, today the priority research areas include the study of non-military ways to achieve military goals and asymmetric responses to enemy hostilities. When developing weapons, the key role is played by the creation of robotic complexes, ”the lieutenant-general said.
“This is primarily about the emergence of new types of wars, like hybrid wars, and on the other hand, a new kind of wars is emerging, such as innovative wars,” Alexander Perendzhiev, an expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists, told the VZGLYAD newspaper. - And today we are preparing for them, and maybe in some way we are leading. Especially now in the West, generals have also thought about how to respond more effectively to Russia in the field of hybrid and innovative wars. ”

According to him, the concept of innovative wars involves the creation of the so-called smart weaponswhich can incapacitate enemy equipment, and moreover, turn it against him. “This is being developed within the framework of the American lightning strike concept. In this situation, we are working out the questions of how to respond to this blow and, moreover, act proactively. We can talk about psychological technologies, systems of influence on consciousness. In fact, we are now developing weapons using such subtle matters that used to be considered something of a fantasy: psychotronic, climatic, tectonic weapons - all from the field of innovative wars, ”the expert noted.

The concept of a lightning strike that the US leadership is implementing suggests that precision instruments must be capable of hitting objects anywhere in the world within an hour, and within this concept pays a lot of attention to the development of hypersonic rockets. Traditional intercontinental ballistic missiles are not very suitable for such use, since tracking devices from other countries, determining launch, cannot classify whether a missile is equipped with a nuclear warhead or not. Hypersonic devices are the way out in this situation.

“For Americans, nuclear weapons are already weapons of yesterday, because they have tremendous superiority in conventional high-precision weapons,” Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine, told the VIEW newspaper. - Therefore, they are interested in reducing the arsenal of all nuclear states, above all, of course, Russia. Russia has a different concept: we are building an aerospace defense system based on C-500, in order to level US superiority in this area. The C-500 will also be designed to intercept the hypersonic strike aircraft that Americans are experiencing today. ”

Non-military ways

“We see that often military objectives are attempted to be achieved by non-military means,” said Victor Murakhovsky, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland journal, to the VIEW OF VIEW. “By the way, the US national military doctrine focuses on such methods, in particular, working in cyberspace, in the information space, and working with elites and leaders.”

At the end of 2014, the American generals published a new concept of “Victory in a difficult world” (Win in a Complex World), which analyzes in detail the actions of the Russian army and the Russian state during the Crimean events and concludes that there is a lot to learn.

“Russia has deployed and focused diplomatic, informational, military, and economic efforts to carry out what some experts call non-linear operations,” the document says. It notes that Russia conducted the operation without crossing the line that would require a response from NATO. “In addition, Russia used the possibilities of cyberspace and social networks to influence the perception of events in the country and abroad and provide cover for large-scale military operations,” the authors of the concept write.

One of the cornerstones of the proposed concept is the proposal to integrate military efforts with diplomats, UN staff, activists of international organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, foreign partners, that is, the military should not act separately from politicians, diplomats , international organizations, special services, etc. - as experts noted, the absence of this just led to the fact that the US military successes in Iraq and Afghanistan were wiped out.

Robot Union

As for the robotic complexes, which the Russian military decided to stake on, Murakhovsky noted that they are already playing a large role in the fighting. “If we look at unmanned aerial vehicles — a typical example of robotic systems — many of them work autonomously,” he said. - Now we are talking about the creation of systems of such complexes. This is called a “swarm” or a “flock”, which, under the guidance of artificial intelligence, accepts certain combat orders, solves a certain range of tasks. Now ground, surface and underwater robotic complexes are developing energetically. And it is clear that this will be one of the main trends in the development of military equipment in the near and medium term. ”

"In addition, elements of artificial intelligence are beginning to make their way as a decision support system in automated command and control systems," he added.
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  1. evil partisan
    evil partisan 14 February 2016 06: 33 New
    Artificial intelligence is, of course, wonderful, but people will still make the final decisions of a conceptual nature. And then he will need high human intelligence. And the system of search, selection and training of such people must be created. In some form, it certainly exists, but it is still very far from the Soviet one.
    1. Army1
      Army1 14 February 2016 12: 28 New
      Well, I do not agree that the United States has a huge superiority in conventional weapons this time, and the most interesting thing, in the case of the United States, their "superiority" is spread over the world. But they do not have enemies on their continent, so it's time to create hotbeds near the US borders, and that's another story.
      1. Former battalion commander
        Former battalion commander 14 February 2016 19: 01 New
        "Well, I don't agree that the US has a huge superiority."

        Unfortunately, the superiority of the US army over the Russian one is significant! For ALL POSITIONS almost double and this is without taking into account the forces of their allies! Parity only on Nuclear and Tank weapons.
      2. opus
        opus 15 February 2016 04: 07 New
        Quote: Army1
        Well, I do not agree that the United States has a huge superiority in conventional weapons this time

        this time

        As of 2016, the army of Russia is about 770 thousand people, which makes it one of the largest in the world. Its annual budget is 64 billion dollars and the third place on the planet in military spending. The number of military equipment available in the Armed Forces is as follows: 2155 towed artillery pieces, 2646 self-propelled guns, 2867 tanks and 10 720 armored vehicles. In addition, the Russian Federation is the leader in the number of nuclear warheads.
        I will not even compare the capabilities of the US and Russian industries, empty
        Quote: Army1
        And most interestingly, in the case of the United States, their "superiority" is spread over the world.

        So it’s easier for them (it’s always more difficult for the surrounded).

        Well, whatever they spread around the world, there is NATO (there are all kinds of Europe with 500 million people, Turkey, Japan, KSA, etc.)
        There is no "Warsaw Pact", there are no friends either.
        Do you really think that Lukashenka "will come to help"?
        The demons surrounded ("walled up")
      3. starper
        starper 20 February 2016 05: 19 New
        It is not spread out but dispersed and it makes sense. Try to control what moves where? Not enough satellites. And to strike .....
  2. yuriy55
    yuriy55 14 February 2016 08: 11 New
    I recognize the use of artificial intelligence only in cases where the participation of a person in any military operation is not necessary or is associated with the absurdity of use. As an example, I can give you a separating warhead of an intercontinental missile ... Agree, four parts - four kamikaze pilots ...

    Artificial intelligence has good quality - the absence of emotions and nervous tremors. This is an accurate performer. An impeccable tool that obeys the will of man. Its use on a large scale is inevitable and it is necessary to approach this with the appropriate training of military personnel ...
    Sorry for the old grumbling ... hi
  3. Koshak
    Koshak 14 February 2016 08: 16 New
    Who will design and do? The question is not the first year is an edge ....
  4. cyber
    cyber 14 February 2016 08: 18 New
    In my humble opinion, smart weapons are not so simple. Here it is necessary to determine the priorities: from whom comes the main threat to Russia, i.e. who is the enemy and who is so. And what type of weapon can be used against this enemy. Today the main threat to Russia is NATO! Those. this is a danger that threatens the very existence of Russia as a state. Other threats like ISIS (banned in Russia) are threats of a more political nature, and when the stakes are raised, Russia will easily cope with them, of course, if there is political will of the leaders. At the same time, he can cope literally in a few days if he leads a war of total destruction of the enemy without regard to the opinion of "partners" and using the entire available range of weapons, even without smart ammunition! They will not even have time to harness the donkeys to the cart.

    Why do we need smart weapons and how can it affect the improvement of Russia's security? This weapon is extremely expensive, it will not be mass produced in the current economic situation, but what is produced requires huge production costs. In the event of a global non-nuclear conflict, weapons of this type will be extremely difficult to produce for many objective reasons. But a conflict using conventional weapons is in many ways a conflict of economies (in contrast to a nuclear conflict in which the first strike destroys almost everyone). Those. you need to build up large reserves in peacetime because in wartime, it is unlikely that it will be possible to replenish the ammunition load of smart ammunition.

    At the same time, the capacities of our defense industry are not unlimited, and judging by some recent reports on TOPWAR, there is already a problem with conventional ammunition: we destroy the old ones, and we do not produce new ones in the required quantity. Moreover, it turns out there is a problem with machine tools for enterprises producing conventional ammunition!

    Spells that the US considers nuclear weapons obsolete do not stand up to scrutiny, as does the prospect of a global strike anywhere in the world. Russia and now can strike at any point of the planet in the shortest possible time. And what difference does that make? Nothing at all. Without the support of the international community (if we are not the United States), a strike with either smart or nuclear weapons will cause the same reaction! And given the aggregate military power of NATO members, it makes no sense for Russia to use conventional weapons against NATO, and such weapons cannot be a deterrent for NATO.

    PS. All of the above is of course IMHO laughing the question is raised by a serious one, and of course, all relevant institutions and institutes must calculate all the pros and cons.
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 14 February 2016 08: 24 New
      Quote: cyber
      the question is raised by a serious one, and of course, all relevant institutions and institutes must calculate all the pros and cons.

      For the attempt to facilitate the work of these specialized institutes - deserved +. hi
    2. lotar
      lotar 14 February 2016 10: 41 New
      Back in the days of the USSR, storage facilities were organized throughout the country for everything that might be needed in extreme times. Some of them have a signature stamp in secret. Now there is an active construction of new ones and reconstruction of old storage facilities, where a lot of what is needed today is being transported. I that’s what I’m saying everything, no matter how much modern weaponry is produced, it will still not be enough in the event of a global conflict. And this applies not only to our army, but also to any other. The USA has succeeded in public relations of its weapons, though in It doesn’t go as smoothly as they would like. An example with F-35 is far from the last, there are other promising projects that hit the taxpayer very much. And in my opinion, it’s good that the allocated money was spent so ineptly. I hope that Ours in this regard are more serious people, but examples like the East in every way kill this hope in the bud.
  5. Million
    Million 14 February 2016 09: 22 New
    Smart weapons must be created by smart people. The current education system does not need such people
  6. Sirocco
    Sirocco 14 February 2016 09: 24 New
    Defense requires "smart weapons"

    I will say briefly, we need yesterday, reform in the education system. This topic has been discussed more than once. It's time to move from desires to actions. And while education is divorced from production, you should not wait for change. After all, the state is a customer in our education system? Yes. This means that at this stage, idle idols are beneficial. request
  7. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 14 February 2016 10: 56 New
    About the hybrid war.
    Crimea was returned due to the fact that the people of the peninsula did not rely on Kiev propaganda. The fifth column in Crimea - the Crimean Tatars - was effectively neutralized.
    In Russia, the fifth column has been represented by a different people since 1917. Recently, they are also beginning to pinch it. Example - Misha 2% (Kasyanov) was forced to flee from N. Novgorod in disgrace. A united people cannot be defeated from within. A classic war is already a matter of technology. In this regard, we do not lag behind our "partners".
    1. cyber
      cyber 14 February 2016 12: 34 New
      Cohesive people are really hard to beat, but you can! Therefore, the question rightly arises: how united is the people of Russia? Thanks to Putin, most of the people have become united in front of external threats. Ordinary people agreed to tighten their belts in exchange for ... what? Here is the main question: what does the people want so badly that he is ready to sacrifice various benefits such as sneakers, jeans, Mercedes repeat ? Although I'm lying ... those who are on Mercedes are most often not ready to sacrifice anything (not all of course, there should be exceptions within the margin of error).
      It’s just that sacrifice must be fueled by something, you cannot endlessly enjoy the trust of the people and don’t give them anything substantial in return, except taxes, wild price increases, growing unemployment and other misfortunes. Everyone has a margin of safety, even the most die-hard fighters can experience moments of despair. In Russia, there has always been one of the troubles, in addition to fools and roads - these are "WESTERNS", unconditionally worshiping the "civilized" West. Such personalities prevail in the top management of Russian companies and allow statements like "Russia downshifter" to be made by themselves without actually doing anything useful for the state. For this category, the most important thing is to show loyalty to the West, to its "values", while denying the originality of Russia! Keeping such people in control is a big mistake.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 14 February 2016 11: 31 New
    "The Pentagon" is curtailing all work on the production of ammunition with "artificial intelligence": the last sample, the so-called "smart" bomb, and failed to push out of the plane ... "
    1. cyber
      cyber 14 February 2016 12: 12 New
      I agree, the "smart" bomb resisted to the last and shouted "I want to live" laughing
    2. cyber
      cyber 14 February 2016 12: 12 New
      I agree, the "smart" bomb resisted to the last and shouted "I want to live" laughing
  9. valent45
    valent45 14 February 2016 11: 58 New
    To create smart weapons you need to change the system of our education.
    Our guys at the latest mathematical and other intellectual competitions
    far from prize places. Our liberal government has switched to
    Western model of education, hence the results.
  10. TOR2
    TOR2 14 February 2016 16: 27 New
    Quote: cyber
    Why do we need smart weapons and how can it affect the improvement of Russia's security? This weapon is extremely expensive.

    To make it cheaper, dual-use technologies are simply needed. Otherwise, no budget will be enough. Not so long ago, in an interview with one of the channels, Chemezov said: "by 2020, at least 40% of the Rostec corporation's products should be produced for civilian needs. Moreover, in terms of quality, it should not be inferior to foreign samples."
    1. cyber
      cyber 14 February 2016 20: 00 New
      It is logical, just what they did in the USSR. Many probably remember the bike from the times of the USSR about "pasta and cartridges of the same caliber"
      1. TOR2
        TOR2 14 February 2016 22: 42 New
        Yes, but now pasta must be inferior in quality to Italian smile
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Kenneth
    Kenneth 14 February 2016 19: 30 New
    Personally, the only thing that scares me is that our and Ukrainian generals graduated from some schools and commanded platoons and battalions in the same army
    1. cyber
      cyber 14 February 2016 19: 56 New
      Quote: Kenneth
      Personally, the only thing that scares me is that our and Ukrainian generals graduated from some schools and commanded platoons and battalions in the same army

      Explain: scary in a good way? Or in the sense that we have the same ... as the Ukrainian generals?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. aiden
    aiden 15 February 2016 02: 32 New
    artificial intelligence is certainly good for sappers, firefighters, and so on. but not in all areas of our defenses. Here what can happen is what happened in the terminator. all there is a danger of hacking and managing these products by the enemy. the appearance of artificial intelligence will create (or already exist) special forces to combat it. and nothing is perfect
  13. starper
    starper 20 February 2016 05: 29 New
    In one of the TV reports, they showed an ATV driven by some kind of humanoid squalor which, in turn, was "controlled" by a person. The question is, why the hell do you need an intermediate link in the form of this wretched mechanism? Isn't it easier to make a simple radio controlled quadric? By the way, what the hell do you need this toy for? But someone gets money for such "projects"