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The headaches of the new government of Latvia: refugees and Russian language

On the eve (Tuesday, 9 of February), Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma held the last meeting of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers with the rank of head. Ms. Straujuma wrote a statement “on her own” back in December 2015, and now the resignation has taken place. And this resignation took place, in fact, not at all because the Cross of Recognition awarded (there is such an award in the Baltics) Strauyama really lit up with the desire to turn into an ordinary Latvian pensioner (lady of 1951), but because “Strauyama’s own desire” was dictated by intraparty pressure. And who in such countries as Latvia dictates the rules for withdrawing and appointing ministers and heads of government, is a separate occasion to talk ...

And to talk, it should be noted, is about what. The old government did not have time to be disbanded in Latvia and the new government began to form, the main candidate for which (according to all the democratic canons) by President Vejonis was announced a man named Maris Kuchinskis, as this most unformed new government has already outlined a number of main directions in its policy. The first direction: the solution of the tasks set by the EU for the quota admission of African and Middle Eastern refugees.

It should be noted here that the question of the entry of refugees into Latvia has become one of those pressure tools that Laimaduta Straujuma tried to resist. Seemingly a sort of gray mouse of the Baltic policy (of course, not like in all respects advanced Ms. Grybauskaite from neighboring Lithuania), Strauyama could actually afford (unlike the advanced Grybauskaite), well, almost openly, to declare her unwillingness to execute Brussels Wishlist Thus, Straujuma, during her premiership, repeatedly, referring to the leaders of the European Union, stated that it was foolish to distribute the ridiculous quotas across Europe, at a time when more than one and a half million refugees arrived in the EU. According to the prime minister (already former) of Latvia, the European Union had to think more about strengthening its external borders, caring primarily about the interests of its citizens.

For obvious reasons, after such words, Straujuma was noticed in the EU (first of all in the chambers of Angela Merkel) - they drew some time after not quite successful attempts to learn without mistakes to pronounce the name of the head of the Latvian Cabinet ... And if they paid attention to the EU, then he immediately had to pay this very attention to his colleagues in the Strauyuma party, after which she was suddenly and suddenly wanted to have a well-deserved rest ...
So here. The new government headed (supposedly) with Maris Kuczinskis (Union of Greens and Peasants) announced that Latvia will fulfill all obligations to the European Union for the reception of refugees in full. Merkel was relieved from the heart, but the idea of ​​rebellious slaves from among the Baltic officials was already spinning in the meanders of the Federal Chancellor of All Europe.

But Mr. Kuchinskis, as soon as he was relieved by Merkel, ran into what Strauyume had previously encountered. Latvia is a small country, everyone knows each other ... And the people rarely (very rarely) still want to express their opinions. Statements, if the most literary options are given, boiled down to something like the following: “Mr. Kuchinskis, that is, how to fulfill all the obligations to receive refugees ?!” And then, of course, an untranslatable wordplay using (as in the classic film) local dialects and idiomatic expressions ...

Such a reaction of the Latvians made the unformed Cabinet scratch their heads, and the same Kuchinskis, hoping that Frau Merkel was distracted by problems with Seehofer and the railway incident in Bavaria, said:
Earlier, we will fulfill the commitments given to the European Union under the quota of refugees, but we declare that Latvia cannot accept the additional number of immigrants yet.

The headaches of the new government of Latvia: refugees and Russian language

According to Kuchinskis, this is a “soft formulation.” The newly minted prime minister of Latvia quotes portal delfi:
I am against categorical words and harsh expressions that we will not do something that no one even offers to us.

From his comments on this “soft wording” it becomes clear that in the camp of the Latvian politicians for a long time they were looking for an option, as if to hint to the European Union that Latvia does not want thousands of refugees from Iraq, Libya and Syria to join it. According to Kuchinskis, he did it ...

Well, so that the European “partners” would not have a feeling of rebellion in the Latvian paper boat, Kuchinskis announced other steps that “his” government is going to take in a short time. One of these steps is the new educational standard, in which the concept of “Russian-language school” is absent, despite the fact that more than 27% of Russians live in Latvia and about 44% of Russian-speaking. The standard states that since September 2018, studies in all schools in Latvia will be conducted exclusively in Latvian as the only state language. Today in dozens of Latvian schools bilingual education (children are taught both in Latvian and Russian).

Having learned about the new educational standard in Latvia, the “Russian friends” in Europe breathed out again and, probably in their notebooks, circled Kuchinskis's name in a green oval - they say, our people should be supported ...

It should be noted that in January, 2016, the same Kuchinskis declared that he was not ready to carry out educational reform by the year of 2018, and offered to push it aside “for later”. But, apparently, it is not for that Kuchinskis who are trying to push the head of the Latvian government into the post to take into account the opinion of hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking citizens of the country.

By and large, there is no government in Latvia yet, and there are no heads of cabinet ministers in the country either. There is only one (and this is the apogee of democracy) candidate nominated by the President of Latvia, whom the Latvian people did not elect either ... And now this candidate is trying to declare the work of "his own cabinet", wagging his tail in such a way as to completely excite the people as well and, most importantly for him, like Eurocrats. Against this background, democratic Latvia, which breathes air free from “Soviet occupation”, for the first time in its stories faced with a complete lack of funds in the budget for free medical care.

From Twitter Mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov:
1986 year, turn to the store for alcohol. 2016 year, the queue to the hospital for free examinations.

The most interesting thing is that Kaczynskis, the sub-prime minister, has already stated that “he will require additional funds for Latvian healthcare” The main question: who will require? For those who continue to push to bring Latvian military spending under the NATO standard 2%? There it’s for sure that the Latvian medicine doesn’t give a damn ... Well, this isn’t "Soviet invaders" ...
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 February 2016 06: 54
    And now this candidate is now trying to declare the work of “his Cabinet”, wagging his tail so that it seems like the people are not completely excited, and, most importantly for him, the Eurocrats will like it.

    Another political vane appeared on the horizon. However, "the sum does not change from the change of the places of the terms". And as they were in power, they remained.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 February 2016 07: 01
    in the convolutions of the Federal Chancellor of all Europe, the idea of ​​serf rebels from among Baltic officials was already spinning.

    Baltic slaves will never become rebels. They can "rebel" a little in Brussels and then shoulder to shoulder with the Poles and at the prompting of the United States. Interestingly, money is begging the EU, and wagging its tail towards the United States. Some kind of wrong slaves.
    1. Belousov
      Belousov 10 February 2016 08: 33
      Why wrong? They are very correct, they perfectly understand who "dances" them and who gives the command to allocate handouts from the EU budget.
    2. Belousov
      Belousov 10 February 2016 08: 33
      Why wrong? They are very correct, they perfectly understand who "dances" them and who gives the command to allocate handouts from the EU budget.
  3. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 10 February 2016 07: 05
    As a person who grew up in Latvia, I well know the attitude of this small nation towards all who wish to incest it ..!
    I am sure that the stupid idea of ​​Europe with the Afro-Arab "supply" of our former Baltic republics will cause a much tougher (than in Germany) and rude attitude of the local population towards the objects of displacement.
    We'll see..
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 10 February 2016 08: 56
      That is why Latvians (and the rest of the Baltic states too) are doomed to extinction. They will not allow incest (I hope), they don’t want to reproduce themselves anymore, they don’t know how, they cannot, they don’t give ...
      There is already less population than in the Samara region.
      Soon everyone will forget that such a nation generally existed, but it is probably for the better. For its short existence, the Baltic states did not bring anything positive.
      1. Wolverine
        Wolverine 10 February 2016 10: 52
        If it weren’t for Russia of this nation for about 100 years there wouldn’t have been, we saved the language, culture and everything else for them, and they ... angry
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 10 February 2016 07: 11
    With all due respect to the Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of Latvia, I would like to note the following point - they actively voted for the separation of Latvia and other Baltic countries from the USSR. I affirm, not unfoundedly, but on the basis of personal acquaintances with then refugees from this euroray.
    The remaining ones, apparently, are quite satisfied with their current situation, otherwise half of the population of the same Latvia, for which the Russian mother tongue, would have long put the other half on their ears or achieved at least equal rights. hi
    1. Bosk
      Bosk 10 February 2016 07: 46
      Do you even know how many percent voted in the referendum for the preservation of the Union in Latvia? And about the fact that the "Popular Front" with the "Interfront" almost started a war? And how did Uncle Yeltsin and his “comrades” “threw” this Interfront, together with all the Russian-speaking people? and before judging the rest, you will remember from the beginning the beginning of the 90s ..., in the entire near abroad the Russians were "thrown", and in the south they were also naturally cut ... - do not judge and you will not be judged!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. bocsman
      bocsman 10 February 2016 11: 05
      I'll add more. After all, what is happening in Latvia did not happen in one day. And everything happened gradually, quiet glanders. No noise. Well, the most important thing is that almost all Russian-speaking people were deprived of their right to vote. And immediately two communities formed in the country, not just warring against each other, but with caution regarding each other. What allowed the ruling clique to push through all these cannibalistic citizenship laws on state. language about prohibitions on the profession, etc. It is clear who the director is and why all this was done. And Yeltsin sent them all this time gas at a discount. And at the expense of the protests, they were, but there was at least no moral support from Russia, and we all turned out to be useless to anyone, either to a new or historical homeland! And now, in addition to rare attacks by individual politicians from Russia, silence.
      1. andrewkor
        andrewkor 10 February 2016 19: 56
        I personally had the feeling that they spat in my soul when the EBN equated Russians with foreigners and introduced a 5-year qualification for disenfranchised residence in Russia to obtain citizenship. And VVP said: "Those who wanted to go to Russia have already arrived ..." And if I'm in age is not needed by anyone.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 10 February 2016 07: 21
    By and large - there is no government in Latvia yet, there are no cabinet ministers in the country either. ... And when was it? .. Under the present government, people from the country will not run up to work and will not dance to someone else's tune ..
  6. IrOqUoIs
    IrOqUoIs 10 February 2016 08: 49
    27% of Russians and about 44% of Russian speakers?
    So this is more than half of the total population of Latvia. And why are we sleeping then?
    Sweet European life is not boring yet chtoli? With so many Russian-speaking electorates, it has long been possible to make Latvia pro-Russian.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. bocsman
      bocsman 10 February 2016 11: 07
      Quote: IrOqUoIs
      27% of Russians and about 44% of Russian speakers?
      So this is more than half of the total population of Latvia. And why are we sleeping then?
      Sweet European life is not boring yet chtoli? With so many Russian-speaking electorates, it has long been possible to make Latvia pro-Russian.

      Late old man, late!
    3. flay
      flay 11 February 2016 13: 15
      Quote: IrOqUoIs
      27% of Russians and about 44% of Russian speakers?
      So this is more than half of the total population of Latvia. And why are we sleeping then?

      What do you think? Let us present this information in a different way to 44% of Russian-speakers, of whom 27% are Russian. It doesn’t work out half. Roughly speaking, Russian 1/3.
      "To make" Latvia pro-Russian, at least not quickly.
  7. Eustace
    Eustace 10 February 2016 09: 06
    Who will bite the hand with which he feeds? repeat
  8. Geser
    Geser 10 February 2016 11: 36
    Straujuma simply decided to jump off in time so that cones would not fall on her - she supposedly protected the country from migrants and could not. No matter how you protest against the placement of migrants in the Baltic states, do not evade and delay - they will come anyway. And then not only the government but also the people of Latvia will not have any headache, because migrants will quickly bend all the Baltic states and begin to have it anyway. And in the near future there will be nothing left of the Baltic - the youth will be blamed to the West, the elderly will die out. And the entire territory of the Baltic states will be gradually settled by migrants.
  9. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 10 February 2016 12: 27
    From somewhere in the net ...

    And let the head of free Latvians,
    gloomy like a proud hyena
    spread a pair of bunny ears
    on the valiant tabloid Diena -
    bared like a Nile crocodile,
    who cries if inconsolable -
    and drink not for those who won,
    but for the one who is hanged in Nuremberg.
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 10 February 2016 22: 18
      Yes, and sprats, I suppose, Kaliningrad.
  10. triglav
    triglav 10 February 2016 12: 52
    All my life they wanted independence. Now slurp a full spoon!
  11. izya top
    izya top 10 February 2016 15: 22
    Well here is the GDP is not to blame? Or how?
  12. Kibl
    Kibl 10 February 2016 17: 57
    The Riga City Municipality Police buys 60 sets of new special equipment! They are preparing, although what 60 "cyborgs" can do, the question remains open. Well, this is in the capital, but nothing about the rest of the regions, in the village of Mucenieki, where the temporary accommodation center for refugees and migrants is located, there is no police at all Only the state police and even then a small one, of course you can pull up the army or border guards, but in general this does not solve the problem in any way. In Latvia there are areas where there are 1-2 police officers for several thousand residents! And where these refugees will work, there is no place for their own to find work !
  13. resh
    resh 10 February 2016 19: 19
    The Latvian red arrows were the founders of the Red Army, guarded V.I. Lenin, carried out punitive operations with the Cheka. Why do not Europeans now remember their role in the October coup?
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 10 February 2016 19: 29
    The Baltic states could live like in Switzerland, or at least like in Finland, just pursuing a competent policy and taking full advantage of the neighborhood. But the dolboers do not live in peace .....................
  15. Stoler
    Stoler 10 February 2016 22: 12
    Bl! They do not want to teach our children in Russian, they will already teach their own, LATISH children, in Arabic and hide their brick-and-women women on farms !!!!
  16. Igor V
    Igor V 10 February 2016 22: 24
    I have an old coffee mill, not 51 years old of course, but also Straum. Buzzing loudly, grinding badly. So probably everything is in Latvia.