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Preparing for a fight with Russia

A military correspondent for The Telegraph reported that 1600 British troops will be deployed to the Middle East. In addition, the British will transfer to Jordan more than 300 units of military equipment. According to sources, the purpose of these exercises is not at all preparation for the fight against terrorists "IS", but to work out the transfer of contingent and means of reinforcement to Eastern Europe in the event of a NATO conflict with Russia.

As the war correspondent writes "The Telegraph" Ben Farmer, more 1600 British soldiers will be transferred to the Middle East to "practice" in a large-scale operation, comparable to the invasion of Iraq. This happens for the first time in more than ten years, the correspondent notes.

Jordanian military-logistical exercises are aimed at testing the deployment of the 30000th army, reinforced tank connections, in the “crisis zone” in a certain part of the world. The exercises will be held despite a sharp reduction in “defense” spending over the past five years, the reporter points out.

Maneuvers called "Shamal Storm" are used for testing the transfer of British troops and armored vehicles in one day to Eastern Europe. It may be necessary if there is a confrontation between Russia and NATO, unnamed sources told the reporter. “This teaching is not against ISIS,” the anonym asserts. “In any case, we are talking about the fact that we are more likely to join the United States in Ukraine than in Syria.” "These are not the types of military force that could go to Aleppo and strike at a crowd of jihadists," the military added arrogantly.

Earlier last year, one of the American military leaders said that Washington was concerned about the reduction of defense spending by Britain. It was also said that such a reduction means that an ally of the United States will not be able to transfer the necessary troops and thus join the allied operation, much like it was during the Iraq campaign of 2003.

More than 300 units of British military equipment have already been sent to Jordan.

After more than ten years of fighting the militants in Afghanistan, the British army is trying to re-work out the skills of participating in a large-scale conflict with the use of armored vehicles. Exercises in the southwestern desert of Jordan will be the largest of its kind since 2001, when British troops trained in Oman.

The exercises will involve the 3 UK Division and the Air Force. Among the tasks are working out landing in the enemy's rear, organizing a field hospital, contacts with chemical and even biological weapons.

As Ben Farmer notes, the United Kingdom has long-lasting military ties with Jordan, and a special command of the British army is assigned to the headquarters of the royal army and serves as instructors.

An unnamed army representative told the correspondent that annual (note: annual. - O. Ch.) Exercises in Jordan “immerse” the British army in a “difficult environment” in which the military must ensure full combat readiness. The task of the exercises is to deploy an 30000 army in any part of the world with the support of armored vehicles. The maneuvers will check the key skills of the soldiers - from the actions of the air force to the rapid organization of the field hospital, prospecting and disposal of explosives. New maneuvers will allow the British army to thoroughly prepare for the "containment of threats to Britain and its interests."

So let us add, the British military, albeit anonymously, argue that the Shamal Storm maneuvers are used to test the transfer of British troops and armored vehicles to Eastern Europe, which may be necessary in the event of a confrontation between Russia and NATO. Also, unnamed military officials talk about the likely accession of British forces to the US forces in Ukraine.

And despite this, the exercises are held in Jordan.

There is, however, another circumstance that speaks in favor of the anti-Russian activization of the Western allies.

On the website of the North Atlantic Alliance, a report was recently published by Jens Stoltenberg. In it, the NATO secretary general claims that in 2013, the Russians conducted exercises simulating a nuclear strike on Sweden.

“As part of a large-scale rearmament, military maneuvers and exercises in Russia have reached a level unprecedented since the days of the Cold War. Over the past three years, Russia has conducted at least 18 large-scale exercises, some of which involved more than 100 thousands of servicemen. These exercises included the simulation of nuclear attacks on NATO allies and on its partners (for example, an imitation of an attack on Sweden in March 2013), the document quotes "".

The fact that the NATO Secretary General announced this “fact” in 2016 was alarming. It can be assumed that in March 2013, relations with Russia were not yet spoiled, and the teachings were not considered potentially dangerous for the future of defenseless Sweden. 2016-th year - is another matter: sanctions are in full swing, and Moscow is as uncompromising as in 2014, at the height of the Ukrainian crisis.

Russian military experts, however, doubt that the clash between NATO and Russia will occur in Ukraine.

The clash of NATO with Russia is likely, but not direct, and not in Ukraine: after all, the latter has already left the forefront of world politics. NATO is now preparing an operation in Syria — that is where its main focus is. “They will formally fight with ISIS in order to take control of the militants, take control of their territory and prevent the advance of the troops of Bashar Assad. To solve this problem, they will need to divert Russia from the Syrian direction, and in this case, they will try to unleash a war in Ukraine, ”this viewpoint was voiced Reedus Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military and Artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

There is one more opinion concerning both Ukraine and Syria.

Director of the Institute for Applied Political Studies Grigory Dobromelov noted that there were reports in the press about the readiness of Saudi Arabia to provide Ukraine with assistance in the amount of 10 billion dollars - allegedly to support agriculture.

“In fact, this means that Saudi Arabia is ready to give Ukraine some kind of bribe to aggravate the situation in Donetsk, distracting Russia from the situation in Syria,” this expert believes.

It is possible that such messages in the media are a kind of verbal intervention, suggests Dobromelov. “Various types of information provocations against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the Middle East are quite understandable,” he says. - Considering the tangle of contradictions, in which Turkey and the EU, Russia and the USA are now first of all drawn, it is absolutely obvious that in order to get at least some temporary suspension of the situation around Aleppo, any resources will be used, in including similar stuffing.

However, experts are experts, anonymous, anonymous, but you need to know and official information about the frightening exercises in the Middle East. British From the government.

In the federal issue "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" provides a denial of the British Department of Defense newspaper article.

A spokesman for the ministry denied the “leak” in the media in the following words: “What they (journalists) assume is not the goal of the exercise. They are not about war with Russia. ”

According to him, the exercises in Jordan are held annually.

And yet, writes "RG", observers say that hardly official London could make a different statement. In the meantime, British politicians in their speeches use the “hostile” image of Russia and simulate scenarios of the conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation on the territory of the Baltic states.

Thus, let us add in conclusion that the “leak” in The Telegraph plays into the hands of the British government and the British military, since it fully complies with the scarecrow scenarios about Russia and fits perfectly into the concept of strengthening the “defense” alliance with the United States. There are as many as three official "justifications" of the teachings: first, they are annual; secondly, in the Middle East, there are militants "IG"; thirdly, the British army lost its skills, relaxed, and it was time for the soldiers to train properly.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 10 February 2016 06: 40
    Welkom that Hell) we are waiting with open arms ...
    1. Nitarius
      Nitarius 10 February 2016 06: 58
      No illusions .. even one human life has value!
      1. Volzhanin
        Volzhanin 10 February 2016 08: 05
        Not true. The life of an Englishwoman has no value.
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 10 February 2016 15: 26
          Do not dare to fight like that, why scream in the ass?

          Ilya Muromets comes to the cave and shouts:
          -Exit Serpent gorynych, we will fight!
          In response, silence.
          (IM): Come out, fucker, to a fair fight!
          Silence again!
          (IM) yells even louder into the cave:
          “Come out, snake, fight!”
          Zmey Gorynych:
          -Well, fight so fight, why yell in the ass! 729

          Severed Ivan Tsarevich Snake-Gorynychu one head - and in its place ten
          new has grown. Chopped off the second - a hundred new ones grew.
          And around Baba Yaga ran and shouted:

          - Vanyusha, Vanyusha, well, give him a cutie !!!
      2. There are a lot of us
        There are a lot of us 10 February 2016 08: 40
        And where is the suffering about the tear of the child?
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 10 February 2016 07: 31
      Quote: Alex_Rarog
      Welkom that Hell) we are waiting with open arms ...

      At first, NATO (America) told the whole world that missile defense in Poland is not against Russia, but against Hussein and North Korea. Now in Jordan there are troops to protect against Russian aggression against Poland itself ...
      testing the transfer of contingent and means of reinforcement to Eastern Europe in the event of a NATO conflict with Russia.

      Something nonsense is being done with geography ...

      And their real goals have not changed. And for some reason they are all in Russia. In my opinion, we need to make sure that the “list of targeting Russian missiles” in the event of a nuclear retaliation hit "accidentally" in European newspapers. Of course, in order for Shoigu to speak that this is a fake, they will believe in such a cranberry even more.

      Let them be afraid. Someday choke with fear and anger. They have over there in America one defense minister has already jumped out of the window - all the Russians were in his mind. They will read the "list" - the epidemic will begin ...
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 11 February 2016 04: 32
        Quote: Zoldat_A
        They will read the "list" - the epidemic will begin ...

        I'm afraid nothing will come of it; there are no politicians in the EU who were before, now business rules there.
        And here is what happened.
        There is an explanation for Charles de Gaulle's unexpected decision to secede from NATO in 1965. In fact, contrary to the generally accepted notion of Brezhnev as an old senility, Brezhnev was a talented politician. And there is an amazing case in his career that I want to talk about. Dear Leonid Ilyich, he loved the heads of state at any opportunity to carry to military training grounds to demonstrate the power of the USSR. This happened shortly before France left NATO. Charles de Gaulle visited the USSR and Brezhnev dragged the general to the training ground to show how our rockets fly, plus naturally a banquet after firing. The old warrior, having seen this spectacle at a banquet, carefully asked Brezhnev. Is it true that in the USSR every such missile is aimed at one of the cities of the countries of the NATO bloc. To which Brezhnev answered in the affirmative. Then de Gaulle said: And is it also aimed at Paris? What was followed by a cheerful answer by Leonid Ilyich: Do not worry, the general is not the one that flew away. Everyone laughed, and when de Gaulle returned to Paris, France withdrew from NATO and was no longer in this bloc under de Gaulle.

    3. SuperVodka777
      SuperVodka777 10 February 2016 23: 28
      Who are you waiting for at the keyboard there at home? Go to school.
  2. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 10 February 2016 06: 40
    A flag in their hands, a drum around the neck and a train to meet .. Let them continue to masturbate ..
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 10 February 2016 07: 04
      Quote: dmi.pris
      A flag in their hands, a drum around the neck and a train to meet .. Let them continue to masturbate ..
      1. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 10 February 2016 08: 13
        Better to let the people watch the film "Attack of Light Cavalry" (near Balaklava on October 25, 1854).
        Here is an eyewitness account: The British journalist William Russell, an eyewitness, in his report for the Times newspaper described the end of the attack in the following words: “So we watched them break into the battery; then, to our delight, we saw that they returning, breaking through the column of Russian infantry, scattering it like a haystack. And then they - who had lost their ranks, scattered across the valley - were swept away by a flanking volley of a battery on the hill. fate - yes, they failed, but even the demigods could not have done more ... At 11:35 am there were no more British soldiers left in front of the accursed Muscovite cannons, except for the dead and dying ... "

        The outcome of the attack was tragic for the British: in 20 minutes of the battle, out of a little more than 600 cavalrymen, 365 people were killed and captured. The British lost almost 500 of their horses [3].

        A participant in the battle, French general Pierre Bosquet, pronounced the famous phrase about the actions of the British cavalry: "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre: c'est de la folie" ("This is great, but this is not war: this madness").
        1. Alexez
          Alexez 10 February 2016 08: 38
          This is the only battle in this war that the Russian troops won. By the way, Tolstoy described it in War and Peace in the battle scenes of the 1812 war. And I also remember that the batteries on the flanks captured ours from the British, deployed and fired a volley at their cavalry.
          1. saigon
            saigon 10 February 2016 16: 47
            Is it just the same? A glorious bummer in the area of ​​the Solovetsky Monastery, and the heroic escape of the Allied squadron from Kamchaki (they were a little raked) And how heroically the English squadron did not go to Petersburg? But it was a lot of plans and a blast on one single mine of the British ship and plans for a dog under the tail. And about the attack of the British cavalry a little embellished.
        2. Cap.Morgan
          Cap.Morgan 10 February 2016 08: 54
          We also got in that war. It was the most unfortunate war for us.
          We will remember this.
          Although there were many glorious deeds. The trench war near Sevastopol is our invention.
          PS The guns in question seem to have been English. We insolently tried to steal them.
          PPS The British suffered serious losses naturally from General Frost. The quartermasters did not bring their overcoats.
          And from their friends - the Turks. The Turks brought cholera and dysentery.
          1. DMB_95
            DMB_95 10 February 2016 13: 53
            Speaking of the Crimean War of the mid-19th century, some facts must be taken into account. Armies of Britain, France, Turkey and others, smaller ones, fought against Russia. A quick victory and tearing away from Russia of Crimea and other territories was supposed. And we received a months-long meat grinder with huge sacrifices and costs. We gave Crimea to them. A few years later they returned it. General Frost on the Black Sea was not near Moscow in 1941. And finally, only a small part of the Russian Army fought against these invaders.
        3. regsSSSR
          regsSSSR 10 February 2016 20: 33
          Better to let the people watch the film "Attack of Light Cavalry" (near Balaklava on October 25, 1854)

          here, by the way, the article slipped cognitively worthy to get acquainted with it about the possibilities of our today's military Sevastopol fleet in the event of a possible military conflict with Turkey and NATO.

          War on the Black Sea: what options does our fleet have
          Black Sea Fleet able to repulse Turkish attack, but in collision with NATO forces will suffer serious losses

          The author is a corresponding member of RARAN, doctor of military sciences
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 February 2016 06: 43
    “In fact, this means that Saudi Arabia is ready to give Ukraine some kind of bribe to aggravate the situation in Donetsk, distracting Russia from the situation in Syria,” this expert believes.

    These Sauds, and ukronatsiks, will do anything to spoil us!
  4. Siberia M 54
    Siberia M 54 10 February 2016 06: 48
    They will also recall the words of Otto Bismarck: -I know a hundred ways how to get a Russian bear out of the den, but not a single one, how to drive it back.
  5. Same lech
    Same lech 10 February 2016 06: 55
    Unfortunately, the military capabilities of NATO and US troops are building up at the western borders of RUSSIA ... threats to our country are proportionally increasing.

    Now the US missile defense system is capable of actually intercepting about a thousand of our ballistic missiles and this figure will only grow further ... the deployment of elements of the global US missile defense system in POLAND and ROMANIA is a direct threat to our security ... this must be clearly understood.
    The encirclement of RUSSIA with US military bases ends ... the next logical step follows to prepare for war against RUSSIA and only against RUSSIA, this is the final logic of US actions in EUROPE ...
    Alas, we ourselves brought the situation to such an end ... giving way in the past to all our significant US positions.
  6. Nix1986
    Nix1986 10 February 2016 06: 55
    Well, they scared the hedgehog naked J. How many challengers do they have there ?! In my opinion, something in the region of the 300s. Yes, they are one of the most well-defended, but there are only 300 of them. The Britons are always good for their propaganda, but even the Germans are ahead of the pace of disarmament. For many employees in the British Army, the ultimate goal is a gold kalach in PMC for $ 500 a day. Recently I saw an interview with an English officer who complained that many people who entered the service did not hide that they were signing a contract for a short period of experience before working in PMCs.
  7. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 10 February 2016 07: 02
    Shamal Storm maneuvers are used to practice the transfer of British troops and armored vehicles within one day to Eastern Europe. It may be needed if a confrontation between Russia and NATO arises, unnamed sources told the reporter.

    And at the same time, the British army is practicing the skills of large-scale use of armored vehicles in desert conditions. I wonder where in Russia the Britons might need such skills? Or NATO, like a certain A. Hitler, also hopes to complete the campaign in Russia with a lightning-fast defeat of its armed forces before the "autumn leaves fall," that is, while the summer heat is on. They do not teach history at all and do not know how it all ended for Nazi Germany and personally for A. Hitler. Or they have an old European tradition - to go to war against Russia once every 100 years by the entire European state-owned company, in order to once again rake.
    Briefly and succinctly about such ... S. Lavrov said, I will not repeat myself.
    I have the honor.
    1. Mitek
      Mitek 10 February 2016 08: 23
      Briefly and succinctly about such ... S. Lavrov said, I will not repeat myself.
      I have the honor. [/ Quote]
      Sash, do not underestimate the enemy. If it starts, it will start in more than one place. Syria, Ukraine, Kaliningrad, Kuril Islands, Proebaltics, Caucasus. Through Ukraine, the most stupid of the Europeans-Poles and their ilk will go to the forefront. The Anglo-American contingent will not go forward. In order to get away from this scenario, the first sign of which will be an attack by the Turks in Syria, Turkey must be turned off extremely hard in one day, and possibly TNW. Otherwise, everyone will climb.
      1. DMB_95
        DMB_95 10 February 2016 15: 33
        In such a situation, it would be nice to have Iran as your MILITARY ally. One of the best armies in the Middle East has been developing for many years despite various sanctions. A clear enemy of the Saudis, Amers and their allies. Good relationship with Russia.
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 10 February 2016 07: 08
    According to him, the exercises in Jordan are held annually.... It's like our "tradition" and we keep it ..
  9. SokolfromRussia
    SokolfromRussia 10 February 2016 07: 10
    The British are reducing the army from year to year. This is how they prepare for a "fight"? Enough to pump.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 10 February 2016 07: 23
      Quote: SokolfromRussia
      Enough to escalate.

      Is everything calm in the world? Nobody pulls a technique to our borders? Maybe you are from the Anal team, then it’s clear.
      1. SokolfromRussia
        SokolfromRussia 13 February 2016 20: 03
        You should have looked at my profile and publications before carrying such nonsense.
  10. emercom1979
    emercom1979 10 February 2016 07: 17
    I will repeat again. Before 1812, French was taught in Russia, before 1941 German, now English. They that history does not teach anything? Or do they think that Russia has weakened? No, not in this world !!!
    1. code54
      code54 10 February 2016 14: 37
      Quote: emercom1979
      studied French, before 1941 German, now English.

      Important Russian do not forget and learn Always! )))
    2. Weyland
      Weyland 11 February 2016 02: 37
      Quote: emercom1979
      Before 1812, French was taught in Russia, before 1941 German, now English

      We have never had such a wide choice! laughing

      Quote: emercom1979
      Or do they think that Russia has weakened?

      ... And you hate us ...
      For what? answer: for whether
      What is on the ruins of flaming Moscow
      We did not recognize the brazen will
      Who were you trembling under?
      For the fact that they plunged into the abyss
      We are idol over kingdoms
      And redeemed with our blood
      Europe, freedom, honor and peace? ..
      You are formidable in words - try it in practice!
      Or the old hero, deceased on his bed,
      Unable to screw up your Izmail bayonet?
      Is the Russian tsar already powerless to speak?
      Or should we argue with Europe new?
      Il Russian weaned from victories?
      Or a little of us? Or from Perm to Tauris,
      From the Finnish cold rocks to the flaming Colchis,
      From the shocked Kremlin
      To the walls of immobile China,
      Shiny bristles,
      Will not the Russian land rise? ..
      So send us, vitias,
      His angry sons:
      There is a place for them in the fields of Russia,
      Among the coffins that are not theirs.
      (“Slanderers of Russia” Alexander Pushkin)

    3. The comment was deleted.
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 February 2016 07: 23
    for practicing the transfer of British troops and armored vehicles in one day to Eastern Europe

    Personally, it seems to me that no matter how much they carry out exercises, they will not be able to transfer significant forces to V. Europe in one day. Even less so for us, as we did in Syria. After all, then Western intelligence admitted that it slap the Russians.
  12. Karayakupovo
    Karayakupovo 10 February 2016 07: 46
    If, as they say, they are preparing for a war with Russia, then let them train in the "sands" of Greenland. And what, a little bit like most of Russia. No roads, no toilets, but bears.
  13. andr327
    andr327 10 February 2016 07: 47
    In fact, any military exercise is commonplace. But the hype by politicians and the media, giving it some hidden meaning, is political advertising and blowing bubbles.
    This is a good example of self-grandeur.
    Any army either fights or studies. Individuals are still drinking.
    1. brasist
      brasist 10 February 2016 08: 22
      I agree with you that the exercises have always been conducted around the world and the fact that 1600 soldiers are engaged in this is not an indicator of aggression against someone, for that matter we also have something to rattle about than we are doing more and more now, maybe this is scary for someone because this is their problem.
  14. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 10 February 2016 07: 56
    What is the confrontation with Russia? What are they imposing? This confrontation may not lead to us, but to them the latest stories. Or do they think that Russia can be cornered and mocked? Most likely it’s just body movements for ourselves. We are in one place.
  15. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 10 February 2016 07: 56
    The natural resources of Russia haunt them. It’s a pity that the rulers do not allow these Russian people to use these resources.
  16. 1536
    1536 10 February 2016 08: 19
    It is necessary, by the hair dryer, to immediately capture London, and all the short-lived. Crush the hydra in its den!
    Well, what else can you say after reading such messages. The British are trying to save themselves like rats, by hook or by crook, they want to start a war. They need to be shown that they are wrong!
    1. DMoroz
      DMoroz 10 February 2016 11: 19
      And why capture him, there bearded beards too, too, filter them later. It’s easier to increase the size of the English Channel and to make free passage from the North Sea to the Atlantic.
  17. Yurmix
    Yurmix 10 February 2016 08: 29
    Quote: Aleksandr72
    A. Hitler also expect to complete the campaign in Russia with a lightning-fast defeat of its armed forces before "autumn leaves fall," that is, while the summer heat is on. They do not teach history at all and do not know how it all ended for Nazi Germany and personally for A. Hitler. Or they have an old European tradition - to go to war against Russia once every 100 years by the entire European state-owned company, in order to once again rake.

    Alexander completely agree with you. Apparently the barbarossa plan is maturing in the minds of the ponotogue obsessively increasing (also blue blood) what is the strategy of a global strike, do you see soon the "great minds of the usa" will be able to create hypertrophied missiles laughing and then the collapse of Russia. Even under the Reagan, this conception was called in the minds of their vital IDF, in my opinion, all this gimmick was conceived for the further strain of Russia, by any means undermining the economy. PS In vain they started all this.
  18. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 10 February 2016 08: 33
    The British and the Americans would first read our military doctrine, which says that in case of a threat to the integrity of the state, we can use nuclear weapons. I just don’t remember on my own or on the territory of the enemy. In short, let the boys play pioneer lightning. If anything, then the war will go clearly not according to their scenario.
  19. Reeds
    Reeds 10 February 2016 08: 43
    Forces have appeared?
    Or think that the number crushed ??
    Yes guys are good! Sit, drink seagulls, talk about democracy, etc., but do not meddle with us! Do you need it? You will sit then beaten and cry
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 10 February 2016 09: 33
      Quote: Reed
      You will sit then beaten and cry

      Most likely - they will lie sunburnt and frigging ..
  20. Million
    Million 10 February 2016 08: 56
    They rattle their weapons so that they are not forgotten)
  21. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 10 February 2016 08: 57
    Seeing how famously the refugee problem in Europe is being resolved, I doubt that the West is capable of anything at all.
    There is no political will.
    Only a obviously weak enemy can fight.
    1. SAHALIN
      SAHALIN 10 February 2016 09: 04
      I would say with the VERTICAL OPPONENT hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
  22. HAM
    HAM 10 February 2016 09: 15
    There is only one question: "Why are the Britons always working out theater operations in ALIEN'S TERRITORY! Again they hope to sit out on the islands, or are they immortals like Koschey?"
  23. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 10 February 2016 09: 29
    We owe them more for Sevastopol. It is time to return the favor.
  24. Balagan
    Balagan 10 February 2016 09: 33
    There are other observers of the events on the Ruin.
    1. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 10 February 2016 22: 20
      yes, cool "friends" behind. Just watch
  25. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 10 February 2016 10: 29
    In short! To beat, if that, we will be painful and tough! If you wish.
  26. Winter cherry
    Winter cherry 10 February 2016 10: 32
    Will they fight with Russian special forces? But at first they don’t want to train with the Kurds?
  27. Fastenkov
    Fastenkov 10 February 2016 10: 55
    Whipping up hysteria and demonstrating the "reality and coolness" of the roof for the Baltics. Nightmare. Nobody seriously considers the war with the Russians. The bases will be built, the missile defense system will be installed .... that's all. It’s no use now.
  28. Lanista
    Lanista 10 February 2016 11: 14
    British logic: we will transfer troops to Jordan so that they can fight with Russia in Ukraine. Brilliant, what.
    By the way, note: the main issue for them is not the combat readiness of the troops themselves, but the possibility of their transfer somewhere. Personally, it seems to me that they expect to wage a "frightened" war: like, just a transfer of troops is enough - and the enemy will dissolve itself at the sight of British Power (as many as from four ground divisions of the reduced staff). Apparently, the Britons are not aware of what happened in Grozny, when some of our leaders also believed that the mere fact of the introduction of troops was enough to win.
  29. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 10 February 2016 11: 17
    England has long-standing close ties with Jordan. They are long
    oversaw the Arab Legion, which was considered one of the most
    combat-ready Arab parts.
    And now Jordan is on the brink of war with Syria. Jordan coaches SSA.
  30. Jarilo
    Jarilo 10 February 2016 11: 18
    I don’t know what should happen for the British to start fighting themselves. Designate your presence, nothing more.
    RUSIVAN 10 February 2016 11: 18
    It has long been clear what NATO is all about ...
  32. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 10 February 2016 11: 26
    A long time ago, we did not fight with the English. Something number of enemies around us, multiply before our eyes.
  33. triglav
    triglav 10 February 2016 12: 23
    Hold me 100 people! Another reinforcement fighters are deployed.
  34. Belousov
    Belousov 10 February 2016 12: 45
    The task of the exercises is the deployment of the army. This is certainly good, but how are things going with real combat skills? Or do they think that they arrived, showed off on the armor and that's it, they carry the key to the city? Napoleon even took Moscow, but what's the point? He sat there, waited, sent messengers with a proposal for peace talks. Total? It’s a miracle that at least someone crossed the Berezina. The Russian man will not raise his paws up, he will put on a clean shirt and go to the barn for the forks. And the German armies? How dear, the trains flew downhill.
    I'm more concerned about the traitors in the rear. Not even all kinds of bulk-Kasparov-Kasyanovs. And the elite. Something I do not believe in the patriotism of Gref, Nabiullina, Miller, Abromovich, Rottenbergs, promissory notes and other Usmanovs with the Sechins. Their patriotism is now measured exclusively in green monetary units.
  35. uragan114
    uragan114 10 February 2016 12: 49
    The ghost of the war of all against Russia is in the air.
  36. fzr1000
    fzr1000 10 February 2016 13: 37
    It’s in vain that they don’t put the British in a penny. Of the NATO countries, I consider their ground forces to be the most combat-ready, especially special forces. Even the United States is inferior to them in combat training. And they PR at times less than mattresses.
  37. Victor-M
    Victor-M 10 February 2016 13: 47
    A clash between NATO and Russia is likely, but not direct and not in Ukraine: the latter has already left the stage of world politics. NATO is currently preparing an operation in Syria - this is where its main focus is. “They will formally fight with ISIS to take control of militants, take control of their territory and prevent the advance of Bashar al-Assad’s troops

    Well, just like in the Second World War with Hitler. "Brave" and "gallant" Anglo-Sons * ntsy enter the war (and at the very end, then with the indisputable victory of the USSR, and now Russia), to save the war criminals they themselves raised, and to prevent Russia from establishing control in the Middle East.
  38. glasha3032
    glasha3032 10 February 2016 14: 28
    The British will support the advance of the Saudis from the south to Damascus, while Assad's army sieges Aleppo. The Russian brigade is engaged in the defense of the area where our troops are located, the Turks (100 thousand) will strike from the north. In reality, the situation will not change in our favor. We will either have to use the airborne forces directly from Russia. Urgently, or massively use aviation and tactical missiles (if they are there) against "partners" from England and Saudi Arabia with an inevitable world-class scandal. Will the Kremlin have enough political courage?
    1. lubesky
      lubesky 10 February 2016 15: 30
      This scenario is fantastic. Russia, when troops are being deployed by silent glanders, is evacuated from Syria and we will show our dissatisfaction through the Foreign Ministry. There is enough political will, but to conduct a ground operation at such a distance, our gut is thin. So it’s not a matter of political will, but of expediency ... But it’s advisable to cede their aggression as evidence of support for world terrorism. The main task of our VKS was to demonstrate capabilities, and not in a suicidal encounter with the Turkish army and NATO contingent. Airborne forces with all due respect in such a collision is not enough.
      1. glasha3032
        glasha3032 11 February 2016 00: 31
        Russia's main task in Syria is to gain a foothold in the Mediterranean and prevent Qatar from conducting a gas pipeline to Europe. Therefore, Russia will fight in Syria until a complete and final victory! Despite any casualties among the civilian population - in war, as in war!
        1. shura7782
          shura7782 11 February 2016 08: 37
          That's right. Do not subtract, do not add.
        2. lubesky
          lubesky 11 February 2016 11: 46
          Quote: glasha3032
          Russia's main task in Syria is to gain a foothold in the Mediterranean and prevent Qatar from conducting a gas pipeline to Europe

          Our main task in Syria is 1. Support for the advance of the regulatory army of the legitimate government of Syria. 2. Assistance in restoring the constitutional order of Syria. 3. Demonstration of the capabilities of the Russian armed forces. 4. Demonstration of the power of our power. 5. The liquid does not crap.
          It’s ridiculous about the gas pipeline - the fulfillment of these tasks by itself implies that Syria respects our and, by the way, our own Syrian interests in Qatar.
          Quote: glasha3032
          Therefore, Russia will fight in Syria until a complete and final victory! Despite any casualties among the civilian population - in war, as in war!

          The victory is complete and final in Syria does not depend on us, it depends on the Syrian people and their will, on the potential of the Western bloc and its perseverance, on Turkey and the Arab League of interests. It depends on Russia and Iran only in delaying time and assistance, support for the Syrian army. Which by the way supports the pace of the offensive, which clearly does not suit its two only allies. As for the victims and to complete victory - you are not of course adequate. I won’t even persuade you - just take a look at the map of geography and the possibilities of our country. Analyze and think. But you initially had a problem assessing our goals and objectives in Syria. By the way, such an assessment of the tasks of ordinary townsfolk led to the disaster of Afghanistan and the leveling of success in the USSR and the fulfillment of combat missions of a limited contingent of the USSR in Afghanistan. And the USSR troops completed their main task by 1984. Next came pornography.
          1. glasha3032
            glasha3032 11 February 2016 13: 52
            Cheap demagoguery. Have you previously been a journalist in the Pravda newspaper or a long-term subscriber? It is on us that the complete victory in Syria depends, since the new order will be built under our sensitive leadership. It was not for this that Russia shed and wasted blood so that the entire victory, all plans for the future would be given to who knows what hands (albeit the hands of Assad).
            1. lubesky
              lubesky 11 February 2016 14: 48
              The next year will show, time will judge us. I respect your opinion. But my opinion is this, let's see.
          2. glasha3032
            glasha3032 12 February 2016 01: 10
            ... "This is the assessment of the tasks of ordinary people and led to the catastrophe in Afghanistan ...." - and who the people asked about the assessment of the tasks set and solved under the previous regime? The people, alas, were silent ... The leaders of the country, introducing a limited contingent, did not ask the people. They also withdrawn the troops without asking anyone. So it is not necessary to blame the layman.
      2. JonnyT
        JonnyT 11 February 2016 03: 24
        science fiction, science fiction, and rumors (or trivial stuffing) about the mobilization of Turkey’s reserves were already circulating on the net. Assad has tactical missiles for Turks and Jordanians + gifts from the Caspian Sea and from our aviation ..... and airborne troops will be thrown without hesitation - enough will .....

        to whom and coma are you going to prove support for world terrorism ???? To whom? To the Americans? the French, the British - but this is just ridiculous!

        But if Syria will have them - then our situation will worsen at times
        1. lubesky
          lubesky 11 February 2016 11: 59
          Quote: JonnyT
          fiction fiction as well

          Fiction is not Turkey’s gestures, but the likelihood of Russia being drawn into a ground operation. Just clarifying
          Quote: JonnyT
          fiction fiction as well

          That's what I said - fantastic. Look at the map - such a conflict is possible in theory only with the complete domination of our Navy at sea, which we don’t have. The transfer of ground troops to Syria is a suicide. This is not even Afghanistan, where the USSR had a land corridor from its Tajik border. And now we are not great and mighty. This is hatred and fraud, and maybe even a provocation on your part, dear.
          Quote: JonnyT
          to whom and coma are you going to prove support for world terrorism ???? To whom? To the Americans? the French, the British - but this is just ridiculous!

          Before the following countries - China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Venezuela, Argentina, Indonesia - the list goes on. In front of the people of France, the same, Germany, USA, etc. You see, diplomacy is a complicated thing, with your understanding of the issue, you can not do diplomacy at all - is it ridiculous and useless ?! We are just saying tirelessly to the whole world that the United States, France and Germany are not the whole world and believe me who needs it, they hear us and shake us. Russian diplomacy and its strength in the consistent establishment of truth and the transmission of this information to the world community. The broadcasts are funny and useless in your opinion. But therefore, it’s not you who are sitting in the Foreign Ministry, but specialists who are not funny or useless to do this. Diplomacy is bearing fruit at a distance, it is a pity that you do not understand these elementary truths ...
          1. glasha3032
            glasha3032 11 February 2016 13: 58
            It is from those sitting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we have the complete collapse of friendly relations throughout the world, precisely from the amateurism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Russian foreign policy, gaping failures!
            1. lubesky
              lubesky 11 February 2016 14: 52
              You assign a lot to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they only fulfill the will of the current government, using professional tools of diplomacy. It is unreasonable to blame the Foreign Ministry of any country for independent politics and unprofessionalism ...
              1. glasha3032
                glasha3032 12 February 2016 01: 00
                The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not only an obedient executor of the will of the authorities, but also a body that monitors the state of affairs and minds in other countries. This is where bureaucrats manifested themselves - what are you doing? We watched all the color revolutions, coups in the former Soviet republics and much more .... Instead of creating pro-Kremlin regimes (in the worst case, the opposition) in other countries, the Foreign Ministry workers were doing devils on the ground, but not in business. And here we are reaping the results - if a warship breaks down in the Mediterranean Sea - so land on the beach, repair, nowhere else - enemies and NATO are all around. So, we need Syria and we will not give up on it.
  39. iouris
    iouris 10 February 2016 16: 33
    Quote: lubesky
    use their aggression as evidence of support for global terrorism.

    Ha ha ha Here is what I will tell you.
    1. lubesky
      lubesky 10 February 2016 17: 44
      Quote: iouris
      Ha ha ha Here is what I will tell you.

      Well, thank God that there are no couch experts in the Foreign Ministry. We have been doing this for you - ha ha ha, we’ve been doing it for two years now. Water wears away the stone ... Rig on. Our official position is this.
  40. k_ply
    k_ply 10 February 2016 17: 05
    Preparing for a fight with Russia

    Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
    Something they are somehow getting ready for a fight! At the beginning of 2016, and according to the Army 2020 plan, over the past couple of years (since 2014), the number of tank regiments was reduced from 5 to 3, and with them the same number of heavy brigades, i.e. reorganized their eminent 4th (Black Rats) and 7th (Desert Rats) armored brigades into infantry brigades, at the same time reorganized the 1st Armored Division into a combined infantry division of the regular and territorial army (organized reserve SV). The heavy 1st, 12th and 20th armored brigades kept in the 3rd mechanized division remain in service.
    Such a languid preparation for a brawl, just for action in the Middle East, might pull.
  41. Kibl
    Kibl 10 February 2016 17: 29
    And when did the British successfully fight on land? Well, except that the successful suppression of uprisings in their colonies, all sorts of sepoys and Zulus. And in the First World War they ran in droves on German machine guns or as they did in Singapore during the WWII. Yes, at sea in Nelson's time, great fellows, and then the "mistress" of the seas was blown away, in the sky "Battle of Britain" is also yes, but there was a factor of home and that's it !!!!!! About the "strange" war, it is generally better to keep quiet !!!!
  42. The comment was deleted.
  43. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 10 February 2016 18: 44
    the purpose of these exercises is not at all preparation for the fight against terrorists of “IG”
    That's right, to show up at the last moment, and there’s no need to fight with anyone, and you can say that you are the winner! In the spirit of the western historical line.
  44. Red_Hamer
    Red_Hamer 10 February 2016 18: 49
    In any case, the point here is that we are more likely to join the United States in Ukraine than in Syria. ”
    And this, generally pearl, according to Freud!
  45. Nirvanko
    Nirvanko 10 February 2016 19: 07
    The British have long been no longer an empire, but according to old memory they continue to spoil Russia. It is doubtful that they may have any interests in Syria.
  46. 31rus
    31rus 10 February 2016 19: 29
    Dear, firstly, exercises are needed to study and prepare for a future or a similar theater of hostilities, and secondly, and this is no longer a secret, it is the SAS specialists who prepare special forces and "necessary groups" in these countries, and thirdly, the very fact of transfer and preparation for the landing of a larger contingent, it would not have been remarkable if it were not for the situation around Syria, three factors immediately suggest themselves: the first (unlikely) actual preparation for supporting the coalition and direct intervention, the second under the guise of exercises to transfer special forces to participate in Syria directly or indirectly, the collection of divorced data from the scene, the third (most likely, an attempt to put pressure on Russia), this "duck" just makes sense
  47. Litsvin
    Litsvin 10 February 2016 21: 00
    Who is there preparing for the fight with the Russian Bear !!! ??? British!!!???? Pitiful oatmeal eaters who have never seriously fought anywhere in their history. And if they fought, then with blacks, Papuans, Aborigines, Indians, whose level of socio-economic development is even behind the Bronze Age.
    Here, to RUSSIA, the British have already come - "beautifully" the field near Sevastopol was decorated with their bodies in red uniforms, just like the ancient Romans with purple cloaks in the Teutoburg forest near Mount Calcriz, when the Germans massacred 3 of their legions.
    What kind of warriors they are, the British showed their best in 1940, when Guderian drove them to Dunkirk in a couple of days. And this two-faced England was not brought to its knees by Hitler, not because of the "bulldog stubbornness of British pilots" (according to Churchill), but only thanks to the English puddle - the English Channel, a strip of water separating it from continental Europe, which, of course, is not could overcome German tanks. If England were not an island, she would have shared the fate of France.

    Clever Rommel (more precisely the Afrika Korps, Rommel was in Germany on treatment), they "managed to win" only by arranging a complete naval blockade of Africa (thanks to the traitorous Italians), having a numerical superiority in the troops by 6 times, in tanks by 5 times, in guns in 12 times, in aviation - totally, and this with a catastrophic shortage of fuel and lubricants, provisions and ammunition from the Germans. That's how these Englishmen fought, "su ... and children."

    Also fighters for me, British ??? Funny and only ??? If we HYPOTHETICALLY assume that "the country of the USSR on June 22, 1941 would have been inhabited by the British with their own mentality and thinking", then Hitler would have been near the Urals by September 1, 1941. The speed of movement of the Germans would be determined by the speed of movement of such columns "on the march".
    The British would never have accomplished the feat GREAT RUSSIAN soldiers in dozens of large and small boilers, 1941, in the original hopelessly Rzhev-Vyazma operation, exhausting the Battle of Sevastopol, in the great battle for Moscow, in the greatest and the biggest battles of Mankind - the battle of Stalingrad, IN THE TURNING BATTLE 2 OF THE WORLD WAR - KURSK. The best soldier in the world - RUSSIAN (SLAVIC) SOLDIER !!! What are there, "in the bathhouse", "miserable Englishmen", suffering from constipation from excessive eating oatmeal - ridiculous !!!
    1. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 10 February 2016 22: 17
      So cheers, we are very screaming .... but in fact from history they always beat us politically and the Crimean War won us in a military conflict (peace conditions were humiliating .. we lost it) for example ... these are facts .... ..
      and they say trending right now we’ll tear shaving Britons, of course you can hawala people and love this cheers patriotics ....
      In fact, a cunning quirky .. enemy and how it comes to business the British are not cowards
      1. glasha3032
        glasha3032 11 February 2016 00: 37
        ... "The British are not cowards" ... - so let's check whether they will risk or will not risk joining the Saudis.
      2. shura7782
        shura7782 11 February 2016 08: 49
        The English have a lot to learn. They perfectly push their nose against the nose of their rivals, with the highest benefit for themselves. Win a war without firing a shot. That is what we need.
      3. ioann1
        ioann1 11 February 2016 08: 53
        Looks like the Beatles love?
        1. shura7782
          shura7782 11 February 2016 10: 19
          I turn it on sometimes.
  48. Yugra
    Yugra 10 February 2016 22: 27
    They say that they shouldn’t be underestimated, they are dangerous. Where have they fought for the last 70 years? In Afghanistan they are sitting in fenced areas, the air forces have done everything for them. They have no spirit. They don’t put Snickers in dry packs, they refuse to go on a mission. Such fighters. Victory will be ours anyway ...
    1. Litsvin
      Litsvin 11 February 2016 13: 53
      No, we do not need such "women", some will be scary. Such American women are only suitable for a Russian motros-novik after the first military campaign on the sea. There, in the cramped ship's cockpit, in the twilight, our sailors will not particularly look at the woman's face, they will immediately get down to "business" - "they will conduct" joint exercises "with NATO and practice" interaction techniques "in nature. And in general, to be honest , then the Anglo-Sacon women will be quite “scary.” How many have not seen them, maybe one of the 30 is pretty, the rest are either the same as in this photo, or worse. smile
  49. Litsvin
    Litsvin 11 February 2016 23: 37
    Quote: shura7782
    The English have a lot to learn. They perfectly push their nose against the nose of their rivals, with the highest benefit for themselves. Win a war without firing a shot. That is what we need.

    The article deals with the British "military", more precisely - "woe to the warriors", and not about British politicians. There are none of them in the military, about which I wrote above. This is just a small number of examples, you can also add about the Boers, Afghans, Sepoys, etc.
    But the English Potitik, indeed, are still beasts. The main proverb, which they were guided by - "drag chestnuts out of the fire with someone else's hands." In this they have become "skilled" not without the help of various kinds of "secret societies", including the financial tycoons of Jydomason. Those. they never waged a political struggle honestly, with an open visor, but acted in secret and meanly. But the point is not how the enemy behaves, but the point is who helps him in our Fatherland. And these are their home-grown traitors - they were and will be. That is why the dirty British politicians defeated us not in open battle, but in the political behind the scenes. Here are a couple of examples of such a game.
    1. Russian-Japanese war. Who's guilty? Japan? Don't be funny. The main enemy is England. The goal is to oust Russia from the East Asian markets and deprive it of trade concessions in China, Korea, Indochina. Those. the British themselves did not go to war. Instead, they armed the "primitive Asian people" with ultra-modern weapons - the Japanese, whose economy was "like a Latvian - hell and a soul." Japan waged the war "on credit" received from the Anglo-American Zhidomason financial and political circles. War "on credit" is an unprecedented phenomenon in history. The entire Japanese armored fleet was built in England, small arms - "Arisaki" and cartridges were produced on machine tools, issued in England and the United States. Guns for Japan were purchased by England for "their" money at the factories of Krupp, Kane, etc. Uniforms (even !!!), especially for the Japanese fleet, were made by the British from their own cloth at factories in England. I'm not talking about the high-precision instruments required for firing. There are studies by historians who have studied this war, according to which another 3 months of military operations with Russia and in Japan would come as it is fashionable to say "default and economic collapse". This did not happen. Why? It's not just the death of Makarov, not the mediocre Rozhdestvensky, Kuropatkin, Stoessel, Alekseev. The lion's "merit" in the defeat of Russia in this war is in the home-grown traitor Anglophiles, who circled around the weak-willed Nicholas II like flies near honey. They were sponsored by the same Englishmen.
  50. Litsvin
    Litsvin 11 February 2016 23: 37
    Continuation. Example 2. The Great War of 1914. Who started it? Germans? Complete nonsense. The main culprit of World War 1 is England and no one else. As a result of a secret behind-the-scenes game, a weak-willed France was first drawn into "contradictions", which after the "march of the German grenadiers across Paris in 1878" feared the Germans like fire and would never again go into confrontation with Germany. But the English cunning cleverly "inserted" the French - they, sitting on the island, were not afraid of invasion, but, having played off Europe in the massacre, the British would have won a big economic jackpot, both in the form of the subsequent "grabbing" of overseas colonies from other European countries, so and in the form of arms supplies. But "insert" France was not the main goal. The main goal is Russia and its wealth. This is where you could profit. At the same time it was necessary to exsanguinate Russia - after all, as our historians note, Russia "was responsible for cannon fodder in the Entente." It was these Englishmen who created the Entente. AND IN FACT RUSSIA IS THE ONLY WARRIING EMPIRE WHICH HAD NO GLOBAL CONTRADICTIONS AND NO STRATEGIC INTERESTS IN WORLD WAR 1 !!! AND THIS IS A PROVEN HISTORICAL FACT !!! But the British understood that Russia was "the first violin in the orchestra," without which the "bloody opera" would not take place. It was necessary at any cost to drag her into the conflict and the British with the stupid French "dragged her into the Entente by the ears." Who helped? Our homegrown traitors-Anglophiles, including members of the august family, close relatives of Nicholas 2. It was rightly said in the serial documentary "The Great and Forgotten" about World War 1 - "England planted a bomb, inserted a wick into it and gave matches into the hand of a near-by Kaiser Wilhelm 2. He only has to strike a match ... "
    And what is happening in Russia now? Aren't there such traitors "at the top" sponsored by the Anglo-American gang? It seems that there are just "darkness" of them. Those who have been identified immediately run to where - to London, the Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky and other ".... brethren." Those who have not been identified are sitting quietly, but each quietly saws and sells Russia, "because you have to work off the money. There are also identified, but for some reason not fleeing from Russia, such, for example, as Kasyanov, who was thrown eggs just now. And for some reason, such traitors “do not disappear without a trace in the vast Russian expanses.” The question is - why? Maybe it’s enough to breed liberals with an eye on what the West will say about human rights violations in Russia. cost a lot ...