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Tromix Trimese-16 Experimental Rifle (USA)

American armory Tromix Lead Delivery Systems is primarily known as a manufacturer of ammunition and spare parts for small arms. In addition, several years ago she became famous for her “double” rifle Siamese M16 (“Siamese M16”). This weapon was created in an experimental manner and did not go into series, however, it attracted the attention of shooters and weapon lovers from around the world. Having checked the original rifle, the development company continued the production of other serial products of a less bold design. However, the development of pilot projects did not stop.

Despite the absence of any real prospects, the specialists of the Tromix company, headed by its head Tony Rumor, continued the development of the original idea. In the new project it was planned to combine not two, but just three rifles of the AR15 / M16 family. This version of the "Siamese rifle" was supposed to be based on the ideas of the basic Siamese M16 project and differ in some features directly related to the number of basic rifles. The result of the work started after the development of Siamese M16, was the emergence of an even more unusual and non-standard project. The new development was called Trimese-16, combining information about the number and type of base rifles, as well as hinting at the origin of the Siamese M16.

Again, it was proposed to take several serial rifles based on the AR15 platform and connect them with each other using several new parts. As in the previous project, a set of mounts was provided to ensure the correct mutual position of the weapon, as well as several details for combining rifle mechanisms. Thus, like its predecessor, the “triple” rifle had to have separate automation mechanisms, etc., as well as gas engines connected in an original way.

Tromix Trimese-16 Experimental Rifle (USA)
Tony Rumor with a Trimese-16 rifle

The main units of the "triple" weapons Trimese-16 are three rifles of the AR15 family. In addition, several parts were developed for their connection, including a set of gas tubes. Before assembling a single design, it was proposed to modify the existing rifles in a special way in order to ensure their desired appearance.

The central rifle was supposed to keep the maximum configuration in comparison with the side. At the same time, the upper overlay of the fore-end and the butt and the gas tube were removed from it. On the upper surface of the receiver remained Picatinny rail, which could be used to install sighting equipment. In addition, a small bar was in front of the forearm. Automation, trigger mechanism, ammunition systems, etc. remained the same.

Side rifles, as well as the top in the case of "double" weapons, lost the mass of various parts. They completely removed the forearm, removed the butt and pistol grip. Also dismantled the gas tube and most of the details of the firing mechanism. It should be noted, side rifles also retained the upper bar for the sight, but the use of this device for its intended purpose was not possible due to the specificity of the relative position of the three rifles.

To connect the three rifles between them were proposed several parts. On the muzzle parts of the trunks set plate with three holes and clamps. Another strap was fastened under the three vapor nodes. A stock was also used based on the design of the basic Siamese M16 units. It consisted of three tubular casing connected to a common metal back plate. During the assembly of weapons in the tubular parts were inserted into the covers of the return spring. The composition of the fastening elements ensured the required rigidity of the structure, and also ensured the retention of all weapons in the correct position.

View from above

The central rifle was located in space in a normal normal position. The left (from the point of view of the shooter in the application) rifle was piled on the right side of the 90 °. The right-hand rifle, in turn, turned the 90 ° to the left. Thus, the shop of the central rifle was placed in the shaft below, and the side received ammunition on the left and on the right. The direction of the ejection of the spent cartridges also differed: right-up for the central, down for the left and up-left for the right.

The Trimese-16 triple rifle has received three new gas tubes of complex curved shape. Unlike the first project, tubes of different shapes and sizes were used. The size and shape of these parts was due to the need to connect three rifles at once. At the same time, the flue unit of the first rifle was connected to the barrel of the second one, the second gas outlet was connected to the third box, and from the barrel of the third rifle the tube went to the automation first.

Automatic rifles remained the same. Its main elements were a rotary locking slide and a return spring. The trigger mechanisms were different for different rifles. So, the central one had a complete set of all parts, and the side ones were simplified (according to other data, they did not have USM at all). Thus, fire control had to be carried out using the trigger of a central rifle. USM central rifle was also responsible for fire mode and blocking the descent.

bottom view

The principle of operation of such weapons in general has not changed, but was refined due to the use of three rifles. Having placed three stores in the receiving shafts, the central rifle should have been brought in (the side shots were not required). After that, you could remove the weapon from the fuse and fire. By pressing the single trigger of the entire system, the central rifle fired. At the same time, the powder gases were led through a curved tube into the right rifle. Under the action of gases, the shutter of this rifle retreated to the rear position, then returned to the front and a shot was fired. Gases from the right barrel entered the left rifle, which produced a new shot and diverted gases into the center. It was only after the shot of the left rifle that the liner was extracted from the central weapon and then reloaded. The next shot from the central barrel was recharged left and right, followed by firing.

The proposed method of interaction of the three rifles provided consistent firing of all barrels. In this case, instead of the classic single fire, a volley of three consecutive shots was fired. An automatic fire was also conducted alternately from all trunks, until the shooter released the trigger.

According to reports, the triple version of the "Siamese M16" did not receive sights or other additional equipment. In addition, there is no information about the testing of these weapons and the firing of them. Nevertheless, the available data allow us to make an assumption about the main features of Trimese-16. Due to the use of connected gas engines operating in series, the rate of fire of all three rifles could not exceed the analogous parameter of such weapons in the base configuration. The main characteristics of the fire also had to remain at the level of the base rifles.

Trunks and gas pipes close up, top view

The second draft of the weapon system, built on the basis of several serial rifles interconnected, was purely experimental. For this reason, the developers did not count on widespread acceptance, nor on orders from interested shooters or various structures. Apparently, such an attitude to his project was even to a certain extent justified. So, Tony Rumor, who designed both "Siamese" rifles, spoke of his tri-stemmed offspring Trimese-16 without much respect. On one of the Internet forums, he noted: I also built a three barrel version for quite a few reasons (“I also built a triple barb, but for several reasons it turned out to be decent nonsense”).

The idea of ​​refining and joining together three independent rifles in itself is too bold and unusual for potential use in practice. Nevertheless, it is quite capable of leading to the emergence of an original and unusual weapon, even if it is deliberately doomed to be unpromising technically a curiosity. Despite this, the company Tromix still produced at least one sample of the "triple" rifle Trimese-16, which, according to its creator, turned out to be "decent nonsense." Probably, the resulting sample was questionable, even considering the purely experimental nature of the project.

The “dual” and “triple” rifles of Tromix could hardly go beyond the testing of prototypes, which happened in practice. However, they were a good demonstration of an unusual and even somewhat amusing approach to the modernization of weapons and the creation of new models. They can be considered completely useless, but interesting technical curiosities that complement the development of modern small arms.

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  1. tuts
    tuts 18 February 2016 06: 51
    The idea is not new
    1. AUL
      AUL 18 February 2016 10: 18
      In a week there will be an article about a quad rifle, in two - about a five-barrel ...
      1. PAM
        PAM 18 February 2016 12: 24
        for filming in a thread of a fantastic apocalyptic action movie laughing type "Mad Max 3"
  2. qwert
    qwert 18 February 2016 07: 10
    Exotic without practical application
    1. electrooleg
      electrooleg 18 February 2016 14: 57
      Yes, people just do nothing.
  3. Alceers
    Alceers 18 February 2016 07: 21
    That's because fans of rectal tosyloctomy. And why the hell didn’t it occur to them?
  4. alex-cn
    alex-cn 18 February 2016 07: 25
    Asks only one "WHY?" As a prototype of some serious technical solution - absolute zero.
    Have fun?
    1. 4thParasinok
      4thParasinok April 1 2016 18: 16
      Quote: alex-cn
      Asks only one "WHY?" As a prototype of some serious technical solution - absolute zero.
      Have fun?

      Ponty is more expensive than money ...
      And given that the Americans in the old years even made better assemblies from the M16 (in the film about the "Red Jacket" it is well shown), then the article is just a minus
  5. bunta
    bunta 18 February 2016 07: 37
    Did this apparatus shoot at all? Sleeves from an average rifle how are deduced?
  6. Belimbai
    Belimbai 18 February 2016 08: 52
    What a triplet ..... but weakly 5 pieces.
    1. Tankist_1980
      Tankist_1980 18 February 2016 09: 38
      Five was even earlier. 5 mosquitoes hardly horizontal, and recharged with one lever.
  7. lysyj bob
    lysyj bob 18 February 2016 12: 25
    About five years ago, everyday life was like the series "Guys with Cannons", a semi-staged film about a weapons workshop in America. So there they made a double sample according to the exact same scheme under the order of some guy "with guns and grandmas". Simply, a man, fed up with ordinary rifles and machine guns, wanted exotic things, and the owner of the workshop built IT for him. In principle, the number of rifles in this unit is limited only by the physical abilities of the shooter. So the idea is old. In the overcrowded states of America, barrel rework is an entire industry. For them, these are just expensive toys - to go to the forest or quarry, to shoot for pleasure. There is no other use for such a miracle.
    Quote: Belimbai
    Did this apparatus shoot at all?

    By the way, the double in the film shot quite tolerably, but with the rate of fire of a single rifle, because when the gas vents are connected in series, only one of the rifles shoots at the same time, the next one is recharged.
    This system has an advantage only in the amount of ammunition and in less overheating of the trunks.
    Disadvantages - to the enormous dimensions and weight are added all the shortcomings of the M-16 itself, multiplied by their number in the beam. In short - a toy and no more.
    1. Name classified
      Name classified 18 February 2016 15: 00
      Plus, there is a drawback - if in one (any) barrel there is a misfire, all three barrels do not work, all three need to be recharged, and three cartridges must be thrown away at once - the system is designed for an equal amount of ammunition in all stores. Then it would be worthwhile to connect the handle of the bolts, so as not to pull them in turn ...
      In the double-barreled version, by the way, the same thing.

      Although, against the background of the weight of the entire structure with zero benefit, this is a trifle.
    2. PKsh
      PKsh 18 February 2016 16: 25
      directly removed from the tongue wink laughing
  8. Bayonet
    Bayonet 18 February 2016 12: 59
    What the hell is this miracle if there is a "minigun"? wassat
  9. Dam
    Dam 18 February 2016 13: 52
    A miracle of engineering. There is only one question: why? Who needs a 12 kilogram device of incomprehensible size. Anti-aircraft against low-flying drones?
  10. Maki Avellevich
    Maki Avellevich 18 February 2016 13: 53
    played in the workshop however.
  11. lexx2038
    lexx2038 18 February 2016 14: 14
    And I’ll go on a shovel, on a stalk, on the other end I will put on a pitchfork. Why, a universal trench tool will work. Maybe someone will write an article about me with a photo, against the background of a miracle, and I’m there with a smart look.
  12. Dargavs
    Dargavs 18 February 2016 14: 17
    It makes sense only if 16 as we have AK in stocks accumulated and you need to write off somewhere☺
  13. SIT
    SIT 18 February 2016 15: 41
    Damn, people are engaged in all sorts of crap for the soul and there is something to live for. I envy white envy. I would also love to collect such crap.
  14. tracer
    tracer 18 February 2016 16: 04
    The level of the "collective farm" geniuses of the ukropitheks is immediately visible. A similar craft. And if you weld two Abrams tanks together, and rivet f16 on top yeah? And if the Ten Abrams are tied together with duct tape? Well then, for sure everyone will scatter in horror.
  15. Real stalinist
    Real stalinist 18 February 2016 16: 58
    Who would explain to me: what the hell was that foolish thing to do?
  16. Mite27
    Mite27 18 February 2016 18: 03
    Well, for a mass execution, it’s quite suitable. And for dispersing a crowd.
  17. Klos
    Klos 18 February 2016 20: 01
    How for what? For fun :-) The author himself admits this :-)
  18. APASUS
    APASUS 18 February 2016 21: 41
    There was such a program in the USA for the development and testing of Project SALVO multi-barrel weapons. They even managed to do it better, they managed to remove their super hero
  19. Kaiten
    Kaiten 18 February 2016 21: 44
    Recalls the evolution of the Razor Vest. In the beginning there was one blade, then two, now 3-4, in 20 years there will be a millipede from several tens.
    1. kamikaze
      kamikaze 20 February 2016 20: 26
      the best is a six-barrel aviation gun. if it is shorter, it’s just for the soldiers to go. its rate of 10000 rounds per minute
  20. APASUS
    APASUS 18 February 2016 21: 44
    Yes, Israel excelled
    Gilboa Snake assault rifle - can be made in different calibers, but the basic version is a 5,56 x 45 mm caliber version. It is based on a shortened version of the Gilboa Commando assault rifle and has an extended receiver.

    Pistols were made for squinting
    AF2011-A1. Released by Second Century in honor of the centenary of the famous Colt 1911 pistol.
  21. pooop
    pooop 18 February 2016 21: 49
    this is the most clumsy version of the implementation of this idea that I have seen, without considering that the idea itself is utopia.
  22. gross kaput
    gross kaput 18 February 2016 22: 42
    , I look at people and don’t understand - and what is the logic and analytical thinking of all those noted in the topic are completely absent? The question of the practical application of these bindings is not correct - this is a common advertising and PR move. Many of those noted heard about Tromix? Probably only those who are engaged in practical shooting - because the tromix rivets some custom small things onto the AK-shaped ones demanded by IPSCs, but thanks to this memorable mutant Tromiks, all those noted will be remembered, and despite the uselessness of the unit, the opinion about the company itself will not be negative - rather positive, how about people with hands not from the ass. But the main purpose of this hidden advertising is still not the citizens of the Russian Federation but the bright elves with their love of tuning and a huge number of trunks in their hands. smile
  23. magician
    magician 19 February 2016 01: 08
    such toys are only for the museum. I wonder how with her five kilometers to run over rough terrain or a fight in urban conditions? unpromising toy.
  24. Vadim_2
    Vadim_2 19 February 2016 01: 19
    23 mm double-barrel aircraft gun "GSh-23" ("GSh-23L")