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Erdogan - Washington: "Or I, or Kurds"

Turkish President Erdogan called a mistake that Turkey in 2003 year refused to deploy on its territory the American troops that participated in the invasion of Iraq. In addition, according to Erdogan, the mistake was also the refusal of the then official Ankara to directly participate in the military operation against the troops of Saddam Hussein. It is reported by the news agency Bloomberg.

Erdogan - Washington: "Or I, or Kurds"

Erdogan said that today's Turkey "will not repeat the mistakes of 2003 of the year, now with reference to Syria."

It is important to see the horizons. What is happening in Syria right now cannot last very long. At any time, the situation can change.

In other words, Erdogan would not mind that the Syrian army would not smash terrorist groups, but vice versa.

Stating that Turkey today supports the United States, Erdogan unwittingly explained why he made such a statement. According to Erdogan, "the United States needs to choose who is more important for them: me or the Kurds."

Associated Press It cites the statement of the Turkish president, made after the US special envoy visited the city of Kobani (Syria), which is under the control of representatives of the Kurdish communities from the Democratic Union party:

So do we need to trust us after this USA? Who is your partner - me or the terrorists from Kobani?

A few days earlier, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said that the Defense Ministry had suspicions that Turkey was preparing to launch a direct military invasion of Syria.
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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 8 February 2016 06: 32 New
    Turkey's biggest mistake is Erdogan himself!
    1. spech
      spech 8 February 2016 06: 38 New
      The biggest mistake is Erdogan himself!

      No, this is a new "adolf" of the Turkish spill, it is a pity that Turkey got off easily after World War II.
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 8 February 2016 06: 39 New
        Erdogan - Washington: "Or I, or Kurds"

        With their sexual orientation lying down to the president, I would not specifically pose the question belay
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 8 February 2016 06: 51 New
          Erdogan is completely crazy !!!
          Kobani is located in Syria! What are the rights of Turkey to the Syrian (!) City of Kobani?
          Erdogan to whom does HIS personal "RIGHTS" "shake" ?!
          The guy is completely "swollen" with brains!
          1. tol100v
            tol100v 8 February 2016 06: 58 New
            Quote: Tatiana
            ! What are the RIGHTS of Turkey to the Syrian city of Kobani?

            And even more so, the representative of the bandits from the SGA ?!
            1. cniza
              cniza 8 February 2016 07: 29 New
              A Freudian reservation ... he has long dreamed of restoring the Ottoman Empire, but is more likely to lose Turkey within its current borders.
          2. Nyrobsky
            Nyrobsky 8 February 2016 10: 06 New
            Quote: Tatiana
            Erdogan is completely crazy !!! Kobani is in Syria! What RIGHTS does Turkey have to the SYRIAN (!) City of Kobani? Erdogan to whom HIS personal "RIGHTS" "shakes" ?! The man is completely "swollen" with brains!

            Just like Vysotsky's - "And if you are stupid like a tree, born a baobab, then you will be a baobab for a thousand years until you die" ...
            Having made such a statement and having designated the "plug", Erdogan becomes a completely uncomfortable and unpredictable figure for the United States.
            So it seems that the "partners" will throw him under the distribution
      2. The black
        The black 8 February 2016 06: 52 New
        The old mu.d.a. to the spectator of the Magnificent Century and decided to go crazy wassat
        1. Generalissimo
          Generalissimo 8 February 2016 09: 04 New
          Why was it filmed in your opinion? The US does not need neither Kurds nor him. Therefore, it is heard.
      3. vovanpain
        vovanpain 8 February 2016 06: 54 New
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        Turkey's biggest mistake is Erdogan himself!

        Erdogan resembles a grumpy lover who demands from a lover: Choose either me or your wife, and Erdogan, as if a rejected lover could break firewood.
      4. Blondy
        Blondy 8 February 2016 08: 06 New
        "Either I or the Kurds"
        , well, just like a wife or a lover, damn it.
        Well, how will Washington refrain from choosing, then what?
        1. wasjasibirjac
          wasjasibirjac 8 February 2016 10: 37 New
          Quote: vovanpain
          Erdogan resembles a grumpy lover who demands from a lover: Choose either me or your wife, and Erdogan, as if a rejected lover could break firewood.

          Quote: Blondy
          "Either I, or the Kurds", well, just like a wife or a mistress, damn it.
          Well, how will Washington refrain from choosing, then what?
          you have not forgotten - this is Turkey. Harem - in law. and there is the 1st wife, 2nd wife, beloved 3rd wife, a dozen concubines. so Washington can collect harem.
        2. velikoros-xnumx
          velikoros-xnumx 9 February 2016 04: 02 New
          Quote: Blondy
          "Either I or the Kurds"
          , well, just like a wife or a lover, damn it.
          Well, how will Washington refrain from choosing, then what?

          The phrase of the father of "Uncle Fyodor" from the movie "Three from Prostokvashino" comes to mind:
          “I choose you.” I have known you for a long time, but I see this cat for the first time.
      5. Imperialkolorad
        Imperialkolorad 8 February 2016 08: 52 New
        What is characteristic of ours and helped to survive. But in vain ...
      6. Dmitry Ukraine
        Dmitry Ukraine 8 February 2016 10: 36 New
        Yes, and the First World same ...
    2. The black
      The black 8 February 2016 06: 40 New
      Exactly. Erdogank has completely gone wild: the USA is already setting conditions!
      I think that the Americans will choose Turkey ... without Erdogan. laughing.... I would have told the Americans directly: "We shot down a Russian bomber at your prompting, now incurring multi-billion dollar losses for this. And where is your gratitude ???"
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 8 February 2016 06: 50 New
      Erdogan - Washington: "Or I, or Kurds"
      the key player in the region is not Erdogan in any way, but the black owner from across the ocean, and it will be up to Erdogan to decide if he is, by the hands of Erdogan.
    4. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 8 February 2016 06: 50 New
      So do we need to trust us after this USA? Who is your partner - me or the terrorists from Kobani?

      Hoping to get some kind of response from the United States, the Turkish president will be compelled to be very deeply disappointed, because if he really was of deep interest to the Americans, or at least respected them, these meetings would either not be held or would have been closed. And so, and without Erdogan’s questions, it’s clear that such US actions are a clear demonstration of double standards. So why ask something that you still don’t get an answer for, just put yourself in an extremely unsightly position?
      1. Ze Kot
        Ze Kot 8 February 2016 13: 36 New
        Quote: Voha_krim
        Hoping to get some kind of response from the US, the Turkish president will be forced to very deeply disappoint.

        Americans never respond specifically. Julia will, as before.
    5. Finches
      Finches 8 February 2016 07: 25 New
      The Americans have well mastered the ancient Roman principle of managing their colonies, yes sixes: "Divide and rule!", And Erdogan imagined a lot about himself - he will not calm down, he will have some kind of tulip revolution ...!
    6. Kent0001
      Kent0001 8 February 2016 09: 40 New
      Every nation deserves its ruler. For example, the Turks inadequate Erdogan.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. avvg
    avvg 8 February 2016 06: 33 New
    Erdogan tells "amers" that I will be yours, I will lick your shoes and something, support me, not the Kurds.
  4. venaya
    venaya 8 February 2016 06: 34 New
    “The US needs to choose who is more important to them: me or the Kurds”

    Also compared, a whole nation with itself, a comedian.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 February 2016 06: 36 New
    Erdogan said

    And yours and not ours! Weather vane and political prostitute!
  6. Foresterer
    Foresterer 8 February 2016 06: 37 New
    The provocateur, as a rule, can’t do without lyuli, and this one has already worked for himself for three. Well, how do they start on three sides - the Syrians, the Kurds and the internal opposition, how will NATO help him, moral support if only. Probably, this figure will row to the fullest, and they will not let me escape, if only to Dzhemilev, that will be fun. I also forgot the Basmachi, those probably also have their own account for him.
  7. Kunar
    Kunar 8 February 2016 06: 39 New
    Under Recep, the chair sways. The Turkish traders by nature, and they feel a blow to their wallet is much more painful than a military defeat. And Turkey’s economy is 70 percent oriented to the CIS countries. And Turkey’s economic growth has been possible thanks to our shuttles and construction contracts in Russia , Kazakstan, etc. Therefore, the Turks will not forgive Erdogan for such a perdimonocle. He’s looking for a sick one who cuts a little eyelet on his neck. Only the East is a delicate matter. Exceptional may not have enough money to compensate for losses from Russian sanctions. Bismarck did this in the 19th century, today no one will even allow Americans.
      BABA SHURA 8 February 2016 06: 44 New
      Head in a loop, here's a chair and swinging
      1. avt
        avt 8 February 2016 10: 18 New
        Quote: BABA SHURA
        Head in a loop, here's a chair and swinging

        And he throws show-offs to those who actually set a stool for him, and they will knock it out on occasion.
        Erdogan said that today's Turkey "will not repeat the mistakes of 2003 of the year, now with reference to Syria."
        So do we need to trust us after this USA? Who is your partner - me or the terrorists from Kobani?
        wassat "And then Ostap suffered" laughing This ... son of a Turkish citizen never understood anything in life! Here's a moron - openly decided to behave EQUAL with USA, but only for this they can hang like Saddam! He regrets that at one time he did not attack Iraq and Saddam, cut out the Kurds, and threatens USA fool That is, the fate of all the USA customers there, from the hanged Saddam to the imprisoned Mubarak, we don’t think he’d taught him anything! He didn’t see the map drawn by the US of Kurdistan !? The campaign tells me that there is a chance that Turkey will go along the path of Syria with incitement the civil war is not childish, it has already exceeded 60 percent!
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 8 February 2016 06: 40 New
    if it is important for Erdogan to see the horizon ahead, then the view of the alien shore with the S-400 will sober him up quickly ...
  9. D-Master
    D-Master 8 February 2016 06: 40 New
    Like it or not, Erdogan is playing a very dirty and dangerous game. It is already obvious to everyone that everything that happened in Syria was initiated by the USA but Erdogan embodied. Wanting to unhook a part of Syria. It was Turkey that became the training base and the main supply country of ISIS. And Erdogan is clearly not ready to retreat, although the profits from oil have cut his costs dozens of times, he wants to bring the matter to a victorious end. But ... He will also become a pawn in the game of the United States, the Americans will create Kurdistan at all costs, they need him to destabilize the situation and create a powerful puppet state in spite of everyone, ready to fight to the bitter end. IMHO of course.
  10. Dewa1s
    Dewa1s 8 February 2016 06: 42 New
    My ex put forward similar conditions ...
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 8 February 2016 17: 50 New
      Quote: Dewa1s
      My ex put forward similar conditions ...

      And on whom did you stop ... on her or on the Kurds? laughing
      Sorry, joke. I could not resist. hi
  11. tehnokrat
    tehnokrat 8 February 2016 06: 45 New
    "According to Erdogan," The United States needs to choose who is more important to them: me or the Kurds. "

    What a jealous man!
    And why did you decide that you were a beloved wife ??
    Washington had many, many remained: Ukraine, KSA, but you never know! Like in an advertisement for disposable razors: “Every day is new!”
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 8 February 2016 07: 05 New
      Quote: tehnokrat
      Like in an advertisement for disposable razors: “Every day is new!”

      There is another advertisement there: Blowjob, it’s better for a man not!
  12. SAM 5
    SAM 5 8 February 2016 06: 45 New
    the Russian Defense Ministry has suspicions that Turkey is preparing to carry out a direct military invasion of Syria

    So it practically started. The Turks have already advanced into Syria for a couple of tens of kilometers. And there are about 30 km from our base. (Yesterday at "Sunday evening with Solovyov," Ivashov said.)
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 8 February 2016 07: 08 New
      Quote: SAM 5
      The Turks have already advanced to the territory of Syria for a couple of tens of kilometers.

      As they advanced, they will slide back!
  13. EvgNik
    EvgNik 8 February 2016 06: 45 New
    Laughter is laughter, but it is a veiled declaration of war. And not only Syria, but also Russia.
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 8 February 2016 18: 06 New
      Quote: EvgNik
      Laughter is laughter, but it is a veiled declaration of war. And not only Syria, but also Russia.

      Dear, I agree with you. What does he want? So that the Americans abandon the Kurds? So after all, the Great Kurdistan project has already been launched. And neither the Americans nor we are hiding this. And the supply of weapons to the Kurds and all other nishtyaks speaks in favor of this plan. So that the Turks of the Khan in any case. They were pinned to the wall. And they will not be able to fight. And they are fighting, and on their own territory. It's just that the Turks entertain themselves with the illusion that they are NATO members, almost Europeans. But for Americans and Europeans. Turks are the same Arabs, only slightly washed. And they will never fit in for the Turks, they will come up with hundreds of excuses. The very fact of supplying and training Kurds is a direct spit in the face of the Turks, indicating their place at the bucket.
      And now Erdogan is a rat driven into a corner. He began to rattle his arms and set out ultimatums.
      And the funny thing is that this clown is a stranger, both for Islamists and for Europeans. And, if he is dragged around to be castrated, like a lascivious cat, then no one will be hurt and upset.
  14. Hooks
    Hooks 8 February 2016 06: 45 New
    "Either me or the Kurds." How! The black master has found a new beloved wife. Should he (Erdogan) not know the "harem" rules? Not satisfied), but threw a tantrum.
  15. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 8 February 2016 06: 46 New
    According to Erdogan, "the United States needs to choose who is more important to them: me or the Kurds."
    No, he has lost his sense of smell? Forgot who the fuck ... owns and feeds him? Give your master an ultimatum? Well, the "otvetka" from the minke whales will come, wait!
  16. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 8 February 2016 06: 59 New
    Actually, Erdogan said, "I am such a kurva" - but they misunderstood him !!! wassat
    1. LÄRZ
      LÄRZ 8 February 2016 07: 14 New
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      Actually, Erdogan said, "I am such a kurva" - but they misunderstood him !!!

      They understood him correctly, right. I noticed a bastard. He wants to take both a tit and a pussy in one hand. Let her try. fool
  17. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 8 February 2016 07: 07 New
    Perdogan already got, Hitler unfinished.
  18. 31rus
    31rus 8 February 2016 07: 10 New
    Dear, alarming is this "the situation can change at any moment", an obvious preparation for war, Erdogan, alas, in Turkey is not the only one who wants to grab a piece of Syria and remove Assad, in Turkey they understand that they will invade Syria, which means losing NATO support, although there are workarounds the ways where NATO can support a country waging a war, what is also remarkable is that the United States has so far shown its non-participation in this process, but is strengthening the special forces grouping in the territory controlled by the Kurds, it seems like it goes against the position of Turkey, but on the other hand, The United States is driving a wedge and so into the complex relations between the Kurds themselves, that is, they play on the side of Turkey, because it is clear which Kurds Russia is helping, to prevent this process of Russian influence on the Kurds from expanding further, and this is already a serious influence and preconditions for creating an independent and united Kurdistan
  19. Telemon
    Telemon 8 February 2016 07: 11 New
    Hello! If very briefly, then: Turkish DROP, in terms of diarrhea formed. repeat
  20. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 8 February 2016 07: 12 New
    Erdagashka as a absurd woman, choose either me or your friends!
  21. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 8 February 2016 07: 13 New
    But Glavosman seriously intends to involve Turkey in a war in Syria. He apparently believes that Russian planes "will not dare" to bomb the troops of a NATO member when they invade the territory of a sovereign state. In Iraq, it worked! They acted and resigned themselves. And why won't it work with Syria? But because no one invited any coalition to Syria. No Ottomans, no Saudis, no other rascals. Assad is already eight kilometers from the Turkish border. When it is closed, Daesh, beloved by Erdogan, will have a reason to show him to do it. And presenting serious ones with the barmaleev, it will not seem a little ... So he is ready to throw his country into a conflict fraught with WAR, after which Turkey can suffer greatly.
  22. SAM 5
    SAM 5 8 February 2016 07: 17 New
    The Turks are now significant forces (as many as two corps) are drawn to the Kurds, otherwise they would have climbed into Syria.
  23. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 8 February 2016 07: 22 New
    The biggest and most fatal mistake of Turkey is the choice of its current president!
  24. jetfors_84
    jetfors_84 8 February 2016 07: 23 New
    Erdogan strives to become a dictator of a country on whose conscience there was already genocide of one of the nations. And now he is unleashing another. And under the pretext of persecution I’m ready to invade any neighboring country under the pretext that a threat to his security comes from there. So he will go far.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 8 February 2016 07: 33 New
      Quote: jetfors_84
      Erdogan strives to become a dictator of the country,

      Actually, he already became one. There used to be a lot of Azerbaijanis who said, if anything, the Turkish army would overthrow Erdogan. How deeply they were mistaken.
  25. 72jora72
    72jora72 8 February 2016 07: 33 New
    But if the Turks launch a ground attack, we, together with the Syrians, will have to give them their hands (and the rest of the body).

    P.C. By the way, today our special forces who are participating in the offensive operations of the Syrian army have already openly shown.
  26. Stinger
    Stinger 8 February 2016 07: 46 New
    USA needs to choose who is more important to them: me or the Kurds

    Incidentally, the goat Timur molested the Amur tiger with a similar question. And even tried to punish the latter. all are the same. A democratic, free NATO community is watching with interest the outcome of the demarche.
  27. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 February 2016 07: 53 New
    It is important to see the horizons.

    Horizons are of course important to see. But when you don’t see them and besides considered yourself great and terrible, it is already very difficult to stop. Do not have time to look back and Turkey will go beyond the horizon.
  28. Seal
    Seal 8 February 2016 08: 10 New
    "The US needs to choose who is more important to them: me or the Kurds."

    Alas, Mr. Erdogan. The US has already chosen. And not you, and not Kurds. And with you and the Kurds, the United States simply plays for the time being.
    “There is no doubt that today the Israeli and Armenian lobby are the most effective in the USA. You can also note the Irish and Greek lobby, they are influential, but today they are ineffective in terms of influence on foreign policy. ”

    Zbigniew Brzezinski is a former national security adviser to President Richard Nixon. (Brzezinski, Zbigniew. "A Dangerous Exemption." Foreign Policy 1 July 2006). - See more at:

    Currently, the Armenian and Israeli lobby are the largest in the US Congress, uniting 110 and 190 legislators, respectively.
  29. izya top
    izya top 8 February 2016 08: 41 New
    something like this?---------------------------------
  30. Babai34rus
    Babai34rus 8 February 2016 08: 58 New
    Guys! Don't you think that Mr. Erdogan has taken into account Gaddafi or Hussein? As soon as he is worthless to Western friends?
    1. antiexpert
      antiexpert 8 February 2016 09: 24 New
      do not believe it - this plan has already been launched, and there they already share what remains of Turkey)))
  31. antiexpert
    antiexpert 8 February 2016 09: 23 New
    Erdogash does not understand that sex with a mattress is the only pledge of obedience to the American flag, available to the Turkish leader in the era of hybrid wars, in anticipation of the planned betrayal of another US ally)))
  32. novel66
    novel66 8 February 2016 09: 26 New
    or maybe bang him, a fool like that, and blame the Kurds?
  33. Goha
    Goha 8 February 2016 10: 53 New
    I don’t understand that they don’t live? What have you achieved? (Turks). IS IT A PSYCHIATRIC DISEASE? Or what?
  34. nivander
    nivander 8 February 2016 11: 27 New
    "... I want to be white, I want there to be no drought and women were crazy about me ---- Your desires are fulfilled --- LET YOU BE A UNITAZ IN A WOMEN'S TOILET" --- from an old anecdote
  35. Bakht
    Bakht 8 February 2016 11: 38 New
    The error was not in 2003, but in 2011. In 2003, Erdogan was not allowed to get into the Iraqi adventure by parliament and generals. By 2011, he had cleared both of them. Erdogan has long been judged for the betrayal of Ataturk's covenants and the collapse of the state. The rope is crying over him. It was in 2003 that the Turkish General Staff announced to Erdogan that joining the anti-Iraq coalition would ultimately lead to the collapse of Turkey. But ... Erdogan does not live in the interests of Turkey or the Turkish people. He is an Islamist. He was an Islamist, an Islamist and remained. Spit on him in Turkey. The main thing is to be in the same boat with ISIS.

    As for the Kurds, he also drives a blizzard. Once upon a time, back in 2003, the States relied on Kurdistan.

    So now he is in an interesting position. He crap Russia to please the United States. And the States threw him like a boy. The best option is Erdogan’s resignation from all posts, parliament’s mopping up, return to Ataturk’s constitution. That is, a coup d'état for six months (it was spelled out in the Turkish Constitution and used a couple of times), the normalization of relations with the Russian Federation, the rejection of Islamic principles, the development of a secular state. And everything will be alright. Well, except for the States that won't like it. There will be no chaos.
  36. Bakht
    Bakht 8 February 2016 11: 43 New
    Generally a strange thing is politics.

    For four years we have been hearing the cry "Assad must go!"

    The reality may be a little different. Just a little, but different. Assad will remain, but Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Erdogan will leave. And it’s time for the Saudis to think twice.

    So this situation is quite likely: Assad will remain and the rest will all leave laughing
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 8 February 2016 17: 32 New
      Bakhtiyar, came to the same conclusion as soon as Russia "harnessed". GDP would not climb if it were not sure of the rightness and victory! Then the question arises: "Who will the people of Syria choose in the elections after VICTORY?" The answer is obvious - behind Assad is Russia with GDP - a guarantee of the country's SECURITY! Any sane Syrian, after such "Stalingrad", will vote only for Assad! "Syrian LEO" or "Middle East LEO" - something like that, well, or find how to exalt their leader - the East knows how. Even the KURDS (Syrian) would rather respect and befriend Assad, try to negotiate their future.
      This is what surprises me. GDP today made the king of Bahrain a truly royal gift - an Akhal-Teke, champion of his breed, a three-year-old !!! You can’t even buy this for money and gold! And Bahrain is a satellite of the SA and especially the USA. There is something very interesting. Imagine now Qatari and Saudi! Their jaws dropped - why such a gift !? And how do they now behave with the king of Bahrain? What are they agreeing to? The riddle for them is still that - the GDP of such gifts did not make them !!! hi
      The Arabians have often gone to Moscow - they are looking for a new roof and want to sell oil not only for bucks (Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia already do this) !?
      1. Bakht
        Bakht 8 February 2016 18: 56 New

        Quote: Kasym

        Akhal-Teke is certainly nice. But what did the king give Putin?
        Sword of Victory (!) From Damascus (!) Steel.

        In general, according to the number of visits to Moscow, the leaders of the Middle East are joking that the hajj must be performed not in Mecca, but in Moscow.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 8 February 2016 19: 14 New
          I meant the saying - Half a kingdom for the Horse. With a return visit, the king will have half of Bahrain for the "roof off"! wassat . Sword of Victory has already been handed. laughing . It remains only for the king to adjust the base of the Russian Federation at his own expense, so that the Yankees immediately ward off. lol JOKE of course, but as they say - in every joke there is ... hi
  37. red_october
    red_october 8 February 2016 12: 47 New
    Sergey Cherkasov

    The partition of Turkey is just around the corner: Russian revenge for the downed Su-24
    After Turkey quickly spoiled many years of stable relations with Russia, the question arose: what are the future prospects for confrontation between the countries? The Kurdish issue turned out to be one of the most explosive; Moscow, in turn, announced the imminent opening of a representative office of the Syrian Kurds in the Russian capital. But besides the Kurds, there is another catastrophic threat to Turkey - the Kars Treaty.
    The essence of the problem
    The Kremlin can inflict a diplomatic “stab in the back” by revising and denouncing the Moscow Treaty of March 16 1921 of the year. According to this agreement, the territory of Turkey increased by 30% due to changes in borders in the Caucasus. The problem is that this agreement was signed by representatives of the self-proclaimed Kemalist government, which at that time was not recognized by any state in the world. The Sevres treaty on the division of the colonial territories of the Ottoman Empire, signed by the administration of Sultan Mehmed VI, had legal force.
    By the time the treaty was signed, the Kemalists were actively moving deep into the Caucasus, taking advantage of the weakness of the Soviet government and the echo of the civil war in Russia, and threatened to go further with the Entente. Turkey planned to create "Great Turan" - a political union of all Turkic-speaking peoples up to Kazan and Altai. The negotiations between Kemalists and London became known to the head of the Soviet information bureau in Trebizond G. Astakhov, about which he immediately informed G.V. Chicherin. Therefore, it is not difficult to prove the coercive nature of the Soviet signature under the treaty.
    The first clause of the Moscow Treaty includes the following provision:
    “Each of the contracting parties agrees, in principle, not to recognize any peace treaties or other international acts, the adoption of which would be compelled by force ...”
    Thus, on the one hand, the Soviet government was under pressure, on the other hand, the signature was put by unrecognized Kemalists, although the government of Sultan Mehmed VI was still recognized in the world as a legitimate, legal force.
    Kars Treaty
    In turn, the Kars Treaty is based on the political construction of the Moscow Treaty. The Carr Treaty secured the transition of significant territories of Armenia and Georgia to Turkey. At the same time, Azerbaijan also received part of the territory.
    Despite the fact that the Kemalists were able to sign the Lausanne treaty, according to which the interests of the Kurds and Armenia remained out of work, the Servian treaty was also fulfilled - Izmir, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and part of the Arabian Peninsula went under the protectorate of the Entente.
    The United States refused to take into account the interests of Kurds and Armenians, otherwise an independent Christian Armenia and Kurdistan would have appeared on the political map of the world, which would have become a safe “laying” for the USSR in confrontation with Turkey.
    Armenia's attitude to Kars agreement
    Turkey took advantage of the betrayal of the Dashnak government and with the support of the Germans captured the Kars and Ardagan regions of Armenia. Then, in the period from 1915 to 1922, the head of the Kemalists - Kemal Ataturk - began the genocide of Armenians in the eastern region of Armenia. According to the Armenian Church, more than 6 million Armenians became victims of the Turks. Turkey never acknowledged the fact of genocide, while Armenians will never forgive this for the Turks.
    The Turks were also noted for the fact that in 1922, they killed about 100 of thousands of Greeks and Armenians in Smyrna, and in 1923, about half a million more Greeks in the Black Sea.
    Today, Armenia continues to insist on the fact of the Armenian genocide by the Turks and refuses to confirm the Kars Treaty.
  38. red_october
    red_october 8 February 2016 12: 47 New
    In the 1945 year, the USSR already raised the issue of denunciation of this treaty, but then the United States sided with Turkey, having nuclear weapons behind its back. Actually, the bombing of the peaceful cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was aimed at intimidating the Soviet Union. Today the situation is fundamentally different.
    The denunciation of the Kars Treaty will lead to the process of restoration of historical justice in international organizations and at the level of diplomacy, which will be supported by Armenia, Georgia and Greece.
    Israel will also join this decision for an objective reason - Islamist Turkey, which is at the forefront of radical jihadism in the Middle East, is not satisfied with Israel. It is safer and better for them if Turkey is besieged and a third of its territory is taken back.
    Another consequence of the denunciation will undoubtedly be the need to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territories. Turkey is on the side of Azerbaijan in this conflict, and with such an unpredictable politician as Erdogan, it is very difficult to expect a peaceful settlement.
    Russian-Georgian relations after the expulsion of the guest performer Saakashvili at the moment also went to rapprochement. It is about abolishing the visa regime.
    Denouncing the Kars Treaty in a diplomatic way is also not easy, but if you move inland from the Kars Treaty, then the historical boundaries can suit everyone. Except Turkey and their proteges.
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  40. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 8 February 2016 15: 40 New
    Erdogan - Washington: "Or I, or Kurds"
    Washington - Erdogan: "The stump is clear, Kurds"
  41. gukoyan
    gukoyan 8 February 2016 19: 15 New
    Hmm ... this eccentric bombing is awful. Similarly, his overlords will be removed. Well, or he takes a note of government from Ukraine ...