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Andrei Zagortsev - Special Purpose Writer

Andrei Zagortsev's books are dangerous to read in the workplace, and not only that - they are swallowed up in the same breath, quietly absorbing time, so for the flashing creativity of this military writer, you need to choose the moment. Andrei Zagortsev is widely known in narrow circles - his "City", "Sailor SpN" and other works collect a lot of comments, are sent, quoted. What's the secret? In the author's professional knowledge? Or in the irrepressible sense of humor, which even the first Chechen campaign can turn into an exciting action movie? Andrei Zagortsev himself answers - in his characteristic style.
Also discussed were such sensitive issues as the possibility of melee battles in our time, the right fighting spirit, the hunt for humans, and "hazing" in the army.

Andrei Zagortsev - Special Purpose Writer

A. Zagortsev with Arab comrades

- How did you start writing? If your books were not published, would you write for yourself, for entertainment?
- I started writing years in 5, by hand. First letters, and then connected words. I wrote sentences for 6 years. He wrote before they began to be published.

- Readers' attention is important to you? Or is the creative process itself important?
- It is important to state that idea exactly as it spun in your head, to read and understand - aha, that was exactly what I thought. Well, attention, of course, it’s important to be cunning here, but I don’t see much reason to chase ratings.

- One of the readers indicated in the comments that your works always describe how the characters carefully prepare for operations, think over and discuss all possible scenarios (which is reasonable). Is such a skill transferred to a "peaceful" life?
- Well, today they wanted to make a pilaf, they made a plan, calculations, performers, organized a connection. I was in charge. It seems all is well.

- But seriously?
- I see nothing frivolous in the pilaf. First, get the normal rice on unfamiliar terrain. Who can be? Is it in stores? Or private owners? What can you take from us, and what from the locals who will go? Is it far? What can incidentally take? How much time will turn around? Who to send? Send one - so he is a moron, the second, normal - on duty. So, on an increasing heap of questions, what is so frivolous here ..

- In the autobiographical work, Sailor SPN "Break" laughs at a colleague who read the fashionable book of Suvorov-Rezun at that time about practicing hand-to-hand combat on "dolls" (suicide bombers). Do you think this was not? In Stalin's time (there is indirect evidence).
- And here are indirect? Looking for real. Maybe it was somewhere, but not in the system of special and military intelligence, as if there were no real facts. The fact that specialists who served time, namely Japanese prisoners of war who collaborated on a voluntary basis, attracted this fact. Maybe then inflated, do not know ..

- What do you think about the possibility of engaging in hand-to-hand combat in our high-tech time?
- About hand-to-hand fights, I don’t know. Most likely, a unit that has reached the handshake with the enemy in the current high-tech time should be worthy of the comment by A. Lavrov.

- And in your experience were such?
- No.

- your friends, acquaintances?
- Well, someone flooded. I do not consider it a manuscript for example, that once someone drove a butt into the scoreboard.

- This is the enemy in battle?
- Yes, xs - ran through the house, someone jumped out to meet. Maybe our kind of infantryman, there were no complaints.

- And when you were a sailor, what were you taught to which Republic of Belarus? Especially, given the specifics of your service.
- RB-1, 2, but basically there was no special system - what is strong, then sharpen, low-kick, for example, or head to nose. Someone shots went well and suffocating, someone a good drummer. The killing mix was obtained when a boxer with a set of punches was put on a pair of kicks and a pair of grips, or a sambo wrestler with a percussion technique.

- What about RB under water?
- We are not - I did not serve in the mining company. In a company of underwater mining - there is yes ... We are not - other tasks.

- Judging by the book, sparrings and competitions held? What are the rules?
- Well, while you are standing, it means that you can fight, or for the obvious. For technical advantage rarely gave the victory.

- And working with weapons trained? And against weapons.
- Well, it enters into the RB complexes, and mostly at will. For example, I still juggle with different sticks with all kinds of sticks, someone there with a knife, crud, all the walls in the cockpit izlohmatil.

- Sticks - is it your own, or under someone's guidance?
- Even before the army could, circus taught. And then already in the applied version, some of the Easterners suggested something, but it seems to me that there’s no philosophy there. It all comes down to how strongly and suddenly you go to a certain place.
If the sailor - the head in the sledding of Santa Claus - train him, do not train, there is no sense. If he aspires, then learn a little bit. Just developed the desire to learn something.

- And how did this aspiration develop? How?
- How how? It's very simple: "Am I a sucker, worse than others?"

- By the way, in this work (Sailor of the Special Forces) you act as an apologist for non-statutory relations (hazing). But after all, the geographical names laid out from the bodies of soldiers and sailors are also bullying.
- Do I mention the geographical name Yshtyk-Kyuel, or Lower Pyshma, laid out from the bodies of sailors?

- You do not have, but in the text you regret that now there is a struggle with hazing. And what, putting the names out of the bodies is a statutory thing?
- Well, how did you learn to walk without falling? If it were so simple, for no reason at all, you got up and went, deliberately skirting the dangerous areas, would you now have a self-preservation instinct? Would you know that at full speed fit forehead into the sofa is not gud? Parents' words would have the same effect as lobovuha, for example, with a wardrobe?
Now a sailor soldier is suffering at dinner with a choice of dishes, but in a trench he did not eat three days. A third-party organization with a salad bar wouldn't it be, well, a little, "fussy"?

- How will bullying help him? Someone she breaks at all. Or "the strongest survive"?
- Especially if some ... allowed to put something out of their bodies, the problems are not in hazing, but in the very fighters who allowed it to be done in the commanders - from the platoon commander to the company commander.

- So this is hazing.
- Brains will allow faster to include. And if the man himself fell, then no one will lift him. And do not blame everything on others and cruel grandfathers. Or a fighter or not.

- Was it terrible to go into battle for the first time? Do you think it happened in Transnistria, judging by the passages of the story?
- Not. Not scary. But then when I realized that it was ...

- What happened then?
- Scary, p .. c.

- And when you eliminated the first opponent, did you feel anything? Again inspired by excerpts from the story about Transnistria.
- No, really nothing.

- Do you agree with Hemingway that nothing compares to the hunt for a man by fascination?
- Not. I am not a hunter.

- What drives you? The service is clear - this is "work". And in the same Transnistria that moved?
- Legs.

- In your opinion what should be the attitude of a fighter? Should this be berserk aggression, or a cold-blooded attitude to work?
- Work that needs to be done well and on which much depends.

- By the way, judging by the City, you did not feel some kind of hopelessness?
After all, it was the first Chechen one with its confusion and confusion.

- Well, so either panic or fight. It became clear that no one would help you, so when I first got something without a hitch in the warehouse, it was a shock. How!! Just no problem ?? There is no way!

- Readers want to know - will there be a continuation of the City and the Sailor of the Special Forces?
- No, there will be no sequels, although there are some not exposed stories from those series.
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  1. bionik
    bionik 11 February 2016 07: 15
    I read some works, you can read his novels and stories on the Art Of War website. Creativity of veterans of recent wars.
  2. Saling
    Saling 11 February 2016 07: 40
    Is he Zagortsev? wink Maybe this is an operational alias? wink
    About the comment from Lavrov good. Especially in the light of publications on Topwar articles about adepts of deadly styles such as Gruntovsky and sherimitsii)))))))
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. PKK
      PKK 12 February 2016 05: 35
      I’ll say so, guys, if I’ve trained tightly on the simulator and moved to another temporary substance, it doesn’t matter who you are, a karate or a boxer, you can repel anyway faster. There is a drawback to repel, you can, but not to punch. Therefore, it’s better not to errors on the simulator and set the shock-protection immediately correctly.
  3. Gray 43
    Gray 43 11 February 2016 07: 47
    Thanks to the VO forum, I learned about Zagortsev-downloaded and re-read in one breath all the books and collections of stories - a worthy example to follow for many "eminent" "writers", I hope that someone will write the same about the war in Donbass, in Syria. Let it be not Dostoevsky, but there is something to read and something to think about, thanks to him!
  4. Vikxnumx
    Vikxnumx 11 February 2016 07: 49
    Thanks to the Author for talking with the Author!
    And A. Zagortsev’s books are worth reading !!!
  5. Letnab
    Letnab 11 February 2016 07: 52
    His books are very interesting! They really need to shoot movies!
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 11 February 2016 08: 03
    That's right, books are read in one go .. Thank you ..
  7. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 11 February 2016 08: 03
    At first I read the works of Andrei Zagortsev on the site of Art Of War. Then he discovered the new website of Flibust, where Zagortsev has his own page. Who cares - here is the link:
    In Flibust, the following is written about him:
    Zagortsev Andrey Vladimirovich.
    Born on April 13, 1974 in the city of Belaya Kalitva, Rostov Region.
    Rank: Captain of the second rank.
    He fought: Transnistria, Chechnya.
    Type of troops: GRU. Navy. Spn.
    Lives: St. Petersburg.
    Awarded: Order of Courage - 2, Order For Military Merit, Medal For Courage, Medal Suvorov, Medal For Services To The Fatherland, For Military Valor.
    (author page on ArtOfWar website:
    on the website of Digging:
    In my library (virtual course) there are his works: a novel in the genre of alternative history, "Special Forces of the Third World. Russian trump cards ”(at first it was called“ The Third World War of the 80s ”),“ The Battle Creed ”(about the“ special officer group for special purposes ”),“ Catch the Wahhabi ”,“ City ”,“ Features of the nutrition of the intelligence officer in the conflict zone ”- article, the story "The Company of Marines" (another name - "Traitors"), the collection "Do not give vodka to pilots", "Special Sailor".
    Zagortsev's works are read easily, which is called entry and in one go. They can be characterized by the motto: “Savvy, life experience, quick reaction and humor can become a formidable weapon against which even special forces will be powerless.”
    I have the honor.
    1. gergi
      gergi 11 February 2016 23: 18
      Accidentally read the Battle Creed. Neighing to tears. Then I reread everything. Sorry, not enough. Not Orlovsky, thank God. Well done Andrey.
  8. Vladycat
    Vladycat 11 February 2016 08: 04
    Something. somehow scanty. But I agree that his books are simply a masterpiece. Especially the collection of tales and about the officer group of the Special Forces. I reread it often. Special military humor as a special delicacy that not many can understand. As an addition, I will add such authors as N. Prokudin (trilogy about Afghan) and V. Mironov "I was in this war." The same is written quite deeply and informatively. Thanks to Andrey for creativity.
    1. bionik
      bionik 11 February 2016 08: 44
      Quote: Vladycat
      As an addition, I will add such authors as N. Prokudin (trilogy about Afghan) and V. Mironov "I was in this war."

      Yes, in principle, on Art Of War and other similar sites, there are many worthy authors, for example Tsekhanovich BG "It's scary to die only once."
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 11 February 2016 09: 47
        Quote: bionik
        Yes, in principle, on Art Of War

        Colleagues, I can't find the series "At sea on land and above" in the access, won't you throw off the link?
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Aleksandr72
          Aleksandr72 11 February 2016 10: 10
          Yes please. Here are the books of A. Pokrovsky on Flibust:
          Here on Imkhonet:
          and another link:
          I have the honor.
          1. afdjhbn67
            afdjhbn67 11 February 2016 15: 52
            Quote: Aleksandr72
            Yes please.

            Thanks, I'll go see hi
    2. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 11 February 2016 09: 25
      Quote: Vladycat
      I re-read it often.

      I just read "Gorod", write well, with humor OK, the contusion did not affect ..))))
      I re-read almost everything -
      did this happen in Transnistria, judging by fragments of the story?
      - Not. Not scary. But then when I realized that it was ...

      I have not met with him about Transnistria ... only a casual mention
      1. Petrov K.
        Petrov K. 11 February 2016 12: 09
        it's in Sailor Spn (chapter)
    3. driver
      driver 11 February 2016 18: 59
      I would also recommend adding to the readings of Zaripov from his "Komsomolskoye", can be found on Artofwar
  9. smphantom
    smphantom 11 February 2016 08: 36
    One of the few WRITERS (the rest are scribbles).
  10. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 11 February 2016 08: 44
    good Author - I read with pleasure! Thank you for the interview! I recommend it to everyone.
  11. blizart
    blizart 11 February 2016 08: 52
    Continuing the work of Tolstoy, Remarque, Bykov, etc. all who wrote truthfully about the war and the man in it, Zagortsev lovingly deduces the type of soldier who "cooks porridge from an ax." Sneaky, savvy, sometimes stealing - he cannot evoke positive feelings in peacetime, but in war he is irreplaceable. I, like him, have deep skepticism about the so-called. outsourcing in the army. These soldiers' buffets, civilians on the maintenance of equipment, because a real soldier should be able to do everything. Of course, in the unit when organizing military life, there is a certain specialization, where everyone is engaged in what he does better than others, but interaction, as it were, generalizes the experience of each. It turns out a kind of collective - I. By the way, by virtue of the above, I am sure that the Russian people (the army, respectively) are best adapted to a real war. When the war is not inspiring reports about the next easy successes, but deadly difficult work.
    1. blizart
      blizart 11 February 2016 09: 13
      I am sure that the Russian people (the army, respectively) are best suited to this war.
      Although, maybe not living in Russia, do you idealize it a little?
      1. iva12936
        iva12936 11 February 2016 11: 06
        A little yes, the younger generation is different, not only with us, but probably everywhere. 60,50,40,30 years old, yes - if necessary, they will do everything, 20 years old - not all, but some part is accurate, and if it comes back, then 90 percent. they will definitely support their country.
  12. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 11 February 2016 09: 06
    The right books. About Real Men. Health to Zagortsev and, separately, to all the Guards standing guard over the Motherland with weapons in their hands!
    Best regards
  13. iva12936
    iva12936 11 February 2016 10: 59
    I enjoyed reading and reading, well done, it’s just not everyone’s given the option to write, would write, but alas.
  14. Homegoblin
    Homegoblin 11 February 2016 11: 52
    Gentlemen, who is a fan of his "Special Officer Group", do not forget that Andrei Vladimirovich also has "Spetsukh" there, though not yet completed.
    1. Rattenfanger
      Rattenfanger 11 February 2016 20: 09
      "Spetsukha", or "Special Officer Group", if I am not mistaken, is over. I read and whinnied, like a horse)
  15. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 11 February 2016 18: 28
    I respect Zagortsev. I look forward to continuing.
    Interview definitely (-). The journalist did not tune in, climbed with homework, did not react to the situation. And the result was not a conversation between two people, but a lengthy question and a short answer, not interesting. Crap.
  16. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 11 February 2016 20: 10
    Zagortsev is ... I don’t even know. No words, only emotions. Positive.
  17. kvs207
    kvs207 11 February 2016 20: 17
    Great author. I read everything that I found and ... "it will not be enough")))
    Interview, in style)))
  18. goblin xnumx
    goblin xnumx 11 February 2016 21: 12
    Zagortsev- thanks for the written :)
  19. Reeds
    Reeds 12 February 2016 06: 05
    After reading the article, I found and began to read his books, I did not read much, but that was enough to laugh!)))
  20. kontrobas
    kontrobas 12 February 2016 09: 11
    Damn, how can such a case so stupidly shit? Questions are moronic to impossibility, as if a schoolboy was taking an interview ...
    1. Saling
      Saling 12 February 2016 10: 47
      And look at the author’s respected Facebook page, you’ll understand everything right away wink
  21. Ossetian
    Ossetian 15 February 2016 23: 18
    I read and re-read A.V. Zagortsev, but not at work, I slept there on the "incident in the dining room" - the horse whinnied, though the chef got hooked, he now starts the morning with a search for the continuation of "Spetsuha"
  22. Navy7981
    Navy7981 19 February 2016 00: 33
    I read, read and will read.
  23. Longbow123
    Longbow123 8 December 2017 14: 13
    Of course the book is good, and it is written what is called real, without fiction. All absurdities and other insanity urgent are shown. But I did not like one discrepancy: Zagortsev, born in 1974, but describes the events of at least 1989 (describes how he had to take notes of the speeches of Gorbachev or one of the leaders). I served as an emergency in the KTOF Marine Corps 1990-1992, I myself was born in 1972 and we didn’t have such insanity. This means that events that took place before my service are unambiguously described, i.e. an eyewitness wrote, who should be clearly older than me, and Zagortsev younger. It is easy to calculate that if he was born in 1974, then in 1989 he was 15 years old. He went to serve in the special forces at the age of 15?
    It seems to me the only reasonable explanation that someone else wrote who wants to stay, as they say, "in the shade." If I'm wrong, please argue.
  24. ZIS
    ZIS 22 January 2020 09: 40
    Mironov is just a whiner. Officer, ... Noit, and you are the reader, and you are the reader ..., you are sent to the headquarters officer in the unit going into battle! What is it asking for? !! If the commander is killed, take command! It behaves like a double bass. Why are you a country, people fed and watered for so many years ?! What would you whine? READER!!! BE AFRAID OF ME, THERE WILL BE BACK! KAZEL ANOTHER !!! You were nurtured so that when, if that !!! Here at Zagortsev everything is clear. It took 9 to return 11. Saved his own, brought strangers. And this! In every way evades taking command, shit, not an officer. Because of such, losses generally occur. But personal courage doesn’t count here, you are an officer, a fighter is looking at you, waiting for what YOU will say to do in battle. He’s 18-19, he doesn’t know what it is there .. he didn’t really smell ... How many of their lives have you saved, how many have you deduced, a counter?