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Air Force Museum in Monino 30 January 2016 from the air

30 January 2016 as spontaneously gathered to fly to the Air Force Museum in Monino. Well, I wanted to ... I did not dare to take a helicopter: they promised sleet, but on a small plane just right ... But the process dragged on, taking off from Myachkovo, looked at the surroundings and at the weather radar and decided to fly to Severka.
Having waited there for the snow, we returned to Myachkovo and, with new forces, moved to the museum. Without landing. Myachkovo (UUBM) -Marino (RW) here we said goodbye to Vnukovo-approach-2 127,3 and came under the control of Chkalovsky 133,5. We were given a go-ahead for 15 minutes of work on the museum, after which we had to leave because the board was in Chkalovskoye, and the museum was right below the glide path .. Well, in general, we took several shots and went home.

I just want to remind you of the threat looming over the museum: they are going to move all this wealth by the summer of this year to the Patriot Park. Look at it from above and say: how real it seems to you to do without serious losses?

Most of the exhibits cannot be transported along the roads even when disassembled, and only 20 tons (Mi-26) can be taken by helicopter by air on an external hanger.

And the cost of this move? With this money probably a decade could contain a museum? Why it is impossible to fill the park "Patriot" with other planes? They are still in zagashniki and from the Ministry of Defense written off slowly dial !!!!

And how many more planes are waiting for their turn to recover? Will they also be taken away, or simply abandoned here as having no value for effective managers?

Eeeh, would cover this whole area with a roof and make the best museum in the world ....
And after all people walk, the museum lives ...

Now, if allocated money to put them all on the wing and fly under its own power !!! Then I think everyone would agree :-)))

Air Force Museum in Monino 30 January 2016 from the air

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  1. Good cat
    Good cat 7 February 2016 07: 01
    Why move it to Patriot?
    1. common man
      common man 7 February 2016 08: 02
      Quote: Good cat
      Why move it to Patriot?

      What for? Last year at the opening was in the Park. In order to go to the Kubinka airfield from the main site, it was only necessary to go back there five hours. And I was on my way to the exhibition two thousand miles away. Just one day. How many interesting things could I have seen during this time if I hadn't wasted time? To have time to go to Monino is generally an unrealizable dream. Do you know how you want? Therefore, if we want to create a truly museum platform "for people", it is necessary that all parts are within walking distance. To see as much as possible. And if you wish, see all the opportunity to spend the night somewhere. And not in a five-star apartment, but taking into account our Russian realities.
      I think the question is not whether to transfer or not to transfer, but how to transport without breaking or losing anything. On the contrary, having restored and repaired. This is what you need to think about.
      1. otter.1
        otter.1 7 February 2016 11: 52
        And I, I live from Monino, twenty minutes away and since childhood I love this museum, and in "Patriot" I have to spend half a day in all traffic jams, that's why your argument weighs more than mine?
        Further, here you are not too lazy to come across half of the country to the opening (I can only envy your dedication), but here is the opening before the lantern, I have enough of the fact that next to my city, on the tanks I can go and see "Dmitrovka".
        I just want to answer with a phrase from an old film: "We must not be squeezed, we must be expanded"
        Well, really, in order to make a worthy park "Patriot" in Monino, it must be destroyed
        Ned would think about how to do something like that at home, We are going for a "thousand" miles, and we also offer to break it in one place, what would be in another. Bravo!!! further only MAT !!!!!!!
        1. rubidiy
          rubidiy 7 February 2016 17: 41
          Quote: otter.1
          Bravo!!! further only MAT !!!!!!!

          "I ... I ... I ... I .. then only mate."

          Everything is clear with you ... good
        2. common man
          common man 7 February 2016 21: 20
          Quote: otter.1
          And I live from Monino twenty minutes away and since childhood I love this museum,

          If Monino is a museum of regional scale, I will not argue with you. If we say that Monino is the pearl of RUSSIA, then excuse me. Kindly provide it for the population of all of Russia. Do not want to transport - do not transport. Then equip it, create infrastructure, provide transport accessibility.
          Five years ago to see the tank museum in Kubinka. I'm from the train. Kubinka station, with the train, walked to the museum for almost an hour. Fortunately, Google-Yandex maps already existed. He was guided by where to go. This case? My first attempt to get into this museum, in 1988, ended in failure. I also arrived by train to the Kubinka railway station, poked back and forth with questions "how to get to the museum" and went back not salty. It's all a shame.
        3. firefighter
          firefighter 8 February 2016 06: 17
          I fully support! If you set a goal, distance and finances recede into the background. But the transfer, i.e. the destruction of the museum, no longer compensates for any "Patriot" change ...
          He was in September 2015 and was attached to an excursion for conscript soldiers. Delighted with what he saw, not only me and the boys, but also their mothers! And when you move the exposure, something
          ditch, we’ll lose something, but most of all it will be plundered and will disappear without a trace.
      2. rubidiy
        rubidiy 7 February 2016 17: 38
        similar museums are in the usa and england. Everything for people. I would have suffered too. Once in Monino they cannot build an aviation museum properly and organize things so that people can walk in it with convenience all year round, then it is necessary to transport equipment to places where people want to do this from the heart and close, and not so much *** ski, as is customary with us.
      3. vignat21
        vignat21 7 February 2016 22: 22
        Yes, from the Kubinka station to the airfield there will be 45 minutes on foot. What 5 hours?
      4. Aleksander
        Aleksander 8 February 2016 07: 16
        Quote: man in the street
        Therefore, if we want to create a truly museum platform "for people", it is necessary that all parts are within walking distance

        Can you also "dump" the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum there, so that it is convenient for you?
        Always go to museums, not museums go to visitors.
    2. alekc73
      alekc73 7 February 2016 10: 15
      Dear readers of Military Review. A museum in Monino needs to be saved. All these movements and optimizations can bring unique exhibits to the dump. Examples will not be given in their mass.
      Your suggestions hi
    3. avt
      avt 7 February 2016 11: 38
      Quote: Good cat
      Why move it to Patriot?

      Because, as I wrote on this topic before, this is not a museum at all. This was originally created as a platform with visual aids for students of the academy, hence all the problems with access to exhibits, and indeed the problems with storage, which is already expanding in fact by the collection.
      Quote: alekc73
      Dear readers of the Military Review, a museum in Monino needs to be saved.

      Once again - there is no museum as such, but the exhibits need to be saved, creating a museum for them! That's the question of questions - HOW? Is it stupid to transport it to Kubinka near the Patriot? And are they ready to accept there? Are there experts to disassemble and transport the same B-12 ???? Or stupidly sawed and bolted well
      Quote: man in the street
      in view of our Russian realities.
      especially after what was done with what stood on Khodynka?
      Quote: alekc73
      Your suggestions

      Our proposals are simple and clear: Firstly - "glasnost" without "peeries" laughing up to online broadcasting of what is happening; Secondly - if it is transported, then to a very specific place already equipped in advance for specific exhibits, and not to scratch the bosses for the sake of their ears in order to fulfill their wishes; Thirdly - the Motherland should know its heroes, namely, it should be specifically known who and how is going to do this movement and for what kind of shishi, with the establishment of personal responsibility and payment of quite difficult work, money loves silence ", that's when they quietly rustle scatter in any season; Fourthly, in the execution of the first paragraph, the schedule of work should be announced with again online broadcasting of these works, but here it will be possible to shoot a movie no worse than on "Discovery", I would definitely undertake laughing , and again, the faces of the heroes of the labor feat show. And why not, if the work is done honestly and efficiently? Yes, even to capture them at the entrance of the museum being created - look at the visitor who specifically made you this beauty, if of course you did ... wassat Here's something like that - simple, but tasteful.
  2. Captain Angry
    Captain Angry 7 February 2016 07: 40
    It turns out that a real threat looms over the collection of the Moninsky Museum. It is our common national shame to still not have the Central Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics. In the mid-1980s, it was planned to create such a museum at the legendary Khodynka. What happened to the Khodynsky collection of unique machines that incidentally sat down everybody knows that it’s necessary to sound the alarm — we can lose the last! For from high-ranking statesmen you can hear only beautiful talk about patriotic upbringing and succession of generations, very reminiscent of the talk of one politician marked on his bald head with a big birthmark. And it still smells big money, in the West, for many exhibits, they are ready to pay tens of millions of dollars. In the muddy 90s, and so much of Moninka's hangars disappeared. How long will such an attitude to Russian history be truly our great aviation country?
    1. bodzu
      bodzu 7 February 2016 13: 05
      Judging by the photographs, the Monino Museum is a miserable sight. The metal is not removed from the exhibits and the plastic is gradually destroyed. By and large, all exhibits require restoration work. For this, they will still have to be disassembled, in whole or in part. So this is not an obstacle to transportation. The question rests on money.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 7 February 2016 08: 26
    Yeah, the dome wouldn’t hurt here. That's just its size and load on the supports will require a separate Nobel Prize, if everything is correctly placed. On the other hand, the museums of the Smithsonian Institution and not such expositions contain a wish.
  4. aba
    aba 7 February 2016 09: 04
    Quote: man in the street
    What for? Last year at the opening was in the Park.

    In my opinion, what can be transported from Monino can already be found on other sites, and most of the huge exhibits are unique and can hardly be transported without damage. The fate of the same ekranoplan Bartini is indicative: he was already dropped when he was transferred to Monino by helicopter.
  5. Glot
    Glot 7 February 2016 10: 16
    SchA at the crossing, the dough will be pushed into the pockets, some of the exhibits will be sawed and broken and disposed of, some will be transported to this end.
    It would be better if Monino was put in order by putting these funds into the equipment of the existing museum!
    1. bionik
      bionik 7 February 2016 11: 36
      Quote: Glot
      It would be better if Monino was put in order by putting these funds into the equipment of the existing museum!

      I agree !!!!! It is better to keep the exhibits in good condition, to give a decent salary to the museum keepers (for example, the salary at the Central Naval Museum (Petersburg) in 2015 was 12-15 thousand rubles a month).
    2. otter.1
      otter.1 7 February 2016 11: 57
      Well, if you don’t know, Moninsky volunteers, and not only that, have not been waiting for anything for a long time, as far as they have the strength, they are slowly restoring the aircraft fleet.
      Their effort, passion, love also means in "Patriot"?
      1. bionik
        bionik 7 February 2016 12: 50
        Quote: otter.1
        volunteers Moninsky
    3. aba
      aba 8 February 2016 06: 28
      SchA at the crossing, the dough will be pushed into the pockets, some of the exhibits will be sawed and broken and disposed of

      One can’t remember the fate of the Museum of Military Automobile Technology in Ryazan, where several exhibits attracted Serdyukov and the company in 2010.
  6. Ivan_Ivanov
    Ivan_Ivanov 7 February 2016 10: 35
    There is a very big minus at the museum. You can’t get close to the planes, consider near the details ... I would really like to.
    1. otter.1
      otter.1 7 February 2016 11: 59
      I don’t understand you? You were there? In the hangar, please, in an open area almost like in Zhukovsky, how else do you need it?
      1. max702
        max702 7 February 2016 12: 28
        I was, and I confirm you can go to any exhibit on the street in the hangars .. Unlike the same tank museum in Kubinka ..
        1. Ivan_Ivanov
          Ivan_Ivanov 7 February 2016 12: 45
          Thanks for the clarification. Just in the photo, the tracks go at a considerable distance from the exhibits, and the exhibits themselves are fenced.
  7. VostSib
    VostSib 7 February 2016 11: 31
    ... statesmen have nothing sacred left except bucks ...
    ... Vandals !!!
  8. engineer
    engineer 7 February 2016 11: 43
    I was there back then. when it was closed and without access it was impossible to get there. It’s not real to transport. need to improve storage. Of course this is not a Hermitage. but with due attention, you can make a very attractive object for tourists and just visitors.
    1. your1970
      your1970 7 February 2016 12: 41
      I didn’t like the photo - the far corner is crammed with the remains of planes, the wings of something passenger are lying next to a bunch of combat ones, but they’re also kind of dead
      was on the basis of the liquidation of aircraft in Totsky in 1998 - there the ranks of MI-24, MI-2 went beyond the horizon, cut at a speed of 2 MI-2 per day, 24-ku per day
  9. Resistance
    Resistance 7 February 2016 14: 09
    For billions of 60 rubles. can anyone agree to make a roof, but not a fact
  10. Bene valete
    Bene valete 7 February 2016 14: 23
    Damn, when will our authorities really think about the greatness of the country, and not hang noodles on the ears of the people. 5-10 years in the open and there’s nothing left))). Monino must be ennobled. Sorry for the technique, this is our story.
  11. Des10
    Des10 7 February 2016 15: 46
    Monino is the dream of anyone who grew up in the USSR and loves aviation.
    For a non-tribe - an attraction and color.
    Either a rich and caring person will lead, or the State will responsibly do ...
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 7 February 2016 16: 03
    I can’t say about the appropriateness of moving, but the presence of such museums needs to be expanded and promoted. With what examples to teach the younger generation, if not these. In theory, every city with a million inhabitants should have something like that. I understand that pleasure is expensive, but I would arrange the production of some models of aircraft technicians in a full-sized layout.
    The upbringing of the younger generation is not cheap, and this was perfectly understood by the USSR, but in Russia only recently they paid attention to it
  13. Signaller
    Signaller 7 February 2016 16: 07
    Our proposals are as simple as a cork. Expand the territory in Monino. ... There is so much space that a dozen more museums will fit. Parking lots, the building of the museum itself, and the exposition itself to expand. Well, in general, it is necessary to invest money, pepper is clear. But it will be cheaper than moving. Type-Branch "Patriot" in Monino. And the topic is aviation or tanks ???. Kubinka is always associated with tanks, and Monino is always associated with aviation. It seems to me that it will be better
  14. Signaller
    Signaller 7 February 2016 16: 11
    Yes dumb alaverdi. There, behind the museum itself, there is a runway with a metal profile. Where some large specimens themselves sat down. There, in the recent past, they walked past swimming. There is a wagon and a small cart in the territory. Enough for all Wishlist.
  15. Ilya77
    Ilya77 7 February 2016 17: 16
    E-mine, what is the problem of building 5 hangars, the exhibition area is 50000 square meters. m, if you put it more tightly and suspend it - it will enter a smaller area, hangars are not so mad at billions, that's our story! Aviation is what we have been proud of and are still proud of, and throwing rotting unique planes is a crime.
    1. Yak28
      Yak28 8 February 2016 06: 30
      Our hangars will not help us either, I was in Kubinka in September, all hangars have roof leaks, except where the Mouse is, all equipment is covered with a thick layer of dust, a lot of equipment is probably painted in 10 layers of dark green paint. So even under the roof the planes will look the same miserable, there is a need for a technician-loving staff who will take care of the exhibits.
  16. Roman Ivanov
    Roman Ivanov 7 February 2016 22: 34
    What is it about to create a new museum in Patriot Park?
  17. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 8 February 2016 07: 21
    The exposition must not be touched! From this, only Metalists on scrap metal will benefit. It would be much more correct to create infrastructure and transport accessibility. The simplest is additional electric trains to Monino and buses from the platform. Least of all traffic jams