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Results of the week. “But is it not enough in Pedro in Brazil ?! And do not count! "

Give the country and gas, and coal

What is a paradox? As a practical description of this term, one can cite an event related to a formalized Ukrainian complaint against Russia, which intends to implement the Nord Stream-2 project. The paradox is that the complaint was sent by the Ukrainian government to the European Commission, but neither Russia nor Ukraine itself has any relation to the European Commission by definition. In this regard, the question arises: why does Kiev complain to the European Commission, and not, for example, to the League of Arab States or the African Union? After all, Ukraine is not a member of the League of Arab States or the African Union either ...

In the meantime, the complainants formulated another complaint against Gazprom, Ukrainian journalists unexpectedly dug up something on the complainants themselves. A material appeared in the Ukrainian press that the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy purchases certain amounts of coal from South Africa only in order to “legalize” coal from Donbass, which enters Ukraine through the territory of Russia. South African coal in this case works as a cover for contacts with “separatists” (well, Kiev still names representatives of Donbass): the main volumes of coal for Ukraine are Donbas, but under the guise of South African.

The corruption scheme, in which officials are trying to feed themselves in this way, has become one of the many schemes that flourish in violent colors in the “Square”. Minister of Economic underdevelopment Development Abromavicius, on whom Maidan authorities were making big bets, a charter to try to figure out such schemes, ruined his health and announced his resignation. Screen, he says, I don't want to be.

Zrada ...

Comments from our readers:

“What are you complaining about? - On Nord Stream-2”

And you do not comb it

sery volk
But in my opinion, no “streams” need be built. If Europe wants gas, let them pull the threads to the Russian border, even below, even over Ukraine, even across the moon, at the same time find out whether there were Americans ...

The black
In court, he (Yatsenyuk) will submit. It would be better to save paper, otherwise soon one side ... will be wiped out, and the other side will write coal from South Africa to the courts.


The Russian company Rosnano, whose chairman of the board remains the permanent Anatoly Chubais, with his deputies Yakov Urinson and Andrei Rappoport, publishes fresh news about his stormy research and production activities. The publications are of particular interest, especially if one considers the presence of the sensational statement by Anatoliy Borisovich mentioned above at the New Year party corporate event that “we (that is, they) have a lot of money ... a lot of money”.

One of the news is the bankruptcy of the battery manufacturing plant, in which investments from the 2011 year in total amounted to as many as 15 billion rubles. The most interesting thing is this: Rosnano states that they have the hope of Liotech (this was the name of the enterprise) - they say, while the factory is bankrupt, it will show itself how it takes, and how it develops unique batteries, which hot cakes will be bought up on the vast expanses of the world market.

It turns out that so far the plant has not developed anything competitive and has not found sales markets. And looking for? ..

Conclusion: in order to realize the unprofitability of the project, it is necessary to invest 15 billion rubles into it and immediately start the bankruptcy procedure ... Where is the money, Zin? ..

Comments from our readers:

The problem is that someone is clearly interested in Chubais, and even now, even earlier, with EBN. Under it are allocated such amounts and with such ease, as if no one sees. And really no one - neither the Accounts Chamber, nor the tax, nor the prosecutor's office. And that means - his patrons at the top, at the very top. And then two conclusions suggest themselves: either it is GDP itself or GDP can do nothing with it.

Alexander 72
“Horns and Hoofs” in comparison with “Rosnano” is an example of compassion, moral cleanliness, etc. etc. Especially if you compare the results of the activities of both "offices". It is time to introduce a new term - "nanonizm". But I’m not defined at all - in a philosophical and sublime (as the principle of absolutized uselessness) or in a utilitarian medical sense (a professional psychiatric disease, expressed in the individual’s desire to do absolutely nothing useful, but to get a good salary for it).

In Russia, they say all is not enough money, that we need to raise taxes, and billions go nowhere, although it is known in whose pockets it's normal. This is wrecking and squandering of people's money.

Mask, I know you!

During the week, the French Canal + showed the documentary “Masks of the Revolution” about Maidan events in Ukraine. The film, whose ratings turned out to be very high, was a real revelation for the majority of the French, especially if we take into account the fact that the author demonstrated the Maidan ghouls according to their essence, and not in the form of bright elves of the “pursuit of democracy”.

Despite the fact that the film was shown on one of the paid channels, the interest in the film in France turned out to be great. Ukrainian elites went into hysterics: they say, how is it - we are here, you know, we are building democracy and protecting Europa from aHressor, and they show this kind of people!

Official Kiev authorities even protested that the broadcasting Canal + It turned out to be a film that at least reveals the essence of the Maidan coup for Europeans. In general, the usual Kiev snot and whining exclamations with attempts to stomp short legs.

Stamping, stomping ... Meanwhile, the Chief Military Prosecutor of the “Square” Matios declared the participants of the Maidan events, Pravosek, to be an illegal armed group, which must be immediately disarmed. Pravoseki at first thought that Matios had messed up something in the text, but then they realized that he was serious ... And the snot of pravoveki began to flood the Ukrainian air. Spitting and blowing nose of indignation, pravoseki demanded “an apology on their knees” from Matios. At hand they must have already had a Voodoo doll with the prosecutor’s face glued over and a set of needles from a local manufacturer. Matios is still holding up.

Comments from our readers:

This is how you need to be a state in order not only to overlook the PS for many years, but also to rely on it when overthrowing the legitimate government and in the war against your people. Yeah, now the PS will take the visor and dissolve itself to the joy of Poroshenko and the prosecutor. They still have time to break off the horns and spoil the blood. And we will observe from the side how the PS and the authorities will tear each other's throats.

“In general, the film about the“ revolution ”and the participation of extremists in it came out quite toothless.” Maybe ... but that's just ... Ukrainian Internet resources ... came out of guano ... after watching this movie.

For the Russian viewer, the film didn’t bring anything new, but Europeans must have discovered a lot of new things.

Sniff, gentlemen! ..

Last week the commander of what is called the Navy fleet Ukraine, Vice Admiral Gaiduk, announced that the submarine forces of Ukraine should become the pride of the Ukrainian Navy. There are no forces yet, but they are not going to dig for this additional water area of ​​the Black Sea. But at the suggestion of European parliamentarians who visited Crimea with an “inspection mission”, in Kiev they have now announced “a clear readiness to follow the path of the return of Crimea.” And after returning, they say, the “pride of the Ukrainian Navy” will be based precisely in the Crimea ...

After visiting the Crimea, where the European parliamentarians were already sent with a resolution set in advance “from above”, they declared in clear voices: “We will lift the sanctions only when you return the Crimea to Ukraine!” Yes, yes, they rightly said that they say that Ukraine’s activists and prohibit Crimeans watch Ukrainian TV.

An image of a sophisticated masochist immediately emerges before my eyes, who suddenly decided to watch Ukrainian TV, being an average resident of the Crimean peninsula ... The trouble for MEPs is that Ukrainian TV is trying not to watch Ukrainian TV itself, even if there is nothing more to watch ...

And by and large, the resolution of eurobubbled was pleased - the sanctions would not be lifted, and rotten tomatoes and apples, along with heaps of manure, Belgian, French and Spanish farmers will continue to dump under the windows of the same European Parliament - sniff, gentlemen! ..

Comments from our readers:

They love everything in Ukraine air: castles in the air, air forces, inflatable frigates. The only question is: how will the inflatable fleet sink under water, because feces do not sink.

Ufff, but I was afraid that they would lift the sanctions, they frightened me recently ...

I was born and lived a little in a very good state that lived under sanctions all my life ... I was happy! There I decided to become an officer. I never regretted my choice! He lived without a sanction under Boris Nikolayevich - when we wiped our feet about us and we felt like it was not so hot! I want the sanctions and the USSR back - I want to be happy and calm for the future of my children! And the European Parliament ... clowns (...) Russia should not be a decree!

“Bridgehead in Debaltseve” - thriller of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a happy ending

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published a report on how, according to the version of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, events developed near the village of Debaltseve. At the same time in the General Staff and today the events of January-February 2015 of the year are called events on the “Debaltsev bridgehead”. The report states that 136 of Ukrainian soldiers were killed on the “bridgehead”, 331 was injured, 7 was captured, 18 went missing.

Results of the week. “But is it not enough in Pedro in Brazil ?! And do not count! "

The essence of the report has been reduced to the fact that the unwashed hordes of Russian barbarians broke through Debaltseve to Kharkov, but, having met the strongest resistance of the Ukrainian army, were pretty exhausted - the breakthrough choked. And Kharkov exhaled ... And at this moment, the valiant Ukrainian army quietly, literally on tiptoe - in order not to rattle with medals and orders, left the bridgehead for pre-equipped positions.

Naturally, the decisive role in this blitzkrieg on the Russian adversary and occupier was played by the professional work of the top leaders of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Risking their own lives (after all, the temperature in the steam room on Khreshchatyk was over a hundred, plus the girls of their escort service added a spark), the Ukrainian generals led the Debaltsev operation, the number of drunk cognac glasses telling their subordinates how many regiments were ready to come up for help in defeat the enemy hordes! .. Peremoga!

Comments from our readers:

Diana Ilyina
We would not be exhausted. According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Russian-occupying troops lost:
- Three Buryat cavalry divisions;
- Three Pskov airborne divisions;
- three tank Cantemir-Taman armies;
- three military districts of the north-south;
- GRU special forces ..., three pieces! (...)
Three domestic aircraft carrier!
Everything ... Everything that has been acquired by overwork, everything is as dust!
What after such a loss attack on Kharkov? There is already nothing for Moscow to defend, let alone for Rostov!

And not Kharkov, but Pluto, and not "Russian-terrorist troops", but imperial attack aircraft ... er, squirrel, squirrel ...

Is there anything about a blow from the Debaltsevsky boiler to Moscow? I remember how I ran to the store to save vodka in a panic, when they started talking about Ukr shushpantsers on the Moscow Ring Road.

Furious bambr
Almost all our army was in Ukraine ?! And what are they confused and did not conquer Kursk, Voronezh, etc.? And with what frightened the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were to attack from the Debaltsevsky bag, when from Belgorod to Kharkiv to move a hand? And the second blow from Valuyek - and cut off another piece of territory, so as not to build a new railway. Well, it is, thinking out loud ... And how beautiful it sounds and looks like - Debaltsev PLACDARM! Is it probably that Ukrainian academies are taught to create a foothold in a tactical environment?

Don Pedro and many, many wild ...

According to Poroshenko, who spoke at the National Security and Defense Council, the line of the latest military products manufactured by Ukrainian enterprises must be expanded. According to Poroshenko, cruise missiles on the basis of the “developed” project “Neptune” should become one of the elements of such an “expansion”.

Pedro, namely in the article Poroshenko christened German picture, said that “soon, soon, now”, Ukrainian-made cruise missiles no worse than “some” Calibrov will begin to cut airspace. The question is whether the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, which has high hopes, specialists and funds to complete the work on the creation of this class of weapons, remains? And is the creative idea of ​​the maidan even ready to go further than the drawings of the sheathing of trucks with steel sheets and rods of the “80 level of protection”?

But even this is not the main issues. The main thing is this: does Ukraine need something of its own for such purposes? After all, the same "friends" from the United States with a sly can put Mr. Poroshenko "Ukrainian cruise missile." And what can the monkeys that brought Don Pedro to the presidency be able to do with such a “grenade” - a separate conversation ...

Comments from our readers:

But what prevents to give Western aid for their own development? With maydanutyh demand is small.

That weapon nuclear they will do, now Neptune came up. Soon, President Poroshenko in a drunken stupor will agree on the creation of a hydrogen base bomb in the basement.

Dmitry Ukraine
The current Maidan authorities in Ukraine are really ready to do anything to keep it, by any means and methods. And this means that financial resources for such a development, of course, will be found. And this is now - the main thing. The country has a deep crisis, lack of work and low wages. Therefore, the opportunity to find a certain number of specialists for this work, which will be paid by good (by the standards of Ukraine, of course) money, Don Pedro’s servants, I think, will be able to. Plus - help overseas owners. And then, albeit not in the short term, some results have been achieved in a couple of years. In the window, such missiles, of course, will not fall. But a lot of lives in Donetsk, Gorlovka or other cities will be under another threat. The current ukrovlasts "mind" is enough for this.

The sudden discovery of Western scientists: Russia has military aircraft

The counterterrorist operation in Syria has attracted world attention to the Russian technology involved in it, writes Stern magazine. “The Russian Su-35С is considered the most dangerous fighter in the world. Its design is based on technologies that go back to the combat power of the USSR. The predecessor of the aircraft was the Soviet Su-27, whose mass production began in the 1982 year. Su-35S enters the arms market, incorporating the best characteristics of fourth-generation fighter aircraft and the basic properties of the fifth. "

Well, they lauded, lauded ... "Sterns", "Spiegel", and other National Interests. Before the start of the Russian counterterrorist operation in Syria (with reference to Kiev specialists), one gets the impression that Russia seriously believed that Russia had only two types of weapons - one rifle for three and a fairly rusty atomic bomb, which soldiers in moth-eaten coats rolled from place into place, creating the appearance of having powerful strategic nuclear forces. And when they saw Su-35C in the sky of Syria, they started to wipe their glasses, not understanding why on the “American coalition” planes red stars and Cyrillic ...

WTF, - they say, - so this is a Russian plane! .. - Joe, urgently dial Erdogan, call sign “Fuel truck” in a notebook, so that Turkish pilots go to the toilet before the flight ... Let them not break the action of the “clear sky” program ".

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
The main thing is not to be smothered by the praise of the West! And continue to modernize the fleet at an accelerated pace.

It is terrible to think, if the USSR had not collapsed, if it had not been lost in the normal financing with the length of 15-20 years, which devices would now fly under the red stars.

Good planes, only there are few of them in case of the invasion of Turkish troops. Syrians would arm the land army is not sour.

There is not much aggression ...

The report of Jens Stoltenberg appeared on the website of the North Atlantic Alliance. The NATO Secretary General claims that in 2013, the Russians conducted exercises that simulated a nuclear strike on Sweden. The Swedish press, having carefully studied the Stoltenberg hypothesis, is sounding the alarm. The exercises mentioned by Stoltenberg, which took place near the eastern border of the Stockholm archipelago, showed the weakness of the Swedish army: there is no need to speak of any operational reaction to maneuvers, since the servicemen went on leave.

The promise of recent Western publications about Russia and President Vladimir Putin is simple to the anecdotal: Do you know the Dead Sea? - Putin killed ...

If in the 2013 year, Russia “imitated a nuclear strike on Sweden,” then why did Stoltenberg say so now, and not then, his predecessor Rasmussen, who at that time headed the NATO office? Why only now decided this “sensation” to pour into the infospace? Because the same Sweden is being tried to be dragged into NATO with all its forces and means against the background of fanning fables about the “Russian threat”. They say, look, the Swedes, you have not only "undetectable" Russian submarines scare fish to fishermen, Putin is already aiming his nuclear weapon at you, and he is aiming at breaks between how he makes dope athletes take Pocket Blatter and cover it with a pocket polonium litvinenko head to toe ...

Well, at least they didn’t think to declare that Russia besides “Carlsons, who have a roof problem,” inflicted their training nuclear strike on Liechtenstein and Andorra ...

Comments from our readers:

Great-grandfather of Zeus
Yes, yes, yes - active hysteria is going on, NATO and the United States start themselves with similar provocations, preparing to conduct a "hot war" on our territory.

If they hint at Putin’s participation in the murder of Litvinenko in London, then we need to hint at the participation of Elizabeth in the murder of someone in Moscow.

And none of the "anxious" wants to explain, what for we need to attack the Swedes? That's what's there such that it is acutely necessary to figachit nuclear weapons? There are no military bases of foreign aggressive states, there are no vital natural resources (and even if they were, we are not the peddlers of democracy). In addition, it is not far from its own territory, why pollute the area around itself? We need to convey this idea to the Swedes and the Finns - until you can sit in NATO quietly, as soon as you have entered - you will get a couple of targets on your forehead.

Alexander Romanov
This is not Kashchenko, they are clever liars. They push their populations to the idea that a warrior is inevitable. Preparing for slaughter. Then you can start a warrior with Russia first, but at the same time declare that this is a retaliatory strike. Or they finish the game before it was in Georgia. On TV they said that Saakashvili was killed, and Russia started a warrior with Georgia. Half the country on ... obs. They will do the same for themselves, there will be panic and chaos. Only we will again be guilty, an evil Russia brought their population to paranoia.

Germany is difficult without Russia

The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer visited Moscow. And I intend to visit her again in the fall. Recall Seehofer is the main critic of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

During the visit, the Bavarian Prime Minister met with Vladimir Putin, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexei Ulyukayev.

According to Seehofer, his visit to Russia was “timely, necessary and successful,” notes "RT".

As for Western sanctions against Russia, they called Seehofer "a mistake."

Herr Seehofer, who will come to Moscow again in the fall, has criticized Angela Merkel’s position in everything, starting with the crisis of migrants. It can be said that he is a politician completely opposite to the current chancellor.

It is not surprising to understand Seehofer: it is through his Bavaria that hundreds of thousands of refugees enter Germany. And up to 24% of the refugees, Bavaria is not going to travel further. The Bavarian authorities even proposed to condemn Angela Merkel for her open door position.

And one more thing is important to know about Seehofer: he adheres to the point of view that no major European crisis can be resolved without cooperation with Russia. According to the German, Russia should be a full-fledged participant in the process of resolving European crises.

Comments from our readers:

Is it not only the European Union that is falling apart, but also Germany?
The Kingdom of Bavaria existed before the Franco-Prussian War and the unification of Germany.
The idea of ​​regional trade at Seehofer is interesting. Can be extended to other countries.
Gascony - Moscow))) You are all geyropeytsy, and we are d'Artanyans)))

If its United States does not “crash”, both in a figurative and literal sense, then for the United States this will be a complete collapse in all of Europe.

Sarkozy came, Seehofer is going ... It seems that Putin is already coordinating future presidents. Here's another Trump coming ...

He looks to the sky, sees the Russians

The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned "on the carpet" the Russian ambassador in Ankara in connection with the allegedly new violation of the country's airspace. "The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that a Russian military aircraft violated Turkish airspace on Friday," Reuters writes. In a statement, the agency "called for a stop to violate the airspace" of the country.

In addition, on Saturday last week, President Erdogan, in the course of communication with journalists, said that he would like to personally meet with Vladimir Putin: “Yesterday there was a violation of our airspace by a Russian plane. Such irresponsible steps, in which we see an escalation of the crisis, benefit neither Russia nor NATO-Russia relations, nor regional and global peace, they only bring harm. Yesterday, these considerations were expressed by the Russian ambassador to Ankara [Andrei Karlov]. At the same time, I asked the Deputy Foreign Minister to contact the Russian side and convey that I personally want to talk to dear Putin. Our ambassador informed that this information was transmitted to [the Russian side], but up to this point we have not received a response. ”

What such Erdogan needs an answer? The answer to the “incident” was already given in Moscow.

If the Turkish side claims that on January 29 the pilot of the Russian Su-34 was warned in Russian and English about the violation of Turkish airspace, then Moscow denies the charges and demands evidence.

So where is the evidence, Mr. Erdogan?

Comments from our readers:

Also, army units will be introduced in the north of Syria. After all, our harsh rulers about the act of war on the part of Turkey did not just send their ambassador, but did not even call him onto the carpet with the delivery of a note. So, they talked with the military attache, who was also not expelled. Therefore, Erdogan is so brazenly himself and leads, hoping for a cover from the black lord and NATO. I hope this is not stupid and indecisive, but Erdogan’s provocation, Schaub, he rushed to the point that NATO did not dare to support him.

Putin taught Erdogan diplomacy. The progress is obvious: Ankara is still behaving like a political whore, syruping false accusations, but already fears!

Yes, Erdogan rushes about like a hunted ferret, Xanyon Netanyahu finally kicked him a day ago: there will be no gas pipeline through Turkey, nor will there be a normalization while Erdogan is in power.

The Pentagon today made a curse, they say, only they persuaded the Turks not to shoot down the Su-34 on Friday.
Also, the Turkish Air Force translated into an orange alarm: this means that they can open fire according to circumstances, at the discretion of the pilot.

In the footsteps of psaki

Since the Turks have failed to provide evidence of a violation of Turkey’s air border by a Russian plane, NATO has taken the case. His offense to give!

The journalists decided to apply to NATO with a request to show them documentary evidence and data of means of objective control, which would confirm the crossing of the Su-34 Turkish border from Syria. The NATO response is quoted by RIA Novosti: “According to the information we have, the Russian military aircraft violated Turkey’s air borders on Friday [January 29]. There are images of violation, but they are classified. ”

NATO has exactly the same logic logic as Erdogan. Why did the pictures with the Russian plane suddenly become secret? If a violation of shouting at every corner, then it would seem, and the pictures should be pasted at every corner! Then the whole world will rebel: here they are, Russians, what they are! Aggressors!

The situation is clear: NATO has no “images”. But it would be strange if the alliance surrendered its own - Turk Erdogan. Try to imagine how the NATO Secretary General criticizes a NATO member and convinces a respectable public that Russia is right!

Comments from our readers:

And we have information that NATO is a subsidiary of the prince of darkness. The images are there, but they are classified. Although this is an open secret, everyone already knows that the devils of NATO!

Son asks father:
- Dad, what is “American foreign policy”?
Father with all the dope charges him in the neck.
- What for, dad ?!
- I suspect you stole 50 bucks from me.
- But I did not do it !!!
- Shut up and give back, and as much for moral damage!
“But you haven't proved anything yet!”
- This is what is happening, son, the essence of American foreign policy.

Theater of the absurd flourishes terry color! After all, if there was objective information, I would have stood for the whole of Ivanovo! And so, only "secret materials" from Hollywood!

Sunk in the sun

On YouTube, there was a record of the use of a heavy flame-throwing system “Sunshinek” on the positions of extremists in Syria. “The fire was fueled by thermobaric shells. The details of the operations in which the flamethrower system was used, the author of the video does not lead, "- said" Reedus. "

Reports that “Sunshine” appeared in Syria appeared in the beginning of October 2015. They were tweeted by Hassan Ridha.

"Sunlight" is designed to disable lightly armored and automotive vehicles, arson and destruction of buildings and buildings, the destruction of enemy personnel, located in open areas and in fortifications. The temperature at the epicenter of the explosions rises to a thousand degrees.

This hell for terrorists.

Comments from our readers:

UHH! Burns well! Train, bastards, before hell! But still, hell will be much hotter!

There is no better testing ground for combat in combat conditions.

My uncle, when I was still in Afghanistan, I experienced thermobaric ammunition on the local boor-males (but not the "Sunshinek"). The result is not for the faint of heart: "fur inside."

padded jacket
In the meantime, the onset of Syrian troops with the support of volunteers from other countries and the bombing of our VKS continues, and the T-90 is shining more and more often, and not from the regular Syrian troops, but from the Iraqi militias, in particular under Aleppo.
The Iranian general Suleymani is believed to be leading Iraqi Iranian and other militias on the side of the legitimate government of Syria.

"Advanced", "effective" and "astounding"

Having published a video with the Syrian military chronicle, whose personnel recorded the precise work of the Russian military, the publication Business Insider noted that the operation in the CAP demonstrated new capabilities of the RF Armed Forces, which "came as a surprise to the world."

"The Syrian campaign has allowed Russia to test in the combat conditions new military aircraft, as well as cruise missiles, whose flight range exceeds that of the American counterparts," RIA Novosti reports, Michael Kofman, an expert from the Kennan Institute in Washington.

“This is an amazingly effective weapon,” said an expert on the Russian Gauges.

"Russian tactics and strategy have also become more advanced," - said the publication.

“Advanced,” “effective,” and “striking,” is a series of epithets that NATO analysts flinch at and head for the Pentagon’s strategy strategist. Because these epithets are not related to American weapons, but to Russian ones.

It is a weapon, “striking” in the literal sense. Hit the target, you know.

Comments from our readers:

What was that?

Well, once again, our enemies praise us, which means that they conceived something despicable, the West never possessed honesty.

We must keep our ears open! I also think that they put a vigilance to sleep! Like a fox in Krylov's fable "The Fox and the Crow", only here the bear jackal the bearfish wants to lick! That sings his praises!
(Although our sun is really impressive!)

We, Russians, in no way should we spit from the praises of foreigners! It is necessary to rearm as quickly and as efficiently as possible! The enemy is very cunning and strong! And his guns are directed towards Russia.

West loses info war

The Americans took aim and started shooting already. True, they can't get there yet. The first targets were Russia Today and LifeNews. Both are accused of "propaganda", and therefore the verdict: "Execute, you can not pardon." “Democracy” is designed to stop the information invasion of “authoritarian regimes”. This was announced by Vice President of the Foundation for Democracy Support Christopher Walker.

In a report entitled “Hijacking“ soft power, ”Mr. Walker shared his own thoughts with the public. According to him, if you do not win the information war against the competitors, then the West is threatened with “a dark prospect of an even greater erosion of the democratic space in the coming years.”

According to Walker, the main threats to US influence in the world are Russia, China and Iran. And here is the specifics: the Chinese CCTV channel and the Russian Russia Today and LifeNews were announced as the focus of information evil.

So, Christopher Walker exposed the "propaganda" activities of the Russians and the Chinese, which creates "threats" to the US global influence. And since such a thing, Washington, and at the same time Brussels accountable to it, according to Walker, should modernize media resources, defending their point of view and competing with the media from “authoritarian states”.

If the West does not win the informational war, it is threatened by the “gloomy prospect of an even greater erosion of the democratic space”.

We think that the “dark perspective” threatens the Western media because of their own stupidity. Films such as the recent BBC biography about Putin’s “riches” are slapped by such amateurs and contain such “evidence” that you wonder. Truly, the BBC must urgently be "modernized." However, this broadcast company ridiculed even Evelyn Waugh. With the modernization is clearly late ...

Comments from our readers:

The erosion of democracy comes from its main pillars - freedom of speech! Original! Freedom of speech is destroying democracy! Sin is not to quote Lavrov: "Morons, ...!"

That's the whole freedom of speech in the West! In the Russian media, even in the state. TV, give to speak to all parties, even frantic ukrozhurnistam and homegrown liberastam. And in the Western media or outlaws Polish "journalist", interrupting the minister of another state, or third-rate hood. cinema, outstanding for documentary investigation, as on TV at Hans and arrogant. This is such a freedom of speech, not to mention the MOST, MOST: there is generally “Mordor” of the world media.

American democracy is a medieval inquisition of the 21 century. Judge for yourself: all those who lived before its appearance, lost souls in darkness, doomed to eternal torment, all who do not agree to accept it, heretics, all those who oppose its adoption, expect crusades ...

Chamomiles hid, buttercups wilted

In the index of economic freedom, calculated by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, Russia was lowered to 153 places. In the meantime, financial analysts have announced that BRICS no longer exists, but there are TIKKS: Taiwan, India, China, Korea, South Africa. The recession in Brazil and Russia excluded these countries from the acronym. In Ukraine, the Russians are not doing well either: an expert from the American Foreign Policy Council points out that “Russian troops” can no longer “attack” there. In parallel, the Western media focused on the topic of corruption in Russia.

Those interested can see a table with indicators of the index of economic freedom on the website. Heritage Foundation.

Russia hit the 153 place, scoring 50,6 points (–1,5 points) and hitting the very bottom of the list of countries whose economies are “mostly non-free”.

For comparison: Ukraine is classified by experts in the group of states with “depressed economies” (repressed) and placed in the 162 -th place. Here is located and Belarus (157-e place).

Thus, in Russia there is something else to "suppress", and in Belarus and Ukraine, apparently, there is nothing left ...

Comments from our readers:

Ami du peuple
You read such Western “analysts” and “experts” and you become thoughtful: do they take lessons from their Ukrainian colleagues? The level of truthfulness and impartiality of the materials, as well as the argumentation of the conclusions with regard to Russia, is exactly the same. Low level to say the least.

Interestingly, they themselves believe in what they say?

As long as the FSHA and Geyrop will consider themselves to be the arbiters of the fate of the world, the policy of double standards will be viewed wherever possible in order to put in place the "overbearing" countries that have their opinion on what is happening now.
So there is nothing surprising. How to put them in place? You just need to methodically defend your point of view, bring to light the "masters of the world" on contradictions, just bend your line. That which is built on lies will fall apart sooner or later under evidence of evidence. You just have to wait patiently. Time works for us. And for me personally, what I see is more important than what they are trying to convince me. In my opinion, this should be done at the state level.
Power is in the truth!

Oil prayer

Twists of the oil market amaze even experienced businessmen and financiers. We did not expect, they say, that someday we will pray for high oil prices. It turns out that the growth of the global economy today largely relies on countries rich in oil. With cheap oil, developing countries trading in raw materials become poorer and buy fewer goods, which is why the developed countries suffer from these goods.

“I never thought that I would ever want to do this, not to mention the fact that I would really pray for high oil prices, but I do it!” Exclaimed Khan de Jong, chief economist at ABN Amro Bank NV (Amsterdam). According to the expert, the world "badly needs higher oil prices."

Meanwhile, oil-producing Venezuela began ... to buy oil from the United States.

The problem of the state oil company of Venezuela is that, having access to the world's largest oil reserves, it is forced to use light oil from abroad, with which its oil refineries work, mixing it with heavy oil.

And how is oil-producing Russia doing?

In December last year, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Russian budget in 2016 could lose less of the order of 2% of GDP revenue, while maintaining current oil prices and the ruble exchange rate.

13 January RIA “News” conveyed the words of Anton Siluanov, who spoke at the session of the Gaidar Economic Forum. In his opinion, the Russian budget will be balanced at the price of oil in 82 dollars per barrel.

But such a price will not fall from the sky. Siluanov understands this. And therefore he says: “Our task now is to bring the budget in line with ... new realities. Because if we said that the private sector more or less adapted to the price of oil around 40 dollars per barrel, this process now continues further in the face of declining oil prices. ”

Therefore, the endless "adaptation" of the private sector to the "new realities" (very similar to the old realities, they are the same rake) - this is what the Russian people will be doing in the near future. Obviously, the government will also “adapt”, which, in anticipation of obese years, will deal, as we think, with substantial cuts in budget expenditures and will begin to get used to chronic budget deficits — as in Yeltsin's times.

Well, and there, you see, and oil will rise in price.

Comments from our readers:

Forecasts of oil prices seem to me fortune-telling on coffee (or oil) thick. Especially from Siluanov or Ulyukayev, but, in the end, not a single oil ...

The government needs smart people, experts in the field of finance and economics. Let them think about how to untie the ruble from oil. Moreover, compared to other oil countries, our oil and quality is worse, and it is produced with large (and much larger) costs. It's time to move away from the sale of raw materials. We need to develop our technologies and sell finished products of high quality. As an example - weapons and military equipment.

Too much was put on oil, hence all the problems. When we were told that we were a gas station, we had to take this into account and draw conclusions. Yes, oil exports are good. But to make such investments in one industry is stupid.

Actually, it's simple. The market (more precisely, monopolistic) economy is fundamentally unstable, and without external regulation instantly goes hawking. The times when there were a lot of small independent producers and the market was stable, 100 had passed as years. Just the goal of the economy should not be forcing out profits, but ensuring the survival of the people and at least a tolerable existence, there won't be enough Mercedes for everyone. And this is a “damn branded” socialism. Read Stalin!

* “But in Brazil, Pedrov is not enough ?! And do not count! "- the phrase from the movie" Hello, I am your aunt! "
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  1. izya top
    izya top 7 February 2016 06: 47
    thanks to the authors hi
    and about the ruins, the crawl pig is not a friend No.
    1. 7 February 2016 07: 19
      Our red statue spoils, it’s time to spit on the ruin and look at its ruins! hiIt's time to ruin and others like them, as in Europe it’s bad to lower the list of news, instead pay attention to yourself
    2. evil partisan
      evil partisan 7 February 2016 08: 27
      Quote: izya top

      Izzy. I actually thought you were an eagle ... request
      Hello !drinks
      1. izya top
        izya top 7 February 2016 09: 45
        healthy hi
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        I actually thought you were an Eagle.

        uh, what do I have to do with it? belay
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 7 February 2016 11: 54
          Quote: izya top
          I have to do with it?

          Izzy hi . Nothing request . I just wanted to spoil a fellow believer winked . Mentality recourse ...
          And thanks to Oleg and Alexey. Today vigorous such Results, refreshing our being.
          1. izya top
            izya top 7 February 2016 11: 55
            Quote: Angry Guerrilla
            I just wanted to spoil a fellow believer

            take care of the paisas, slams
            1. evil partisan
              evil partisan 7 February 2016 12: 30
              Quote: izya top
              take care of the paisas, slams
              This is not our method, Ezekha!
      2. Sid.74
        Sid.74 7 February 2016 10: 32
        Oh, it's done ...request Or the Dutch have not been able to blind proof of the enchanting nonsense, which they molded to Boeing for a couple with the Square tseevropoy a whole year ... winked

        Gee ... a joke from the British ... about Putin ... winked

        And remember the handwriting liberal nonsense about the fact that the IG captured 80% of the territory of Syria and Assad only the mayor of Damascus. wink
        WP - IG did not capture most of Syria. Nobody just lives there (not painted over)
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 7 February 2016 10: 46
          This 1958 cartoon of the year. But nothing has changed ... request
    3. SergeyA
      SergeyA 7 February 2016 15: 44
      Dear Volodin and Dude.
      Is Khokhlosrach more important for you than the destruction of Russian industry?

      my-leonid-kalashnikov-o-razgrome-volzhskogo-mashinostroitelnogo-zavoda.html # comm

      Read how many comments there.
      Yes, and there is an interesting video.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 7 February 2016 06: 49
    thanks for the review. as always informative and with humor!
  3. Telemon
    Telemon 7 February 2016 06: 50
    Hello! A multifaceted such a weekly review! hi To the authors.
    Let me briefly talk about the "long-suffering" Mikhail2%. In the past, this husband had the dishonor to visit the cultural capital to meet with his companions-in-arms, a few (very few), promoted, declared that there was no democracy in Russia, but they (?) Tried and left indignantly offended. Perfect fit:
    1. avvg
      avvg 7 February 2016 07: 43
      It is amazing that times are changing, and the essence of these parasites of liberals does not change even after centuries.
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 7 February 2016 06: 53
    Bravo, bravo!
    I laughed while I read to the end good
    Ukraine appealed to the EU, counting on the help of Poland, which is also losing revenue, but is already a member of the EU. Plus, there are still countries that are losing transit revenue. As they say, a member there, a member here ... A condom on them is necessary in the form of hordes of armored cavalry from Buryatia. And cover the top with a copper basin VKS ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. yuriy55
    yuriy55 7 February 2016 06: 54
    The results are summed up correctly. Statements - practically, to the point (in the part about Chubais and "nanonism").

    Deep-rooted domestic economic problems in the Russian Federation still have no solution (or are not resolved?)
    Foreign policy, with its positivity and correct decisions, allows us to hope that if someone out there thinks bad things against us, he will get the full amount, for the very tomatoes ...
  6. cap
    cap 7 February 2016 07: 06
    “What is a paradox? The paradox is that the complaint was sent by the Ukrainian government to the European Commission, but neither Russia, nor Ukraine itself, by definition, have any relation to the European Commission. ”
    Complaints need to know where in the Premier League there would be understood. (with).
    “The Russian company Rusnano, whose chairman remains the permanent Anatoly Chubais with his deputies Jacob Urinson and Andrei Rappoport, is publishing the latest news about its vibrant research and production activities”
    “And then two conclusions come to mind - either it’s GDP itself, or GDP - nothing
    can't do with it. ” / Maksus /, It was not without influence of Jupiter! What is allowed to Jupiter ... well, etc. (my version)
    "Spitting and blowing her nose from indignation, the pravoseki demanded from Matios" apology on his knees. " At hand, they must have already had a Voodoo doll with the glued face of the prosecutor and a set of needles from a local manufacturer. Matios is holding on. ”
    “And by and large, the resolution of the European bell mill pleased - sanctions will not be lifted, and Belgian, French and Spanish farmers will continue to dump rotten tomatoes and apples with heaps of manure under the windows of the same European Parliament - sniff, gentlemen!”
    “At the risk of their own lives (after all, the temperature in the steam room on Khreshchatyk went over a hundred, plus the girls of their escort service added a twinkle), Ukrainian generals led the Debaltsev operation, the number of drunk glasses of cognac telling subordinates about how many regiments were about to advance to help in the rout of the enemy hordes! .. Peremoga! "
    The rest is not important, it’s all. I will not continue, I’d better re-read and laugh.
    What to say is studying, studying and studying (reproach me). This is me about the way authors submit material, with which I start every week. There is a reason to start the day with a smile first. Seven time zones from the capital allow this to be done. For which many thanks to them. Keep it up. +
    MIKHALYCH1 7 February 2016 07: 06
    According to Walker, the main threats to US influence in the world are Russia, China and Iran. And here is the specifics: the Chinese CCTV channel and the Russian Russia Today and LifeNews were announced as the focus of information evil.

    Site VO forgot to include in the list ....! laughing Thank you guys for the results !!
  8. Telemon
    Telemon 7 February 2016 07: 08
    Incidentally,were removed from the Supreme Council of United Russia 27 politicians, including two ministers - Dmitry Livanov, head of the Ministry of Education and Science, and Anton Siluanov, head of the Ministry of Finance, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin. Yup, opal, citizens, prepare your suitcases, but there’s something for that!
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 7 February 2016 07: 27
      Quote: Telemont
      27 politicians were removed from the United Russia Supreme Council, including two ministers - Dmitry Livanov, who heads the Ministry of Education and Science, and Anton Siluanov, who heads the Ministry of Finance, and Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin.

      EP is trying to correct the image in a firefight.
      1. evil partisan
        evil partisan 7 February 2016 11: 10
        Quote: Vladimirets
        EP is trying to correct the image in a firefight.

        Take it cooler, Colleague: restore innocence yes. Then silicone, Botox - and again a berry ...
        To be honest, in Russia, by and large, there is no one to vote for. There was Rogozin and Glazyev with their "Motherland", but ... Like the "Communists" are the same bourgeois as the Edros, only a rear view, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia are corrupt clowns, the rest are just rubbish. I would vote for Starikov's "Great Fatherland" party. But will they take part in the elections?
        1. Tersky
          Tersky 7 February 2016 11: 31
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Take it cooler, Colleague: restore innocence

          belay Have any experience?
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Then silicone, Botox

          In your age? Lips "pouted", breast corrected? Doesn't it press? laughing
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Honestly, there are no one to vote in Russia by and large.

          Come to me, a game of backgammon and 150 good "ballots" each in a well-known faceted ballot box, which is not the most democratic and fair elections ... yes
          1. Vladimirets
            Vladimirets 7 February 2016 12: 27
            Quote: Tersky
            150 good "ballots" in a well-known faceted ballot box than not the most democratic and fair elections ...

            Take me, take me, I am also an adult and have a passport, I can vote. yes
            1. Tersky
              Tersky 7 February 2016 12: 35
              Quote: Vladimirets
              Take me, take me, I am also an adult and have a passport, I can vote.

              Well, just don't bring the LADY with a trailer, he'll ruin all the "elections" .. laughing !
              1. Vladimirets
                Vladimirets 7 February 2016 12: 47
                Quote: Tersky
                just don't bring the LADY with a trailer, he'll ruin all the "elections" ..

                On fig "bulletins" to translate? request
            2. evil partisan
              evil partisan 7 February 2016 12: 59
              Quote: Vladimirets
              Come to me

              Noticed yes . Turn on the unit, but keep in mind: I use only the second distillation winked ...
              Hello poacher! drinks
              Quote: Vladimirets
              I am also an adult and have a passport, I can vote.

              Not enough input data request . What is your political platform? repeat
              1. Vladimirets
                Vladimirets 7 February 2016 13: 07
                Quote: Angry Guerrilla
                What is your political platform?

                What is necessary?
                1. evil partisan
                  evil partisan 7 February 2016 13: 12
                  Quote: Vladimirets
                  What is necessary?

                  Offset ...
        2. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 7 February 2016 11: 42
          Quote: Angry Guerrilla
          Take it cooler, Colleague: restore innocence

          It is not a matter of innocence (in this case, it is not so noticeable smile ), and in the loss of confidence in the electorate. When odious personalities are visible in the party, this does not add to its advantages, especially before the elections. That is why the leadership is trying to whitewash its party a little: pouring into the top leadership of nothing that has not yet tarnished members. Only, it seems to me, they realized too late, the train had already left, this had to be done before the crisis. I feel that the EP will face failure in these elections, unless extraordinary measures are taken, in domestic politics, to improve the life of the people.
          Yes, I almost forgot: thanks to the authors for the results! good
    2. taram taramych
      taram taramych 7 February 2016 07: 53
      Do not flatter yourself with castling in the EP. This is camouflage. It does not change the essence of the party, as well as its policies. The LADY's report brought a smile. Even outright failures, he presented as successes. I learned from "smoked" something.
      1. Telemon
        Telemon 7 February 2016 08: 13
        Quote: Taram Taramych
        DAM report caused a smile

        Oh, for that movie we’ll be silent. Well to him in the residence at the front door! hi
  9. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 7 February 2016 07: 17
    I don’t want to think about anything serious on a Sunday morning, but this review is exactly what we need, a charge for the whole week smile
  10. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 7 February 2016 07: 21
    As always, the week was full of various events, for the most part disturbing, because there are countries on the planet for which the world is just a word and nothing more. So let’s drink so that there is always peace on the planet, but there are no more countries !!! drinks so that they do not remain on Earth at all drinks
  11. The black
    The black 7 February 2016 07: 23
    ALWAYS LIKED AN ANALYTICS WITH HUMOR laughing An analyst is a specialist who will know tomorrow why what he predicted yesterday did not happen today. smile
  12. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 7 February 2016 07: 23
    Oh, I forgot !!! negative Guys !!! Thanks for the review good
    MIKHALYCH1 7 February 2016 07: 36
    Erdogan freaks out and gets nervous, and we will bring up a match .. So that the "backyard of Turkey" would blaze! It's better to be friends with Russia and be honest! We don't like traitors!
    1. cap
      cap 7 February 2016 08: 18
      Erdogan freaks out and gets nervous, and we will bring up a match .. So that the "backyard of Turkey" would blaze! It's better to be friends with Russia and be honest! We don't like traitors!

      On the presented map, it remains only to draw the borders. The flag turned out by itself. You give the Kurdish Federation! laughing
      1. olimpiada15
        olimpiada15 7 February 2016 09: 41
        I look at the map where the territory inhabited by the Kurds is marked,
        And I think: if I change the name: remove "Turkey", write "Kurdistan" - then IS will definitely end.
        Incredible, but fair to the Kurds.
    2. Seal
      Seal 7 February 2016 09: 19
      It is better to be friends with Russia honestly! We do not like traitors!

      Well, who told you that we don’t love. Still as we love !!!
      That's what it was
      / 2013 / july / lejtenant-shapovalov-oruzhiya-ne-predal
      Is not betrayal?
      Doesn't work. Okay, just type in a Google search: "Lieutenant Shapovalov did not betray his weapon."
  14. The black
    The black 7 February 2016 07: 38
    “But you never know Pedrov in Brazil ?! And do not count! "
    ... but the biggest PEDRA lives in Ukraine and is called its president laughing
  15. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 7 February 2016 07: 41
    Well, my five drops in a common glass:
    you know, looking at the actions of our government all the time the words of the immeasurable grandfather Krylov come to mind:
    ... and you friends do not sit down
    all musicians are not good .. request
    and further:
    ... how many years have been repeating to the world ...
    ...And nothing has changed. what
    Am I misunderstanding something, or does our darkest one in a compartment with the State Duma (and is tempted to write with "Gosdura") does not have enough intelligence to understand that the current composition of the economic block of the government is simply not a pro? and the extreme debriefing in the Duma of the Minister of the so-called education ... .... ....? instead of dots, insert yourself, do not be too lazy, please, otherwise our moderators promised to ban forever if I expressed myself. this action cannot even be called a circus! it was shown to us all that we are a small zeher and our place in the stall! I have no other opinion, and let anyone who can prove to me otherwise. well and further: the congress by our hand of the leading party: for this action there is an opinion: they sensed that the next elections will not work, so they are trying to introduce new faces, and the program has not even been updated even by 5%, all the same mantras and plans for raw materials sales, there will be oil 80 bucks per barrel and ... we'll live! you know, tired! It's time to move from words to deeds, otherwise the red-haired Tolik won has already offered to give Crimea a second without delay and our country to join the Outskirts. and how long will this ... thief (excuse me, the mildest expression I can find, all the others are not printed) will be engaged in sawing. (only one "Liotech" is worth what) and everything is like water off a duck's back! maybe it's time to ask? What about the last statements of our financier guru Gref? what to call it? in general, forgive me for the non-professional opinion, but our would-be rulers are doing everything so that the people would take to the streets, and then blame anyone for all mortal sins, but not themselves! it is possible to write and talk a lot about this direction of government action, but again
    And nothing has changed! sad
      MIKHALYCH1 7 February 2016 08: 01
      Quote: Viktor Demchenko
      in general, I'm sorry for not professional opinion, but our woeful rulers do everything for the people to take to the streets, and then blame everyone for the deadly sins, but not themselves!

      No, you spoke very professionally ... "a mosquito will not undermine your nose" ... Your hint is clear! You won't wait! bully
      1. olimpiada15
        olimpiada15 7 February 2016 11: 51
        Victor Demchenko. You expressed everything correctly.
        EP is concerned about how to stay at the feeder, and the replenishment method for this feeder remains the same, and they do not pay attention to the fact that there are all signs of the feeder becoming poor.
        А зря.
        The point is not only that the dependence of the state feeder on the state of affairs of the hegemon strains the people.
        And there comes an understanding of the unnaturalness of what is happening, when a person’s real income does not depend on the results of his labor, but on someone’s oil reserves, activation of the labor market, changes in quotations on the stock exchanges of other countries. The principle that stimulates labor efficiency, i.e., the dependence of income on labor results, does not apply. Nominally, they may pay you, or they may not pay according to the results, but the purchasing power of wages decreases and will fall, because goods are not produced in the country, they are partially or fully imported, which means the country's economy is controlled from abroad. The fact that these hegemonic managers do not need a strong Russia is already clear to the country's citizens, but the worst is that the world hegemon does not need the Russian people. How can entire nations be destroyed, the West has been practicing this technique since the collapse of the USSR. It’s clear that this was a BV ride, it’s easy to play on interreligious motives, but it was also possible to do it in Ukraine, and this is part of the Russian people. We, the Russians, have nothing to catch from European integration - for them, the Russian Federation has the role of a gas station, and prices will be appropriate to stimulate the development of Western industry. The mockery technique is being perfectly worked out in Ukraine. Russia is taught to supply gas only to certain economies, on certain routes, at the option of the hegemon, they are not taught to demand payment for deliveries. Etc.
        But it’s time for Russian voters to think about whether the country needs rulers who do not care about the interests of the country and the people. Which quite openly demonstrate commitment to Western values, such as Gref, Chubais and others, as well as deputies who unanimously vote for orienting the economy to the West? Liberal economists simply do not allow anything else.
        With whom are Russian economists going to integrate: with the civilized West? Looking at the latest events related to migrants, I would like to ask if you should think about the future of the EU, because by sacrificing the country's economy to the west, you may be at the feet of terrorists.
    2. sabakina
      sabakina 7 February 2016 10: 17
      Victor Demchenko
      and then the red-haired Tolik won already offers not hesitating a second to give Crimea and our country to join the Outskirts. and how long will this ... thief (excuse me, the mildest expression I can find, all the others are not printed) will be engaged in sawing. (only one "Liotech" is worth what) and everything is like water off a duck's back!

      By the way, about the redhead. When I read, I had to throw out a chair ...
      Chubais invited Russia to surrender and become part of Ukraine ...
      The current Russian government is illegitimate, so the Ukrainians should not “cut all the Russians together” and it’s time to understand that there are different points of view in Russia.
      This was stated by the "unfinished" by unidentified persons, the famous crook-grabber - the "red voucher" Anatoly Chubais. According to him, there are many Russians who do not support the "fratricidal war."
      The conflict in the Donbas rewarded Chubais with such an epithet because it agrees with the Ukrainian media in their propaganda that the regular Russian army is killing Ukrainians in the Donbass.
      Chubais also said that he prophesies the defeat of Russia in the Donbass. And after Ukraine defeats Russia, the ideal option would be the integration of Russia into Ukraine and the revival of Kievan Rus.
  16. Telemon
    Telemon 7 February 2016 07: 42
    And extreme: the Germans, in the person of Steinmeier, criticize the actions of the Russian Air Force in Syria ...

    "He noted that Russian airstrikes" changed the balance of military forces "and provoked a new wave of refugees."- you didn’t see, but, then Russia is fighting in civilian terms in Syria, blissfully Russia is accused of an influx of refugees into a geyropa ...
  17. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 February 2016 07: 45
    Try to imagine how the NATO Secretary General criticizes a NATO member and convinces the venerable public that Russia is right!

    The Merikatos scoffed themselves with "Russian aggression" so that they already have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And nightmares in black at night! laughing
  18. Bear in the north
    Bear in the north 7 February 2016 08: 07
    Here is an interesting statement:
    Chubais invited Russia to surrender and become part of Ukraine
    12: 02 07.02.2016
    RIG SAKHAPRESS.RU The current Russian government is illegitimate, so Ukrainians should not “cut all Russians together” and it’s time to understand that there are different points of view in Russia.

    This was stated by Anatoly Chubais. According to him, there are many Russians who do not support the “fratricidal war”, Chubais writes

    The conflict in the Donbas rewarded Chubais with such an epithet because it agrees with the Ukrainian media in their propaganda that the regular Russian army is killing Ukrainians in the Donbass. Chubais also said that he prophesies the defeat of Russia in the Donbass. And after Ukraine defeats Russia, the ideal option would be the integration of Russia into Ukraine and the revival of Kievan Rus.

    Along with this, Chubais expresses sincere, in his words, support and admiration for the Ukrainian people, because the Ukrainians “organized the Maidan twice”. Chubais did not specify how many positive changes in the country were made by these two Maidan.
    The country must know its heroes.
    1. Telemon
      Telemon 7 February 2016 08: 22
      M-yes, the saffron milk cap is unsinkable, bye. But nano is request recourse reduce, reduce, and ..., here and divide it by decimal from a gram ... Eh:
      1. SlavaP
        SlavaP 7 February 2016 22: 15
        Chubais is most likely the "overseer" from the Bilderberg Club. And they do not touch him yet, because relations between Russia and this club are already quite tense.
        1. andrew42
          andrew42 8 February 2016 13: 57
          This was clearly seen from the 2nd Yeltsin term. Since then, I do not call this figure any other than "overseer".
    2. Delink
      Delink 7 February 2016 08: 23
      You have an incomplete link. I could not get to the page. Ashypka 404.
      1. Telemon
        Telemon 7 February 2016 09: 17
        Quote: Delink
        You have an incomplete link. I could not get to the page. Ashypka 404.

        Oh well, here very close:
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. sabakina
        sabakina 7 February 2016 10: 25
        Quote: Delink
        You have an incomplete link. I could not get to the page. Ashypka 404.

        Well, I have one ...
    3. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko 7 February 2016 12: 31
      So what?! Well expressed, well revered, well, maybe they will scold, they say it’s necessary to be more careful, more tolerant, or something ... that’s all! as it was not drowned, it will remain at the trough! and what else needs to be said and done to be driven by a filthy broom to ... am grandmother! am
      namely, to his grandmother, and it is a filthy broom!
  19. mamont5
    mamont5 7 February 2016 08: 07
    "As for the Western sanctions against Russia, Seehofer called them" a mistake. "

    Yes, yes, “THIS IS WORSE THAN A CRIME IS AN ERROR” Talleyrand.
  20. Stinger
    Stinger 7 February 2016 08: 16
    Having become sober, having bitten okroshka, he surveyed the review. Great! Decorated with a huge companion of grunts.
  21. izya top
    izya top 7 February 2016 08: 20
    Turkey faced an acute refugee problem.

    Columns of unhappy, tormented people, an endless string stretched across the Turkish border. People hobbled with all their might, relying on broken machine guns and wrapping black flags from the cold. Someone carefully carried a wounded machine gun on themselves, some, gathered in groups, pulled a hole full of Toyota fragments and bullets with anti-aircraft machine guns - the last thing that remained of them from a simple home belongings. Some Turkish border guards, watching this humanitarian catastrophe, could not hold back their tears.

    - The head! My head ... - one refugee moaned continuously.

    - Is he hurt in the head? - the border guards got excited. “Does he need help?”

    - He is wounded in the heart! - His comrades bitterly explained to them. - He lost one of the three heads that he managed to save from the dugout, brutally destroyed by the Russian air bomb. He loved that head. You should have seen how carefully he once cut her off.

    The young border guard could not stand it and sobbed.

    Numerous film crews BBC and CNN scurried around, removing the consequences of the barbaric Russian bombing. Some refugees were interviewed.

    - We are all civilians of one detachment! - a well-fed man with a bandaged head told a correspondent bitterly, from which a fragment sticking out with an incomprehensible inscription in chalk "... those on x ...". - In the morning, as usual, we cultivated the surrounding fields from grenade launchers when a Russian attack aircraft arrived. Our chief agronomist only managed to shout: “Here is the fuck ?!”, when it was all over. All our gardening partnership has ceased to exist.

    “The world must know what the Russians are doing in Syria!” - CNN correspondent warmly summed up to the camera. - These unfortunate people were deprived of everything! They have nowhere to live, they have no one to shoot at, they don’t even have the most basic element for life - cartridges, grenades and explosives. The West should not look at it indifferently!
    1. your1970
      your1970 7 February 2016 12: 29
      "some, having gathered in groups, pulled Toyota with anti-aircraft machine guns full of fragments and bullets - the last thing they had left of their simple household belongings"
  22. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 08: 32
    Thanks to the authors! +++++++++++++++++++++++
    Well, my 5 cents ...
    Anecdote of the week!
    On February 1, Ukrainian oligarchs promised to pay taxes honestly, not to finance politicians, but to invest in the economy.
    The phrase of the week from Lyashka
    This time, on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada, Lyashko criticized the Ukrainian authorities: “What does Putin have to do with it if the authorities steal and deceive people ?!”
    In Ukraine today, the highest unemployment rate for the 24 of the year, a drop in GDP - are all blamed on the war, blamed on Putin.
    There is nothing to blame for the mirror, if the mug is crooked! What does Putin have to do with it if you steal? What does Putin have to do with it, if you make a fool of people, accept corruption and lobbying laws? ”

    Feels my heart. That Lyashko aimed at Yatsenyuk’s place. And even higher - he wants to move the president. And what? President - Gay Europe will accept favorably
    The riddle of the week!
    Following a meeting with G7 ambassadors, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko advocated reformatting the composition of the Ukrainian government, while reform ministers should remain in their posts, the Ukrainian leader’s press service said.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  23. Delink
    Delink 7 February 2016 08: 36
    Herr Seehofer and "Ashypka" (Merkel).
    And who allowed her to drive a German car?
    They themselves decided, made a mistake, themselves and disentangle. And why again should Russia help everyone?
    We have what is written on our foreheads, "We help everyone, free of charge" or "smile and We will help."
    How do you petition, serf?
    1. skullcap
      skullcap 7 February 2016 12: 16
      I also wonder: how long will the Germans endure the regime of A. Merkel?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  24. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 08: 37
    Question of the week! What was Leo Tolstoy's membership card number?
    In Kiev, they offer to decommunize the metro station to them. Leo Tolstoy and name the pan.
    And by the way, the "Ukrainian" philosopher Skovoroda also wrote in Russian! But how aptly! Straight about today! Well, take a look:

    Every city has a disposition and rights.
    Everyone has a mind.
    Every heart has love.
    Every throat has its own taste.
    And many are only in the light of thought.
    But many things just will not go crazy.
    Peter for ranks corners of the pansky tert.
    Fedka the merchant with arshinѣ is lying.
    He builds his house in a new manner.
    That is all in percent, perhaps a cook.
    And only one in the light of thought,
    But many things just will not go crazy.
    He constantly pulls the soil.

    Embarrassment of the week!
    Petro Poroshenko again disgraced the whole world.

    This time, embarrassment with the Ukrainian president occurred in Berlin, where he came to negotiate with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
    The President of Ukraine violated the protocol, and after meeting with reporters, instead of shaking hands with the Chancellor and taking pictures against a background of flags, he went offstage without noticing Merkel's outstretched hand.
    As a result, Merkel had to catch up with the Ukrainian president in order to remind him of the protocol.

    Do not touch the child !!!!
    “Abramavicius’s resignation caused a violent reaction in the West.
    US Ambassador to Kiev Jeffrey Payette called Abromavicius "one of the leading reform leaders in the Ukrainian government."
    A spokesman, John Kirby, called on the Ukrainian authorities to put aside their personal interests, overcome differences and continue reforms. “Only by doing this can they count on the continued support of the United States” (!).
    But that's not all. Not only the States are disappointed with the resignation of the minister, but also the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden and Switzerland…. " As A. Zubchenko put it - "the whole big" F "And how quickly they worked !!! After the briefing by Abromavicius, which became known at 11 o'clock (MSK), by 13 o'clock (MSK) the first reaction was received from the US Ambassador. It was night in Washington (3 am and 5 am, respectively). The rest of the dozen countries expressed simultaneous (!) Disappointment with the resignation of Abromavicius by 15 o'clock (MSK). "

    Well, yes, not for that they put Anchovy so that some Rada would dismiss him! And it immediately becomes clear which countries are counting on buying something cheaply in Ukraine. Zavodik there, the port, and you can
  25. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 08: 42
    Wow Sell!
    Of the hundred richest Ukrainians, only 13 people increased their wealth. First of all, those involved in pharmaceuticals and food. Among the few successful businessmen you can see Petro Poroshenko (+ 20%) and the Klitschko brothers (+ 18%). Boris Lozhkin, a business partner of the president and part-time head of his administration, maintains a good position, with a fortune of $ 275 million.

    Abydny, huh? And therefore ....

    According to the Ministry of Economic Development, about 25 strategic state enterprises, to which foreign investors have already shown interest, will be auctioned off.
    “Odessa Port Plant should be sold first, then Centrenergo. They should sell Ukrspirt, machine-building enterprises, GPZKU [State Food Grain Corporation], ”said A. Abromavichus.

    Fly in! Cheaper!
    "Canadian Serinus Energy is selling gas assets in Ukraine to Resano Trading Ltd, an affiliate of Burisma," Serinus Energy said in a statement.
    Serinus sells the entire 70 interest package to KUB-Gas Holdings Limited. The main assets of KUB-Gas are gas fields in the Dnieper-Donets Basin. In particular, the company is developing Olgovskoye, Makeevskoye, Severo-Makeevskoye, Vergunskoye and Krutogorovskoye deposits in the Luhansk region.
    Serinus will receive $ 30 million for its stake. The first tranche of $ 13,5 million has already been transferred to the company. Closing of the transaction is expected no later than February 8 2016 of the year, after which the remaining funds will be released.
    The company intends to use the funds received from the sale of the asset to repay corporate debt, as well as to develop business in Romania.
    The Burisma holding company, registered in Cyprus, is owned by Ukrainian entrepreneur Nikolai Zlochevsky, who served as Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, as well as Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the country in 2010-2014.
    The company owns 20 licenses for oil and gas production in Ukraine. Burisma's board members include Hunter Biden, son of US Vice President Joseph Biden, and Alexander Kwasniewski, who served as President of Poland from 1995-2005. "
    1. Telemon
      Telemon 7 February 2016 13: 25
      Quote: Egoza
      Fly in! Cheaper!

      hi Scary and probably offensive. After all, everything that is sold by "two-legged" was not built by the seller. "The aggressors have tried" ......
  26. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 08: 47
    “The Pechersk district court of Kiev softened the measure of restraint on neo-Nazi Denis Polishchuk, suspected of the murder of journalist Oles Buzin, from a round-the-clock house arrest to a partial one.
    The relevant decision was made today by investigating judge Olesya Batrin.
    Thus, according to the court's decision, Polishchuk must be under house arrest every day from 22:00 to 6:00. "

    And in the afternoon will he “walk” with his twin brothers? Or what other “thing” will it do? But the wife is happy! it will definitely be home at night. In the meantime "Real patriots" are talking about Donbass and the Minsk agreements...
    “Kozak” Gavrilyuk: “I don’t know since when the free world began to negotiate with terrorists. Those who terrorize the country, who terrorize the whole world - are we going to negotiate with them and still give them some rights? There is nothing to negotiate with these people at all, ”he said. The representative of the "free world" added:
    “They must either go to our conditions, which we will put forward, otherwise, I think, shoot them. Go to the wall, shoot and dispose of. How can we live by their rules, dance under their dictation? “There should not be and never will be such that they will tell us what we should do there.”

    And "Intelligentia"
    Yevgeny Rybchinsky: “How do we imagine the return of the prodigal son of Donbass after so many deaths, after neglect and deep reluctance to live in Ukraine, after billions of dollars of expenses and significant destruction. Personally, I see the future of this region as part of the State is very simple. This will not be a special status, but immediately special. Barbed wire, checkpoints and a questionnaire where and why. Shovels in hand and not a single hryvnia from the budget. And without the right to vote in the coming 10 years. Extraordinary military authorities and curfew. And the courts, the courts, the courts, and the courts. Welcome home, Donbas, the prodigal son of Ukraine! ”
  27. Scud
    Scud 7 February 2016 08: 53
    Bender-Natsi dill, controlled by Americans and geyrops, directly or indirectly causes considerable damage to Russia. Remember Otto Bismarck about the Ukrainian elite, only with the help of this scum (elite) can Russia be ruined. And we, Ukrainians, quietly observe how we completely descend into and blame Putin for this.
  28. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 09: 09
    Here! Here is historical evidence that for 300 years they masked us rob! Can they calculate the interest for using our brand?
    Hryvnia !!!!
    We also prohibit the Russian ruble in Ukraine! Then you will dance!
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 7 February 2016 15: 22
      Quote: Egoza
      Here is the historical evidence

      But Elena is one more historical proof! Pay attention to the year of issue. 1 hryvnia "65 Years of Victory" is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, the participants in the 1941-1945 hostilities, the memory of those who fell in the fight against fascism and veterans of the labor front. Probably for numismatists, over the years of "Maidan peremoga", there is no price for this coin?
  29. Telemon
    Telemon 7 February 2016 09: 09
    Quote: Telemont
    Quote: Egoza
    Lyashko aimed at Yatsenyuk’s place. And even higher - he wants to move the president. And what? President - Gay Europe will accept favorably

    I don’t understand. Zrada, chi peremoga .. in the vastness of the state of va Pustopoli ...
  30. Artem shlykov
    Artem shlykov 7 February 2016 09: 12
    An interesting poppuri of current topics. Thanks to the authors.
  31. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 09: 13
    Wait for the new pirates of the 21 century!
    In Odessa, a group of armed men tried to capture the Western Naval Base at the Practical Harbor. The incident occurred on 24 of January, but only now information about the incident became available to the general public.

    The command of the naval forces of Ukraine reports that among the attackers there were also veterans of the so-called anti-terrorist operation, and seamen who were on duty, who escaped into an autopsy. At the moment, a criminal case has been instituted on the fact of violation of military discipline and desertion.
    According to the recordings from surveillance cameras, the investigation established that several vehicles drove into the territory of the military base late at night. A drunken crowd of military fell out of them and made a uniform brawl at the checkpoint. Threatening the guards with weapons, the arrivals tried to break into the base itself, and only a numerical superiority, in fact, stopped the drunken armed rebellion.

    Law enforcers detained the most active violators, and the rest, as expected in modern Ukraine, were sent home, having previously disarmed. And the detainees, apparently, do not face anything serious. Former commanders stood up for their subordinates, and a possible trial threatens to become yet another laughing stock in the field of domestic justice.

    According to the command, the “offenders” of criminals should be sent for rehabilitation to a military psychologist, because all such incidents are caused only by post-traumatic syndrome, from which Ukrainian soldiers suffer so much.

    How is it that we have no achievements? There is! Such heights have reached! BREAK!
    “Over the past month in Kiev have committed more robberies than in the whole last year. Moreover, as was predicted, even food is taken ... Only since the beginning of the year, 425 robberies were committed (62 disclosed), and last year there were 303 such cases (70 disclosed).
    Groups of unknowns began to attack people who leave supermarkets and take food packages from them. So, residents of Voskresenka (Dneprovsky district) say that two such attacks occurred in two days. “They select everything that may seem valuable: money, mobile and even products. To avoid becoming a victim of such criminals, you need to try not to go it alone in the evenings, ”advises Oksana Blyshchik, head of the press service of the metropolitan police.”
  32. Scud
    Scud 7 February 2016 09: 15
    Bendery-Natsi dill controlled by Americans and a geyropa directly or indirectly causes considerable damage to Russia. Remember Otto Bismarck, who spoke of the dill elite, properly educated. That only this scum (elite) can ruin Russia. And we, Ukrainians silently observe how we inevitably fall in but blame Putin for this.
    1. Telemon
      Telemon 7 February 2016 09: 59
      Quote: scud
      And we, Ukrainians silently observe how we inevitably fall

      Well, not you, not Ukrainians, but ... recourse dill must remember:
  33. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 09: 17
    Arrived !!!!
    “To travel outside the country, people from 18 to 60 years will now need a military commissar certificate
    The last decree of Petro Poroshenko on strengthening measures to mobilize suggests taking into account the recommendations of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on "a mandatory certificate from the military enlistment office." "This certificate of permission to travel abroad will have to receive conscripts and all other persons liable for military service up to pensioners.”

    Well, the bastards are ticking from mobilization, some to Russia, some to Poland. And who - scary to say, in the Crimea! So Crimea is Ukrainian or not? What is the border? But no! There is a border - sources in the Ministry of Defense confirmed that all three checkpoints - Kalanchak, Chaplinka and Chongar - in February will demand a document from the military. "Too many people use this channel to evade participation in the ATO."

    And here also rotation should be carried out! So everyone is now restricted to travel abroad! And the age of recruits for a new mobilization increased to 60 years
    Well, so that they probably didn’t run away -
    Poroshenko suggested that the Ukrainian parliament remove the rule from the law, according to which it is necessary to publish in the media no later than a month before the end of the current year a presidential decree on the timing of the appeal of Ukrainian citizens for military service next year.
    The new edition suggests that the timing of the conscription for military service is determined by decree of the President of Ukraine without the need for publication in the media.

    Correctly require the prosecutor to remove! Secret information released! A real zradnik!
    “According to the chief military prosecutor, the current Ukrainian armed forces are a real drunk and avatars:“ Three regiments - these are non-combat losses in the ATO! "The shooting of colleagues, careless handling of weapons, injuries that led to death, traffic accidents, supposedly heart disease."
    Matios is shocked by rampant drunkenness among the military.
    - Who works in the military medical commissions? The president? No, the doctor of the district outpatient clinic, who made Ivan healthy for one hundred and two hundred hryvnias, sent the patient who had no money to pay ... But now he has come there and he is drinking. There was a case when one “hero” threw a grenade into a potbelly stove on a drunken head. Thirteen people lay down! Where to write them? Which Ukrainian wants to listen to this? ..

    A recent incident in the Lugansk village of Trekhizbenka, occupied by the Armed Forces. In general, nothing unusual - in one night in the "non-combat losses" here took two dozen soldiers at once. After a cool drink in a requisitioned private house, 16 warriors were killed. The others crawled into the watch and froze to death in the trenches. ”
  34. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 09: 20
    Culture News!!!
    “Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Culture of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko convenes a meeting on the ban on the import of books from the Russian Federation.

    At a meeting scheduled for next week, they will consider the initiative of MP Ostap Semerak to ban the import of books from Russia into Ukraine, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.

    "Just like the cinema was banned, because the Russian military and" cops "run there during the Russian-Ukrainian war, you can also approach the book and, through the appropriate expert commissions, admit a book that has no anti-Ukrainian content, and ban it at the entrance a book that has openly anti-Ukrainian content. But for this it is necessary to create an appropriate expert council, which will exercise this control at the customs border of Ukraine, "- said Kirilenko."

    Oh yeah! The question is controversial! What did they write in books? Evil orcs, furry elves .... who did this mean? Who is hoo from hoo? Precisely anti-Ukrainian book! Do not miss!

    Revelation of the week !!!
    Barack Obama: "Power in Ukraine has received full!"
    A question from CBS reporter Steve Croft on his feature show "60 Minutes."
    -: "Mr. President, how do you assess the fact that after the US intervention, Ukraine, being a rather stable and successful country earlier, has reached the level of underdeveloped African states in less than two years, and has dropped even lower in some parameters?"
    Obama's answer: "The United States did everything possible to ensure that the scenario of Ukraine's development had a positive vector. Negative trends in this country are not even related to Russia's neighborhood and the influence of its policies on the development of this state. The point is that Ukraine is a shining example of a country. when they got full power! In this regard, now purposeful work is being carried out to adjust the US foreign policy towards this state. We admit some mistakes and are preparing to correct them. "
    When Croft asked "What is this idiocy of the Ukrainian government?" Obama, without hesitation, said: "In everything. I would not even trust her to clean the lawn of my Bo's poop (presidential dog - ed.) ...".
    y..html ----------
  35. Egoza
    Egoza 7 February 2016 09: 29
    In Ukraine, it suddenly became clear that the special forces who train and undergo training on the Slovak border have nothing to eat but tea.
    On the evening of February 4, Sergey Knyazev, the head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Transcarpathian Region, visited the special forces who train on the Slovak border. It turned out that the special forces, in addition to tea, have nothing to eat.
    The press service of the National Police in the Transcarpathian region did not hesitate to report this.
    “Breakfast” on February 5 for the head of the logistics department with all the deputies and the heads of the Velikobereznyansky, Perechinsky and Uzhgorod police departments promises to be “hot,” it was informed. “Most of all there will be questions for the deputy on the rear, responsible for providing the company of special forces soldiers.”
    The report also says that, all fighters of the special forces were in the Donbass, took part in the so-called. anti-terrorist operation, “but even there they were fed much better than at home. "Here on their menu was only tea and a can of beans ... for two."
    Earlier, Ukrainian authorities said that the military as part of the experiment will begin to feed according to NATO standards. The experiment probably failed before it started.
    However, there is an opinion that if it weren’t for the so-called volunteers and unlimited opportunities for looting, in the Donbass it would also be tight with food.

    Well, we have a lot of things that "suddenly" come to light! For example, Suddenly !!!!
    Now, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has finally dispelled the legend of subsidized Donbas, so beloved by the maydauns, and recognized that the lion's share of export products to Europe came from Donetsk and Lugansk, and not from Galicia at all.
    Although from the time of the coup, Ukrainians were convinced that the whole economy was held in Lviv and Ternopol, supplying EU countries with embroideries, honey and mushrooms, and the Donbass, always drunk, trampy and lazy, constantly sat on subsidies of hard-working Galicians. And here the Anchovy’s department declassified statistics that completely refute all the legends about the economic potential of Drohobych and Kolomyia.

    In fact, there is no time there to be engaged in any kind of industry, here, you know, there is a natural disaster among the carriers of "Europeanness"
    Ukrainian users of social networks publish photos of a spontaneously created dump in the Transcarpathian village of Zolotarevo, Khust region.
    A garbage river spills and fills the whole space. The size of the landfill makes a depressing impression.
    A similar picture can be seen in other villages of Transcarpathia, in many of which there is no centralized garbage collection, so residents get rid of their waste by dumping them in a general pile of garbage from plastic, polyethylene, household chemical residues that threaten to ruin the nature and wildlife of Transcarpathia.

    0.jpg? Itok = XaI56mRV
    Threat. For some reason, the picture is not set, but oh well. Dear forum users, Sorry that I put a lot of everything in a row, but ... as long as there is a connection - I hasten to please you. GOOD ALL DAY!
    1. lemal200
      lemal200 7 February 2016 11: 21
      Come on Egozyonok! You also have a good (excellent) day! love
    2. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 7 February 2016 15: 03
      Quote: Egoza

      Elena and all the best to you, take care! loveAnd at the expense of "suddenly", so I communicate in the internet with Odessa almost daily. Their electricity is suddenly and almost daily cut off ... sad
  36. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 7 February 2016 09: 30
    "Obviously, the government will also" adapt ", which, in anticipation of its fat years, will engage, as we think, in substantial budget cuts and will begin to get used to chronic budget deficits - as in the Yeltsin era."
    The government is preparing sacred sacrifices to pacify popular discontent. Coming resignation.
    "It is known that 27 politicians were removed from the Supreme Council, including two ministers - Dmitry Livanov, who heads the Ministry of Education and Science, and Anton Siluanov, who heads the Ministry of Finance, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin." Http:// vstrane_i_mire / content / 201602061514-rl81.
  37. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 7 February 2016 10: 05
    "" "And at that moment the valiant Ukrainian army quietly, literally on tiptoe - so as not to rattle with medals and orders, left the bridgehead to the pre-arranged positions." "" ")))))))
    Sumptuously!!! All Day Mood +++++++
  38. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 7 February 2016 11: 31
    Western attacks on Russia are aimed at psychologically crushing our people and changing the country's leadership like Ukraine. Hardly anyone will dare to go to war with Russia. If such a country is found, then the counterstrike should be point-like, but crushing, in order to cool the warlike itch of our "partners" for a long time.
  39. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 7 February 2016 12: 51
    I’m not familiar with it — why are thieves, fraudsters, embezzlers, traitors, enemies of Russian statehood and the obvious enemies of the people — the red beast?
    The question is rhetorical and mainly for the "zaputintsy".
    1. vostok sibiri
      vostok sibiri 7 February 2016 18: 30
      And you, as I understand it, are "zaeltsinets" or "zadorkovets", "zanavaltsinets", "zakasparovets" ..... Not only you are "worried" about such appointments.
      In power so far, just more of the above.
    2. Vitaly72
      Vitaly72 8 February 2016 00: 56
      I agree with you, this type has been waving for 15 years in a quilted jacket with a voucher for
  40. Starik72
    Starik72 7 February 2016 14: 27
    THANKS to the authors for the review !!! Everything is clear, capacious and with excellent humor covered in the review !!! Sincerely.
  41. KRIG55
    KRIG55 7 February 2016 22: 41
    I was pleased with the note about how the Russian aggressors are trying to occupy Kharkov through Debaltseve ... We need to tell the General Staff that Belgorod will be closer and faster.
  42. Fastenkov
    Fastenkov 8 February 2016 02: 13
    We will give Crimea to Ukraine only when Ukraine becomes the Ukrainian region of the Russian Federation. Joke.
    About oil, so read, shed a tear. Some say that oil is evil for the motherland. Others - we are expecting high oil prices! Oil (as well as metals, wood, fresh water, territory and creep) - THESE ARE THE RICHES GIVEN TO US BY NATURE! But wealth must be properly managed, in other words, correctly invested in the proceeds from them to increase profitability. This is the ABC.
    It is necessary to reduce dependence on raw materials, but this cannot be an end in itself, born of idiotic promises that the export of raw materials is evil. You need to think, think.

    If Chubais is not withdrawn, and the money given to him does not fall under control, then it is likely that they will solve those problems that no one needs to know about. I believe that it is not to the detriment of the interests of the state, although Comrade Chubais’s figure is not unambiguous, at least. But at least with my own convictions, professional and consistent.

    Turkey will bite soon. Take care of your pants.
  43. Michael67
    Michael67 8 February 2016 10: 48
    Specialist. for stubborn hohlopiteks: Your commander-in-chief helper on a cap wears a woven cord of a SOVIET sample and SOVIET production. Immediately grab it, and in the SBU! To knock out from the bastard the recognition that works for GREAT RUSSIA.