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Ukraine vs Russia. If I am with a friend, and a bear is without a friend

Ukraine vs Russia. If I am with a friend, and a bear is without a friendInitially, seeing how Ukraine, our common homeland, rushes at full speed, analytics and journalism often had to use such strong definitions as “oxymoron”, “simulacrum”, “fission of consciousness”, “total decline of intellectual functions”, “marginalization” ...

Then I had to write more simply, because scientific terms no longer seemed such a convenient and accurate toolkit. “Pluralism in one head”, “ragulization”, “cretinism”, “moroning” and other and other things appeared, and it seemed that, thanks to their expressiveness, these words could most accurately describe the current state of the political, economic and cultural life of the largest European state, but most importantly - the intellectual, aesthetic and moral condition of its patriotic citizens.

Alas, it should be sad to say that the supply of conventional vocabulary has dried up, and we have just begun to scoop out a pond with sewage with a teaspoon.

Then comes the obscene lexicon, although many complain that it is powerless too.

Therefore, we have to go back to the usual words of the Russian vocabulary and just try to describe what is happening in a dry, non-emotional language, I suggest to myself.


The year began with the fact that Ukrainian analysts, nurtured in the Ukrainian universities, colleges, taxis and hairdressers, began to write scenarios for the development of world geopolitics, mainly focusing on the epicenter of galactic life - Ukraine.

Having undertaken to write a prognostic article about Nenki’s future, every self-respecting expert, even if he is Nuss, even Stepanida Arnoldovna from the neighboring salon “Any Hair Style for 30 UAH,” should know just a few words. Russia, Putin, collapse, the West, sanctions, revenge, Ukraineponaduse. Approximately 87% of the text should be devoted to Russia and Putin, otherwise not nechetovo. The rest is optional, because the main thing has already been named. Today, two large and interconnected topics have fully captured the minds of Ukrainian analysts, who traditionally eat up each of their host. And the volume of the bowl and the quality of the feed depend on how loud and bustling the pet will be, what creative graces the intricate falsetto will display. After all, he may be a top-class "holistic", and maybe a lousy "economy", yes.

These two large and interrelated themes are as follows: the fate of the Donbass and the Minsk agreements, on the one hand, and Ukraine’s victorious step against the backdrop of a rapidly bending Russia, on the other.

As for the Donbass, the use of such a term as “oxymoron” is just the most appropriate here. Yes, well-worn, chewed, and what if the best language has not yet given birth? Well, except schizophrenia.

So, how do the best carriers of Ukrainian political science thought see the future of Donbass?

The Donbass must be returned and punished / thrown into the dustbin after being depopulated and destroyed and forgotten. Option one involves the total cleansing, interrogation, identification of accomplices of the invaders. Since the accomplices are almost the entire population of the rioting regions, and no one has presented the occupiers, it will not take much time to identify them, they will appoint everyone in a crowd. How else? No one intends to pay for the restoration, to return the social payments stolen from the population, which means that there is only one way out - to declare all criminals what, in fact, has been done for a long time. Do not look for logic - they say, if this is an occupation, then the homeland should pity the occupied and completely alleviate their difficult situation, but Ukraine has chosen a different path - the “occupied” are to blame. Approximately according to this logic, no pedophile or rapist can be punished, because the victim tempted him with the very existence of himself ...

If, however, to abandon the term “occupation” and recognize that the residents of the region themselves do not want to continue to live as part of Ukraine, then how can Russia continue to spread rot and moan all the new sanctions and pressure among the overlords?

Analysts, however, successfully scratch their left ear with their right foot, and skillfully bypass these contradictions. Well, how to get around? Stupidly slaughtered on them.

Again. Donbass must be returned. Since the population of the region consists of downs, rams and enemies, then it is proposed, to the extent of the author’s political correctness, to hang, flay, drive to concentration camps, to subject them to total labor re-education with shovels and pickaxes, regardless of the number of possible victims.

If the population turns out to be fundamentally unthought, the territory should be cleaned and returned to Ukraine in a virgin state. That is - the second option. Then it, the territory, will be settled by honest, educated and hardworking patriots who will build high-tech production there and show the world what progress is. Such mriyas have turned pages, for example, Brygintsy and Shkiryak, on social networks - state managers and social Darwinists, known for their efficiency, in the most miserable peasant version. The more cunning writers get around this topic, because in the depths of their assorted souls they understand that no one will go to explore Donbass territory, only to rob.

In this regard, I recall the not so long story of Donetsk Landik, (not to be confused with the scattered Lugansk brother), who was trying to open the production of his refrigerators in one Galician city. He built a factory and offered local jobs. White bathrobes, cleanliness, air conditioning, screwdriver technology, requiring no brain and education, but simple diligence and precision. So what? The venture failed. Bad nema, because the plant is a discipline and daily routine ...

Today, in our reality that is completely un-brained in reality, the residents of Donbass, including the areas where Ukrainian punishers are conducting their punitive operation, work and pay taxes to the Ukrainian budget. Serious such taxes - according to the ex-mayor of Donetsk Lukyanchenko, only for the first half of last year, the DPR enterprises paid more taxes than those on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Namely, 3,5 billion UAH. Do not try to find logic here and hold your heart in a fist - people who are bombarded and bombed pay taxes and get blockade, bullying and destruction in return. Buy yourself some Ukraine, yes.

What is the oxymoron, you ask? And he is in pluralism within one head. The toad, suffocating analysts and experts, and most importantly, their owners, pouring varying degrees of pressure in a bowl of food, requires, on the one hand, to announce the inevitable return of Donbass to the bosom of Ukraine that hates it, and on the other hand, literally without a pause, to declare that "Ukraine and Donbas will not fly up." The same person presents both messages at the same time.

The theme of Ukraine’s impasse, with the Donbas hanging on its feet, has become, with the utmost fever, a spill in recent weeks. Taking into account the fact that one of the political scientists who voiced her is known for the devotion of a dog licking each new owner as passionately as he licked the previous one, and today he works for Poroshenko, it is obvious that public opinion is being prepared to let go - one way or another. “In both cases, we lose the occupied areas forever,” writes Oleg Medvedev, referring to both the continuation of hostilities and the freezing of the conflict.

The curators of Ukraine, terrorists, greedy people and cruel hearts, demand that Ukraine comply with the Minsk agreements, in which amendments to the Constitution are spelled out, giving special status to the rebellious regions. Deputies resist and PR, feeling the Nazis' hot breath of the Nazis, still defining the entire political discourse of the country. And it is this, and only this, that determines the disposition of each Ukrainian deputy - hysterical fear for his ass. In the ATO will not be sent, but the ass on the Nazi cross in Kiev can break the former accomplices, on whose ridges they went to parliament. Therefore, professional patriots do not want to vote, because the vote will be by name. Fortunately, a kind, though consistently degrading, alcoholic in the intervals between bellicose speeches postpones the solution of the question ...

In the intervals between still timid squeals on the topic - the grapes are green, this Donbass and tries didn’t fall for us, let them knock voices with their soviet-wadded population where they want, to prevent any special status for the republics. We all want a special status too - the giants of the economy, budget fillers and the best genocides of the country from Galicia and Volhynia scream, calling the idea of ​​special status satanic and demanding the continuation of a bloody banquet. Those very poor raguli, the percentage of deserters among which is much higher than the national average ...

It is logical to assume that truly industrial giants (although to a large extent already in the past), like Kharkov or Dnepropetrovsk, which have long been a separate feud, will require special status.

I have already written many times that I don’t imagine that there is not a single option for the return of Donbass to Ukraine, and emotions are not in the first place, pure logic is crying. The dream to climb on the Christmas tree, and do not tear the ass due to congenital or acquired brain defect in every Ukrainian maryalnik and competes by imperativeness only with the concept - “why should we?”

However, it is much worse than the other - it is not clear that wise strategy owls imagining the way of the Donbass to Ukraine paint purely speculative scenarios for mice that must become hedgehogs.

As already mentioned, another fat layer of Ukrainian dreams is directly connected with this topic.

The theme of Donbass is considered in them as the eternal tool of blackmail Russia. The future prosperity of Ukraine, which by default will fall on its citizens, sparkling and fragrant, after hard years of reforms, during which hamsters will faint, moan, thin and die, and political scientists who gorge themselves from bowls will convince them that everything is going according to plan , is fully and inextricably linked with the inevitable collapse of the Russian Federation.

The authors, in all seriousness, demand from the Russians to fulfill the Minsk agreements — as if, say, they were required to fulfill the marriage contract of their neighbors, and firmly indicate that Ukraine will not make more unilateral concessions until Russia fulfills its obligations.

I disdain to cite these multithreaded investigations, although I read them diligently. Main, forgive the expression, the idea of ​​the authors is fully described by the moral imperative in the form of the immortal formula “I, friends, will leave the bear without fear. If I am with a friend, and a bear without a friend. ” It is clear that no such patriot thinks any such Ukraine outside the rigid, directive and sometimes sadistic external management, therefore all scenarios are written exclusively in this paradigm.

The West must strengthen and deepen sanctions against the bear, finally make Russia a rogue state, bring down its economy, bringing down oil prices, that is, tie the bear’s paws with barbed wire, put on a muzzle, tear out its teeth, and then a Ukrainian hero will come to the arena put his foot on the defeated beast in a fair fight. Gidnist, comrades, just take a look ...

No, of course, the Ukrainian hero also does not care for the rear ones. He conducts brilliant, promising prosperity and economic miracle of reform, puts corruption on both shoulder blades, masters high-tech heights and only then puts his foot on the bear's carcass. The analyst is confident that this is exactly what will happen this year - Russia, fallen into dust, crumbled into pieces, will ask for mercy from the winner, holding in its teeth the parasite and Donbass nikchemu that is dead in the mouth.

And Ukraine will still think whether to show her mercy for the fallen neighbor, yes ...
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 5 February 2016 09: 16 New
    As for the Donbass, the use of such a term as “oxymoron” is just the most appropriate here. Yes, well-worn, chewed, and what if the best language has not yet given birth? Well, except schizophrenia.

    UKRAINE is now one big schizophrenia .... there is no point already discussing the news from there ... the ward of crazy patients has expanded to the size of the country.
    1. Bath
      Bath 5 February 2016 09: 28 New
      but to lead from these fields, to put it mildly, they got bored with everything, clinging to the topic (and what else do the carriers of the horse-settlers have) it doesn’t look like a child it will fall apart while it is needed by certain forces so that Kiselyov does not say
    2. WKS
      WKS 5 February 2016 10: 16 New
      However, Ukrainologists earn money.
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 5 February 2016 21: 24 New

        Somehow I decided to organize a joint venture with a bear.
        - What we are going to do? - asks the bear.
        - This year - to grow wheat, - the man answers.
        - And how to share?
        - It is known how: my tops, your roots.
        “He's coming,” the bear agreed. They grew wheat, a man took all the tops for himself, sold them, sits, rejoices, considers the money ... And then a bear came and brought his roots ...
    3. smart Fox
      smart Fox 5 February 2016 10: 37 New
      Have you insulted some crazy people? they are sick people, and you compared them with Ukrainians. There is no suitable and great expression in the great and powerful to describe everything that was done with Ukraine
      1. Army soldier2
        Army soldier2 5 February 2016 12: 02 New
        Everything that is written in the article we know. Hammered into the brain with a sledgehammer.
        I want to note that using some of the applied expressions is not entirely correct, especially for a woman.
    4. mig29mks
      mig29mks 5 February 2016 10: 58 New
      Barack Obama: "Power in Ukraine has received full!"

      Barack Obama: "Power in Ukraine has received full!"

      Anticipating possible reproaches for such a pretentious headline, let's just make a reservation: the phrase was taken not from social networks or idle publications of the "yellow" press, but quoted from the interview of US President Barack Obama to the famous American journalist, CBS correspondent Steve Croft in his author's program "60 Minutes".

      As you know, Croft has recently met Obama twice and each time asked Obama Huseynovich very uncomfortable, sharp questions.

      One of them during the second "round" concerned the state of affairs in Ukraine and was formulated as follows:

      "Mr. President, how do you assess the fact that after the US intervention, Ukraine, being previously a rather stable and successful country, has reached the level of underdeveloped African states in less than two years after the US intervention (emphasis added), and in some parameters has dropped even lower?"

      Barak Huseynovich’s answer was simply amazing:

      "The United States did everything possible to ensure that the development scenario of Ukraine had a positive vector. Negative tendencies in this country are not even related to the proximity of Russia and the influence of its policies on the development of this state. The point is that Ukraine is a shining example of a country when the power in It received full! (emphasis - ed.). In this regard, now a purposeful work is carried out to correct (emphasis - ed.) US foreign policy towards this state. We admit some mistakes and are preparing to correct them. "

      When Croft asked "What is this idiocy of the Ukrainian authorities?" Obama, without hesitation, said: "In everything. I would not trust her even to clean the lawn of my Bo's poop (presidential dog - ed.) ...".

      Barack Obama: "Power in Ukraine has received full!"

      Further - in the text:

      Steve Croft: "And that says it all. By the way, how is Bo?"

      Barack Obama: "Great. He's not in Ukraine"

      As a little later, CNN host Christian Amanpour summed up on TV, "... the further laughter of the US President and Steve Croft does not inspire optimism in the Ukrainian population in the near future. At least, until the moment when everyone in the highest positions of this unfortunate country goes somewhere will disappear (emphasis - ed.) ... ".

      Barack Obama: "Power in Ukraine has received full!"

      As they say, no comment ...

      Alexander Lavutin
    5. Lelek
      Lelek 5 February 2016 11: 54 New
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      UKRAINE is now one big schizophrenia.

      Hey. Alexey, what did you expect? After all, as teachers are, so are their servants. Banal, but reflecting the reality of the phrase: "Whoever dances a girl, he smokes" spice "with her. Take the most recent example - the EP's decision on sanctions against Russia (consider that they will NEVER be lifted).
    6. marlin1203
      marlin1203 5 February 2016 12: 12 New
      Since this delirium is possible and it is part of reality, you need to treat it like that, and not squint your eyes for the second year and goggle, saying "mind-me-mind" and "can't be like that." Such is the sad reality and we all exist in it. And, most likely, it will not change quickly ...
  2. Fisman
    Fisman 5 February 2016 09: 18 New
    Let's see who else crawls to whom on the fours to apologize !!!
    In 2014 Ukraine failed in the looking glass, everything is the other way around, the laws of logic are not peculiar)))
  3. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 5 February 2016 09: 19 New
    Bear, by and large, do not care.

    By the way, on the Ukrainian news site, the correspondent is indeed Russia in every news.
    Hryvnia fell? This is Putin. EU quotas do not increase? This is Russia to blame. In the Rada, instead of voting, one deputy grabbed another by the eggs? These are Putin's agents. Upcoming IMF tranche of $ 1,7 billion already stolen? These are Russian intrigues. The modernized military equipment exploded, killing the heroes of the ATO? These are FSB agents.
    1. 222222
      222222 5 February 2016 10: 21 New
      Gormengast (1) RU Today, 09:19 AM New
      The bear, by and large, does not care. "
      ... "" "New tank division in the Chelyabinsk region
      As follows from the news below, the 7th separate guards Red Banner Orenburg Cossacks tank brigade of the Central Military District, stationed in Chebarkul (Chelyabinsk region), will be deployed into a tank division of a new formation. ""
  4. Riv
    Riv 5 February 2016 09: 19 New
    There is a small nuance: Donbass is big. He is much more than now controlled by the militia. If you let go of the part, then the rest will follow. What then?
    The war will go on there for a long time and this is fully consistent with the wishes of the West.
    1. veksha50
      veksha50 5 February 2016 10: 02 New
      Quote: Riv
      The war will go on there for a long time and this is fully consistent with the wishes of the West.

      Hmm ... If it’s cynical to say, it’s more beneficial for us, Russia ... As long as there is a war, there is no question of any entry of Ukraine into the EU and, accordingly, into NATO ...

      The West needs more radical measures and results ... We, too, as part of the Donbass to return, or the entire Donbass - is there a difference ???

      Only our interests and those of the West are diametrically opposed ...

      PS And why do people in the world, in a good neighborly way, do not live ???
      1. Riv
        Riv 5 February 2016 10: 45 New
        C'mon ... :) NATO for Ukrainians is like a carrot for an ass. There Georgia how many years raves about joining there, but the result is zero. And there is no war there now.
  5. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 5 February 2016 09: 22 New
    Subsequently, in 10-15 years, it will be necessary to collect a book of statements by Ukrainian politicians on Russia, Putin, Crimea and Donbass. It seems that all statements will be like a carbon copy, with the difference that the above words will be rearranged in a different sequence, but always with negative connotations. Well, the book should be called like "How not to think and do" or "The manifestation of collective schizophrenia in individuals."
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 5 February 2016 09: 37 New
      In short: "Ukraine, medical history and treatment"
    2. engineer74
      engineer74 5 February 2016 09: 38 New
      I feel that in this Ukrainian mess, all world psychiatry will make a huge leap in its development!
      However, at least some benefit from the Revolution of Guidity will be!
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 February 2016 09: 24 New
    Then I had to write easier

    Easier - it means more accessible, more characteristic and expressive. Honestly, writing about what is happening on the territory of this country without expressions that moderators do not miss is no longer possible.
    He carries out brilliant reforms promising prosperity and an economic miracle, puts corruption on both blades, masters high-tech heights, and only then puts his foot on the bear’s carcass

    I really can’t do it, but the main thing is to say it out loud. The West (according to ukrozhiv) is simply obliged to swallow, praise and award money, and not small.
  7. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 5 February 2016 09: 29 New
    The curators of Ukraine, zradniki, greedy and hardhearted, demand that Ukraine comply with the Minsk agreements, which nevertheless spell out amendments to the Constitution to give special status to the rebellious regions. The deputies rested and PR, feeling the hot breath of the Nazis in the backs of the neck, which still determined the entire political discourse of the country. And this, and only this, determines the dispositions of each Ukrainian deputy - a hysterical fear for his ass. They will not send to the anti-terrorist operation, but former accomplices, on whose ridges they went to parliament, can tear an ass on the fascist cross right in Kiev.

    It is on fear at the moment that political Ukraine is still held.
  8. sl22277
    sl22277 5 February 2016 09: 32 New
    “Ukrainians” are not born, they become through a long brain processing. "Ukrainization" would not be needed if the "Ukrainian" could be born. A convinced “Ukrainian” is one who has been convinced that he is better than the Russians, and therefore another. What really brilliantly succeeded for Ukraine was to turn into a zone of instability and military conflict, providing its territory for the realization of US geopolitical interests. In this regard, Dill is unique. Without any external aggression, without declaring war on anyone, they destroy their own citizens using artillery and armored vehicles.
    1. gla172
      gla172 5 February 2016 09: 40 New
      I completely agree. Moreover, there is no such a nation, just like the American one!
  9. Denis81
    Denis81 5 February 2016 09: 35 New
    “I, my friends, will go out to bear without fear. If I am with a friend, and a bear without a friend ”/ Clearly, to the point. The whole policy of cretinodaunoshizoidiototseyevropeytsev built on that. I recommend picking up unsold / unstolen stocks of rocket engines from Yuzhmash’s warehouses, tying them in the Volyn-Sumy-Dnepropetrovsk-Kherson region and dumping the hell out of nowhere. to the moon for example. Well, you dug up the sea. Although not, suddenly the aliens will find you, they will think that on earth they are all like that. it’s better to cook in your stool until you digest each other at all.
  10. olhon
    olhon 5 February 2016 09: 36 New
    Nice to read. With humor and on business. Respect to the author.
  11. izya top
    izya top 5 February 2016 09: 40 New
    evidence squeal that father does exercises at their border. apparently, the old Soviet cartoon
  12. Sober
    Sober 5 February 2016 09: 41 New
    Neither minus nor plus. This theme in various variations, excuse me, filled my mouth. Who is more, who is less original, detailed, etc .... Sorry.
    1. Banshee
      Banshee 5 February 2016 09: 57 New
      Sorry, of course.

      Your case, yes. Oskomina spit, turn on ignore because tired, and so on.

      And then we will start shouting together, "where were the security officials looking," "Putin, what are you doing?" and the like, in the case of the Maidan with us.

      Paranoia? Absolutely not. Realism.

      Here is a bald trait silent. Better spit your mouthbone.
      1. Boos
        Boos 5 February 2016 10: 21 New
        Exactly, where did the siloviki look before, Putin, what are you doing? Who condoned the Western scenario on the outskirts? Lenin again? Or has the hryvnia collapsed and the ruble is unshakable? And the life of the people in Russia is improving, imposed by all unthinkable taxes. They again thought about the people raising excise taxes on fuel and already on sugar. The guarantor takes care of our health, with his "scapegoat-Medvedev" ...
        1. Barnaul, Altai
          Barnaul, Altai 5 February 2016 12: 01 New
          And you sugar - in fuel!
          In your case, it can help stop whining ...
          1. Mikhail Krapivin
            Mikhail Krapivin 5 February 2016 12: 16 New
            Quote: Barnaul, Altai
            In your case, it can help stop whining ...

            Well said. Do not like it here - go to Israel.
  13. triglav
    triglav 5 February 2016 09: 43 New
    About seven years ago, the KVN DGU team sang about everything in the song:
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 5 February 2016 09: 48 New
    Remember Germany 30's.
    When Hitler announced that he would go down the USSR.
    Then, after all, the world community forgave a lot of things and helped Germany a lot.
    And now the same thing is happening in relation to Ukraine.
    Everyone will forgive her and help with anything (within reasonable limits)
    while she continues to mischief Russia.
    And when Ukraine is abandoned, it will be very difficult for its residents
    break the established picture of the world. After all, Ukraine has been living for two years
    in a new reality, two years ...
    And before that, how many were they preparing for the role of the guard in a collapsed Russia?
    So that we can write articles about Ukraine
    that until a generation of fascists dies out there, a normal country will not be there.
    1. DMM2006
      DMM2006 5 February 2016 16: 46 New
      I agree with my colleague, unfortunately not for two years, but much longer.
      After all, they began to teach their children the sacred knowledge of the great Ukrainians almost in the 90s. And to water us with shit somewhere at the same time. And they began to destroy their economy not two years ago, especially in the Western region, where not only industry but also agriculture was ruined as a class. The lumpenized mass of the future maydanut "revolutionaries" were created by our "strategic partners" for two decades.
      And now all this pus has burst out. And the trouble is that there are not even tens of them, but many hundreds of thousands.
      And I personally don’t know what to do with these geeks right now, because it’s impossible to remake them, for them Bandera and Shushkevich are really heroes. That is, they have completely and irrevocably shifted the vector of consciousness by 180 degrees.
      ... Or rather, thoughts that is, what needs to be done with them, but unfortunately our modern government will vryatly do this ... It's a pity ... There are many normal people left in Ukraine, but as a result of brainwashing and the neighborhood with maydanut rot every year they will remain less and less.
  15. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 5 February 2016 09: 52 New
    Ukrainians have a legend that under one of the monuments to Lenin there is a visa-free portal to Europe ...
    ... And, in general, everything is somehow strange with them:
    Yatsenyuk is a citizen of Canada,
    Poroshenko - Switzerland,
    Klitschko - Germany,
    Kolomoisky - Israel.
    And only one Saakashvili is a citizen of Ukraine.
  16. Furious bambr
    Furious bambr 5 February 2016 09: 53 New
    It’s a little off topic: let’s imagine for a second that all countries recognized the exceptional nature of the Ukrainians, that they dug the seas without scuba gear and the pharaohs came from them ... And how did the chain reaction of bursting Ukrainians begin all over Usrin and around the world. And normal people looked at it - and said: - And that's good! Since childhood, I love fairy tales ... With communist greetings, Michon fellow
  17. veksha50
    veksha50 5 February 2016 09: 54 New
    "The authors are in all seriousness demanding that the Russians fulfill the Minsk agreements - as if from you, say, they demanded to fulfill the marriage contract of the neighbors"...

    Well the author said ...
  18. novel68rus
    novel68rus 5 February 2016 09: 54 New
    why discuss their problems? probably you need to solve yours, which is also not a little .. they themselves have chosen such a life and let them enjoy it now .. our grief analysts also predicted hunger and cold ukra and default and collapse .. nevertheless, they are still alive and continue to yelp merrily .. the truth is not jumping so fast .. time should pass here. maybe then comes the realization that they themselves have betrayed their country .. soldier
  19. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 5 February 2016 10: 00 New
    Even the bluish Lyashko spoke sensibly: "And what has Putin here ..."
  20. Aksakal_07
    Aksakal_07 5 February 2016 10: 25 New
    The author (apparently, this is a man), hiding under the stylized pseudonym "Nuremberg" (with a hint of a future military tribunal over the Kiev junta), everything is written from the correct side, but burdensome, boring and long. The impression is that the author, busy with self-admiration and self-affirmation, is mainly concerned not with the convincingness of the arguments presented, but with the search and use of epithets and comparisons that are derogatory for the "ukropitheks". I have never read a case history of a mental patient written by an illiterate self-taught doctor, but I think the style of presenting such a "case history" would be similar to this article, except for one component. This is the manner of bazaar squabbles between people who do not know the language well and are unable to argue.
  21. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 5 February 2016 10: 39 New
    Great article. Interestingly, essentially and with humor. I read Ukrainian exercises as once and zapadlo, but here everything is on the shelves, all with comments, an unambiguous test.
  22. mivmim
    mivmim 5 February 2016 11: 07 New
    All words about this country, so to speak, have already ended. I don’t feel like repeating myself. Change the subject.
  23. Mestny
    Mestny 5 February 2016 11: 16 New
    Quote: veksha50
    While the war is going on there, there can be no question of any entry of Ukraine into the EU and - accordingly - into NATO ...

    I assure you, it will go when necessary, and how else. With a whistle.
    No laws or rules according to the ideas of the "civilized" do not apply to enemies, that is, you and me.
    In this case, they will change the rules themselves and written.
    We need to prepare for the next phase of the war - an attempted coup.
  24. Alex ..
    Alex .. 5 February 2016 11: 18 New
    The psychiatric hospital is open day ...
  25. Barnaul, Altai
    Barnaul, Altai 5 February 2016 12: 11 New
    I have a question:
    What do you think, dear forum users, but after Ukraine’s accession to the Russian Federation (what I strongly believe) -
    to ban the Ukrainian language, and pursue a policy of extermination of Ukrainianism?
    Because there is no longer any strength to watch the Russian people KILL the Russians IN THEMSELVES! (another deeply rooted belief that there is no such nationality - "Ukrainian", but there is a Russian who killed a Russian in himself and betrayed his roots).
    Answer, who is not lazy?
  26. Altona
    Altona 5 February 2016 12: 14 New
    A bit of humor on Friday ... How one St. Petersburg music group without a single shot captured Ukraine ...
    PS The group’s creativity can be controversial, but the priority of cultures is obvious ...
  27. Dewa1s
    Dewa1s 5 February 2016 12: 27 New
    Another ode to the Ukrainian stupidity ...
    Not tired yet? It seems that we all understood so long ago how far they are there all over the head ...
  28. Termit1309
    Termit1309 5 February 2016 12: 35 New
    The West should strengthen and deepen sanctions against the bear, make Russia finally a rogue country, tumble down its economy, bring down oil prices, that is, tie the bear with barbed wire, put on a muzzle, having previously pulled out teeth, and then a Ukrainian hero will enter the arena and put his foot on the beast defeated in fair battle

    Actually there is nothing to add. Too bad ten pluses can not be put.
  29. 4ekist
    4ekist 5 February 2016 13: 27 New
    Quote: The same Lech
    As for the Donbass, the use of such a term as “oxymoron” is just the most appropriate here. Yes, well-worn, chewed, and what if the best language has not yet given birth? Well, except schizophrenia.

    UKRAINE is now one big schizophrenia .... there is no point already discussing the news from there ... the ward of crazy patients has expanded to the size of the country.

    Khokhlam has no choice but to yap and shit. And then they won’t give money.
    BARKHAN 5 February 2016 14: 22 New
    But the process has not stopped. Everything continues. Debts are growing, the economy is collapsing, the population is dumping ... In the current state, whoever Ukraine joins, this is a huge stone around his neck with which you will have to sail further. After all, someone will have to for all this " the banquet "to pay. And the banquet, by the way, continues, and the walkers are just getting into a rage."
    And here’s the question! Do we need this? Do we have to pay for their revelry?
    And what to do with the Banderized population? And what to do with the Nazis? And with the sympathizing Nazis?
    I personally don’t understand how exactly we can help Ukraine without ruining our economy. And the population there is a third of Russia. How to drag them then. Well, if we had paradise ...
    You can, of course, "fight" with Europe for Ukraine, but then several generations of Russians will have to supply "non-brothers".
    That's the whole choice. Raise yourself or the territory of the former USSR. Make them happy against their will.
  31. jaroff
    jaroff 5 February 2016 16: 16 New
    "... Since the population of the region consists of downs, rams and enemies, then it is proposed, to the extent of the author's political correctness, to be hanged, skinned, driven into concentration camps, subjected to total labor re-education with shovels and picks, regardless of the number of possible victims.
    If the population turns out to be fundamentally ill-educated, the territory should be cleared and returned to Ukraine in a pristine state ... "
    Donbass is big. More than DNR-LPR. It also has Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, which did not leave TV screens and newspaper pages in the summer of 2014. According to the author, there are now either continuous concentration camps or even empty cities. In the literal sense, there is no one, not a living soul. However, this is not so. Nobody is talking about these cities now. So, knowing our media, which, if something happened, would immediately "start ringing the bells," it is actually quiet there. What a peaceful life.
    I think that everything is wrong there. People live, people work. Children study. It’s enough to open the sites of these cities and not only the sites of administrations.
    1. klenin
      klenin 8 February 2016 14: 48 New
      I am from Kramatorsk. Want to really know what and how is really going on here? The most common occupation. Yes, calm, because Ukrainians do not shell residential areas, as in the summer of 2014. Only the militia we have imported is mainly from Tennopol. Because ours at one time did not quarrel with the militia, but simply did its job. By the way, when the militia in the city really came to order - not a single drug addict and God forbid what a mess on the street.
      And also "ukrozashchitniki" all this time do not go into the city in uniform alone and without weapons, only in a crowd. And still they return with spat on their backs.
      And also boxes for anonymous letters for "domestic separatists" do not disappear from the streets. And God forbid you somewhere to say something what you think.
      Another, really oxymoron. In kindergartens, they are forced to hold matinees dedicated to "Ukrainian warriors-defenders." And this despite the fact that for any such child, these "warriors" somehow affected the family - some of their friends were killed or wounded, someone's house or apartment was destroyed, etc.
      Continue? Do you want such a peaceful life?
  32. Avantageur
    Avantageur 5 February 2016 16: 51 New
    where Ukraine is rushing at full speed