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Baghdad gathered to wall for "protection from ISIS"

Information Agency Reuters referring to the lieutenant-general of the Iraqi army reports that the authorities of the country have decided to fence Baghdad with a wall from the terrorists of the so-called Islamic State. General Abdul al-Shamari states that the wall will eventually allow one to isolate himself from the igilovtsev breakthroughs into the city in mined cars.

Baghdad gathered to wall for "protection from ISIS"

The first section of the wall is being built a few dozen kilometers west of Baghdad. Iraqi authorities report that this section will separate Baghdad from Fallujah, a city in the province of Anbar, controlled by the DAISH (IG).

General al-Shamari reports that the dilapidated buildings will be dismantled for the construction of the wall, as well as the walls that today separate the Sunni quarters from the Shiites. These walls, which have long divided the Iraqi capital, will be dismantled, according to a representative of the country's armed forces.

It seems that the Iraqi authorities are preparing for the fact that the IS militants will soon begin a siege on the city. And on the background of the fact that an “invincible” American coalition is operating in Iraq ...

The statements that the wall will become an obstacle for igilovtsy are puzzling, if only because there are many representatives of ISIL among the inhabitants of Baghdad, who are simply waiting in the wings to arrange another terrorist act.
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  1. polite people
    polite people 4 February 2016 12: 26 New
    The Chinese wall or something led them to this idea. So everyone knows that that WALL did not save the shelters behind her. The higher the wall, the more desire to get behind it. wink
    1. Pravdarm
      Pravdarm 4 February 2016 12: 29 New
      It is puzzling if only because among the residents of Baghdad there are many representatives of ISIS
      So the "rulers" of Iraq are the United States! And this is for their electorate, like "we are fighting IS!" Although you yourself probably know that IG = USA!
      1. maxiban
        maxiban 4 February 2016 12: 38 New
        It's like trying to cure a cancerous tumor by applying gypsum.
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 4 February 2016 20: 33 New
          In vain! It’s necessary to draw a circle with chalk ... (helped in the video) winked
      2. tol100v
        tol100v 4 February 2016 12: 51 New
        Quote: Pravdarm
        Although you yourself probably know that IG = USA!

        The best wall option is the WALL around the SSA! To drive all Merikos from all over the world back behind the wall (without the right of correspondence) and peace in the world will come by itself!
        1. Ami du peuple
          Ami du peuple 4 February 2016 15: 10 New
          Quote: Tol100v
          The best wall option is the WALL around the SSA! Drive all Merikos from around the world back behind the wall

          And pour concrete inside. The main thing is that the formwork (in the form of this wall) was strong.
      3. lis-ik
        lis-ik 4 February 2016 12: 57 New
        Where the USA is there either a moat or a wall.
      4. The comment was deleted.
    2. vladimirw
      vladimirw 4 February 2016 12: 34 New
      In fact, it has already been proven that the wall from the Chinese
    3. sever.56
      sever.56 4 February 2016 12: 36 New
      Quote: polite people
      The Chinese wall or something led them to this idea.

      Fir-trees ... !!! Did Ukrainian advisers come with their wall design? wassat
      1. tol100v
        tol100v 4 February 2016 12: 47 New
        Quote: sever.56
        Fir-trees ... !!! Did Ukrainian advisers come with their wall design?

        Then you don’t have to worry about the fate of the wall - the funds for its construction will be spent even at the preliminary design stage!
    4. Finches
      Finches 4 February 2016 12: 44 New
      And put up the armpit:"Sleep the people of Baghdad! Everything is calm in Baghdad!" laughing
  2. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 4 February 2016 12: 29 New
    Here are the fisted Americanos advisers. Everywhere it is advised to build walls — in Ukraine — from Russians who are already in Ukraine, in Iraq from DAISHman — who are already in Baghdad! Probably they are pushing cement to them a little expensive! request
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 4 February 2016 12: 34 New
      The Americans have their own wall - on the border with Mexico. Israel has it.
      It seems that progressive mankind has positively accepted the experience of the Berlin Wall and is now giving out such a fortification as its democratic know-how.
      1. sisa29
        sisa29 4 February 2016 12: 47 New
        Well, why, perhaps progressive mankind to the holes read the novel by George Martin "Game of Thrones" or just watched this series
  3. O. Bender
    O. Bender 4 February 2016 12: 29 New
    And what about the mined aircraft? Although a half meter ride.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 4 February 2016 12: 35 New
    the wall will become an obstacle for the Ishilovites, causing bewilderment

    Not just bewilderment. Since when did Iraq become so rich that it can afford money down the drain. This is already similar to the Ukrainian system of taking money from the state. That is what American intervention in power structures means.
  5. SAM 5
    SAM 5 4 February 2016 12: 35 New
    Soon the whole world will be fenced.
  6. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 4 February 2016 12: 37 New
    ABOUT! I recognize the good old American school! Super-duper instructors, gods of war, taught! good laughing
    Another year, and Kiev will begin to enclose a wall (the instructors are the same). laughing
  7. AlexTires
    AlexTires 4 February 2016 12: 44 New
    The main thing is to launch a watchman with a clapper around the wall at night: “Everything is calm in Baghdad ...” laughing
    PySy: In Iraq there are definitely no hohl advisers? recourse
  8. Masya masya
    Masya masya 4 February 2016 12: 44 New
    Hide behind a high fence Baghdad, blow up along with the fence ...
  9. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 4 February 2016 12: 50 New
    They have a hobby, to build walls, but rather mania.
  10. nord62
    nord62 4 February 2016 12: 58 New
    Obviously, many rulers of states now have big problems with their heads! laughing Well, not the Middle Ages or ancient times, to be fenced off with walls
  11. jan
    jan 4 February 2016 13: 00 New
    Well, yes, some dibiloids get loot for creating walls and ditches in the east of the Outskirts, others in Asia. Is this the same diagnosis?
  12. Sergey Vladimirovich
    Sergey Vladimirovich 4 February 2016 13: 01 New
    Reuters news agency, citing the lieutenant general of the Iraqi army, reports that the country's authorities decided to fence Baghdad with a wall from the terrorists of the so-called “Islamic State”.

    You read such statements and you are amazed! What time do we live in general !? Wall off, cover with a cap, put your head in the sand ... A very effective, of course, measure is this wall ... Almost 200% success, a panacea for all ills!
  13. ovod84
    ovod84 4 February 2016 13: 02 New
    If the walls from ancient Babylon are preserved there, let them continue it, they will build a wall and close the entrance to the city to strangers, and in the city they will carry out special operations to eliminate the igil. It is interesting what walls are going to build from.
  14. SAM 5
    SAM 5 4 February 2016 13: 03 New
    It would not hurt to fence the Earth from the invasion of aliens. Only here the governments do not agree on where to start building.
  15. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 4 February 2016 13: 13 New
    Yeah, and the Ishilites for storming the walls massively buy stairs? There is an epidemic wandering around the world - stenomania !!!
  16. Nix1986
    Nix1986 4 February 2016 13: 17 New
    And inside Baghdad there are no terrorists, as it were ?! This tale about the Middle East democracy of the USA will have to be told there for a long time, until you even see how to solve this problem. All the absurdities of the situation got out after the first storm of Fallujah, the local forces and the government faced a difficult choice: they couldn’t solve the situation on their own, and to go against their own people was to convict themselves, but to resort to the help of the Americans was to sign their impotence and look like traitors, but it was impossible to do nothing either. As a result, the second option itself came and there was a second assault. It reminded me remotely of the situation with the first Chechen, when ebn betrayed the army and stopped the offensive, all the same, everything had to be done in the second Chechen.
  17. gla172
    gla172 4 February 2016 13: 49 New
    "Everything is calm in Baghdad" ...
  18. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 4 February 2016 14: 59 New
    So they basically dig tunnels.
  19. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 4 February 2016 15: 19 New
    Something fashion in the world went to the walls. I started to worry - are we behind fashion again? wink
  20. Stoler
    Stoler 4 February 2016 22: 32 New
    No Fortress in mod! Didn't you watch "Game of Thrones"?