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Russian nuclear strike on Sweden, or the fears of the NATO Secretary General

The report of Jens Stoltenberg appeared on the website of the North Atlantic Alliance. The NATO Secretary General claims that in 2013, the Russians conducted exercises that simulated a nuclear strike on Sweden. The Swedish press, having carefully studied the Stoltenberg hypothesis, is sounding the alarm. The exercises mentioned by Stoltenberg, which took place near the eastern border of the Stockholm archipelago, showed the weakness of the Swedish army: there is no need to speak of any operational reaction to maneuvers, since the servicemen went on leave.

In 2013, the armed forces of the Russian Federation conducted exercises that simulated a nuclear strike on Sweden, says NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his new report. Report published on the site of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“As part of a large-scale rearmament, military maneuvers and exercises in Russia have reached a level unprecedented since the days of the Cold War. Over the past three years, Russia has conducted at least 18 large-scale exercises, some of which involved more than 100 thousands of servicemen. These exercises included the simulation of nuclear attacks on NATO allies and on its partners (for example, an imitation of an attack on Sweden in March 2013), the document quotes "".

Why did the NATO Secretary General decide to make this “fact” public only in 2016? This does not say a word. Probably in March 2013, relations with Russia were not yet spoiled, and the exercises were not considered potentially dangerous for the future of defenseless Sweden. 2016-th year - is another matter: the sanctions are in full swing, and Putin is still the same uncompromising.

Most likely, the NATO Secretary General, at the command of his bosses from Washington, is pushing Sweden to join the alliance with nuclear horror stories.

The fact is that a year ago, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Vahlström during the debate on the state’s foreign policy in the Riksdag categorically rejected the proposals of some bourgeois parties in Sweden on the need to study the issue of NATO membership.

“I have not heard a single argument that would convince me that we must abandon the policy of non-alignment with alliances. Our security strategy remains valid despite the fact that we must develop our defense. We will also develop the already existing cooperation in the defense sphere, ”the minister said. Swedish Radio.

After that, in 2015, the North Atlantic Alliance stubbornly put pressure on Sweden.

One of the climaxes of this pressure was the two-day meeting of the defense ministers of the European North, held in November 2015 in Stockholm. NATO Secretary General himself arrived at the meeting.

“We will conduct more joint exercises, using each other’s territories, develop information exchange, develop so-called interoperability so that the armed forces can effectively interact, we will try to further develop political cooperation in order to stabilize the situation in the Middle East and North Africa "- quoted by Jens Stoltenberg "InoSMI" with reference to "Swedish Radio".

In addition to Sweden, of the eight states that participated in the Stockholm meeting, Finland was not a member of NATO. And the NATO Secretary General for a reason spoke at the event about the deepening of their cooperation with the alliance.

At the end of January 2016, just appeared news on NATO and Finland. Her Stoltenberg also wants to see in the alliance.

And it turned out: forcing Finland to join NATO can ... Sweden. Some educated Swedes think so.

“If all the countries of Northern Europe are members of NATO, and we are not, then we will lose touch with the most important reference group for us,” they cite "Vesti" Professor of the University of Tampere Tuomas Forsberg. - Perhaps this is what can drastically affect the Finnish public opinion. Not what Russia is doing, not what the United States is doing, not what all of NATO does, but what Sweden is doing. ”

This is where the pressure on Sweden came from.

Of course, in NATO they rest on the “Russian threat”, and they also want to puzzle with military spending in the name of an alliance of far from poor Swedes and Finns.

By the way, the alliance achieved something in 2016.

22 January it became known that Sweden has signed a memorandum of understanding with Denmark - one of the founding members of NATO, which has been part of the alliance since April 1949. Between the two states, it is planned to deepen bilateral cooperation in the field of defense and increase interaction.

The agreement was signed by the Swedish and Danish ministers of defense. The document provides for practical elements, including military exercises, the joint use of naval ports and air bases, the newspaper writes "Sight" with reference to Defense News.

The new agreement represents a "serious deepening of defense cooperation" between neutral Sweden and NATO member Denmark. It "came about because of the" muscle flexing "of the Kremlin, which created an unpredictable security landscape, in particular, in the wide Baltic region."

What is written about the involvement of Sweden in NATO, as well as about the new report of the secretary general of the alliance, the Swedish press?

English version of the Swedish edition "The Local" February 3 posted on its website an article on the report of the Secretary General Stoltenberg.

The title without a question mark indicates that the Russians "practiced" in delivering a nuclear strike on Sweden.

It was in 2013 year, the text says. Russian aircraft "conducted a simulation of an attack against Sweden," which included "an imitation of atomic war." This is what the NATO report says, the newspaper notes.

The maneuvers of the Russian military took place just at the eastern border of the Stockholm archipelago. The local media were very worried about this, as the Swedish military reacted very slowly to the teachings: people were on vacation and had to rely on help from NATO. Several Swedish publications have completely panicked, directly stating that the maneuvers include a simulated nuclear attack. However, no confirmation of a nuclear strike by Russians was received.

But now NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says that imitation actually was. And this “revelation” appeared in his annual report.

The text of the document "confirmed that four Russian Tu-22М3, as well as two Su-27 aircraft" took part in the exercises.

The Stoltenberg report pushes readers to the conclusion that Russia is taking aggressive actions towards its north-western neighbors.

In parallel with the aerial horror stories, the NATO members also launch sea ones.

According to RBC, 3 February, the Commander of the NATO Navy, Clive Johnston, said that allied submarine commanders in the North Atlantic have reported "the greatest activity of Russian submarines since the end of the Cold War."

It seems that the North Atlantic Alliance with a new round of the Cold War has not just come to life, but is preparing for new battles with the “red ones”. Still, opposition to the Russians, deterring their “aggression” is the true goal of NATO. Will NATO reach Sweden and Finland? And who will be next? Ukraine? Georgia? One thing is clear: as long as the alliance exists, Russia has a toothed enemy.

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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 5 February 2016 06: 19
    Yes, yes, yes, there is an active whipping up of hysteria, NATO and the United States are turning themselves on with such provocations, preparing to conduct a "hot war" in our territory.
    1. VeterS
      VeterS 5 February 2016 07: 05
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      ... preparing to wage a "hot war" in our territory.

      Well, everything is logical! They are preparing a "hot war" for us on our territory, and we are "HeraSimami" for them! You look and the desire will disappear to get excited!
      1. user
        user 5 February 2016 10: 00
        And it turned out: forcing Finland to join NATO could ... Sweden.

        By the way, according to one version of management, the so-called world government (well, if you don’t like it, let it be transnational corporations, although I don’t see much difference), the management is carried out not from New York or London, as it may seem strange to someone, but from Zurich and Stockholm.
    2. cap
      cap 5 February 2016 07: 12
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      Yes, yes, yes, there is an active whipping up of hysteria, NATO and the United States are turning themselves on with such provocations, preparing to conduct a "hot war" in our territory.

      They push it no matter what. Only countries change. So I will repeat myself, so they will forgive me on VO. Repetition is the mother of learning. Maybe some of the guests have not read, but what can be changed in response to the constant "Who is there?"

      Yesterday, 11:21 | Stoltenberg: Russia simulates nuclear attacks on NATO countries, incl. in Sweden

      2 February 2016 02:43 | "Media: during the exercise, Britain did not dare to retaliate against Russia"

      "I read this news, hair on end!
      If this is a training plan, I want to ask which one ... wrote it.
      I’ll say it more simply. If the conversation is about the use of nuclear weapons, no one will probably ever knock on the clave and fill in coordinates, an iron trough at sea. The beginning of ANY operation on someone else’s theater of operations involves first of all putting the troops on alert. For nuclear weapons delivery means to areas of combat deployment, or transition to readiness No. 1 for mine-based missiles, the same for submarines located on the database. ON ALL! Target carriers are set up ADVANCE.
      Targets under the numbers. The number is dialed as "call a friend" and "goodbye gentlemen"! Helicopter carrier in Greenland with a crew within an hour, Britain in northern Canada. Washington DC on Easter Island. Then cartographers and dosimetrists work. The war is over.
      Something like this. I forgot who we attacked there. The Baltic seems.
      So her wave washed away !.
      For ....... from NATO. For 2016, the General Staff of Russia plans to hold 100! (one hundred) combat training deployments of the Strategic Missile Forces as part of combat training. This is open data, so that every third day of the year they will not forget to pray in the morning and enjoy the sun and peace in the world. Now all I wanted to say was "about the teachings."
      Something like that hi
  2. smsk
    smsk 5 February 2016 07: 05
    But who is there to bomb with nuclear bombs in Sweden ??? Putin or Shoigu needs to speak and tell a joke about the elusive Joe, maybe it will reach them that they are too small to spend nuclear charges on them. winked
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 5 February 2016 07: 17
      Quote: smsk
      But who is there to bomb with nuclear bombs in Sweden ??

      How to whom? -of course refugees. They are more dangerous than the Swedes and more aggressive.
      1. smsk
        smsk 5 February 2016 07: 28
        of course refugees

        No, let the Europeans deal with them themselves, not for that they bring them there.
  3. Hooks
    Hooks 5 February 2016 07: 19
    I would not be surprised if soon the State Department, citing secret photographs that cannot be demonstrated, will require Russia to explain its intentions to deliver a nuclear strike against Sweden.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 5 February 2016 11: 06
      Quote: Hooks
      I would not be surprised if soon the State Department, citing secret photographs that cannot be demonstrated, will require Russia to explain its intentions to deliver a nuclear strike against Sweden.

      Yes, they would still try to explain why Russia was bombing Sweden. What strategic benefit for Russia in this bombing?))) Not Germany, not France, but Sweden is some kind of nonsense. They would also have attributed that Russia is ready with all its nuclear power to fall on Luxembourg, which is not visible on the map.
      1. Pirogov
        Pirogov 5 February 2016 11: 55
        Here is Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra .............. This hysteria comes down to pulling Swedes and Finns into NATO alone.
    2. Remy_Argo
      Remy_Argo 6 February 2016 19: 59
      Quote: Hooks
      I would not be surprised if soon the State Department, citing secret photographs that cannot be demonstrated, will require Russia to explain its intentions to deliver a nuclear strike against Sweden.

      well, yes, the State Department has been repeating often lately
  4. 31rus
    31rus 5 February 2016 07: 44
    dear, information processing is underway, in one talk show Karen Shakhnazarov asked one of the representatives of the West the question “guys, what can Russia do to please (the West)?” So the Swedes want our missiles to really be aimed at them, then run to NATO, if not, but live in peace, we have things to do and more important, but Stoltenberg, it's time for the language and answer
  5. Wedmak
    Wedmak 5 February 2016 07: 53
    Something straight here hands itch already. Tired of their idiotic statements like "Russians are coming". Already and smudge it once, so that the brains in place stood up, and it's a pity for the somehow unreasonable.
  6. ser-pov
    ser-pov 5 February 2016 08: 24
    Somehow, everywhere hysteria began in the West ... Why would it? Are they preparing a western man for a war with Russia ...?
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 February 2016 09: 04
    Will NATO squeeze Sweden and Finland?

    Greetings Oleg hi
    It seems to me that they will squeeze, and moreover, thoroughly. If only someone asked the opinion of the people, but in the way that local politicians usually manage, who will do everything that is required of them. It turns out that we live in a "wonderful" time. Personally, I already see a round of this "cold war". But, of course, I would not want our children and grandchildren to experience all the vileness of the West.
  8. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 5 February 2016 09: 10
    Neutral status gives much greater guarantees than participation in NATO.

    The Baltic states do not pose any military threat to Russia, but here are the NATO forces deployed in them; as well as the objects of Euro-missile defense in Eastern Europe - represent. Therefore, all Young-NATO members turned themselves into targets; they were painted directly in their territories.

    There will be no annexation of any unnecessary territories, but missile strikes in case of war will be. And as a matter of priority. It is advisable to drive this idea into the stupid heads of politicians involved in provocations and Russophobia.
    1. iouris
      iouris 5 February 2016 22: 28
      Sweden is the only guarantor in the United States.
      The Swedes are so "neutral" that they demand the extradition of Asange to be transferred to the United States despite the UN decision.
      I am very familiar with their neutrality.
      By the way, the black Swede Kofi Anand, who led the UN member of the Wallenberg family. I recommend google.
  9. Kunar
    Kunar 5 February 2016 09: 20
    Russians go on foot !!! So even worse .....
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 5 February 2016 09: 23
    And none of the "preoccupied" wants to explain why should we attack the Swedes? What is there that is urgently needed to figure out nuclear weapons? There are no military bases of foreign aggressive states, there are no vital natural resources (and even if there were, we are not the carriers of democracy). Moreover, it is not far from its own territory, why pollute the territory around you? Here it is necessary to convey this idea to the Swedes and Finns - while you are not in NATO you can sit quietly, as soon as you entered - you will get a couple of targets on your forehead.
  11. givigor71
    givigor71 5 February 2016 09: 36
    In 2013, the armed forces of the Russian Federation conducted exercises simulating a nuclear strike against Sweden, says NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his new report.

    And in 1945, the Russians finished off the German army, but they destroyed the Kwantung in one month ...
  12. qwert
    qwert 5 February 2016 10: 57
    But it's hard to call Sweden defenseless. For its size, it is a fairly well-armed country. Moreover, the weapons are modern. The same "Grippens" at tenders are quite crowding out competitors in the person of Rafals, "Eurofighter", and let's be frank with our MiG-35.
    And the fact that during our exercises they didn’t particularly fuss, well, so they are not fools, unlike some of the Baltic neighbors. They know that Russia does not make sense to attack Sweden. Neither political, nor military, nor economic. They themselves are not fools and we are not held for such. Or did not hold?
  13. triglav
    triglav 5 February 2016 11: 20
    Afraid, creatures. And they’re doing it right. Russia needs to be afraid.
  14. Yutas
    Yutas 5 February 2016 11: 41
    Plin, as they lifted up already, NATO alarmists. Russians are coming! Russians are coming! Yes, come, come, when we need to.
  15. afrikanez
    afrikanez 5 February 2016 12: 36
    Poor Swedes, shut up by their NATO members, how to give a drink. recourse
  16. iouris
    iouris 5 February 2016 12: 39
    It's time. It's time to hit the Wallenbergs.
  17. Foxmara
    Foxmara 5 February 2016 17: 44
    Well, was it? They must understand that US Europe is not absolutely critical. They run into - we can pass, but we do not need to capture something in Europe. Because we no longer want to build communism around the world. And we have enough of our territory. If the Europeans do realize that we just tolerate them. As miserable - it’s a pity to kick, a reluctance to beat off a hand. If they understand ...
  18. Pitot
    Pitot 5 February 2016 18: 00
    And why did they start to fight prematurely? It seems there was no reason ....
  19. sa-ag
    sa-ag 5 February 2016 18: 10
    Who is this swinging at Swedish socialism, the Swedish family and the buffet? :-)
  20. SPACE
    SPACE 5 February 2016 18: 18
    Incredibly beautiful plane! I have not read the article.
  21. The comment was deleted.