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Apartments for "Boreev"

Sergei Shoigu inspected the Far East from Vilyuchinsk to Voronezh

The Minister of Defense made a working trip to the Far Eastern Federal District. He visited several military units and defense enterprises. I met with the heads of the regions. What caused this trip head of the military department, what will be the consequences?

The Far Eastern region has a special role in the defense and security of Russia. And not only because the bases of our strategic submarines are located there, the ice-free straits with access to the World Ocean, the stations of the missile attack warning system ...

Long Range Piers

Beginning with the notorious US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Western heralds like to speculate that the Lord God gave Russia too much territory and innumerable natural resources: say, isn’t it time to share with the world community, which is primarily meant by the United States itself. From their own submission, Japan does not leave its claims to the Kuril Islands. Therefore, the region has been and remains in the sphere of special attention of the top military-political leadership of Russia.

“The complex in Vilyuchinsk is equipped with a station for the calibration of radiation monitoring instruments”
Sergei Shoigu began an inspection from Vilyuchinsk, where he checked the construction of piers for the base of new submarine cruisers of the 955 "Borey" project. The head of the military department paid great attention to the commissioned power substation and the completion of the construction of the control and measuring complex, equipped with the only station in the Armed Forces to calibrate radiation monitoring instruments.

Such piers are essentially high-tech industrial complexes. They enable the full life support of submarine cruisers, which significantly increases their energy resource. But if we take into account that the fleet is constantly replenished with new ships, in the future the power of coastal power complexes may not be enough. Therefore, one of the goals of Sergey Shoigu’s trip was to accelerate the construction of such facilities. This year it must be completed. And this will require serious efforts by the industry, the construction complex, the power engineers.

The Minister listened to the reports of the command of the Eastern Military District and the leadership of Spetsstroy, drawing the attention of subordinates to the tight deadlines for completing the tasks. He emphasized that together with naval the complexes should also have ready facilities for social infrastructure, all conditions should be created for military personnel and members of their families, including housing, places in kindergartens and schools.

Apartments for "Boreev"

This directive of the Minister, we note particularly. What to hide, in Soviet times and even in the early years of the new Russia, the main attention was paid to equipment and weapons, while the personnel ensuring their use remained in the background. I happened to visit many military camps, which are very far from the capitals, and, alas, from civilization. It was a sad sight. In winter, it was necessary to fight with frozen pipes of heating, sometimes with cables that closed underground, to divert personnel to work in coal-fired boiler houses. Rest after combat duty was simply nowhere. It was believed that people in uniform must endure all the hardships and deprivation. Suppose it relates to the service, but what does the family members, wives and children, civilian personnel. And why should an officer or contract sergeant deal with difficulties around the clock, including at home? Nobody really thought about it. It is not surprising that even the word “social” itself acquired a negative meaning.

The situation has changed. The leadership of the country and the Ministry of Defense came to the conclusion that the servants should be provided with decent conditions. This also applies to combat watch and life.

In Vilyuchinsk, the head of the military department checked the progress of the settlement of residential buildings, which were commissioned in 2015 year. Taking into account the peculiarities of the region, the buildings are built using seismic protection technologies.

The minister visited a family of new settlers, whose head is a submariner serving on a nuclear-powered missile cruiser. I heard the command of the Pacific Fleet about the construction of housing for the crews of new submarines, cultural and leisure facilities. Inspected the renovated gyms, swimming pool, water park of the sports and recreation complex "Ocean".

Sergei Shoigu presented state and departmental awards to the personnel of the nuclear submarine cruiser. In particular, the captain of the 2 rank Sergei Bogachev was awarded the Order for Marine Merit, and the captain of the rank 3 Alexander Moskalenko was awarded the II Degree of Merit to the Fatherland. Another six divers received medals of Ushakov and "For military prowess" I degree. Of course, the Navy Commander-in-Chief could have done all this. But in doing so, Sergei Shoigu emphasized how important for the state and national security are the tasks performed by submariners in long-distance hikes. Every officer and sailor for life will remember the very fact of awarding awards to the Minister of Defense.

The head of the military department recalled: six months ago stories The submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet occurred a significant event. For the first time in the last 17 years, a new-generation submarine, the Alexander Nevsky nuclear-powered missile carrier, entered its structure, and another Vladimir Monomakh will soon take over the military watch. “Technique of this class will become the basis of the marine component of our nuclear triad. During its creation, the latest achievements of military technical thought were applied, therefore it is important that such a formidable weapon were in good hands, ”the minister noted. He wished the sailors good health and successful service for the benefit of the Fatherland.

Savings Arsenals

Naturally, the minister could not help being in the troops of the Eastern Military District. He inspected the construction of combat and social infrastructure facilities for military units deployed on the Kamchatka Peninsula. He listened to reports of the district command on the organization of combat training, the construction of military infrastructure and the maintenance of the technical potential of weapons and military equipment.

Sergei Shoigu set the task of remaking the construction schedules for ammunition and missile stores, in particular, at the Danube arsenal. The Minister analyzed the implementation of a set of works to create a promising system for storing stocks of missiles, ammunition and explosives of the district until 2020. Technical and administrative territory will be equipped with the latest means of protection. And all the ammunition should be contained in the new closure with the maintenance of the established temperature and humidity conditions. This will significantly extend the shelf life, significantly reduce costs. According to preliminary calculations, the expected savings will be tens of billions of rubles.

At the final stage of the trip, Sergei Shoigu checked the organization of the combat duty of the new-generation Voronezh-M radar station, created using high factory readiness technology (VZG) in the area of ​​Usolye-Sibirsky in the Irkutsk region. In the same place, with General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov, Yury Borisov, Nikolai Pankov and Alexey Dumin, he took part in the scheduled weekly conference call of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

With representatives of the main command of the Aerospace Forces, Spetsstroy of Russia, scientific research organizations and industry, Sergey Shoigu discussed the development of an end-to-end schedule of coordinated actions to commission VZG stations for a promising missile attack warning system (SPRN). He visited the workshops of the NGO Irkut, held a meeting with the leadership of the UAC, and checked the progress of the state defense order. The Minister drew attention to the need for strict compliance and strict control of not only the schedule of deliveries to the troops aviation equipment of various types, but also product quality for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In conclusion, Sergei Shoigu inspected the Belaya air regiment in the Irkutsk Region, heard the commander of long-range aviation, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhikharev, on the progress of combat training and the technical condition of the aircraft. He set the task to complete this year all the activities of the aerodrome infrastructure development plan.

This minister’s trip to the Far East was far from the first, but in its constructive consequences it stands out in particular. The decisions made will have a multiplicative effect and, over time, will have a positive effect on both the increased combat readiness of the troops and the strengthening of the country's defense on the Far Eastern borders.
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  1. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 4 February 2016 15: 57 New
    And all ammunition should be kept in a new closure while maintaining the established temperature and humidity conditions. This will significantly extend the shelf life, significantly reduce costs. According to preliminary calculations, the expected savings will amount to tens of billions of rubles.

    For your information:
    Ammunition containers made of wood: cost from 3300 rubles / box (for grenade launcher shots) to 4800 rubles / box (for 152 mm rounds) and 5050 rubles / box (for 122 mm RS).
    Fiberglass ammunition containers: cost in the region of 18700-18900 rubles / box.

    But the fiberglass box itself lasts longer. Especially because it is impossible to make a fire "for sugrevu" from it. smile
    1. Tor5
      Tor5 4 February 2016 16: 04 New
      It is very reasonable that we strengthen the East, because our "friends", both the Japanese and the US, are not far away there.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 4 February 2016 17: 54 New
        Quote: Tor5
        It is very reasonable that we strengthen the East, because our "friends", both the Japanese and the US, are not far away there.

        Strengthening the Far East is a necessary thing. The Japanese are building a fleet that is already in power in the NATO Zoo in second place after the United States. And the oldest ship was built in the 91st year.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. marlin1203
      marlin1203 4 February 2016 16: 11 New
      By the way, these boxes in rocky and desolate areas saved not one military from frostbite, but also in the absence of furniture, they replace a lot of things. soldier
      1. tol100v
        tol100v 4 February 2016 16: 23 New
        Quote: marlin1203
        , they replace a lot of things.

        Especially when traveling!
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 4 February 2016 18: 16 New
          But this function is quite a fiberglass container itself. smile
          It can be used for other purposes. But to burn - it makes no sense. So to buy containers to replace the perished in bonfires and stoves will be required less often.
  2. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 4 February 2016 15: 59 New
    I am glad that they took up the Far East, what they are doing now, ideally it was necessary to do at least seven years ago, but then fish-shaped entities thinking about themselves and once again about themselves ruled in the Moscow Region ...
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 4 February 2016 16: 11 New
      Everything is very rosy, is it really so? smile
      Interestingly, if the Union, instead of the hump building, would tackle these problems, then what would it all look like? what Probably many times cooler!
  3. LVMI1980
    LVMI1980 4 February 2016 16: 02 New
    Container and capping are slightly different things. wink
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 4 February 2016 18: 19 New
      Quote: LVMI1980
      Container and capping are slightly different things. wink

      What is called "container" in the tender documentation of the Ministry of Defense looks more like a capping:
      The container must be made of special packaging fiberglass (SUS) consisting of:
      - glass fiber alkaline (aluminoborosilicate) composition;
      - epoxy (polyester) binder;
      - microspheres glass hollow marks.
      ... The container must ensure the safety of ammunition for 6 minutes when exposed to an open flame with a temperature of 550 ° C and not support burning after removing the flame source

  4. _Alexei_
    _Alexei_ 4 February 2016 16: 05 New
    I don’t remember something so that Taburetkin went somewhere with checks
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 4 February 2016 17: 48 New
      Quote: _Alexey_
      I don’t remember something so that Taburetkin went somewhere with checks

      Why would he? Everyone has their own interests. Who defend their homeland, who grab an extra piece.
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 4 February 2016 18: 38 New
      Quote: _Alexey_
      I don’t remember something so that Taburetkin went somewhere with checks

      Remember badly. After one of the furniture maker’s visits to the airborne training ground, such a buzz rose ... but after all, the Minister of Defense asked: why the hell haven’t been repaired at the training ground yet dining room and utility networks - After all, the money for this was allocated on time, and in the yard already on September 29? Well, the head of the Ryazan school in response did not find anything better than to draw the attention of the minister to the church built on the training ground. After which the conversation moved into the field of untranslatable idiomatic expressions.
      In principle, one can understand Taburetkin. Imagine: you arrive at the facility at the end of September - and suddenly you find out that people have nowhere to eat normally - the warm canteen is still being renovated. And there is no heat in the other buildings either. And to the question "what?! .."You are informed"but we built a church!".

      But this, so to speak, is the most famous of his trips. But there were simple, planned:
      MOSCOW, Jan 19, 2010 - RIA Novosti. Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov arrived on a working trip to the troops of the Far Eastern Military District (Far East), during which he plans to visit a number of military facilities deployed in the Blagoveshchensk, Belogorsk and Ussuri garrisons
      1. Victor jnnjdfy
        Victor jnnjdfy 4 February 2016 19: 07 New
        Taburetkin behaved in a boorish manner towards Krasov. There is no doubt. But in essence, he was right. "... first of all, the planes ... well, the girls later!" (c) When I see reports about how priests are regularly consecrated, sprinkling with holy water: then atomic submarines; then strategic bombers ... - I get a feeling of some kind of surrealism (insanity). This is, in my opinion, a clear overkill on the part of the Church and the Ministry of Defense.
  5. Dimontius
    Dimontius 4 February 2016 16: 08 New
    yeah ... the secretary of the defense minister seems to smack into 3 shifts! Meet one after another! And there are those who are not told to mere mortals.
  6. kote119
    kote119 4 February 2016 16: 12 New
    зcompletion of the construction of a control and measuring complex equipped with the only station in the Armed Forces for graduating radiation monitoring instruments
    the author beguiled something, it turns out that from all the photos the devices of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be sent to Kamchatka to graduate, and before where they graduated? It seems that in Vilyuchinsk they did something supernatural for borea
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 4 February 2016 16: 18 New
      What the journalist was shown, he wrote! Not to the warehouse of the 12th GU MO to lead him! In general, journalists have degraded to the end: yesterday, one on Rossiya24 or Lifenews told how the "Pantsir" of 30 km cannons simultaneously processes 4 targets, and the S-400 covers it! wassat
      1. kote119
        kote119 4 February 2016 16: 21 New
        Yes, I also smiled on this topic yesterday, although they wrote a text on a piece of paper if they don’t understand what they’re talking about smile
  7. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 4 February 2016 16: 13 New
    But I'm still sorry that we did not receive the Mistral for the Pacific Fleet. There, the Chinese themselves have already built the fourth DVKD, and the Japanese have helicopter carriers.
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 4 February 2016 16: 32 New
      Where and why should we land there? At the Pacific Fleet, IMHO, while the task is the opposite, DVDKD drown! Of course, we remember about Alyasa, but the President said: “It's cold there!”, So we are waiting for it to get warmer! wink
  8. potalevl
    potalevl 4 February 2016 16: 23 New
    Actually, personally wandering around the districts with inspections is not the level of the Minister of Defense, which may indicate that not everything is so smooth in the Moscow Region or that preparations are underway for a global conflict with mattresses. Something like this.
  9. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 4 February 2016 22: 55 New
    Shoigu saw not only Vilyuchinsk and the submarine town. He visited Voronezh-M, at the Belaya airfield, listened to the command of the Far Eastern Military District, YES, Spetsstroy, held a conference call, tore off in time, the progress of the reconstruction of airfields, storage facilities ...
    It seems that this is all in anticipation of a large sheer in the Asia-Pacific region.
    All are armed. The States will relocate aviation and naval forces. China is building aircraft carriers and new ships at an enviable pace. The DPRK (this "Zhirinovsky" PRC!), Like a Moska, barks at the States, Japans with their claims to the southern islands of the Kuril ridge. China's territorial claims in the South China Sea. All this is a prelude to a big showdown. And we must be ready for it. That is why Irkut works in 3 shifts. Therefore, the Borei came to the Pacific Fleet, therefore the early warning missile system is being erected quickly, plugging a hole in the VKS / ABM radar field.
    And he probably also asked how the funds were being spent ... Many were sweating, some were grieving in a serious way ("Spetsstroy").
    So, the sovereign's eye does not sleep. And does not allow others!