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This year the newest Tornado-G will be delivered to the VO unit.

A motorized rifle compound stationed in Buryatia will receive a new MLRS Tornado-G for service by the end of the year, reports RIA News message press service BBO.

This year the newest Tornado-G will be delivered to the VO unit.

“To replace the Grad MLRS, which is in service with a motorized rifle unit of the Eastern Military District, stationed in the Republic of Buryatia, by the end of this year, new Tornado-G multiple rocket launcher systems will arrive.”, Says the release.

It is noted that "in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics, the new 122-millimeter rocket launcher Tornado-G significantly surpasses its predecessors in its combat effectiveness due to the power of ammunition, automated guidance and aiming system, topographic binding and navigation."

The press service also reported on the exercises of the air defense forces that started in the district.

“More than four thousand military personnel and over a thousand units of combat and special equipment are involved in complex tactical and special exercises at four test ranges of the district in Buryatia, Sakhalin and Amur regions. The field exit of the troops will be completed at the end of April with tactical exercises with live missile launches ", - told in the district.

According to the press service, "the most large-scale exercises will be held at the Telemba training ground in Buryatia, where the first military trains with military equipment and personnel of air defense units from Buryatia, Trans-Baikal and Amur Region have arrived."

“For the first time, on the Telemb, combat firing of the latest Tor-M2U air defense systems is planned. In addition, as part of the field exit, the military personnel of the anti-aircraft missile divisions began practical training in the combat use of the C-300, Buk, Osa, Strela-10, Shilka ZSU air defense missile systems, ”reads message.

Issues of combat duty will also be worked out. The servicemen will have to demonstrate their knowledge of tactical training and the equipment’s material base.
Photos used:
RIA News. Irina Ilyicheva
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  1. Bath
    Bath 2 February 2016 13: 23 New
    to have time to rearm it smells like fried mess
    1. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 2 February 2016 13: 27 New
      We need and re-equip, and the flailing and panic are the last thing!
      1. Bath
        Bath 2 February 2016 13: 33 New
        Have you already imposed?
        1. Alex20042004
          Alex20042004 2 February 2016 16: 10 New
      2. KUOLEMA
        KUOLEMA 2 February 2016 13: 36 New
        and who clicks and panics?
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 2 February 2016 14: 42 New
      This is the second news about "Tornado-G" in a month, and before that they were silent for almost two years. And only two divisions were produced - 36 units.
    3. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 2 February 2016 19: 09 New
      This is 37 MSBR along the course of Kyakhta. 3 years behind the staff in this brigade was.
  2. RuslanNN
    RuslanNN 2 February 2016 13: 24 New
    Ukrainians will be in a panic. BURYATOV is armed, their mounted armored police with a tornado will be
    1. 2 February 2016 13: 30 New
      I would like these in our 35th army! hi
    2. Observer2014
      Observer2014 2 February 2016 13: 58 New
      I will continue the topic! Buryatia, "Tornado", is a synonym for hohlopanika!
    3. Alex20042004
      Alex20042004 2 February 2016 16: 07 New
  3. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 2 February 2016 13: 25 New
    Now our enemies will be afraid of the "Buryats" more than "Chechens"! )))
  4. Yugra
    Yugra 2 February 2016 13: 37 New
    Such a tornado would not hurt in Syria either. Targeting the Turks airfield, from where the killers of our pilot took off, it would cool the hot heads of the Ottomans ...
  5. VP
    VP 2 February 2016 13: 40 New
    Damn, Shilka is still in service, the smoker is alive
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 2 February 2016 13: 41 New
    The “Tornado” multiple launch rocket system is a modular design mounted on a BAZ-6950 four-axle wheeled off-road vehicle. Modification "C" is equipped with two blocks of six trunks, and "G" - fifteen-barrel, also two. Such is machine 2B17, but for its effective application in the division, something else is needed. Charging is carried out by special transporters (TZM), fire control is carried out by the Kapustnik-BM complex. The main system providing guaranteed target coverage is ASUNO (automated control system, guidance and fire) "Success-R". It is thanks to her that the Tornado multiple launch rocket system with a crew of two can only open fire in fifty seconds after finding a target or receiving information about it. - Read more on

    do-g --- reaktivnaya-sistema-zalpovogo-ognya

    For a short educational program for beginners.
    1. corporal
      corporal 2 February 2016 15: 01 New
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      For a short educational program for beginners.

      I made a mistake with the photo.

      122mm multiple launch rocket system "Tornado-G"
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 2 February 2016 15: 22 New
        As I understand it, Lehi has a photo of Tornado-s, that is, an improved tornado, while Corporal and the news are talking about tornado-g, that is, an improved hail. There are still tornadoes, those advanced hurricane. So far I have seen news of the entry of only tornado-g into the army, and there was no news of any serious deliveries of tornado or tornado. hi
        1. User
          User 2 February 2016 16: 52 New
          This means that the upgraded MLRS are called "Tornado" plus the first letter from the system name to the upgrade. A kind of standardization. Although taking into account "Acacia" and "Carnations", it would be better to call it somehow mentally like a birch tree.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. 1774
          1774 2 February 2016 23: 14 New
          In the photo of the MLRS Smerch, and on the Tornado-S two blocks of six trunks are installed, look like rectangular pencil cases. Unfortunately, no photo.
  7. Rostovchanin
    Rostovchanin 2 February 2016 13: 41 New
    In the course of kneading yet to be. The main thing is not to get to nuclear weapons.
  8. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 2 February 2016 13: 41 New
    Are our tank units covered by "shilki"? 21st century.
    1. VP
      VP 2 February 2016 14: 00 New
      The point to modernize it? It was modernized long ago, back in the 70s and 80s, "Tunguska" is called smile
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 2 February 2016 14: 49 New
        You see, there is a good option for upgrading this complex. A new element base, improved capabilities and giving new options. But it is economically more profitable to rearm immediately with modern ones. How quickly will everything be replaced? Military secret, of course. But until this happens, there will be a gap in military air defense .
  9. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 2 February 2016 13: 42 New
    And these cars will be called "Burator" - Buryat tornadoes, and the name is such that they would be zaponikovat in Kiev - the son of a Cheburashka "Burator" rides through their souls!
  10. andrey6060
    andrey6060 2 February 2016 14: 00 New
    “Russia has only two allies: the army and the navy.”
    ―Alexander III
    1. Dangerous
      Dangerous 2 February 2016 14: 11 New
      So, what is next? Can you give a couple of statements?
      1. flSergius
        flSergius 2 February 2016 14: 39 New
        Dangerous, take it easy, you see, a person has not been left as much as he registered, he wants a marshal. But what are the advantages to collect? Let's hope quickly get sick teenage complexes.
  11. Taygerus
    Taygerus 2 February 2016 14: 02 New
    Shaw again Buryats, and thought about shit, they now will not only see the cheburashka, they will even blow the brain, although there’s nothing
  12. flSergius
    flSergius 2 February 2016 14: 37 New
    Really it was impossible to come up with another name? Few beeches in the alphabet? Co-workers from other machines, the crews will laugh (
  13. yuriy55
    yuriy55 2 February 2016 14: 47 New
  14. ZSU 23 4
    ZSU 23 4 2 February 2016 15: 11 New
    What could be the role of Shilka in the current battlefield?
    1. Skym
      Skym 2 February 2016 19: 43 New
      Well, they modify it, put radar, electronics, and missiles even catch. In principle, 4 barrels and its rate of fire in combination with modern electronics is a killer thing
  15. 1774
    1774 2 February 2016 23: 27 New
    Here is a tornado with