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Galician historical inferiority complex


Golden words expressed by my brother in spirit and origin, compatriot, a true Zaporizhzhya Cossack. And I am very grateful to him for his piercing truth. We should not so easily give our invaluable Galicians history and the right bestowed on us by the Lord himself to relate to the greatest warriors, which our ancestors were! We are obliged to defend this sacred and honorable right. Because, this is the most precious heritage and happiness that we could get from our glorious ancestors.

Galicians so penetrated our shrines and fucked them up, that we are ready to hate everything that they only had time to touch, because it is unbearable to dwell in the abominations created by them for us. We are ready to abandon our traditions, desecrated and betrayed by these homeless dogs, which have turned into a heavy burden for us, which we are forced to carry as a shameful cross.

Insidiously leaking and brazenly, in a businesslike manner, having mastered our history, these faint-hearted impostors not only changed everything that was sacred to us, not only like scabby dogs, vilely quarreled many of us with Russia, eternally fraternal and dear to any Zaporozhian. They thought up to lure us in how we should love our land! And to my great shame, many of us went to this deal with our own conscience and honor. They succumbed to temptation and traded our unity for material benefits that no one bothered to provide them with.

Even scary to think how we could allow this! Apparently the Lord allowed us this shame for our oblivion and betrayal of the precepts of our ancestors, who always served Russia faithfully and faithfully! For many centuries, the Cossacks fought shoulder to shoulder with the Russian brothers, because they themselves were such. Together we have won many great victories, because we have a common gift - the INSOLVEABLE RUSSIAN SPIRIT, which other nations are deprived of. And those who never remember this will disappear forever and dissolve among the pack of rootless lackeys of the West. Right now for each of us the moment of truth has come. It's time to choose. And choosing to adequately match your choice! May the Lord God help us in this!

Below is a letter that one unknown author sent me in the group “AUTHORIZED TO STATE”. It is called "A letter to Galicians from the Cossacks."

I am Ukrainian, a descendant of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and ancient Rus. My grandfathers beat the fascists, not sparing their lives. I declare: since when did the Galician descendants of the Polish and Austrian serfs, who were before 1939 not known by anyone, lived half a millennium in other states and joined Stalin forcibly, became Ukrainians? Galicians who speak Polish-Austrian surzhik, which differs from the Ukrainian language in the same way as tarpaulin boots differ from women's shoes, suddenly decided that they, too, were Ukrainians! And even enrolled in the defenders of the Ukrainian language. They suddenly signed up for the builders of the Ukrainian nation. It is like the negroes of the United States, who speak English, and the English living in England are one nation. But the nation is united by a common historical and cultural past. And we have with them a common historical past just no. They moan the whole country with their diaspora-Galician nationalism, which for some reason is called Ukrainian. All of these: RUKHI, KUN, NUNS, OUN, UPA and Tyagnibokovskaya “freedom” climb like cockroaches in Ukraine EXCLUSIVELY FROM GALICH.

They suddenly decided all of us, in their opinion, the racially inferior inhabitants of Ukraine (Little Russia), to whom they have no relation, to teach Ukrainians and their Svidomost. By the way, THEIR "SVIDOMIST" - THIS IS ALL ONLY CLEANLY THE GALITSKY COMPLEX OF HISTORICAL FULLNESS. For all their history is a history of servility and betrayal. Now they are stealing our history, like they are of a “Kozat family”. There was no Cossacks in their history, because the Cossacks were impaled by the caught Uniates for betraying the faith of their ancestors. Although they could spare the Pole. There was no Taras Shevchenko in their history, because he had never been to Austrian Galicia. By the way, almost the entire prose of T. G. Shevchenko is written in Russian. They climb a dirty snout in the history of the country where their ancestors did not live. Type Bogdan Khmelnitsky was wrong. There was no Bohdan Khmelnitsky in their history, because in the liberation war of our people against the Poles, the Galicians were always on the side of the Poles. In their history was the Polish king Sigismund and the Austrian emperor Ferdinand. And there is nothing for the mutants of halitsk to brekh on behalf of Ukraine. Galicia - the Motherland of traitors!
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  1. mirag2
    mirag2 2 February 2016 05: 43
    Good morning. I think this story is suitable for illustration:
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      PHANTOM-AS 2 February 2016 05: 55
      With great pleasure I read the article. Thanks + hi
      1. Blondy
        Blondy 2 February 2016 07: 52
        The article is written in a talented, vibrant, rich language. I especially liked the beginning.
        Insidiously seeping and arrogantly, in a businesslike way, having mastered our history, these cowardly impostors not only shifted everything that is sacred to us in their shameless way, not only like scoundrel dogs disgracefully quarreled many of us with Russia that was eternally fraternal and dear to any Cossack Russia.

        I vividly imagined how these Galician seeps did not work. They do not seem to suffer from intellect, sneakiness is clearly not Jewish, there are no special forces, neither is there any money of its own - well, how can you get it. Here another option is already being drawn - the path of a mercenary, for other people's money and with someone else's help. Just because no one will give money, and you will have to work for other people's purposes as puppets, and in some places a possible coincidence is possible.

        For a rich uncle (Uncle Sam in English), the algorithm has long been developed ("officially" after the Second World War, and unofficially for more than a hundred years) - called Covert actions or subversive operations, as translated in the Union. And there everything is sorted out in the instructions: such as use the peculiarities of the local situation, select the appropriate performers, if the situation does not have it, create suitable conditions.

        Well, with the selection of performers and the creation of conditions, they began to pay. Everyone, for some reason, went in cycles in 5 billion dollars for three years before the Kiev coup. But a couple of years ago, I stumbled on a veteran site for the revelations of one, naturally, CIA veteran, where he pointed out that even before this money the United States had been sweeping the Ukrainian coup from the beginning of the 90s with 25 billion dollars of public and private (the lion's share was provided by Soros and the owner of eBay ) of money. All kinds of Soros textbooks of a humanitarian-historical orientation, patriotic games, and heaps of grants for NGOs and others with a Western Ukrainian distribution.

        Well, and the further general trend is already commonplace, like the revelations of the captain Obviousness, everyone perfectly imagines it.

        It is worth noting that if the preparation for the coup spent more than a billion a year for about 25 years. Now, no one is willing to pay such money to Poroshenko.
        1. victorsh
          victorsh 2 February 2016 08: 22
          Unfortunately, YOU are mistaken about the "seepage". I have already written that "Westernization" (ugh a nasty word, but something else after the night does not fit) began back in the late 70s. An example of a school in Ordzhonikidze, Dnipro region. when to us the teacher MOV sent "zapadenka". We her surzhik hr understood. In other schools of the city, the situation, too. The order to send graduates of Zapadensk universities was from above. That's how the "seepage" began.
          1. aleks 62 next
            aleks 62 next 2 February 2016 11: 19
            ..... This is how the "seepage" began ....

            ... It was always .... It was especially active during the time of Kuchma, when a trap poured into the cities of the Southeast and Crimea .... Teachers and teachers in universities were crowded out by zapadents, to key posts (and not only) in zapadentsy were put to the prosecutor’s office and judges .... You’ll probably be surprised, but so far almost all the judges in Crimea have remained the same, appointed by Yushchenko and, accordingly, from the zapadenschiny ... Shook up and replaced only the prosecutor’s office ....
    3. NIKNN
      NIKNN 2 February 2016 06: 56
      An old Ukrainian joke about Galicians:
      A German soldier is walking along the road and his mood is so good - good ...
      And then he notices a little Ukrainian boy. Well, a good mood, he wanted to do something good. So he gave the boy a chocolate bar. The boy took a chocolate bar and was silent.
      - Maalchik, what should I say?
      - Get out the guy, he’s party there!
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        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 2 February 2016 05: 43
    A very correct "Letter to the Galicians ..."
    How many of these true patriots and how long they will be in an illegal situation, to a greater extent depends on themselves.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 2 February 2016 06: 21
      One thing is not clear why the vile minority managed to break the majority in their faith? Probably my policy
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 2 February 2016 06: 39
        Uncle Lee (1) SU Today, 06:21 ↑ New
        One thing is not clear why the vile minority managed to break the majority in their faith? Probably my policy
        Reply Quote Report Abuse

        This is one of the features of the Ukrainian. His hut with the edge - even if the roof caught fire from the other end.
  3. venaya
    venaya 2 February 2016 05: 44
    there is nothing for the Galician mutants to slander on behalf of Ukraine. Galicia - Homeland of traitors!

    If only traitors, those who were now there as residents of Galicia, were almost always pure slaves or the Commonwealth or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So these are different people, with different fates and different histories.
  4. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 February 2016 05: 46
    Teks ... morning began on the collective farm, did you begin to ragguel from Galicia to open paraffin? Of course this is not a victory, BUT ... not a bad bid for it ...
  5. lexx2038
    lexx2038 2 February 2016 05: 47
    Well, a few more years of "well-fed and carefree" life in the European bosom, you look, will begin to see clearly - those who will survive.
  6. Grandfather Luka
    Grandfather Luka 2 February 2016 05: 47
    Inspiring, well, the article is positive. A plus.
  7. Militia
    Militia 2 February 2016 05: 50
    Well, in fact, the cry of the soul of the hereditary Zaporizhzhya Cossack tears the human consciousness to pieces. And this cry should be heard in / in Ukraine. And then the revival of that Ukraine, which the Ukrainians themselves want to see, and not their puppeteers, may begin.
  8. Same lech
    Same lech 2 February 2016 05: 50
    No wonder the Germans used this category of people in the Second World War as executioners of the civilian population ... therefore, I have a fierce attitude towards them, taking into account the massacre that they organized in DONBASS.

    History reference...
    In August 1914, with the outbreak of World War I, ethnic cleansing was carried out in Galicia. People were destroyed because they called themselves Russian. Concentration camps - Terezin and Thalerhof - were created for the Russians.
    1. Tersky
      2 February 2016 10: 25
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      History reference...

      Speaking of history,
      How to steal a big piece of history
      To steal something unnoticed - it is best to do it in front of everyone.
      This has been the case for quite a long time and successfully that Russia has been stealing a huge layer of its history, which is now also trying to use it with might and main.

      Read completely Alex, hi !
  9. Vita vko
    Vita vko 2 February 2016 05: 51
    Not only historical. Envy and greed are also inherited just like the real descendants of Cain.
  10. Vladimir71
    Vladimir71 2 February 2016 05: 53
    Fate dealt with this stupid insidious and cunning folk in the north - greedy, envious, thieving are all about them about the Golichs, and what their female part is no better than the male part, at first I thought in the family not without freaks, but now I realized that the majority of them are in the Western world . And God forbid the sober-minded inhabitants of the east and south of Ukraine to sweep away this neglect ...
  11. papik09
    papik09 2 February 2016 05: 54
    Everything is very well written. The main thing is that it's true. But (!) I know the natives of Galicia (they live there now - the city of Lutsk), and so I dare to assure that they are not "MAYDOWNS". So, you do not need to row one size fits all - you need to filter (especially the "market" on the site) Normal and adequate are everywhere. hi
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 2 February 2016 06: 08
      So, you don't need to row one size fits all - you need to filter (especially the "bazaar" on the site)

      The article was written by a UKRAINIAN with a capital letter who is worried about the fate of his MOTHERLAND because he understands what the Nazi junta in KIEV will lead his country to ... and I fully support him .... there’s nothing to filter.
    2. avva2012
      avva2012 2 February 2016 07: 51
      Quote: papik09 So, you do not need to row one size fits all - you need to filter (especially the "market" on the site) Normal and adequate are everywhere.

      Of course have. Not all in Volyn, the Poles were slaughtered (children, women, old people). Most people are normal, right? And not everyone, they shot at the back of the Red Army and poisoned the milk, right?
    3. Uncle VasyaSayapin
      Uncle VasyaSayapin 2 February 2016 09: 22
      So Lutsk is not Galicia but Volyn.
    4. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 2 February 2016 12: 15
      Quote: papik09
      Normal and adequate are everywhere

      Quite rightly noted. Only the very “normal and adequate” sit quietly in the corners and wait for the more normal and adequate ones to come and put things in order in the country. Although you must do it yourself. Whoever puts things in order in the house is the owner! Or am I wrong?
      There is no real owner in Ukraine. But talkers, a huge amount. Is it really that I have to come to Ukraine and put things in order for you?
  12. izya top
    izya top 2 February 2016 05: 55
    Well, Galychany bent over a huge territory, that's what myahataskrajnichestvo leads to ... what about the French treasury movie?
  13. vic58
    vic58 2 February 2016 06: 15
    Without the past, there is no future !!! Here it is unpleasant for them that they are considered "second grade" ... And so it seems that everyone is like that, it says "second grade - slop" hi
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 2 February 2016 06: 29
      Quote: vic58
      all such, it means "second grade - slops"

      ".. the second freshness of the osetrine does not exist."
  14. ivanych
    ivanych 2 February 2016 06: 15
    +1 ... these words are to God’s ears.
  15. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. Wolka
    Wolka 2 February 2016 06: 18
    it is said in the article a lot, and with an anguish, it seems pent ...
  17. magician
    magician 2 February 2016 06: 28
    strong article!
  18. Delink
    Delink 2 February 2016 06: 33
    The people begin to wake up, to see clearly from the situation in which they were dragged.
    Maybe all the same there will be another Maidan and I hope the latter with the destruction of all evil spirits.
  19. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 2 February 2016 06: 42
    Well, I already heard something like that from A. Shariy. "Do not cling to the Ukrainians, you are not even slaves ..." - he said. Spoke for a long time. But, something I, I do not see either in Zaporozhye, or in the Dnipropetrovsk region, or in the Kherson region, or in the Kharkiv region there are hangings with "pravosek" and "svobodovtsy" hanging out on them. I do not even hear about partisans making sorties from the forests. The country was given, given voluntarily, with tacit consent ... Only the Donets and Luganchans resist, and from the lands mentioned above, the "Cossacks" are mobilized and go to beat them. Again voluntarily ... Letters are useless to write, excuse me, especially now that the "hated Galicians" already have an army, there is an SBU, there is a police, there is everything, all the attributes of power. At least make an appointment ... It's just that you either resist or you don't. And I do not see any resistance, what kind of "Cossacks, glorious warriors" are they talking about? About those who are in the LPR militia? So everyone is already there, how many are there ..? Thousands of three accumulated, in cities and villages ..? Scribble is everything. In the meantime, some are writing, others are imprisoned, tortured, killed for it ... And these are all writing and waiting for something.
  20. samarin1969
    samarin1969 2 February 2016 06: 44
    Ukraine as a state is pathologically ill with an inferiority complex.
    Original high culture - no
    An independent historical tradition is minimal.
    Economic sovereignty - like most of the "republics" of the former Empire.
    Remains really charming folk culture and songs.
    ... But after Gorlovka and Mariupol, their "culture" no longer warms up ...
  21. Ros 56
    Ros 56 2 February 2016 08: 01
    Well, the right thoughts expressed in words about the situation in / in Ukraine. Now, following the principle - at first there was a word, and then a deed, we must put them into practice, without regard to anything.
  22. sery volk
    sery volk 2 February 2016 08: 31
    so why don’t you give them descendants to the mrd’s, Cossacks, but cry on the forums
  23. isker
    isker 2 February 2016 08: 40
    Quote: samarin1969

    ... There remains truly charming folk culture and songs.

    Atozh! But this same pastoral does not allow you to become a full-fledged power! all attempts to distance oneself from the Russian language are a road to nowhere, because on the hair dryer, which they call their language, it is impossible to build a modern country! the more they push for independence, the closer they are to the collapse of the country ... Golitsia has some kind of language of its own, and they could well isolate and coexist, but "would" interfere! among the Golichan people (and they admit it themselves), the "national trait" - zazdrich - envy! to put a pig on your neighbor (to report on him) is a distinctive feature of the Golichan people! even within the family to do nasty things to your neighbor - there is no better gift! Therefore, unlike the Ukrainians - for whom theft, language inferiority, thirst for freebies and constant begging - will not allow building a state, in Galicia - in the case of its autonomy - such corruption and tyranny will develop that even dill will seem like a children's matinee!
  24. Scud
    Scud 2 February 2016 08: 41
    Ukraine, remember the hop will pass. Sobering up in a year will be among the graves and burnt gardens among the ruins of the former cities. Once you crawl out into the light, turn around ... but you really won't! T.G. Shevchenko.
  25. uskrabut
    uskrabut 2 February 2016 08: 49
    Words are correct and take for the soul. Only to the written with a pen it is also necessary to add actions. Themselves allowed this scum to power, and remove yourself. And then again "mos ... are they to blame for everything." Get involved and we will support you.

    Regarding the story - if not laziness google the currency of Ukraine. Everything will become clear as a white day.
  26. Sergelis
    Sergelis 2 February 2016 10: 21
    Why this cry of Yaroslavna? Manage the human herd 10% of socially active people. And they lead the herd to the slaughterhouse.
    The remaining 90% are reasonable people and understand that the destruction of the previously created will not help. but at the same time they reject violence. Well, that’s all the prerequisites.
    Nationalists are now active. The rest are silent. Well, we have what we have.
    1. fsps
      fsps 2 February 2016 11: 06
      Democracy is the submission of a majority to a minority, if the minority is approved by the American ambassador. Nothing personal.
  27. Freeman
    Freeman 2 February 2016 10: 30
    Well, why is this "stuffing not the first freshness"? Like - let's replace the "wrong" nationalism with the "right" ?! So "crap the radish is not sweeter", a single state (empire) cannot be built on nationalism. For me personally, the "broad" is not nearly better than the "Svidomo" - get such a "Cossack" to the authorities and he will do the same as the current "Bandera". And it is not necessary for such "Cossacks" to cling to the great feat of their grandfathers - they defended overall Homeland, not dividing it into "Cossack, Katsapia and Asiatic".

    PS For those who do not understand.
    Such pseudo-patriotic "writings" (letters) of anonymous authors, the existence of which I very much doubt, incite not only interethnic strife, but also enmity within an ethnos that has not yet become a single nation. Article - minus
  28. Lanista
    Lanista 2 February 2016 10: 56
    I absolutely agree with the author.
    Galicians to the Cossacks have nothing and never had.
  29. Chulman
    Chulman 2 February 2016 14: 52
    That's all write: a good article, thanks for the article and so on. But why then did everyone sit quietly near the HATCH and were silent while the Zapadentsi told you how to live? Donbass rose, and where is Zaporozhye? And where are all the BROTHERS? I will say directly ------ pissed !!!!! Those who were not afraid of Bandera and fascists still protect their land!