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Russian diplomats conquer the world (, USA)

Russian diplomats conquer the world (, USA)

Since the mainstream Western media describe Russia as a gangster state, justified criticism from Moscow is ignored because it does not match the general tone of propaganda. That was the case with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who explained why Russia would no longer do business with the West like nothing had happened.

On January 26, the Russian Foreign Minister held an important annual press conference devoted to a review of the events of the year. The event was attended by 150 journalists, including Air Force correspondent Simv Rosenberg and other representatives of the main Western media. The purpose of the event is to describe the events of the past year through his department and to assess the results achieved.

Lavrov’s opening statement was brief, no more than 15 minutes, and the remaining two hours were devoted to questions. As the microphone passed from hand to hand of journalists from different countries, various topics were touched upon, from the chances of a new reboot of relations with the United States, the Syrian settlement talks scheduled in Geneva, the comments of British Prime Minister David Cameron on the findings of the investigation of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, restoration of diplomatic relations with Georgia and up to the possibility of settling the disputed status of the Kuril Islands and concluding a peace treaty with Japan.

As far as I know, there has not yet been any coverage of this event on any of the sites of the main American, German, French or British publications, as well as on television channels. And this was not due to the insignificance of the content or the absence of loud headlines, like the words of Lavrov that he agrees with Western leaders - matters between Russia and the West will no longer be the same as before.
“Our western colleagues sometimes passionately say that there will be no more“ business as usual ”with Russia. I am convinced that this is the case, and here we agree with them. There will no longer be “business as usual” when we were tried to impose agreements that take into account, first of all, the interests of either the EU or the US, and urged us that this would not harm our interests. This история finished, - said Lavrov at the time of entry. “A history begins that can develop only on the basis of equality and all other principles of international law.”

If we consider that the speech of Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, is also completely ignored by the mainstream Western media, the question arises of what all these Western journalists do in Moscow if they do not publish anything? Do they have any other assignments?

In accordance with tradition, the Russian Foreign Ministry posted a full video of the press conference on You Tube, and also posted a text version on the Russian-language and English-language pages on its official website. The Russian version of the text takes 26 pages in small print. I used it because I prefer to deal with the source and translate it myself if I can. English text takes 40 pages, which is normal for translation from Russian.

When viewing the podcast on Channel One and reading the text, I first noticed how well Lavrov was prepared to answer questions on a wide range of topics, and that he gave detailed answers without looking at the recordings.

Secondly, he obviously spoke much freer and less often resorted to diplomatic turns than ever before. I think that such an order was given by his chief, President Vladimir Putin, to speak clearly and clearly, without deviations. Lavrov holds the post of foreign minister almost more than all of his colleagues in other great powers, and given his experience and high intelligence, it sometimes seemed that he simply dictates an essay in good Russian.

For this reason, I decided to divide my article on the press conference into two parts. The first will be devoted to Lavrov and his words. The second one will be my conclusions regarding the international situation in the coming years, taking into account Russia's main positions, especially the chance to lift European and American sanctions, and how the future US administration should prepare for relations with Russia, on the assumption that the outlook of the American elite is not undergo major changes.

Sergey Lavrov - direct speech

From the press conference, I extracted several large pieces of text reflecting the system of views of Sergey Lavrov and the Kremlin, passing through the prism of Realpolitik and focusing mainly on US-Russian relations. This is necessary, otherwise we will not make out the forest behind the trees.

In questions and answers for all countries except one, we hear about individual cases in different places around the world that are of interest mainly to certain audiences with their personal concerns. With respect to the only country, the United States, Russia's bilateral relations go beyond the Minister’s value judgments.

All Russian foreign policy is in fact connected with relations with the United States, as two of the three excerpts from Lavrov’s answers will show below. The third concerns sanctions and is more likely connected with relations with Europe. I brought it, since the desire to lift the sanctions will be a key part of Russia's foreign policy in the next six months, and through them the US position emerges.

Question: What is the probability of a real reset in Russian-American relations this year?

Sergey Lavrov: The question is not for us. Our interstate ties have dropped very low with all the great personal relations between the former US President George W. Bush and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. When US President B. Obama and former US Secretary of State H. Clinton came to the White House proposed a “reset”, this was a reflection of the fact that the Americans themselves realized the abnormality of the situation when Russia and the United States do not cooperate in solving those problems that without them decide….

We met the "reboot" quite constructively. They said that we appreciate the decision of the new Administration to correct the mistakes of their predecessors. We have achieved quite a few good results: this is the START Treaty, Russia's accession to the WTO, a number of agreements on various conflict situations. But somehow it quickly began to erode. Now everyone, including our American colleagues, tells us: Let's fulfill the Minsk agreements on Ukraine, and everything will be normalized at once. In one hour, we will immediately lift the sanctions, and between Russia and the United States will open up attractive prospects for cooperation on much more pleasant issues, not only in resolving crises, but immediately a creative partnership program will be formed.

We are open for cooperation with everyone on an equal and mutually beneficial basis. Of course, we don’t want anyone to build their policies on the assumption that Russia, and not Ukraine, must fulfill the Minsk agreements. It says who must fulfill them. I hope that this is well known in the United States, at least our recent contacts with US Secretary of State J. Kerry, contacts of US Deputy Secretary of State V. Nuland with Assistant to the President of Russia V.Yu. Surkov says that the United States is well versed in the essence of the Minsk agreements ...

Now I have given an example that says that we, as it were, have already begun to promise a new “reset”: we are fulfilling the Minsk agreements, and everything at once becomes elegant, beautiful, promising and tempting.

The cooling of relations with the administration of US President B. Obama and the end of the period associated with the “reset” began long before Ukraine. Let's remember how it all happened. At first, when we finally achieved the consent of our Western partners to the conditions acceptable for Russia of our accession to the WTO, the Americans realized that the preservation of the Jackson-Vanik amendment is not in their interests, because otherwise they will be deprived of those privileges and benefits that are associated with our participation in the WTO. They began to prepare for the abolition of the amendment.

Americans would not be Americans if they simply canceled it and said: “That's it, now let's cooperate normally.” They came up with the "Magnitsky law", although I am sure that the point in what happened with S. Magnitsky is not set. I really hope that the truth will be known to all. It is disgusting that a provocation and speculation on the death of a person was arranged. However, this was done, and you know who lobbied for this law. The Magnitsky Act immediately replaced the Jackson-Vanik amendment.

(The law of the Magnist American Congress passed in 2012 a year in order to punish Russian officials allegedly responsible for the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky who died in prison in 2009 year against the background of accusations and counter-charges of bribery.)

This began even when there was no Ukraine, although we are now trying to impose a violation of OSCE principles. Everything that happens between the West and Russia is explained by the fact that Russia has not fulfilled its obligations, does not respect the world order that has developed in Europe after the Helsinki Act, etc. These are all attempts to justify and find an excuse to continue the policy of containment. But this policy has never stopped.

After the “Magnitsky law” there was a completely inadequately bloated reaction to what happened with E. Snowden, who ended up in Russia contrary to our wishes. We didn’t know about it, he didn’t have a passport - the document was canceled while he was flying. He could not leave Russia because of the decisions that were made in Washington. We could not help but give him the opportunity to stay in Russia to be safe, knowing what articles threatened him - the Americans did not make a secret of this. This was done simply from the elementary defense of the human right to life.

US President Barack Obama canceled his visit to Russia, a universal scandal was raised, dozens of phone calls through the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, and direct contacts between the presidents. We were told that if we did not release E. Snowden, the relationship would be undermined. United States canceled the visit. The visit did not take place, but US President B. Obama arrived at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, where we, by the way, did a useful job - we agreed on the principles of chemical disarmament of Syria.

Ukraine is another excuse. Not so much righteous indignation at the alleged violation of the Helsinki principles by Russia (although it all started with Kosovo, the bombings of Yugoslavia, etc.) is connected with the Ukrainian crisis. There was an annoyance with the fact that the coup d'etat did not lead to the results expected by those who supported it . Frankly, we do not get up offended. We do not have such traditions in relations between states. We understand that life is tougher than any ideal romantic schemes like “reboot” or something else. We also understand that this is a world in which interests clash hard, which emerges from the era of total domination of the West and is in a long transitional period to a more stable system in which there is no one or even two dominant poles - there will be several of them. The transition period is long, painful, old habits die off for a long time. We all understand that. We understand that the US is interested in having fewer competitors, even relatively comparable in size, in terms of influence, military power, and economy. This is observed in relations between the US and China, in the way the US is working with the European Union, trying to “loop” it into the Transatlantic Partnership, and in the east of Russia to create the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will not include Russia and China. The President of Russia V.V. spoke in detail about this. Putin, when analyzing the processes in the global economy and politics. We all understand that. Probably, each epoch brings with it new tendencies, sentiments in those or other elites, especially in large countries, which in their own way see ways to fight for their interests. It would be very bad and disastrous for all of us if these processes went beyond the generally accepted norms of international law. Then, to put it simply, the “heap is small” would be, and we would be plunged into the world of anarchy and chaos — something like what happens in the Middle East could be without blood. Everyone would do as he sees fit, and nothing good would come of it. It is very important to follow some general rules of the game. Answering your question, I would like the United States to have a “reset” with the whole world, a “reset” to be common, that we all gather and reaffirm our adherence to the UN Charter, its principles, including non-interference in internal affairs, respect sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right of peoples to self-determination, the right of peoples to choose their own future without outside interference.

Question: In 2007 at the Munich Security Conference, President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin said: “You need us more than you need us.” This year, as far as I know, you will represent Russia at the conference. Are there any changes to this wording?

Sergei Lavrov:
Ideally, we should be needed by each other, we should support each other and work collectively to curb the common threats to all of us. In fact, it turns out that the West turns to us more often than we do to the West.

(Lavrov said that in response to the sanctions, Russia had taken measures for the transition to self-sufficiency, but did not want to completely sever relations with the West and was ready to cooperate on the principle of equality).

We must do everything not to depend on the whims of this or that group of countries, first of all our western partners (this happened after they were offended by us because we supported the Russians in Ukraine who did not accept the coup d'état).

I quoted D. Yarosh, for this they wanted to destroy them in Ukraine or to cut them in their rights. We want to be insured against such situations ...

We are not now running after our European colleagues and saying: "Let's do something to lift the sanctions." Far from it. We have focused on not depending on such zigzags in Western politics, on the fact that Europe is “under the hood” of the United States. But our European colleagues in bilateral contacts, coming to us or meeting us at international forums, say: "Let us think of something, help fulfill these Minsk agreements, otherwise we will take very great damage from these sanctions and we want this page to be turned faster. ”

It turns out that in this situation we need them more than they need us. Including, to fulfill the Minsk agreements ... Yes, we have influence on the Donbass and we support it. Probably, without our help and humanitarian supplies, the Donbass would be in a very poor condition. But you also need to influence the authorities in Kiev. We need the West in terms of influencing the Kiev authorities, but this is not happening yet.

Or take the situation with the Iranian nuclear program. At the crucial stages of these negotiations, we were literally bombarded with requests when it was necessary to solve the issues of exporting enriched uranium in exchange for natural uranium, which was a key condition for reaching agreements, when it was necessary to decide who would convert the processing facilities to Ford. , under the production of medical isotopes, etc.

We were addressed with requests that have a sufficient financial burden, at least, which do not bring us any material benefits. But we did our part. Now, on the North Korean issue, everyone calls us and our Chinese colleagues: “Help us do something for North Korea to honor its commitments.” Or, for example, the latest developments in relation to Syria ...

Now I don’t remember what requests we have recently addressed to our Western colleagues. We believe that it is not very correct to make requests. We presume that if the negotiations ended with the signing of the document, then this is not a subject for the request, but obligations that must be fulfilled. "

The question of the chances of early lifting of sanctions

Sergey Lavrov: All the more of these partners come to realize that they cannot live like this, and this is to their own detriment. What gives us reason to talk about some possible positive changes is this: our Western partners are increasingly beginning to understand that they have fallen into the trap they created themselves, when they said that they would lift the sanctions after Russia fulfilled the Minsk agreements . They understood that, probably, it was a reservation ("slip of the tongue"), but in Kiev they very quickly heard it and interpreted it unambiguously as an indulgence, allowing them not to comply with the Minsk agreements. Their failure, in addition to the fact that Kiev will not need to take any action and fulfill its obligations, means that the West will have to maintain sanctions against Russia. What was required to prove to some gentlemen who are swelling radical moods in Kiev now ...

The West understands the futility of the current situation, when everyone pretends that Russia should fulfill the Minsk agreements, and Ukraine can do nothing - not to change the constitution, not to grant Donbas special status, not to carry out an amnesty, not to organize elections in consultation with the Donbas. Everyone understands that no one will decide these things for Ukraine. Everyone understands that this is an anomaly, a pathological thing that manifested itself in the transformation of the Ukrainian crisis, which arose as a result of an absolutely illegal anti-constitutional coup d'etat, to the measure of all relations between Russia and the West, that this is an absolutely abnormal, unhealthy situation artificially inflated from countries more distant than Europe, which no longer wants to be held hostage to this situation. For me, this is obvious.

General conclusions

Presenting these three long passages, I wanted to give readers an idea of ​​the arguments of Sergey Lavrov and the gloomy tone of his answers to questions from journalists, which he gave without pre-prepared records.

In a prearranged entry, Lavrov has already outlined some key points in the approach to international affairs with Russian analytical tools of realism and national interests. From his point of view, the main task facing Russia and the world is the creation of a new system of international affairs management. Russia's relations with the West are an integral part of a wider problem.

This desired new system of relations should be built on the full equality of all states, respect for their national interests and non-interference in their internal affairs. Lavrov repeated the appeal to Vladimir Putin, who called on all countries to return to the obligations of the UN Charter, which the President of the Russian Federation spoke about at the 70 jubilee General Assembly of the United Nations. A new system of global governance must be formed by transforming the basic international institutions so that political and economic power is redistributed in accordance with the changes that have occurred in the relative economic and military power of countries that have occurred over the decades that have passed since the creation of these institutions.

This idea in itself does not contain anything new. Such appeals have long been heard publicly and addressed, in particular, to the correction of the voting procedure in the International Monetary Fund. A new element that can hit many in Washington is that Sergey Lavrov has consistently accused the United States of preventing the renewal of the international order. He repeats over and over again that the United States is striving to maintain its hegemony and to keep international institutions under control, and also is eager to completely subjugate the allies in Europe and Asia to their own interests to the detriment of their own.

Lavrov was referring to this when speaking of TPP and TIPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). This he had in mind, repeating time after time about the “distant forces” and arguing that the United States forced Europe to impose sanctions against Russia, contrary to the positions of individual European countries.

At one point, answering a question from a journalist from Japan, Sergey Lavrov practically dropped the veiled language. He said that Russia is ready, in principle, to support Japan’s provision of a permanent member of the UN Security Council, but only on condition that Tokyo contributes its national opinion, thereby broadening prospects at the table, and will not be another vote of automatic US support.

It is curious that Lavrov denies that Russia is offended, or sharpens a grudge against the United States because of relations that constantly deteriorated from a “reset” in the 2009 year to the current low point.

This statement falls into the context of the constant Western media’s condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy speeches. The speeches of the Russian president on the distortion of international relations after the Cold War are commonly referred to as “denunciations” and “revisionism”, which means aggressiveness, threats and, possibly, irrationality.

Lavrov says Russia recognizes the severity of the world and the existence of fierce competition. This is the real meaning of his words that there will no longer be “business as usual” or idealistic notes in calls for a “reset” even when sanctions against Russia are lifted.

Nevertheless, Russia is open to business on the basis of equality and to mutual benefit, where and when it is possible. In this, Sergey Lavrov agrees with such American experts as Angela Stent from Georgetown University, who advises the administration, entering the white house in 2017, not to plan a new “reset”. But they came to this conclusion from diametrically opposed views on who is to blame for the current situation.

Lavrov says that we live in a long and painful transitional period from a world dominated by the West, in turn subject to one power, that is, the United States, to a multipolar world with several key players involved in global governance. But this does not exclude some improvement, and he seems to agree with the growing popularity in the Western media about the imminent lifting of European and American sanctions against Russia.

One recent example that contributes to euphoria in the US business community is the publication on Bloomberg entitled “Reconciliation with Russia is close, as the allies hint at the lifting of Ukrainian sanctions.”

The important message voiced by Sergey Lavrov on January 26 concerned the immutability of Russian principles. He made it clear that Russia will not beg to lift the sanctions and is not going to refuse to support Bashar Assad in exchange for a softening of positions in Ukraine.

You can be sure that the United States and the European Union will present the lifting of sanctions as an exchange. But in reality, this will be a rejection of an untenable policy that causes more harm to Western interests than Russian. This meant Lavrov, insisting that Russia is more necessary to the West than the West of Russia.

The continuing damage to European farmers and other sectors from counter Russian sanctions is obvious. Damage to the US is not so noticeable.

This was recently mentioned in an article published in Foreign Affairs by a researcher at the Kato Institute under the heading "Not the Smartest Sanctions." From there we learned that the Washington establishment is very concerned about the possibility of creating alternative global financial institutions in Russia and China that will compete with structures based in Washington.

The BRICS Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank, the creation of a clearing banking system rivaling SWIFT: all of this is aimed at once and for all putting an end to the US capabilities to cause serious financial damage to those who made it to the list of their enemies, as was the intention to punish the Kremlin for the annexation of the Crimea and the intervention in the Donbas.

Lavrov constantly speaks of "national interests" as the main principle of external relations. In this sense, the shadow of Hans Morgenthau, the founder and principal theorist of the American Realistic School, can share the scene with him. But Lavrov and the Russians brought to a new level the basic principles of the book “Political Relations between States”, the main work of Morgenthau, which at one time American students studied in political science courses.

Russia Lavrova calls on states to throw off the shackles and stop subordinating their national interests to one side, listening to the instructions of Washington. Nations must compete and fight for influence on the free market of ideas and influences, following the agreed rules of the game.

If the rules are observed, the world order will not turn into chaos and will not lead to sharp confrontations between nations.

Gilbert Doctorow is European Coordinator at American Committee for East West Accord, Ltd. His latest book is “Does Russia Have a Future?” (Does Russia Have a Future? 2015).
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  1. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 1 February 2016 21: 11
    If this is in America, then is the glassiness coming back?
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 1 February 2016 21: 15
      Quote: ShadowCat
      If this is in America, then is the glassiness coming back?

      Leave Gorby's publicity, this is his feature. And this is not "glasnost", but the truth, which will always find its way to people. A lie on rotten legs walks with no strength in it. Well, what is the strength?
      1. Baikonur
        Baikonur 1 February 2016 21: 25
        How similar!
        Both are beautiful, talented, honest people in their field, and indeed Both are Seryozha!
        It’s only a pity that one left so early!
        1. Avantageur
          Avantageur 1 February 2016 23: 41
          Quote: Baikonur
          How similar!
          Both are beautiful, talented, honest people in their field, and indeed Both are Seryozha!
          It’s only a pity that one left so early!

          Yes, they are "similar" ... Lavrov is like an Armenian, and Bodrov is like a Jew ...
          1. oldseaman1957
            oldseaman1957 2 February 2016 08: 25
            Quote: Avantageur
            Yes, they are "similar" ... Lavrov is like an Armenian, and Bodrov is like a Jew ...
            - The search, of course. I scratched my turnips for a long time ...
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 1 February 2016 21: 23
      here we meet with them. There will be no more "business as usual" when they tried to impose on us agreements that take into account, first of all, the interests of either the EU or the United States, and convinced us that this would not harm our interests. This story is over, - said Lavrov

      Respect to you Sergey Viktorovich and respect to you. hi
      1. Baikonur
        Baikonur 1 February 2016 21: 58
        Quote: author
        The first thing I noticed was how well Lavrov was prepared to answer questions on a wide range of topics, and that he gave detailed answers without looking at the notes.
        He is always ready! Always concise, diplomatically accurate, polite. (With rare exceptions, when brought laughing )
        Professional, the best MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS!
        It is a pity that we have few such ministers in the government! Except perhaps the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Defense.
    3. RUS96
      RUS96 1 February 2016 21: 55
      Syrian Foreign Ministry: Turkey opened fire on the outskirts of Aleppo, civilians injured
  2. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 1 February 2016 21: 12
    Interestingly, from Lavrov's speech, the United States will draw at least some conclusions? And did the State Department understand the Russian diplomat, or did Lavrov begin each speech with a greeting to the Americans "hello, dEbily", and end with the phrase, "when will you fucking get wiser?
    1. Pravdarm
      Pravdarm 1 February 2016 22: 37
      There is no need for them to draw conclusions and understand! They have a strategy for themselves - to destroy, plunder Russia! And on this way for others, if necessary, they will plug their ears, and they will close their eyes, and the brain will be turned off, and the fool will be turned on!
    2. eleronn
      eleronn 2 February 2016 01: 19
      I inform you: the United States wanted to sneeze on Lavrov’s remarks! Does Lavrov have leverage over the United States? Here it is ...
      1. Avantageur
        Avantageur 2 February 2016 01: 44
        Quote: eleronn
        Does Lavrov have leverage over the United States?

        Lavrov, to the states - put a veto!
  3. viktor561
    viktor561 1 February 2016 21: 12
    Yes! The State Department is resting in comparison with Lavrov - how much more honest are ours !!!
  4. mad
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    I respect Sergey Lavrov, I think there wouldn’t be him - in that foreign policy that mess would have been going on ... approximately like inside the country. Kudrins and Chubais for a personal gesheft would drain the country into the toilet! But oil would remain on 100. To the delight of office plankton.
    1. Lelek
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      Quote: mad
      I respect Sergey Lavrov

      You can’t say anything - a cool minister (and the driver of his car, too). yes
      1. region58
        region58 1 February 2016 23: 39
        Quote: Lelek
        You can’t say anything - a cool minister (and the driver of his car, too).

        Everything is solid there. And the security knows its job, including the driver. In general, everything is as it should be. And Zakharova is also present there.
        Full version:
      2. Militia
        Militia 2 February 2016 04: 03
        And what is S. Lavrov’s car? Send your photo and I will make you a driver of this car. And next to you will be sitting V.V.P. And everyone will see how cool he drove yes
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    hly 1 February 2016 21: 14
    Great team!!! There is someone to be proud of !!!
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      Quote: hly
      Great team!!! There is someone to be proud of !!!

      The Germans even shot the appropriate movie.)))
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    sorry I wanted this
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      Woodman 1 February 2016 22: 32
      This episode of our diplomacy, we will remember forever)))
  7. ivanych
    ivanych 1 February 2016 21: 17
    ... I watched the press conference on TV, to be sure: Lavrov is beautiful.
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 1 February 2016 23: 01
      Quote: ivanych
      , what to say: Lavrov is beautiful.

      Lavrov Master and the greatest professional!
  8. NIKNN
    NIKNN 1 February 2016 21: 22
    Russia Lavrova calls on states to throw off the shackles and stop subordinating their national interests to one side, listening to the instructions of Washington. Nations must compete and fight for influence on the free market of ideas and influences, following the agreed rules of the game.

    If the rules are observed, the world order will not turn into chaos and will not lead to sharp confrontations between nations.

    These would be words, but to God’s ears .........

    Only now you need exactly one turn in turn, and Europe cannot disobey the owners with their hands, they are more of them than they are afraid of Russia request
  9. popandopulo
    popandopulo 1 February 2016 21: 26
    Gilbertushko, and now try to put the same thing in your Bosko’s amero-European hollows, but we don’t need to put our genitals in our bast shoes, we know the price of yours, and most importantly, of yourself.
  10. samarin1969
    samarin1969 1 February 2016 21: 35
    Mr. Lavrov’s statement is unusually informative ... only who needs a diplomatic talk?
    1) Governments of "partners"? ... the Secretary of State is "in the know" for all of them ...
    2) "the peoples of the world"? ... for them it is incomprehensible and boring ...

    ... the tone of the "offended wife" on the part of the Russian Foreign Ministry is already obscene. It is better for diplomats to look for "their" guys in the mountains of Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Yemen ... it will be more effective.
    1. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 1 February 2016 22: 32
      This is not the tonality of "offended wife", this is another lecture to the stupid schoolboys of the wise professor. And the right guys in the places you indicated are looking for specialists of a different profile ...
      1. samarin1969
        samarin1969 2 February 2016 00: 29
        The "wise professor" looks quite respectable, demonstrates a good education ... Yes.
        What is Russia doing? ...
        Real allies are "o".
        There are very few economic projects that would not come at the cost of large financial concessions.
        BRICS - nothing more than a platform for negotiations; pragmatic Indians and Chinese lure on us according to the size of GDP

        Venezuela, Cuba, Batki, Asian "multi-vector wise men" - all want from the peoples of Russia "debt restructuring" in exchange for diplomatic verbal halva without obligations.

        Obama’s diplomacy is more effective today.
        You can laugh as much as you like about the "black ruler" and so on, but in Ukraine and Syria, he ECONOMICALLY solves geopolitical problems at the expense of OTHER COUNTRIES in the interests of his people, successfully quarrels his neighbors ... This is the art of foreign policy! ...
        Lavrov has only the art of etiquette.
        1. Corsair0304
          Corsair0304 2 February 2016 12: 34
          Quote: samarin1969
          Obama’s diplomacy is more effective today.
          You can laugh as much as you like about the "black ruler" and so on, but in Ukraine and Syria, he ECONOMICALLY solves geopolitical problems at the expense of OTHER COUNTRIES in the interests of his people, successfully quarrels his neighbors ... This is the art of foreign policy! ...

          Having the largest army and navy, bases around the world, and complete unprincipledness and violation of all international law, not to mention the country's most powerful economy and national currency of primary international importance, it’s very simple to be an effective politician, to bomb and quarrel nations, to finance terrorists .

          Quote: samarin1969
          Lavrov has only the art of etiquette.

          And this is at present - the filigree of the policy pursued by his efforts in Russia. When everyone around is against or openly pissing in front of the "black-horned ruler" or proud, but poor and few in number.
          But he still, with a quiet glanders, is seeking recognition of Russia's interests in spite of everything and everything.
          I am proud that in Russia there is a diplomat of this level. I am not afraid to compare Lavrov with Gromyko.
    2. Stinger
      Stinger 1 February 2016 23: 08
      Is it the Psaki case! You are disobedient. So what do you think? From the swamp critic.
    3. meriem1
      meriem1 2 February 2016 04: 37
      Quote: samarin1969
      Mr. Lavrov’s statement is unusually informative ... only who needs a diplomatic talk?
      1) Governments of "partners"? ... the Secretary of State is "in the know" for all of them ...
      2) "the peoples of the world"? ... for them it is incomprehensible and boring ...

      ... the tone of the "offended wife" on the part of the Russian Foreign Ministry is already obscene. It is better for diplomats to look for "their" guys in the mountains of Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Yemen ... it will be more effective.

      What? Wandering and attempted correction of the brain by the liberals before the election began? Do not wait for the dear! I personally do not see your great deeds, for the Glory of the Motherland !! So there’s nothing to pour from your mouth !!!
  11. nord62
    nord62 1 February 2016 21: 36
    Lavrov is a powerful figure in world politics! May God grant him health and patience in this post! Personally, sometimes I would just drive into the ear of those who, with a squeak of heart, have to smile and shake hands! Giant!
  12. Siberian
    Siberian 1 February 2016 21: 37
    Since the main Western media describe Russia as gangster state
    . To some extent this is so. In power, crooks, thieves and other scumbags are enough. But these are our internal problems. And for them, this topic is for sucking and relishing. They don’t want to notice their corrupt blue-necked thongs. Thereby pouring mud on us soothe their tadoshells
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 1 February 2016 21: 48
    Lavrov Sergey without embellishment is the greatest erudite diplomat to date. He never contradicted himself in his statements, never insulted anyone and did not give a reason for this. Russia is proud of such people !!!
    BARKHAN 1 February 2016 21: 57
    Everyone can remember 90 ...
    After all, we really extended their hand from a pure heart ...
    They didn’t give a shit about this hand! And they are trying to do this to this day. So, the truth will now be done differently.
    Europeans missed the moment when they turned from proud and important to miserable pampered fagots. Europe, that we know, was built and put in order by World War II veterans. Harsh and lacking in sentiment. The present generation is in protest that they are dressed in minicrafts ... and Proud of it! Let's see how they will tremble.
    A lot of people tell us about the power of the United States. But few, for example, about the racial composition of this country. But 60% remained of whites. Few people talk about the massive conversion of blacks to Islam (in opposition to the whites). About the huge and irreconcilable "love" of Latinos for gringo. Well, and simply amazing hatred of the authorities of all categories of American citizens. And with a competent approach to this issue, the whole country can flare up.
    Ah, you’re used to sprinkling ash and repenting on your head. In fact, we have no more problems than others, or maybe even less.
    1. Throw
      Throw 1 February 2016 23: 25
      Everyone can remember 90 ...
      After all, we really extended their hand from a pure heart ...

      In the 90s, most reached out for jeans, big macs and other "sweets" of the Western lifestyle and the wonders of cooperatives. And while all this was macking with pens, grunting joyfully from "freedom and democracy," the "investors and friends" of Russia, together with the young reformers, calculatedly had us in ... (where, I won't write, otherwise I'll get a yellow bath card again wassat )
      1. Inok10
        Inok10 2 February 2016 01: 27
        Quote: Lance
        In the 90s, most reached out for jeans, big macs and other "sweets" of the Western lifestyle and the wonders of cooperatives. And while all this was macking with pens, grunting joyfully from "freedom and democracy," the "investors and friends" of Russia, together with the young reformers, calculatedly had us in ... (where, I won't write, otherwise I'll get a yellow bath card again

        ... + ... we will also see who has a stalemate .. wink
        1. Corsair0304
          Corsair0304 2 February 2016 12: 49
          Quote: Lance
          And while all this was matsali with little hands, grunting joyfully from "freedom and democracy," the "investors and friends" of Russia, together with the young reformers, calculatedly had us in ...

          That is exactly what happened.
          The history of the Incas repeated with the Spaniards, the Indians with the new settlers, the colonialists of America.
          When one people is inexperienced in the politics of filth, scam and deceit meets a cunning, treacherous and prudent cheater.
          Yes, that's how it was. And our leaders betrayed us (withdrawal of the ZGVG, practically flight from equipped bases into an open field, collapse of the Union, etc.) and threw us "sworn partners" once again turning the deal to buy Manhattan for beads, only in Russian realities.
          Thank God we woke up, we get up slowly but surely. That is why all those who used to throw Russian and profit from our grief bite their legs.
          1. Corsair0304
            Corsair0304 2 February 2016 15: 22
            Could be so..
      2. The comment was deleted.
  15. Neko75
    Neko75 1 February 2016 21: 59
    Lavrov well done! I am proud that we have such a foreign minister! Always clear and to the point.
  16. PValery53
    PValery53 1 February 2016 22: 02
    The highly intellectual foreign policy of Russia is, of course, good. But regularly it is very useful to give boors on muslim. Then they find themselves closer to their place. And then their yapping can be neglected.
  17. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 1 February 2016 22: 18
    Our Foreign Minister is another reason for our pride in the Country ...
  18. sounddoc
    sounddoc 1 February 2016 22: 41
    Lavrov is good - smart, erudite, educated, a great analyst. Keep it up!
  19. xabaroff.ven
    xabaroff.ven 1 February 2016 22: 50
    Professional, smart, visionary, honest - that’s just one more thing, but on the domestic economy.
  20. cap
    cap 1 February 2016 23: 02
    Indeed, Lavrov person worthily representing Russia. May God grant health.
    Management highly appreciates his work.
    His awards speak eloquently enough. Only a part!
    Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" I degree (2015)
    Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree (2010)
    Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" III degree (2005)
    Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV degree (1998)
    Order of Honor (1996)
    Honored Worker of the Diplomatic Service of the Russian Federation (2004)
    Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh, I degree (2015)
    Order of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, I degree (ROC, 2010)
    Order of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow, II Degree (ROC)
    Order of Dostyk I degree (Kazakhstan, 2012)
    Order of Dostyk (Kazakhstan, 2005)
    Cavalier of the Grand Cross of the Order of the Sun of Peru (2007)
    Order of Friendship of Peoples (Belarus, 2006)
    Order of Friendship (Vietnam, 2009)
    Order of Friendship (Laos)
    Order of Honor (March 19, 2010) - for a great personal contribution to strengthening the international security system, maintaining peace and stability in the Caucasus, developing friendly relations between the Republic of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation
    1. cap
      cap 2 February 2016 01: 31
      "His awards show it quite eloquently. Only a part!"
      For minusers I’ll add salt. Let them envy. And the portrait is in full dress. To be completely peeled off. Pay attention to the bar.
      Envy this Russian Foreign Minister!

      • Order of the Polar Star, (Yakutia, November 12, 2012)
      • Order of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States “Commonwealth” (Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS, May 13, 2007)
      • Order of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 1st degree (Antioch Orthodox Church, February 27, 2015)
      • Gold Medal of Yerevan State University (Armenia, 2007)
      • Honorary Medal “For Participation in UN Programs” (Russian Association for the United Nations Assistance, 2005)
      • Certificate of Merit of the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (December 20, 2011) - for active and fruitful work to develop and deepen military-political cooperation within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization
      • Public Prize of the Holy Right Prince Alexander Nevsky (Committee for the Award of the Public Prize of the Holy Right Prince Alexander Nevsky, 2014) - for his merits in diplomatic activities aimed at strengthening the international position of Russia
      • Medal "For Contribution to the Creation of the Eurasian Economic Union" 1st degree (May 13, 2015, Supreme Council of the Eurasian Economic Union)
      • Commemorative Gold Medal of Sergei Mikhalkov (December 22, 2015, Russian Cultural Foundation)
      • Prize of the Union of Writers of Russia “Imperial Culture” - for fidelity to duty and service to the Fatherland (2015)
      • Order “For Merit to the Kaliningrad Region” (May 27, 2014) - for work to facilitate the visa regime for residents of the Kaliningrad Region
      1. guzik007
        guzik007 2 February 2016 09: 17
        Itch-curl? if this jacket with all the awards falls to the floor, then there will be an earthquake at the Kremlin under two points: =)
        In general, in vain they ran into Lavrov. the highest professional. Yes, and a decent person, apparently. This is now very rare in the higher echelons.
        But he didn’t minus anyone.
  21. atamankko
    atamankko 1 February 2016 23: 04
    I wonder what Lavrov’s nerves are made of.
    1. VadimSt
      VadimSt 2 February 2016 00: 46
      Of the strings!
      A good avatar, previously this already was, with an excellent aviation expert ....
    2. unsinkable
      unsinkable 2 February 2016 01: 53
      Quote: atamankko
      I wonder what Lavrov’s nerves are made of.

      Undoubtedly from steel. PS Glory to the Kuban! (Ataman KhKO, Yesaul) good drinks
  22. izya top
    izya top 1 February 2016 23: 09
    soviet school of diplomacy is excellent good but where did Durex Kozyrev come from, the pin in his visor?
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 1 February 2016 23: 22
      Quote: izya top
      but where did Durex Kozyrev come from, the pin in his visor?

      Izya, you will still laugh, but it is from there, where we all come from. Although about citizens like a trump card, I have big doubts. I guess their passive bugger popped up on a stump. But there is no clear evidence for this fact, alas.
      1. unsinkable
        unsinkable 2 February 2016 02: 05
        Quote: Ami du peuple
        but where did Durex Kozyrev come from, the pin in his visor?
        Izya, you will still laugh, but it is from there, where we all come from.

        I'm sorry colleagues, but this is a victim of an abortion.
  23. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 1 February 2016 23: 32
    .. again to the Muscovites ..:
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 2 February 2016 11: 32
      What kind of "singing" came to your mind (if any) this crazy idea? Or do you speak on behalf of the Kiev kakunov horses and on their behalf invite Russia to come and "extinguish" their entire "Maidan"? So their half-venerable and always half-drunk Petrushka has been yelling for a long time (he probably has a squirrel) that he is successfully fighting the Russian Army! And if you are trying to "reanimate" the white-tape bastard from Bolotnaya Square, so "... all your efforts are in vain ...", the doctor said to the morgue, it means to the morgue, and if you mean that the "liberals" are still alive, so we have not yet reached the morgue! All the bastards will be there, this is the fate of all traitors!
  24. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 1 February 2016 23: 38
    I read the article, I wanted to write a comment. I read the comments, I have nothing to add ...
  25. Olegi1
    Olegi1 1 February 2016 23: 42
    Good evening everyone!

    My first post, I read with interest for a long time, I hope I will start writing :)

    I agree that Lavrov is, of course, a master, no doubt about that. But, as the author of the article notes, it is a pity that there is nowhere a word about this press conference in the Western press. And what all these journalists are doing in Moscow from supposedly independent Western mass media is completely incomprehensible ... More precisely, everyone understands their "independence".

    Comments on the original source are interesting (in English and, unfortunately, in it). Most are quite robust. Many refer to the fact that they watch or read the news on Russia Today and recommend that others do it because of its objectivity and the lack of fake propaganda, as in the Western media. They cannot defeat us with lies and propaganda!
    1. Corsair0304
      Corsair0304 2 February 2016 13: 00
      Quote: Olegi1
      More precisely, everyone understands their "independence".

      Yes, everything is simple: it is quite possible that the press conference was attended by journalists who were really interested in the truthful coverage of this event.
      But! They themselves do not print and do not go on the air, that is, editors, general directors and so on and so forth. But for them the concept of "independence" is closely connected with the concept of "successful business" and that says it all. You blow a common pipe - business uphill, 300% profit, all in a bunch.
      Threw it on the air which is unnecessarily powerful - get a bunch of bans and problems.
  26. psg72
    psg72 1 February 2016 23: 51
    until the settlement of the controversial status of the Kuril Islands and the conclusion of a peace treaty with Japan.
    What nafig disputed status? Author follow the words! Fuck them and not the Kuril Islands. And there is not there any controversial status.
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 2 February 2016 11: 38
      "Kemsk volost, Kemsk volost ...", but HU-HU not HO-HO! These narrow-eyed people have not yet paid off for Russian gold and the robbery of the wealth of the Far East! It looks like it's time to remind the words of the Russian proverb-sayings: "Debt payment is beautiful!" Why not show us for payment all the bills accumulated to this "Land of the Rising Sun" for all the losses caused to Russia in the 20th century ?? !!
      1. ars_pro
        ars_pro 2 February 2016 13: 31
        Then, to sue the USA for Alaska, the first missionaries were ours there.
  27. faterdom
    faterdom 2 February 2016 00: 21
    When our bombers are working in Syria, the words of our Foreign Ministry are no longer a reason for mocking laughter with a pat on the shoulder (remember one hero celebrated by Bill Clinton). It is already necessary to listen. And think it over. What the author did, for which honor and praise be given him.
    Don't wait for "the entire American people to think." Or German, Japanese or Turkish ...
    This usually does not happen. Thinking, analyzing, understanding, leading people in the right direction is the destiny of a few elites, and here the movement and creak of the brain are extremely desirable.
    1. guzik007
      guzik007 2 February 2016 09: 20
      When our bombers are working in Syria - the words of our Foreign Ministry are no longer a reason for mocking laughter with a pat
      kind words with a gun comes faster than without him.
  28. Sagittarius YaNAO
    Sagittarius YaNAO 2 February 2016 04: 09
    [quote] [/ Since the main Western media describe Russia as a gangster state, legitimate criticism from Moscow is ignored, because it does not correspond to the general tone of propaganda. So it was in the casequote] We have a dog that barks for no reason give to the bear for fun
  29. Nitarius
    Nitarius 2 February 2016 05: 41
    We would have more in the Government of the Laurels))) can it be cloned AA ??
  30. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 2 February 2016 08: 51
    Everyone understands everything, but one thing is obvious - the Westerners understand ONLY the language of power and nothing can be done about it.
    As the saying goes, Lavrov "said well", but only into emptiness.
    But if you wash off a couple of small British cities into the ocean, then the message will be heard unambiguously.
    But in general, it is better to start by sending the fifth column to the Arctic Circle.
  31. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 2 February 2016 09: 40
    Lavrov voices and promotes the doctrine of real politics, which is good (although at times it continues to diplomatically darken).

    It's time to call a spade a spade; to refuse permanent delirium, putting on rose-colored glasses and international schizophrenia, which consists in a split mind (double standards).

    If there is an overthrow of the legally elected one in the election (the results of which are all confirmed) and the president recognized by all, then this is a coup d'etat and nothing more.

    If there is an illegal destruction of Hussein and Gaddafi due to oil affairs, then this is aggression and occupation and nothing more; there is no smell of democracy here.

    If there are two (or more, it doesn’t matter) countries whose interests diverge, then there will necessarily be a confrontation; This is an objective fact. The confrontation may not be universal, but on individual issues, but it will be.

    If EuroPRO is aimed at Russia, then this is it; and nothing else; nothing Iran and Korea to do with it.

    If Americans support their citizens wherever possible, including through direct military methods, then all countries have exactly the same right (even obligation). And Russia is no exception; it is only surprising that the Russians were remembered in LDNR so late.

    If a mess reigns in the world, wars and invasions do not stop, terrorism blossoms, then every country has the right (and is obliged) to arm itself. There are no aggressive plans in this - do not want to feed your army, you will feed someone else's!

    People psychologically, socially and mentally have not changed at all with the advent of the USA (no giant leap for all of humanity has occurred laughing ), and the state - have not changed. There is no significant progress. Therefore, each state, like 5000 years ago, will defend its interests; there is nothing universally recognized, but universal humanity is not enough.
  32. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 2 February 2016 11: 55
    The fact that our Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Lavrov is in his place we ourselves know and evaluate his work not from the words of "foreign" political scientists, but on specific cases! But the point is that the West is waging an undisguised "information war" against us and a lot depends on what kind of "counterattacks" we will respond to this "lawlessness"! The impudence and impudence of our so-called "not quite partners" have reached their limits. below the sewerage level, "the unjustified lies and slander in the media against the top officials of Russia have acquired the most perverted forms! The Air Force spreads unconfirmed allegations of corruption against our President, the US State Department picks up, and where is our response? Why are slanderers not prosecuted? Yes, in any swamp devils are better than these so-called. "partners"! That begs the answer to these "sewer workers from the Western media", do not forget "u r o d s" that trying to "... throw dirt at a person may not get you, but you will get your hands dirty anyway .. . ", and you throw shit and you yourself will be head over heels in it!
    1. Corsair0304
      Corsair0304 2 February 2016 13: 12
      Quote: kartalovkolya
      Why are slanderers not held accountable?

      How? An American, the one who imprisoned our pilot for "drug trafficking" for 20 years, who is now rotting alive, and the Americans refuse to extradite him to Russia? Or the European one, which, out of some fright, put out 50 lards of Russia for the shareholders of Yukos?

      One can only be called to account if there is real leverage and the opportunity to do so. And to shake the air just like that ... let's not be like a bad example. As an option, it would be possible to drown the chief editor of the Air Force in the Thames - the smart ones would understand and beware from now on. So after all, they will make another Litvinenko out of it and they will suck it for another 10 years.