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Draft combat armored "Thermoplane"


Aviastar and MAI (i.e., an aircraft factory and an aviation institute) unexpectedly found a competitor, and which one - in the person of specialists in the field of sea-going vessels who had nothing to do with aviation!

Honored inventor of Russia Viktor Konstantinovich BOGATYREV (b. 1994), who designed a kilometer-diameter "plate" with walls of ship steel, nuclear engines and a load of thousands of tons, wanted to deploy at the empty shipyards of the Sudprom industry plant in Severodvinsk in 1996 — 1935. The atomic engine is necessary for heating the working fluid (superheated water vapor), which creates lift, and for the operation of the cruising and steering motors. The autonomy of work (refueling with nuclear fuel can be once a year, and water can be refilled everywhere, even from clouds over deserts) would allow such devices, if necessary, to stand in the air for months, replacing the crew with helicopters, and perform virtually any civilian and military tasks.

When it comes to flying machine, what does the ships have to do with it? Bogatyrev noticed that with a sufficiently large discolut it could be built - to weld the seams on the sheets - right in the open air on a flat concrete platform. For such work it was enough technology and experience of shipbuilders.

Moreover, it would be even desirable, because the thermoplane, B. Bogatyrev, argued in 1994, in “Kosmopoisk”, even needs to be made of armor, and not of aviation material! What is the purpose of making a disc-shaped armored cruiser from a flying disc-shaped heat carrier?

Draft combat armored "Thermoplane"

Impact force: "Combat UFO"

For centuries, from different countries come the news of the bizarre celestial lights and strange aircraft, landing on our Earth - UFO or "Unidentified Flying Objects." Most of them are like disks or "plates." This film for the first time tells about real "flying saucers" that can provide a revolutionary technological breakthrough and reliable security of Russia in the 21 century. These are aircraft without aerodrome base: "EKIP", "Thermoplane" and "Bars". They are capable of taking off and landing on any sites and water surfaces. All of them are developed in the aerospace industry and have a dual purpose. In the military field it is: reconnaissance and target designation of attack missile systems, sentinel service in the border areas, amphibious transport of personnel and equipment, rescue and engineering operations at sea and land. In the civilian sphere, in the near future, such devices can replace traditional passenger, transport and special aircraft, since they are distinguished by high efficiency, safety and payload.

It would seem that booking an aircraft is pointless, because modern shells and missiles even penetrate tank and ship’s armor, existing means of destruction can easily penetrate steel armor of a thermo-plan! But if piercing a tank’s armor means at least a defeat to its crew, and a hole in a ship means a real danger of sinking, then a hole in a flying thermoplane ... will not even put it off course. The fact is that no country has adopted anti-aircraft missiles with the same penetrative power as anti-tank or anti-ship missiles - this is simply not necessary for hitting aircraft. To get an anti-ship or anti-tank missile or shell into a flying target is almost impossible. An ordinary aerial rocket explodes 10-30 meters from the aircraft body, showering it with fragments - for any military or civilian aircraft this is fatal. Remember how in October 2001, a Ukrainian S-200 missile accidentally shot down a peaceful Russian Tu-154 aircraft over the Black Sea after it retargeted and exploded 15 meters above the fuselage. For an armored thermoplane, explosion and shedding of such shrapnel as an elephant grains. And the number of missile hits in an armored plan can be calculated only by scratches on its hull. Suppose, after the appearance of armored planes, someone will think of reprogramming anti-aircraft missiles so that they do not explode in front of the target’s body, but when they hit the target’s body. Indeed, a direct hit by an anti-aircraft missile (the very one that carries the aircraft into small pieces) will make a hole in the steel hull of the armored plane with an area of ​​about 1 square. m. A hot air leak will begin through this hole, but it will take several days for such a meager leak compared to the volume to lead to a loss of buoyancy. During this time, the ship's engine is able to generate hot gas 100 times larger in volume. In other words, to bring down a thermoplane, you need to get into it at least 100 times. And this is provided that the enemy has these 100 missiles in one place (the usual reserve of the air defense division is from 6 to 20-40 missiles), provided that the crew of the thermo plan will not maneuver, shoot and close holes (this is just the case when close-ups can be fixed by a conventional gas welder). And in this case, the “downed” thermoplane will not collapse, but very softly plans for the chosen site. Falling with such a windage is almost impossible.

Such a flying "monster" would be able to withstand the impact of hundreds of earth-to-air missiles at once, the occurrence of a hole of more than 100 square. m! In addition to this nightmare, he is still able to survive even a direct collision with stone rock at speeds in excess of 80 km / h. According to calculations, a ship inflated like a soccer ball will simply rebound from a solid obstacle, the crew will of course fall to its feet, but the ship will endure! A more invulnerable armored cruiser, capable of carrying dozens of combat aircraft, is hard to imagine: torpedoes are powerless against it, all existing anti-ship systems and all anti-aircraft missiles, except nuclear anti-aircraft missiles. The speed of such an aircraft carrier is several times higher than that of its ocean counterpart, so with such a counter air pressure, conventional combat aircraft can take off from a steel kilometer (!) Back and sit back on the Thermoplane, and not just specially built in the deck version .

So imagine which aircraft carriers or cruisers should be more wary of - ordinary sea or air, capable of high speed to get not only to distant islands, but also to any point of land? Only the summits of the Himalayas in the days of hurricane winds will be inaccessible to armored thermal planes ...

A country with at least a few armored thermal planes is able to defeat any other country that does not have such an air armor! For today no one can oppose such a mobile striking force, except for the air defense nuclear forces. Russia could have such an armored fleet today ... but it is unlikely to have it tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow, alas, an armored fleet will turn out to be yesterday afternoon; for sure, even smaller in size, but more mobile and powerful disklets, built according to other projects and flying according to other laws, will be made. However, we'll talk about them.

Not only military modification, but also civilian variants of cargo, cargo-and-passenger, construction or fire armored thermal plans are impressive. Even the usual “nonstandard” 500-ton machines of designers that are praised by us — aviation workers look next to the armored surface of the bugs!

New modifications that have descended from ship's stocks, can evacuate an entire city at once, deliver at least an entire plant to an unprepared site in Siberia, raise a sunken ship from the bottom or extinguish a forest fire after a one-time emptying of nearly thousand-ton water tanks. In terms of their operational characteristics, such devices intended for the transportation of oil may turn out to be more profitable than ordinary ocean supertankers, although by tankers it is the cheapest transportation, apart from pipelines. And if we take into account the speed of delivery (and not to the port, but directly to the plants and factories), then the benefits become completely obvious ...

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    MILITARY RF 13 January 2012 19: 59
    In the military program, the strike force is very detailed on this topic.
    1. Baikal
      Baikal 9 February 2017 13: 55
      What nonsense I NOW READ ?! fool
      IN, do jaundice?
      Gentlemen, at least ask first who these people are on the example of Chernobrov.
      These are asshole-clowning clowns, telling in all seriousness about astrals, UFOs, ancient "civilizations" and so on. These are not something to ask about something - they are even justified ... zapadlo.
      Shaking such a hand in the picture is natural to ruin a career in science. This is bio-garbage, living solely due to cutting the dough from its dumb flock - HOW can you give them a place under the article ?!
  2. Vlad7461
    Vlad7461 24 February 2012 11: 22
    This is a means for the revival of Russia, given its size and underdeveloped infrastructure. The whole country can be connected in all directions. Then such concepts as, for example, 'northern delivery' will disappear. The delivery of bulky goods will be simplified, and the most important thing is that an ordinary person can easily move throughout our vast Motherland. All other modes of transport cannot cope with these tasks.
  3. YARY
    YARY April 17 2012 19: 43
    Anyone! Tell me how long will our enemies be let into our high-tech industries and institutes? !!!!
    This is pure betrayal !!!
    And the fact that officials holding power are ruining ideas that bring my country to an unattainable level with a hundred percent worthy of SHOT !!!
    We are simply artificially lowered and lowered !!! This is incomprehensible to the mind.
    am am am am am
  4. berimor
    berimor 6 July 2012 23: 13
    Sorry guys, but this is pure floodlighting. I served in the Country’s air defense system for 30 years. The price of such a monster is enormous, and the benefits and benefits are very, very ephemeral. Against such monsters there are the same missiles, but with a nuclear warhead. It is enough to fart one such rocket and - Khan. Really have not yet been ill with gigantomania and a waste of money on idiotic projects !!!!!!!!! Probably such engineers cannot sleep at night in old age, and such crazy ideas arise.
    1. dmitry_kraynov
      dmitry_kraynov 11 July 2013 18: 27
      You are not right.

      Any device can be destroyed. A tank, plane, ship - everything explodes and is destroyed with a certain degree of ease. What now because of this tanks do not? No, we need tanks, and planes, and ships.
      And thermal plans are needed.
      Let them work in a peaceful sky - transport goods, work on construction, participate in rescue operations. It's enough.

      I do not think that such a military vehicle will be used as a landing vehicle for the landing of infantry and tanks on enemy territory. Then yes - the probability of its destruction is high.

      A more expedient military application of such devices would be continuous patrolling of disputed territories (for example, areas of the Arctic Ocean) or any other border areas. From such a site, it would be possible to conduct remote scanning of the sky, the sea, and the earth. In the event of a threat, planes or helicopters would take off from it and engage in battle far from the "base" itself. And it would be nice to place anti-aircraft, anti-missile, anti-space weapons on this "base".
    2. Zefr
      Zefr 16 November 2016 21: 17
      And what, in his cargo of 1000 tons can not be built protection system? So, a couple of missile defense divisions and other goodies, so that it was not good?
  5. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 22 October 2016 18: 58
    Some g_o was made from a normal site.
    Probably it’s interesting for youngsters to read fiction.
  6. mac789
    mac789 11 November 2016 22: 01
    An interesting assembly, albeit a fantastic one ... There are concrete proposals on how to improve it and seriously simplify and reduce the cost of its creation ... But if it somehow starts to abandon a nuclear power plant, at least initially, then you can do without state participation.
  7. Gorvas
    Gorvas 12 November 2016 11: 28
    nonsense, does not come off the earth,
    Sorry, wrong, complete nonsense!
  8. svedsl777
    svedsl777 12 November 2016 17: 56
    about this miracle even in "Young Technique" in 92 or 93 wrote
  9. Vasilij Pereira
    Vasilij Pereira 8 December 2016 22: 31
    The problem, first of all, is that projects of this kind (revolutionary), almost immediately, run into the most basic principle of opposition: "I believe, I do not believe"! As a rule, evolutionary types of technology do not encounter such obstacles on the way. There are calculations attached to the previous sample. Some enthusiasts still manage small "revolutionary" projects, but large ones ... assessment of such new projects, as a rule, is given by biased people, although technically literate. Such specialists are working on something similar and are not interested in the emergence of competitors. This principle proved to be very good in the USSR, in the development of large aircraft, when promising models were ruined due to the usual competitive fuss.
  10. brr1
    brr1 7 February 2017 10: 02
    [media = http: // https: //]
  11. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 8 February 2017 09: 23
    These devices were created in the late 80s and early 90s, they wrote a lot about them, the question arises, but what does our government think about the use of such devices, I think that if the issue is resolved it should be assigned to this direction TABORET, the process will go right there but unsinkable, and the power in the person of the first persons simply adores him, so he should give this enterprise. Maybe there will be a breakthrough.
  12. Mobik
    Mobik 13 February 2017 07: 56
    If a vampire bites a person, he becomes a vampire. But the author of this opus was bitten either by Kaptsov or rams. Long live armadillos and airships !!!
  13. Navy7981
    Navy7981 27 February 2017 13: 57
    Yes, aah, "there is much in the world ..." A lot of what was previously accepted hostilely for seeming impossibility now works quite successfully. At one time, someone, in the 19th century, wrote in all seriousness that at a speed of more than 45 versts per hour a person would certainly die. So do not put aside what at first glance seems like a delirium.
  14. TiRex
    TiRex 1 March 2017 00: 17
  15. Indifferent
    Indifferent 13 March 2017 00: 47
    It’s not clear what kind of monster it will be. If it is a metal bubble filled with hot air, then it cannot do without a pushing machine. Means you need all that is on the submarine. This is a couple of reactors, well, everything else including electric turbogenerators and power turbo generators for screws. Biological protection is needed and reserves of aspirates and fresh water for a year. All this weighs hundreds, and possibly thousands of tons. If you focus on a large boat, then at least 10000 tons. It’s just that the metal bubble will not hold, will break. It is clear to any engineer that for such loads an internal frame structure is needed. Nobody has considered it yet. Further, the air must be very hot. Otherwise, this miracle will not rise into the air. Huge heat exchangers are needed to heat the air. Nobody counted them either. What does it need copper or stainless steel. Steel cans can not do. Further, the crew cannot live at a temperature of 200-300 degrees. Need thermal insulation and living compartments, instrument compartments and compartments with weapons. At such high temperatures, how to service all this bunch of mechanisms? After all, metal has high thermal conductivity and everything that is needed and not needed will be heated. Plus, at an altitude of 2 km, nobody needs this snapper. He will fly wherever he wants from the wind. And at an altitude of more than 6 km, the lifting force of hot air is no longer enough. I'm not talking about altitudes of 20 km and above. Otsyudova conclusion. Extremely expensive shit (I think for the price of 10 aircraft carriers - ships) with very modest capabilities and great vulnerability. After all, you can shoot at 2 km with a tank gun with high-explosive equipment. A first grader will not miss a kilometer wide target. And a hundred holes will be done for one or two. No welders will help.
  16. Berthan
    Berthan April 13 2017 17: 50
    Yeah, well ... Crap of course ... But ... If THIS can still fly up - it will be a scarecrow ... He doesn't even need any outstanding performance characteristics, that's enough)
  17. Voenoboz
    Voenoboz 17 July 2017 22: 40
    In every crazy idea it makes sense. Buran did, yes, WHERE is he. The energy his carrier did - where is she. Mriya did - where is she. People can do any even a fantastic project, but we are not lucky with the rulers, you yourself know who they are, how and where they live. That's a question of questions. And harmless nonsense can be read and listened to.