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Romanian Medium Tank TM-800


In late 1994, Romania published a report on its main combat tank (MBT) TM-800, which is very similar to the MBT TR-580, also developed in this country, and which may be an export version of this machine.

Like the TR-580 MBT, the TM-800 tank has six road wheels on each side, and the upper part of the chassis is covered with light steel screens. The main purpose of these screens is to keep dust from rising upwards.

According to available information, this tank remained at the prototype stage and did not enter mass production. According to the UN, Romania has not exported this MBT.

The overall layout of the tank TM-800 is similar to the layout of the Romanian MBT TR-580 and TR-85; driver-mechanic is placed in front of the left, ammunition 100-mm shots laid to his right.

The driver has a manhole cover with integrated periscopes for front visibility. The central periscope can be replaced by an illumination periscope for driving at night.

The cast tower of armor steel is located in the center of the car, the commander and gunner-gunner are located on the left and loader on the right. Just like the Russian tanks T-54 and T-55, on which this vehicle is actually based.

The commander and loader has a turret with an anti-aircraft 12,7-mm machine gun; fire from it leads loader. Boxes with 12,7-mm cartridges laid on the sides of the tower.

The engine compartment is located in the rear of the hull. On Russian tanks, the T-54 / T-55 / T-62 / T-72 has a clearly distinguishable exhaust port on the left side above the last support roller. At MBT TM-800 this hole is missing. In the stern of the tower fixed log for self-pulling.

The main armament consists of a stabilized in azimuth and elevation angle 100-mm rifled gun series D-10 with an ejection device. In addition, the shooter has an independent stabilized sight. With the main gun coaxially installed 7,62-mm machine gun.

Romanian Medium Tank TM-800

Tank TM-800 from the left side

The integrated fire control system includes a ballistic computer and a laser rangefinder, which allows you to fire targets at distances from 150 to 4000 meters.

Standard equipment includes night vision devices for the commander, gunner and driver, a system for protecting against weapons of mass destruction, fire detection and extinguishing systems, the ability to install demining systems in the front of the hull, anti-radiation substation, an intercom system and the ability to overcome deep water obstacles.

Although the TM-800 is similar to the outdated Russian T-54 / T-55 tanks, it is heavier on the 9000 kg. According to the Romanian manufacturers, the hull and tower include multi-layered armor in order to increase combat survivability, and in combination with a longer engine compartment, this may give an increase in the mass of the machine.

If necessary, a dozer blade or clearance equipment may be installed in the front of the tank.


TER-800 (Pentru Evacuare Si Reparatti) is based on the hull of the TM-800 tank, but has the equipment for solving repair and evacuation tasks. Standard equipment includes a winch, crane and special tools and equipment. The total mass of BREM is 45,5 tons.

Tank TR-72
It is very similar to the Russian T-72 tank, but it was not mass produced.

Technical characteristics of the tank TM-800
Crew: 4
Length Overall: 9 M
Enclosures: 6,74 m
Width, overall: 3,3 m
The height of the roof of the tower: 2,35 m
Ground clearance: 0,425 m
Track: 2,64 m
Track Width: 580 mm
Caterpillar length on the ground: 4,25 m
Chassis: tracked
Power density: 18,45 hp / t
maximum speed: 64 km / h
cross country: 40 km / h
Cruising range: 500 km
with additional fuel tanks: 700 km
Fuel tank capacity: 1100 liters
Water barrier
without preparation: 1,4 m
with preparation: 5 m
Rise: 60%
Side slope: 40%
Wall: 0,90 m
Moat: 2,8 m
Engine: diesel, 830 hp
Transmission: Manual
100-mm rifled gun D-10
twin 7,62-mm machine gun
roof mounted 12,7-mm machine gun
10 smoke grenade launchers (2 x 5)
gun: 43
machine guns, total: 4000
7,62 / 0.30: 3500
12,7 / 0.50: 500
smoke grenades: 20
Stabilization of weapons
By the corner of the place: there is
Azimuth: yes
Night vision equipment: yes
System of protection against weapons of mass destruction: there is
Hull and tower: armor steel

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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 2 February 2016 06: 54 New
    A funny attempt to pass off the T-54, T-55 for a flight of mamaly design thought, in fact, with these rarities with a claim to be extraordinary in the vicinity of Wallachia, you can only scare gopniks under zhovto-bvokitny footcloths, but we must pay tribute it looks dull -Ug better than gyratory wing "Lev-1".
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 2 February 2016 07: 38 New
    Actually, there’s nothing to talk about, just don’t turn it over, and the T-54 / 55, just as it was a tank of the fifties, remains so. You can upgrade it to infinity, but he can no longer do more than drive the Papuans. And the weapons remained the same as on the original. Romanian-Gypsy military-scientific thought has long stood still at the level of unlicensed copying and the illegal sale of samples of Soviet weapons, the matter does not go further.
    1. Wheel
      Wheel 2 February 2016 08: 57 New
      Quote: inkass_98
      Actually, there’s nothing to talk about, just don’t turn it over, and the T-54/55, as it was a tank of the fifties, remains so. You can upgrade it to infinity, but he can no longer do more than drive the Papuans. And the weapons remained the same as on the original.

      How to say...
      The teachings of 14 years in Germany showed that the Yusers on the Abrams are quite suitable as Papuans ...
    2. Fidel
      Fidel 2 February 2016 12: 20 New
      By the way, a very good tank. Especially T-55. It has a better gun, among other things. And if somehow we exclude several high-tech and independent powers in terms of tank building from the overall picture, then the remaining 90 percent will be the very Papuans)) So it's quite a fitting tank! good
  3. Fitter65
    Fitter65 2 February 2016 07: 56 New
    The main purpose of these screens is to prevent dust from rising up.

    This is the most, in my opinion, the main feature in this tank laughing
  4. Gray 43
    Gray 43 2 February 2016 08: 12 New
    Soviet tank building school however
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 2 February 2016 08: 18 New
    There was infa about the teachings of Romanian tanks with the Abrams and the Yankees were unsatisfied, either they were shot, or maneuvered.
  6. baudolino
    baudolino 2 February 2016 08: 47 New
    Yandex on request "TM-800" issues commercial blenders. It's not without reason).
  7. maximghost
    maximghost 2 February 2016 10: 20 New
    The Romanians simply have some irresistible craving for lengthening Soviet technology. They lengthened their version of BMP-1, T-55 and T-72 by 1 rink ...
  8. Lanista
    Lanista 2 February 2016 10: 40 New
    It was 2016. Russia adopted the "Armata". Romania mastered the welding of extra 9 tons on the T-55 ...

    A few facts about the Romanian prodigy.
    Inside, according to Romanian tradition, the tank is tiled. A bathroom self-cleaning system has been installed (do not ask where it comes from in the tank - this is a Romanian military secret). The balcony of the tower (another Romanian innovation) is glazed according to European standards. The fighting compartment is pasted with special wallpaper that performs the functions of anti-fragmentation lining. The tank is equipped with Romanians who are able to carry out field repairs directly on the battlefield.

    If serious.
    One of the criteria for classifying the state as technically advanced is such an interesting indicator as the production of its own tanks. The tank is, in fact, the most high-tech thing that is produced by the heavy industry of a particular state. Airplanes are not counted in this case, because Very few people produce them (as a result, it is easier to buy an airplane "over the hill" than to develop it ourselves, and a tank - vice versa).
    So, in this case, the mamalizhniki decided "to enter paradise on someone else's hump", but what kind of tank is such a heavy industry.
    1. A.Lex
      A.Lex 2 February 2016 16: 05 New
      Such they are - like the Chinese today.
    2. Odysseus
      Odysseus 2 February 2016 16: 22 New
      Quote: Lanista
      It was 2016. Russia adopted the "Armata". Romania mastered the welding of extra 9 tons on the T-55 ...

      Ok, Dear. This tank we studied back in the 80s. This is greetings from Socialist Romania. After 1989 in Romania, in general, no tanks were developed.
  9. maximghost
    maximghost 2 February 2016 11: 35 New
    At the expense of copying the t-55. That you have not seen the Romanian military shipbuilding ...
  10. Fidel
    Fidel 2 February 2016 12: 13 New
    OK-OK. T-55 is a SOVIET car. There was a reserve laid down!))
    They were quite enough for a mattress on joint exercises, to dress up in their "abrashs". So the hominy tankers will show themselves! We will still witness the epic blow of the iron Gypsy-Romanian armada to Chernivtsi and the final solution of the "Khokhlosrach question"))) drinks
  11. saygon66
    saygon66 2 February 2016 15: 01 New
    -One more "Romanian" smile
  12. Thomas I do not believe40
    Thomas I do not believe40 2 February 2016 15: 53 New
    He is kind of sweet. All tinted, powdery, like a woman. All that ... One word - Romanian! laughing
    1. Fidel
      Fidel 2 February 2016 22: 36 New
      - So he's a Bulgarian.
      - Yes, one hell ...! laughing
  13. A.Lex
    A.Lex 2 February 2016 16: 03 New
    I pinned the side screen - "the upper part of the chassis is covered with light steel screens. The main purpose of these screens is to prevent dust from rising up."
  14. Type 63
    Type 63 2 February 2016 18: 07 New
    The article hopelessly mixed up different versions of the Romanian tanks. The TM-800 was mass-produced, the TR-85M with a developed tower niche did not go into production, but the TR-85M1 Bizonul, which was also quite mass-produced, was developed on its basis.
    1. Dam
      Dam 2 February 2016 23: 13 New
      Appreciated your knowledge, but it’s hard and probably useless to sort out shit
      1. Type 63
        Type 63 3 February 2016 00: 58 New
        I am a modeller and made the TR-85M, in 1/48 scale, from resin. Therefore, I read pretty much about Romanian technology.
        1. opus
          opus 3 February 2016 01: 07 New
          Quote: Type 63
          Therefore, I read pretty much about Romanian technology.

          Medium Tank TR-580 / TR-85M1 Bizonul

          TR-580 is the basic production version. In the designation TR - Tank Romanesc - "Romanian tank", 580 - engine power.
          TR-77 - export version of TR-580,
          TR-85 - 100-mm rifled gun and laser rangefinder "Yangzhou" Chinese-made. The gun received the Romanian designation A-308. West German 8-cylinder diesel engine 8VS-A2T2M with a capacity of 860 hp, modified MTO roof. On the part of the tanks, the guns were equipped with heat-insulating covers. Ammunition box on the left side of the tower. Combat weight 47.2 tons
          TM-800 is an export version of TR-85.
          TR-85M - cast tower with aft niche. Made a prototype.
          TR-85M1 Bizonul - The upgraded TR-85M. More powerful engine. The Ciclop-M1 FCS, which includes an electronic ballistic computer, a new electronic gun stabilization system, a laser range finder, a heat-shielding gun cover, 20 smoke grenade launchers. Laser irradiation detection and warning system. Mounted DZ on the frontal cheekbones of the tower. Rubberized tracks of caterpillars. Combat weight 50 t.
          TR-80 (TR-800) is an export version of TR-85.

          The production of tanks TR-580 is completed. As of January 1, 2010, the Romanian army was in operation 42 tanks TR-580 and 93 TR-85M1.

          Quote: Damm
          it’s probably useless to sort out shit

          seemingly nothing at all

  15. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 2 February 2016 23: 03 New
    Engine-with a gas generator, on the ears of corn .... Joke.