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Survivors of the meat grinder

In the Altai region are found not only "Lynx"

“Before the collapse of the USSR, we were a leading defense enterprise,” recalled Vladimir Sarapov, a gunsmith with more than 40-year experience, a veteran of the Altai instrument-making factory Rotor. - In 90, due to the lack of defense orders, the workshops were closed, the heating was turned off, the workers were dismissed. With 2000, the enterprise has begun to revive, overgrow with new connections. ”

The assessment of the veteran is confirmed by official sources. The meeting of Altai Territory Governor Alexander Karlin with Oleg Bochkarev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission, which took place last summer, said that in the first half of 2015, regional defense companies demonstrated an enviable development trend - 110 percent on the industrial production index.

Survivors of the meat grinder

The Altai Instrument-Making Plant “Rotor” was listed as a leading defense enterprise of the USSR since 1962, as a direct participant in the production of ballistic and then cruise missiles. In 1977, the enterprise carried out the first production of Medveditsa-RTM navigation systems, which equipped the second-generation multipurpose submarines. "Rotor" was the lead performer on this topic. The year 1981 is commemorated by the launch of the release of the Salyut system, which equipped strategic submarines and the heavy nuclear missile cruisers Admiral Ushakov, Admiral Lazarev, Admiral Nakhimov, Peter the Great ... Regarding the mass production of gyroscopic instruments and navigation systems for the needs of the Soviet Navy, the rotors were deservedly considered the first in the Soviet Union. But in 90, the company experienced a severe crisis caused by resetting the state defense order. A unique enterprise, in order to survive, switched to the production of meat grinders.

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“We have been provided with defense orders up to 2018 of the year,” said Irina Tsomaeva, deputy general director for economics of JSC “Rotor”, for economics. - In the year we master from 10 to 12 new developments of the Central Research Institute Elektropribor from St. Petersburg and other domestic research institutes. The enterprise has an import substitution program - the production of components previously produced in Ukraine has been adjusted. ”

A veteran of the Rotor, Vladimir Sarapov, who arrived at the plant in 1973 after graduating from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, worked in the design bureau, and the head of the workshop, and now head of the production and dispatch department, convincingly proves that the company is on the rise: m military orders accounted for only 2000 percent. Now rose to 25 percent. To prepare the workers needed by the plant, they created their own training center. The salary of 87 – 28 thousand rubles that have just completed it. Unique specialists, professionals with experience earn from 30 to 60 thousands. ”

In the line of tires produced in Altai for
military and civil aviation about
40 models. Photo:

BRM-3K "Rys" developed in Rubtsovsk
based on the BMP-3. Photo:

Maintenance and interhope
repair navigation systems heavy
nuclear missile cruiser
"Peter the Great" performed
at the factory "Rotor". Photo:

Altai Tire Plant, a company with half a century historyToday, it is one of the largest in its industry; it is developing particularly dynamically in the new century. In 2006 for the first time won a tender for the supply of aviation and automobile tires to the Ministry of Defense. In the line of "shoes" for military and civilian flight technology - about 40 models.

In 2013, the equipment of the aircraft tire shop started to be installed on the AShK at the AShK. Why have unique equipment been sold to distant lands? The history is as simple as a market in the conditions of which our “defense industry” has to work. YASHZ-Avia, which is part of a large tire holding, was initially singled out as an independent production. However, it was not possible to survive in a narrow niche - the court declared the company bankrupt. The plant equipment went under the hammer and was eventually taken to the Altai Tire Plant. Probably, here the production conditions turned out to be more suitable. In 2015, the production of tires at the APS was increasing, not only for aviation, but also for ground military equipment. As the military representative Vadim Baskirev said, last year the company fully fulfilled the state defense order. Currently, production is being modernized, production continues to grow.

Barnaultransmash counts its history from the Great Patriotic War, when from Stalingrad, literally under enemy fire, equipment of giant enterprises was removed from the destination Barnaul. Until the end of the war, Transmash produced ten thousand engines for the thirty-fours, which amounted to a quarter of all tank motors manufactured in a hard time by Soviet factories.

Today, production volumes are not the same. And the crisis is experiencing strength. The plant does not hide the fact that in order to fulfill defense orders it was necessary to optimize production facilities. Barnaultransmash freed 16 500 square meters of space, reduced the consumption of heat and electricity. All this allowed the plant to compensate for the increased costs of basic materials for the production of engines - aluminum and copper, as well as to keep prices for finished products, to save jobs and income levels of employees. Over 2013 – 2014, the company increased its output by 50 million rubles. In 2015, another 150 million. The main products of the plant are marine and industrial diesel engines.

By the way, the transmash motors mounted on the tractors took part in the parade dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory.

Barnaul Cartridge Factory dates back to the middle of the XIX century. The enterprise founded during the reign of Alexander II in St. Petersburg became one of the first ammunition manufacturing facilities in Russia. In World War I, the entire Russian army was supplied with its products. In Civil, when the threat of occupation of Petrograd arose, the plant was evacuated to Podolsk. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic production moved to Barnaul. Cartridge factories from Moscow and Lugansk also went there. In fact, a new enterprise organized the release of all the necessary for small weapons cartridges. 24 is considered to be 1941 on November 7,62, when the first batch of ammunition produced in Altai land was sent to the front as a birthday party at JSC BPZ. Throughout the war, the Barnaul plant supplied the front with cartridges of 12,7, 14,5 and XNUMX calibers of a millimeter (with an armor-piercing incendiary bullet), as well as a TT pistol. Every second cartridge made in the years of the Great Patriotic War was Altai.

During the 70 years that have passed since Victory Day, the plant, driven at different times, like any enterprise, by the need for development and survival, in addition to military products, mastered the production of "peaceful" products - hunting cartridges.

In 2013, with the support of the regional administration, BPZ began to implement the investment project "Re-equipment and modernization of tool production." In 2014, three new types of cartridges were mastered and introduced, two of which, according to knowledgeable people, have no analogues. Work continued on technical re-equipment and modernization, the number of employees increased. Only recently, more than 25 new types of equipment have been purchased, installed and included in the production process.

In 2015, the development of the design and the delivery of the 7,62-mm rifle sniper cartridge with the BS armor-piercing bullet to the production received the Altai Territory Award in science and technology in the R & D category, which ended with the use of new technologies, equipment, instruments, equipment, materials and substances as well as the practical implementation of inventions, solutions in the field of management and finance ".

The club of BPZ dealers includes not only Russian companies, but also firms from the near and far abroad.

The Rubtsovsk branch - NPK Uralvagonzavod was created as an enterprise for the production of tracked vehicles. The design task was approved on the eve of 1960 by the department of capital construction of the regional economic council. In 1967, the Rubtsovsk Machine-Building Plant began to develop parts and assemblies for the BMP-1. In 1973, the first commander combat reconnaissance vehicles (BRM-1K) were manufactured at the Kurganmashzavod. In 1980, the serial production of the command and control vehicle, the BMP-1KSH, has begun. For the creation of the third generation commander BRM, the work on which was completed in 1993, the team was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation. The plant managed to keep this specialization; moreover, foreign orders for parts and components necessary for the modernization of the BMP-2000 had already appeared in 1's.

27 August 2007 was signed by the presidential decree on the establishment of the Uralvagonzavod research and production corporation, which included Rubtsovsk Machine-Building Plant OJSC among other enterprises. Today, a BRY-3K “Lynx” commander combat vehicle is produced here, designed to carry out troop reconnaissance at any time of the year and day in conditions of limited visibility. The industrial potential of the enterprise, focus on the production of special-purpose tracked vehicles, are preserved, as is the research base, the staff of one of the largest enterprises of Rubtsovsk.

A brief summary of the situation in the industry at the request of the correspondent of "MIC" summed up the regional administration. She is satisfied with the work of Altai defense orders and is looking to strengthen positive trends in 2016.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 January 2016 07: 25
    Good and good deeds for the benefit of our defense industry, Altai people.

    P.S. And the hunting cartridges of Barnaul are always on sale, even in stores in the Far East.
    1. Sweles
      Sweles 30 January 2016 13: 32
      To prepare the workers necessary for the plant, they created their own training center. The salary of 28-30 thousand rubles has just been completed. Unique specialists, experienced professionals earn from 60 to 117 thousand. "

      Open vacancies:

      Position, specialty

      Nature, working hours

      Social guarantees


      Controller of machine and metalwork

      Constantly from 8-00 to 17-00

      Social package, official transport


      Leading Occupational Safety Specialist

      Constantly from 8-00 to 17-00

      Social package, official transport


      Software Engineer

      Constantly from 8-00 to 17-00

      Social package, official transport

      Manufacturing Engineer

      Constantly from 8-00 to 17-00

      Social package, official transport


      Turner 3-4 categories

      Constantly from 8-00 to 17-00

      Social package, official transport


      Loader transporter (electric driver)

      Constantly from 8-00 to 17-00

      Social package, official transport


      Contact Information
      An interesting presentation of information. The article says that young specialists have 30tys. rubles, and the official site of the plant says that turners and engineers with a salary of 18-20 thousand rubles are required. so who is lying?
      1. serezhasoldatow
        serezhasoldatow 30 January 2016 15: 30
        You do not consider various surcharges, usually this is the starting figure.
      2. woron333444
        woron333444 30 January 2016 20: 14
        turners receive from 40, they generally carry borers on their hands - from 60. Now it’s difficult for machine operators to find.
      3. Nick
        Nick 30 January 2016 22: 24
        Quote: Sveles
        An interesting presentation of information. The article says that young specialists have 30tys. rubles, and the official site of the plant says that turners and engineers with a salary of 18-20 thousand rubles are required. so who is lying?

        I guess no one is lying. Most likely, in vacancies, the base salary is indicated, to which personal allowances and bonuses are expected based on the results of work for the month. In my personal experience, I can say that with a base salary of 10 thousand, I really earned 3,5-4 times higher, though only until negative indicators appeared in the balance sheet.
  2. 78bor1973
    78bor1973 30 January 2016 08: 02
    And also in Barnaul there was an RTI plant from which they made a go-karting site, and there was also the newest ZSV plant launched in 1989 (they simply cut it into metal), BKZ, KhBK, Radiozavod, Mehpressov Plant - in the Altai Territory, probably one of the smallest earnings in Russia and this is my hometown! Although I'm happy for Rotor and Transmash!
    1. Ctrannik
      Ctrannik 30 January 2016 11: 16
      About Transmash, people familiar with the situation said that in preparation for the parade on Red Square, five transmash engines were replaced with equipment.
    2. Ctrannik
      Ctrannik 30 January 2016 11: 16
      About Transmash, people familiar with the situation said that in preparation for the parade on Red Square, five transmash engines were replaced with equipment.
  3. Ctrannik
    Ctrannik 30 January 2016 08: 16
    Well, not everything is as rosy as the administration and Alexander Bogdanovich see it. Let's be honest and tell about other plants. What remains of the Radio Plant, Geophysics, OKBA ... some names ... Literally leveled the territory of the Instrument-Mechanical with bulldozers, a wonderful entertainment complex will turn out ...
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 30 January 2016 08: 22
      Quote: Ctrannik
      Well, not everything is as rosy as the administration and Alexander Bogdanovich see it. Let's be honest and tell about other plants.

      Do you think only you? Yes, this has happened or is happening all over the country. I just don’t want to write.
    2. woron333444
      woron333444 30 January 2016 20: 18
      Not everyone is lucky in this life. In Rubtsovsk, the RPZ was ditched, in its place the Altayvagon, one might say, was installed from scratch. Altaiselmash and ATZ where almost 40 thousand people worked, as after the bombing. RMZ is now a branch of Uralvagon. Instead of AZTE, now Litkom and Zobneva Plant (makes plows and agricultural machinery)
  4. Vega
    Vega 30 January 2016 08: 37
    Reviving the defense industry - we are reviving both science and culture and the countryside.
  5. Platonich
    Platonich 30 January 2016 09: 58
    In Krasnoyarsk, even worse! How many plants are closed - the hair is moving!
  6. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 30 January 2016 10: 41
    Let’s honestly: the enterprises that have not stood the test of time and that have failed to navigate the changed commodity-money relations, have incorrectly built their strategic line on technical re-equipment, partnerships, etc. have closed and are closing.
    I will cite my dear Magnitogorsk as an example. I remember, when I was on business trips, I used to call him and often heard - "Where is this, where is Magadan?"
    Then the collapse of the USSR, the country fell, there is no money, barter, there is no sale.
    After changing the workers, there was nothing for the workers to wash the soap on the basis of the coke production.
  7. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 30 January 2016 10: 49
    In the dashing 90s, the entire defense complex was sentenced to destruction (to please the west) by people who are still in power. And the people - to debilitation and extinction. The military-industrial complex is, first of all, the intellectual elite of society. I remember how one highly skilled specialist at that time worked as a conductor on a tram. I could not find other work in my city ...
    But life, as you know, consists of alternating black and white stripes. We exit the next black line. With what all of us and congratulations!
  8. Kazakh
    Kazakh 30 January 2016 11: 14
    In 2013, the ASC began to mount the equipment of the aircraft tire workshop purchased in Yaroslavl.
    In 2013, metal equipment was still working there for a year on the street. In the workshops above the machines they pulled polyethylene so that it would not rain. The staff turnover is terrible. In general, everything is not as rosy as they describe unfortunately. Now it’s not better.
  9. aba
    aba 30 January 2016 11: 30
    It is gratifying to hear such news, but even more gratifying that not all experts are confused. But everything was going on, and so far everything is going to this, because there is no longer a base for training secondary technicians, vocational schools have essentially been eliminated.
  10. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 30 January 2016 13: 02
    I will continue with your permission:
    Many enterprises stood up, were stolen not without the help of their hard workers.
    Against this background, the example of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) is very instructive:
    In the most difficult period for the metallurgical industry, a new team came to the management of the plant elected directors and they managed not only to keep production and personnel, but also to carry out a serious reconstruction of production. MMK is alive and today celebrates its birthday.
  11. Oml
    Oml 30 January 2016 13: 17
    I do not know if the author of the article was Kapitolina Balysheva Rubtsovsk, but if there was, I saw that there was practically nothing left from either ATZ (tractor plant), RZZ (plant car), or Selmash. Workshops, even walls, roads, checkpoints, etc. everything is fucked. Not many ATZ "exist" at the expense of the CHP, which is located on its territory and serves the remains of the city.
  12. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 January 2016 13: 45
    Severe, insulting situations. An insult to the depths of my soul. Somehow I didn’t look at the network for any evidence of these destroyed plants. They will probably try to erase the people’s memory, and then the traitors will want to destroy the archives.
    I had one volume of the publication for the 300th anniversary of Sanut Petersburg, Large, thick, burgundy, "Vyborgskaya side". I gave it to a good family living there. They were surprised and happy. "After all, these factories are no longer there, everything is destroyed." After all, how many people were exposed.
    I liked the article. Glad for this plant.
  13. TOR2
    TOR2 30 January 2016 14: 08
    The author casually mentioned the civilian range of products. For example, the automobile compressors that the Altai Instrument-Making Plant produces under the Katun brand are not a bad thing. They cost less than Chinese, and much better in quality.
  14. Old warrior
    Old warrior 30 January 2016 14: 32
    Prosperity to you.
  15. Matsuda Kabushiki
    Matsuda Kabushiki 30 January 2016 15: 42
    And why be surprised at closed factories, destroyed industries. Those who lived during the Soviet era will surely remember that the Soviet Union was ready to fight the entire Western world. Almost the entire industry worked for defense, the USSR army numbered more than 5 million people (as of 1989). Hence the number of enterprises to arm such an army. At one time I was very surprised when I learned that the production of televisions in the Soviet Union was a "side" production, the main one was again for defense.
  16. mitya1941
    mitya1941 30 January 2016 17: 29
    I am a resident of Rubtsovsk. In the best of times, more than 24 thousand workers worked at the ATZ. Now there are only ruins. There you can shoot a movie about the Battle of Stalingrad. And now there is a shopping center in the Tool Shop. Looks like an agricultural tractor in our country is not needed.
  17. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 30 January 2016 19: 37
    Dear Colleagues. I will end 2 of my previous pages with a short afterword.

    Factories trying to produce unnecessary products to anyone were and will always be doomed.
    Only competent and stubborn leaders will be able to work in a fierce world of competition,
    with China, for example, for the key to survival is the creation of a demanded and competitive
    at the price of the product. To do this, you need to sweat, and not whiskey in nightclubs to drink. And this
    today youth (no offense) oh how not enough.
    On this finished
    1. igfrost1957
      igfrost1957 5 July 2016 13: 19
      I absolutely agree with you. Many leaders of the Soviet years could not adapt to new conditions. Many began to simply steal.
  18. aba
    aba 30 January 2016 21: 05
    Quote: avg-mgn
    Factories trying to produce unnecessary products to anyone were and will always be doomed.

    I would like to agree with you, but I don’t agree that it was necessary to destroy everything under the root. A reprofile ?! Only now, our corrupt elite turned out to have different outlooks on life. And this is not the fault of the enterprise, which did not produce something.