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Pushkov: information about the PACE decision to punish deputies for visiting the Crimea - “another fake” from Ukraine

The head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs, Alexei Pushkov, denied the message of the Ukrainian deputy Logvinsky that the PACE (Parliamentary Assembly) introduced responsibility for MEPs "for visiting the Crimea and the Donbass bypassing Ukrainian laws," reports RIA News.

"No" punishment "for Europ. PACE did not introduce the deputies who visited the Crimea or the Donbass and cannot introduce it. This is another fake "made in Ukraine" ",
wrote Pushkov today on Twitter.

He added that this organization cannot punish anyone at all, since all its decisions are only recommendations.

“PACE is a consultative body of the Council of Europe. Its resolutions are advisory in nature. She has no right to prohibit or allow anything to deputies, ”explained Pushkov.

Earlier, Logvinsky wrote on Facebook: “I am grateful to all members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe who supported Ukraine, supported our delegation and voted in favor of our amendment.”
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  1. Vend
    Vend 27 January 2016 15: 31
    Lying to the Ukrainian people and lying to the world is not the same thing. Here you can easily run into the truth or rebuttal laughing
    1. bort4145
      bort4145 27 January 2016 15: 32
      Well, what can I say, except:
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 January 2016 15: 33
      I appeal to the site administration and their readers, should I post my summary on the situation in the DPR or wait for news on a similar topic?
      1. cniza
        cniza 27 January 2016 15: 35
        As a reader of YES, regardless of the topic.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. kil 31
        kil 31 27 January 2016 15: 36
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        I appeal to the site administration and their readers, should I post my summary on the situation in the DPR or wait for news on a similar topic?

        I am a reader and I am two-handed.
        1. dmi.pris
          dmi.pris 27 January 2016 16: 17
          It is possible to give a damn or not to pay any attention to what came from PACE or from the idiots in Kiev, but we are looking forward to hearing from you, Vladyka Sith ..
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. Loner_53
        Loner_53 27 January 2016 15: 41
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        I appeal to the site administration and their readers, should I post my summary on the situation in the DPR or wait for news on a similar topic?

        We are waiting for news from you. With respect to you
      6. major071
        major071 27 January 2016 15: 42
        Spread until those in the Donbass are not expected, at least for today.
        Regards, major hi
      7. APASUS
        APASUS 27 January 2016 16: 05
        Quote: Sith Lord
        I spread my summary of the situation in the DPR

        To spread
      8. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 27 January 2016 16: 18
        Message from the militia with the callsign "Sych" (LPR)

        "Let's start with frontline news. Firstly, the enemy has increased shelling along the entire front line, which is in the DPR and we have in the LPR. So far, there are more attacks in the DPR, but we are not bored either. Until of course the enemy does not go into reconnaissance in force. ", but that's to be expected.
        During this day, for example, we have 6 wounded along the front, according to the data that I have collected. The enemy has a minus sniper, and especially an "active" grenade launcher, and several wounded (they did not count). These are the pies.
        Now on the situation around the "epidemic". I often see panicky messages that are in ukropostan and we have. In fact, the situation is as follows. Firstly, I want to mark the information that ukrovoy and servicemen of the Republics, and the "voentorg" of both sides, and, unfortunately, civilians suffer equally.
        The situation in the LPR is easier than in the DPR. The biggest problems for those units that fell on a drop from frost to damp and on a drop from damp back to frost. The remaining units are mostly ill with colds. The artillery units were least affected, of course, not at the front, but at the training grounds or in the barracks.
        Ukrov, of course, are sick VSUshniki and Natsiks, but this is cannon fodder, the biggest blow, as expected, fell on the ELITE! As everyone already knows, after the start of the Aerospace Forces operation in Syria, many militants were pumped from there to Novorossiya, and after the beginning of the conflict with the Turks, the Turks also arrive here. Only now a problem has arisen, if mercenaries from the north (Scandinavians, Balts and Poles) normally endure frosts and practically do not get sick, then southerners - Arabs, Turks and even Crimean Tatars, who are not used to such a climate and weather conditions, fall ill one after the other. The highest mortality rate is among these mercenaries. That is why I want to note that this is much more joyful news than the death of VSUshnikov. And we have mortality, but I want to note that there is not any "catastrophe" now, but the trend is rather negative.
        In any case, the civilian population suffers greatly. In the territory occupied by the enemy, there are simply no drugs that mainly came from the Russian Federation, and now they have closed the way for them.
        There is medicine in LDN, but not enough (if someone wouldn’t steal it would be more), and they are quite expensive, especially for an old grandmother who has a pension of 2000 rubles, or even 3000-3500, or for a state employee who feed the family.
        Guys from the Ministry of Health of the LPR and DPR. Ministers and deputies, our dears, take care of the pricing policy of pharmacies, it will be enough to sell medicines at exorbitant prices. This is a warning, not a request. As far as I know, the MGB is very fond of drug dealers, weapons and air conditioners now! They will welcome you with open arms! Therefore, tie the people to plunder, you have enough money for a normal life, not survival! "
      9. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 27 January 2016 16: 35
        Now I’m adding my own according to the DNI.
      10. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 27 January 2016 16: 56
        A summary of the military situation in Donetsk from a military man with the call sign "Mag". (DPR)
        About the situation in Donetsk. The last 4 days, the situation has sharply worsened. On Saturday, a little later than usual, at about 18:50 the APU began firing with machine guns and grenade launchers of the BCH positions at the airport and the village of Spartak. A little later, 82nd mortars were launched along the front line of the militia. This bacchanalia was real and the militia of 40 minutes suppressed the firing points and mortars of punishers by the power of one battery. This went on until about 23 hours, after which everything calmed down.
        On Sunday, the situation repeated itself, but in the western direction Petrovsky district of Donetsk, Aleksandrovka, Staromikhailovka. Also, first machine guns, AGS and then mortars are connected, sometimes the tank leaves and makes a couple of salvos. In Aleksandrovka, a house was destroyed, by the way the third house in a week. A little later, after about two hours at 19:00, similar provocations began in the northern suburbs. But here the militia again gave an answer, they worked for about 50 minutes. Which brigades, what weapons, and from which areas, for obvious reasons, I will not indicate. I can only say that a fire was noticed in the Avdeevka area. What burned and what losses from the APU I do not know.
        On Monday, one to one situation repeated. Again, 40-50 minutes of shooting, kK machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns worked for quite some time, grenade launchers. Twice the tanks fired, and a couple. One goes to start shelling, the second a little later. Again, the militia gave a short answer, 30 minutes worked on mortar batteries of the Armed Forces and the National Guard in the area of ​​the settlement Experienced.
        By the way, the situation was the same in Gorlovka, shelling from everything except the MLRS and short answers.
        Tuesday, yesterday.
        From 17:30 from the side of Marnka, the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces fired from the mortar the heap of the Trudovskaya mine, which is in the west of Donetsk, apparently trying to cover our spotters. Now, from 20:30 from the side of the village of Peski, machine guns and machine guns started talking, occasionally they use LNG (boots). At 20:35 a shooting battle is still ongoing. At 20:40 p.m., an exchange of courtesies began with a caliber of 122 mm direction - Sands-Oktyabrsky, Experimental-Airport and Avdeevka-Kiev and from us - along Sands, Experimental and the environs of Avdeevka.
        At 21:15 the cannonade continues, the directions are the same: Sands-Volvo-center and from us the grooving goes on them. Also, the AFU fired mortar shells at the positions of the DNR guard in Staromikhailovka. Arrives at intervals of 40 seconds.
        We received a message that the Gorlovka artillerymen covered the batteries of the APU, a strong explosion was heard twice, and a fire was also observed.
        From 22:00, the Trudovskys came under fire from a 120 mm min. The situation is also in the north of Donetsk, civilians record arrivals of 120 mm min. Believe me, the sound of a falling mine is different from the sound of an incoming projectile. Also, from the side of Maryinka, two Ukrainian tanks work, you can hear the work of the Cliff (maybe a tank NSVT). At 22:27, 120-mm mines began to fall at the position of the DNR guard in Staromikhailovka.
        Messages began to arrive about attempts by the Ukrainian infantry to break through between the village of Spartak and Avdeevka, as well as about the same attempt south-west and north of Gorlovka. Over the course of 50 minutes, several VSN trunks try to deliver a barrage fire and disperse the Ukrainian infantry. Today is already the fourth evening aggravation of the situation and the response of the BCH. Ours so far respond weakly, rather warningly. Several trunks work, and only for those who shell the suburbs of Donetsk. From 23:20 again, the cannonade ,, art ping-pong lasts about 20 minutes. After which there was a lull.
        Around 02:30, Ukrainians worked with MTLB NARami. And at 04:00 in the morning the whole city heard an explosion, as it turned out later, DRG ukrov tried to blow up a monument to Lenin.
        All patience and health!
      11. BARKHAN
        BARKHAN 29 January 2016 15: 21
        I, completely for!
    3. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 27 January 2016 16: 19
      PACE became Ukrainian-Baltic cesspool
  2. Andrey_Antonov
    Andrey_Antonov 27 January 2016 15: 31
    All the same, cheerful guys are sitting in the Ukrainian government - wishful thinking and now - another breakthrough.
  3. kil 31
    kil 31 27 January 2016 15: 31
    “PACE is an advisory body to the Council of Europe. Its resolutions are advisory in nature. She has no right to prohibit or allow anything to deputies, "
    When will they recommend Ukraine to "filter the bazaar"?
  4. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 27 January 2016 15: 31
    Ukrainian dreamers, panamaesh! Right, bavaria Beria?
  5. cniza
    cniza 27 January 2016 15: 31
    "No" punishment "for Europ. PACE did not introduce the deputies who visited the Crimea or the Donbass and cannot introduce it. This is another fake "made in Ukraine" ",
    wrote Pushkov today on Twitter.

    Ukrainians write all sorts of nonsense deliberately, so that they would not forget about them.
  6. Altona
    Altona 27 January 2016 15: 31
    Well, here's how to comment is all this ???
  7. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 27 January 2016 15: 34
    And balloons all dream of becoming airships!
  8. udincev
    udincev 27 January 2016 15: 35
    Not only Poroshenko in an independent smokes ...
    Funny boys!
  9. Temer
    Temer 27 January 2016 15: 36
    No wonder.
  10. radik02
    radik02 27 January 2016 15: 40
    Khokhlam can only fantasize. laughing
  11. Altona
    Altona 27 January 2016 15: 41
    I have long forgotten the way to the circus, I don’t go to the cinema, I sit at the monitor and cry quietly, sliding down the table ...
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 27 January 2016 16: 11
      Quote: Altona
      I’m sitting at the monitor and crying softly, sliding under the table ...

      At first I did not understand, then I read again about the porn star and the hijacking of a cargo Gazelle with delivery for scrap. It didn't work out quietly. He whinnied so that mine came running to see what happened. laughing
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 27 January 2016 20: 05
      We must look at the "work" of this heroine of the erotic metal scandal tongue
  12. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 27 January 2016 15: 42
    All this chatter from around the corner is similar to the barking of dogs that are not allowed to the feeder.
    1. hartlend
      hartlend 27 January 2016 15: 51
      More likely to admit, but less and less. It is necessary to bark louder so that the bowl is pushed closer and put one more bone.
  13. Eastern wind
    Eastern wind 27 January 2016 15: 52
    Peremoga chi zrada?
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 29 January 2016 15: 51
      Quote: East Wind
      Peremoga chi zrada?

      Yes, there’s already such a mess that you won’t understand ...
      And there is a suspicion that they themselves are now confused ...
      I can only wish them one thing. Ukrainians, go to Europe!
      Now that rare case when two blind men met balancing on one rope.
  14. newcomer
    newcomer 27 January 2016 15: 58
    Lord of the Sith, spread the news, please.
  15. NDR-791
    NDR-791 27 January 2016 16: 09
    responsibility for European deputies, "for visiting the Crimea and Donbass bypassing Ukrainian laws
    Crap !!! Firstly, technical - what if a European MP decides to check PACE observers from his country? And he LOW !!! Precisely crap.
    And secondly, if the deputy will be at the level (for example) of Berlusconi, then who will then answer to whom?
  16. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 27 January 2016 16: 16
    UKRs give out dreams for reality. Fake, he is a fake. Dreaming is not forbidden ... Dreaming!
  17. Altona
    Altona 27 January 2016 22: 58
    Fresh banana ...