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NYT: Washington is ready to launch a new military operation in Libya

American edition The New York Times writes that the United States and its closest allies are preparing to launch a military operation against the militants of the so-called Islamic State in Libya. The material states that support the United States will have Britain and France. The reason for this kind of publication in the American press was the statement by the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford. The American general said that to overcome the IS in Libya "can only be through military intervention."

NYT: Washington is ready to launch a new military operation in Libya

In addition, Joseph Dunford said that he "is worried about the fact that the territories of Libya, controlled by the IG, are increasing in size." Apparently, in the Pentagon, planning an operation to “democratize” Libya and overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, they really could not predict that the chaos after the operation would cease to be controlled. Or the words of Dunford about his "concern" - another American bluff.

Earlier, White House spokesman Josh Ernest said that official Washington "does not rule out a military operation against ISI militants in Libya." At the same time, neither General Danfond nor the White House press secretary Ernest specified the exact dates for the commencement of the next invasion of Libya.
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  1. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 27 January 2016 12: 41
    It is necessary to squeeze out a donkey ... bov to Africa, then to hell!
    If only away from our borders!
    Let's "clean up" them in Syria, then we'll help them "clean up" in Africa!
    Again, there we will need a base ... Cyprus ... Egypt, next to it ...
    1. kil 31
      kil 31 27 January 2016 12: 46
      Why is the Nobel laureate of the world silent or doesn’t know what his subordinates want to do? A good king wants peace, and boyars are waging war in quiet places?
      1. Inok10
        Inok10 27 January 2016 12: 49
        Quote: Kil 31
        Why is the Nobel laureate of the world silent or doesn’t know what his subordinates want to do? A good king wants peace, and boyars are waging war in quiet places?

        ... the consumption of tomahawks needs to be made .. the shelf life is coming out and new ones are bought, of course with a cut .. and, if you imagine how much they will write off to this venture, I think all the hungry people in Africa can be fed for a year or two .. hi
        1. amirbek
          amirbek 27 January 2016 12: 56
          Quote: Inok10
          Why the Nobel Peace Laureate is silent

          in fact, he kicks the drum on the drum ... he’s as if in a puppet theater
          1. bort4145
            bort4145 27 January 2016 14: 07
            "Enlighteners" will not calm down in any way
      2. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 27 January 2016 13: 05
        Quote: keel 31
        Why is the Nobel laureate of the world silent or doesn’t know what his subordinates want to do? A good king wants peace, and boyars are waging war in quiet places?

        And now the Nobel laureate is absolutely all in parallel. Lame duck can do almost anything he wants.
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 27 January 2016 13: 27
          But this is reflected in the rating of the party that he represents, on the future candidate from it. Or Obama became so large that he became above all this. stands above the battle of Republicans and Democrats and observes from the height of his greatness non-partisan Obama laughing
      3. Pig
        Pig 27 January 2016 13: 16
        "Why is the Nobel Peace Laureate silent or does he not know what his subordinates want to do?"
        under this administration there will NOT be any military operations! do not listen to amer warriors - they have long been living in parallel reality ...
        Well, zhurnalyuhi try
      4. BARKHAN
        BARKHAN 27 January 2016 15: 32
        Quote: keel 31
        Why is the Nobel laureate of the world silent or doesn’t know what his subordinates want to do?

        Yes, he probably already has a "suitcase mood". He has already earned his presidential pension. Now he will sit down for a book of memoirs ... "What is it like to be the first niger-president ..."
        Him that fuss ... demobilization however.
    2. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 27 January 2016 12: 55
      Africa is not our war. In Libya, there is no one to bet on, so as not to get dirty. After the overthrow of Gaddafi, control over the territories was divided between gangster governments that inside themselves are divided into zones controlled by local authorities. We do not have big business there, but risk our lives a soldier for the sake of alien oil rigs is not right.
      1. Mikhail Krapivin
        Mikhail Krapivin 27 January 2016 13: 09
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Africa is not our war. In Libya there is nobody to bet on, so as not to get dirty.

        Yes, our people do not seem to be particularly eager to go there. But it is necessary to look after the amerikosy, so purely for the sake of order, so as not to relax. There are all sorts of articles in the press, on the topic - "America has once again got rid of it, this time in Libya", statements by the Foreign Ministry on the same topic, etc.
    3. Finches
      Finches 27 January 2016 12: 58
      Let them begin! And I am looking forward to what they will call the operation - "All-crushing rage" or "All-conquering dawn" !? laughing
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 27 January 2016 13: 22
        "Enduring Sunset".
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 27 January 2016 20: 05
          The Pentagon will not untie the navel? They are going to fight in both Iraq and Syria - give them oil-bearing regions. Now there's Libya! And where will they find so many "coalitionists" - or will the terrorist attacks all over the EU take place "unexpectedly"? hi
          Putin is responsible for his words - he promised assistance in Afghanistan - so they climbed on his neck. Another in its place, for Georgia and Ukraine in Afghanistan, a second Vietnam would have arranged. And with Pentagon warriors, war rhetoric is increasingly slipping - Democrats with Obama need a victorious war. Yes, just quickly unlikely to succeed!
  2. saniajan
    saniajan 27 January 2016 12: 42
    Well, in Syria, the terrorists are being crushed, you see, peace will come soon, you still need to throw butter in the fire, otherwise the cannibals will have nothing to eat in America
    1. 27 January 2016 12: 46
      May peace not be there for a very long time, ISIS sponsors will not allow this, chaos is beneficial, they will not allow Syria to turn around, they will expand in Libya, America overseas, and the caliphate and the war near Europe and, possibly, soon in the old woman herself! hi
  3. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 27 January 2016 12: 45
    When they have a point then it will crack on the strain. Damn God forbid it will burst ... All splashes ...
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 January 2016 12: 45
    Britain and France will support the States

    Again, the company of those who muddied chaos in Libya. And France was in the forefront of the destruction of Gaddafi.
  5. pts-m
    pts-m 27 January 2016 12: 45
    Pendosy care about their own profit. To transport oil from Libya is much closer than from the Persian Gulf. Nothing personal, only “economy”.
  6. venaya
    venaya 27 January 2016 12: 47
    Or Dunford's words about his "concern" are another American bluff.

    What analysts in the US are not enough to predict the situation? It seems to me that all these games are a real bluff, although it can be called other more accurate words that better explain this whole situation.
  7. newcomer
    newcomer 27 January 2016 12: 50
    Pumt lezkt in Libya again. they will spend a couple of thousand warriors, a bunch of equipment, spend finances, along the way, will kill a little bit of terrorists. all is well, let them go. Churchill was right (he was still), he said that of all the known ways out of the problem, the Yankees choose the most stupid.
  8. Gardener91
    Gardener91 27 January 2016 12: 52
    Too many empty statements, but you have to be afloat. Leaders after all.
  9. Combitor
    Combitor 27 January 2016 12: 52
    Did the Americans try not to fight anywhere for at least one year?
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 27 January 2016 18: 32
      When the Americans are everywhere, where they want to fight, I get a piece of stuff, they start to "count" where they are less "given". "Pragmatic rationalism"
  10. shelva
    shelva 27 January 2016 12: 55
    More than once will regret Muammar Gaddafi, the only leader who was able to reconcile all the Berbero and Tuareg tribes, thanks to his charisma. Now they are going to fight against ISIS, they will win, but this will not stop tribal conflicts. In general - the Americans with the allies will have to fight with the sand of the great Sahara.
  11. demo
    demo 27 January 2016 13: 02
    It’s good that there is Russia.
    We learned, looked and understood how to fight.
    If only they were capable students.
    And then maybe everything will be as before?

    Children from DAISH need an instructor.
  12. 31rus
    31rus 27 January 2016 13: 07
    Dear, it’s just for us, Libya will turn into Iraq, Afghanistan, but there will be oil for both the USA and the EU, we will be forced out of this market
  13. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 27 January 2016 14: 00
    Purely positive news! Yankistan is eager to draw the geyropu into the war in Libya. It is gratifying! They need to squeeze out all the Igilites from BV there as soon as possible (and everything goes to this) - let them have fun! If only it would be far away from our borders, and, again, there will be less time for throwing poop towards Russia.
    When blacks and Arabs, together with local geyropecy turn geyropu into flaming ruins - this will be the logical conclusion of all the processes initiated by degenerates.
    I hope we have enough reason not to get there ...
  14. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 27 January 2016 14: 49
    As Ostap Bender would say: "Congenially a field marshal!" First, they made the whole mess themselves, allowed ISIS to strengthen, but now it turns out they are worried about it.
  15. 0255
    0255 27 January 2016 14: 50
    They are fighting against ISIS ... In a Channel 1 report on the execution, Gaddafi just now drew attention to the ISIS flag, under which the "moderate Libyan opposition" was celebrating the "victory of democracy."
    BARKHAN 27 January 2016 15: 43
    Meanwhile, the jackals are becoming more active ... although they deny everything ...
    Turkish troops, with the support of equipment and heavy weapons, crossed the border near the Syrian province of Aleppo, reports Global Research with reference to Hawar News. Ankara denied the invasion, but local sources confirmed the information.

    Turkey has already begun to launch artillery strikes on the territory along the Syrian border. According to Stratfor, in this way Ankara is trying to weaken the protection of its enemies in order to successfully conduct a ground operation.

    Stratfor notes that Turkey’s alleged military operation could be directed against Kurdish groups.
    iei-2016-01-27 /?
  17. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 27 January 2016 17: 29
    And all Americans are numb! So they are looking for their ... adventures.
  18. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 28 January 2016 03: 58
    "Shaw, again ?!" I was drawn to the familiar "stench" of democracy. Just one question - have they not destroyed everything in Libya yet?