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“It is necessary to support the struggle of moderate Islam against extremist movements”

The Taliban, Al-Qaida, IG were supported and strengthened by the United States and Great Britain in their geopolitical interests. While such organizations are being used by one or another state for their own purposes, terror cannot be defeated, a world-class political scientist and former head of the Israeli special service Naativ Yakov Kedmi is convinced.

- Jacob Iosifovich, let me start with the question: what caused the current outbreak of international terrorism?

- It happened not recently, but much earlier. The twentieth century was full of terror. Usually, it is gaining strength where, on the one hand, there are some conflicts, and on the other, power and society weaken, the state goes out of stability. But if in the past, terror was used on a national basis (for example, Irish) or in ideological confrontation (as a means of achieving political goals of various kinds of ultra-left, Trotskyist groups that walked around Europe), now the main type we face is religious. Extremist Islamic movements are trying to achieve their goals in this way. The heyday of terror in the last 25 years is the result of the destabilization of the situation in Africa and Asia, especially in the Middle East. The emergence of international terrorism as a phenomenon began during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The power in this country was precarious, but not the fault of the USSR. Taking advantage of the war in Afghanistan, smart people in the West decided to support terrorist organizations - religious, Islamic - as one of the tools in the fight against the Soviet Armed Forces. Thus, they provided the basis for creating a rather effective terrorist structure.

Black International

- You mean al-Qaeda?

- Yes, but in a slightly different way. Prior to this, Pakistan (more precisely, its military intelligence) created a terrorist organization with the aim of destabilizing the situation in Indian Kashmir, a disputed area fraught with religious conflict with the Muslim population. And already at its base, the United States, together with the British, organized their own similar structure to fight against the Soviet army in neighboring Afghanistan. That is, the first serious terrorist organization was created by the United States and Great Britain. This is the first sin. She began to use in Afghanistan against the Soviet army, because the conditions are suitable.

From the very beginning, the organization was notable for serious Muslim indoctrination, but no one paid any attention to this. They even considered it positive that the terrorists were operating under the slogan of fighting the infidels. That is, the struggle against the USSR was explained to the representatives of the Muslim movement throughout the world as resistance to the wrong. Everything else — neither the Afghan people, nor its present and future — interested anyone. And it was the second crime against the world community and to the Muslims themselves.

Therefore, people with extremist religious ideology have reached out for the Taliban. Gradually, the movement began to take more and more aggressive, fundamentalist forms. It was a combat organization. Joining Bin Laden and other people with significant capital, support for Saudi Arabia (she sponsored almost all Muslim movements and groups that fought against the Soviet army) created a serious base. When the Afghan problem was actually solved, of those who fought on the side of the Taliban, a new extremist terrorist organization Al Qaeda was created by Bin Laden. She enjoyed the support of the West, primarily the United States and Great Britain, who not only gave weapon, but also trained militants. Especially in this business the British have succeeded.

Then the organization took part in two conflicts. The first is Balkan, where it fought on the side of the Bosnians, which was welcomed positively, because the United States, Great Britain and the whole West sought to dismember Yugoslavia, wanting to cause as much damage as possible to the Serbs, who were considered the main supporters of the Soviet Union. After the fall of the USSR, New Russia did not pursue any international policy, slowly degrading. However, everything that happened in the Balkans, as before, happened with a clear anti-Russian emphasis.

In the West, they looked quite favorably on the independent participation of Al-Qaida in the Chechen war, helping with the supply of militants and money. Then for the first time, camps for training international terrorists were organized at the expense of Bin Laden. They operated in Chechnya under the leadership of Arab instructors, one of them was the famous Khattab. Terrorists from Europe, and from China, and from other countries were trained in these camps. That is, then the practical foundation of international terror was laid.

After the end of the Chechen war, terrorism entered the international arena. The al-Qaeda action against the United States itself was the apogee. That is, this monster, the genie that was released from the bottle, has been fighting as an independent force since the beginning of 2000, to achieve the goals of Al-Qaida. At that time, it was the largest and most organized Islamic terrorist organization. And when it was understood, it was already too late.

The fight against al-Qaida Americans are 14 years. There were triumphant reports and statements by the presidents of the United States. There was a war in Afghanistan and the presence of American troops in it. Nevertheless, al-Qaeda is growing and expanding. It turned into a banner of the Muslim, Arab world, gave the goal and form for the revival of Islam, as they understand it.

Al-Qaida cells in different places began to form not as a result of its efforts, but at the initiative of certain Muslim groups based on the local population. They organized themselves and declared to Al-Qaida: "We accept your principles and join you." And this is the worst. Appeared the first form of international Islamic terror. Al-Qaida had its own goals - to seize power in the Muslim world, to take control of Islamic states one by one. However, this was not possible in any country, including Afghanistan. But the situation was thus destabilized, including in Africa. One of the best examples is Nigeria, Boko Haram.

The next stage, which sharply increased the terror, was the destabilization of regimes in the Middle East. Here in all countries except Israel, authoritarian or dictatorial regimes existed to one degree or another. This is a necessary, natural and the only form of existence of states in the Middle East, because for the most part these states are artificial, multi-tribal, multi-confessional, created more than a hundred years ago by those imperialist states, mainly Great Britain and France, which owned their territories.

The first country that was destabilized and liquidated by the United States as a single state under the banner of the fight against al-Qaeda was Iraq. Saddam Hussein was accused of collaborating with Bin Laden. Although Hussein fought against al-Qaeda.

Then Libya was destabilized and crushed. Then Syria. In the end, the entire Middle East turned into organized, unmanaged chaos. It was an open field for al-Qaida. She came to Iraq against the background of the intensified struggle of the Sunnis against the Shiites. At the same time, Saddam’s administration, officers and generals of Hussein’s defeated army joined the tribes supported by Al-Qaida.

Only for a certain period, when the American authorities, who were there, finally heeded those expert advice and began paying Sunni tribes fighting against Baghdad so that they would not cooperate with Al-Qaeda, the situation seemed to stabilize. Then the Americans decided that this was not necessary. And the Iraqi government decided to attack them. It was then that al-Qaida was established in Iraq. And then the war in Syria just arrived. And as it was in 80 in Afghanistan, the United States and Europe looked favorably on radical Muslim organizations, including Al Qaeda, to emerge as part of the forces fighting against Assad.

In Syria, its branch was organized, called “Jabhat al-Nusra”. The goal was to seize power in this country. Al-Qaida members from Iraq joined the militants. And one of them, Albakr, decided after the destruction of Bin Laden to create a new, more powerful movement with the aim of not just capturing any Islamic state, but creating a single Muslim caliphate in the Middle East. And he created, using those political, military and organizational resources that were before him, starting with the Afghan war. Thus arose ISIS (the former name of the Islamic State banned in Russia. - “MIC”).

The bottom line is a difficult situation all over the world. On the one hand, the destabilization of the situation in the Middle East, a huge number of Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa, which created an excellent ground for propaganda of extremist views. On the other hand, the Islamic population of Europe, which has lived there since the beginning of the collapse of the French empire and a little bit of the British, has already begun to organize into certain groups based on Islam. And when the most attractive and romantic, from their point of view, image of ISIS emerged, they stood under its banners.

It was not ISIS that sent its emissaries to this or that country, it was they who said there: “We are joining. We agree to accept your ideology and strategy, we are your soldiers. ” This is what Boko Haram in Nigeria says. The militants who fought in Libya, more and more new Islamist cells in Europe began to declare this. Indicative of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe. Their performers were not members of ISIS two years ago. These groups in Belgium and France announced that they were becoming members of ISIS, only at the beginning of last year. Before that, they were separate Muslim groups, and now we are dealing with a new International under the auspices of ISIS, which unites all or most of the Islamic fundamentalist groups that are ready to fight with the help of force and terror with the reality in which they live. These may be Arabs living in France, in England, in Spain or in any other country. They are joined by young people who converted to Islam - ordinary Germans, Belgians, Italians, anyone. And since ISIS is surrounded by the aura of romance of armed struggle with the surrounding reality, they are drawn to it.

Thus arose the contagion we call international terrorism. All other types of terror today almost do not exist.

- The picture, of course, joyless. As you said, these organizations have a religious base in the form of a perverted interpretation of religious canons, and on the other hand, they use youth’s dissatisfaction with life. How to deal with this evil?

- The situation is complicated and confusing, so you need to go in several directions at once. If you look with a long-term view, the worst thing that can happen is that most of the half billion Muslims accept the world’s extremist ideology. Therefore, it is necessary to support the struggle of moderate Islam with these trends. This is one of the main problems. With the help of moderate Islam, you can stop the spread of fundamentalist. This is the first direction.

Another is the curbing of the success line of ISIS. People are attracted to the terrorist organizations of their victory. And the more committed terrorist attacks, blood and murder, the wider the circle of supporters. Intelligence agencies that track this, see that after each terrorist attack sympathy for this organization among a certain group of young people is sharply enhanced. Today in the ranks of ISIL in Syria and Iraq, fighting from 30 to 40 thousands of volunteers from other countries. The influx does not decrease, although they are trying to stop it with the help of special services, borders, army ...

It is necessary to eliminate the base of ISIL, especially in Syria and Iraq. Until these countries are liberated, until the organization loses the main part of its territorial base, it is impossible to say that the spread of terrorism has stopped. This is not done by bombing - they do not fight that way with partisan formations. That is, until there are fighters who will catch, kill, arrest the members of these organizations, we will continue to run after them, like ghosts.

At the same time, it is necessary to conduct work on the destruction of all the cells and processes of ISIS in any country, using the most stringent and effective methods. I will give an example. Five years ago, an Israeli Arab went to Syria, fought, returned. He was arrested and tried. He sat a year and a half, went out. He organized a group of six Arabs, again went to Syria. This time he did it by flying over the border in a small plane. And those whom he recruited had to go to Syria and meet him there. That is, if he had been planted years on 20 or 30, this would not have happened. Methods must be so effective and unambiguous as to leave no chance for the revival of such movements.

- You absolutely correctly noted that the Taliban, Al-Qaida, ISIL were supported and strengthened by the United States and Great Britain in their geopolitical interests. Does this mean that they are fully responsible for the crimes of these terrorist organizations?

- They bear the same responsibility as any state that supports terrorist organizations on the basis of certain considerations. It must be remembered that terrorists can always start a war against those who "supervise" them today.

Here is an example. In Sinai, a terrorist organization was established on the basis of local Bedouins to fight the current government in Egypt, supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brothers, who had been removed from power. It was a terrorist organization. On the way of her development, she maintained contacts and received assistance, conducted joint operations with another related organization, which, as you know, is called Hamas. She is in Gaza. Earlier this year, announced: we are now ISIS. The bomb in the Russian plane was planted by representatives of this organization, in the creation and strengthening of which Hamas took part.

If you pursue a policy of singling out “good” and “bad” among terrorists, then one day they or their allies will bomb a plane into your plane.

Today, the United States defends its terrorists, that is, the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which was created in Syria, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The Americans, the British, the Turks and the Saudis want them to be recognized as a legitimate opposition. Regarding “Jabhat al-Nusra” and ISIS, they finally agreed: they are illegitimate. On the other hand, there is Hamas - nobody says anything against it. And against Al-Jihad Al-Islami, too. That is, they seem to fall out of the field of terrorist organizations that must be fought. This is extremely dangerous. Until the use of any terrorist organizations in their own interests, their coverage or inviolability, because they seem to correspond to our interests, terror cannot be defeated!
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  1. Brutal
    Brutal 27 January 2016 10: 29
    "... People are attracted to terrorist organizations by their victories ..."
    This is not a victory! These are successful gang raids! For the time being, unpunished for the time being ...
    1. Uran
      Uran 27 January 2016 10: 33
      behind everything is the USA. it is their policy. its exclusivity. print run the machine currency. and how God from above gives distribution to dogs puppets that wreak havoc. like an igil. and they themselves are sitting and watching. what will happen. controlled chaos or not controlled. us something like that. we are overseas.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 27 January 2016 10: 46
        Quote: Uranus
        This is not a victory! These are successful gang raids!
        They may have a gangster nature, but IS controls a large territory. The capture and containment of such a huge cancerous tumor is beyond the power of a gang of thugs. Offended (and out of work) former officers of Syria and Iraq, as well as graduates of prestigious Western universities, specialists in propaganda (they even publish newspapers and conduct political studies in detachments and among the population), counterintelligence, shadow business masters, "moles" recruited or from sympathizers in the leading echelons of foreign states. All these people do not appear much on the pages of the press or on TV. they will only find out when they zamochat.But they are there and this is not a gang.
      2. varov14
        varov14 27 January 2016 11: 45
        In order for "puppets" to appear in the state, the local authorities should make significant efforts to create them. Apparently in this field she definitely works tirelessly.
    2. Uran
      Uran 27 January 2016 10: 40
      The main killer is Barack Obama. seemingly harmless in appearance. and how many victims and troubles with his politics in the world.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 27 January 2016 10: 59
        Quote: Uranus
        The main killer is Barack Obama. seemingly harmless in appearance. and how many victims and troubles with his politics in the world.

        Not only he, Ronald Reagan began everything, the others continued and the article says about it. hi
        1. not a Jew
          not a Jew 27 January 2016 11: 39
          Quote: Uranus
          The main killer is Barack Obama. seemingly harmless in appearance. and how many victims and troubles with his politics in the world.

          Quote: vovanpain
          Not only he, Ronald Reagan began everything, the others continued and the article says about it.

          You’re digging something, peasants. These two are stupid only pawns, but the one who put their asses in the anal office has muddied the whole disco.
      2. varov14
        varov14 27 January 2016 11: 50
        And the main woman in labor of these killers is local authorities.
    3. Baloo
      Baloo 27 January 2016 10: 44
      And those whom he recruited had to go to Syria and meet with him there. That is, if he had been planted for 20 or 30 years, this would not have happened. The methods should be so effective and unambiguous that they leave no chance for the revival of such movements.

      Respect and respect. hi
      Russian legalists have something to think about. Although a dead terrorist is better than living in a cage. am
    4. vlad66
      vlad66 27 January 2016 10: 52
      Until terrorists stop using any terrorist organizations in their interests, covering them or giving them immunity, because they seem to be in our interests, terror cannot be defeated!

      Absolutely correct words, the overseas "exceptional" with their mongrels would understand what they have done. But unfortunately they understand this when the next jihadi John brings a knife to their throat, respect article. hi
    5. varov14
      varov14 27 January 2016 11: 37
      If they win, then in the future they will write about them as heroes of pioneers, somehow. And who gave birth to them and for what money will be deleted from history.
  2. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 27 January 2016 10: 30
    Who would doubt that the United States is behind everything. As always.
    1. varov14
      varov14 27 January 2016 12: 09
      For the United States, this is just one of the ways to realize its interests, and the beginning must be sought in its own power. If she is busy only with herself, i.e. creates a freebie for himself, then there is always a group of people who are not happy with this and want to privatize this freebie in any way. But everyone, including the United States, loves freebies and joins the game - "whose freebies will be." "Puppets" of course act as if in the role of a battering ram of the USA, but in their minds they keep their own far-reaching goals. And as you know, all means are good to achieve the goal, the rest is deception (I'm talking about dirty hands).
  3. Andrey_Antonov
    Andrey_Antonov 27 January 2016 10: 32
    It is absolutely correct - you cannot divide terrorists into "good" and "bad", "ours" and "foes", there must be one single criterion, either you are a terrorist or you are an "oppositionist".
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 27 January 2016 10: 57
      And the criterion for division should be a weapon - if you took up arms - that's all, you are no longer a political opposition, not a rebel, but a terrorist.
    2. varov14
      varov14 27 January 2016 12: 13
      Those. a terrorist is with a bomb, an oppositionist is with a word, and an iPhone with what? The result is bad everywhere.
  4. valokordin
    valokordin 27 January 2016 10: 37
    All actions of the West and especially the USA are anti-Russian, and countries supporting terrorism have long ago joined them, including Ukraine, which it is time to name among countries supporting terrorism and Nazism. It is time for our diplomacy and the outside political elite to launch a struggle against these forces, as during the Great Patriotic War, to call a spade a spade. Immediately declare countries supporting Nazism in Ukraine anti-Russian. The country will have to mobilize the economy, remove the country's robbers from their posts, return the loot and free the true patriots.
    1. varov14
      varov14 27 January 2016 12: 24
      Anti-people’s power is the main curator and mother of terrorism. She is trying to keep them in check. True, the people can break the bridle and go over to the side of terrorism, but apparently the power of the people who are fattening gets used to live at random.
  5. EvgNik
    EvgNik 27 January 2016 10: 38
    Why are there few terrorist attacks in the states? I don’t think the twin towers, everything is far from straightforward. Al-Qaeda and other Middle East terrorists applaud the states - for helping to get weapons, for bombing (which seems to be against them, but really just pumping money out of a taxpayer). So the main problem is not the Middle East, but the SGA.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 27 January 2016 10: 41
      Just with the towers, and especially with the Pentagon, everything clearly develops into an Anglo-Saxon provocation.
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik 27 January 2016 11: 01
        Quote: NordUral
        Just with the towers, and especially with the Pentagon, everything clearly develops into an Anglo-Saxon provocation.

        What I hint about. Although this has not been proven, it seems that they themselves did this operation. In order to create a reason for the invasion of Bl.Vostok.
        1. Altona
          Altona 27 January 2016 11: 12
          Quote: EvgNik
          What I hint about. Although this has not been proven, it seems that they themselves did this operation. In order to create a reason for the invasion of Bl.Vostok.

          The most interesting thing is that the Saudis attacked, and they bombed Afghanistan ...
  6. NordUral
    NordUral 27 January 2016 10: 40
    The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and IS were supported and strengthened by the United States and Great Britain in their geopolitical interests.

    Dear Jacob, you are too correct in your statements.
    Not supported, but conceived and created by Anglo-Saxon bandits.
  7. shelva
    shelva 27 January 2016 10: 46
    And for Palestine, the Israeli special kept silent, because with Israel's razing it, INTIFADA began, and Hamas is a consequence of the Intifada.
    And the rest - the article is correct.
  8. raid14
    raid14 27 January 2016 10: 53
    First of all, ideology and financing must be fought, while the Saudis from the USA and the approval of the rest of the world will sponsor their Wahhabi fosterlings with money and weapons, the war will go on forever. To create a Salafi or Wahhabi cell in a single village, city, state, radical preachers and finances are needed.
    The real way to counteract this is the struggle against radical movements of Islam at the household level and tight control of local and foreign funding.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 January 2016 11: 01
    While such organizations are used by various states for their own purposes, terror cannot be defeated, the former head of the Israeli special service Naativ, Yakov Kedmi, is convinced.

    An intelligent and experienced person and it is pleasant to listen to. This is what many (except 3-4) website visitors from Israel lack. It would be better to listen to their "gurus" than teach us about life.
  10. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 27 January 2016 11: 03
    power and society are weakening, the state is emerging from a state of stability

    Rather, power and society are forcibly destroyed from the outside - this is where terrorism flourishes.

    And society is weakening (up to protesting men in skirts laughing ) where tolerant liberalism flourishes.
  11. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 27 January 2016 11: 04
    I would say so briefly: terrorism is a direct consequence of the deliberate destructive acts of the Americans, Israel, the Englishwoman and short-sighted, flawed gayropsev.
    People who have at least a drop of gray matter in their heads know that this is the GSS — an empire of lies and a sower of fascism and terror.
    And all because someone has too many superfluous green-eyed people who are led by narrow-minded minds. If there is no dollar, there will be no such global dirty tricks. There will be nothing to "order" them. smile
  12. fa2998
    fa2998 27 January 2016 11: 07
    For several years we have been told about "moderate Islam", "moderate Muslim". In my opinion, this is a person who believes in Allah, who works, and in his free time fights with non-violent measures, defends his faith. If you take up arms, you automatically turn into an EXTREMIST ! This applies to everyone, regardless of your ideology, slogans, goals! hi
  13. pts-m
    pts-m 27 January 2016 11: 08
    On this occasion, the words of our ex-prime minister can be celebrated ... they wanted it as “better”, but it turned out as “always” ... Of all the current boltology, Russia alone is fighting this evil. with the unarmed population of the planet, and with the armed they are afraid to see the fight.
  14. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 27 January 2016 11: 09

    The Taliban movement was founded in 1994,
    when the war in Afghanistan ended
    and the Russian troops have already left.

    Al Qaeda Terrorist Organization established in 1988
    based on the Pakistan terrorist organization Maktab al-Hidamat
    and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

    Americans helped Pakistani weapons Maktab al-Hidamat, which
    fought against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan, when it was not yet composed
    Al Qaeda.
  15. Lelek
    Lelek 27 January 2016 11: 18
    (If you pursue a policy of identifying “good” and “bad” among terrorists, then one day they or their allies will plant a bomb on your plane.)

    Very accurately noticed. And there are plenty of such examples. It is a question for the UN to give an accurate and comprehensive interpretation of the term "TERRORIST ORGANIZATION" without dividing it into "good", "moderate" and "bad". A bandit he is a bandit, no matter what clothes he is wearing. yes
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 27 January 2016 12: 36
      Not so simple.
      For example, Russian Kadyrov was a terrorist in his youth,
      fought, killed ...
      And now - a reliable ally, a moderate Muslim who
      fights radical Islam.

      And what will happen in 20 years, who guarantees what?

      Mistaken in the choice of allies and the CIA, and Mossad, and the FSB.
      Terrorists sometimes turn into semi-state structures (Hezbollah, Hamas),
      and states become terrorist organizations (IG).
      1. Igluxnumx
        Igluxnumx 27 January 2016 13: 23
        Warrior, terrorists never turn into semi-state structures. The very occupation of terrorism speaks of the rejection of legal, civilized methods of struggle and the disregard for the inhabitants. Those. the terrorist tries to achieve his goals at the expense of resources or even the lives of innocent people. Having won, the terrorist, at best, will become a brutal dictator, dictatorships do not live long, i.e. a state formed by former terrorists will be an extremely unstable, temporary entity, which is hardly a state. But if the state is helped to find stability and justice in society, then we can talk about the formation of a normal state.
  16. barclay
    barclay 27 January 2016 11: 27
    Anglo-Saxons (England and the USA) - snake ball. They, with their irrepressible thirst for world domination, are the main source of evil on Earth.
  17. Snail N9
    Snail N9 27 January 2016 11: 31
    Somehow everyone "forgot" that the main source of instability and, by and large, the source of all troubles in the Middle East, in fact, is .... Israel. Having settled in Arab territories, the Jews cleverly play off the Arabs against each other and set the EU, the United States and other "allies" against those countries where the Arabs have consolidated their statehood, not forgetting to "fish in troubled waters." It is not for nothing that this dwarf state in the Muslim world is called "little Satan" along with the name "big Satan" for the United States, its patron.
  18. Wolka
    Wolka 27 January 2016 12: 00
    well, there is a good Russian saying: "don't dig a hole for another, you yourself will fall into it" ...
    1. Denis Skiff
      Denis Skiff 27 January 2016 12: 13
      right. smart people knew what they were saying.
  19. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 27 January 2016 12: 12
    “It is necessary to support the struggle of moderate Islam against extremist movements”
    Muslims. Let's get organized already!
  20. koshmarik
    koshmarik 27 January 2016 13: 30
    In order to successfully conduct hostilities, enormous human and technical resources, modern weapons and ammunition, well-trained command personnel of all levels, a well-functioning system of uninterrupted material and financial support, and much more are needed. In developed countries, many structures are working on this, from the President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the General Staff and ending with the soldier and worker at the defense plant. A powerful system of training and retraining of command personnel is functioning in these countries, a huge defense industry complex is spending huge money on the armed forces. And now they are trying to convince us that the radical Islamists gathered from the pine forest who do not even have their own state pose a serious threat to the Great Country and to humanity. Bullshit. On the very day when the West ceases to finance and provide material support for all this rabble, it will immediately cease to exist. I think so.
  21. hartlend
    hartlend 27 January 2016 17: 09
    Briefly, the essence of the article is that terrorism cannot be defeated if we fight with the consequences, and not with the causes. If you deal with the causes, you need to redraw the entire world order.
  22. magician
    magician 28 January 2016 03: 06
    “You were quite right to point out that the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS were supported and strengthened by the United States and Great Britain in their geopolitical interests. Does this mean that they are fully responsible for the crimes of these terrorist organizations?

    "They bear the same responsibility as any state that supports terrorist organizations based on one reason or another."

    First of all, deprive the support of curators. The curators are very strong, you can’t squeeze them physically and economically. Perhaps propaganda as one of the methods of combating terrorism. To create public opposition to terrorism, to make them not heroes, but outcasts. The unification of all interested parties against curators, supporters of the fight against terrorism.