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"Brave Leningrad under the Red Star"

This история happened to my friend, a schoolboy, a resident of the city of Dankov, Dima Meshcheryakov. The events that will be discussed happened a few years ago when Dima was just about to go to the first grade of school number XXUMX.

The boy, unfortunately, knew his great-grandfather Ivan Petrovich Pashkov only by the stories of his mother's granddaughter. I saw photos that are carefully stored in the family album - though there are only a few of them. But it seemed to Dima that if a miracle had happened and once Ivan Petrovich had appeared in a crowd of passers-by, his great-grandson would certainly recognize him.

- Hello, grandfather! I Dima - would say. - You did not live to see me, but I know a lot about you. You served as a cook, cooked delicious porridges and soups for the guardsmen of the Leningrad front. But you didn’t want to be a “pot manager”. You were eager to free the hero-city from the blockade, to beat the fascist scum. Many times I asked for permission to resign from the position of a cook, but the authorities refused. Among your guard friends was a fighter named Alyosha, he suffered from a stomach ulcer, but he was hiding it. Opened only to you. And you, trying not to undermine the pride of your friend and knowing that he needs to eat regularly, all the time asked him to taste his cooking. One day, late in the evening, looking for a place to accommodate a field kitchen, you came across an observation point disguised in the bushes, where you thought a German sniper could be placed (it was a narrow but deep hole about the shoulders of a person. into the ground). The point turned out to be empty, and you decided to take the fascist alone and prove that cooks can not only cook soups, but also beat Fritz. Without thinking twice, he climbed the nearest tree, armed with a machine gun. Watching all night, and at dawn, a sniper crawling to his point was spotted and killed him! For this you were awarded the Order of the Red Star. And then you still quit the service of a cook, became a tanker and got to Berlin itself! You signed the Reichstag building. And even in war, you learned to play the harmonica. And he played very cool, especially military waltzes. Sometimes, playing, crying.

Maybe Dima would not say so beautifully, but this is not the most important thing right now. The main thing - would have learned great-grandfather and talked. And then brought home.

- Here are your photos. And in that box - orders and medals. I know six of them. And I can list. Two medals "For courage", one - "For the defense of Leningrad." Two Orders of the Patriotic War and another Red Star. For a long time I could not learn all the names of the awards and my mother came up with a special saying: “Brave Leningrad under the Red Star” ...

... Once Dimkin friend Kolya asked to show him the grandfather's awards. Dima agreed. I took the treasured box from the table and went out into the yard - Kolya lives in the next house. And - that's bad luck! - Dima stumbled, the burden pulled out of his hands and the awards were scattered on the sidewalk.

- Hey, kid! What have you got? - Dima heard an unfamiliar voice.

Two high school students approached him. In general, Dankov is a small city, and Dimka knew these guys in the face - they live somewhere nearby. Just did not know them.

“Grandfathers orders,” the boy said proudly. I bring a friend to show.

The guys bent over the sidewalk.

- Look! - whistled one. - For Leningrad, World War II! Boy, what are they to you? Grandfather probably died long ago. You remember him so. And I have a gemstone ring. With a real diamond! Mother can give, she probably dreams about this. Let's change?

The guy pulled a shiny ring out of his pocket. Dima's eyes flared: diamond! For a moment he wondered: maybe you can not part with the awards? But I really wanted to make my mother an expensive gift. The words “dreams of such a thing” are sunk into the soul.

- Come on! - the boy vividly picked up the order and handed the box to the guys.

"Brave Leningrad under the Red Star"They gave the ring and went. And Dima stayed. And in a minute I understood what I had done. No, not only that mom will swear and cry. And the fact that now he must have lost the right to recognize great-grandfather in the crowd. “Oh, granddaughters, granddaughters! - Ivan Petrovich will shake a head. - Why did you give my "brave Leningrad under the Red Star?"

- Guys, stand! - Dima shouted and ran after the high school students.

They reluctantly stopped.

- Well, what do you want?

- I do not want to change. Take your ring! Give the box!

- Do you want it in your eye? Get out from here! You have a ring, play.

Desperation gave Dima courage.

- I will scream! For the whole yard! Give back

“Give it back,” the one that was taller stretched lazily. - I know his father, do not mess. And you, kid, don't take out such toys anymore, got it? That we are good, others will not regret. Now you would be lying in the mud with a broken nose.

That day Dima did not come to Kolya. He brought the precious box home and promised himself never to take the “Brave Leningrad along the Red Star” to the street again. Too memorable lesson was presented to him by the older guys.
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  1. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 27 January 2016 06: 23
    The most important date. Leningraders survived and saved the city.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 27 January 2016 07: 30
    My grandfather, on Leningradsky, on Volkhovsky, fought ... Thank you, Sophia ...
  3. panfil
    panfil 27 January 2016 09: 56
    My grandfather Nikolai Andreevich also fought on the Leningrad Front as a gunner of the heavy machine gun of the 3rd machine gun company of the 191st Guards Rifle Regiment of the 64th Guards Rifle Krasnoselskaya Red Banner Division, was wounded, but served until the Victory, was awarded the Order of Glory 3rd degree and the medal "For Honor. I didn’t ask him about the war, I didn’t want to disturb him. Unfortunately, I know about heroic deeds only from the award lists on the "People's Feat" website. Now I would like to talk to him, but, alas, he is no longer with us. Their feat is immortal, as long as we are alive, we will remember and honor.
  4. Scud
    Scud 27 January 2016 10: 18
    From the heroes of the past, sometimes there are no names left ... Probably no one will remember, and which of the Heroes of the Soviet Union was the youngest?. Somewhere in Narva was a partisan detachment, in which Lena Golikov fought, about 14 years old. For the destruction of the fascist officer and the extraction of secret documents about the latest mine, he received an award. Heroically died from the punitive.
    1. igordok
      igordok 27 January 2016 11: 04
      Quote: scud
      Somewhere around Narva there was a partisan detachment, in which Lenya Golikov fought, about 14 years old. For the destruction of the fascist officer and the extraction of secret documents about the newest mine, he received an award. Heroically died from the punitive.

      I will correct, not near Narva, but in the Dedovich district of Pskov, reg. Not far from Leni Golikov, the oldest hero of the Soviet Union, Kuzmin MK, accomplished his feat, repeating the feat of Susanin.
      From the same area in 1942. a convoy with food was sent to besieged Leningrad.
  5. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 27 January 2016 16: 41
    Last night, my mother began to remember how, in the years 1959-1960, in the summer they broke stoves and fireplaces (who thought it was necessary) in house 7 on Officer Lane, took out this rubbish for construction. We carried out heating! Huge batteries brought and installed! The room area has increased! But in comparison with other residents of the old fund - this was the beginning of the precession!
    For the first time, it dawned that there was no central heating in the war! So it turns out? That's why I think everything needs to be recorded from ordinary people, otherwise, the era will go away with people. Of course, this is a huge job. Should there be several similar stories?
    Therefore, I respect Sophia so much that she collects other people's stories.
  6. Super Black
    Super Black 27 January 2016 23: 33
    And I have a grandfather's uniform with medals and orders .. Memory is priceless!
  7. regsSSSR
    regsSSSR 28 January 2016 02: 51
    my grandfather has such a medal! "For the defense of Leningrad" he participated in the breakthrough of the blockade itself!
    the last time my grandfather went remember the 55th anniversary dedicated to breaking the blockade of Leningrad!
    told a lot.
    until the next anniversary I didn’t live eh
  8. dmikras
    dmikras 29 January 2016 06: 43
    Thank you for the article