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UAE intend to transfer obsolete fighter jets to Iraq

Before signing a contract to buy Dassault Rafale 60 fighters, the Emirates intends to get rid of obsolete Dassault Mirage 2000-9 aircraft acquired in France at the end of 90-x and early zero, the blog reports bmpd with reference to Opex

UAE intend to transfer obsolete fighter jets to Iraq

According to the newspaper, in December 2014 “The UAE offered 10 to Iraq in Mirage 2000-9 as part of its security contribution to the country, especially in the Erbil region (Kurdistan), where the UAE had serious interests, primarily investments in the oil and gas industry. "

However, not a single plane was handed over - France blocked the deal. “Nevertheless, the recent visit to the United Arab Emirates by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius can remove obstacles along the way,” the author notes. Following the meeting, Fabius said that "the situation with the conclusion of the contract for 60 Rafale looks optimistic."

In any case, the newspaper writes, the question of transferring planes to Baghdad can be considered resolved. But there is one hitch. “The UAE has expressed the wish that the aircraft be based in Kurdistan. And, as far as can be judged, Baghdad refused the request. At the same time, the Iraqi government has assured that the territory of residence of the Kurds will be protected, and now the UAE are waiting for the decision of France, ”said an informed source.

According to him, "the aircraft will be based at the Balad airbase in 60 km north of Baghdad."

To date, there are still several unresolved issues related to the training of Iraqi pilots, aircraft maintenance and armament. Just these problems determine the behavior of the French.
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  1. Wiruz
    Wiruz 26 January 2016 11: 42
    Give - take it. On kroynyak for ground tests fit recourse
    1. Tor5
      Tor5 26 January 2016 11: 44
      If at a bargain price - why not take it?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. kil 31
      kil 31 26 January 2016 11: 45
      However, not a single plane was handed over - France blocked the deal
      When we start learning, block. If we had blocked the deal with MISTRALS, we would have received more compensation.
      1. The black
        The black 26 January 2016 11: 48
        It all depends on the terms of the contract .... with "Mistrals" we, too, by the way, did not remain at the loser.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 26 January 2016 11: 54
          But there is one hitch. “The UAE has expressed a desire for aircraft to be based in Kurdistan.

          Saudis want to transfer their support to the Kurds? Is this not a hint of timid attempts to create an Independent Kurdistan, with the filing of the USA?
          1. Boos
            Boos 26 January 2016 12: 01
            There was no talk about Saudis in the article, the topic is about the Emirates, Iraq and France ...)
        2. kil 31
          kil 31 26 January 2016 11: 54
          Quote: Black
          It all depends on the terms of the contract .... with "Mistrals" we, too, by the way, did not remain at the loser.

          With "MISTRALS" we took our own. I would also like to punish, get an order of magnitude more for such a policy. As for contracts, our lawyers need to learn which contracts to draw up. hi
          1. The black
            The black 26 January 2016 12: 04
            Well so teach that interferes? smile
            1. kil 31
              kil 31 26 January 2016 12: 23
              Quote: Black
              Well so teach that interferes? smile

              I would only teach a large queue for this position.
        3. GSVG 86-88
          GSVG 86-88 26 January 2016 13: 18
          ... looking in which perspective to look, especially now.
      2. oldseaman1957
        oldseaman1957 26 January 2016 11: 59
        Quote: keel 31
        When we start learning, block.
        - And why is the storm in a glass of water ??? UAE scrap metal dumped, and this is their problem. And if Iraq has worse aircraft, then why not take it? And cheeks here to inflate - only time to waste.
      3. Juborg
        Juborg 26 January 2016 13: 34
        We only learned to block terrorists in Dagestan 1: 100 and then with losses. And HERE MONEY AND NOT SMALL, IF NOT YOURSELF IN THE POCKET, THIS WE DO NOT NEED, WE ARE SO RICH.
    4. Uran
      Uran 26 January 2016 11: 59
      how will the oil of the Arabs end. nobody needs them. nor the French paddles. neither Germans nor Americans. not to whom.
    5. The comment was deleted.
  2. Bulrumeb
    Bulrumeb 26 January 2016 11: 46
    Emirates intend to get rid of outdated Dassault Mirage 2000-9 aircraft

    and yet free cheese only happens in a mousetrap
  3. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 26 January 2016 11: 47
    It’s interesting, of course. Who will train the flight crew? How long will it take? A year or two, and they are needed yesterday.
    1. gorsten79
      gorsten79 26 January 2016 12: 12
      So Iraq had Mirage F1 from the time of Hussein. I think it’s not very difficult. Although a lot of time has passed. You won’t envy the Iraqi military. Soviet, Russian, American equipment.
  4. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 January 2016 11: 50
    According to the system, it’s good for you that we are no good, how is it that the Saudis are going to fight against their own, who have given birth, Iraq is fighting with their offspring.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 January 2016 11: 53
    The UAE is getting rid of junk and at the same time putting forward specific conditions for their deployment to Iraq. "Do not believe the Danes who bring gifts."
  6. pts-m
    pts-m 26 January 2016 12: 00
    The UAE is stepping on the same rake as Russia with “thinkers.” Frogguards, under all pretexts, will twist their hands to buyers and sellers. They want to look ... well, very smart, not paying attention to the fact that other countries have their own point of view on what is happening events...
  7. Primus pilus
    Primus pilus 26 January 2016 12: 00
    Oh, such generosity is not casual, although the planes are not bad.
  8. Telemon
    Telemon 26 January 2016 12: 01
    As time goes by ... laughing It's too late. But. "Favorite" will not give, together with "Triumph".
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 January 2016 13: 10
      There is nothing in Iraq. They now have a real air threat and Mirage has emerged, especially if it comes out to buy MIKU new to them, then there will be a good gain, since the USA did not sell AMRAAM to F-16.

      That is, if the Turks are about to become impudent, Iraq does not even have a chance to surrender hypothetically. And the Turks AMRAAM C30 in commodity quantities.
      1. twviewer
        twviewer 26 January 2016 15: 11
        2000-9 I’m not even old with MIKA, I think I’ll wind the tail 16mu, that's the point. Do not give Iraq the opportunity to control the sky. News with the transfer of mirages for a year.
  9. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 26 January 2016 12: 14
    As if they were not a burden to them, the supply of spare parts, ammunition and more.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 26 January 2016 12: 16
    I see Turkey can control the actions of France. And the Kurds seem to be getting closer to their statehood every day since France is already starting to support them.
  11. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 26 January 2016 12: 24
    Well, that these planes did not offer Ukrainians!
    Already good at this ...
    Oh, overlooked Ukrainians, otherwise you would have scolded them for yourself.)))
  12. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 26 January 2016 13: 24
    Benefactors, their mother .. They ruined the country, they hanged Saddam by the neck, dispersed the army - and in return ten old French aircraft. Equivalent exchange...