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NYT candid material on financing CIA operations in Syria by the Saudi regime and other states

American edition The New York Times writes that the Saudi regime provides financial support for the secret operation of the Central Intelligence Agency in Syria. The material states that when US President Barack Obama at one time ordered special services to launch an operation to assist the "rebels" in Syria, he knew that there was a partner who could provide sufficient financial resources.

NYT candid material on financing CIA operations in Syria by the Saudi regime and other states

The submission states that in co-financing the CIA operation in addition to Saudi Arabia, such countries as Qatar, Jordan and Turkey are also participating. Journalists Mark Mazetti and Matt Apuzzo write that they refused to comment on this issue at the CIA and the embassy of Saudi Arabia in the United States.

Saudi Arabia, according to the material of American journalists, at one time sent representatives of its intelligence service, who were supposed to establish contacts with the Syrian “rebels” themselves and with the forces that could put a sufficient number of weapons and ammunition. The Saudis conducted an operation to buy thousands of automatic small arms and millions of ammunition for Syrian militants in Croatia. As noted by the NYT, the purchase was made in 2012 year.

From the material, which actually reveals the whole scheme of contacts between the American, Saudi and Turkish special services with the militants in Syria:
By the summer of 2012, a section of the Turkish-Syrian border was taken under control, through which the "rebels" received money and weapons. Moreover, even those “rebels” who were associated with radical groups, including Al-Qaida, received arms and money. A number of US officials were concerned about this.

Further, the material states that the CIA then allegedly had a kind of “debriefing”, and the top officials of the department stated that they initially planned to supply “non-lethal weapons” and only “moderate” to Syria, but the Arab secret services allegedly carried out the purchase of lethal weapons, and he was handed over to representatives of both “moderate opposition” and terrorist groups.

The publication says that, despite all the friction, the US-Saudi alliance on Syria is still preserved, since Washington needs Riyadh primarily as a sponsor of the operation to remove Bashar al-Assad.

Very frank material for the American edition, demonstrating that the struggle for the presidency in the United States begins "in an adult way".
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  1. avvg
    avvg 25 January 2016 13: 02 New
    And who would doubt it?
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 25 January 2016 13: 04 New
      Quote: avvg
      And who would doubt it!

      What is it? What does the "world hegmon" have with the grandmothers? And what will the US do when the Gulf monarchies stop funding their Middle East adventures? Oil ... that ... is getting cheaper ...
      1. rvRomanoff
        rvRomanoff 25 January 2016 13: 16 New
        What will they do? It is the same as always - to look for other sixes and new sponsors for your adventures.
      2. Persistent
        Persistent 25 January 2016 16: 31 New
        Sorry joke ... hi laughing

        The White House, Oval Office, December 2015.
        President Obama calls his ambassador to Russia:
        - We increased pressure, introduced additional sanctions, report what is happening in Moscow, people began to protest against their leadership?
        “Not yet, Mr. President, people are running around shopping, buying groceries, getting ready for the New Year.” They have no time for protests.
        - Well, we are connecting all the world media, we will strengthen propaganda, we will limit the supply of products from Ukraine to them.
        White House, Oval Office, January 2016.
        Obama calls Moscow again:
        - Mr. Ambassador, report on the situation, people began to protest, are they starving?
        “Not yet, Mr. President, celebrate Baptism, bathe in the hole!” After bathing, they drink vodka and hot tea.
        - What??? We connect secret climatic weapons! Do not leave the embassy; there will be severe frosts.
        White House, Oval Office, end of January 2016.
        “Well, I hope that mass gatherings and protests have now begun?”
        - That's right, Mr. President, we are witnessing a massive crowd of people in front of the Tretyakov Gallery!
        - In front of the gallery? What are they doing there ???
        - They stand in line, eating ice cream ...

        Snow cyclone, heavy snowfall.
        In Russia - all change to public transport!
        In America - urgently close public transport!

        This country can not be defeated !!!
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 25 January 2016 20: 37 New
          A number of American officials were concerned about this.

          Oh, to hell ??? what
          1. field engineer
            field engineer 25 January 2016 22: 08 New
            Brevity is the soul of wit.
      3. Lelek
        Lelek 25 January 2016 19: 07 New
        Quote: Ami du peuple
        And what will the United States do when the Gulf monarchies stop funding their Middle Eastern adventures? Oil ... that ... is getting cheaper ...

        The Saudis and the Emirates shakes not only and not so much oil as their possession of American candy wrappers. Of course, you can keep gold bars under the sofa, but they can disappear, they do not bring bakshish; then you need to place it somewhere. So they posted.
    2. Primus pilus
      Primus pilus 25 January 2016 13: 08 New
      The house in Syria will last until they are squeezed by these Saudi financiers. This is the main problem.
      1. taram taramych
        taram taramych 25 January 2016 17: 42 New
        I mean, "I'll come to you on
        Quote: Primus Pilus
        , in frayed Levi Ostrich jeans. And if it is laconic, impunity breeds lawlessness. And lawlessness is the source of chaos.
        "The meaning of the word Chaos according to Ushakov's dictionary:
        CHAOS, chaos, m. (Greek chaos). 1. (more often chaos). In ancient Greek mythology and philosophy, it is a disorderly matter, an unorganized element that existed in world space before the formation of the world known to man. Oh, don't sing these terrible songs about ancient chaos. Tyutchev. 2. (chaos). A complete mess, a mess. Scraps of clouds crowded into a beautiful chaos of colors and shapes. M. Gorky. A chaos of wonderful, obscure sounds whirlwind before you. Gogol. She has little habit of order, there is always chaos around her. Vyazemsky. I still remember what chaos I wore then in my head; just everything was spinning. Turgenev. "
    3. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 25 January 2016 13: 15 New
      Quote: avvg
      And who would doubt it?

      Everything secret sooner or later becomes apparent.
      1. armata37
        armata37 25 January 2016 13: 39 New
        Yes, we are secret in Russia, and so we know and knew. I am only interested in one thing: when and how this striped country will answer for everything that it has done. This is not a world hegemon, but a world cockroach.
    4. 79807420129
      79807420129 25 January 2016 13: 18 New
      Well, if someone doubts that the whale ears do not stick out of all modern conflicts in the world, then this is probably my cat, he doesn’t care about fish. hi
    5. marna
      marna 25 January 2016 13: 19 New
      Well, yes, they wanted to help only the "moderate", but in the end, they helped everyone.
      Right according to Chernomyrdin - they wanted the best, but it turned out, as always. It’s always the case with the Americans, nothing strange.
    6. Major Yurik
      Major Yurik 25 January 2016 13: 22 New
      There are many Hollywood films where evil aliens attack Yankesia. True, then the "brave Yankees", even without disdaining weapons, win, chewing gum. Well, then it is a show-off clumsy, but the attack on America is buzzing! Where are you "evil aliens"? Be so kind as to help out the population of planet Earth! (Saxons on the island as a bonus!) am
      1. 33 Watcher
        33 Watcher 25 January 2016 13: 37 New
        Hollywood still loves to shoot about "evil Russians". So maybe that ..? repeat laughing
    7. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 25 January 2016 13: 34 New
      Overview of the situation in Syria, Iraq and Yemen

      Map of the changing situation in Latakia

  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 January 2016 13: 04 New
    In addition to Saudi Arabia, other countries such as Qatar, Jordan and Turkey take part in co-financing the CIA operation.

    The whole company is assembled, act - be evil. It's strange how such material got into print? A truly electoral campaign begins in an "adult" way.
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 25 January 2016 15: 26 New
      And the King of Jordan recently came to us .....
      1. taram taramych
        taram taramych 25 January 2016 17: 44 New
        "Even the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing"
  3. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 25 January 2016 13: 05 New
    To this day, I was sure that Guadeloupe and Burkina Faso were guilty of everything in the world !!! and here some states find themselves in the games of real superpowers brazenly!
  4. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 25 January 2016 13: 05 New
    That’s because Newton’s binoculars - Obama turns out to be the best friend and patron of the broads ...
  5. Woodman
    Woodman 25 January 2016 13: 06 New
    Saudis quarreled with mattresses? Otherwise, why would the states suddenly see clearly? ..
    1. rati
      rati 25 January 2016 15: 44 New
      their debt of 100 billion sold
  6. Alekseev-Orsk
    Alekseev-Orsk 25 January 2016 13: 08 New
    Well, if the shout of democracy already writes such material about Obama, then his affairs are catastrophic ...
  7. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 25 January 2016 13: 10 New
    In Russia, in my opinion, apart from babies, the whole country knows all the wars and troubles on Earth from the presence on our planet of the USA-political impotent people from the USA who enjoy the destruction and collapse of states who want to live independently and independently.
  8. pts-m
    pts-m 25 January 2016 13: 10 New
    What day, the credit debit is not the same? Check the "pockets" of the officials who signed the "invoices." That's right, money likes silence and accounting.
  9. Thompson
    Thompson 25 January 2016 13: 15 New
    Very short- To achieve their goals, mattresses will even finance and equip the devil.
  10. Papapg
    Papapg 25 January 2016 13: 20 New
    Nothing new was added, the animal grin is no longer an eagle, and a primate with well-known facial features does not affect the methods of foreign policy of mattresses, I won’t be surprised if in the future, if it does, the stinky dealings of mattresses will be financed by drug dealers and slave dealers.
  11. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 25 January 2016 13: 21 New
    Forces of good again, no business. laughing

    The cunning and perverse Saudis are to blame.
  12. OlegV
    OlegV 25 January 2016 13: 22 New
    Quote: Lesovik
    Saudis quarreled with mattresses?

    it was written yesterday or the day before yesterday that the Saudis want to crash the debt market of the Americans, having started selling American treasury bonds, and the Saudis have unmeasured them and the number is kept secret.
  13. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 25 January 2016 13: 22 New
    in the CIA, then a kind of "debriefing" allegedly happened, and the top leaders of the department said that they originally planned to supply Syria with "non-lethal weapons" and only "moderate", but the Arab special services allegedly carried out the purchase of lethal weapons, and it was he who was handed over to representatives as "moderate opposition ”and terrorist groups.

    Well this, like, I'm not me and the horse is not mine.
  14. Leprekon
    Leprekon 25 January 2016 13: 30 New
    Who would doubt that. Strange to watch another. Through all the channels ... ah.ah.ah, the French prezik announced that sanctions against Russia could be lifted this year, and the Minister of Economy was already in Moscow. It is not clear whether they consider us idiots, or if they themselves are! To the detriment of themselves, they had not previously given Mistral and suddenly such activity in the political and economic field! Really hope that all the same, Russia, will be in the cold? Let’s make concessions in Syria or the Donbass today, and tomorrow it will turn out that the sanctions are imposed again for Russia’s non-compliance with, for example, democratic measures to free vaccinations for stray dogs!
    After all, it was not without reason that everyone was stirring - Parashenko in the Outskirts, the Americans in Syria, and now also the paddlers in Moscow? It looks like the game is moving to the endgame!
  15. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 25 January 2016 13: 31 New
    Nothing will change UNTIL IT WILL BE SO:
  16. BOB044
    BOB044 25 January 2016 13: 33 New
    It was immediately visible. That everything is sewn with white thread.
  17. triglav
    triglav 25 January 2016 14: 26 New
    Everything is clear here. Otherwise, there would not have been so much stench from the Turks and Americans. Our political would be to take advantage of this: a couple of beautiful statements on this subject: they say, now the world community sees where the ears grow, etc., etc. Let the Americans be justified. And we will give them something else in this spirit. You see, they will forget about sanctions, and about the fact that the air forces of Syria are allegedly bombing the Syrian air forces. It is necessary to pull the Americans more in the press for people to read. Then they begin to twitch and a couple of times more pierced ...
  18. Flat5160
    Flat5160 25 January 2016 14: 29 New
    Well, that's what the Americans have begun to recognize. We will wait for the news, where are they INSPIRED yet.
  19. mr.grin19z
    mr.grin19z 25 January 2016 14: 35 New
    this country should not be called America, but a country of the West where they visited everywhere of war, hunger and poverty
  20. 25 January 2016 15: 10 New
    Gateschilds and Rockefellers begin to shit each other! Che strange? Hope to shove their henchmen to the throne
  21. 25 January 2016 15: 15 New
    culprits of all troubles on Earth
    1. taram taramych
      taram taramych 25 January 2016 17: 56 New
      It's too personalized. Not so long ago, there was an infa that the so-called. the "committee of 300," shrunk to over 60, super-super-rich. In the opinion of your humble servant, the number of "priests" ranges from 11 to 13. Sometimes, part of them is organized into a block, and then, where the war begins.